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KnightWind's Nook~My Forever Knight Fanfic

Herewith, my humble contributions to the world of Forever Knight fanfiction.  Enjoy!

Nick's Christmas Miracle
My first ever fanfiction, posted to Fkfic-l on December 17, 1998.  Characters in order of appearance:  Nick Knight, Captain Stonetree, Don Schanke, Natalie Lambert, and Sydney.
When In Doubt, Throw It Out
Short 'n' silly.  This was written, in frustration and in haste, during coffee break in about 15 minutes.  Vicarious vengeance for everyone who has been faced with the same problem..  (Posted to Fkfic-l on January 11, 1999.
LaCroix Pays Up
Posted to the 4everknightfanatics list on September 21, 2000.  This story was my answer to a challenge, and, it being for those in denial, either includes or mentions everyone I could think of, with complete disregard for canon.  Some suspension of disbelief is required:  not only are vampires known about and accepted by mortals, but the Toronto Maple Leafs have won the Stanley Cup-- much to LaCroix's dismay!  (Slightly revised from original posting.)
Glimpses:  A Nick & Nat Vignette
Someone changes Nick's mind about leaving Toronto.  Posted to Fkfic-l and NNPack lists June 13, 2002.
The Case of the Caffeinated Vampire
Overindulging in caffeine is to vampires what overindulging in alcohol is to mortals--no matter how old and powerful the vampire is.  Posted to Fkfic-l April 16, 2003.
It's October 12!
This short bit of silliness was inspired by a partial newsletter forwarded to me by one of my sisters.  The newsletter mentioned in this story does not, as far as I know, exist.  However, the "holiday" apparently does.   Posted to Fkfic-l October 11, 2003.