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Logfile LOG9605C Part 3

May 14-May 15, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605C" Part 3

	JK on Home Improvement
	Starlog #228 (Anniversary Issue)
	This list is going down (was: If someone annoys you)  (2)
	Musing on perspective (Was: What happened after I went nomail)
	Last Ditch Save Forever Knight Suggestions? =)  (3)
	FK game and Photo Album update
	Deadly Harvest (was Re: Nigel writing?????)
	Toronto LK party theme
	FK's Score
	GWD Upcoming Roles
	New Game: If FK was written by other authors...  (4)
	If someone else wrote FK...  (6)
	its me again
	What happened after I went nomail
	No Subject
	ADMIN: List Web Pages.  (2)
	Chocolate Pizza
	Blood & Donuts/many replies
	FKFIC WANTED / FK/Knight Rider

Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 20:58:09 +6
From:         Don Fasig <phase3@g.......>
Subject:      JK on Home Improvement

Imagine my surprise when watching Home Improvement tonight and who should
walk on but John Kapelos as Sammy the home security specialist.

Just a walk on, but it was fun.

Don Fasig     ---,-<@
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 22:04:04 -0400
From:         Carrie Krumtum <CKrumtum@g.......>
Subject:      The REAL FK

        "What is REAL?" asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying  side by
side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room.  "Does it mean
having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?"
        "Real isn't how you are made, " said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that
happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play
with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real."
        "Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit.
        "Sometimes, " said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful.
"When you are Real you don't mind being hurt."
        "Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked,
"or bit by bit?"
        "It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become.
It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't often happen to people who
break  easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept.
Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off,
and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But
these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be
ugly, except to people who don't understand."
        "I suppose you are Real?" said the Rabbit. And then he wished he
had not said it, for he thought the Skin Horse might be sensitive.
But the Skin Horse only smiled.
        "The Boy's Uncle made me Real," he said. "That was a great many
years ago; but once you are Real you can't become unreal again. It
lasts for always."
        The Rabbit sighed. He thought it would be a long time before this
magic called Real happened to him. He longed to become Real, to know
what it felt like; and yet the idea of growing shabby and losing his
eyes and whiskers was rather sad. He wished that he could become it
without these uncomfortable things happening to him.

                                                The Velveteen Rabbit

You guys know that this is one of my favorite passages in ALL of literature.

We, the fans of FK, who love and charish the show, it's characters, it's
universe, the way it makes us feel, have made this show REAL.

Unfortunately, becoming REAL is a painful process. So is growth. The list is
just full of people all in differing stages of emotional growth with the
ending of the original series eps. The list will live on...just in a
different light. The warm light of familiarity. We too will be here with each
other, discussing things in that warm light. Uncomfortable things will happen
to us along the way. Life is like that. The list is like that.

The real thing that will sustain the list is the love we have for the show,
the moral of the story, the friendships we've developed, the ideas we have
and will share. No matter how bad it gets, those are the things that will

I do not believe the list is dying. I think it is evolving. And evolution is
a process where something is lost while another is attained. We lose the
giddy feelings of anticipating something new (at least until the novels are
released) and become more familiar with what we already have. And what we
have, my dear friends, is wonderful and unique. Things that are wonderful and
unique have a way of magic about them. Just like the Velveteen Rabbit. They
become REAL and take on a live of their own.

I, for one, plan on being here and watching it happen. Those 'old timers' on
the list have become voices of wisdom to me, much like the Skin Horse,
covered with battle scars, but, willing to help me survive my own wounds.
Growth inflicts wounds. I always will.


Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 22:16:31 -0400
From:         "Lisa P." <LadysAVamp@a.......>
Subject:      Starlog #228 (Anniversary Issue)

Hi gang,

This is another one of those "I hate to do this but..."

I live in Massachuetts and I am trying to find the anniversay issue (I think
it's #228) for Starlog.  I've called around to different book stores, but so
far no one carries it.  When I called Evergreen Books and asked the woman if
they carried Starlog, she said:  "Starlog??!!!  NO, we do NOT carry it"  Was
it something I said?  Sheesh.

Anyway, if someone lives in MA around the Framingham area, please let me know
where I can pick up this issue.

Eternally grateful,

Lisa P.

p.s.  (with me there always seems to be)  This IS FK related :)
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 21:20:13 -0500
From:         Jacqueline Kiffe <jkiffe@c.......>
Subject:      Re: This list is going down (was: If someone annoys you)

At 06:45 PM 5/14/96 -0400, Frederic Ferland wrote:

>I think this list is dying.  There was a lot more life here when I first
>arrived than there is now.  People are starting to quarrel, and that's not
>something good.  Also, I think that a lot of interest has been lost.  I've
>posted a new idea a few days ago (the FORKNI-L photo album) and I've only
>received ONE answer to that post (Thanks a lot to that person, you know who
>you are).  I guess I'll have to forget that idea.  That's too bad, it could
>have been fun (and useful too.  The album could have been used to find lost
>e-mail addresses quite rapidly)  Anyway, do something guys, 'cause if you
>don't, I think that the show won't be the only thing that's gonna die...

I am brand-new to this list today, having discovered FK only a couple of
months ago.  I was stunned to find that the show had been canceled.  But as
for a dying list, it may not be so...

I am a part of another very active list which is now about 18 months old.
Members go out of their way to meet one another in whatever part of the
world they are in, and we have made some amazing connections and had a
wonderful time doing it.  But interest waxes and wanes.  There will be 1 or
2 posts a day for days on end, then 70-100 posts a day in a burst.  Posts
generate posts, and agreeing to disagree civilly (even if vehemently)
ensures the life of the list.

It kills me that I discovered the show only after it had been declared
officially defunct.  But lots of other shows have had a second life.
Wouldn't it make a *killer* computer game, for example?  Betcha I'm not the
only latecomer fan.  *I* don't intend to give up altogether.  Hell, I only
watch three TV shows (with X-Files and Deep Space Nine), so this is
one-third of my passive entertainment time, not to mention the fact that
there is just no substitute for Nigel Bennett's silky voice, even if it
*was* Vachon's gorgeous locks and eyes that hooked me originally.

So don't give up, Frederic.  *I* (and everyone who joined after me) did not
get to see your suggestion.  And it *is* vacation month.  I, myself, leave
tomorrow for a trip through the American south.  (And I'm getting to meet
another list buddy or two from my DS9 list on the way!)

JacK <---always doomed to be too late

PS:  That is JacK, as in short for "Jacqueline Kiffe."  It does get rather
tiring to be flamed by strangers assuming I am gay, because I make comments
about some guy being cute.  I wonder how the guys who are the real thing can
stomach all the flames, sometimes.

Jacqueline Kiffe
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 18:48:43 -0800
From:         Muldy Sculler <ffbmh@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Musing on perspective (Was: What happened after I went nomail)

Bravo Laurie,
I enjoy Tippi and Dotti's comments--I found whatever his name's comments
to be offensive and shocking.  That was a flame, reminding folks to
remember the spoiler rules is not--provided one uses correct form
concerning the reminder.
In short, I hope Tippi, and Dotti, if she was thinking of doing so, elect
to remain on the list.
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 20:50:01 -0600
From:         Raven <ab950@s.......>
Subject:      Last Ditch Save Forever Knight Suggestions? =)

Now, I realize this isn't quite a laughing matter, but the idea occured
to me(if it hasn't been done before)... We need a list of last ditch
efforts to save Forever Knight!  Serious stuff we impliment, this, we
just dream about? ;)

#1:  Intercept a few Sony Execs on thier way home. Get a friendly vamp(Or
a trained hypnotist if no vamps are available) to put the Whammy on them:
"You *will* do everything in your power to bring back Forever Knight"

#2:  Hold a sit in in front of Sony/Tristar/USA(whatever)'s offices.
Which do you think would be more effective?  Not eating until we get FK
back, or not *Stopping* drink blood(Real or not? ;) until we get it back? =)

There's my attempt a humor for the day, I wonder who can try to add on. =)

Just hope I don't make a fool of myself, seeing as this is my first
actual non-question type post here, really. =)

___________________ ____________
\_   _  \_ _  \_   |  \_   ____/::::::.     Raven --  Wade Lahoda
 |   |   | |   |   |   |   __/:::: :::::    MageCraft BBS (306) 955-4548
 |   | |   |   |   |   |   |   |:: :::::    ab950@s.......
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Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 23:00:53 -0400
From:         Frederic Ferland <mrhappy@m.......>
Subject:      FK game and Photo Album update

Hi gang!

Jacqueline wrote:
>Wouldn't it make a *killer* computer game, for example?

Hey, I'll keep that in mind.  I'm currently studying computer programming in
college, and that's exactly what I want to do: computer games!  Maybe I
could make a Forever Knight game when I get out of there...  Just like the
one in Games Vampires Play. (yeah, right!)  Anyway, I'll tell you more about
that in two years!... :)

Okay, about the Photo Album I wanted to make.  Looks like you didn't like my
idea very much, eh?  (yeah, you can admit it, it's okay :)  Anyway, here's
what I'll do.  I'll make it anyway, but I'll call it "The FORKNI-L address
book" or something like that (any suggestions?).  Basically, it'll be the
same thing, but the photo will be *optional*!  That means that if you're
shy, you can still be included in it.  All I'll need for that is your full
name, your e-mail address, your age, where you live (town, state/province
and country), what you do in life, and any other tidbit of information about
you that you think could be interesting.  Of course, I'd really appreciate
it if you *did* send a photo, but that'll be up to you.  If you are brave
enough to have your face on the Net (hey!  *I'm* brave enough for that, so I
don't see why you wouldn't be :) but you don't have a scanner, send me your
photo and I'll scan it for you (you'll even be able to send it to your other
e-mail friends after that!)  My address is:

                             Frederic Ferland
                             000 Xx Xxxxxxxx
                             Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx
                             X0X 0X0,  CANADA

There, let's see how it turns out this time...  Oh, if you send me
something, don't expect an immediate reply.  I have a 340 pages book to read
by Friday and I really *have* to read it, so wait until this weekend before
panicking!  (Knowing myself, I bet I won't resist and reply anyway!...  :) :)


Frederic Ferland                   |  No matter how great your triumphs
mrhappy@m.......                    |     or how tragic your defeats,
http://mtl.net/solidarite/mrhappy  |  approximately one billion Chinese
NatPacker & Perkulator (!)         |         couldn't care less.
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 20:04:19 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Last Ditch Save Forever Knight Suggestions? =)

>There's my attempt a humor for the day, I wonder who can try to add on. =)

We could always mail bomb their email on the nights that we each see the
Last Knight episode!

Nahhh... I would never do such a horrid thing!


@-->-'- http://home.earthlink.net/~alasher
http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/5069 --<-'-@
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 23:28:09 +0500
From:         John Folden <jtfolden@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Last Ditch Save Forever Knight Suggestions? =)

> From: "Angie" <alasher@e.......>
> We could always mail bomb their email on the nights that we each see the
> Last Knight episode!
> Nahhh... I would never do such a horrid thing!

Hmmmmm, I might...depedning on how much I hate what they do to Nat...

John, a demented victorian
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 18:16:08 -0300
From:         "Leigh T. Johnston" <am496@c.......>
Subject:      Re: Deadly Harvest (was Re: Nigel writing?????)

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Margie Hammet wrote:

> why the name makes you think of Geraint Wyn Davies.  I am glad he
> went back to his real name, even if it is harder to pronounce.  His real
> name fits him so much better, and it makes him stand out from the crowd.

   OK, I've been wondering for quite a while now... just *how* is Geraint
pronounced? Is it with a soft 'g' as in Gary, or is it with a hard 'g' as
in George?

ObFK: What happened to the "old lady" from ILCK? You know, the one who
was being kept young by the vampire blood injections?

- Leigh (Ghoti)  **Immortal Beloved/Merc**
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 23:43:14 -0500
From:         MS LYNNE R ACKERMAN <GNBV32C@p.......>
Subject:      Toronto LK party theme

I'm sorry, in my post about the Toronto and area Last Knight party, I
forgot to say what the theme was going to be.

Will states it to be "blood and chocolate".  You'll have to e-mail him
(goid@i.......) for more information, he's handling that part of it.
I'm just passing on the message because he's swamped with work and
Real Life just at the moment, and doesn't have time to post things himself.

A message from Lynne Ackerman in Toronto (or, as we like to call it,
"Hollywood North"!)    Via Internet:  gnbv32c@p....... (preferred
address) or be028@t.......
           *** Help save Forever Knight!  Ask me how. ***
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 00:08:08 -0400
From:         Jean Graham <JeanB7@a.......>
Subject:      FK's Score

My other half -- who doesn't really _like_ television (says he wouldn't even
own one if I weren't around)  -- has become an FK convert.  He feigned
disinterest behind his books/newspapers/magazines through 2 seasons worth of
borrowed tapes and then wondered out loud, "Who scored this series? The music
is really *good*!"  This from a pianist and self-confessed classical music
"snob" who hasn't found anything comment-worthy about TV music scores since
THE OUTER LIMITS and STAR TREK in the 60s.  The music caught his attention.
 Then so did Janette.  :-)  He also likes LaCroix.  ("This show is so DARK!
 I like it!")

*Thank you, Mr. Mollin.*   Yes, I've ordered the CD.  Two weeks and

--Jean Graham   (JeanB7@a.......)
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 00:40:18 -0400
From:         esalmas <esalmas@g.......>
Subject:      GWD Upcoming Roles

A few weeks back someone posted a note about two roles in which GWD was
going to appear. One was on Showtime and the other (I think) was on USA. I'm
in contact with both those nets and if you can let me know the titles, I may
be able to get some advance information, pix, tapes, etc. Please let me know
in private mail. Thanks.

Eileen Salmas
Eileen Salmas
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 22:04:25 +0000
Reply-To:     redjasper@e.......
From:         Lisa Wolters <redjasper@e.......>
Subject:      Re: New Game: If FK was written by other authors...

In honor of Christine, who started this game (and to say *thank
you* for giving me something to take my mind off "Last

If FK had been written by Stephen King...

we would have had an episode wherein we learned just <why> Nick
was the Caddy's original owner, and <why> he never grows old.
<picturing the Caddy rolling down the deserted streets of Toronto
by itself, with glowing headlights...>

OK, so it's kinda lame.  It's the best I can do this week.  The
anticipation's killing me.

Lisa W. * redjasper@e.......
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 23:58:56 CDT
From:         "OREL, SARA" <FA55@n.......>
Subject:      If someone else wrote FK...

    Okay, I'll play.

        If FK was written by John Grisham, Amanda Cohen and Donald Schanke
would have been blown up in the plane because they accidentally saw something
that would reveal the T.O. police department was actually almost
completely infiltrated by conspirators who want to make the city a haven for
cigarette smuggling across Lake Ontario, and Reese, who would be the
obvious representative of the evil mafia conspirators, is actually the only
person that Nat can somehow manage to trust, and Nick is actually one of
the conspirators, because he is the only one that Nat would confide in,
and ...  oh well, you get the idea.

        It would be even worse if it were John LeCarre.

hmmmm...If FK were written by "Elizabeth Peters", Nat would carry a very heavy
black  purse, and use it to whack anyone who attacked her.
(a non-FK comment (sorry)) My great claim to fame at the last Egyptian
conference was that Barbara Mertz (who writes the Elizabeth Peters books)
mistook my purse for hers and then put it down again, telling me she could tell
ld tell it was not hers -- it was too heavy!!!)

And then if FK was written by Agatha Christie --

   We would have a whole long whole 2-hour movie starring Peter Ustinov, at the
but in the end Lacroix WOULD have been the one who murdered Nick, even
though he had been very convincingly cleared.

Neat Game!!!  Can we play it here or should we move it to FKfic-l?

Mercenarily yours,
          Sara Orel   (FA55%nemomus@a.......)
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 22:18:01 -0700
From:         "B. Janine Morison" <morison@a.......>
Subject:      Re: This list is going down (was: If someone annoys you)

 I agree, this list seems to be going downhill.  I don't post too often,
 and I am not a newbie.  I have been on list since before there was a
 glimmer of hope for a second season...yep, remember the first campaign
 to save (bring back) the knight.

 Anyway, I have posted several questions  such as

 vamp eye colors
 caddie sale, who finally got it
 and a few others...

 I did not get any responses.

 It seems that there is no dialogue regarding FK questions... only
 what if's... which is fine, but far from the high quality that once
 resided/discussions which took place here.

 Where is Lisa McDavid, Sharon, and some of the list elders?

 I enjoy all the newbie stuff, but the tone here is so different.
 Perhaps like some of the vampires of FK times have changed and it's
 time for  me to move on.

 And *please* do not take this as a flame.  It is not a flame nor
 a spark, just my thoughts...  perhaps I even broke list rules,
 is this too personal?  The fact that I even worry about that means
 the list has changed far to much for my enjoyment, sigh.

 forever knightie and cousin
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 05:20:36 GMT
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@n.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone else wrote FK...

On May 14, 1996 23:58:56, '"OREL, SARA" <FA55@n.......>' wrote:

>Neat Game!!!  Can we play it here or should we move it to FKfic-l?

It's a game; it's not fiction.  Therefore, it belongs here.

And it is a neat game, isn't it?

Here's mine...

If FK was written by Robert Heinlein, we would get technical explanations
of the whys and wherefores of vampirism, and there would be amazing
continuity -- Nick and Nat would be 'getting some', not only with each
other but with most of the other characters in the book -- at least one
major character would be a flaming redhead -- and the events of FK series
canon AND of the FKFIC-L wars would be occurring simultaneously, and in the
same book.

God, it's good to post something that DOESN'T have the words "list rules"
prominently displayed within. <g>

- Jamie M.R. <immajer@n.......> -
- Asst. Listowner, FORKNI-L -
- The Smoking Natpacker, ConvCoS, XPIT -
- Illustrated Webgoddess & Keeper of Warm Fuzzies -
List Rules - http://cac.psu.edu/~jap8/FK/FKRules.html
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 01:37:30 -0400
From:         Nathanial Cook <NatRobin@a.......>
Subject:      Re: its me again

Yes, yes, yes.  I must dutifully note that you are a persistent one.

Why not ask us some questions or talk about the show a little, so we have
something to talk about (besides beheading and garlic -- yuck!!!  Bad topics
for any vampires)?

And perhaps you oughtta lay off the caffine.

Just kidding, but also serious.

NAT!!!  (U.S. Raven)
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 01:37:32 -0400
From:         Nathanial Cook <NatRobin@a.......>
Subject:      Re: What happened after I went nomail

Just wanted to reassure you:

> "If I ever meet Dotti, Tippi, or any of the other twit newbies who have
taken over the list, I might have to kill them" ......

God, I don't know who wrote this either, but they oughtta lay off the nasty
pills.  Hey, out there: a little courtesy won't kill you.  And also, you were
a newbie once, too . . .

>But now since I don't know who it is who seems to hate me so much, I can't
trust anyone I don't already know, so I guess I won't.

Aww.  Don't listen to them.  I certainly don't hate you (how can anyone hate
anyone else on an e-mail list for crying out loud!?!?!?), and I hope you
won't give up on us.  Despite what that other *person* said, well, to quote
that Randy Newman song from the move "Toy Story," "You've got a firend in me
. . . "

Let's all settle down . . .

We're about to lose our show here, and we need to stick together.  How else
will we convince them to do a movie?

NAT!!!  (Raven, Making a Point)
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 01:37:32 -0400
From:         Nathanial Cook <NatRobin@a.......>
Subject:      Re: No Subject

Sorry to bother the list yet again, but what is an IRC channel?

NAT!!!  (No Subject Either Raven)
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 01:37:34 -0400
From:         Nathanial Cook <NatRobin@a.......>
Subject:      Re: New Game: If FK was written by other authors...

Christine wrote:

>I came across a great game housed on the Babylon 5 humour archive: if B5 was
written by other authors.  In the spirit of sincere flattery (after all,
isn't that what imitation is!) I thought we could adapt this for Forever

Here's another variation: What if FK was "merged" with another TV show, such
as . . .

"The Incredible Hulk"
Nick and LaCroix would turn green and fight each other;
Nick would travel from place to place, searching for a cure, and changing his
last name from episode to episode (oh, wait, he does do that sometimes);
Nick would say, "Don't make me fangy . . . you wouldn't like me when I'm

I guess that's the only one I could think of for right now.  Anyone else?

NAT!!!  (Raven Likes Games)
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 15:39:00 PDT
From:         Christine Hawkins <chawkins@n.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone else wrote FK...

Cousin Jamie the Illustrated Webgoddes wrote:

>And it is a neat game, isn't it?

<*beams modestly*>  Thanks everybody!  I'm really glad I thought of it.

Would people like me to save all these entries and create a digest when this
game is over?  Perhaps an interested person would like to archive it on
their web site.

Christine Hawkins
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 21:46:38 -2055
From:         "L. Katherine Queen" <lqueen@p.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone else wrote FK...

On with the game:

If Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote FK, then Natalie, Tracy and Janette would
suddenly become redheads, give up men permanently, and run off together and
form a witch's coven.

If Dostoyevsky wrote FK, everything would be pretty much the same in the
Angst department but the length of the episodes would increase by a factor
of five.  Oh, and all the flashbacks would be in Russian.

If Lillian Jackson Braun wrote FK, Nick would have a siamese vampire cat
who unerringly finds all the clues, solving all his cases for him.

If Stephen R. Donaldson wrote FK, all of our favorite characters would have
betrayed everything they hold dear, shortly before dying tragically.
...Wait a minute, he didn't have anything to do with Last Knight?

Oh well I've wasted enough bandwidth.

To Angst or not to Angst.  That is the question.
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 01:51:04 -0400
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone else wrote FK...

This is a sort of FKFIC-L and FORKNI-L listmembers' version of this game:

If FK were written by Jamie Melody Randell, we wouldn't be able to tell
who the characters were until about halfway through the series, and even
she probably wouldn't know where the story was going, but we'd all be
hopelessly addicted anyway.  (Have you read her story "Work in

If FK were written by Tippi Blevins, well.... I suppose we can all
imagine a few of the wardrobe changes. <eg>

If FK were written by Dianne le Mercennaire, it would look a lot like life
on FORKNI-L and "life imitating art" would take on a while new meaning!
("Vice Versa II")

If FK were written by Susan Garrett, one of the episodes would have two
alternate endings -- one which was happy, touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy,
and one in which every single character died, and the deaths were all Nick's
fault.  ("Assignment: Knight" and "Knight in Hell")

If FK were written by Dotti Rhodes, Nick's hair would fall out because
all the female characters would be running their hands through it all the
time. <g>

If FK were written by a confused newbie, the show would keep being sent
to the wrong network.  And some episodes would contain spoilers for future

If FK were written by some of the filkers on this list, the theme music
would be replaced by an altered version of the "Gilligan's Island" theme
starting with the words:  "Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale
of a vamp with angst..."

If FK were written by Ophelia5 over on JADFE, some very interesting Nick &
Nat scenes involving chains and/or a muzzle would have ensued, and the
show would have to be broadcast on the Playboy Channel.  ("Physical

OK, that's probably enough for now... <ducking and running>

Allison (percy91@w.......)
Tormented Knightie and Chief Bunny of the McGregors
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 22:53:50 -0700
From:         Valery King <kingv@u.......>
Subject:      Re: If someone else wrote FK...

Something fun to respond to for a change...

If Tony Hillerman wrote FK, it would take place on the Navajo
reservation, and Nick would be a tribal policeman. He would meet up with
the occasional Skinwalker and probably dispose of him in a way Joe
Leaphorn would disapprove.

If Barbara Carland wrote FK, Nat would always ... hesitate in her speech
... and the Villianous Lacroix would ... kidnap her for his own ...
unnamed ... nefarious purposes, and Nick would ... save her and ... of
course ... the whole show would ... just ... fade out on the ... kiss.
(How can that woman *write* like this??)

If James Burke wrote FK, we'd find out through torturous and fascinating
paths of logic how vampirism led to the invention of the atomic bomb. Or
maybe tofu.

If Chris Carter wrote FK, the truth WOULD be in Nick's jurisdiction-- but
the Smoking Man would make sure the evidence all disappeared so that no
one would believe it. (And the Smoking Man just might, literally, *smoke*
if left out in the sunlight.)

Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 22:54:35 -0700
From:         Jerimi Paul <paul9454@u.......>
Subject:      Re: New Game: If FK was written by other authors...

Piers Anthony:
Nick would constantly get off puns and LaCroix would roll his eyes a lot
and threaten to "end Nick's pun forever."

Stephen King:
Perry and Raleigh would be buried in the 'Pet Sematary' and come back to
torment Nick.

Douglas Adams:
Nick and LaCroix (and in fact the entire earth) would be cleared to make
way for a hyperspace bypass.  In the nick of time, however, all the
vampires would be saved by hitching a lift from a passing flying saucer.

Reluctant Vaquero (with wandering eyes.)
Vaquero?  Cousin?  Knightie?  Valentine?  N&NPacker?  RatPacker?
Perkulator? (that's for you, Frederic Ferland;)
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 02:01:46 -0400
From:         The Phoenix <jap8@c.......>
Subject:      ADMIN: List Web Pages.

If anyone knows where I can lay my hands on the graphic of the list (or
lists') names in the FK font, please email me.  I want 'em for the list
pages. :)

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From:         Lindy Cooksey <l.cooksey@g.......>
Subject:      Chocolate Pizza

 Someone mentioned last week that there were substitues for the cheese
called for in the recipe. I'm looking for suggestions as to what would be a
good one to use. Help anyone?

Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 06:13:08 GMT
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@n.......>
Subject:      Re: ADMIN: List Web Pages.

On May 15, 1996 02:01:46, 'The Phoenix <jap8@c.......>' wrote:

>If anyone knows where I can lay my hands on the graphic of the list (or
>lists') names in the FK font, please email me.  I want 'em for the list
>pages. :)

Ahem <clears throat> -- I've always wanted to do this...

I'm sending this to her. <g>

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Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 02:17:53 -0400
From:         Tigon Diana Hooker <TeigrLlew@a.......>
Subject:      Re: New Game: If FK was written by other authors...

If Lillian Jackson Braun wrote FK...
    Nick would have to grow a thick mustache, sooner or later every
    minor character will either murder or be murdered, and Nat's
    cat Sidney would be instrumental in finding clues.

If Mercedes Lackey wrote FK...
    There would be no doubt about a possible relationship between
    LaCroix and Nick...heck, one would probably develop between
    Nat and Janette as well (ooo...here's a scary thought...get rid
    of the 5'oclock shadow on Vachon, and he's a ringer for the
    pics of Vanyel)

If Raymond Feist wrote FK...
    Just as you were getting real attached to Nick--his way of thinking,
    his adventures, etc.....all of a sudden everything would shift to

If Susan Conant wrote FK...
    Everything would revolve around Jody's training of Perry.

If Wendy and Richard Pini wrote FK...
    Nick would go on a quest to reunite all the lost vampiric tribes,
    find out why they exist, and hopefully get a cure. LaCroix
    would very nicely fill the Winnowill role.

That's enough fer now.

Tigon the Bouncing Tigger and Lone Woof at Large
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Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 02:42:10 -0400
From:         "Tammy Pond  [Digest]" <nightmist@g.......>
Subject:      Blood & Donuts/many replies

Janine Morison -

   I know what you mean! My immediate boss at work seems to be
convinced that I'll bring the wrath of god(s) and ruin the entire
establishment if I so much as even MENTION the "V-word" - in any
context, FK or otherwise. Sigh.... She seems to think I'll offend the
managers. <rolling eyeballs> but she hasn't seemed to realize that I
don't MENTION them around managers. Mind you, it's perfectly alright
for her to discuss weird stuff with <shudder> customers, but I can't
discuss vampires with LIKE-minded people. <shaking head> Go figure.

Sorry, had to rant.

Not-so-obligatory (Hey, I *love* it, it can't be obligatory!) FK:

Tippi, I sent a note to that merchandise company. Hopefully mine will
arrive with lots of others (HINT!!! HINT!!!) to persuade them to
start getting stuff made.

Yes,I suggested the "CAWFEEEE" mug with the bite taken out of it.
<grin>  Waiting to hear back from them...

I watched Doctor Who tonight...yes, the FX budget is more, and IMO, a
bit wasted except to grab new viewers. I've seen most of the old Doc,
and have gotten quite fond of the cheezy sets. Anyway... The scene at
the end where they toast the Master made me wonder...

What would he have been like had Divia brought him across? Scary...

re: undernet servers - "Joplin"??? As in Janis Joplin or just
happenstance? I don't know of a town/city called Joplin, which makes
me curious...

Tammy                       The Mad Fax Spammer
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 02:46:13 -0400
From:         "Tammy Pond  [Digest]" <nightmist@g.......>
Subject:      FKFIC WANTED / FK/Knight Rider

             >>>> YES THIS IS A REPOST <<<<

HELP!!   (I don't have web/FTP access easily, don't give me those

I'm still looking for the  16 or 17-part FK/Knight Rider crossover
story... Was posted sometime between a year and two years ago, I
think. When I joined the FKFIC list, basically, was when I saw part
16. Or was it 15? The almost-end of the story.

Basic idea: Nick and Michael Knight end up working on something
together, and for one reason or another, Michael ends up being
brought across. I remember reading a scene with Nick talking to KITT
explaining what would be needed to help Michael. I also remember
there *TWO* endings - because some people thought Michael should NOT
have been brought across. I saw both endings.

I never saved the story for one reason or another, or it got eaten
somehow, so I don't have the title. What I've given is what I know.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thankx!


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