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FORKNI-L Digest - 6 Oct 2000 to 7 Oct 2000 (#2000-311)

Sat, 7 Oct 2000

There are 19 messages totalling 807 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Ancient Roman History Questions (2)
  2. FK Gear Pics and specials! (4)
  3. Now You See 'Em
  4. LaCroix' Sword Pin Stories
  5. Fiction Contest Announcement
  6. Friday night KtK auction update
  7. Reminder about October's KtK events!
  8. Episode Guide
 10. I...had a dream.  A Ger dream! :) (2)
 11. Lisa Ryder
 12. Natalie Question
 13. the ending of LK
 14. Question concerning Nick's home manor


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 10:50:23 +1300
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: Re: Ancient Roman History Questions

> #1) During the MORTAL lifetime, what would SPAIN have been called by the
> Romans and also by the native people of Spain?

Spain is: Hispania, adj: Hispanus

> #2) Could a man, born and raised in Spain, have served in the Roman Army?
>    a) Would he have been a slave, or would he had to have been the son of a
> member of Spanish nobility and/or the son of a Senator, possibily his father
> representing one or all of the Spanish provinces?

Yes...I think, can't quite remember. Please correct me if I am wrong.
 Even more so if one of his parents was Roman. Most likely been a farmer or
a semi wealthy man.(infantry or auxiliary force) Son's of nobles yes.
Soldiers often had to buy their own weapons and armor etc. But basically the
higher the rank the more wealthy and influential your family.
For those who have seen Gladiator will know that General Maximus was
Spanish. But once Spain became a province of the Empire of Rome, it's people
became citizens of Rome, and therefore were offered 'almost' all the
benefits of being a Roman citizen, hence Hadrian's rise into the senate in
the future. Now their was, of course, huge prejudices against 'provincial
people, they were though of as country hicks and found it difficult to find
the support needed to rise to lofty positions.

>    b) How high in rank could such man have risen in the Roman army? I am
> thinking of him as being close to Lucius' age, and him serving in General
> LC's regiment {would that have been a legion, or something bigger?} What
> would have been his title and the term for the section of LC's army that he
> could have commanded.-- He would be of a high enough rank that General
> Lucius would have been very much aware of him as a soldier.

If he could rid himself of any Spainish 'accent', and his family was wealthy
enough to help him rise up the political ladder, and a damned good
leader/soldier, he could very well rise as high as Lucius.
 A Legio (Legion) is 5000 men. The leader would be the Legatus. Under him he
would have 6 Tribunes(Tribuni Militum) and 60 Centurions...leaders of the
Centuries(80-100men) These men usually come from the ranks.
Recruitment is from citizens of the Empire. Service is 20-25 years. They
were paid about 250-300 denarii per day, on retirment they would be given
land or a cash bounty.

Additional auxillary forces were recruited to help Legions. Particulary
needed were calvary, bowmen, and slingers, drawn from all parts of the
empire.(non provencal areas, non citizens) Infantry men were often recruited
locally and formed cohorts of about 50 men. They are paid about 100 denarii
per day. Service was 25 years and on retirement were offered Roman
citizenship for self and family. Therefore if the Spainard's father had been
a Auxilia, he would be a citizen via his service.

> #3) While I think Christianity may not have entered Spain during LC's mortal
> lifetime,

Not in a big way, but it would have made it there. Especially from Roman's
fleeing Nero's reign from 57-68AD.

> the Romans were aware of it at that time, and there have even been
> Roman soldiers who, because they were Christians, were martyred. IF a
> Spaniard serving in LC's regiment/army had secretly embraced Christianity
> and due to his new found faith, had refused to carry out or permit or relay
> the General's command to the men under his particular command to commit
> horrible acts on the people they had conquered --e.g. LC had allowed his men
> to rape, etc., the women of the Gauls, I think in the presence of the
> conquered men, as he and the Senator talked about at Seline's party-- I am
> assuming this blatent disobedience of the General's order may have been
> looked at as something equivalent to mutiny. Is it plausible that LC would
> have executed such an officer right there on the battlefield-- with or
> without the benefit of trial?--

Yes. Of worse still have brought him back to Rome to be thrown into the
Colluseum. But he had any respect for him he would most likely kill him
there and then on teh battelfield. Not only the Christians life would be at
stake if it were known that LC had been unresponsive to such a traitor in
his ranks. Remember Chirstians were thought of as the traitors of all Rome,
so if he were a Christian he would be very very quiet about it. Think of it
in the terms of being Jewish and residing deep within the Nazi party.

> and would LC have simply himself or had
> someone else 'run him thru with a sword' or would his head have been cut
> off? [I am aware that the Christian Saints Peter and Paul were martyred--
> both had been Jews, and St. Peter had been crucified {upside down, because
> he did not feel he was worthy to die like Jesus}, but St. Paul was also a
> Roman citizen which entitled him to be beheaded instead of crucified-- and
> prior to his death, when he had been flogged and imprisioned, because he was
> a Roman citizen, he should not have been flogged and told his jailers so--
> they probably had not known of his Roman citizenship before whipping him.]
> My point is that being a Roman citizen, would a high ranking officer who
> disobeyed his commanding general's order in the 'field of battle'-- would he
> have received the ancient Roman equivalent of a court-martial and what and
> when could he have probably been executed.

A beheading is the quickest, least painful way to die. To be run through
would be more painful and take longer, and of course crucifiction was just
plain nasty. If he had been a good soldier and friend of LC's then he would
most likely behead him.  They would avoid Marytrdom by having as few people
as nessesary know why he disobied orders.

> #4) General Lucias may or may not have known of said officer's Christian
> faith before-- in your opinions as FK fans familiar with LC, if LC had
> already known of the Spaniard's as being a man of high moral character and a
> man of horor, as well as respected him as a superb soldier and officer, do
> you think he would have respected such a man's strong conviction, yet would
> have executed him out of anger or because it was something that he had to do
> to a rebellious subordinate in a combate situation? And would LC's opinions
> and actions have been negatively influenced by his possible perspective of
> the officer's religious faith?

I don't think his faith would have swayed LC personally(he could care less
what one's faith was), but as a General he would be bound by his own future
to deal with the situation.
Up until the Fire of Rome which Nero blamed on the christians, Roman's were
very accepting of any and all religous beleifs. They had many gods, both
Greek and Roman, and often people would chose a particular one to worship.
Only with the so called Christian uprising and the turning of the propoganda
machine did citizens begin to hate and percicute the Chirstians.

For interest the Emperors during LC's mortal life were, Caligula 37-41AD,
Claudius 41-54, Nero 57-68, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian all 68-69.
Vespasian 69-79. He built the Collossemn.

Hope this helped...<g>

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Date:    Fri, 6 Oct 2000 18:05:00 EDT
From:    Tammie Foley <X7xAngelx7x@a.......>
Subject: Re: Ancient Roman History Questions

In a message dated 10/6/00 10:15:32 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
donaangel@h....... writes:

<< #2) Could a man, born and raised in Spain, have served in the Roman Army?
 Yes i know this one for a fact. The wealthy families of the Roman Empire
would send their children to spain or to the greek islands for their

   a) Would he have been a slave, or would he had to have been the son of a
member of Spanish nobility and/or the son of a Senator, possibily his father
representing one or all of the Spanish provinces?

He would be the son of a wealthy family or the son of a higher up in the

   b) How high in rank could such man have risen in the Roman army? I am
thinking of him as being close to Lucius' age, and him serving in General
LC's regiment {would that have been a legion, or something bigger?} What
would have been his title and the term for the section of LC's army that he
could have commanded.-- He would be of a high enough rank that General
Lucius would have been very much aware of him as a soldier.

Ive heard LaCroix refered to as "the General" and tahts very possibly true


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 11:47:14 +1300
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: FK Gear Pics and specials!

Hi Guys,
Just letting you know that I now have pictures and the Xmas specials on my

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Date:    Fri, 6 Oct 2000 18:40:05 -0500
From:    Brenda <bcammarata@h.......>
Subject: Re: FK Gear Pics and specials!

Kylie wrote:

Just letting you know that I now have pictures and the Xmas specials on my

That's great, Kylie, but what we really want to see on your site is FK
fiction.  <G>

Carpe Noctem,

UCCelebration 2000, Wolfville 2000


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 13:15:32 +1300
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: Re: FK Gear Pics and specials!

Grooooan! It's coming i swear!<G>

In fact I am writing the last part of the next story as we speak and most of
it has come back from the beta!<g> Not long now!


> Kylie wrote:
> Just letting you know that I now have pictures and the Xmas specials on my
> webpage.<g>
> That's great, Kylie, but what we really want to see on your site is FK
> fiction.  <G>
> Carpe Noctem,
> Brenda
> UCCelebration 2000, Wolfville 2000


Date:    Fri, 6 Oct 2000 21:47:08 -0000
From:    Barbara Vainio <bevainio@w.......>
Subject: Now You See 'Em

Just had a stray thought as I watched a commercial that used the "no
reflection in the mirror" convention.  If FK vampires don't have reflections
(other than Nick's "sometimes now I can see myself") how *does* Janette do
her rather elaborate make up and hair?  Perhaps that explains the
"overblown" look in "Stranger than Fiction" :-)



Date:    Fri, 6 Oct 2000 21:25:34 -0400
From:    Portia 1 <portia1@m.......>
Subject: LaCroix' Sword Pin Stories

Are there any stories out there that tell of the origin of LaCroix' sword
pin?  I would love to read 'em!



Date:    Fri, 6 Oct 2000 21:23:21 -0400
From:    Portia 1 <portia1@m.......>
Subject: Re: FK Gear Pics and specials!

Well, finally!!  "g"


At 01:15 PM 10/7/00 +1300, kylie wrote:
>Grooooan! It's coming i swear!<G>


Date:    Fri, 6 Oct 2000 19:44:56 -0700
From:    Bonnie <callalily@l.......>
Subject: Fiction Contest Announcement

This is being posted here with Don's kind permission:

www.ScreedWasHere.com would like to announce a fiction contest!!

We hope all of you writers or aspiring writers will give this a go.  The rules
are simple and there are two -- count them: 1, 2 -- PRIZES!!


Original stories can be any length and on just about any FK-related topic, as
long as Screed plays some role in the motivation of the characters -- maybe he
finds something Nick wants at the Swap Meet, or his death causes one of the
vamps to have a flashback.  Gee, it can even be about Screed himself if you are
so inclined.


Entry deadline is October 31st!  Be sure to check out the website for more



Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 00:24:39 EDT
From:    Knightwave@a.......
Subject: Friday night KtK auction update

Here's the Friday night update.  So far the total pledged is $1069.00,
toward the $1630.00 for a half page ad.  We have a bit to go yet...
Don't forget -- you can use your credit card to pay for your choices if you
want, so don't hang back if you really want something.  <smile>  Bids
will be accepted through 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, October 8, 2000.
Send all bids to me at Knightwave@a........  Include Item name and #,
amount of bid and name you want listed with bid.  Please place bid or
auction in header.

Susan has pulled together a few extra items to go to high bid amounts.
Any winning bids over $50.00 will receive their choice of our selection
of KtK buttons in addition to the articles bid on.  $100.00 can choose
their choice from our mousepad designs, and anyone over $150.00 can
choose from both.  This is just a little something extra to show our
appreciation for the fans’ support of our efforts.  <g>

The auction may now be accessed through the KtK website,
http://www.ktk.op.nu/  or go directly to the auction page:

Auction Update -- Friday, October 6, 2000, 11:30pm
Notice any errors?  Please contact me at knightwave@a....... with the

    #1  $50.00  Betsy         License plate, cap, pin
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Thanks for everyone's participation.  We really appreciate your support.



Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 00:55:56 +0000
From:    Kristin <kris1228@s.......>
Subject: Reminder about October's KtK events!

Hello everyone!

This is a reminder for you all to participate in the KtK events below...

There's LOTS of fun Kickstart the Knight stuff going on this month! Please
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*Fangs for the Knight! A Halloween Project*

This Halloween, "Kickstart The Knight" will be doing something special to
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the reruns to the Schedule, but renew it as a series with the original cast,
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We have purchased Vampire Fangs, in an assortment of neon colors.
From now through October 22nd, we are asking each and every Forever Knight
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Lets make sure that this Halloween is the one where we finally get what we

So come-on and join in on the fun! Help the cause! Lets make sure we
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Send all E-mails to : SField8067@a.......
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*Blitzing for the Knight! October*

This entire month we are focusing on the four powers that be, Tristar,
Sci-fi, TNT, and now CBS!

A lot of FK fans have wondered why we don't approach other networks about
possibly reviving the series. Well, we decided to include along with Sci-fi
and Tristar for this month a blitz to TNT along with CBS to test the

E-mail: tnt@t.......
(and place in the subject line: "To The Attention Of The Vice-President of

You also may call TNT's Viewer Comment and Question Line at (404) 885-4538,
however we ask that any phone calls be in addition to letters and e-mails.

For snail mail, send to:
Vice-President of Programming
TNT 1010 Techwood Drive, NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

CBS Mail Form: http://cbsnews.cbs.com/now/feedback/0,1611,412,00.html

For snail mail, send to:
Leslie Moonves
CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles,CA 90036


51 West 52nd St.
New York, NY 10019

Its going to be a big dose of e-mails from each of you the fans that would
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everyone knows that we are want more FK with the original cast in new
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Remember, say a little or say a lot, but say it!! We can make more FK

For the "whole" month of September, we are asking everyone to blitz the
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Important info to add in your letters: Sunday July 16, at 9:00 pm, ET/8:00
pm CT, SciFi aired a monthly program focussing on sci-fi movies and tv shows
that have become "cult" favorites among fans. The program's called
"SCIography", During this current blitz, we could ask that an upcoming
"SCIography" ep feature FK! So far, they plan to do eps on "Battlestar
Galactica", "Quantum Leap" and "Sliders", so asking them if they plan to do
a "SCIography" ep about FK can't hurt.

Also, Sci-Fi will be airing "Sci-Fi World", which is a 6 hour block of
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ALSO REMEMBER!! Sci-fi will be changing its schedule around again in the
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Sci-Fi's E-mail: feedback@w.......

Sony/Tristar Mail Form: http://www.spe.sony.com/spe/help_feedback_index.html

When e-mailing TriStar,(especially) give as much personal info as you
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(note these are New York #'s......)

 Now we would like to have an idea of the amount of phone calls we can count
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So we at KtK are asking that whoever wants to participate in this,to please
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Bids will be accepted beginning at noon EST on Sunday, October 1,
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Long Live the Knight!

P.S. I'll be sending out weekly reminders on this list about all the
projects! :)


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 07:02:19 EDT
From:    Marel Darby <Frostsaint2@a.......>
Subject: Re: Episode Guide

In a message dated 06/10/00 21:13:31 GMT Daylight Time,
cloudrider@i....... writes:

>  > I've lost the URL of the site which contains an episode guide.
>  > Can anyone help, please? Thanks in anticipation.
>  I've collected a whole bunch of links to ep guides and other
>  episode-related stuff at:
>  http://fknet.freehosting.net/startup2.html

>  More than you needed... <g>

Well, more than I need this time, <g> but what an extremely helpful,
information-packed site it is!!!!
Thank you so much for creating it, I'm going to find it a real boon.



Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 11:35:22 -0400
From:    Sebastian Dante <taliesin777@c.......>

Hi guys...du to RL, I am just unable to keep up w/the mail, though I am
periodically posting my Divia story at FKFIC-L. I
need to be placed No Mail on this list, but the LISTSERV
thingie doesn;t seem to respond. McLisa, could you post me
No Mail temporarily? Thanks!

The DoD site is still in limbo, but Kathryn Long called me
last weekend---AND I MISSED THE BLOODY CALL!!! ARRGH!!! I'm
headin' back home now to wait for a re-call.

BTW, to Libby and the other Ratpakcer---I shaved me head! Yep,
I'm a Screed wannabe now(well, I always was, spiritually!).

Love to all,


FK Affiliations: Disciples of Divia(Founder); Rainbow Knights(Founder);The
Raven Club(Founder); FK: The Dark Ages
(Founder); FK Pagans; Celtic GlowWorms;
Enforcers; KoC; Ravenettes; Nanettes;


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 20:33:30 -0700
From:    KYER <KYER@p.......>
Subject: I...had a dream.  A Ger dream! :)

I dreamed a Ger comedy skit last night! <g>
He was standing in a European city street where preparations for some parade
we're going on--lots of animals, people, and chaos.  There were uniformed
guards (like Gestapo uniforms) in the background, and one standing next to
Ger.  Ger, btw, was also wearing a uniform like theirs, but in a lighter
color.  (Well, I *did* watch 1966 recently.)  I got the feeling that the
guards were kinda nervous of him being there...like he was a foreigner or
something, but with the right to participate in this.

Anyways, Ger constantly had this big, boyish grin on his face---you could
tell he was enjoying himself immensely---gesturing every now and then at
things as he talked to 'the dreamer' in detail about different aspects of
working in theatre.  (I wish I could relate exactly what he said, but you
know how dreams are...I was paying more attention to what he was doing.  And
what was going on!  LOL! )

It seemed (and I am only guessing at this, because the 'camera angle' of
this dream was stuck on Ger) that whenever Ger made a random gesture---a
guard would look startled and take off in the direction of the gesture!  Ger
was oblivious to this, he was so wrapped up in talking!  It was like things
illegal were happening all around us, but the guards were concentrating only
on Ger until his random gesture *just happened* to point them out---and off
one would run!

I loved this dream!  Everyone's expressions were so funny and 'Ger's acting'
was just priceless!  I wish he'd do more comedy.  His face just lights up
when he grins.  [Kyer looks back and laughs.  It was just a dream, you
idiot!  Ooo, but if only dreams could be taped. <g>]

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 11:44:56 -0400
From:    clarkcindy <clarkcindy@e.......>
Subject: Lisa Ryder

The following is an excerpt from the preview of Andromeda from the SciFi
Channel News letter #180.

The cast is led by Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), a gifted
performer when it comes to an action role like this one. Although it would
be nice to see Sorbo stretch a bit dramatically, the first two episodes
don't offer him that opportunity. The rest of the cast looks promising,
especially Lisa Ryder (Forever Knight), who will be the ship's first
officer, and Keith Hamilton Cobb, who plays Tyr Anasazi, a descendant of the
genetically engineered Nietzscheans.


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 12:00:09 -0400
From:    "Cindy L. Clark" <ClarkCindy@e.......>
Subject: Re: Natalie Question

Here at Metro in Cleveland, it depends upon what department you work in.  In
the lab, all of our coats etc. are made from a special non-permeable paper
that is thrown away once per week or immediately if we spill something on


Date:    Mon, 27 Aug 1956 14:48:05 +0000
From:    Jeannie Ecklund <jecklund@l.......>
Subject: Re: I...had a dream.  A Ger dream! :)

It was just a dream, you
idiot!  Ooo, but if only dreams could be taped. <g>]


amen to that :)=



Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 13:44:45 -0400
From:    Diane Harris <diharris@v.......>
Subject: the ending of LK

Um... I was perusing Ebay and I happened across a copy of a script for Last
Knight.  In the description, it says:

"Copy of a shooting script for the Forever Knight finale "Last Knight"
(Ep#122) written by Michael Sadowski. This is a fourth-revision shooting
script dated "February 19, 1996", and is still not the final filmed version
(believe it or not, the ending could have been even worse!). Includes cast
and set lists (48 pages)."

Now I'm curious...  What was the worse ending that they were planning?  (I'm
still trying to figure out how there could have even been a worse ending...)

Diane Harris (diharris@v.......)
Proud NNPacker, Knightie, FoDs, CoTK, and glutton for any and all feedback.


Date:    Sat, 7 Oct 2000 18:55:41 GMT
From:    "David J. Duncan" <dante26@h.......>
Subject: Question concerning Nick's home manor

Hi Everyone:

I had a question concerning the exact location of Nick's ancestral manor.  I
went back through my video FK archives and all that I have discerned is that
it is somewhere in Brabant.  I was hoping that someone might have a clue as
to the exact whereabouts.

Thanks everyone.  Much appreciated.




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