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Logfile LOG9604A Part 12

April 3-April 4, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9604A" Part 12

	Newbie Questions (3)
	People Poll (9)
	comment on KINDRED
	People poll url
	Nick's first death
	Carouches and Nick
	People poll %s werid!
	That Other Show (2)
	Same room, etc.
	Gerent & Geraint in people poll
	*Please* take the Toronto Tour stuff PRIVATE
	Email Problems!
	IRC FK Chat?
	ADMIN: FK Tour.
	FK:  Dangerous to Aaron Spelling?
	Spell check--"People" poll
	Melrose Place meets The Godfather with Fangs
	Has this happened to anyone else?
	Kindred opinion
	Pretty quiet
	FK flyer
	Jon Cassar's AOL Knight Watch visit!
	Kindling: The Disgraced
	The People Poll..we have arrived!
	REVIEW: "Kindred" pilot vs. "Dark Knight"

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 17:06:01 -0800
From:         John Soo-Hoo <galahad!jsoohoo@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Newbie Questions

>Carouche--I gather it is a vampire who likes to drink animal's blood.  Does
>motivation, then, determine whether one is a carouche?  Or is it the actual
>action--which one drinks--that determines whether one is a carouche?

Nick Knight explains to Nat that a Carouche "is a lesser form of vampire...
it feeds off animals AND vermin).

>Screed--a character no doubt.  One that I have missed.  Since this show is not
>US friendly--ie nobody promotes it, etc, down here--I missed a great deal of
>episodes.  A summary, anyone?

Screed is a Carouche.  Physical description: bald, dressed with the
appearence of a homeless street person.  Feeds off of rat's blood.  Has a
strong English accent.  Has a habit of collecting junk to sell.

>Vacron--another character, no doubt.

Spaniard.  Became a vampire around the time when the Spaniard and Incans
were at war.  Long hair.  Leather jacket type.  What any conservative
father classify as a bum... a fathers worst nightmare when his little
girl brings her "boyfriend" home.  (Come on Tracy, take Vachon home to
show Daddy!)

>Spoiler--a list term, I gather, but still have no clue in what context it is

Spoilers are simply contain facts that can "spoil" the story.  Usually to
people who have not seen the episode.  Kind of like saying "the butler did
it" while someone is intently reading a murder mystery book.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:32:32 -0500
From:         "Cyrille V. Neuman" <neumanc@r.......>
Subject:      People Poll

Just got done casting my People Poll ballot ("Gee, this vote seems to
have a definite FK bias...":)) and things seem to be looking up! Ger's
gotten about 10% of the web vote!  That's pretty impressive!  Let's get
out there and vote and make it even more so! The URL is below for anyone
who may need it.

On Tue, April 2, Carla Pickering wrote:
 Hey all--Annmarie suggested going to the site below to vote fore PEOPLE
mag's most beautiful people. (snip)

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 16:19:00 -0600
From:         Patricia Bozis <prmb@i.......>
Subject:      comment on KINDRED

Hasn't a show about a cop with a vampire for a partner been done....better???

Patricia Bozis
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:44:26 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <Carrie400@a.......>
Subject:      People poll url

Does anyone have the URL for the People Poll thing? I lost mine to the great
black hole that is AOL. Thanks...

Also. I lost all of the URL's for all of the FK pages (weeping) if some kind
doul has these handy (any of them) could I get them and their page titles?
Thanks again.

Angsting Knightie and loather of AOL (currently anyway)
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:02:08 -0500
From:         Sharon Bhandari <sbhanda@e.......>
Subject:      Nick's first death

        I know I reveal newbie-like behavior by asking this question,
but can anyone give me some details about how Nick was brought across?  I
know that he was seduced by Janette and given to LaCroix, but I am
looking for a bit of detail for a piece of fan fiction I am writing.
Some of the questions I have are *Do we know where he was?  Meaning, was
he at a Crusade or was he on "break" (at home)?  How was it exactly his
choice if he was seduced and given to LaCroix?  I am sure I am missing a
lot.  Was he an only son?
        I have quite a few questions.  Would some kind soul with Nick's
background information play "name that fact" with me?


Sharon Bhandari
-probably a Natpacker with either Knightly or Cousinly tendencies
depending on my mood.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:05:39 -0500
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Apology

At 10:51 AM 4/3/96 -0500, Carrie wrote:
>I guess I should apologize again for my last story.

Yes, we have all felt a litte morose lately, but we usually use each other
to feel better. You are an artist, and you must project your feelings
through your talent.  Don't apologize for what you had to do.  However, if
you do it again, I'll chase you with a pitchfork.

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:11:07 -0500
From:         Tammy Stephanie Davis <tsd@u.......>
Subject:      Re: Carouches and Nick

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Wicked One wrote:

> Pat wrote:
> FO>but here goes: since Nicky-boy dines exclusively on bovine blood, doesn't
> FO>that make *him* a carouche?

It's what a vampire *craves* that determines a status/description/whatever.
Nick can drink cow's blood, but as has been demonstrated a zillion times,
he craves human blood.  Screed can drink human blood (as was demonstrated
in MBIAV), but he craves/perfers rat's blood.

And what determines what a vampire will crave depends on who (or what)
is their first kill after they're brought across.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:03:30 -0800
From:         Monique <cmsolis@a.......>
Subject:      People Poll

Well the % of people voting for GWD has increased to 1%!  Better
than before.  All Knighties keep voting and maybe we can bump it up there! No
percentages on NB though.  I thought all the cousins would be showing more
support after all the friendly "bantering" on this list.

Uh, I just entered NB to see what the % was. Yah, that's it, I have NO other
reason or anything, do not take this as anything other than me being curious,
I'm not swaying towards being a cousin, no really, I like Nick.  D*** that
purple thong!  Can't get the picture out of my head.  Okay I admit it!  I
think I may have cousinly tendancies.  Are there any support groups for this?
 Knighties in cousinly denial?  Please help me!!!


*Knightie and member of the KTSG (Knighties thong support group)*
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:15:13 -0800
From:         Monique <cmsolis@a.......>
Subject:      People poll %s werid!

Not the poll just the %'s.  I checked back at the site about 5 minutes
later and using my husands name (he'll kill me for this) voted for GWD
again and was told that 12% of the web agrees with me now.  Is there
something weird with that or what?  From 1%-12% in five minutes?

Does anyone know if this poll will affect who they actually will be
selecting for the shoot?  That would be cool if they had the cast of FK
in the magazine!  Well enough rambling.

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:32:27 -0500
From:         "M. Vrzoc" <vrzoc@s.......>
Subject:      Re: People Poll

I'd love to fill in the People Magazine poll but I just can't find the
URL on the net. Tried Alta-Vista, Webcrawler etc.

Help. Please.

By the way K:TE was not only lousy viewing (shades of godfather with
fangs) but actually boring in parts. This is replacing the Chasm left by

M. Vrzoc (vrzoc@u.......)              | Just a little off the top!
                                       | -- A. Boleyn
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:40:13 -0500
From:         Rebecca Howle <jhhowle@e.......>
Subject:      Re: That Other Show

I tried to actually watch that show tonight, but after the first 5 minutes I
just lost interest. It was too slow and boring. I went into it with an
opened mind and no prejudice about it being a FK ripoff or wanna be.

It really wasn't good, that's my opinion of course.

Hotel Goddess for the Shrewthering, Dark Knightie-all the fun of liking Nick
without all the guilt and angst! Co-owner of some Blue Meanies!
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 19:57:53 -0700
From:         Raissa Devereux <1595@e.......>
Subject:      Re: People Poll

I just looked at the current standings for the poll Garaint Wyn Davies and
Gerent Wyn Davies are listed.

Raissa Devereux
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:00:53 GMT
From:         Misty Hamman <Misty_Hamman@s.......>
Subject:      Re: Same room, etc.

I think writing TV Guide would be an excellent idea
especially with the talented writers subscribed to
this list.  As my email has been touch and go
since last Friday, I am a little behind, so forgive me
if this is nothing new!!

Oh, does anyone have an email address for TV
Guide?  My biggest question is that if there is
an audience for Kindred, why wouldn't there be
one for Forever Knight?
 Misty Hamman           "There is no fear in love;
 Cust Service            but perfect love casteth out fear."
 Saxon Publishers, Inc         -1 John 4:18
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:00:48 -0700
From:         Raissa Devereux <1595@e.......>
Subject:      Re: People Poll

Again, the people url is http://pathfinder.com/people/. click on what's
hot then click on beautiful people poll.

Raissa Devereux
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:27:49 GMT
From:         Misty Hamman <Misty_Hamman@s.......>
Subject:      Re: That Other Show

About FOX--My mom lives in an area where she
picks up a FOX affliate out of Wichita Falls, TX
and they still show FK(before midnight, I believe).
Not only that, they have great commercials
promoting the shows, and they usually advertise
close to and/or during the Highlander show and
commercials. I am sooo jealous b/c the only time
they show it in Midwest City (a mere 1 1/2 hours north)
is at 2:45am Sun on CBS.  Is it too late for other FOX
affliates to help?
 Misty Hamman           "There is no fear in love;
 Cust Service            but perfect love casteth out fear."
 Saxon Publishers, Inc         -1 John 4:18
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:14:18 -0700
From:         Raissa Devereux <1595@e.......>
Subject:      Gerent & Geraint in people poll

Hi Guys,
I emailed people and let them know that Gerent was a misspelling of Geraint.

Raissa Devereux
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:52:08 -0600
From:         "Heather Rigby (Goldeneyes)" <Z_RIGBYHA@t.......>
Subject:      Re: Newbie Questions

>I apologize for being so ignorant in this manner, but because I have not yet
>learned the vampirical jargon, I fail to comprehend 90% of the mail I am

Oh, there is no problem with not knowing things, no problem at all.  Let's
just answer some of these questions of yours.

>Could someone please define the following:
>Carouche--I gather it is a vampire who likes to drink animal's blood.  Does
>motivation, then, determine whether one is a carouche?  Or is it the actual
>action--which one drinks--that determines whether one is a carouche?

Okay, a carouche is a vampire who only desires animal blood.  It has to do
with the first kill a vampire makes.  The carouche are called a lower form
of vampire because of this.

>Screed--a character no doubt.  One that I have missed.  Since this show is not
>US friendly--ie nobody promotes it, etc, down here--I missed a great deal of
>episodes.  A summary, anyone?

Okay, Screed is a Cockney/Australian/something-with-a-funny-accent former
sailor friend of Vachon's.  He is also a carouche who favors rats.  He was
in Blind Faith and Fever, that I know of.  To tell you anything more might
be violating spoiler protection, I don't  know.

>Vacron--another character, no doubt.

His name is Vachon and he is a gorgeous Spanish conquistador who became a
vampire back in the 1600's, I think.  He is also the love intrest/friend of
Tracy Vetter.  His followers are called Vacqueros and Vacqueras.

>Spoiler--a list term, I gather, but still have no clue in what context it
>is used.

Okay, a Spoiler is any discussion of a recent episode.  I'm not sure how
long the spoiler protection is, I just don't talk about third season episodes
at all.  Well, except for that bit about Vachon, and that was like, season
openers, wasn't it?  All spoilers have their own list, I don't remember what
it is called at the moment.

>Thanks again, and pardon my ignorance

Oh, that's no big deal.  Everyone was a newbie once.  I probably still am.

Heather (Goldeneyes)
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:05:34 -0500
From:         Lisa Wolters <MVRJasper@a.......>
Subject:      *Please* take the Toronto Tour stuff PRIVATE

Could I just pipe up for a minute here, being in the itchy mood I'm in, and
ask that the people involved in whatever happened during the tour of filming
sites in TO *please* take it private?

I'm simply not interested, and I'm sure that most of the folks here aren't,
either.  I don't care who was right and who was wrong.  I'm not interested in
speculations from either side as to what did or did not happen.  I plain old
<don't care> what happened.  'Kay?


Lisa W.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:13:20 -0500
From:         Rebecca Howle <jhhowle@e.......>
Subject:      Email Problems!

Yes, I know I posted my new email addy and I know that the service that I am
under has been having problems with their mail server. So please be patient
if you have anything returned to you. This is my new address though, and
hopefully they will have things running smoothly. (What kind of awful email
karma do I have!)

Hotel Goddess for the Shrewthering, Dark Knightie-all the fun of liking Nick
without all the guilt and angst. Co-owner of Blue Meanies.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:16:04 -0500
From:         Rebecca Howle <jhhowle@e.......>
Subject:      IRC FK Chat?

Since I am at a new service I can now go on IRC. Can someone please send me
the info or post it to the list about when it's happening and any other
details I need to know.

Hotel Goddess for the Shrewthering, Dark Knightie-all the fun of liking Nick
without all the guilt and angst. Co-owner of Blue Meanies
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:48:21 -0500
From:         The Phoenix <jap8@c.......>
Subject:      ADMIN: FK Tour.

Hear ye, hear ye.  If you need to complain about the FK Tour broo-ha-ha,
do it somewhere else.

I have spoken.

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:51:18 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <Carrie400@a.......>
Subject:      People Poll

Guys!! I just voted for GWD, CD, NB et al on this poll. GWD is 5th! His name
is spelled wrong and he actually appears twice. 5th and 8th!!! Let's keep up
the voting. Who know's, our boy might push into the lead.

You know, this is quite fun....

Proud Knightie, grinning from ear to ear
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:51:12 -0500
From:         Felicia Bollin <AriCon@a.......>
Subject:      FK:  Dangerous to Aaron Spelling?

My take on the situation (just my two cents):

If Aaron Spelling has much to worry about from James Parriott (NO disrespect
to Jim intended!!!);  I'm sorry, but I just don't buy it.  By and large, I
think the Aaron Spellings worry about the Steven Bochcos and the Stephen J.
Cannells of the production world, not the James Parriotts and the Sam Raimis.
 As has been amply pointed out before on-list as well, no one usually says
that people start killing off other cop or medical shows just to make room
for the competition, because it doesn't have to be that way.  I find, for the
most part in informal conversations, that people who have an appetite for
medical shows and who watch "ER", usually also watch "Chicago Hope", unless
it's a matter of really disliking the actors in one drama as opposed to the

And how many of you read every vampire author there is religiously, no matter
what?  Aren't there some of you who read Elrods that won't read Yarbros, or
Blakes that won't read Goldens, and so on and so forth, merely because you
don't like the writers' styles?  And check just how many among us watch
"Sliders" who watch "American Gothic" who watch "X-Files" who watch "Strange
Luck", and so forth.  All supernaturally-based shows, on which similarities
do occasionally crop up.  I haven't seen anyone who watched the X-Files
"Anasazi" episodes dis "Blackwing" just because it kinda dealt with Native
American spiritualism, or accuse Gillian of having "copied" <G> her concepts.
 I think that for the most part, those who will watch TK would have watched
it anyway;  and the people who won't, won't.  I think most people aren't
going to boycott TK just because it's about vampires and they think it's
replaced FK, but because of other factors, like disliking the shallowness of
A. S.'s productions to begin with (feel free to contradict me by private mail

As far as I know (speaking as the person who only caught the last half-hour
of "the other show" last evening and infuriated herself by mis-setting the
VCR tonight) from what I read, TK rips off (albeit with their permission) the
Masquerade far, far more than it rips off FK.  There's no doubt in my mind
that this was an attempt to capitalize on this trend, more than anything
else.  Someone on the show has obviously *watched* FK;  I don't think there
can be any doubt from their special effects and so forth that they have.  But
the reason *I*  think that Aaron Spelling hasn't decided to capitalize on
_another_ trend, say the current "Magic" game craze instead, is that A. S.
has a prior vested interest in vampires.  I forget the name, but I know
someone on this list can enlighten me;  he did a very short-lived show
somewhere in the 80's, also involving a family of vampires.  I remember
watching it, though I was only in high school so I don't think I stayed up to
do so on a regular basis.  But I just don't believe that Aaron Spelling,
tantalizing though the idea might be, would see himself as being in
competition with FK, which isn't even a network show and doesn't show in
competing time slots nine times out of ten.  If there's a conspiracy theory
to be abounding, I would suspect it would be more likely to involve another
syndicated show.  Other than the fact they're both coincidentally about
vampires, TK and FK don't really have that much in common.  One might almost
as well, imo, say that the X-Files had a vested interest in killing FK.

Of course, I am well prepared to eat these words, if more similarities crop
up once I actually get to watch the travesty <G>.  On a more personal level,
from the half-hour I did see:  To be fair, it's quite pretty, and stylish.
 But as far as substance goes, no way.  It's like a really great-looking suit
of clothes, with absolutely nothing inside.

All opinions above belong, again, solely to the author <VBG>

Felicia Bollin
Token Posting Blonde Ravenette*Immortal Beloved Founder
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 23:14:41 -0500
From:         Pam Maine <mstangel@u.......>
Subject:      Spell check--"People" poll

Well, I finally went over to the web site to vote for the most beautiful
people--and found Ger listed not _once_, but _twice_ in the top ten!!  For
the spelling-impaired, I believe it's _Geraint_ Wyn Davies (I saw it listed
as "Gerent" as well).This is _not_ meant as a flame, but if we manage to
get our spelling act together, he might just _win_ this thing!!

***Angel 0:)***mstangel@a.......***Pam in the "real world"***
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:12:32 -0600
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Melrose Place meets The Godfather with Fangs

>I believe my subject line adequately covers my impressions, in a
>nutshell.  Perhaps "Peyton Place meets The Godfather with Fangs" would
>be even more accurate.

How about "Dallas Does Vampires"?

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 19:21:25 -2055
From:         "L. Katherine Queen" <lqueen@p.......>
Subject:      Newbie Questions

First of all I would like to apologize for any seemingly inane questions
for all you veteran FK viewers.  My only defense is that I have only
recently been addicted to FK and my access to the show is rather limited
due to my location.  Thanks for your patience =)
Now on with the questions.  Have there been any flashbacks as to why
LaCroix decided to bring Nick over in the first place?  How were they
aquainted?  I gather from the flashback in The Human Factor that Janette,
who I have only seen in that episode, had something to do with Nick's
conversion.  What was Nick in 1228, by that I mean, profession or place in
society.  When does the whole show start?  Do any of the episodes show the
first meeting between Natalie and Nick? And finally, is there anybody out
there who might consider loaning, bartering etc. the Dark Knight pilot
episodes to me?  I am sooo frustrated that I had to become so rapturously
addicted to a show that has been so unfairly cancelled in its prime.
Waaaaaa!!  :(

Katherine, tormented viewer.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 23:34:59 -0500
From:         Rebecca Howle <jhhowle@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Has this happened to anyone else?

Lisa Knust wrote:
>        Right now I am bouncing (Becky?) along on about 4 hours of
>sleep.  I could go back to my room and take a nap...but no!  I'm in the
>computer lab reading my e-mail.

Amen! Preach on! My email situation is driving me up the wall. The fact that
I really haven't had too much sleep doesn't help either! Ask Alora she'll
tell you.

The very reason I switched was because of email problems with aol. Now, with
my new service the day I sign on they are having mail server problems. It
has definetly been one of those days that I would just rather forget.

Hotel Goddess for the Shrewthering, Dark Knightie-all the fun of liking Nick
without all the guilt and angst. Co-owner of some Blue Meanies.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 23:43:00 -0500
From:         Cousin Candice <winter@j.......>
Subject:      Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Karen Parker asked:

> >ok. this may sound strange,and dont take it personal, but.....who are you?

And I didn't get a chance to answer before Lady Sushi replied:

> We are Borg.  Resistance is futile.

(damn damn damn ...I can't stop laughing!!)

> Sorry, had to do it.  For the ObFK: We are Tracy.  Gloom is futile.  You
> will be Perkulated.

So, you want to know who I am?  Well, you could go read my resume, but
the site's down till next week so:

Hi, My Name Is:         Cousin Candice

I've been here for 2 and a half years.

As afformentioned I'm a Cousin; which means I dig LaCroix.

Any other questions?

ObFK: Can anyone in the BooneDocks of New York State tell me when I'll
get to see the last four episodes?  Ned, The Alfred Mercs, and I are
getting restless and almost threw some of my sculpture at my television
tonight after giving The Disgrace another shot.

Candice -obsessed by memory, befriended by desire, Cousin by choice
          Toreador by default
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:37:00 -0800
From:         Jackie <ejdjd@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Kindred opinion

At 07:51 AM 4/3/96 EST,Tanya Smith wrote:

>   Lurch shows up outta no where.  You gotta see this guy.  Head dude looks
>e Eddie Munster grown up.  At least Nick and Lecroix both have blonde hair.

        Oddly enough, the actor who played "Lurch", or Daedaleus  Nosferatu
(sic) is the main reason I even tuned in.  It was Jeff Kober from China
Beach!  An old favorite!!

obFK....while viewing this "other show" I managed to finish reading the last
of Hank Wycoff's stories on the FK fiction list...shows just how interested
I was in Kindred: P.S.  Where *is* Hank?


Support your local Attorney....Send your kid to Medical School!
Date:         Thu, 4 Apr 1996 22:03:45 -0700
From:         Lisa Marvin <wyllow@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Pretty quiet

FK has been showing regularly on the FOX network in my area for several months.
It comes on really late at night, like 2:00 a.m. or so, and the time slot
tends to change from week to week.  I've been following it through the last
few weeks of reruns, and I have hoped that Fox will continue on and show
the last four episodes as well.    I have my fingers crossed...!

"Whatever you are, be a good one."
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:49:56 -0600
From:         sowder john mark <sowder@c.......>
Subject:      People Poll

        I just enter my opinions about 10 or so times and now Ger and Deb
are tied for first.  Let's keep voting!

        John M Sowder                           ** Forever Knightie **
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:45:13 +0000
From:         "Julene McDonald ( but i preffer Blondie )" <blondie@g.......>
Subject:      Re: FK flyer

hey i could really use some flyers! please send me your address so i
can get some! thanx!
Cousin Blondie
"Here comes the woman with the look in her eye.
Raised on leather, flesh on her mind..."
-----------------"Devil Inside" (INXS)------------
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 23:49:18 -0500
From:         Marcia Tucker <ScFiMarci@a.......>
Subject:      Jon Cassar's AOL Knight Watch visit!

This past Monday, April 1, director Jon Cassar visited the Knight Watch Chat
in the TV Viewers area  on America Online.  Jon Cassar, who directed seven
Forever Knight episodes, shared anecdotes with the chatters and goodies about
some of the episodes he s been involved with, in particular "Curiouser and
Curiouser" from the 2nd season.  Jon even had some questions for us, like who
our favorite nonregular vampire is, who our favorite captain was, and our
favorite Nick/Nat moment!

Jon will also visit the Knight Watch on Monday, April 22, to discuss the
episode "Dead of Night" which he directed.  Jon also directed "Outside the
Lines" and "Ashes to Ashes" this season.

Because of America Online s regulations about their chat logs, I cannot make
the log of this chat available on my ftp site, but will send the log to
anyone who requests it (which is allowed).  Please put "CASSAR LOG" in the
subject header.  And please be patient - I will wait for a group of requests
to send the log to all at once so I don t go completely mad!  Please note:
this will be an edited log containing only the questions, Jon s answers, and
a few pertinent comments.  (Jon s questions and our answers will be included,

There were more questions asked than Jon had time to answer.  I will be
sending these additional questions to Jon to answer and will post them with
his answers when I get them back from him.

I m still waiting to hear from Fred Mollin on when he will visit the chat
again!  Oh, and I ll be checking with Gillian Horvath to see if she can chat
with us after her episode "Francesca" is shown!

Marcia Tucker
ScFiMarci@a.......  (TVV Marci)
Dark Knightie / Immortal Beloved
AOL Forever Knight Chat Host (Mondays, 11 pm ET, Remote Control Chat Room)
(keyword: TV GOSSIP, double click on The Remote Control)
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:49:54 -0600
From:         "[Heather Poinsett]" <HEP2708@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Kindling: The Disgraced

The only thing that could make this show any worse than it already is ...is
if TORI was on it.

Just my two cents..

*Misty-Eyed Adventuress*
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:52:59 -0600
From:         Crystal Guffey <guffeyc@t.......>
Subject:      The People Poll..we have arrived!

Has anyone taken a look at the People Poll today! Ger is all over it!
Only beaten by David Duchovny! FKers in *almost* every position! This
list really loves the challenge of these things, and we are a force to be
reckoned with! Keep up the good work!!!

Note to Vaqueros! He is on the list...but we need to get even busier!

Crystal, A Vaquera
You may say, I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one...
Date:         Thu, 4 Apr 1996 22:25:07 -0700
From:         Lisa Marvin <wyllow@n.......>
Subject:      Re: REVIEW: "Kindred" pilot vs. "Dark Knight"

I watched the 90 minute pilot of K:tE last night (Tuesday), and then there
was another hour of it shown tonight.  Altogether, there have been 2 and
one-half hours of this new "thing" in one 24 hour period.  Since I'm
absolutely dying to find out what happens in the last episodes of FK,
I'm   *##!!*&++!!IRRITATED#%!!#+!!

"Whatever you are, be a good one."
Date:         Thu, 4 Apr 1996 00:09:04 -0500
From:         Michelle McDonald <mcdonald@m.......>
Subject:      People Poll

FYI-- I just checked out the People "Most Beautiful People" site,
and Geraint Wyn Davies is number 1.

Geriant Wyn Davies, Geriant Wynn Davies, and Geraint Wyn-Davies
are all part of a tie for sixth...


// michelle mcdonald            mcdonald@m.......
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 23:03:30 -0600
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: People Poll

>Again, the people url is http://pathfinder.com/people. click on what's
>hot then click on beautiful people poll.

When I did this a few days ago, the computer told me 0% agreed with me
about Ger, and he didn't show up in the standings. Then I did it again
tonight, and got told 0% again. Then I did it again immediately, and
this time it said 1%! Then, I looked at the standings and here they are:

1.David Duchovny
2.Matt Allen, Geraint Wyn Davies
3.Tom Selleck, Colin Firth, Aeon Munkittrick, Deborah Duchene

So, vote early and often. I don't know if they'll really count duplicate
votes from the same address, but we might as well try. And anyone with
an AOL account can have several different addresses, so if you haven't
used them all, now's a good time to.

BTW, is Aeon Munkittrick a real name? Don't bother replying to that; it's
off-topic anyway.

Go, GER!

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)

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