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Logfile LOG9605C Part 2

May 14, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605C" Part 2

	Deadly Harvest
	Spoiler - Ashes to Ashes
	IRC...YES! We're registered!!!  (2)
	Deadly Harvest (was Re: Nigel writing?????)
	<no subject>
	Faction FAQ--Help
	Dead of Night Question
	Real TV is not for the timid
	Oh listgoddess???  (2)
	im nearly gone
	Syndi-Con East Quote List
	Last Knight Party In Hawaii?
	Arlington Party Update
	Cheering up; Ghost Mom
	If someone annoys you
	Odd and Sundry  (2)
	This list is going down (was: If someone annoys you)
	Janettes accent
	Calling all Knighties!
	im sorry
	Musing on perspective (Was: What happened after I went nomail)
	Missing fic  (2)
	We have a new 'special friend'!
	Missing fic
	Ah, my, wonderful weekend...
	New Game: If FK was written by other authors...

Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 10:31:22 -0400
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Deadly Harvest

I am posting this only because Mary asked me to, she's afraid she might do
something wrong..I can't imagine why she'd worry about that.

At any rate, some folks were interested in Ger's Deadly Harvest movie and I
offered to make copies from mine.  However, if anyone wants to order their
own original, Mary found from where you can do so:

>Critics' Choice Videos
>order # SOSTM080047       the first O is an OH, the last 3 are zeros
>$19.95 (plus S&H)
I am still willing to make a copy of mine if you'd rather, Ger's not getting
any royalties from this movie so we're not cheating him out of anything
(already checked that, just to make sure).

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 09:31:12 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Spoiler - Ashes to Ashes

At 07:53 PM 5/13/96 -0700, Antonia Spadafina wrote:

>if she was so powerful, why didn't she sense Nick's approach when
>she was throwing LC (LOL at this scene) around the Raven?  Perhaps she was
>so absorbed with causing her father pain that she had no excess capacity.

I think it was partly that she was definately thinking about something
else, and also because Nick was too quick for her.  He knew how
powerful she was and knew he would have to be very quick and very precise.
The "Nick is a brick" folks may disagree with me on that one, but I prefer
to believe that Nick sometimes does get it right.

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 11:01:33 -0400
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: IRC...YES! We're registered!!!

At 10:23 AM 5/14/96 -0500, you wrote:
>The official FK IRC channel on the Undernet has been registered!

Cool--I've been on Brian's and have been having a great time
there.....explain to me what  I need to do to reach yours.  I'm very, very
new to this and still very confused.....

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 11:44:02 -0400
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: IRC...YES! We're registered!!!

Sorry to all--my last post went in the wrong direction....supposed to be
private....sorry to waste your bandwith and time.

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 11:19:58 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Deadly Harvest (was Re: Nigel writing?????)

At 07:54 AM 5/14/96 -0500, TippiNB wrote:

>Wha?  Huh?  Did I miss something?  Did Nigel write something?  Why does the
>name Gary Davies make of think of Geraint Wyn Davies?

According to an earlier post, Ger was in something (Deadly Harvest, I
assume), where his name in the credits was listed as Gary Davies.  I
guess he was using that as his stage name at one time, so that explains
why the name makes you think of Geraint Wyn Davies.  I am glad he
went back to his real name, even if it is harder to pronounce.  His real
name fits him so much better, and it makes him stand out from the crowd.
As for the Nigel writing thing in the subject, as far as I know, that has
nothing to do with this thread at this point.  You know how that eventually
gets all mixed up.

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 13:33:07 -0500
From:         Annmarie McKee- Fitzgerald <mickey@c.......>

In my excitement I forgot to give you these! The channel is up and running
and I'll look forward to seeing you all! Sharon very kindly reminded me that
I wanted to watch "Dr Who" tonight, so I will tape it! Thanks Sharon!!!  I
will be there til about midnight or so to try and welcome everyone! I hope
you enjoy it, because its your channel!


Channel name: #foreverknight


Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 14:04:40 -0400
From:         Carla Pickering <carlap@e.......>
Subject:      Faction FAQ--Help

I'm trying to help Plan2@a....... update a Faction FAQ and she is having a
fun afternoon as her office is getting rewired, etc.   .....

What/who is the Seducers faction?????  Who and misc. background info???  We
both missed that.

Response to my personal email please (I'm on digest!) and I'll call her with
the information.  If it is after 4:00 p.m., you can send the info to her
directly at Plan2@a.......--she can get it from her home computer.  Thanks much.

(P.S. --on sig changes:  I really *like* Janette *a lot*; but I still have
not been able to watch any episodes with her featured prominently in them.
Until I do, I am reluctantly forgoing a Ravenette designation----you can't
put the whole cast in your sig, after all!)

Saille (carla p.) at Crowhawwk in Exeter, RI
with Joanna Darkwind the Wolfish Wonderpup
Vaquera and Apricot Sympathizer with Light Cousinly
and Dark N & N Leanings
Rage against the Ravaging of the Knight!!!!!!
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 08:59:57 -1000
From:         Kevin Matsumoto <kevinm@p.......>
Subject:      Re: Dead of Night Question

Thank you for those people who responded to my request.  I think I know have
the information I needed

"Remember, You're the Brain, I'm the Brawn"   :Detective Bobbie Mann
   "Technically, I'm the Brain and the Brawn" :And Eve Edison
"So what does that make me?"                  :MANN & MACHINE
   "The one that can be killed."              :
Kevinm@p.......   A Nick&NatPacker with Cousinly tendencies :=)
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:33:04 -0400
From:         A McLaughlin <Iremi@a.......>
Subject:      Real TV is not for the timid

I agree that TPTB should listen up. I was musing the demsie of FK the other
day and how it's disillusioned me about TV in general (and this from a
publisher of a TV magazine). I was really bummed that there's nothing clever,
innovative or thoughtful on TV.

 First my mom dies then my favorite show gets cancelled. On second thought, I
said out loud " How trivial" but that's just it, it's not trivial. TV
prevades our lives, we get most of our news and entainment from it yet it's
still scorned as trivial. It's like your favorite restuarant closing down,
you think about about that loss and it's just as real as anything else.

I will honestly miss some fine TV and the greddy little things who cancelled
it should be ashamed of themselves. There is more to TV than just making

Now that the real thing is kaput, what happened to the idea of doing a
virtual fourth season? I want in on this. Maybe Nigel or Gillian H. would
like to submit an epiosde? ANYTHING!!!! "I need my FK fix man, come on give
me some, I'll get the money on Friday I swear. " oh wait that's ..never mind

Iremi " That which does not destroy you , makes you stronger. " Nietzche.
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:33:07 -0400
From:         A McLaughlin <Iremi@a.......>
Subject:      Oh listgoddess???

I need to send a private message to our illusturious asst.listowner. How do I
go about doing it? my brain was been permenatly fried so indulge this poor
soul with information.
Thank you,
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:37:18 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      THE END IS NEAR!

SONY has come and raptured up the FK characters...
Now there is nothing to watch on TV anymore.  The x-files has become
the USA-government-sucks files, and Highlander is just that--Highlander.
What if you're a lowlander like me?  You like the movies but hate the
Alas, time to sell the televisions for that extra cash and cancel cable...
A Dark Knightie, Naughty Cousin and General GNat irritant
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:06:33 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: im nearly gone

Doh!  Double DOH!  That was supposed to be private.  Oh well.  Apologies!

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
Charter Member of the Unnamed Faction.  Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix.
Visit my World Wide Wickedness FK site!  Top Tens and other Wickedness!
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 14:03:15 -0700
From:         "Sharon A. Himmanen" <romana@i.......>
Subject:      Syndi-Con East Quote List

(Contributed to by too many to incriminate--I mean name.
And it's short.  I don't have Jennie's diligence when it comes to these


I didn't take that many people pictures, except at the zoo.

I don't care if he sees the reaction, I don't watch his show.

Peter's taking his clothes off, nothing major.  He's been doing that all day.

She's not a NatPacker, but she's just as good.

Welcome to the pigsty.

Laurie will have him, I guess.

Did you finish with Niagara?

There was just this intrinsic Hippo-ness.

Feel free to plop.

There are a lot of people who masquerade as adults here, but there are not many

I'll peel Stan anywhere.

C'est la Ger.
--What about the crotch shot?

Are you going to read the fanfic?
--You mean the purple thong?

It's Lisa Kadlec!!!

It's Peter Wingfield! (Melt)

You're awake!
--No, I'm vertical.

Well you're the one with her credit card number imprinted on her butt.

He does the love scenes.  I do the murders.

They're weird in Texas.

You can go and ask the consierge.  He'll tell you where to go.
--Well Sharon, you've got that kind of face.

Safe sucks!

Raven droppings!

HTML.  I always think that means "hate mail."

I'm a filk-virgin.  No, I wouldn't want to filk tonight.

Pricking.  I can't say that, it's rude in England.

The hat is supposedly named Nigel Bennett.


Told you it was short.  I'm sure there were more, but they didn't get written
 down.  Thanks to everyone who participated though.  --SAH

Sharon A. Himmanen * romana@i....... * romana@a.......
NatPack * BotCoS * Keeper of the GopherGame
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"Dolphins have no use for psychodiagnostic categories."  --Douglas L. Medin

Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 11:13:04 -1000
From:         Kevin Matsumoto <kevinm@p.......>
Subject:      Last Knight Party In Hawaii?

Does anyone know if there is going to be a Last Knight Party in Hawaii,  I
have been sitting here thinking this is definetely not the episode to watch
alone.  I was invited to one but my crazy computer decided to lose several
kb of data in a transfer. Now I don't know how to get in touch with that
person either  AAUUUGGH!!!

"Remember, You're the Brain, I'm the Brawn"   :Detective Bobbie Mann
   "Technically, I'm the Brain and the Brawn" :And Eve Edison
"So what does that make me?"                  :MANN & MACHINE
   "The one that can be killed."              :
Kevinm@p.......   A Nick&NatPacker with Cousinly tendencies :=)
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:32:21 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Arlington Party Update

Quick note.

If anyone's going to the LK party in Arlington, TX, please drop Cousin Suk a
line at:  lcl366@a.......

There has been a minor change in plans, but the party is still ago.

Look forward to seeing everyone again,

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
Charter Member of the Unnamed Faction.  Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix.
Visit my World Wide Wickedness FK site!  Top Tens and other Wickedness!
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 17:30:51 -0400
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      Cheering up; Ghost Mom

Crankiness on-list:
  OK, some people need to take a chill pill.  Whatever happened to that
list rule about being nice?!?  {{{warm fuzzies}}} to all who need them!

Knighties and Ger-fans who need something to cheer them up will now find
a .gif file from the Canadian/German version of "Dead Issue" on any of
the following three web pages (pick the one that suits your fancy):

 Allison's Obsession Page (lots of FK links):

 The Shrewthering Page (info & reports on GWD in "Taming of the Shrew")

 Ger Speaks! (sound files of GWD -- how to pronounce his name plus
 some sound files from Dracula: The Series)

This particular .gif file may only appeal to female Knighties, I'm not
really sure.

I think someone with video capture technology should consider getting a
.gif of Lacroix's (in)famous "leg scene" from AMPH and perhaps some other
choice pictures of other characters to create a page where members of all
affiliations can find something to cheer themselves up.

BTW, my cat has received fan mail after her recent appearance in a .gif
file linked to the Shrewthering page.  She saids warm regards and a happy
purr to everyone.  <g>

Ghost Mom:
  The word from Canada is that a pro copy of "Ghost Mom" costs about C$40,
which by the time you add postage & packaging would be about US$38.
Anyone interested in getting it should e-mail me off-list and maybe we'll
buy several copies at once.

Allison (percy91@w.......)
Tormented Knightie and Chief Bunny of the McGregors
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:49:50 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      If someone annoys you

Via Dotti, via Michael:

>>Ranging from the more poisonous: "don't make the rest of us listen to this
>garbage" and  "If I ever meet Dotti, Tippi, or any of the other twit
>>newbies who have taken over the list, I might have to kill them" ......

Then Dotti wrote:

> If you knew how
>much pain that just caused me......the one place where I always enjoyed
>myself. I have embraced many of you in person and hoped to embrace more next
>month. But now since I don't know who it is who seems to hate me so much, I
>can't trust anyone I don't already know, so I guess I won't.

Well, you know it ain't me, Dotti! ;)

But seriously, I was deeply hurt and more than a little shocked to read the
above comment regarding Dotti and myself.  I have been nomail on forkni for
the past couple of weeks, and I come back to post a couple of party notices,
merchandise notices, and come to find out I'm a newbie twit.

I know Dotti was flamed a while back for extremely minor
pseudo-transgressions, but thus far I have not received ANY negative
comments from forkni listers.  I got a few slams on the spoilr list for
posting something, but other than that I felt that the love I had for each
and EVERY person on this list was reciprocated.  This news comes as a
complete shock and pains me dearly.  I honestly feel betrayed and very hurt,
not only for myself but for Dotti.

Dotti, for the almost 5 months that I have been on this list and known her,
has never been ANYthing but completely kind and friendly with me.  I cannot
recall her EVER flaming anyone -- not even ME when I say nasty things about
Nick!  And to call her a newbie after she has been here for 2 years
implicates the person who made the comment to be far greener than Dotti!
Dotti's a veteran and one of the most generous listers I have ever had the
pleasure of meeting and conversing with.  She'd probably give you the
proverbial shirt off her back (unless it had Nick on it!).

Dotti continued:

>It is not mine or anyone elses that out of the 1000 people on this list
>there appears to be only a few that post, everyone is welcome to.

Exactly.  I have made very few posts in the past month, even going nomail
while I worked on a certain project.  So if I've been taking over the list,
I've been doing it while not very well armed and with a scant army.  I mean,
you don't topple Rome with a slingshot and a wedgie.  If you don't like the
way the list is going, quit lurking and post.  Dotti and I are certainly NOT
out to shape this list to our whims.  You are most welcome to post.  And
hey, if someone is annoying you so much, don't keep it bottled up!  Let em
know -- gently of course -- so that it doesn't come as such a helluva SHOCK
to me!

I have met and made many dear and lifelong friends from being on this list.
I am grateful for that.  However, I will be signing off this list.  SKL and
the mini loops are plenty enough for me, and at least I know what THEY think
of me, good or bad!

Apologies for this offtopic post.  I had things to say, and wanted to say it
out in the open.

Love always,
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 18:14:56 -0400
From:         Gehirn Karies <SoulDebris@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Oh listgoddess???

I have no idea how much time has passed since I flashed down six thousand
messages from today, and yours is the next to last.... So forgive me if you
have already received Jamies new address, which is:



Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 18:31:14 -0400
From:         "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject:      Odd and Sundry

1.  The RRCY--round robin entitled "In Cyberspace, No One Can Hear You
Scream"--is taking one final call for participation, then we wrap it up.  If
you'd like to write a part or need a posted part, please contact me at

2.  This is going to be a rough time for us.  Not only are we facing the end
of that which we love most, but it is all but business as usual for FK
storylines.  Not only that, but we're adding new members (and people
obviously unused to internet etiquette, not to mention FKList etiquette) and
will CONTINUE to add new members due to the concurrent showing on SciFi and
syndication of the 3rd season.

We need to have a LOT of patience and to be VERY careful with our posts.
Some people's mailers don't easily distinguish if they're replying to an
accidental spoiler post on the ForKni-L list or a legitimate post on the
spoiler list.  This is going to happen.  But it will happen less if ALL
posters take a second look before replying to personal mail or the list.

PLEASE don't flame anyone for mistakes.  We're all a little bit upset and
things are apt to get worse before they get better.  I am absolutely ASHAMED
of a few of the comments I've seen posted to this list within the past
twenty-four hours, particularly those about fellow listmembers.

But I should also say how proud I am that so many of you have managed to
keep your tempers cool, your wits about you, and your sense of humor intact.

They may have murdered our series, but we will not let the end of this thing
that has brought us together rend us apart.  Please be kind to one another.

We're all we've got.


susang@v.......  -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
Faithful Ravenette, because somebody STILL has to.
Visit THE essential webpage for Forever Knight info at:
"Friends help you move.  Real friends help you move bodies."
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 18:45:11 -0400
From:         Frederic Ferland <mrhappy@m.......>
Subject:      This list is going down (was: If someone annoys you)

Hi all,

I've just read Tippi's comments about that "newbie twits" post and was very
shocked.  I haven't read the original post (I don't have time to read
*everything* that's posted here) but I really don't understand what was
wrong with that person.  Dotti, Tippi and everyone else who consider
themselves as a "newbie twit", I understand how you feel.  Hell, I'm a
newbie myself...

I think this list is dying.  There was a lot more life here when I first
arrived than there is now.  People are starting to quarrel, and that's not
something good.  Also, I think that a lot of interest has been lost.  I've
posted a new idea a few days ago (the FORKNI-L photo album) and I've only
received ONE answer to that post (Thanks a lot to that person, you know who
you are).  I guess I'll have to forget that idea.  That's too bad, it could
have been fun (and useful too.  The album could have been used to find lost
e-mail addresses quite rapidly)  Anyway, do something guys, 'cause if you
don't, I think that the show won't be the only thing that's gonna die...

Waiting for the hate mail :(

Frederic Ferland                   |  No matter how great your triumphs
mrhappy@m.......                    |     or how tragic your defeats,
http://mtl.net/solidarite/mrhappy  |  approximately one billion Chinese
NatPacker & Perkulator (!)         |         couldn't care less.
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 09:08:08 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      Janettes accent

does any one want to talk about Janettes accent it is beautiful isnt it
and i love french accents anyway
email me off list if you want
Janettes Fangs
Ravenette with a doozy of a headache
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:40:16 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Odd and Sundry

>We need to have a LOT of patience and to be VERY careful with our posts.
>Some people's mailers don't easily distinguish if they're replying to an
>accidental spoiler post on the ForKni-L list or a legitimate post on the
>spoiler list.  This is going to happen.  But it will happen less if ALL
>posters take a second look before replying to personal mail or the list.
I am so heartily sorry for having made my post. I had been lurking around
for a while, and wanted to get a word in edgewise. My mailer, which came
with my online program, unfortuantely does sometimes cut off addresses and
such. My humble apologies to all I have offended, please accept my humble
mea culpea's.


@-->-'- http://home.earthlink.net/~alasher
http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/5069 --<-'-@
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 16:46:05 -0700
From:         Swordsister <catheboo@c.......>
Subject:      Calling all Knighties!

Hey hey, all!

Could any and all Knighties who aren't on the Knightie loop and want to
be email me?  We're going to hash out when we're going to have our IRC
chat and stuff, so if you want to join in, better speak up now!  Heck,
the loop is ancient, I gotta update it no matter what, anyway. :)

Catherine Boone   Knightie    HBTS    catheboo@c.......
"Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with
 themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - H. L. Mencken
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 09:39:02 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      im sorry

i would just like to apologise for my behaveour
i am new to this list as you can probably tell by my rantings any way i
want to know
how old is Deb Duchene
does anyone know
this is my last message so dont flame me any more
i am burned to a cinder and for a vampire that is painful
Janettes Fangs
Very Burned Ravenette
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 17:20:15 -0700
From:         LC Fenster <lucienlc@i.......>
Subject:      Musing on perspective (Was: What happened after I went nomail)

Dotti said:

>The "love" I felt on this list gave me the courage to come out
>and say hi and share my thoughts.  I have learned over the past few
>months that I am not wanted very much anymore and so I don't post. If
>you knew how much pain that just caused me.....

I would like to suggest that everyone try to keep things in
perspective.  There are around 1,000 people on this list.  Everyone is
different, with different interests and different perspectives.  We all
love Forever Knight, but beyond that, disparities abound.  Obviously,
for each individual listmember, some povs will be more compatible with
one's own, while some povs will be impossible to comprehend.  Some
discussion threads will seem fascinating; others will seem tedious and
boring.  And every now and then, for a few days, folks will go off on
peculiar tangents that are only marginally, related to Forever Knight.
This is, and has always been, the normal state of affairs on list, at
least for as long as I've been here.

For "old-timers" like myself, it gets excruciatingly painful to watch
newbies make the same mistake for the 150th time since we've been on
the list.  Yes, we were all newbies ourselves once.  Yes, we've all
done the same thing.   But it still remains irritating.

However, one doesn't have to be a newbie to screw up;  I've done it on
occasion, long after my early days, and so has virtually every other
old-timer.  It happens.  Which is why, despite the inevitable
irritation caused by super-long sigs and super long quotes and personal
posts and misposted spoilers and fanfic, it's not a good idea to flame
people for innocent, inadvertent mistakes - and that is what 95% of all
list rule violations are: inadvertent mistakes.

Furthermore, everyone is on edge now, with the series coming to a close
and there is enormous agita over the ending, however it may end, simply
by virtue of it *being* the end.

There is no clear definition of a *flame*.  Some posts, of course, are
objectively flames - there is no way they can be interpreted otherwise.
(The *charming* little excerpt that Dotti quoted is a perfect example
of that.)  However, some people are more sensitive to criticism than
others, and even one's well-intended, *constructive* criticism can be
taken far more seriously than intended and interpreted by the recipient
as flaming.  And everyone should remember that the printed word is a
LOT harsher than the spoken word, and it carries none of the spoken
nuances that might lighten the meaning.

Nevertheless, some people consider any and all criticism, even that
which is offered politely and with the best of intentions, to be a
flame.  And some people consider it okay to violate list rules, as long
as they apologize for doing so at the same time.  And there are few
things more irritating than that.

What it all comes down to, in my view, is this (and please note that
this is merely my opinion; others may feel free to differ):

If you are annoyed by someone's post:

* Use your delete key.  Try to ignore posts that you find irritating.

* If you feel you must rant, do it privately, and OFFLIST, to yourself
or your _friends_, who can offer moral support and help you get over
it.  DON'T send your rant to the list; don't send it to the person who
has annoyed you.  Either of those solutions may make you feel briefly
better, but they also create an ongoing problem which may persist long
after your momentary annoyance is gone.

* If you are bothered by what you perceive to be persistent list
violations by an individual, take the matter to the Listowner (Jaye) or
the Assistant Listowner (Jamie) and let them deal with it.  That's what
they're there for.

On the other side, if you receive what you consider to be a flame:

* Don't assume that criticism is meant maliciously.  Consider whether
the person could have meant the post to be helpful and constructive.

* Remember that people have bad days sometimes, and your post may just
have hit them at a vulnerable time and caused a momentary flareup,
which they may later regret.  It shouldn't necessarily be taken
seriously.  In fact, it probably should NOT be taken seriously.

* Just because one person or even a couple of people flamed you does
not mean you shouldn't continue to post.  When your words are reaching
so many people, you can't expect every single one of them to like your
posts, or to be equally tolerant of your mistakes.  Everyone is
different, remember? :-)  The vast majority of listmembers are nice,
tolerant, well-meaning people.  But with around 1,000 people on the
list, there are bound to be a few exceptions.  You should not allow a
couple of exceptions to chase you away or intimidate you.  As long as
your posts comply with list guidelines, you should feel free and
welcome to post whatever you choose.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

ObFK:  Nigel auctioned a blooper script (a parody of the last episode)
at Syndi-Con, and a group of us bought it for the benefit of forkni-l
listmembers.  With Nigel's kind permission, we are going to make copies
available for anyone on list who wants one in return for a charitable
contribution to either Nigel's or Ger's chosen charities.  Lisa Ann
Prince is going to coordinate this charity drive, as she did the one
for Pediatric Aids.  Details will follow shortly, when we have it all
worked out.

Oh, and the script copies come with a special inscription from Nigel to
his "friends on forkni-l".  :-)

Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 20:25:15 -0400
From:         Monique de Solis <CMSolis@a.......>
Subject:      Missing fic

Could someone please send me Part 7 & 9 of
The thin line between Dark and Dawn.  I
had a really BAD computer day and proceeded
to delete it!  (not to mention my hard drive
died a horrible death at work and I lost everything!)

Could someone please take pity on me and
send it to brighten my day?

Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 22:24:24 GMT
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@n.......>
Subject:      We have a new 'special friend'!

Happened to come across this, in my travels:

Pictures Entertainment on Monday named Bruce Stein head of a newly-created
consumer products division. The company said Stein will be responsible for
expanding Sony Entertainment's brand image, particularly in children's
entertainment and products. [Reuters]

Hi, Bruce! <waving>

Y'know, gang, it'd be only polite of us to introduce ourselves to this

I still want an FK mug.  I really really do.

- Jamie M.R. <immajer@n.......> -
- Asst. Listowner, FORKNI-L -
- The Smoking Natpacker, Convert of the CoS -
- Illustrated Webgoddess & Keeper of Warm Fuzzies -
List Rules - http://cac.psu.edu/~jap8/FK/FKRules.html
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 17:35:03 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Missing fic

>Could someone please send me Part 7 & 9 of
>The thin line between Dark and Dawn.

I sent these along....



@-->-'- http://home.earthlink.net/~alasher
http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/5069 --<-'-@
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 20:00:45 -0500
From:         Lady Sushi <phoenix@i.......>
Subject:      Ah, my, wonderful weekend...

        This has probably been one one the best weekends on my life.  I went
to OKC Sunday to see m' bf, played in a nice Vampire larp (and I'm going
back next week as the 5th-generation Tremere Justicar), got a bunch of books
(courtesy of me sweet bf), and got something VERY happy in the mail...

        ... if you don't know what I'm talking about, you must have
subscribed here this weekend.  I GOT MY FK CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Oh, my, I am listening to it now.  Track five, suite from "Queen of
Harps".  Fred, I worship thee.  At the moment, my guts are all runny-feeling
with joy.  I almost oozed into the keyboard at Nigel's first bit, then
rolled on the floor at the last word.  Despite my only two hours of sleep
(soon to be three) in the past 36 hours, I'm going to be unusually chipper
at work tonight.  That or unusually anxious to get home and finish
listening.  Oh, my, I'm happy.  This is even better than lots of little
kittens, a hedgehog, and tackling The Infamous Seth.  Or at least as good... :)

        Off to go try and sleep now, sadly...

* Cousin "Susan" Phoenix * Camera Fanatic of the Thong Throng * LA *
* Charter Unnamed * Cold Shower Sisterhood * SKLed Miklos * Darkest Knightie *
* NatPack Sympathizer * Queen of I Need Sleep * Hot Flash Disguised as a Woman
**Faciemus ut Dewus Mountainus e Tuo Nasone Exeat!**
Date:         Wed, 15 May 1996 11:18:00 PDT
From:         Christine Hawkins <chawkins@n.......>
Subject:      New Game: If FK was written by other authors...

I came across a great game housed on the Babylon 5 humour archive: if B5 was
written by other authors.  In the spirit of sincere flattery (after all,
isn't that what imitation is!) I thought we could adapt this for Forever
Knight.   At any rate, I thought it might lighten the mood as FK faces its
imminent demise.  :-(

So... here are a couple of  suggestions for "If Forever Knight was written
by other authors":

Nick would have lots of flashbacks to bull fights and safaris.
Schanke would have died deep sea fishing.

Nick and LaCroix would have to obey the three laws of "vampirics" and each
episode would involve them getting around these laws
Natalie would have even less of a love life than she has now
Nick would have a destiny predicted by "psychohistory" - and Natalie would
have to shorten the time it takes him to regain his mortality by a thousand
Nick would be able to whammy people by going into their minds and giving
them a little tweak - *so*...
There wouldn't be much action, but a *lot* of exposition. :-)

Please join in everyone - I'm sure you can think of many more!

Christine Hawkins

      ***                Christine.
      ***        c.hawkins@n.......                               ***
      ***  "I Love to cook. Love it, love it, love it"       ***
      ***  -- Don Schanke in "Partners of the Month".***
Date:         Tue, 14 May 1996 19:04:32 -0500
From:         Robbi Egersdorf <egersdor@m.......>
Subject:      Re: Missing fic

Monique wrote:

>Could someone please send me Part 7 & 9 of The thin line between Dark and
>Dawn.  I had a really BAD computer day and proceeded to delete it!  (not to
>mention my hard drive died a horrible death at work and I lost everything!)

I sent her these

Long Live the Knight

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