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Logfile LOG9605C Part 10

May 16-May 17, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605C" Part 10

	Why Do YOU Watch FK?  (9)
	No, it was ME (was Re: Not ME!!!!)
	What if other folks wrote FK?
	Yes, he said that
	A mortal Nick - what then?  (3)
	If ??? Wrote FK
	Old Gary Farmer Film
	Deb in Kung Fu
	Nick a mortal
	New Game: If FK was written by other authors...
	If other people wrote FK?
	Why I watched FK...

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 16:04:58 -0700
From:         "B. Janine Morison" <morison@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

 Hmm, well Susan you explained what you liked so well I can only hope
 to convey some of why I watch.

 I watch for the vampires rather than cops.

 I love Nick, his angst, his duality between good (humanity) and
 evil (vampirism), and ahh, his looks :) (big lusty sigh).

 I really want historical flashbacks no matter how silly (remember
 his happy go lucky wedding flash back?).  Just one thought, since
 his flashbacks are from *his* perspective, wouldn't they be tainted
 by his *perspective*?  Hence, his memory of his wedding may be more
 flowery that the occasion was in reality.

 Now, don't moan but...  I love it when Nick kisses!

 Yes, yes yes!  When he kissed Janette in Cherry Blossoms and the last
 episode of season 2 (I forgot the episode name) where Nick and Janette
 have a rough vampire kiss by the water front.  When he kissed Natalie in
 BMV was good too.  Oh la la...

 If you haven't guessed yet.... I love the vampires passion.

 I agree that the triangles were starting to really work and then poof
 season three went downhill.  I still love the show but if anyone had
 tuned in for the first time during season 3, well, they missed the heart
 and soul of the show.

 I loved Scanke.  His silly things... his moose pjs, his buddy buddy
 banter with Nick.  I miss Scanke.

 I really thought Nick and Uncle were sophisticated and that was part of
 the appeal to me.

 I like strong male characters and the show gave me that.  I also like
 strong female characters and that is why Natalie  and Janette really
 appealed to me.

 On last thing, I loved it when Nick played the piano...

 Like a good wine (red of coarse),  the excellent flavor will linger.

 I will miss them.

 forever knightie/cousin
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 19:22:53 -0500
From:         Cyberspace Vanguard Magazine <vanguard@p.......>
Subject:      No, it was ME (was Re: Not ME!!!!)

>Ok everyone, I have to clear something up cause people are sending me mail on
>this: I did not orginally suggest a Virtual Season of FK- I believe it was
>Vanguard who did and I would never take on the job of producing such a
>venture ( then I would get flamed). I was merely asking if anyone was still

Yes, it was me and Sorcha.  (My name is TJ, BTW.)

I have been saving most of the posts from the lists in fear of spoilers
(but not willing to go nomail and miss the discussions!) so I have
completely missed this thread.  However, I, too, am interested to know
if people are still interested.  Sorcha and I are still willing to help
coordinate this, but only if there's enough interest.

So, while we catch up (having given in to the temptation and read the
spoilers after all ...) please feel free to drop us a line and let us know
if you're interested.

The plan was to wait for the dust to settle and then begin the planning process
(with all interested parties, of course!)

BTW -- when I say we're willing to coordinate this, that's just what I mean:
coordinate.  We have nowhere even remotely enough time to write this whole
thing ourselves, so we are particularly interested in hearing from FKFIC
people who might be interested in participating.  (We'll be contacting
that list later if Listmommy says it's OK.)

(Since I don't know how this started, or why anybody should be flamed
about it, please indulge me a few words:  The idea was that if FK didn't
come back immediately for a 4th season, that we would write one ourselves,
with a single episode each week (or two) to be discussed on the list as
though it were a produced and shown episode.)

----  TJ and Sorcha
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 19:06:50 -0400
From:         Tigon Diana Hooker <TeigrLlew@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

In a message dated 96-05-16 18:40:32 EDT, you write:

>Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?

I actually don't like vamps that much, so I guess the cop show.
But it was more than that...romance, drama, a little comedy.
There were some very deep thoughts about humanity and
what it is to be human.

As to the Flashback question---I think they balanced it out
properly, I don't think they should generally give more time
to the past then the present. It would have been interesting
to have a more past orientated show occasionally, like "1966."
I also think that, considering there was 800 years of history,
they seemed to limit themselves a great deal on what could
have been done. Also, just once I would have liked to see
a human Nick in the crusades, perhaps giving us even
greater insight into his decision to cross over.

>Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
>more than one?

I watched for Nick, his struggle to repair his human spirit...this to me
was the key of the show. I rooted heavily for his relationship with
Nat, but of course his relationship with LaCroix is wonderfully com-

There ya go,

Tigon the Bouncing Tigger and Lone Woof at Large
Woofpack w/ Knightie, N&N, and FoSiL tendencies
Teigr Llew@a.......
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 09:42:47 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

i watch FK because i looooovvvvveeee Vampires and they fasinate me.
Havigna cop as a vampire at first seemed ironic but it is really cool now
i mainly watch FK because i llloooovvvveee Janette and she is the best
character in the whole series and she should have come back because the
Raven is not the Raven anymore it is a dead duck!!!
Janettes Fangs
Ravenette Forever
embrace the Knight and get a fright
watch out for fangs in your soup!!!
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 17:22:11 +0000
From:         Lisa Wolters <redjasper@e.......>
Subject:      What if other folks wrote FK?

Since we're branching out...

If FK were done by Bruce Springsteen, Nick would wear lots of tight
jeans and tight t-shirts, grow his stubble, and have that tousled,
just-got-outta-bed look that just makes me... oh. Sorry.  Forgot you
all were here.  ;)

The show would be filled with even more Catholic imagery and
guilt, and episodes would deal with opportunities lost, angst,
hidden pain, love that never bloomed, the repression of the working
class by Corporate America (Canada?), and more angst. All
dialogue would be half-mumbled and barely intelligible, but
enacted with such raw emotion that we'd all agree it was

Patti Scialfa would play Janette, and the Raven would be a
smoke-filled, blue-collar joint full of average guys with broken
dreams like Johnny Vachon. Fred Mollin would score it with lots of
blues and guitar riffs.  Natalie would be played by Julianne Phillips,
and Tracy would be played by Courtney Cox.  At the end of every
3-plus-hour, largely improvisational episode, Nick and LaCroix
would perform a piano/rebec duet and Nick would kiss LaCroix on
the mouth and yell, "I love you, man!"

Reece would be waiting in line for drinks and miss the whole thing.

Next!  :)

Lisa W. * redjasper@e.......
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 20:17:11 -0400
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

"Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......> said:

> Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?

There are actually two questions here.  Why did I watch it the first
time, and why do I keep watching it.

A year or so ago, I didn't like vampires or vampire shows.  I didn't
particularly like cop shows, either.  But I saw this funny, cute guy on
Sci-Fi Buzz say that he liked working on this show called "Forever
Knight" because he got to say lines like "you cling to your paganism like
lichen to a stone."  Several minutes of hysterical laughter later, I was
flipping through the TV Guide to find out when this show was broadcast.

A few weeks later, after a couple of interesting but not terrific
episodes, I saw "The Fix."  And was totally and utterly hooked.

I think it is the struggle between good and evil, and the search for
redemption, that has kept me watching the show.  And of course the acting,
which is phenomenal.  If Nick weren't a vampire, but instead was a
werewolf or an alcoholic or an ex-mercenary or a former wife-beater who
was struggling to deal with good and evil and was seeking redemption for
past sins, I'd still be watching.  (Although I must admit the vampire
aspect is very intriguing.)  If Nick worked on repaying his sins as a sailor
or a private eye or a hobo or a hot-dog vendor rather than as a cop, I'd
still be watching.

Most of my favorite episodes have had an important vampire aspect to the
storyline, so I guess I would have preferred the balance to be tipped a
bit more towards vampires and a bit less towards the cop show.

I like the mix of forward story and flashbacks.  And I even like the
episodes that had dream sequences instead of flashbacks.

> Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

One guess.  If it wasn't already obvious from the above, I'm most
interested in Nick.  But I do think that the interplay between the
different characters is crucial.  I said earlier this week that Nick
wouldn't be any fun if Lacroix weren't around to torment him.  I also
think Nick needs Natalie to both support him ("yes, Nick, I do believe
there is a cure and you are worth redeeming") and kick him in the shins
once in a while when he wallows in self-pity too much (no, not slap him
silly all the time, that's what Natpackers want!).

Of course I also thought Janette and Schanke were important, both for
themselves and to create balance in the show.  <sniff>

> Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
> more than one?

I have Nick&Natpacker leanings, I guess, but I also found Nick's
relationship with Janette quite interesting.  Only a very twisted corner
of my brain wants to see Nick & Lacroix get *together*, if ya know what I
mean, since their relationship usually seems more like a power struggle
than a love story, but on occasions I do let that corner of my brain out
to play by reading some of the JADFE fiction.  <g>

Notably absent from the above list are many of the other possible
pairings:  Tracy and Vachon, Tracy and Nick, Nat and Lacroix, Vachon and
Screed, Screed and Lacroix, Vachon and Nick, Nick and Schanke (except as
buddies), Schanke and Lacroix, Reese and the water cooler, Screed and
Reese... need I go on?

Is any of this actually useful for future FK novel writers?

Allison (percy91@w.......)
Tormented Knightie and Chief Bunny of the McGregors
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 19:20:48 -0500
From:         "Stormsinger/J.S. Levin" <wabbit@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Yes, he said that

Katherine, Knightie in denial<lqueen@polanet.com> said:

>BTW - I just watched Blind Faith again and I could have sworn that Screed
>called Nick...Defective Knight instead of Detective Knight.  Anyone else
>notice that?  It was in the scene where Nick goes to him for information
>about any carouches that might have brought animals across.
Congratulations, you win the prize!  (No, not *that* Prize, and put *down*
that sword, lady!)  Yes, Screed did call him "Defective" -- as I recall, the
Prince of the Sewers was never a Knightie, ever since Nick crashed his pad
in BB without a by-your-leave and made Screed shut up, to boot!

wabbit@e....... (J.S.Levin/Stormsinger)
Their canon met my imagination and was outgunned.
If you practice being fictional, you discover that "characters"
are as real as people with bodies and heartbeats...
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 19:21:35 -0500
From:         D Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

On Thu, 16 May 1996, "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......> wrote:
>Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
>watch FK?
>Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?
>More copshop than vampire?

Actually, I think I'm a major anomaly on this list. I don't usually like
*either* vampire *or* cop stuff-- but I *love* FK.  What I like is the
*relationships*.  All the characters are real, 3-D people; even the ones I hate
(and I *loathe* LC sometimes, especially 1st-Season LC) are so real I can't
help but be fascinated by them.  My favorite shows are the ones that manage to
balance the cop and vampire elements.

>Would you have liked to see historical stories with no current day (or very
>Would you have liked non-historical flashbacks (like C&C or STF)?

Yes to both!  Another 1966 would be *lovely*! :)  Or more "MTV flashbacks" like
in "Dying for Fame" would be fun, too.

>Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

I honestly think the show works best as an ensemble.  Anytime they focus too
much on *any* character, even Nick (Yes, I know it's called Forever *Knight*!),
the show loses that wonderful balance it has.

Diane E
Unaffiliated, as if you all didn't know! ;)
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Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 19:50:08 -0600
From:         Sharon Joy <SJoy@u.......>
Subject:      A mortal Nick - what then?

Sandra writes:
>Well, setting aside the fact that Nick's cure might not come from Nat,
>I don't think he would *need* to remain a cop. In Spin
>Doctor, the flashback involved him teaching archaeology. ... it
>seemed to have been a position he enjoyed and hated leaving.

Now *that* would be make an interesting topic for a tv show (or fanfic):
Nick's new occupation.

No longer a vampire, he'd have an interesting connection to the vampire
community -- and quite an interesting range of memories.  I'm sure he's
already dealt with living with his knowledge of 800 years of history, but
knowing you're immortal makes it all so, well, matter of fact.

If Nick became mortal, he would know that his special memory is now finite.
What best advantage could his experience serve, knowing that time would be
up fairly soon (even 50 more years would be considered fairy soon to an 800

Archeologyu professor.   Yup
Writer, painter, musician. Yup
Therapist?   Hmmmm.
Doctor - He's been that too, I think?
Probably he wouldn't become a cook.
Probably not an airline pilot.
Definitely not a nightclub owner. <g>

Any other ideas?


--------Sharon Joy -  A Forever Knightie -  SJoy@u.......
          There's a past and-----there's a past...
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Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 19:53:20 -0500
From:         Perri Smith <perridox@i.......>
Subject:      If ??? Wrote FK

One response and three new ones.

Angie wrote:

>  If Gene Roddenbery (sp) Had written F.K....
>  Nick would be a notorious womanizer who spoke all his sentences in haltingly
>  annoying sentences...
>  <brilliant lunacy snipped>
>  Sorry I couldn't think of a really good one for LC...

May I humbly suggest that LaCroix would, of course, be an intergalactic
con-man out to sell fake vampire cures and create harems of beautiful women
who look nothing whatsoever like his 'mother/daughter'.


If David Weber wrote FK:

Natalie would be captain of a starship, the RMN Toronto Metro, Nick would
be the lover who gets himself pointlessly staked, so that she has to track
down and face his killer, LaCroix, in a duel, assisted by her faithful
second-in-command, Grace, her killer treecat Sydney, and assorted crew
members (Schanke, Tracy, Vachon, etc.), despite the efforts of the various
Lords and political types (Stonetree, Cohen, Reese) who are theoretically
in command. The book would culminate in RMN Metro getting pounded to pieces
while half the crew is killed, yet they triumph over evil.

If Paul Haggis wrote FK:

Schanke would wear loud clothes and be from Chicago, Nick would wander
around in a red uniform with Perry at his side and say 'Oh dear', Janette
would be a psycho Nick once put it jail, Natalie would be eternally in love
with Nick, help him out constantly, but never even get up to bat (Wait,
that already happens, never mind). Cohen would be Nick's boss, who is
secretly incredibly attracted to him but refuses to do anything about it;
Reese would be the department leuitenant, who secretly likes our boys, but
won't admit it. Tracy would be Schanke's younger sister, who shows up on
Nick's doorstep in black lingerie (and promptly gets wasted -- no, sorry,
that's Parriott), Vachon and Screed would be their competition in the
department until Screed gets blown up. The angst levels would be almost
non-existant, except for every fifth episode, which will leave you writing
on the floor in sympathetic agony.

If Chris Claremont wrote FK:

Major characters would die every other episode, then be resurrected,
revamped or retconned two episodes later, with or without a non-silly
explanation. There would be a fight scene lasting three episodes,
consisting almost entirely of witty repartee, followed by an episode of
unremitting angst.

Vachon would have a spunky sidekick and be secretly in love with Nat -- who
would be married to Nick (the couple that angsts together...) and have
various kids from alternate futures turning up periodically -- but that
unrequited love would not stop him from sleeping with / falling for every
other female on the face of the planet (Urs, Tracy). Schanke would have a
Cajun accent and eat gumbo instead of souvlaki, Janette would have a
southern accent and we wouldn't know her real name, Screed would be a
homicidal lunatic kept locked in the basement until someone finally has the
sense to kill him (see above concerning resurrection), Cohen would have a
Scottish accent, Stonetree would wander around with one metal arm carrying
Big Guns (tm), Reese would constantly berate himself for not being perfect
and LaCroix would wander around in silly purple and red outfits that clash
with everything in sight and periodically try to take over the world.

Oh dear, did I just write those? I'm scaring me. Darkangel, Abby, Dawn,
pick yourselves up off the floor. Anyone who got the David Weber cracks,
talk to me, i need Honor Harrinton fans.

going off to check her dosage.

Perri <perridox@i.......>      http://www.intex.net/~perridox/perri.html
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ride forever." -- Joan Wilder
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 20:18:21 -0600
From:         Sharon Joy <SJoy@u.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

Kevin says:

>I still prefer the second season to the last.  But I liked
>all the charecters.  My real gripe is not that it is ending but ,like you, how
>they are ending it.

My gripe is that it's ending.  (sigh).

Maybe after Sat. night I'll be upset at *how*  also.

--------Sharon Joy -  A Forever Knightie -  SJoy@u.......
          There's a past and-----there's a past...
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Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 18:24:01 -0700
From:         "B. Janine Morison" <morison@a.......>
Subject:      Re: A mortal Nick - what then?

 Sharon wrote:
> Archeologyu professor.   Yup
> Writer, painter, musician. Yup
> Therapist?   Hmmmm.
> Doctor - He's been that too, I think?
> Probably he wouldn't become a cook.
> Probably not an airline pilot.
> Definitely not a nightclub owner. <g>

 He should be a Historian!

 Couldn't you see him teaching a class and having little slips,
 "we did" such in such, instead of "they did."

Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 11:26:00 PDT
From:         Christine Hawkins <chawkins@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

"Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......> said:

> Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?

There's a bit of an irony for me here...

I'd been a vampire fan for years before I discovered "Forever Knight", and
in fact my favourite vampire book (*Blood Hunt* by Lee Killough) is about a
cop who is a vampire.  When I heard about FK, I thought the combination
might work for me again, and so I decided to try it.  By the end of the
pilot, "Dark Knight", I wound up pounding my fists on the floor yelling,
"That's it??  I want more!" and was hooked.

I'm not altogether sure that I would have become a fan if the show if it had
been a straight "vampire" show, but I *know* wouldn't have even begun to
have watched it if it had been a straight "cop" show.  It was the
combination that hooked me.  So it's a bit ironic that I should become a FoD
 - a follower of Don Schanke, the one purely *human* main character in the
show, with no links to the vampire community whatsoever!

For the rest, I like the character interaction, the intelligent scrips and
the "black" humour that pervaded the series during the first two seasons.
 Sadly, I find the third season lacking in much of what attracted me to the
show in the first place - the chemistry isn't there for me any more.  :-(
 I'll keep watching and re-watching the first two seasons though - thank God
for video tape!

Christine Hawkins
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 21:28:52 -0400
From:         A McLaughlin <Iremi@a.......>
Subject:      Old Gary Farmer Film

I just remembered , cause I was talking to my neighbor about it, an old film
Gary Farmer did caled " Powwow Hiway" with A Martinez. Get it, rent it, it is
a very quriky, funny film. Beware it does has a serious fanny shot Of Mr.

Iremi@a....... "Yes, but do you have it in spandex?"
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 21:46:01 -0400
From:         Melanie Moser <moser@c.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Susan M. Garrett wrote:

> Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
> watch FK?
Overall, I became hooked on FK like I do few other shows... it's
what I call a "quality" show: excellent storylines, interesting,
evolving characters, excellent cinematography (production, editing,
directing, camera shots), great acting, and a cast, crew, and
fans that really care about a show.

And about genre TV, I think it's about time good TV shows, like
FK, Babylon 5, and Highlander, to name a few, get the credit they
are long overdue.   These types of shows go back to the old days
of storytelling, of presenting plots and characters that are
realistic and interesting, and then watching those characters
face life and decisions that change them and affect the world in
which they live.  Just like real life, the characters and stories
are complex.  The old favorite themes of good vs. evil, love and
hate, friends and enemies, etc.  are laid out in subtle plots
that inspire us to THINK while watching the show, not just sit
back and be mindless couch potatoes.  You hear the cries for better
quality TV shows... well, some of TPTB should wake up and not
only see that these types of shows are right under their noses,
but that they are being run out by poor scheduling and lack
of promotion.

> Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?
> More copshop than vampire? Equal time to both?

Equal time to both. I think the vampire vs. cop plot made for
interesting parallels (for ex., good vs. evil).  I think it was also
rather essential for the plot.   A 'good' vampire cop wanting
to "repay his debts to society".  Certainly caught and kept
my attention...

> Did you want more flashbacks? Less flashbacks? Equal time to
> flashbacks and current day?
> Would you have liked to see historical stories with no current day (or very
> little)?
> Would you have liked non-historical flashbacks (like C&C or STF)?

I have always thought the flashbacks were just about right.  They
had purpose, usually to show us an event or events that shaped or
changed the lives of those who experienced it.  It furthers the
story and gives us a 'fantasy' break from the current time and
place of the series.  It was also cool to feel that sense of
recognition of our (we the viewers and they the characters) shared

> Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

Without a doubt, the center of the whole series is Nick.    He is
the tragic hero facing multiple obstacles and challenges on his
endless quest for mortality and redemption.  It was always interesting
to see how he faced them.  By doing so and succeeding, he reminds
us that we too can overcome obstacles in our lives.

> Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
> more than one?

The main reason, without a doubt for me, was Nick & Nat. Most
shows don't handle romantic relationships between main characters
very well.  Usually they turn out too soap-opera-ish or boring. This
relationship was mainly about unrequited love and desire, about true
love that endures no matter what or how long they must wait.  It's
very seldom do you see this old romantic "I'll die for you" kind
of love.  Not only did it make the show interesting as you watched
the relationship evolve over the 3 seasons, but it also made for
great fan fiction for us hopeless romantics...

I also watched for the relationship between Nick and LaCroix.  It
was always interesting to learn more about this odd 800 year old
father-son relationship.

Overall, I tend not to look at a show for what I didn't like
about it or what I would have done differently.  Rather, I accept
it as it is, a piece of art made by a team of hardworking, dedicated

I think it is sad that shows like ours can't get renewed.
I don't know how they can justifiably based it on the ratings
when they barely give it a chance to be watched (i.e. inconsistent
times).  I can't even begin to count the number of people I've
turned on to a show like FK or B5 who never even knew the show
even existed.  If you don't think that people really enjoy and
appreciate quality shows and films, then look at the types of
films that earn the big awards (Best Picture, Best Director, etc.)
at the Academy Awards.  Many tv shows ascribe to this level of
quality as well.  Forever Knight is definitely one of them.

I guess I still have a small glimmer of hope that someone will
come to their senses and renew FK.

Thanks for the great question, Susan.

Mel Moser
N&NPacker, moser@c.......
Check out my Forever Knight Fan Fiction page at:
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 18:49:23 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      YKYBWTMFKW...

I watched the Dr Who movie (no, no comments here pls, this is an FK
list!), the "dead" old doctor was in the chiller/morgue & the "new" doctor
came out, bewildered & scaring anyone who saw him... He was frantically
looking for somthing... hunting, searching, desparate! And, I thought he
was looking for his first meal, but he was only looking for period clothes!

Dedicated N&NPacker... Wildy Romantic & Fiercely Optimistic
A Fourth Season sort of gal
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 11:51:28 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      Deb in Kung Fu

does anyone have any info on when Deb Duchene was in Kung Fu or even
better does anyone have a tape with it on??
i will pay for postage ect
email me off list
If God wrote FK it would be like this
Nick would be the prodigal son comming back to the mortal fold
Lacroix would be the Devil tempting everyone to rat on Nick for drinking cow
Nat would be Mary going "why me"
Janette would be Janette cos she cant be anything else
Vachon would be Doubting Thomas
Schanke would be King Herod with dissappearing sideburns
Tracy would be Delilah with no idea what to do with samsons hair or Nicks
Captain Reese would be Ben Hur
thats all folks
Janettes Fangs
Ravenette 4 eva
embrace the Knight and get a fright
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 21:14:08 -0500
From:         D Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject:      Re: A mortal Nick - what then?

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Sharon Joy <SJoy@u.......> wrote:
>Now *that* would be make an interesting topic for a tv show (or fanfic):
>Nick's new occupation.
>If Nick became mortal, he would know that his special memory is now finite.
>What best advantage could his experience serve, knowing that time would be

You missed a really obvious one (well, obvious if you've ever seen the first
Highlander movie):

Antique dealer!  After all, he'd know the originals on sight, no?

Also art expert, for the same reason.  Can't you just see him being a little
distracted one day and saying, unthinkingly, "No, that can't be a Raphael; he
hated that color"? <g>  Or "Of *course* I'm certain it's an original Bosch, I
posed for it!" ;>  (First season reference, "Dead Issue", German version)

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Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 12:56:53 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick a mortal

oh yea
i could just imagine that one
Nick would marry Nat and have loads of Nicks and Nats running around
Lacroix would be chasing after Nick to bring him Back across
Janette would be Flaming Nat on her E-mail for marring Nick with out her
permission and also commenting on her clothes sense
Vachon would be running after Tracey to see if she had enough brains to
get Nick cure from Nat
and captain Reese would just stand there and look nice
Janettes Fangs
Ravenette 4 eva
embrace the Knight and get a fright
the Raven is a duck sanctury
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 20:42:11 -0400
From:         Lisa Reeves <ad483@d.......>
Subject:      Re: New Game: If FK was written by other authors...

April Ruskin wrote:

> If Forever Knight was written by Terry Prachett, Nick

Damn, damn, damn, damn!

Someone beat me to Pratchett! <gryn>

FWIW, you did it better than I was. ;-)

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Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 23:41:18 -0400
From:         Carrie Krumtum <CKrumtum@g.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

"It's funny, I remember something. I was playing and a friend was jotting
down notes and staff...with a quill. He was hard of hearing. It was wierd."

That was the first line of dialog I can remember hearing from this show. Got
to admit it holds a lot of neat stuff. I saw the last half of NiQ. The next
ep I remember seeing, in total, was Strings. I'm a third season convert.

The thing that hooked me was the feel of drama on the show. Like a classic
theatre production with dark history and nobel characters. The eternal
struggle between good and evil, all within the soul of one man. Vampire, ha.
Cop, ha. A good audience craves not these things. <g> I wanted to know more
about this guy (and what a good looking one, at that) and his struggle.

FK was my first exposure to GWD, NB, CD, and company. The actors weren't the
draw for me...the acting was. I was hooked immediately, and I couldn't be
more pleased that I was.

Remember? 'Remarkable television brings remarkable results!' Well, I'm living
proof. FK, boys and girls, IS remarkable television. Is there another reason?


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Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 01:20:25 -0300
From:         Paula Hurley <dkknight@a.......>
Subject:      If other people wrote FK?

Sorry guys I gotta do this, to get it out of my system...

If Don Cherry wrote FK....there would be lots of fights, no Enforcers, and
everybody would dress really REALLY badly!!

Sorry again guys, but I just finshed watching Detroit beat St. Louis in
double OT 1 - 0, and I am ecstatic, and also much to hyper to sleep,
although I do have to work tomorrow morning...oh hang on..is that a
pillow.....um well on second thought, maybe I will just rest my eyes for a

Warning there is a spoiler reference to AtA in my sig, and I can't change it
at the moment, so if you haven't seen it...don't look!!!

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Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 00:16:09 -0400
From:         Michelle Mark <Raindance2@a.......>
Subject:      Why I watched FK...

<<Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop show?

Definitely vampire.  I became fascinated with the whole vampire mythos when I
saw "Dracula" when I was 6.   That was 20 years ago and they still fascinate
me.   I like what they represent-  raw sensuality, the forbidden, freedom,
and of course immortality.  The first ep of FK I saw was Dark Knight, and I
think it incorporated all of those elements.    So, I kept watching.  I don't
care for the cop stuff.  I hate cop shows.

<<Did you want more flashbacks?
I would have loved to have seen more flashbacks of Nick, LC, and Janette
during the "fun" years.  (Hey!  A spinoff.."FK: The FUN Years")   We know for
a fact that Nick wasn't always such a drip.  I would have liked to have seen
the three of them wreaking havoc through history.  I would have liked to have
seen more about LC and Janette's relationship as well.

<<Would you have liked to see historical stories with no current day (or very

I'm a bit of a history nut so I would have to to say less current day, more

<<Would you have liked non-historical flashbacks (like C&C or STF)?
If they were done as well as C&C and STF, yes.

<<Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

But of course!  At the beginning of DK I liked Nick.  Then he started
angsting and it turned me off.  (Ok, sure, he's *cute* but cute only goes so
far)  Then LC shows up.  My first impression?  When the heck did Billy Idol
become an actor?  ;)  Second impression?  I can't say it on this list! ;O
 Lets just say LaCroix became my favorite from that point on.  He was/is
everything a vampire should be.  A classic.  A legend.  (Not to mention a
walking aphrodisiac)  Perfecto!

<<Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
<<more than one?

At first LC, Nick, and Janette, and then just Nick and LC, especially this
season.  I was never sold on the Nick /Nat relationship, and I would rather
have seen Janette with LC than Nick.   Nick shouldn't be paired with any
women, period.  He needs to find himself first or he will drag everyone down
with him.  Which he has pretty much done.   <ducking and covering from
Natpackers and Immortal Beloveds and Knighties>
The perfect pair?  LC and Janette.

Any more questions?

Cousin Michelle

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