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Logfile LOG9605D Part 13

May 26-May 27, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605D" Part 13

	Factions Fractioned
	Forgive me!
	MediaWest Con-Sunday Report
	BMV or get me rewrite!
	Fiction, Rules, & Bad Poetry
	List of FK eps
	Nick/LaCroix  (2)
	Lacroix and Love Scenes
	Those 3 Little Words  (3)
	OK, it's ours -- The Virtual Season
	Questions for all you better informed people
	Lacroix and That "Evil" Thing
	Forever Knight Web Sites  (3)
	Scifi and rights
	Beyond Reality - Fred's music
	Animal actors
	The List you asked for
	Hopkins as LaCroix? Heck no!
	Producer's wife
	Okay confession time
	!#@%$#^$^ VCR!!!  %^&^*(&( SFC!!!

Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 18:49:30 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Factions Fractioned

>Could you put me on the loop, for now?  I think the only way I can know
>whether your faction expresses what I'm trying to express is to get involved
>with it.
No problem Margie. We only will need to discuss what we want to do if
anything to show our affiliation. KnightGal suggested we dont have a pin,
but pick something quite unique to ourselves. We do want to do all our
postings on the FORKNI-L, that way, not only will people get to know what we
are talking about, but that also gives them the option to join into the
faction. This is strickly a non-sexual thing, although I believe that a
vampire would indeed look for beauty first in thier companions (i.e. all the
writing of Rice in which Lestat mentions how *beautiful* his children are),
I can also see it the other way. However, no matter who they brought over, I
think that after 800 years, there is not only a lot of affection, but also a
lot of familiy discordance included!

                  ~~Unnamed Faction  ~~
        ~~~~Cousin of the  Knight(pending)~~~~
        ~~~~Bunny~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MOO Member~~~~
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 21:02:49 -0500
From:         michael wayne jackson <mjay@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Forgive me!

At 4:35 PM 5/26/1996, Muldy Sculler wrote:
>I just sent a message to the entire line that was meant only for Joe's eyes.
>Truely I am slime--whip me beat me--please!

I feel I must point out that this kind of behavior is only allowed on the
jadfe list, where you will have a bevy of beautiful vampires willing to
satisfy you every need. :))

michael wayne jackson -- mjay@n.......
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:03:44 -0400
From:         "Susan M. Garrett" <SusanG2522@a.......>
Subject:      MediaWest Con-Sunday Report

It's 10 to 10 PM in Lansing, Michigan.  Having a wonderful time, wish you all
were here.

The NatPack's Wake went beautifully.  There was a live reading of the blooper
script (which was video taped this morning), a viewing of the all-Nat
channel, and lots of lovely conversation and fun.  Affiliation pins were
given out during the weeken with a preponderence of Cousins attending, but
there WERE a number of Knighties as well and more than a few FODs showing
their support.

The Fan Q award winners were announced at 5 PM this evening.  Due to the
problems with the ballot, MediaWest declined to present a Fan Q for Forever
Knight short fiction, which means there was no award to any of the nomines in
that category.  Best novel was presented to "Kind Soul," Best Fanzine was
given to "Daydreams & Knightmares," and best FK artist was Ann Larimer.

The art auction is still going on.  There was a lovely Vachon by Fister-Liltz
which went for $70.00 and a Nick by candlelight for $100.00 (which was a REAL
steal!).  I managed to get the Nick and Nat I wanted (entitled 'Nick at Nat')
by Karen River for $150.00.

That's all for now.  Miss you all dreadfully and can't wait to get home to
catch up.

The Web-Goddess and Nat-Pack send their greetings.

No sig cause I'm on AOL.
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:05:10 -0400
From:         Stephanie Way <Biancaswan@a.......>
Subject:      BMV or get me rewrite!

I noticed Nigel, as a con report stated, didn't like "the script written by
the producers wife-it stunk" well you don't need to be a detective to figure
out which episode he's referring to, seems the whole cast did not like Be My
Valentine. (how would you have written it Mr. B?) .
 I nominate this as an episode for the virtual season writers. The dialogue
was pretty bad and the restuarant scene and the tag look like the parts
needing work.

Just a thought

SW Biancaswan@a.......
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:13:34 -0400
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      Fiction, Rules, & Bad Poetry

Robbi asked:
> Someone has set up a new sight for the fkfic-l archive.  I was wondering if
> that was temporary or permanent.  I have been there, but I lost the URL
> address.  Can someone help us out with that?

You can find Mel Moser's new FK fan fiction page at:

I don't know whether any long-term arrangements for an extensive fan
fiction archive have been worked out yet.  When the FTP site's fiction
archive comes back online, I think it will contain the bulk of the
backlog of fan fiction from past years.   For now, Mel's page just has
recently posted fiction.  But given the surge in postings on FKFIC-L,
everyone should have plenty to keep them busy.  :^)

BTW, I noticed the spate of apologies posted to the list or mailed to me
after my recent Babysitter foot-stomping... I didn't mean to really scare
anyone, and foot-stomping isn't usually in my nature, but the babysitter
job has a way of converting a normally perky person into a stern and
menacing presence...  I hope you don't all think that I've been corrupted
by the illusion of power.  <g>  But I am very glad that so many people
have promised to be extra-careful when posting.  Too many spoilers were
making their way onto FORKNI-L.

Today I'm in a much better mood after enjoying several Gerwolf, um, I
mean Airwolf episodes that a friend brought over to share.  Cheesy TV,
but some wonderful Ger moments...  :^) :^)

And since I'm feeling particularly silly right now, rather than inflicting
my boring old Babysitter .sig on you, I'm going to post a new, updated,
but still incredibly bad List Rules URL Poem that will lead you to the FK
mailing lists web page.  :^)  (No, I'm not sending this to FKFIC-L
because calling it a "poem" is a very big stretch anyway!)

 List Rules URL:  The Poem  (revised version)
    A verse inspired by http://cac.psu.edu/~jap8/FK/FK.html

  h-t-t-p and then colon slash slash
  At this web site all answers you'll find in a flash.
  Continue with c-a-c dot p-s-u
  The lists are for us, both for me and for you.
  And now one more dot, e-d-u, and a slash
  When I'm done with this job I will need a big bash.
  That squiggle's a tilde of course, and don't fear:
  At this web site the rules of the lists are made clear.
  Now j-a-p-eight and a slash will be found,
  Which reminds me of JADFE, where "slashes" abound,
  And that new Unnamed Faction for Nick and Lacroix
  Are they friends, are they lovers, or just Son and Pa?
  But back to my point, there's a bit more to say;
  Add a big F-K slash, and another F-K
  We end this sad verse with dot h-t-m-l
  I'm a really bad poet, I'm sure you can tell!

~~ Allison ~~ List Babysitter ~~ Perky Knightie ~~ Bunny ~~ Bad Poet ~~
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:21:07 -0400
From:         Joy Davis <Rjoy@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Rewatching

Hi all!
I found my perception of LaCroix jas changed the most over this past season.
 He seams more understandable, more 'human' if you will.
The Ashes To Ashes episode gave an insight into his character that I've yet
to see matched. The vicious way he reacted to Nick's perceived rejection of
him is seen in a whole new light after seeing what happened with Divia. I
think he wanted to replace her with a 'good' child.  That's why the paradox
exists in their relationship.  He chose someone was good, but then they would
not embrace the evil that is in him.
Anyone else out there with thoughts on this?
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 19:36:33 -0700
From:         Antonia Spadafina <asginger@i.......>
Subject:      List of FK eps

Hi all--

  On 26 May 1996, P.L.Montgomery asked for a list of episodes...

In case there are any newbies out there, please see Gaylen's sites and
hot links at the following URL for ep lists and critiques:


Knightie from NYC
"It's tuck-in time at the pillow ranch."
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 19:42:16 -0700
From:         Antonia Spadafina <asginger@i.......>
Subject:      YKYBWFKTM...

Hi all-

Okay, okay, I can't stand it any longer...Here's my 2 cents:

YKYBWFKTM when you see an actor named Nic [sic] Knight playing a prince in a
Disney adaption of _The Whipping Boy_, and you completely lose it. Draw your
own inferences...
I was LOL, boys and girls, actually LMAO.  My family already thinks I'm
possessed by a daemon.

Knightie from NYC
"Mon cher, you've been spending too much time in the sun."
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:43:31 -0400
From:         Loose Cannon <LoosCanN@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick/LaCroix

Apache mentions a GWD interview:

<<Re: this erotic/non-erotic debate-- GWD himself answered in the affirmative
<snip> He said they played the scene to put that little extra suggestive spin
in the Nick/LC relationship>>

Here's a snip out of an interview NB did for a fanzine called "In The Dark".

When asked, "What do you think is the primary source for people's interest in

NB replies, "I think his relationship with Nick, and Janette before.
Certainly his relationship with Nick.  It's a very murky relationship.  It's
more than being father/son, more than being brothers and more than being
lovers.  It's all in there in a multitude of ways, it's very muddy waters
there.  There is a certain love between them on many different levels.
That's one of the primary sources definitely."

Apache continues:

<<Given that, I think you could say that eroticism in that relationship may
be subconscious, unconsummated, involuntary, whatever -- but you can't say
it's not there.>>

It would stand to reason that if the actors who play the roles have this in
their minds as part of their characterization, for at least some of the
scenes they're doing, that that element would be there for us to perceive.  I
don't think it's in *all* of the scenes they do together or even most of
them.  But it's there, and I include it as *part* of their relationship when
I think about these two characters.

Standing in uffish thought,
  Leslie GS
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:13:16 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Lacroix and Love Scenes

Peggy wrote:

>whole 'nother discussion there) because I think some of these delusional
>Cousins (duck) are convinced that Nick somehow remembers all his flashbacks

Well, claiming all the flashbacks are right would be just as delusional as
claiming all of them are wrong. ;)  We're talking about the difference
between "fact" and "truth".  You can't always prove the factuality of things
in a flashback -- regardless of whose they are -- but you can still accept
them as true.  I've only had a handful of psychology classes, but one thing
I did learn is that we tend to revise our memories according to our present
frame of mind, outlook, and general opinions.  This is evidenced in FK by
the fact that the LC in Nick's first season flashbacks is a LOT more evil
than the LC of the 2nd and 3rd seasons.  Why?  Because Nick's attitude
toward his creator have gradually changed.

I'm not saying Nick's flashbacks are wrong.  Some may just have been
"modified from the original version to fit your TV screen". ;)

Personally, I *like* the wickeder version of LC. ;)  It's so rare one finds
a person so wicked, and yet so... stylish.

I'm sure LC has killed Plenty Of Innocent People, men and women alike.  No
argument from me on that point.  But the *flavor* of those killings may be

As I said before, the LC of Janette's flashback is a savior -- a hero.  The
LC in many of Nick's flashbacks is not just amoral but *im*moral.  LC in his
own flashbacks is no cremepuff, either -- but it's somewhere between
Janette's and Nick's POV.  We don't often get to see LC for any length of
time except in flashbacks or weird dream sequences.  When we *do* see him in
the present day, he's usually not nearly as loathesome as he is in the
flashbacks.  Usually. ;)  IMO, the wickeder the better!

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
*Founding Member of the Unnamed Faction*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*
"Ours is a very...special...relationship." - LC to NK, NiQ
Wickedness Site!  http://www.netcom.com/~tippinb/wicked.html
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:03:53 -0500
From:         "Monica B. Vasquez" <mbv1219@s.......>
Subject:      Re: Those 3 Little Words

At 03:15 PM 5/26/96 -0700, you wrote:

>Now, this seems like a world record for my dear Brick.  Not only did he
>love the woman enough to marry her, he actually managed to choke out the
>word "love" on two occasions.  Now, I have, as yet, been unable to find
>him using the word "love" in relation to himself anywhere else.  Not
>towards Nat, not towards Janette, not LC, not his mother, his sister, or
>even his dog.  There are still a few eps for me to check, and many that I
>don't have, so I must ask: is this right?  Has Nick never *said* he loved
>anyone but Alyssa, Mrs. Nicholas deBrabont?
In Partners of the Month ( 2nd season ) in a flashback Nick tells LaCriox
that he loves Janette.  This is after she has left him.

Dark Knightie/Immortal Beloved
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 23:12:06 -0400
From:         Carrie Krumtum <CKrumtum@g.......>
Subject:      Re: Those 3 Little Words

> Now, I have, as yet, been unable to find
>him using the word "love" in relation to himself anywhere else.  Not
>towards Nat, not towards Janette,

Nick says that he loved Janette after she left him in the flashback in POTM.

Nick does tell Nat that he loves her, well, we assume he did because Nat
tells LaCroix that he did while at Azure's in BMV. Not an out and out 'O love
you, Nat.' like we'd all like, but as close as we are ever going to get.

Using the argument that Nick said it before just doesn't fly with me. He is
having difficulty in the present because of what he had done in the past.
Telling Alyssa that he loved her, then accidentally kills her may be the very
reason he is unable to say so to anyone now. Our brick takes a long time to
learn things, God bless him, that's part of his charm I suppose. At least,
that's what I tell myself when I'm aggravated with him.


Carrie, Slovenly Knightie AKA Carrie the Cruel
It's hard to judge someone when you're blinded by your love for them.
--Mother Teresa
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 23:15:18 -0400
From:         Pat Witham <catspaw@m.......>
Subject:      Re: OK, it's ours -- The Virtual Season

>And I promise not to put any hamsters in Nick's pants, okay? ;)
>Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
>*Founding Member of the Unnamed Faction*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*
>"Ours is a very...special...relationship." - LC to NK, NiQ
>Wickedness Site!  http://www.netcom.com/~tippinb/wicked.html
Why not? I'd like to hamsters in Nick's pants.  Pat Witham
(catspaw@cruzio) Still Loyal Knightie.
Knightie, CSS and D.O.B.
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 23:46:38 -0400
From:         Mei Wa Kwong <kwongm@g.......>
Subject:      Questions for all you better informed people

Okay, I think this is my first posting here on this list, but I had a few
questions and the news group looked like it was getting way out of hand.

1)  Now Nick is not suppose to have too much control when he is sipping
from someone he loves, hence the hands off relationship with Nat.  Now,
due to the kindness of someone out there, I have been able to watch some
Season 2 episodes and in Crazy Love, we see Nick in a flash back drinking
from some girl (sorry, didn't catch her name) and he apparently has been
for a while (Old teeth marks on her neck and the fact he mentions it
too!).  Now, he had control then to take only a little, but why doesn't
he have it now?  Did something happen along the way?

2)  Also, do you ever notice that when Nat is in one of those unreal
"flash backs", specifically in Curiouser and Curiouser and Stranger Than
Fiction, they're rather humoruos ones.  I mean, in Curiouser the little
pinch she gives Nick when he comes into her apartment and then the little
slap when he leaves and in Stranger the over the top melodramatic scene
she had with Nick when she was thinking they were the characters from the
novel.  I don't know if this is due more to CD's sense of humor or what,
but I thought it was rather interesting that her scenes are played with
humor and not the romantic type situation.

3)  And for all those people out there who said CD is heavy, well she
looks normal to me.  I thought she looked too thin in Season 1 and the
added weight suited her features much better.  Now if only they dressed
the poor girl properly.

Thanks for your patience.
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:49:39 -0500
From:         "Stormsinger/J.S. Levin" <wabbit@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Lacroix and That "Evil" Thing

Lots of stuff going back and forth on this, often under the guise of "LC and
Love".  Another two drachmas worth, barkeep!

First of all, on the "Love" thing, Moonlight hauled out a pretty convincing
argument -- LaCroix truely loved Fleur, because he is capable of truely
accepting himself and she was capable of truely accepting him.  To quote
*my* favorite character:  "I'll buy that!"

Now, on this "Evil" thang --

LC is not evil, folks.  He simply operates under a non-human moral code.

First of all, for the majority of his life, up to the present half of the
present century, there was no sure way to extract *and* store blood.  This
means that the only way you got it was fresh from the container.  Some of it
might have been preserved with alcohol, but until the more scientific
methods of this century, even wine-making was an often hit-or-miss
situation.  Something could get into your vats and spoil the whole pressing.
To parallel the question of whether the bottle you're opening is ambrosia or
vinegar, a vampire using alcohol to preserve blood would never know for sure
if it worked -- and it's not a very good method, either.  I suspect that
alcohol (wine) is a flavor only -- as a "preservative" it seems to me it'd
kill off all the elements of the blood a vampire most wants to preserve!

Enough digression.<G>  Back to EVIL:

It is anthrocentric to attempt to hold another species to human standards of
behavior. Likewise, the people of China don't have the same "moral code" as
the French, and the people of the Bible didn't have the same moral code as
Pat Robertson (whatever *he* thinks!).

A Vampiric "Ten Commandments":

1)  Thou shalt expand thy concept of "God" to include an acceptance of thy
present situation, else thou shalt surely go mad. <C&C, LK>
2)  Thou shalt understand that there will always be things beyond thy
present seeing and knowing; be not afraid to change with the times. <LNMTA>
3)  Thou shalt not mock the beliefs of mortals, for though they are weaker
than thee, thou art not invulnerable. <Fever>
4)  Though thou must keep to the darkness and not venture into the light of
day, remember than the mortal world lives by the sun.  Keep thy differences
subtle and innocent in appearance. <FK as a whole, various flashbacks>
5)  Your master *is* your master.  Deal with it. <anything to do w/LC.  AtA;
6)  Thou shalt not kill wantonly, indiscreetly, or wastefully.  <Fever;IWR,
7)  Thou shalt not deliberately incite division among the Community. <??? a
"logic" if you will>
8)  Thou shalt not expose the Community to the eyes of the mortal world. <UTV>
9)  Thou shalt not use thy powers flagrantly, or thus make thyself a ruler
over mortals, for they will surely bring thee down and the Community with
thee. <Fever>
10) Thou shalt not covet mortal possessions, for thy life may depend on
thine ability to disappear.  Moreover, such possession may become a guide
for those who would hunt thee. <????, another "logical" one; Vachon's motto

So okay, I'm more than ordinarily twisted.  But this seems to be the sort of
code LC actually operates under.  Sure, he's broken a few of them -- I don't
think even JC Himself kept all Ten Commandments every minute of every day;
and we *know* Moses broke a few!

What do you think?  Suggestions?  Alternations?  Additions?  Or am I
outstanding in Left Field, again? <G>

Storm (Vaquera, Scrapper, Gangrel)
wabbit@e....... (J.S.Levin/Stormsinger)
Their canon met my imagination and was outgunned.
If you practice being fictional, you discover that "characters"
are as real as people with bodies and heartbeats...
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 21:47:23 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Forever Knight Web Sites

I don't know if this is the right place for this post, but rest assured it
is not anything I can get together on my own. I am looking for a listing of
any FK sites that are on the internet. Home Pages, fan clubs, anything and
everything that deals with FK. Thanks in advance for all your help!
                  ~~Unnamed Faction  ~~
        ~~~~Cousin of the  Knight(pending)~~~~
        ~~~~Bunny~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MOO Member~~~~
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:01:57 -0800
From:         Muldy Sculler <ffbmh@a.......>
Subject:      Scifi and rights

As long as the Scifi channel holds the rights to FK they can do whatever
they want--short of destroying the originals--they can show it or not
show it.  This is their call.
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 23:07:10 -0700
From:         Peggy Wiltz <pwiltz@i.......>
Subject:      Beyond Reality - Fred's music

Thought I saw a real brief blurb about this show earlier on the list -
something about Deb D being in an ep?  Anyway, just caught the last couple
seconds - literally - of it, didn't even know what it was until I checked
the TV Guide after it ended.  It was something about some demon trapping
some people's souls inside a box or something.  Anyway, as the credits
started rolling, I thought, wow this music sounds familiar.  Just then Jon
Slan's name showed up as Exec. Producer, and sure enough, Fred Mollin was
listed as composer and director of the music.  It was on Denver's channel 20
(syndicated station).  I'll have to start looking for this show from now on,
just to hear the music!

Anyone else seen it?  Is it any good, aside from the music?

Unnamed Knightie
Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 16:33:27 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      Animal actors

well i could not resist this one either

Nick   A sloth in the amazon jungle with a bad hair day

Nat    A shitsu dog ( the really fluffy ones)

Janette   Nothing other than a pure black arabian mare

Lacroix   A polar bear

Schanke   A penguin

Tracy    A camel

Vachon   A black bear

Cohen   A siamese cat

Reese   A big cuddly elephant

there i have out done my self
btw could anyone help me find the irc channel for FK i have downloaded
irc but i cant find the channel

Janettes Fangs
Mary  md.young@s.......
Ravenette 4 eva, Immortal beloved, Dark knightie, and closet Natpacker
Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 22:44:15 -0700
From:         Shirley Davis <pitbull@d.......>
Subject:      Re: The List you asked for

At 02:15 PM 5/26/96 PST, you wrote:
>Is there a full list of titles for all episodes of Forever Knight?
>If so, could someone please post it?
Here is the list you asked for.

Season 1                                      Season2
  Nick Knight (1989)                          Killer Instinct
  Dark Knight (1992)                          A Fate Worse than Death
  Dark Knight: The second chapter             Stranger than Fiction
  For I have Sinned                           Bad Blood
  Last Act                                    Foward Into the Past
  Dance by the Light of the Moon              Capital Offense
  Dying to Know You                           Hunted
  False Witness                               Faithful Followers
  Cherry Blossoms                             Undue Process
  I Will Repay                                Father's Day
  Dead Air                                    Can't Run, Can't Hide
  Hunters                                     Near Death
  Dead Issue                                  Crazy Love
  Father Figure                               Baby, Baby
  Spin Doctor                                 Partners of the Month
  Dying For Fame                              The Fire Inside
  Only the Lonely                             Amateur Night
  Unreality TV                                The Fix
  Feeding the Beast                           Curiouser and Curiouser
  To Die For/If Looks Could Kill              Beyond the Law
  Fatal Mistake                               The Queen of Harps
  1966                                        Close Call
  Love You to Death                           Be My Valentine
                                              The Code
                                              A More Permanent Hell
                                              Blood Money
Season 3
  The Black Budda
  The Black Budda Pt2
  Outside the Lines
  Blind Faith
  My Boyfriend is a Vampire
  Hearts of Darkness
  Trophy Girl
  Let No Man Tear Asunder
  Night in Question
  Sons of Belial
  Dead of Night
  Games Vampires Play
  Human Factor
  Avenging Angel
  Fallen Idol
  Jane Doe
  Ashes to Ashes
  Last Knight

Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 00:36:54 -0700
From:         Wendy Marie Christensen <wendy@i.......>
Subject:      All FK WEB SITES

Hi everyone. I am looking to put together a complete list of all sites
having to do with FK. So if you have a site with any FK info on it please
email me with the URL and a short description. Thanks.

-Wendy Marie-   \|/              Unnamed Faction*Cousin
               |o o|             "We *are* each other.  You will always
     -------ooO~(_)~Ooo------    be mine, eternally." LC to Nick
Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 04:17:53 -0400
From:         "Tammy Pond  [Digest]" <nightmist@g.......>
Subject:      Hopkins as LaCroix? Heck no!

No, no, no NO! No way! NO ***** WAY! I'm sorry, I can't think *how*
Anthony Hopkins could do justice to LaCroix's role in anything... Yes,
Hopkins IS a good actor, but LaCroix is an entirelly different style.
LaCroix's not evil, he just....likes his fun. <grin> I've seen
Hopkins in several roles, with different character styles, but
nothing that could really come close to Nigel's style.

To quote Nigel: "I don't want a new one. I like *THAT* one!"

Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 08:17:11 EDT
From:         Lisa McDavid <D020214@u.......>
Subject:      Producer's wife

Diane Carey, who is JP's wife, also wrote this season's Let No Man
Tear Asunder as well as BMV in the second season.

In the first season, she was the psychiatrist in Dead Air.

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid
Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 06:17:13 -0700
From:         Jackie <ejdjd@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Those 3 Little Words

>At 03:15 PM 5/26/96 -0700, Monica wrote:
>>Now, this seems like a world record for my dear Brick.  Not only did he
>>love the woman enough to marry her, he actually managed to choke out the
>>word "love" on two occasions.
>>In Partners of the Month ( 2nd season ) in a flashback Nick tells LaCriox
>that he loves Janette.  This is after she has left him.

        My question is - has there *ever* been a scene wherein Nick tells
*anyone* that he loves the  directly to their face, so that the person
actually hears him, and can respond or react?

        I don't think there was, throughout all 3 seasons - Brick is good at
being brickish; sort of being his own confessor and only telling himself.

        At least Lacroix is open about his feelings - to the point of
wearing them on his sleeve!


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Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 09:47:54 -0400
From:         June Williams <cousin@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Forever Knight Web Sites

At 09:47 PM 5/26/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I don't know if this is the right place for this post, but rest assured it
>is not anything I can get together on my own. I am looking for a listing of
>any FK sites that are on the internet.

This is not the MOST comprehensive list but it should feed your hunger for
the moment.











       (terminal #1 not terminal with two ll )



                                      (once again that's team #1 not team
letter l)

Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 09:33:35 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Okay confession time

Okay folks, it's confession time.  When I first started watching FK, oh
about halfway through the 2nd season, I was...  I was... <gulp> a Dark
Knightie AND a Nick&Natpacker!!


But, silly me, I used to just casually watch the show.  Now I'm cursed to
look for hidden subtext, continuity, and bad hair days.

So let's just say I used to think there was love -- real love, not that
goofy puppy love stuff -- between Nick and Nat.  But I really don't anymore.
That's why by the end of the 2nd season I'd given up on trying to find the
clews that would prove Nicky boy truly loved Nat and vice-versa.  I felt
like I was in a bad relationship with those two and I just couldn't take it
anymore!  I wanted out!  I wanted to divorce the two of them and start
collecting my alimony checks!  If I wanted to get my head messed around with
I woulda stayed with my ex-fiance.

Hard to imagine myself as anything but a Cousin!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled list.

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
*Founding Member of the Unnamed Faction*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*
"We have a very special relationship." - LC to NK, NiQ
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Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 10:58:23 -0400
From:         "J.A. Stafford" <KnightGal@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick/LaCroix

I would agree that, as NB said, there is a love between Nick and LaCroix that
exists on many different levels.  I personally never said that *couldn't* be
the case, it's simply that some of us choose not to focus on any sexual or
erotic aspect to their relationship, whether it is implied or not.  Whatever
the case, we can see that the feelings/relationships between vampires is much
more complex and less "cut and dried", so to speak, than those which exist
between mortals.  It is why so many of us are interested in exploring the
bond between Nick and LaCroix.  We merely differ in how we seek to explain it
or discuss it.  Certainly, there is room in the FK universe for all opinions
and ideas, isn't there?

Cousin till the end...
Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 11:12:38 -0400
From:         Carrie Krumtum <CKrumtum@g.......>
Subject:      OOPS

Sorry all, I DO know better than to send a listserv command to the list.
Brain dead this morning.


Carrie, Slovenly Knightie AKA Carrie the Cruel
It's hard to judge someone when you're blinded by your love for them.
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Date:         Sun, 26 May 1996 20:38:24 PST
From:         "P. L. Montgomery" <plcm@j.......>
Subject:      Re: !#@%$#^$^ VCR!!!  %^&^*(&( SFC!!!

> Sci-Fi is showing Forever Knight on Tuesday.  Everyone says one of
> the best ways to kill a show is to move its time slot around.  No good
> reason that I can see; on Monday they're showing a bunch of old
> movies, some "brilliant" decision about Memorial Day.

On the contrary, they probably believe that more people will be home, it
being a holiday, and it's their bizarre idea of holiday programming.
I've noticed muddled thinking this before -- on the networks, too:  "Oh,
a holiday!  Let's show a FRIENDS marathon!"
Date:         Mon, 27 May 1996 10:23:10 -0500
From:         Mad Hatter <cli7@s.......>
Subject:      Re: Forever Knight Web Sites

At 09:47 PM 5/26/96 -0700, you wrote:
> I am looking for a listing of
>any FK sites that are on the internet. Home Pages, fan clubs, anything and
>everything that deals with FK. Thanks in advance for all your help!
>                        Lasher

if you have access to any search engine like Lycos,
you'll get more than you can handle; i did, so i'm not
sure if i could quote them here_esp if you're a pick-n'-choose
in terms of bookmark links .

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