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Anthology sites:

This hasn't been updated for a very long time, but site owner Mel Moser is working on it.

The FTP site
It was orginally an FTP site, and is still usually referred to as such; it's still just as wonderful.

Forever Knight Fan Fiction 2

Individual sites:

Knightwalker: April's Forever Knight Fanfiction
April French's wonderful, creative, and addictive fan fiction.   This site has been extensively revised and reduced.  Those looking for the missing stories should look here: http://www.fkvoyage.com/fkfanfic/french_april/

Mary's FK Fiction
Excellent Nick&NatPacker fan fiction by Mary Combs.

Stormy's Place
Stormynite's stories, including the wonderful "Second Chance" series.

Patty's Little Corner of Forever Knight
Patty Costantino's site, featuring excellent fanfic.

Judy's Fan Fic
The late, and very missed, Judith Freudenthal.  Not only Forever Knight, but also Highlander, McGyver, Magnificent Seven, and The X-Files fan fiction, and a Forever Knight episode guide.

KC Smith's Forever Knight Fan Fiction
More NNPacker fiction.  (Is anyone noticing a trend here?)

Writing About the Knight
Fanfic by Dorothy Elggren.

Gersknightlady's Forever Knight Page
Jeannie Ecklund's site.

First Unofficial Forever Knight Website
Maintained by Dorothy Elggren.

Nothing to do with Forever Knight, but places I like to go

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