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Logfile LOG9605C Part 9

May 16, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605C" Part 9

	Off-topic post in a way
	Another Song Challenge  (2)
	If other authors wrote FK
	Nigel Bennett/Con Memories
	If someone else wrote FK...
	Birthdays and FAQs
	IRC Channel
	Fk  as stand-up comics
	Boston LK gathering now definite!
	If someone  else wrote FK
	FK Characters as Stand-ups
	Canadian Tape Tree?
	What if "?" was the author of FK
	other writers
	If other authors wrote FK  (3)
	What if ? was the author
	What if ? wrote...
	If other authors wrote FK game....
	A Means to an End
	Why Do YOU Watch FK?  (2)
	Francesca-WKBW-TV - no spoilers
	If FK was written by someone else

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 13:01:48 -0300
From:         Stapleton <d7ux@u.......>
Subject:      Off-topic post in a way

This does regard Cath Disher, but in a different program. I was wondering
if anybody has a complete listing of War Of The Worlds episode guide.
I've only got the name for three. WotW is currently airing on the Canadian
SHOWCASE channel on Saturday evenings.

May 11th  -  The Last Supper
May 18th  -  My Soul To Keep
May 25th  -  Vengence is Mine

I would like to know where they are in the first season, so I know when
the second season will start. I've heard from a number of people that the
second season isn't as good as the first, but I'd like to find out for
myself, and any opportunity to see Cath in another role is interesting
[especially since its so different from Nat], and Adrian Paul is another
plus. :-)

Lynn Stapleton
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 12:24:52 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      Another Song Challenge

I've got Lacroix for you

At Home (with a "special lady") Enigma

The Raven: Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus's "Bella Lagossi's (mssp) Dead"
any other tunes from the pre-industrial gothic era in music

In a car: Lacroix doesn't use a car; he flies.  However, should he ever
drive one, I bet he would listen to tapes of his own monologues and think
about how absolutely brilliant and above everyone else he is

Don't kill me Cousins!  I'm one of you!
A Dark Knightie in disguise
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 11:47:18 -0500
From:         michael wayne jackson <mjay@n.......>
Subject:      Re: If other authors wrote FK

>On Thu, 16 May 1996, Nathanial Cook wrote:
>> LaCroix enters his neat little house, and strips off his black togs, changing
>> into a fuzzy yellow sweater and sneakers.

The image of LC in a sweater, sneakers, and no pants just won't leave my mind.

michael wayne jackson -- mjay@n.......
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 12:58:10 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      Another song challenge

P.S.  My guess is that Nick would listen to The Smiths and Morrissey all
the time, since both seem to experiencethe same amount of angst
"Last night I dreamt, that somebody loved me," sings Nick.
"I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I'm
miserable now
I was looking for a job and then I found a job, and heaven knows I'm
miserable now
Why do I spend valuable time with people I'd much rather hit in
the eye..."
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 13:02:38 -0500
From:         Annmarie McKee- Fitzgerald <mickey@c.......>
Subject:      Nigel Bennett/Con Memories

Susan was absolutely right! Garrett could have powered Baltimore Saturday
night and probably Sunday too, he's still flying from this!

I want to publicly thank Nigel Bennett and let you all know what a wonderful
man Nigel Bennett is. I had never had the pleasure of meeting him in person
before, although I had heard from many of you what a delight he was, how
intelligent he was and what a delicious sense of humor he possessed.
Well, you were all correct and then some!

At Garrett's little party, Nigel was waiting in the suite when we entered,
he didn't realize that this was a surprise, upon me telling him , he
strategically placed himself in front of the Garrett's line of vision of the
cake until he was able to ask one of the Con workers to hide it. While he
was doing this, he kept Garrett busy by engaging him and Toni and I in
conversation. Next thing I knew, the cake had disappeared!

When Peter Wingfield came into the room, he too, was told that it was a
surprise and then we all turned to look at Garrett, who was now looking very
confused and we told him that he wasn't there to sit in on a radio interview
between Toni Holm and Nigel, but that this was a party for his birthday! I
can honestly say, I have never seen this child speechless before. It was great!

Nigel, of all people, went and got the cake and brought it over to Garrett
and attempted to bring him back to reality. And then he and Pete and the Con
helpers all sang Garrett, Happy Birthday!
It was really a remarkable sight. Many people, myself included, remarked
that Nigel "was a father" and therefore understood how a child would react
and how to treat them. But, sadly that isn't always true, siring a child
does not always mean that you know how to behave like a father. Garrett's
father, instead, chose to abuse his child by getting drunk and throwing him
up against a wall and then hitting him further.And now, Garrett no longer
sees him. So, it can not always be said that just because a man has children
he knows how to treat them. But, Nigel did. He was kind and never seemed to
stop smiling and appeared to really enjoy himself.
Okay, I know that we all know he's a great actor, but he genuinely seemed
pleased! And what a thrill Garrett got the next day when at the Q&A Nigel
addressed him by name when he went up to ask about his X-Men roles.

For any parent, I think it can be said that anyone who does a kindness
towards their child, receives their undying gratitude and Nigel Bennett and
Peter Wingfield and Sandi Hutchinson, the gal who put this all together and
Toni Holm, who graciously stood by and took pictures (which are
outstanding!),and the many Con workers who worked very hard to bring this
about, have my undying gratitude. They are truly wonderful people.

 God Bless you all!

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 12:24:15 CDT
From:         Bruce Rawitch <brucer@i.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone else wrote FK...

Jamie M.R. spaketh

If FK was written by Robert Heinlein, we would get technical explanations
of the whys and wherefores of vampirism, and there would be amazing
continuity -- Nick and Nat would be 'getting some', not only with each
other but with most of the other characters in the book -- at least one
major character would be a flaming redhead -- and the events of FK series
canon AND of the FKFIC-L wars would be occurring simultaneously, and in the
same book.

Having just reread R.A.H's last 'real' book "To Sail Beyond the Sunset", if
Heinlein wrote it, all of the above would be true, but Lacroix would have
really had the hots for Divia the whole time, and her returning to modern
times would have allowed them to pursue there, uh, respective desires....
(Ya know, R.A.H., may he rest in peace, turned into a real kink in his later

\                                           \           _         ______ |
 \  Life's a bitch, then you die.            \        /   \___-=O`/|O`/__|
  \ Then they throw dirt in your face,        \_______\          / | /    )
  / Then the worms eat you.....               /        `/-==__ _/__|/__=-|
 /  Be Thankful it happens in that order.    /         *             \ | |
/___________________________________________/                        (o)
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 14:13:14 -0400
From:         Frederic Ferland <mrhappy@m.......>
Subject:      Birthdays and FAQs


Yet another clarification for my address book...  Yesterday, I asked you to
tell me your date of birth when sending in an entry.  Don't worry, I don't
want the *year*, only the month and day! :)  That way, your big secret won't
be given away...

Does anyone know what FK FAQs are available on the Web?  I need complete
URLs, not the FAQs themselves.  Also, does anyone know the address of the
page where Jamie has all the list rules listed?


Frederic Ferland                   |
mrhappy@m.......                    | Always remember you're unique,
http://mtl.net/solidarite/mrhappy  |          just like everyone else...
NatPacker & Perkulator (!)         |
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 12:18:36 -0600
From:         Dirk Giles <dpgiles@n.......>
Subject:      IRC Channel

Is the IRC Forever Knight discussion going to be a scheduled event, or
will this happen on a regular basis.  I stopped by last night after 6pm
MDT and no one was there?

P.S. If anyone using AOL wants to do IRC chats and doesn't know how, ask

Socrates - Proud Member of the Gulf War Ravens
IRC Nick = So-Krates
(Dirk Giles - dpgiles@n.......)
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 14:18:00 -0400
From:         A McLaughlin <Iremi@a.......>
Subject:      Fk  as stand-up comics

The Bronte entry of the If other authors wrote Fk reminds me of a second city
bit where they had C. Bronte as a stand up comic (cough,cough) " I went to my
doctor and he said 'I believe you are consumptive' I said I wanted another
opinion. 'Ok you write very deary novels too'. " ( cough, cough)
What would kind of Stand up comics would our dear FK characters make, I

Nick would, of course, talk about his angst filled past ala Woody Allen .
LaCroix would insult the audience with sharp repartee in a cross between Don
Rickles and Dennis Miller. Natalie would engage in horrible punning.

Oh I'm no good at this, YOU try it....
A Mc
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 14:43:29 EDT
From:         Lynne Levine <llevine@m.......>
Subject:      Boston LK gathering now definite!

It looks like I'll be able to get a tape of LK (thanks, Laurie!) so
my LK gathering is on.  My apologies for conflicting with the RI party --
there's really no way I can reschedule (I tried), it's really not
feasible for me to make it to RI and I don't want to watch LK alone so...

Anyone interested in attending a party in Cambridge, MA, Saturday evening,
please contact me a.s.a.p. for details (off list, please!)

Lynne Levine
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 12:42:22 -0700
From:         Raissa Devereux <1595@e.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone  else wrote FK

Hi all,
Here's my .02. If Disney wrote FK:

Once upon a time a handsome knight named Nicholas rode a tour through
Wales. A mystic harpist beheld him, and he inspired her song. The singer
tried in vain to gain the fair knight's love, but he didn't know she
existed. The singer became so enraged at Nicholas' brickish slight that
she transformed him into a creature of the night, doomed never to love
without bringing death to the object of his desire. Nicholas would spend
eternity feeling the pangs of unrequited love that the singer felt toward him.
He would only become mortal again if he learned not to take love freely
given by a mortal woman for granted.

But Nicholas believed that breaking the spell would be too difficult. He
was a bloodsucking monster now unworthy of a beautiful mortal's love....

800 years have passed, and Nicholas is now living in an enchanted loft in
Toronto. It is enchanted, because of the singer's magic harp. He had
stolen the harp from her burial sight 20 years after she laid the curse
upon him. He wanted a rememberance of hers with which he could torture

Despite the curse the singer laid upon Nicholas, however, enough of her
love for him was magically stored in the harp to tansform his
surroundings. Every evening Nicholas would sit at his piano and play the
Moonlight Sonata, which he had written while most depressed. While he
played, Nicholas would become so maudlin that the candelaberas atop his
piano would weep uncontrollably. The weeping caused them to flicker and go
out. This would invariably anger Nicholas, for he always demanded decent
mood lighting when he wallowed in self pity. It was always at this point
that a particular Belgian candelabera would chastise the others for
becoming so carried away and endeavor to lighten Nicholas' mood. He nearly
always failed, and when he did, Nicholas would leave the piano for his
favorite chair. Poirot, for that was the candelabera's name, would then
shake his head and continue his attempts to seduce the Parisian feather
duster, whose name was Janette. In the meantime, Nicholas would sit back
with a melancholy sigh and put his feet upon Raleigh, his vampire dog turned
foot stool.

Things would have continued on in this way indefinitely if Nicholas had
not stepped on that pipe bomb and wound up in the morgue attended by the
doll-like Dr. Natalie Lambert. Natalie agreed to help Nicholas find a
physical cure, for he mistakenly thought that some elixer in a glass would
solve his problems. For six years Nicholas took Natalie's obvious love for
him for granted, and so he did not regain his mortality.

It was only when the coniving, evil Roger became a rival for Natalie's
affections that Nicholas began to see the light. Before Nicholas could act
on his feelings, however, the evil Roger confronted Nicholas with his
knowledge of vampires and staked our fair knight. Dying in his beloved
Natalie's arms, Nicholas finally admitted that he loved her. He also accepted
the love Natalie freely returned by removing the stake and shedding a few
drops of her precious blood to revive him.

Suddenly the singer's enchanted harp played of its own accord, and
Nicholas opened his eyes to behold the light of the rising sun in
Natalie's hair.

                                THE END

Raissa Devereux
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 15:29:14 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      FK Characters as Stand-ups

I think Lacroix would cross  the compound/complex sentence
structures  of Dennis Miller with the biting political anti-religious
sentiments of the NOW DEAD Bill Hicks.
"God is dead"--Nietsche
"Nietsche is dead"--God
The knightly cousine
I'll get you my pretty, and your little vampire too!
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 12:40:48 -0700
From:         "B. Janine Morison" <morison@a.......>
Subject:      Canadian Tape Tree?


 I'm not really sure how the tape tree works, but I am in search of
 a complete Canadian 1st season.  Is there someone out there with
 a good (not overly fuzzy) set of 1st seaon Ca tapes that I can
 send some tapes with return postage for dubs?


Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 15:46:46 -0600
From:         "Scott, Victoria D." <vscott@s.......>
Subject:      What if "?" was the author of FK

I love this thread.  I got some help on a few of these.

Victor Hugo:
Nick flies over a building, chasing a suspect.  Hugo then spends half of the
show going into  the history of everyone that has lived in  the building and
how miserable their lives were.

Ed McBain:
It would not change too much except,  there would be a lot of talk about
what it is like to be a cop and we would get to see them fill out all the
police forms.

Tom Clancy:
Nick preys exclusively off of Bastard Communist Cows.

John Irving:
Nick's partner is a lesbian dwarf hemophiliac.  They work in Vienna.
  Lacroix is a cross dresser who has been training a bear to kill

Emily Post:
The episode would consist of Nick writing thank you notes and paying social
calls well groomed and well dressed.

Woody Allen:
Nick would really get to angst and everyone would dress in oversized

We're working on more

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 15:03:39 +0200
From:         katrinka <STUKENDALCA@m.......>
Subject:      Re: other writers

if fred saberhagen wrote forever knight, LaCroix would be the good guy
that simply had bad press, and Nick would be an insane fanatic that was
trying to kill him. Also, LaCroix would be following Nat's family helping
them along the way, the way a good uncle should.
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 15:22:08 CDT
From:         Bruce Rawitch <brucer@i.......>
Subject:      Re: If other authors wrote FK

> It's Mister Nightcrawler's Neighborhood!
> LaCroix enters his neat little house, and strips off his black togs, changing
> into a fuzzy yellow sweater and sneakers.

"Can you say 'Lacroix'? I knew you couldn't!"

"Now, you little girl-you're name is tracy? that's special.  Can you say
'Javier'?  What? you can't?  Well, Mister Nightcrawler has a special punishment
 for you then.. come over and meet mister fangs...

This "if other authors" thread is the most fun I've seen on this list in a
while-several have made me LOL.

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 \         If a Cow laughs,                  \        /   \___-=O`/|O`/__|
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 /                                           /         *             \ | |
/___________________________________________/                        (o)
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 16:12:22 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      What if ? was the author

I'm burning up the cyberwaves today.  Hope the list mommy doesn't hate me.
WHAT IF...William Borroughs wrote FK?  Nick would be a dirty cop; Nat
would be a forenzic psychologist prostitute, and when she tried to use
her instruments to solve a crime, they would talk to her, and then
transform into phallus objects which would...
Meanwhile, Lacroix would bethis human/bug thing that likes to kill
gay male vampires, Vachon would be one of his victims.  Tracy would
be an addict to the bug spray which slowly transforms humans into
bugs...like Lacroix.
Nick would later wake up, and swear off acid for the rest of eternity.

Henry Miller you ask?  Simple.  Tracy and Nat would be lesbian lovers
and Nick would have to rival Tracy for Nat's affection.  But Nat would
be a loose, sinister woman who picked up men and women at bars to take
them home with her.

IF Edgar Allen Poe wrote FK?  Nick would lie on a platform with a Pendulum
threatening to cut him in half (a predicament Lacroix placed him in).
Meanwhile, for revenge Vachon would be building a wall over Lacroix in
the "Wine-Cellar" for him to rot there, starving for eternity.  Tracy
would find Nat's eye really bothersome and so kill her and bury her heart,
but would later dig it up and offer to Nick since he wouldn't have one
after the pendulum cut him in half.
If Samuel Cooleridge wrote FK?  Very similiar strange circumstances
as Henry Miller, except Nick would wake up and swear off the Morphine
for eternity.
If Virginia Woolf wrote FK?  There would only be one character--Natalie--
and Woolf would explore her struggles to achieve acknowledgement and
independence in a world of men...
at the end of which Natalie would kill herself for being unsuccessful.

Ever noticed I got a fascination for the unusual?
Your knightly cousine
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 16:31:50 -0500
From:         Kelly Beranger <lorsque@e.......>
Subject:      What if ? wrote...

Because I have little life this week I have compiled a huge file full of
these posts.  It is in no particular order because I do have somewhat of a
life.  Anyway I plan to get to organizing it sometime.  Suggestions
welcome.  The URL is http://expert.cc.purdue.edu/~lorsque/fk.html/elsefk.

      lorsque@e.......   http://expert.cc.purdue.edu/~lorsque
   Dr Who/ST:TNG/DS9/Due South/FK Fan **  Manager SS Voyager WWW pages
"I won't disturb you with the details because they would..." -Ford Prefect
             Douglas Adam's LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 14:39:56 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      Re: If other authors wrote FK game....

If J. Michael Straczynski wrote/had anything to do w/FK...

We'de be relishing the last few eps of the third season, comforted in the
(near certain) knowledge of two more seasons to come!  (What a concept!)

--Sorry.  Just took a bitter pill. (I'm in the middle of reading the
  sysnopsis for this week's B5 ep (my OTHER fav show)... & it sunk in...

p.s. Are there any LK parties in the Balto/DC/VA/MD mid-Atlantic area?
Must I watch this alone???  Any mid-Atlantians out there?  I know this
is last-minute... but I'm beginning to panic....  My apt simply cannot
hold public right now (just moved), but I have fresh video tape &
chocolate for bribing...

Mental chocolate to all.  The other authors have been precious!
Now, I'll return myself to my regularly optimistic position...

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 17:46:49 -0400
From:         "Gary M. Miller" <pbreilly@p.......>
Subject:      Re: If other authors wrote FK

Let's see, shall we?

If Peter David (self-proclaimed writer of stuff) wrote Forever Knight...

Nick (now calling himself "Nicholas Banner") would finally be at rest with
his life, married to Natalie who keeps his secret that he's a vampire, when
he'd remember all the childhood trauma in his life (way back in the 1200's,
ladies and gentlemen!) and this, coupled with the evil LaCroix's influence,
would make him go to see a shrink (whom he'd confide in) who would tell him
that he was suffering from a multiple personality disorder all these years,
the catalyst for all this being when he was brought across.  One part of him
wants to drink blood, blah blah blah, and another part of him wants to be
cured.  Another part of him is like an angry child, just wanting to be left
alone, another is a teenage-like personality, who wants nothing but
pleasure.  Finally balance is achieved through psychotherapy, but every once
in a while Nick would regress and have flashbacks to when he lived the
lifestyle of one of the personalities.  Eventually he is drawn into the
future and shown the future version of himself, a vampire calling himself
Nicholas Maestro, who rules in a post-apocalyptic society called Dystopia.
Nick has outlived everyone and everything that was dear to him and has
turned evil.  He'd spend the entire run of the series trying to come up with
a way to cure himself and thus never become the future self he has seen.

Anyone who gets this, applaud thyself...

Ugh.  I think I like the Snoopy one better...

But, wait.... what if Nick wrote Forever Knight? ;)

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 18:14:12 EDT
From:         Ian Curtis <102425.1537@c.......>
Subject:      A Means to an End

        I've been on the list for the better part of a month and a half, not
nearly as long as people like Dotti, Jamie M R, Lisa McDavid and others, but
long enough to enjoy the list itself.  the one thing that I find that surprises
me is that a great deal of the list is acting like the arrival of "Last Knight"
is the apocalypse.  I have been watching Forever Knight since it first started,
in very odd time slots, and I have seen countless excellent shows fall through
for some ridiculous reason.  one big example is "My So Called Life".  I consider
this show to be quite possibly the most accurate portrayal of "Real" life ever
put to screen.  Not just because of the accurate dialogue of the Teenagers, but
the adults as well.  It was an excellent show, and now its over.  wrong.  The
ongoing Television series of Forever Knight may be ending, but the story of
Forever Knight is not.  for every aired episode there are countless Fan Fic
stories and takeoffs.  To me, the collective television episodes are nothing
more than a few chapters in a book the size of  "War and Peace", the rest is up
our Imagination.  If that brings us to write stories about it, Dream about it,
see similarities in real life, the story continues.  I don't know about the
rest of you, but for me the story is far from over, its barely even begun.   As
cliched as it may sound, for every story told, there are a million that are
little more than dreams.  I personaly still want to hear more stories, more
strange dreams, and always more "YKYBWTMFKW".  Keep it coming folks.

        October knew, of course, that the action of turning a page, of ending a
chapter or of shutting a book, did not end a tale.
        Having admitted that, he would also avow that happy endings were never
difficult to find: "It is simply a matter," he explained to April, "of finding
a sunny place in a garden, where the light is golden and the grass is soft;
somewhere to rest, to stop reading, and to be content."
        -- from "The Man Who Was October" by G.K. Chesterton/Library of Dreams

        -- Ian Curtis
        Malkavian Monitor of Toronto
        "And the joke is, by the time we do find Neverland, we'll all be to
damn old and cynical to enjoy it."
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 18:20:58 -0400
From:         "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject:      Why Do YOU Watch FK?

Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
watch FK?

Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?
More copshop than vampire?
Equal time to both?

Did you want more flashbacks?
Less flashbacks?
Equal time to flashbacks and current day?

Would you have liked to see historical stories with no current day (or very
Would you have liked non-historical flashbacks (like C&C or STF)?

Did you watch for one character in particular and which one?

Did you watch for one relationship pair in particular and which one?  Or
more than one?

Yes, these points may seem moot as we view the final episode, but the novels
will be coming up.  God only knows what the content will be at this point.
Or if people will even be interested in reading FK after the last episode
airs.  But I'm kind of curious.

And just to be fair, I'll answer--

I watched for cop and vamp equally (there are lots of cop things and lots of
vamp thing, but few of the two combined).  I would have liked more things
other than regular historical flashbacks, but I don't think there's a
flashback I'd toss.  I would have liked to have seen a straight historical
adventure.  I liked all the characters (the best parts about them, anyway)
and I won't hide the fact that Janette used to be my favorite but I tried
(and will continue to try) to give them equal time when writing.  I liked
the relationship triangles set up in the first two seasons and was only
beginning to get into the hang of this season when everything went to hell
in a hand-basket, so it's not what they do or who they do it to, but HOW
they do it that will make me nuts.

Anyone else?

susang@v.......  -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
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Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 15:16:22 -0800
From:         John Soo-Hoo <galahad!jsoohoo@n.......>
Subject:      Re: If other authors wrote FK

>> It's Mister Nightcrawler's Neighborhood!
>> LaCroix enters his neat little house, and strips off his black togs, changing
>> into a fuzzy yellow sweater and sneakers.

>"Can you say 'Lacroix'? I knew you couldn't!"
>"Now, you little girl-you're name is tracy? that's special.  Can you say
>'Javier'?  What? you can't?  Well, Mister Nightcrawler has a special punishment
>for you then.. come over and meet mister fangs...

Please, you making him look like a child molester!

Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 22:46:06 GMT
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@n.......>
Subject:      SIG & QUOTE PATROL

Yo!  Lissen up!

Sigs:  Five Lines Only!  Including all text, symbols, blank lines,
everything.  THIS MEANS YOU!

Quoting previous posts:  Only Four Lines At A Time!  Paraphrase if
necessary.  THIS MEANS YOU, TOO!

And to whoever wanted the URL of the list rules:  see my sig.

I had an ObFK for this post (related to If Someone Else Was Writing FK) but
just realized it's a spoiler, so... never mind.

- Jamie M.R. <immajer@n.......> -
- Asst. Listowner, FORKNI-L -
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List Rules - http://cac.psu.edu/~jap8/FK/FKRules.html
Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 18:15:44 -0500
From:         MS LYNNE R ACKERMAN <GNBV32C@p.......>
Subject:      Francesca-WKBW-TV - no spoilers

For everyone in the Toronto/Hamilton/Buffalo area who's >still< angry
over what happened to the broadcast of "Francesca" on WKBW, I finally
got an answer of sorts from the station.

The problem, they admitted, was "human error" on the part of WKBW
itself.  They apparently use the same tape each week to record the
show off the satellite feed, recording over the previous week's
program, and some operator ended up recording only the first half of
"Francesca", which left the last half of the tape with "Jane Doe"
still on it.  The program director said this had never happened at
their station before, and that the offending operator had been
"properly disciplined".

I asked when Francesca would be re-shown, and they couldn't tell me
because, they said, they have no control over what they get from the
syndicator.  And their schedule only showed what they'd be getting up
until the middle of June.  They'll start with parts 1 and 2 of Black
Buddha (as two episodes), then Outside the Lines and Blackwing.
They'll be running the show until the end of August.

Doing some quick math in my head (not the easiest thing for me this
early in the morning <g>!) I said that would mean that they were only
running the show for another 14 or so weeks...and yet there were 22
episodes.  So which episodes >wouldn't< they run?  How could we be
sure Francesca was one of the ones that >would<?  The programming
director assured me that she'd seen the syndication schedule (totally
contradicting what she'd just told me earlier, but anyways......) and
that Francesca would definitely be rerun.  Well, just in case it
isn't, I said, is there some way you can contact the syndicator and
have them send you that episode >for sure<, even if it means
substituting it for one that they're sending to everyone else.  The
program director thought she >might< be able to do that (and sounding
like it hadn't occurred to her previously to think of that), and I
asked her to contact me when she knew the date Francesca would air.
She said she was putting my phone number into the computer, and
whenever they found out when that episode was going to air (she even
asked me for the number of the program - and was >amazed< when I knew
it <g>), she said she'd personally give me a call.

I also asked her if there was an extra hour they had somewhere in
their schedule where she could stick Francesca and show it for us.
She said their schedule was totally taken up with their regular
programming and paid programming, and there really wasn't anyplace for
her to put the extra hour of FK.  She said that had been her first
thought, but it just hadn't worked out.  I told her I had a >very
long< list of programs that she could cancel one hour of to show FK,
and when she finished laughing she said that that might be true for
me, but wouldn't sit too well with fans of the show that got
cancelled.  Besides, she said, FK's ratings were very low, it wasn't a
very popular program (even though the fans it did have were "very
loyal and dedicated") and that's why it got cancelled.  Okay, let's
just say I took exception to her reaction as to why the show got
cancelled - and we ended up having quite a "lively" discussion about
it.  I think I opened her eyes to a few new ideas <g>.

Bottom line:  she'll contact me when Francesca will air again (and
I'll post it to the list), but my guess would be it'll be around the
middle of August, since they seem to be going to run the episodes in
order, just dropping certain ones.  And since Francesca-Ashes To
Ashes-Last Knight seem to form a sort of trilogy, I'm assuming the
syndicator will definitely show the last three episodes...together...
at any rate.

A message from Lynne Ackerman in Toronto (or, as we like to call it,
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address) or be028@t.......
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Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 12:52:59 -1000
From:         Kevin Matsumoto <kevinm@p.......>
Subject:      Re: Why Do YOU Watch FK?

>Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now.  So why did you
>watch FK?
I watch it because I loved the concept of a Vampire cop trying to become mortal,
seeking redemption.  I still prefer the second season to the last.  But I liked
all the charecters.  My real gripe is not that it is ending but ,like you, how
they are ending it.  The ending I have heard about is kinda like if in the
X-files the last episode for the series, Scully turned out to be working for the
Conspiracy all along and she was in on it just to burn Mulder.

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Date:         Thu, 16 May 1996 15:58:45 -0700
From:         [Name removed by request]
Subject:      If FK was written by someone else

This is an attempt at humour brought to you by [Name removed by request] :)

If FK were written by John D. Fitzgerald ("The Great Brain"):

   Nick, or N.D., and his little partner Tracy (T.D.) would have a book-load
of adventures, solving mysteries, swindling the neighborhood vampires out of
blood, and causing their parents, LaCroix and Nat, pages of grief. Schanke
(S.D.) would be their older and down-to-earth brother who nevers falls for
N.D.'s stunts. The neighborhood vampires would include Vachon, Janette,
Alma, Urs, and the rest of the gang, and N.D. would be able to beat them all
in a fight. :)

If FK were written by John Bellairs ("The House with the Clock in its Walls"):

   Schanke would live with his Uncle Lacroix in an old mansion that once
belonged to an evil magician and his wife Divia. In the story, Divia
mysteriously comes back to life when someone breaks the seal on her tomb,
releasing her and giving her the chance to take revenge on LC. Ms. Lambert,
LC's cookey, purple loving neighbor would help LC and Schank fight Divia
using her powerful medical powers (she got a PhD in med, you know). Shanke,
at the end of the book, will have made a knew friend, Nick, and the two
would share adventures in future stories.

If FK were written by Donald J. Sobol:

   Nick would be a kid detective nicknamed Encyclopedia Brabant. He and his
close tom-boyish friend, Nat, would fight crime and solve mysteries in their
town of Torontaville. Nick's dad would be Sheriff Don Schanke and his mom,
Myra. The town bully, LC Meany, would continuously try to frame Nick, while
the rest of the town vamps turn to Nick for help.

If FK were written by Richard Adams:

   The entire cast would be made up of rabbits, and the script would be 475
pages long. (:^P

[Name removed by request]
"Ssshheeeut uuuupp." -Eve #? (The X-files)

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