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FORKNI-L Digest - 19 Sep 2002 to 20 Sep 2002 (#2002-278)

Fri, 20 Sep 2002

There are 18 messages totalling 683 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. My introduction to Forever Knight (2)
  2. Abbreviations and another thought (6)
  3. Chosing a faction (2)
  4. Info for Birthday List
  5. Choosing a faction
  6. Another Ancient Speaks Up
  7. how did you get your FK reputation? (5)


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 14:09:34 -0700
From:    "Jan J." <jan1228@a.......>
Subject: Re: My introduction to Forever Knight

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bryant, Heather" <Heather.Bryant@m.......>

> My tale isn't as interesting as a lot of the other stories, but here goes.
> I was in college starting in 1995, and I was up late one night (studying, of
> course! <eg>), during the spring of that year.  I think it was around 2am on
> Saturday night, but I can't remember for sure.  I don't remember which
> episode I saw first, but during this time I was only able to catch two or
> three of the third season episodes.

This is my scenario also.  In college, 1995, up late trying to finish a computer
program.  I decided to take a break around 12 or 1am and was channel
flipping.  Caught a look at this really cute blonde haired guy playing a cop. So
I decided to give it 10 minutes and ended up watching the last 30 minutes or
so of the show.  To say the least I was confused by the flashbacks and I was
shocked at the very end of the show to find out this guy was a vampire.

I think it was during the end of the second season reruns when I started watching.
It was very sporadic for me as I was very busy with classes and I could never
remember what day or time it was on.  I finally made an effort to find and watch
it about the end of the 3rd season.  Only I didn't realize that and after seeing
about 6 new episodes on the USA network "Last Knight" aired and my heart dropped
in my lap. < NOOOO! the network can't do this to me now that I'd finally found
it. >

Anyway, between the FOX and USA channels  I manage to get parts of the 2nd & 3rd
seasons in reruns.  I didn't have internet access until around Dec. 1996 and it
took me awhile before I got use to it.  By April 1997 I got to thinking about
Forever Knight again.
I don't remember if it was because the Sci-Fi Channel was airing it or not. Anyway
I did a search and found "Mr. Happys" website along with a lot of others and
eventually found the ForKni and FKFic lists.  And the rest as they say is history.

Jan (a.k.a. Dark Knightie Jan, Jan1228, & Ja'niece)
DK, closet UFfer, FK-XSer, FK-Harem Wife #8
WebMistress of:
'A Stitch In Thyme'- http://www.alpinemeadow.com/stitchery/index.html
List Assistant to: fkxs * Forever Knight Cross Stitchers

"Consistency, thy name never was Forever Knight." -McLisa, ForKni ListMom

"Words on a page are only as good as the imagination behind the eyes
that read them." -Ja'niece


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 17:18:39 EDT
From:    Judith Lieberman <JudithL21@a.......>
Subject: Re: Abbreviations and another thought

I stumbled upon FK when surfing and landed on sci-fi channelin spring of 97.
There is was.  When LK came on couldn't make head or tail of it until fall when
re-runs started and I began taping.  Found Mel's site in June 97 and began printing
up fanfic.
Became nnpacker and have gone to minicons.  I am hooked and will stay that


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 17:23:10 EDT
From:    Judith Lieberman <JudithL21@a.......>
Subject: Re: Abbreviations and another thought

Nancy;  You are not alone.  To me the vampire was just a means to the end. I'd
have watched it even if Nick was just a "mortal" cop.  I never could get into Dark
Shadows or any of Ann Rice novels, although I do enjoy Bela Lagose as Dracula.


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 15:21:29 -0600
From:    Cousin Mary <anteros@j.......>
Subject: Re: Chosing a faction

In a message dated 9/18/02 5:51:35 PM Central Daylight Time,
SlySpy@p....... writes:

<< So, I'm blond, maniacal, have terrible spelling, a craving for
just about anything with caffine in it (except coffee), enjoy
chaios and am as ambitious as you get.  I also have a great sence
of humor (which is needed in my life) and an affinity for cats. >>

You're obviously a Dark Perk!  The blondness, the attitude, the caffeine.
 We have chaos (haunted mansion) we have ambition (Tracy oozes ambition)
and if your sense of humor runs anything like the Aaddam's family don't
pass go, don't collect 100 dollars, just pack your bags and head over to
beautiful and scenic Dark Perk Mansion!

hugs and hand grenades,



Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 15:13:35 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Re: Abbreviations and another thought

allison <smilewithviolets@n.......> wrote:

>  i wonder if there are any interesting stories that people
> have concerning their "love, affection, obsession" for FK
--> perhaps how it started, how did it influence you, ...

Mine could be found at my website in the "How the Countess
met the Knight" section, both real and humorous versions:


Sunny LaCountess

LaCountess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk

"Vampires are make believe, just like elves and gremlins and eskimos!"
--Homer Simpson


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:10:59 -0400
From:    allison <smilewithviolets@n.......>
Subject: Re: Abbreviations and another thought

Wow, thanx for all the responses.  It's put a smile on my face. :)

Okay, my turn.  i started watching FK when i saw Nick leaning against a big
neon "Crimetime After Primetime" sign in a commercial.  i was about fifteen
and effectively slept through most of the first season due to its late night
time slot.  i would set my alarm, sleep till 1 am, press record on the VCR,
then it was the struggle to keep my eyes open.  Plus, i had to have the
volume reeeaally low because i wasn't supposed to be up.  i did see the
original "Nick Nite" but don't remember what i thought of it. i liked his
video/tv setup and i remember him cooking hamburger.  i have a huge
'obsession' with vampires and it's basically a main hobby of mine.  FK took
on another dimension when, in my later teen years, i became your classic
depressed goth kid.  A lot of the themes and lessons hidden in the plotlines
mirrored what i was feeling.  i felt a lot like Nick and was prone to
holding onto guilt that really wasn't mine to hold onto.  The show literally
became therapy for me (oh the melodrama).  The impact was immense when "Last
Knight" came around and i've listened to Lacroix's monologue more times than
i can count.  This isn't something i relate to many people, those "he's a
vampire... whose a cop" folks look at me kind of funny.

i first learned i was a "Cousin" at a Susan Garrett book signing in
Cambridge (MA).  Members of the FK Fan club i belonged to were milling
around and i was trying to get my way into their conversation, but being of
the "alternative" looking sect and a bit younger than them, it was hard.
One of the women turned to me and said, "You must be a Cousin."  and i said,
"a what?"  "Follower of Lacroix."  "Oh."  She was quite right.  i was onlist
years ago but not online and my poor 1995 PC couldn't handle all the emails.
Perhaps, the most emulating thing i've done was buy a collar like Urs wears
(eek, 7 years ago).  It's still my favorite accessory and is worse than a
security blanket.  Plus, my eyes have been looking for a ring similar to
LC's silver one (as opposed to the one with the black stone), but it's hard
to find a size 4 pinkie ring that just happens to look like his.  Sigh, i'm
hopeless lol.

There was a FK free year and a half or so when i wasn't online, wasn't
watching my tapes or writing, wasn't trying to convince a significant other
that it really is the best show ever, or anything of the sort.  Thankfully,
that's all different now.  i decided to check out the sci-fi channel's site
since they drilled the web addy into my brain at the end of every show. Lo
and behold, i'm much happier now... hehe.

Speaking of "human" vampires.  i urge you to check out Julian Sands in "Tale
of a Vampire" (VHS) very heart wrenching and artistic.

Cousinly UFfer
Still a classic goth 'kid',
but not so depressed anymore.


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:14:13 EDT
From:    Cindy Brewer <Cindybre74@a.......>
Subject: Re: My introduction to Forever Knight

Here's my tale :)

Guess you could add me to the ancients list if there is such a thing.:)

I missed FK's airing during Crimetime after Primetime. Don't know how because
I remember watching Sweating Bullets regularly.  But I started watching early
during FK's second season. Anyway late one Saturday night I was flipping
around the channels when this cute blond guy caught my attention.

I set the remote down and decided to watch thinking what I had stumbled
across was a cop show.:) I've been a long time fan of cop shows so I was
pleasantly surprised to see that FK was a vampire/cop show.
I was instantly hooked though I had never been a big fan of the
vampire/horror genre.
But it was the humor of FK, the actors, the writing and this wonderful fandom
that kept me interested. :)

Cindy Brewer
Knightie, Vaquera, FoD, N&Natpacker,FFF, WWGer2 Survivor
"They made me forget and that's all I remember."Schanke, Close Call


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 21:26:21 -0500
From:    eowyn3@j.......
Subject: Info for Birthday List

Hi Y'all!

Someone wrote to me recently about an omission on the celebrity birthday
list.  I got to thinking about it and decided to bring it to y'all's
attention.  If there is a favorite actor whose birthday you'd like me to
keep an eye out for, let me know, privately please, at eowyn3@j.......,
okay?  Then I'll be able to make sure I've "announced" that celebrity's
birthday to he/she's fans on the list when it comes up.

Now, how to make this relate to FK?  Oh, I've got it!  We know that Nick
has reported his birthday as Jan 1.  Would y'all like me to announce the
birthdays of fictional characters (Characters like Pebbles Flintstone and
Little Ricky Ricardo are sometimes included in the celebrity birthday
info that I use to create the birthday announcements),  if there's room
in the message?  Let me know at eowyn3@j........

And, as always, if you'd like to be added to the birthday announcements,
send your name, birthdate(no year needed), and e-mail address to me,
privately, at eowyn3@j....... and I'll be glad to add you!

Now back to your regularly scheduled list discussion.  It's been
interesting reading all the "how I found FK" stories!

eowyn3@j......., eowyn@w.......
GWDFC, G-IV & V Attendee, Knighties Listowner, TKD, FK X-Stitcher,
Proud Survivor of Fk-fic  Wars 8-11, Keeper of the FK Birthday List
She can be taught!  But only in little bytes!


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 23:15:06 -0400
From:    allison <smilewithviolets@n.......>
Subject: Re: Choosing a faction

>Cousin, definitely a Cousin! We've even had cats as members.
>Cousin McLisa

>Sounds loik h'a Ratpackerish type ta me... Da ya loik wot ta put yar pearly
>not-so-whites h'around choccy-lot or cheese?

Hmmm.... join us stef, join us. lol.  Sounds like war recruiting to me.
Personally stef i see you as a NatPacker.

Just ask yourself this: if the entire cast of FK were on a sinking ship and
you could only save one... (all of our favorite vamps happen to be staked in
non vital parts hampering their flight).  i think i could carry Lacroix.

i *suppose* you could save Nick who would save Nat making you a
Save Nick who would save Lacroix but only after using the elder vampire's
"prone" state to his advantage and you might be a UFer.<WEG>
Force Nunkie to put on the toga first and you might be NA.
Convince Nick it'll be okay if he rescues Janette even though she quite
upset about the hole in her new dress and you might be an immortal beloved.

i'm done now.  good luck.

The Unnamed Cousin
"So pale, so cold, so beautiful
if not clinically insane."


Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 2002 21:28:20 -0700
From:    Leah McCann <frayed.wire@v.......>
Subject: Re: Chosing a faction

At 10:24 AM 9/18/2002 -0600, you wrote:

>So, I'm blond, maniacal, have terrible spelling, a craving for
>just about anything with caffine in it (except coffee), enjoy
>chaios and am as ambitious as you get.  I also have a great sence
>of humor (which is needed in my life) and an affinity for cats.

Well, let's see.

Dark perk.  Even without the coffee. We have mountain dew, jolt, the works.

Chaos? We live in a mansion with mini-demons running around.

Hmm. The cats would come in handy there, too. Don't worry, the demons are
fat-free and low in calories. They're just very.. squishy. And
bouncy.  Yep, the cats'll love 'em.



Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 03:03:01 -0400
From:    "S. Babbitt" <sbabbitt@b.......>
Subject: Re: Abbreviations and another thought

Nancy wrote:
>I'm curious---am I the only person on list who isn't the
>least bit interested in vampires, but still loves FK?

Nope! I'm not into the vampire stuff at all. Never read Anne Rice, never
saw Nosferatu, thought "Fright Night" was gross. I like vampire parodies,
though. I'm particularly fond of Leslie Nielsen as the Count in "Dracula:
Dead and Loving It." What a goofball!

What I do like, strangely enough, is forensic pathology and anthropology.
When I was younger, I wanted to be Quincy. After I saw FK for the first
time, I wanted to be Nat. :-)

I think FK is acceptable to us non-vampers because they don't go way off
into the gory stuff, like tearing throats completely out, turning into
gross orc-ish looking undead, rotting flesh, etc. etc. ad nauseum
(literally). The vampires in FK are so very nearly human that they're
especially appealing as characters. The flashbacks are marvelous, too (even
if their accuracy is a bit off at times).

Stephanie Babbitt (sbabbitt@b.......), Atlanta, GA
Vaquera (Because I Can), MadNatter, N&NPacker
Nobody Dies. Nobody Ever Died.


Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:02:02 EDT
From:    SField8067@a.......
Subject: Re: Another Ancient Speaks Up

My first introduction to the show was gosh! seeing mention of a show about a
vampire detective with Rick Springfield..
Then a couple of years later it was back with Ger.. I naturally was
thrilled,stayed up late to watch it.1:00 sometimes 2:00 AM .followed it
everyplace it went and still do <G>


Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 11:19:25 -0400
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: how did you get your FK reputation?

I've *really* enjoyed reading the recent threads about how you discovered FK,
how it has inspired you and so forth. I bet some of the newbies would enjoy
reading about how some of us received our "FK fandom reputation" as some of the
stories are REALLY funny<g>

Although I was known as a Ratpacker before Bridging the Knight, I arrived there
to be really shocked so many people knew who I was just from a very few fan fic
stories I'd posted up to that point. We are literally talking just a few months.

I recall the woman next to me during one point of the auction reading my name
tag and saying, "So YOU'RE Libby the Ratpacker! You are SO cute!" It was McLisa
(what she said is paraphrased, but it was along that line). Then in the
bathroom, someone practically attacked me in a friendly manner declaring
something along the line of, "YOU'RE Libby! You're the one who too so much s***
on JADFE for that story! You GO girl! Tell them like it is." It wasn't until a
couple of years later I found out that woman was Illinois Jules. hehehe.

But my reputation REALLY got going when "The Ratsie Wot Kilt Screed" came up for
auction. I will admit at this point I'd even taken a loan from the credit union
to bid on that rat. I was going to HAVE that rat!

Natsuka Ohama was the unfortunate actor to auction it. She didn't know about the
rats, after all she's from the first season and Screed from the third. She
picked up the "police evidence bag" with this half eaten white lab rat and
screams, "YOU PEOPLE ARE ***SICK!***" so naturally, I start bidding.

The rest is sort of a blur, but I'm told she's screaming "gross" and my bids are
getting more and more determined to get that rat. I'm told my southern accent
took on this, "I mean WAR so you might as well give up" tone until people
finally realized I meant business.

Then the fun began. PN "Pat" Elrod is a friend of mine and called me over so she
could get a closer look at the rat while her and Nigel were at their autograph
table. Nigel told me to go find John Kapelos and toss it on his table.
Naturally, I obliged.

John screamed, then laughed. "Nigel told you to do this, didn't he?"

(Which isn't my favorite rat story - that's when I'd just met Greg Kramer and he
happened to look down in my backpack while I was pulling out a book to show him
and he asked, "Is that the rat?!" Keep in mind, we are in a theater's bar... He
pulls it out and carries it around the bar showing his fellow 'Joey Shine'
castmembers "The rat that killed me h'off Forever Knight!" At a convention in
Oklahoma City a while later, Pat Elrod asked me to put the ratsie on the table
while we were eating breakfast so she could get some pictures. Unknown to her,
the waiter walked up behind her to check on us, looked at the table, stifled a
scream, and I never saw him again. Pat even asked, "That's odd we stopped
getting service. He was so attentive at first." I never did explain<g>)

People on-list and at cons started calling me "the Lib Rat." When I started
getting too much e-mail for just one account, I decided to come up with another
for just FK. "Librat" was taken, so I used "LibRatsie." I'm now known as
"LibRatsie" across the net in a variety of on-line communities.

I'm known for Ratpacker mischief in wars, and in fan fic. I paired up Natalie
and Screed in some Jadfe stories, sent Screed after the Easter Bunny, and am
also known for some of my more serious stories such as those in the Virtual
Fourth Season.

Let's hear some other "reputation" stories!



Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 09:48:18 -0700
From:    Viv <viv11374@y.......>
Subject: Re: Abbreviations and another thought

--- Ithildin <ithildin@o.......> wrote:
> At 11:29 AM 9/19/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> > >I'm curious---am I the only person on list who isn't the
> > >least bit interested in vampires, but still loves FK?
Well, i wasn't really interested in vampires *before* my brother
introduced me to FK sometime in the second season. It is
possible, however, that I was developing an interest at the time,
and FK was just there when I needed it...nah, it was FK, which
will always be the best vampire show that was ever on TV.


Don't annoy the crazy person

Life's a witch and then you fly


Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:35:08 -0700
From:    Viv <viv11374@y.......>
Subject: Re: how did you get your FK reputation?

--- Libratsie@a....... wrote:

> "YOU'RE Libby! You're the one who
> too so much s*** on JADFE for that story! You GO girl! Tell
> them like it is." It wasn't until a couple of years later I
> found out that woman was Illinois Jules. hehehe.

What story was that?


Don't annoy the crazy person

Life's a witch and then you fly


Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 15:55:04 -0400
From:    Bonnie Rutledge <llamababe@c.......>
Subject: Re: how did you get your FK reputation?

Libs wrote:

<snip>I bet some of the newbies would enjoy reading about how some of
us received our "FK fandom reputation" as some of the stories are
REALLY funny<g><snip>

I'm very happy these share-y threads came up on list on days when I
had time to write mail!

I guess my list rep revolves around Nunkies Anonymous and the llama

If I start at the beginning of the story, I have to give my name. It's
Bonnie Rutledge. If it weren't for my name, I would have probably
joined up with the Vaqs in War 7, and, well, things would have been

There was only one problem. The Vaqs already had a Bonnie - Bonnie
Pardoe, Ardent Vaquera. 'Oh, no,' I thought to myself. 'If I join the
Vaqs, people will always confuse me for the Pardoe!' I sat out of War
7 to avoid that kind of confusion, not quite enthusiastic enough to
join the Cousins or Perkulators instead.

About six months later, I stumbled my way into Nunkies Anonymous. The
idea was created by Annie Raper and High Priestess Jules (Then called
'Texas Cousin Jules') and first saw the light of day in a fanfic
newsletter posted by Nancy Young called 'The Noctambulist' that gave
fictional accounts of this support group's meetings at The Jeweled
Peach to help fans obsessed with LaCroix. I thought those stories were
hilarious! The next time Jules posted a fanfic story I liked, when I
sent her a feedback note I included a vignette featuring her, LaCroix,
and something called 'The Nunkies Fantasy Manual.' <g> When Annie
chartered a faction loop of some of her friends and fellow
LaCroix-enthisiasts soon after, I got drafted, and I kept creating
NunkAnon things to amuse myself and my new buddies. I was nicknamed
the 'NunkAnon Scribe' because I wrote so many stories for the NunkAnon
list and put together the group's web site.

Nunkies Anonymous was a small group until War 8 hit. We weren't going
to have any faction stories in it except a call to war post, but I
kind of got carried away when the war premise allowed players to
create an alternate universe FK character. I ended up doing my own
Cousinly thing (in my non-sensible shoes <g>), as well as writing the
adventures of a LaCroix-obsessed Natalie character as well as four
NunkAnon members who'd given me permission to use them to whatever
ends I may devise. Some other NunkAnon leaders went crazy war-writing,
too (Yes, I mean Third Cousin Patt!) inventing bits that have become
Nunkies Anonymous traditions. It was after War 8 that Nunkies
Anonymous was treated like a true faction on the main lists and
membership boomed.

Over time, Annie handed running the Nunk Anon mailing list over to me.
I retired that list and stopped updating the website in 2000, but
NunkAnon was still one of the largest factions participating in the
last war in spite of its list being inactive in peacetime.

(As a side note for those not around then - Nunkies Anonymous actually
received warning from a legal representative of Narcotics Anonymous to
stop using the initials 'NA' on the web because we were infringing on
their copyright. They didn't have a case and were mainly upset over
the parody and use of humour regarding a 12-step group, but I try to
remember to not use the initials out of respect for people in recovery
in real life.)

And now for the llamas.... Anyone who's been in or read a fan fiction
war realizes that kidnapping players is a common event. When Vaqmadre
Tracy Sue asked if she could kidnap me, I thought, "Great! If I'm
kidnapped, I won't write so much!" (Ha!!) A bit later Tracy Sue
mentioned that she and Libby had the idea of making me think I'd
become a llama during the kidnap. Oh, dear. Once that cotton ball
started rolling, I couldn't stop. A Bridget Jones's Diary parody of FK
meets 'The Emperor's New Groove' - who'd have thunk it could be done?
(I won't address the question of *should* it have been done <g>)

I did the 'Llama Llament' song on a whim, wrote and recorded it within
a few hours under the influence of war fever. (It's still loitering at
http://bons.50megs.com/index.html ) It's also important to note that
throughout all my Nunkies Anonymous participation (despite my
sacrifice in not joining the Vaqueras way back when), the
aforementioned Bonnie Pardoe and I have still always been confused for
one another. I'd receive comments about her fanfic, webpages and acts
of infamy, while she'd receive mine. Last war, we resolved to join
Bonnie forces, and while it didn't help on the confusion front, it's
been great fun!

And I have to just list because I enjoy them so much... My favorite
words/concepts that I've coined for fanfic are:

Not-So-Vestal-Virgins: Attendants at a Roman Shrine where chastity
isn't required. Traditional garb includes heavy chiffon mini-togas and
24-hour breastplate.

TOG: Abbreviated form of That Other Guy. Name used for Nick by fans
who watch Forever Knight for the Nunkies.

Factionwittage: oppressing or criticizing a person because their fave
character from a television series is different from your own.

Omnifemale: A woman with a variety of developed skills ranging from
the physically and intellectually challenging to the artistic. A
Renaissance Woman. Examples include Emma Peel from 'The Avengers' and
Sydney Bristow from 'Alias.'

Personal Tranquillity Device: An individual's favorite item for
providing relaxation. Example: Julia K.'s Valium salt lick

The Fanfic Fairies: little sprites responsible for magically filling
plot holes and conveniently mending impossible things in stories gone
awry. Fanfic Fairie snot (A.K.A. 'Fanfic Fairie dust', A.K.A.
'primordial goo') is molecularly identical to Marmite <tm> and has
additional magical properties.

Oh, and to sum up, I have a reputation of being 'wordy.' :D


Bonnie Rutledge<----------------------------Omnifemale Llama!
llamababe@c....... ..... I Support 'Save the Music'
      Because Music Is Part Of A Complete Education


Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 15:24:39 -0500
From:    Christy Stillman <cstillma@u.......>
Subject: Re: how did you get your FK reputation?


<blinks innocently>  Reputation?  I have no reputation.  Aside from War, I
lurk a lot.  Can you get a reputation for lurking and then slapping on your
Mickey Mouse ears to head for fictional Toronto during wartime?  <G>  Aside
from wearing the mouse ears and trying to sneak into Llama-Bonnie's Sacred
Non-Sensible Shoe Closet in order to whet my own appetite for dangerously
non-sensible shoes, I have no reputation.  Really.  I promise.  Stop looking
at me like that, Patt....

::resumes lurk mode::



Date:    Fri, 20 Sep 2002 16:36:09 EDT
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: how did you get your FK reputation?

In a message dated 9/20/02 12:36:08 PM Central Daylight Time,
viv11374@y....... writes:

<< What story was that? >>
I wish I could remember the name of it. The first part is what caused the
rucus... I had, uhr, "paired" LaCroix and Natalie together and got two
e-mails that were extremely mean, one threatening, over that. So I posted a
message to Jadfe that if that was the way newbies were treated, I didn't want
any part of it... I got so much feedback back that I posted the second part
which was Nick/Natalie.

It is probably in the JADFE archieves, although I don't have the url (I hope
it is there as I don't think I have a copy of the story). I know it was
posted around New Year's Eve as I recall having a friend over and we were
taking turns reading the e-mails out loud.

Anyone got any clues as to the story title? It would have been posted under
my old e-mail, "ALibbyP"



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 19 Sep 2002 to 20 Sep 2002 (#2002-278)

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