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Logfile LOG9605C Part 11

May 16-May 17, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605C" Part 11

	Why Do YOU Watch FK?  (5)
	YKYB. . .
	If other authors wrote FK game....
	Anyone near here?
	The Last Supper . . .
	If someone else wrote FK . . .
	Lost faith
	If other people wrote FK?
	Why do you like FK?
	IRC Channel for Last Knight
	If other authors wrote FK
	If FK was written by...(Parker, Charteris)
	IRC Channel for Last Knight
	How long is Last Knight?
	Why I watch FK--short and sweet

Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 00:36:16 -0400
From:         Apache <lf@c.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

  "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......> wrote:
> Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
> watch FK?

        Actually, for me, the fact that it's genre TV works against FK.
My sister came home from college and all of a sudden I went from only
watching movies to watching every possible genre everything with clenched
teeth.  It was when I noticed FK sending itself up that I began to be
less hostile, and then Can't Run Can't Hide hooked me.

> Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?  More copshop
> than vampire?  Equal time to both?

        Put up with the cop show because of the vampire, in the end.  Cop is
a genre with even less interest for me than sci-fi.

> Did you want more flashbacks?
> Less flashbacks?
> Equal time to flashbacks and current day?

        More flashbacks, I think.  I would have enjoyed if they'd been
better documented (like dated onscreen?), but then again, then we
wouldn't have the pleasure of trying to figure them out among ourselves

> Would you have liked to see historical stories with no current day (or very
> little)?
> Would you have liked non-historical flashbacks (like C&C or STF)?

        Either would have been fine.

> Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

        Well, uh, when Vachon fell out of the sky my hormones all went
hippity hop.  But I was already watching.

> Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
> more than one?

        nah.  Except I *really* wanted them to give Myra a story <g>
<that murmuring you hear is all the 3rd season newbies going "who?"
Schanke's wife, folks.>

> Yes, these points may seem moot as we view the final episode, but the novels
> will be coming up.  God only knows what the content will be at this point.
> Or if people will even be interested in reading FK after the last episode
> airs.  But I'm kind of curious.

>  I liked
> the relationship triangles set up in the first two seasons and was only
> beginning to get into the hang of this season when everything went to hell
> in a hand-basket,

        Yeah.  I think they blew a bunch of opportunities with the
third-season new characters (actually, they never were able to use Cohen
as she deserved).  Water under the bridge, now, with the show finishing up
this week.

>  so it's not what they do or who they do it to, but HOW
> they do it that will make me nuts.
> Anyone else?
> Regards
> susang@v.......  -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
> Faithful Ravenette, because somebody STILL has to.
> Visit THE essential webpage for Forever Knight info at:
> http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
> "Friends help you move.  Real friends help you move bodies."
> ------------------------------
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 21:48:37 -0700
From:         Jerimi Paul <paul9454@u.......>
Subject:      YKYB. . .

Just to prove what a perverse thing the mind is. . .   I was taking my
computers final this morning, and right in the middle of writing down the
three types of graphs that exist in Quatro-Pro, it occurred to me that the
word "Whammy" is a really funny word.  Go on, way it a few times.  Whammy.
Whammy.  Whammy.  I nearly got a serious case of the giggles right in the
middle of my final.

I am not here.  You never saw me.  I am studying for my AVS222 Repro and
Breeding Exam.  This never happened.  (the correct reply is, "Uhhh, okay

Reluctant Vaquero (with wandering eyes.)
Vaquero?  Cousin?  Knightie?  Valentine?  N&NPacker?  RatPacker?
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 21:53:08 -0700
From:         Jerimi Paul <paul9454@u.......>
Subject:      If other authors wrote FK game....

If Mary Shelley (and this was a great book, by the way) wrote FK:
LaCroix would be a man obsessed with uncovering the mysteries of life
itself.  He would be in love with his "more than sister" Fleur, and he
would set about robbing crypts.
Nick would be a mismatched reanimated corpse with now name, who would be
constantly searching for companionship and a way to be human.  Failing
that, he would demand that LaCroix make a wife for him (Nat).
The novel would end with Nick throwing himself on a burning pyre.

Norman MacLean:
There'd be a heck of a lot more fly fishing references.

F. Scott Fitzgerald:
LaCroix would be a mysteriously wealthy man who lives next to. . . Nick
(Hey!  It can't be just a coincidence!).  LaCroix would be diven by a need
to lure the air-headed Daisy (played by Tracy) back to him.  Vachon would
be Tracy's hulking husband.  Nat would be a masculine female tennis player
with a deep voice and no sense of morality, pursued by Nick.

Reluctant Vaquero (with wandering eyes.)
Vaquero?  Cousin?  Knightie?  Valentine?  N&NPacker?  RatPacker?
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 21:56:41 -0700
From:         Jerimi Paul <paul9454@u.......>
Subject:      Anyone near here?

I know I'm posting an abnormally lot of messages for me, but. . .

Is there anyone near Moscow, Idaho (and even Spokane may not be considered
too far) willing to get together to watch LK with me?  Pleeeease don't
make me watch it alone.  ;)

Reluctant Vaquero (with wandering eyes.)
Vaquero?  Cousin?  Knightie?  Valentine?  N&NPacker?  RatPacker?
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 00:24:53 CDT
From:         Le Phantom <jrarmstr@p.......>
Subject:      Re: YKYBWTMFKW...

> I watched the Dr Who movie (no, no comments here pls, this is an FK
> list!), the "dead" old doctor was in the chiller/morgue & the "new" doctor
> came out, bewildered & scaring anyone who saw him... He was frantically
> looking for somthing... hunting, searching, desparate! And, I thought he
> was looking for his first meal, but he was only looking for period clothes!

(sorry 'bout the five lines)

I had one of those watching the movie, too... :)  My dad asked me what I would
do if I saw a body get up out of the morgue and start walking toward me, and
I said, "I say, 'Nick? Is that you?'"  <g>

'Course, then I had to explain how Nick and Nat met in the morgue... :)

Until next time, I'll be watching...
Cousin Erik (Le Phantom de L'Opera)
jrarmstr@b.......     //   http://bsc.edu/~jrarmstr/
"Stay out of the sun, keep away from sharp sticks, you'll live forever." NK
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 01:31:18 -0400
From:         Nathanial Cook <NatRobin@a.......>
Subject:      Re: The Last Supper . . .

To all who are interested:

I'm going to be quite busy this weekend, so I'll be nomail until Saturday
night or so.  If I don't reply, it ain't nuttin' personal.  'Kay?

And yes, I can say "Lacroix" -- I just don't want to.  (Prove to me it's
spelled that way!)

Well, I'll be seeing you all after <gasp> this Friday's ordeal.

Wish me luck.

NAT!!!  ("We who are about to die salute you" Raven)
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 00:32:47 -0500
From:         michael wayne jackson <mjay@n.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone else wrote FK . . .

If Russ Meyer wrote FK most of the visuals would be aimed at the enormous
breasts of the three leading ladies, Nat, Janette, and Tracy.  Nick,
Vachon, and LaCroix would have minor background parts and all would wear
black-framed glasses.  The plots wouldn't make much sense but with all that
abundant flesh who cares?

If Aleister Crowley wrote FK it would be full of allusions to Cabalistic
Magick.  Nick would be the one searching for meaning and LaCroix would be
Crowley thinly disguised, leading Nick down the path, teasing and fooling
him all the way.  Nat would bear the Magickal Child, fathered by LaCroix,
and then Crowley would lose his funding and never finish the story.

If Robert Anton Wilson wrote FK it would start as a trilogy and wind up
expanded to at least 10 volumes detailing the present world, as well as the
historical one.  Nick would be leader of the antiestablishment forces and
LaCroix would be the Head of the Illuminati.  It would be full of James
Joyce allusions, word games, and references to current philosophical and
metaphysical thought.  Each volume would be from a different world view as
detailed in the abundant appendices.  Every third paragraph the point of
view would change into another characters's and would be so confusing that
it would spark an underground cult following of people trying to figure the
whole thing out.

If Sir Richard Francis Burton wrote FK he would disguise himself as a
vampire and sneak into the secret underground world of Toronto vampirism.
He would take copious notes, make drawings of the sex practices, and then
publish his findings as allegory in a massive 17 volume numbered set to the
shock and outrage of the literary world.  His wife would then burn some of
his unpublished original manuscripts robbing the world of a treasury.

If Robert E. Howard wrote FK Nick would wear only a loincloth, carry a
broadsword, and in each episode save the girl by destroying some magical

If Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote FK Nick would be the mythic Hero, either
raised by wild animals or transported to a far off planet, where he would
meet his future wife, Nat, only to have her kidnapped.  He would then free
her and then she would be kidnapped again, over and over.  He would be
taunted by stereotypical swarthy villians, tempted by stereotypical sinuous
women, fall in love with several of them along the way, and finally marry
the woman of his dreams and claim his birthright.

If H.P. Lovecraft wrote FK LaCroix would star as the emmisary of a
malignant extra-dimensional entity.  He would be able to shape change and
panthers would lick his hands.  Nick would be the witless mortal caught in
an inescapable trap composed of the lowest forms of human life in Toronto,
fish-like creatures that live in the sewers.  He would either have his head
sucked off his body or become one of the fish-people at the end.

If E.E. "Doc" Smith wrote FK Nick would be part of a multi-galactic patrol
force fighting the evil LaCroixian Empire which would all be just a game
controlled by superior beings from a time in our galaxy's beginnings.  Nat
would be the woman Nick has been genetically engineered to mate with to
produce the children which shall end the eons-long warfare.

That just about exhausts my library.

michael wayne jackson -- mjay@n.......
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 01:45:26 -0400
From:         A McLaughlin <Iremi@a.......>
Subject:      Lost faith

So I sat on the couch stunned. Must be the third beer I mused, looking
vaguely at the bottle in my hands. The tv mute was on as commericals
extolling used cars and detergents flashed across the silent screen.
The image of the last episode of Forever Knight lingered in my head,
replaying endlessly.
 "It's just a TV show, it doesn't matter." I thought. Then the image of my
mother dying filled my head like a flood and it all came down on top of me.
It does matter.

I rememeber watching the World Series one year, I'm not into sports so I
couldn't tell you the name of the teams or who won, but I rememeber the image
of Wade Boggs sitting in the dugout, tears streaming down his face as the
camera closed in. "It's just a game " I rememeber saying to the guy next to
me at the bar as I watched him cry.

Then I read that he had been keeping the death of his mother under emotional
wraps during the games and when it was over the flood gates of his heart
broke and I undestood the meaning of his catharsis.
 I know what you mean , I thought contemplating the blank screen before me.
 TV is not the for the timid. TV is not for those who care. TV is not for
those of us who know art. The ugly business of making money under the
pretense of entertainment finally boiled inside of me. I hate you all, the
producers, the writer, the director of that hideous ending, the actors.

 Then something snapped inside of me and a strange silence engulfed me.
Without emotion I got up and calmly unlocked the front door of my house,
opened it and with all my might hurled the TV out the door, watching it
shatter into a thousand pieces on the attractive stone patio beyond my porch
with a loud cruel noise.
 I smiled sardonically.
The faith that died with a fictional character in that trivial(?) show died
in me as well.

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 23:23:23 -0700
From:         Raissa Devereux <1595@e.......>
Subject:      Re: If other people wrote FK?

Hi again, Here's another one. If John Cleese wrote FK, the Raven would be
called the Gimpy Grackle. Janette tries to send Miklos out for a fresh
supply of blood for the half and half house special. Unfortunately, Miklos
is a foreigner and doesn't understand the language all that well.
Exsasperated, Janette enlists Nick's help in dealing with the situation.

Nick: Miklos, getee the bloodee, getee the bloodee!
Miklos: What????
Nick (after banging his head on the bar and on the walls and twisting his
body in inconceivable directions out of sheer frustration): NEVER MIND!!!!
I'll get it myself.

At this point, Nick goes to the morgue and sheepishly borrows blood from
Nat, apologizing his way out the door. Of course, she's used to this
little dance by now. Nick makes his way back to the Grackle just in time.
Janette is entertaining a group of vamp. business execs, and she plans to
mix the donated blood with her last bottle of Chateaux Lafete (sp)
Rothchild 1927. Nick's breathes a sigh of relief. He's home free. But
what's that he hears. The execs are all vomiting. They're allergic to a
new preservative in the donated blood. Janette gives Nick her dagger look,
and there's a final shot of our boy with his head in his hands.

Raissa Devereux
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 02:02:30 -0500
From:         MS CHRISTINA L KAMNIKAR <VQRW76A@p.......>
Subject:      Why do you like FK?

Another fun thread to toy with!

>Was it the vampire aspect or the cop shop?

Neither and both. It was the modern feel to it; of vampires in present-day
Toronto, ones who are aware of all the old cliches about themselves, all
the bad movies, all the tired jokes, who are coping and evolving as they
adapt to the world.  They aren't walking around in silly tuxedos (much as I
enjoy DRACULA:The Series, it is irredeemably silly), they make night
baseball and Betty Ford Clinic jokes, and they aren't killing randomly
anymore, since they can drink bottled blood.  They manage night clubs. They
are late-night disc jockeys, and graveyard shift television film editors,
and computer hackers. And cops, yes, who can plea "allergies" and get away
with it.

If it had been only about vampires and their blood drinking, I would have
gotten really bored. If it had been a cop show, well---I might have
watched. I loved "Night Heat", another Canadian cop show. But I wouldn't
have gotten hooked.

The idea of something as metaphysical and fantastical as vampires
coexisting with DNA testing and ballistics is just really appealing.

I don't think I would have gotten as addicted as I did, though, if it
hadn't been for the wonderful, Shakespearean feel some of the actors gave
the old Good vs. Evil conflict. All those flashbacks---and the wonderful
costumes, and the accents, and the idea of the past influencing the
present---filled out the scope, set against the really *normal* humans like
Schanke and Natalie.  And a vampire like Janette! Soooo cool.

In "Last Act", Nick & Janette visit the apartment of recent suicide Erica,
which is obviously the abode of a clinically depressed person; unkempt,
draped in funereal black and cobwebs, dead flowers and abandoned scripts.
Nick is totally shocked and pained that his friend was so unhappy and he
completely missed the signals. Janette gasps. And then she says, "If I had
only known... I would have loaned her my decorator."

        You have to love a series that comes up with stuff like that.

I would have loved to have seen more "non-traditional" flashbacks, like
"Curiouser & Curiouser" and "Stranger Than Fiction".  Something along the
lines of, oh, I don't know... Susan's "Dreaming of the Knight", maybe, with
Natalie the vampire and Nick as a mortal.  Or the ghost of Donald Schanke
coming to see Nick at Christmas (hi Perri!), or even an "It's a Wonderful
Life" for Natalie, showing what her life would have been like if she'd
never met Nick [please steal this idea. I don't have time to write it].
Much as I liked the normal flashbacks, they did get predictable after a
while {Dianne, where's that list of Top Ten Phrases Guaranteed to Give Nick
a Flashback?}.

I am forever grateful to Felicia LeCou, who got me onto an FK chat loop
from the boondocks of Prodigy, and recommended Susan Garrett's fanfic to
me; and I am deeply indebted to Susan's little flyer that she sends out
with her stories, about joining FORKNI-L.  It's the saving grace of this
situation, that at least I can obsess about it with like-minded people,
many of whom I'd never have come in contact with without Internet and
Forever Knight, and who I am now happy to be e-mail pals with and hopefully
close friends at some future date.

Christina       Merc    FoFoD           vqrw76a@p.......
Night Manager of CERK-TO on the limited TV series "Real Life"
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 23:14:50 -0700
From:         Dee Davidson <dmd@a.......>
Subject:      IRC Channel for Last Knight

Hi all!!!

I wanted to pass along that we on Efnet will be putting up a seperate
channel on IRC for Last Knight spoilers. The channel will be called
#fkspoilers, as for when it will be up I have no idea but stop in
#ForeverKnight and someone can let you know if there is anyone there or
not. I will be there tomorrow, no doubt I will probably be needing a
shoulder to cry on because I get to see Last Knight at 3:30am tonight on
KPDX (for you PDX ppl).
The reason we are putting up this channel is because there are a few people
that haven't seen the ep yet and some will not be able to see it for
sometime and would like to surprised but for those who can't wait or need a
shoulder to cry on your are more than welcome, even if you don't your still
Hope to see some of you there.

Dee  * Cousin * Valentine * Diviant * TEDT *
(not to mention a few other choice words)
--IRC Channel repelent and all around pain-in-the-a**  :)
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 02:28:02 -0400
From:         Suzanne Campagna <SuzeCamp@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Why do YOU watch FK?

Why do I watch FK?

I think it was the vampires that first attracted me to FK, but it is the
characters that made me come back.  I tend to watch TV and read books the
same way.  I like to know my characters and what motivates them.(Flashback
are an excellent tool for this.)
I think the writersand the actors and actresses do a great job.   Someone
once asked me about a sitcom..."Would you be friends with these people?"  For
the sit com the answer would be no, but for FK, I would say yes.

I also like that everything is not always black and white.  There is no clear
line between good and evil.  I like Vachon's line "We don't live to kill, we
kill to live."

Oh and one more reason...I have a weakness for bonds.

Dark Knightie/Bunny of the McGregors
Suze Camp@a.......
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 01:57:04 -0500
From:         "[Heather Poinsett]" <HEP2708@a.......>
Subject:      Re: If other authors wrote FK

If Jeff Foxworthy wrote FK--

It would be the Clampetts in Toronto!

LaCroix, of course would be "uncle" Jed always muttering to himself--
"Someday I gotta have a lo-o-ong talk with that boy".
Nick would be Jethro always emptying out Granny's fridge,  Natalie would be
Doctor Granny and will believe that the only cure for vampirism is by fang
extraction.  Granny's fridge would be full of possum blood!  Nick would leave
the force to be a double-not spy (007).
Tracy would be Elly May--

This is what happens when you go for 2 days without sleep, and rent the
Beverly hillbillies!

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 23:51:56 PST
From:         June Russell <Kat@g.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

Susan Garrett asks:
:Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
:watch FK?
:Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?

More vamp than cop.

:Did you want more flashbacks?

Depends on the flashbacks. Some I really like (better than the current day
story), others I wish they'd left out.

:Would you have liked to see historical stories with no current day (or very

Maybe some, but it's really the current day characters and their interaction
that I like and watch for.

:Would you have liked non-historical flashbacks (like C&C or STF)?

Not particularly.

:Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

Oooo, toss up between watching Nat and watching Nick.

:Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
:more than one?

I like Nat and Nick as a couple. I sort of feel like it would be like Beauty
and the Beast without Catherine Chandler if there was no Nat in the series.
In other words: rather flat.

A lot of people miss Janette. However, to me she is his past and Nat is his
future. (I don't think I'd want to watch FK is Nat wasn't there for Nick.)

:Yes, these points may seem moot as we view the final episode, but the novels
:will be coming up.  God only knows what the content will be at this point.
:Or if people will even be interested in reading FK after the last episode
:airs.  But I'm kind of curious.

Tonight is my first opportunity to see LK. I'm very nervous about the whole
thing (which is one of the reasons I'm up at this ungodly hour of the night
when I usually have the reverse sort of sleep pattern.) I think I'm just
going to think of this as one of those cliffhangers where when they go onto
the next episode everything works out just fine and the characters survive
by the skin of their fangs (I mean teeth).

kat (who's feeling kind of small tonight)

Kat ( June Russell )
pacifier.com!grendal!kat    kat@g.......
Heu! Tintinnuntius meus Sonat!
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 03:24:25 -0400
From:         Deborah Sandine <DebSandine@a.......>
Subject:      Re: If FK was written by...(Parker, Charteris)

I have been _very_ impressed and amused by the creativity and wit of many of
the posts on this thread. This is such fun, I can't resist adding my two

If FK was written by Robert Parker,

Nick would be very frank about his feelings for Natalie, the love of his
life, but he would not marry her. He would cook gourmet meals for her, and we
would read in great detail _what_ he is cooking for every meal. We would also
read a lot about his clothing, and more about Nat's. Nat would probably be
 much better dressed than she is on the show.
Nick would kill people a little more often and feel somewhat less guilty
about it. He would talk cryptically to Nat about his flashbacks, using lots
of literary allusions, and quoting Shakespeare frequently. When not solving
crimes, Nick would watch or talk about sports, usually baseball.
LaCroix would be Hawk, an amoral (but educated) thug with no scruples about
killing people, who is however very close to Nick. Vachon would be Vinnie the
mafia guy, who gives Nick tips now and then. Janette would be Susan Lewis (I
think that's her name) the advertising writer that Nick would flirt/sleep
with while Nat is temporarily living in SF, angsting about her relationship
with Nick. Urs would be a victim (nothing new there).

If FK was written by Leslie Charteris (who wrote the Saint series),

Nick would solve crimes and kill bad people anonymously, known to the public
by a cartoon sketch of a Knight. Nick would have an insouciant,
devil-may-care attitude. He would not angst.
Nick would infuriate the police, who would never be able to pin any of his
crimes on him (not that they can now). Schanke would be the police inspector
whom Nick teases incessantly but is actually fond of.
Natalie would be his girlfriend, living without any visible means of support,
whose main plot function is to adore him and occasionally help him out.
Despite the fact that she is his true love, she will fade from the series
after a couple of years, to be replaced by a string of starlets for Nick to
rescue and kiss, one per episode.
LaCroix would probably be an occasionally returning arch-villain, Prince
Marius perhaps. Nick would defeat him, but without killing him off.


"When going to hide, know how to get there. And how to get back. And eat
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 23:39:01 -0800
From:         Muldy Sculler <ffbmh@a.......>
Subject:      Re: IRC Channel for Last Knight

Thank you for having concern for those of us who have yet to see the very
last episode.  I just read someone's painful comments--the entire message
was a spoiler.  However, this guy was in such pain and so angry I was
afraid to point out the spoiler rule.
I, for example, will not see "Last Knight" until Sunday, 19 May, 11:00p.

P.S.  Smiley's next time I come in from the bush the video is in the mail
to you.
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 00:51:05 -0700
From:         "Toni C. Holm" <tch@w.......>
Subject:      Why do YOU watch FK?

"Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......> said: "Why Do YOU Watch FK?"
>Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
watch FK?

        I saw an episode or two of the first season and was intrigued, even
thought I don't care at all about vampires and never have really liked cop
shows. (yes, another one of "those" people) Then I couldn't find it, knew
nothing about the cancellation & "2nd coming".  Then a friend said she'd
been watching this show about a "vampire cop" and I tried to find it.  I
heard about this list and wound up being a regular taper and becoming
frantic when my station moved it about...

        I guess none of that speaks to "why".  OK, Why? -- Because it didn't
"look" like other TV, because it made me laugh and occasionally think,
because there was always fascinating discussion going on about it on this
list and mainly because it wasn't completely predictable and boring like
most TV. Silly at times, but always in a very knowing way, like "yes we know
this is melodramatic as hell, but aren't you enjoying it?"  I enjoyed seeing
all the characters interact and deal with problems, not always in the
expected way.  Basically, humor, unpredictability and some complexity.

>Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop? More copshop than
Equal time to both?

        Neither -- Diane E. said it -- It's about the characters and their
relationships for me. Both the cop & vampire themes are just ways to explore

>Did you want more flashbacks? Less flashbacks? Equal time to flashbacks and
current day?
        The flashbacks are frequently annoying, but also sometimes
illustrative, often amusing.   The annoying part is flashbacks for the sake
of flashbacks.  The fun part - the tongue in cheek references to places and
events. Sometimes very overdone, makes me groan, but often, just like bad
puns, you enjoy them none the less. Best of all when they didn't take
themselves too seriously.

>Would you have liked to see historical stories with no current day (or very
        Probably not, but again, it's about relationships.  If that part
works the show works whether in the flashback or the present day.

>Would you have liked non-historical flashbacks (like C&C or STF)?

        See above

>Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

        This changes so much from season to season.  Season one -- other
than Nick?, Nat probably. I hated Schanke, didn't get him.  Then the more I
watched the more I began to love him and Janette.  Through season two it's
Lacroix, occasionally Janette.  Season three, still Lacroix, but I have to
admit I began to look for Vachon (and occasionally even Skreed).

>Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
more than one?

        Lacroix & Nick.  The crux of the show.

        I echo Melanie, great questions to be asking again at this time,
Susan.  I've loved reading everyone's responses.

                        -Toni   <tch@w.......>
                        "I'll wait in the car..." Ivanova, B5
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 07:33:04 -0230
From:         Jason Ryan <ibe0018@i.......>
Subject:      How long is Last Knight?

        How long is last knight?  Will it be two hours? or one, hope
someone can help.

"La vie pour toujours, ma chere petite"
-Jason Ryan
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 00:56:57 -1000
From:         Kevin Matsumoto <kevinm@p.......>
Subject:      Apologies

Folks, I humbly apologize for the remark I made in my response to the
"Why do you watch FK" thread.  I have been informed by the listmistress
that my remarks could be construed as spoilers and were therefore
I have no excuse other than it has been a real lousy week.  I was totally
bummed and took it out by venting some of my frustration in writing.

I am truly sorry about that.

"Remember, You're the Brain, I'm the Brawn"   :Detective Bobbie Mann
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Kevinm@p.......   A Nick&NatPacker with Cousinly tendencies :=)
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 07:40:34 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      Why I watch FK--short and sweet

I thought it was going to be cheezy at first; I was very skeptical.  The
idea was unique though, and I was attracted to watching it (give it a
chance).  I was hooked.  I like it mainly for its philosophical/religious
undertones.  A show that deals with the meaning of life.  Deep.

I love the flashbacks.  They explain so much, and they are often very well
done.  Very literary, in my opinion. (Having a MD in English, this appeals
to me).

I don't give a darn about history.  As long as the flashbacks elucidate
on the characters, I could care less.  I love character development--its
my favorite aspect of any genre ( I love Lacroix and Nick's complexities).

I watch 1) for Nick 2) for Lacroix.  I can identify with both--Nick's heart,
Lacroix' mind.

The only relationship I care about is Lacroix and Nick's.  I'm not into
soap operas.  In fact, I hate them.  If ya read any fanfic of mine, you'll
discover that I am true to my word (low desciption, high characterization,
high philosophy, relationships based on character development and personal
philsophies as opposed to love-n-such).
Date:         Fri, 17 May 1996 06:08:17 -0700
From:         Jackie <ejdjd@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

At 06:20 PM 5/16/96 -0400, Susan Garrett wrote:
>Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
>watch FK?

        I started watching FK waaaaay back when, Crimetime After Primetime,
and truly enjoyed the historic flashbacks and the fact that the show's
writer's seemed to be not only more intelligent than the average show writer
(apologies to any on the list!) but that they gave the viewer credit for
intelligence also.  Familiarity with arcane events, great moments in history
and some really snide asides from the characters added to the show's appeal.
Each show seemed to contain references to literature, historical incidents,
music, and art that just weren't available in other programs.  All this,
plus the fact that the actors seemed to enjoy themselves on the show - they
weren't just mouthing lines.

           I'm not big on cop shows and have never been a vampire fan - I
always flashed onto George Hamilton's Dracula whenever anyone mentioned
vampires!  But FK touched a chord and it wasn't the particular actors
involved, it was the ideas presented behind each show. Janette was a
fascinating creation and I do wish that she had been showcased much more
than she ever was.

           When I was in Toronto last year for the CNE, I searched all the
cult stores and T-shirt shops for references to the show.  I only found 1
dealer who had a few T-Shirts and some plastic cups.  Even in Toronto, there
didn't seem to be much interest in the show.

           After searching for the show when it disappeared, calling the
various local stations when it *did* appear to thank them, and watching the
one episode that seemed to be shown every Tuesday at 1:00 AM (1966) until I
could recite the lines along with the characters, my husband took pity on me
and searched the Web for references to Forever Knight.  Imagine my glee when
he found all sorts of web sites, news groups and lists for me!

        I have to confess, however, that once I found the lists, my interest
in Forever Knight was compounded.  I'd only known one other person (a man in
Texas who was a staunch Janette fan and me in NY) who even knew of the show
and to find others that were aware FK existed was a vicarious thrill.   The
lists are what have kept my interest in Forever Knight going; that, and
actually meeting some of the great people who submit posts.

        Sooooo, where does that leave me after Last Knight?  I am not really
sure - I have seen all the episodes and can still remember them (with the
help of Jasmine's episode guide).  Frankly, I'm not sure what my reactions
will be after Saturday - right now, I am in a sort of mourning period for
what could have been but never was.  It was the writing on the shows that
got me hooked in the first place and I will miss that!


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