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FORKNI-L Digest - 14 Oct 2000 to 15 Oct 2000 (#2000-320)

Sun, 15 Oct 2000

There are 7 messages totalling 256 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Need Beta for Something Was Missing fic sequel (2)
  2. Question concerning Nick's home manor
  3. calling Meredith L
  4. Vachon meets Jedi! fic
  5. Tracy Cook/Alma
  6. The Unkillable BMV Debate  ;-)


Date:    Sat, 14 Oct 2000 17:52:50 -0400
From:    Mary Combs <mcombs@e.......>
Subject: Re: Need Beta for Something Was Missing fic sequel

Kyer --
I'll do it, if you like.

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> Sent: Sunday, October 15, 2000 4:41 AM
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> Subject: Need Beta for Something Was Missing fic sequel
> After having perused what I posted so hurriedly and wincing at each and
> every glarying typo (at let me tell you, *continuous* wincing is a strenuous
> aerobic exorcise!), I have wet-noodle thrashed myself into agreeing to get a
> beta before I reveal more about what that griffin took from Nick.
> So.. wanna beta anybody. <g>
> Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Sat, 14 Oct 2000 18:15:25 -0400
From:    Mary Combs <mcombs@e.......>
Subject: Re: Need Beta for Something Was Missing fic sequel

Sigh. Sorry guys, I should have sent that to Kyer privately.


Date:    Sat, 14 Oct 2000 19:35:57 -0400
From:    Mary Combs <mcombs@e.......>
Subject: Re: Question concerning Nick's home manor

Although there was a distinct shortage of retainers in the flashbacks (due
no doubt to 20th-century budget constraints!) it's clear that Nick's family
is supposed to be very well off, quite probably part of the Duke's family.
This means that there would have been more than one manor, and they would
have traveled to different locations in season. (Back then, it was much
easier to move the household and retinue from manor to manor that it was to
haul grain and provisions to one single estate.)
mcombs@e....... N&Npacker

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> From: Forever Knight TV show [mailto:FORKNI-L@l.......]On Behalf Of
> David J. Duncan
> Sent: Saturday, October 07, 2000 2:56 PM
> To: FORKNI-L@l.......
> Subject: Question concerning Nick's home manor
> Hi Everyone:
> I had a question concerning the exact location of Nick's ancestral manor.  I
> went back through my video FK archives and all that I have discerned is that
> it is somewhere in Brabant.  I was hoping that someone might have a clue as
> to the exact whereabouts.
> Thanks everyone.  Much appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> David
> ________


Date:    Sun, 15 Oct 2000 12:31:18 +1300
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: calling Meredith L

Sorry to bug you all..

To Meredith, who sent me an order last night. I haven't got your email!
Could you contact me if you are on this list please.<g>
Many thanks.

FK clothing available here! Look what's NEW...Winter Apparel!!


Date:    Sun, 15 Oct 2000 08:01:41 -0700
From:    KYER <KYER@p.......>
Subject: Vachon meets Jedi! fic

Hey--look what I just found!  It's Vachon/Star Wars TPM fic by Apache.




Date:    Sun, 15 Oct 2000 09:40:49 -0400
From:    "Cindy L. Clark" <ClarkCindy@e.......>
Subject: Re: Tracy Cook/Alma

However, IIRC, was not Alma in at least 2 or at the most 3 FK eps, one of
them maybe being the 'For I Have Sinned' ep

You're right.  I mixed up two of the eps.  'For I Have Sinned' is the right
one for Alma.  She was mentioned in one other ep as having done the
redecorating at the Raven, but I don't think she was shown in that ep.  In
'Hunters', Schanke upset a female member of Janette's community, but I don't
think the vampire was named.


Date:    Sun, 15 Oct 2000 12:21:05 -0400
From:    Valerie Kessler <valerie@w.......>
Subject: The Unkillable BMV Debate  ;-)

As with a lot of subjects, I wasn't going to get into this, because I
feel like we beat into a pathetic smear on the pavement five years ago,
without really getting anywhere.  But this time around, nobody has
beaten me to the punch on my position, and there may be interested
parties who weren't around the last time I posted it.

In a nutshell, I agree and disagree with both angles that have been represented.

"Too old and powerful"?  BOR-ing.

Resistor = 100% immunity?  (Or even should?)  Yaaaawwwwwnnnn.

He-Who-Makes-Certain-To-Stay-Three-Steps-Ahead-Of-Any-Game (and,
whenever possible, makes sure to write the rules himself!) stacking the
deck to be sure he doesn't have too much trouble prying open those
chinks in a person's armor that he's so very, very good at finding and
exploiting?  Okay, *now* you've got my attention.  Now you've got ten
minutes of riveting verbal and mental dance, consummately performed by
two brilliant people who've worked together elsewhere but never with
these characters, to reward me for sitting through a plot that made me
dearly wish I could make a great big bonfire out of all of Diane Cary's
romance novels, because she clearly oughtn't to be allowed to read them
any more.

In other words, I think both factors were at work, and that's as it
should be.

On the LaCroix end of things, I've never bought the "old and powerful"
tapdance at face value for *anything* he's done.  (Actually, I make it a
policy not to buy anything he he says at face value, considering we're
talking about the guy who could teach Ben Kenobi a thing or seventeen
about "a certain point of view".)  It's in his interest to have Nick and
others believe it, to build a reputation for it, but it's not who he is.
 If he were, he'd bore me to tears.  Hell, he'd bore *himself* to tears.
 Where's the fun in being able to just squish everybody?  I can't think
of a worse waste of a genius-level intellect and 2000 years of tactical
training and experience.

What he *is*, however, is better than anyone else on the planet at
setting up and planning for any situation he goes into and making sure
he comes out the winner.  The restaurant scene is a prime example--he
chose the battleground; removed any elements over which he didn't have
complete control (i.e. other customers); manipulated his message
(without actually lying) such that his opponent arrived unprepared,
expecting someone else (i.e. Nick) and a safe situation; and held key
conversational gambits in reserve to deal out at optimal strategic
points in the debate to keep her off-balance.

None of this would have been necessary if he operated on the level of
sheer power that he likes to represent himself as.  It has been argued
(and it's a valid opinion) that he didn't *have* to, he was just playing
with her for its own sake; but again, I don't see it that way because
it's just not as interesting to me.  The idea that he got so into the
game because he had a challenging opponent for the first time in a while
lends far more dimension to the story, and to LaCroix as a continually
developing character.

On Natalie's end...hey, I'm a charter NatPacker, I understand the
temptation to think she should be completely immune.  Her mind is the
only real weapon she's got, but a pretty darn formidable one; and
compromising it just ain't fair.  But in the world she's gotten herself
into by getting involved with Nick, it's never going to be fair.  She's
never going to get a level playing field.  Learning to deal with it on
those terms, despite wishing (and occasionally stubbornly pretending,
e.g. when she tries out a new theory on Nick, it doesn't pan out, and
she doesn't want to accept it) otherwise, is where a great deal of her
character dimension comes from.

Based on canon evidence both before and after this ep, a resistor seems
to be a person who can shake off the effects (mostly the lasting ones)
of a vampire whammy, rather than it simply not working on them.  Look at
Tawny Teller earlier (and yes, I know in here case there's that
"empirical evidence" complication, but it's related), and Tracy
later--in both cases, they got caught and zoned out for a moment before
shaking it off.  In Nat's own case, we didn't see Nick try to make her
forget about him in the lab when they met, but he apparently thought it
was taken care of, because he didn't decide to "test" her until  later.
So he must have accomplished *something*, and it's reasonable to think
it's akin to the opening LaCroix took advantage of near the beginning of
the restaurant scene.

It's how LC got his foot in and expanded that opening that's open to
question.  Personally, I think he just might be capable of it on
well-timed psychological button-pressing alone.  But Nat was too much of
an unknown quantity for him to gamble on "just might" when the option
was there to stack the deck further in his favor.  He hasn't gotten this
far by playing uncertain odds; I can't see him starting now.  So a
little chemical backup completes the preparations, he gets his certain
outcome (while still being thrown an unexpected curve ball or two), Nat
learns a number of things the hard way for next time (and yes, I think
she remembered later, if she wasn't already lying to  Nick in the tag,
as anyone who's read "Color of the Night" knows), and we get a bang-up
brilliant scene that bears repeated watching, dissection, and alternate
Valerie Meachum Kessler
valerie@w....... ~ www.wiliqueen.com
"Grrr. Write-in votes. Only way to go, man.
Ivanova-Garibaldi in 2000." -- Kiki


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 14 Oct 2000 to 15 Oct 2000 (#2000-320)

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