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How I Found Forever Knight


Once upon a time, if you had mentioned "Forever Knight" to me, my response would have been something like, "Isn't that some kind of vampire show?"  "Online fandom" and "online mailing list" were alien concepts.

Then, in 1996, I was catsitting two adorable felines named Chimo and Smokey.  In the evening, I would relax in the recliner and have a cup of tea, and it was my original intention to do some reading.  Chimo, however, had other ideas.  He would jump up into my lap and then arrange himself, more or less vertically, on my chest, with his head just about under my chin, and purr or go to sleep.  Anyone who has ever been owned by a cat will understand why he was entitled to do this; and anyone who has tried to hold up a book (without resting--or even dropping--it on the cat) while in that position will understand why it was much easier for me to abandon the idea of reading, pick up the remote control, and go channel-surfing.

It was during one of these channel-surfing sessions that I found Forever Knight.  Although I wandered away during the commercials, I soon found my way back--and by the end of the episode, was hooked.  Little did I know that it was nearly the end of the third (and last) season...

This new-found obsession led to my searching the Internet (with which I was only slightly acquainted) for anything and everything I could find about the program and its cast.  This led to the discovery of fan fiction, mailing lists (fkfic-l, forkni-l, fkv4s-l, and many more), and character factions.  This, in turn, led me to try my hand at writing fan fiction, and eventually, to my becoming the archiver for forkni-l.

Alas, Chimo is no longer with us, but my fascination with these unforgettable characters lives on.

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