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FORKNI-L Digest - 29 Sep 2000 to 30 Sep 2000 (#2000-304)

Sat, 30 Sep 2000

There are 11 messages totalling 496 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Languages...Used to be:Re: Fire up the VCR's - Spanish Ger (4)
  2. Oh boy, I need ANOTHER beta reader...
  3. Memories
  4. The Immortal **Can't Find It** Or Other New Related Shows
  5. Nick bible quotes
  6. Blitzing for the Knight! September
  7. Musings on Nick's nature (was Re: Nick and Crosses) (2)


Date:    Fri, 29 Sep 2000 18:21:56 -0400
From:    Emily Lacey <laceye@a.......>
Subject: Languages...Used to be:Re: Fire up the VCR's - Spanish Ger

>Ger himself speaks a wee bit of Spanish and wants to learn more eventually.
>(This was mentioned during G5 during the Q &A)

OK. He speaks English and French fluently, a bit of Spanish...What
language do they speak in Wales? That would be his birth language.
Does he know Gaelic?

Mr. Bennet speaks at least English and French, and I think I heard
that Mr. Bass speaks English and Spanish.

Do these men speak other languages?

Sheesh. I'm proud of myself when I manage to be understood in
English--MY mother tongue. And they can be understood in at least
two, if not more, languages.
Emily Lacey


Date:    Sat, 30 Sep 2000 11:28:43 +1200
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: Re: Languages...Used to be:Re: Fire up the VCR's - Spanish Ger

> OK. He speaks English and French fluently, a bit of Spanish...What
> language do they speak in Wales? That would be his birth language.
> Does he know Gaelic?

Yes. From what I have heard, he speaks welsh gaelic with his mum and dad.
Like the good wee welshlad that he is.<g>

knightraven@c.......  ICQ# 79163147,  AOL & Yahoo - Knightravenz
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Date:    Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:18:46 -0400
From:    Diane Harris <diharris@v.......>
Subject: Oh boy, I need ANOTHER beta reader...

All right, this time it's for something different.  I've just finished up a
serious, short story.  Normally, I don't get short stories beta read, but
this one just seems like it should be.  I need someone with a good grasp of
LaCroix and Janette to go over it with me, I want to make sure it's
believable.  This is just a characterization check, not grammar, although if
you feel like doing actual editing, I won't stop you :)

It's about four pages, post LK story.

Let me know, thanks!

Diane Harris (diharris@v.......)
Proud NNPacker, Knightie, FoDs,  CoTK, and glutton for any and all feedback.


Date:    Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:21:26 EDT
From:    Doņa Angel <donaangel@h.......>
Subject: Memories

NightAngel wrote:
>But IIRC, in LK when Nick finally sinks fangs in Nat, she is overcome by
>the killing images from Nick's past.I always thought that images were
>tranferred as well as emotions in the blood.<snip>

Kyer <kyer@p.......> wrote:
><snip>My take on the Nick Home Movies was that this was the director's
>(hey--that was Ger, wasn't it?) way to show the emotions that Natalie was
>getting or feeling.<snip>

I would like to comment on something that I've seen MANY times here-- folks
saying about NAT seeing things from NICK's life as HE is drinking HER blood
in 'Last Knight'...
   ...when I saw LK, I had just assumed that the things we were seeing were
things from Nick's life that HE was remembering -- ya'll recall he had been
through a lot of very difficult experiences in AtA and LK, so he was
probably very distraught and simply emotionally overwhelmed and was
remembering some of very important things in his OWN long life-- sorta like
when someone faced with death in RL says he/she 'saw my entire life flash
before my eyes'. And since he was so very overwrought at the time, he may
not have been realizing at the time whatever memories, etc he was getting in
Nat's blood {{{but he has 2 hours from ingesting blood to 'relish' whatever
things where in the 'donor's' blood, as we heard in 'Francesca'}}}.
   And in FK we are only informed of VAMPIRES being able to see and know
things when the VAMPIRE drinks blood, be it the blood of another vampire or
a mortal creature [don't want to only say human, because don't want to rule
out the possibly of animal blood, e.g. cow or rat! :) ] And for a period of
2 hours, the VAMPIRE can even sorta 'inherit' some of the talents and
abilites of the 'blood donor'-- play the violin or piano, for example.

Kyer wrote:
>But how did 1000 A.D. Janette know what 79 A.D LaCroix's dad looked
>like in order to make a comparison?  (Assuming, as I believe, that sharing
>blood only transfers emotions and not images.)

Cindy L. Clark" <ClarkCindy@e.......> wrote:
>In LA, Nick and Erica discuss the images that have been exchanged with
> >their respective bloods.

Although we do know from a couple of eps in which mortal humans receive
vampire blood-- which has certain physically positive effects, it alo has
some negative and even violent side-effects, we are not shown anything about
the humans 'seeing' anything of the vamp donor's life/memories.
   I DO belive it very probable that, when in the process of making someone
a vampire, AFTER the vamp-to-be is almost completely drained by a vamp, the
'drainer vamp' or another vamp gives his/her blood to the 'vamp-to-be', that
the newborn vamp is THEN able to see things and gain much from another
vampire's blood when he/she ingests the vamp-donor's blood-- e.g. when
Vachon recounts his vampiric re-birth and says that when "Angel" was
bringing him across, "it was like she was flowing into me." For instance, if
Nick or LC or another vamp, such as Janette or Screed [as some have written
and/or suggested :)= ] finishes the process and gives Nat his/her blood
before her heart stops beating, THEN Nat may see stuff from THAT
donor-vamp's blood.
...BTW, I like very much what someone had mentioned here previously[sorry I
don't recall who, but I agree with ya!] that when Nick said that he 'took
too much' from Nat, it was that he took too much for them to do what Janette
and Robert did-- Janette drinking some of Robert's blood, each time taking
less, until she eventually became mortal. And, remember that when LC comes
into Nick's loft, it is AFTER Nick has bitten and drank from Nat, and LC
says that all that is left is for Nick to either bring her across or let her
die-- so LC can apparently tell Nat's not dead yet!

Now, I've been here less than a year, so I don't know how ya'll came to the
conculsion that it was NAT who was seeing stuff from Nick's life as HE was
drinking HER blood, but I'm wondering if I'm the only one who thinks that
may NOT be the case.

Angel a.k.a. Doņa Angel
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Date:    Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:28:54 EDT
From:    Billie Lee <McCelt2000@a.......>
Subject: The Immortal **Can't Find It** Or Other New Related Shows

In a message dated 9/29/00 from the Highlander List.....

> In its fall TV preview article, Sci-Fi has this blurb on the upcoming show,
>  & there are several HL references--

Hi there!

In missing Forever Knight and Highlander from TV, I am looking to fill the
void, and I am hoping I am not the only one.  "The Immortal" is described by
TV Guide as "Highlander meets Buffy" (or how about Highlander meets Forever
Knight, now wouldn't that be something to see..........)

I am sending this to both lists in hopes that I am not the only one who is so
missing our favorite shows that they might also be looking to fill the void
with some of these new things, and I am hoping not to be too far off topic
(particularly for FK <waves>) in asking about this, but I am giving it a
shot, *please* send any answer off list!

So, I hope I am not wasting bandwidth with this, but I have just searched my
TV Guide, the Cable Guide, the WB website, the individual websites for each
show I am about to ask about, and searched the web (with my limited savvy
<g>) for the new shows

1) The Immortal
2) Andromeda
3) Queen of Swords
4) Sheena

With Highlander, The Raven and Forever Knight gone from broadcast TV I would
really like to check these out!  If anyone lives in the California, San
Francisco Bay Area --aka-- Silicon Valley area and knows where these shows
can be found, I would love any info off list and appreciate it no end <g>

I found that The Immortal is supposed to be on the WB but no listing, and
there is one listing for Andromeda 8/8/00 at 4:00 PDT on the WB.  That's it!
Haven't even seen a commercial for any of these.

Anyhow, **any** help from someone who might know where else I could look
(looked at clicktv.com and in the SFCTV online newsletter I get too) I would
be oh so grateful......

Have a great weekend all!!

Forever Yours,
Forever Peace,
Billie-Lee (sticking her neck out yet again)


Date:    Fri, 29 Sep 2000 11:20:21 BST
From:    Jackie Brown <jaxuk1996@h.......>
Subject: Re: Nick bible quotes

(Rehatha snip)

>Perhaps is never was Nick quoting, but the demon (or uncensored beast
>within) that was within Nick.  That was afterall the episode that Nick had
>a demon exercised from his body

If I remember correctly, he wasn't possessed yet (except by his usual demon)
by this time in the episode.  I believe that the possession came later, at
the exorcist's house, when Nick and Tracy watched an exorcism taking place.

I think Nick was just a good Catholic boy and learned his lessons well.
Maybe he's found Biblical quotes a good defense against LaCroix and keeps a
list of them handy?


Date:    Sat, 30 Sep 2000 00:00:28 +0000
From:    Kristin <kris1228@s.......>
Subject: Blitzing for the Knight! September

Hello everyone!

This is the last reminder for you to participate in this month's blitz. This
is the last weekend of September. Lets make sure we get out LOTS of e-mails
to these powers that be! See addresses below...

This entire month we are focusing on the four powers that be, Tristar,
Sci-fi, TNT, and now CBS!

A lot of FK fans have wondered why we don't approach other networks about
possibly reviving the series. Well, we decided to include along with Sci-fi
and Tristar for this month a blitz to TNT along with CBS to test the

E-mail: tnt@t.......
(and place in the subject line: "To The Attention Of The Vice-President of

You also may call TNT's Viewer Comment and Question Line at (404) 885-4538,
however we ask that any phone calls be in addition to letters and e-mails.

For snail mail, send to:
Vice-President of Programming
TNT 1010 Techwood Drive, NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

CBS Mail Form: http://cbsnews.cbs.com/now/feedback/0,1611,412,00.html

For snail mail, send to:
Leslie Moonves
CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles,CA 90036


51 West 52nd St.
New York, NY 10019

Its going to be a big dose of e-mails from each of you the fans that would
love to not only have FK back on Sci-fi's schedule, but want to make sure
everyone knows that we are want more FK with the original cast in new
episodes and or movies!! So, what do you say? Are you ready to sit down,
take that few minutes and send off three e-mails? It could make all the
difference in the world!

Remember, say a little or say a lot, but say it!! We can make more FK

For the "whole" month of September, we are asking everyone to blitz the
feedbacks!!! For the month, you can re-use the e-mails you did before, or
write new ones. They can be long, or as short as just saying, "Bring Back
Forever Knight."

Important info to add in your letters: Sunday July 16, at 9:00 pm, ET/8:00
pm CT, SciFi aired a monthly program focussing on sci-fi movies and tv shows
that have become "cult" favorites among fans. The program's called
"SCIography", During this current blitz, we could ask that an upcoming
"SCIography" ep feature FK! So far, they plan to do eps on "Battlestar
Galactica", "Quantum Leap" and "Sliders", so asking them if they plan to do
a "SCIography" ep about FK can't hurt.

Also, Sci-Fi will be airing "Sci-Fi World", which is a 6 hour block of
sci-fi programs with a different theme each day. It's also possible to ask
them if FK will be a part of the "Sci-Fi World" programming block! So, be
sure to include these new ideas in the summer blitzes!

ALSO REMEMBER!! Sci-fi will be changing its schedule around again in the
fall.... lets make sure that we get Forever Knight on!!!

Sci-Fi's E-mail: feedback@w.......

Sony/Tristar Mail Form: http://www.spe.sony.com/spe/help_feedback_index.html

When e-mailing TriStar,(especially) give as much personal info as you
can...rather than just an e-mail name. A bit more personal carries more
weight with TPTB.

There's also a button, I made, which you can post on your websites to spread
the word about the blitzes. Have it link to my "save fk" page.

Long Live the Knight!


Date:    Fri, 29 Sep 2000 17:39:13 GMT
From:    "David J. Duncan" <dante26@h.......>
Subject: Musings on Nick's nature (was Re: Nick and Crosses)

Hi Everyone:

Thanks for the great thread!  Two more things that I would toss out there
concerning fighting in the Crusades:

1.)  The Popes advertised that this activity would purge the medieval man's
soul of sins (and thus reduce the time spent in Purgatory)

2.)  This activity also diverted the second, third, fourth, etc. sons out of
Europe.  Therefore, instead of skrimishing with each other in the West,
these landless nobles ended up taking on the Muslims instead.  Any lands won
from the enemy would be their territory.

In Nick's case--neither of these facts applied.  True, he certainly was a
medieval knight of his time.  As has already been pointed out, his beliefs
would have been well-grounded prior to the Crusade.  However, does that
belief come from his Christian faith or from his good nature?  As shown in
the flashback sequences from "The Queen of Harps", Nick wrestles with the
possibility that Gwenyth's (sp?) Celtic beliefs might have some merit.
Given what had happened to the Cathars in the Languedoc a few years
prior--that was a major leap. (The attitude of the majority was reflected in
the head of the expedition's statement--more "deus veult" type stuff) Plus,
we also need to remember that Nick was forced to go on the Crusade because
he was framed for Gwenyth's(sp) death.  True, he might have gone on his own
in any event.  But, we will never know...  (What does everyone else think?)

The good nature, I would argue, is the conduit through which Nick gradually
reasserts his good side (and his conscience) against the vampire. (What
LaCroix refers to as Nick's big weakness--or something to that effect.) It
is to this part of his persona that Jeanne d'Arc speaks to and reaches.  It
gives the garlic pills, Nat's protein shakes and the crosses someway to
affect him and build his faith.

This is something that I have written a few FK stories in my personal
archives (and something that I wish to explore more indepth in future
tales).  Look for these tales in the near future on the fan fiction list....

Okay, enough time at the lecturn.<g> Thanks for listening.  I just found out
about this list and as a rabid fan of the show, I am glad to be talking to




Date:    Sat, 30 Sep 2000 03:19:24 -0500
From:    Quinn <quinn@g.......>
Subject: Re: Languages...Used to be:Re: Fire up the VCR's - Spanish Ger

>knightraven posted:

>> Does he know Gaelic?
>Yes. From what I have heard, he speaks welsh gaelic with his mum and dad.
>Like the good wee welshlad that he is.<g>

No, not quite. The Davies did not (and do not) use Welsh as the home
language - they use English.   Ger learned only a child's vocabulary -
mostly songs, sayings and poems plus what he learned as a preacher's kid.
He told me that they used Welsh only in church and that it would not have
been possible to conduct day-to-day business in Welsh where he lived. And
remember - he left Wales at seven. Ger does not consider himself a

Some Welsh language trivia:
Wales was absorbed into the English state under Henry VIII, by an Act which
asserted that Wales had always been a part of England. This act laid down that
English should be the only language of the courts in Wales, and that the use of
Welsh would debar one from administrative office. Its explicit intention was to
destroy the Welsh language. These provision were symbolically repealed by the
1993 Welsh Language Act.
In a 1995 census, 13.4% of the population of Wales claimed to be fluent in
Welsh, and 66.1% claimed no knowledge of Welsh at all.

GWDFC officer              quinn@g.......
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Date:    Sat, 30 Sep 2000 21:29:48 +1200
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: Re: Languages...Used to be:Re: Fire up the VCR's - Spanish Ger

> No, not quite. The Davies did not (and do not) use Welsh as the home
> language - they use English.

I humbly stand corrected.<g> Mind you have you heard Welsh english?...it's
another language if you ask me...<eg> <ducksforcover>

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Date:    Sat, 30 Sep 2000 14:16:32 -0400
From:    Portia 1 <portia1@m.......>
Subject: Re: Musings on Nick's nature (was Re: Nick and Crosses)

Oooh, David!  I would very much like to read your stuff, if I haven't already
(avid reader and searcher for FK fic, here).  What is your Web addy?


Forever Knight TV show <FORKNI-L@l.......> wrote:

This is something that I have written a few FK stories in my personal
archives (and something that I wish to explore more indepth in future
tales).  Look for these tales in the near future on the fan fiction list....



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 29 Sep 2000 to 30 Sep 2000 (#2000-304)

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