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Digest - 21 Apr 1996

Sun, 21 Apr 1996

There are 13 messages totalling 682 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Vampire BookWorms,Need you Help!
  2. The V-loop (3)
  3. The Unnamed Faction - Affiliation Pin (2)
  4. Random Thoughts on Syndicon West (LONG) (2)
  5. LaCroix, Now and Then
  6. factions are fun (2)
  7. Tactile Sense
  8. LC's name and Tippi


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 15:11:12 -0230
From:    Jason Ryan <ibe0018@i.......>
Subject: Vampire BookWorms,Need you Help!

        Does anyone know the name of the author who wrote a vampire book
about a vamp. in st-johns, Newfoundland??  I don't know the name of the
book, but a friend told me about it, please mail me off list at my email
address below, thanks.

"La vie pour toujours, ma chere petite"
-Jason Ryan


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 13:49:04 -0400
From:    Apache <lf@c.......>
Subject: The V-loop

        Just a reminder, for the interested (I think the obsessed are
already with us <g> -- )  The V-loop, aka the Vachon Loop, is a place
where we talk about Vachon.  Endlessly.  And Screed, and Urs...

This one's just a private mail loop that is not subject to the rules of
the lists; we include fiction and spoilers, and we permit -- nay,
encourage!--  R-to-NC-17 rated commentary.  Except (chorusing of the
30-odd, and yes, we are odd) members, there are to be No Spoilers about
the last four eps.

Anyone interested, e-me.  I am the person who started it, and I try to
keep the address list current.  It's not a list, though, it's a mail

On the general subject of private loops -- as I said, the reason for mine
is partly to have a place to break listrules, and there's a certain amount
of interpersonal conversation that would be an inappropriate use of
bandwidth on the general lists.  The Natpack has done the same thing, and
I've heard there's a Knightie loop or list.  I don't think it's really a
sad commentary on the state of the lists or anything; it's just finding
the 30 other people who are obsessively interested in the same thing as
you, in a larger community of 1000.  After two mail-system crashes that
ate Everything, I had to face facts and go digest on the larger lists so I
can download and read at leisure.  But I always want to see Vachon stuff
Right Now.

I'm more Perkulatory every day.

Buyin' the world a Coke,



Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 13:01:08 -0500
From:    Lisa Clevenger <lcl366@a.......>
Subject: Re: The V-loop


Since I cannot seem to find your email address, I am breaking the rules and
asking you to email me private like about theVachon mail loop.  I wanna
obess about Vachon too!



Cousine/Valentine Suk


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 13:01:05 -0500
From:    Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject: The Unnamed Faction - Affiliation Pin

Now that we appear to have settled on The Unnamed Faction for the Nick/
LaCroix faction (with Unnamed or The Unnamed as acceptable alternative forms),
what do we do about an affiliation pin?  A nameplate, but with no name on it?
A question mark?  At the moment, a crossed sword and Q-tip appeals to me, but
it doesn't really seem to have quite the right mysterious quality.  Ideas?

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
The Unnamed Faction


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 11:26:02 -0700
From:    "Cynthia J. Hoffman" <choff@v.......>
Subject: Random Thoughts on Syndicon West (LONG)

I went to Syndicon West last weekend.  This is my version of events.  I'm
sure others have theirs.  I'll welcome supplements because I'm currently
suffering from brain like a seive syndrome.  At any rate, everything here
is public stuff and most, although not all of this information, came from
panels.  I have not posted any spoilers here.  There will be times when I
allude to the last three episodes of the season, but I repeat, there are
NO SPOILERS here and I won't be posting any of them to the spoiler list

Denise Underwood offered her room for an FK gathering; Tara Housman
supplied the enthuisasm and I supplied the tapes.  I think Kira supplied
some food, as did some others.  The only other list person who was there
that I remember is Lorelei.  Yes, Nigel appeared at the party and watched
part of Dark Knight with us.

I headed down to the mixer with Tara, and he was coming out the door with
his weekend keeper.  I said something like "figures, just as I get here
the person I want to meet is leaving" and he asked me where the FK party
was.  About 15 minutes later he showed up at the door.  Bits of the party
conversation follow:

Nigel knew about the thong thread, and the purple thong thread, and he
nodded when I mentioned that at one point that the thong had apparently
become edible.  It was impossible to figure out what he thought about it
... but he did want people to know he was still around and listening in.

I got the impression Nigel likes first season the best:  "We did a much
better show that year, didn't we?"  Also, he said he was dead at the end
of Dark Knight and even he doesn't know how they brought him back:  "Those
scorch marks on the door are ME."  He misses Stilife, and kept pointing
out how much better that bar was than the set that got used later on.  And
speaking of the sets ...

The sets have been sold, and the studio is now being used by another
show.  Nigel is of the opinion that FK will never again be a series,
although the two hour movies are a possibility and people are interested
in them.

Nigel did two panels on Saturday, as well as the auction.  The first panel
was his alone.  He took questions (which felt like they were finally
mostly asked by me), showed the second season blooper reel, and then took
more questions.

Nigel of the unfettered tongue did not really live up to his billing ...
I'm sure I'll forget things, but here goes.

After reading the first six scripts of the third season, he called JP and
told him he was going to quit.  He doesn't know what they were thinking
when they let Deb go:  "how was this show supposed to work without
Janette"?  Lisa Ryder is not to blame for Tracy; Ben Bass is not WHOLLY to
blame for Vachon.  Bad writing took its toll early on.

The cast took to calling the retooling of the show "the night of the long
knives" and it was precipitated by Kapelos' leaving because suddenly they
had to cast a new character and the door opened up.  He called it dominos
being played badly, or something like that.

Blu Mankuma was wonderful and the best captain they ever had on the show.

Directing is FUN.  His episode came in under budget.  The final cut
apparently eliminated one of his favorite bits, which included a friend
of his.  He didn't give details.

The earthquake gags in the second season blooper reel come from the fact
that there were traintracks by the studio that used to rattle the place
every hour or so.

There is a third season wrap reel; he doesn't know who has it.

What the cast is doing now:  Deb and Catherine are not currently doing
anything besides commercials and voice overs and dubs.  Deb is once again
talking about leaving the business, Catherine is busy with her son. Ger is
in Santa Barbara, Kapelos is in Los Angeles making movies.

Nigel is scheduled to premiere a play called _The Piper's Son_ in June in
Toronto.  It's a new play about abusive families.  I missed some of these
details.  He didn't know dates of performance yet.

Nigel used to teach Tudor History when he still lived in England.  He
claims to be a stickler for historical accuracy ... too bad he wasn't on
the set the day of the Battle of Hasting screwup.

He's got two advanced degrees:  An honors BA (or the British equivalent)
and a teaching credential, both from University of Wales.  Apparently you
have to major in something else when you do theater there or else it was
his "something to fall back on" so he majored in history, taught for the
requisite time to get his credential, and NEVER wants to teach again -- I
understand that sentiment entirely too well myself.

Kathryn Long is coming back as Divia in spite of the fact that she is now
14 and therefore older than the 12 she was when AMPH was filmed.  She
apparently doesn't look that much older now than she did then.  Nigel said
she was "wonderful" and that the episode, Ashes to Ashes is dynamite and
will make the Knighties very happy.

He also mentioned that he worked every day that the episode was being
filmed, which I think makes this episode the one he'll appear in most in
the entire canon.

Shakespeare:  Nigel has performed in Shakespeare plays only twice:
Macbeth where he played the combined servants with the exception of the
Porter, and Merchant of Venice where he played Antonio.  I meant to ask
him if he thought Antonio was in love with Bassanio, but forgot.

Nigel will be at Syndicon East in Baltimore, May 10-12.

He confirmed that Deb left FK because they wanted to reduce her contract;
he fully supported her decision to walk on them because they had insulted
her pretty badly.

He went golfing out at Half Moon Bay and gleefully got a sunburn for the
first time in four years since the makeup people won't be able to scream
at him now.

"Star Command" was a favor to a friend because after filming was completed
they were shy ten minutes.  When told that they were hoping the show would
be picked up as a series, Nigel says he nodded politely and then snickered
and said to himself "I hope not."

Regarding the books he's writing with Pat Elrod.  They have a contract for
three of them, and their vampire is named Richard Dun (nee Richard
D'Orleans).  He is literally, the keeper of the king, as in guardian of
Arthur the warlord and then later on guardian to the rightful plantagenet
heir to the throne (Richard III's illegitimate? son).  Nigel did a cold
reading of two separate chapters of the book and it sounds quite good.
It's due out in October. At one point someone made a joke about Lancelot
that gave me the impression that perhaps their vampire is going to have
been Lancelot ... not sure about this ... Denise?

He knew about Lacroix Lite and joked that in the first five or six
episodes it wasn't just Lacroix Lite, it was Lacroix Ultra Lite and he
hated it.

He apparently had ideas that if the show were done right, there were
stories that would go for five or six seasons, exploring all that history
and he's disappointed that it didn't go that way.  When asked if he would
do "Forever Lacroix" or something like that, he said YES, if it were done


For whatever reason, the people organising did an autograph session with
B5 and Silk Stalkings people just before the auction started and then the
first stuff to be auctioned was autographed photos ... can you say
stupid?  I thought you could.  At any rate, the guy who does some of the
fight coordination for Highlander, TJ somethingorother I think, did his
best, but the auction didn't get interesting until Nigel showed up.  That
man could sell the Brooklyn Bridge, I kid you not.

First up was a crew vest/jacket from the second season.  It was a down
vest with red lettering on the front and back (I wasn't all that fond of
it, actually ... ) that was his (even had his name in the inside
collar).  Denise Underwood apparently decided once the bidding started
that it was hers, and low and behold, many hundreds of dollars later, it

He auctioned off two black hats that had nothing on them except his sweat
for 45 and 60 bucks apiece and then he auctioned a sweatshirt he was
wearing ... didn't notice the price it went for because I was busy paying
for scripts, but when he took off the shirt to give it whoever bought it,
he had another one on underneath ... of course.  He auctioned a few CD's
(that he signed), saying it was great mood music but he didn't know what
kind of mood it was great for.  He auctioned off some artwork and a few
t-shirts that fans had donated.

Scripts:  he brought Can't Run Can't Hide and Near Death and I got them
both (with a little help ...).  They went for $75 and $375 respectively.
Nigel was stunned that Can't Run went so low and told me when he handed it
to me that the last script he'd auctioned off had gone for $1000.

He auctioned other stuff, but nothing specific to the show.  It's clear
he's saving the good stuff for October.  I have a partial list of what's
going up at that time that I'll hammer out at some point.

And again, Nigel is now scheduled to be at Syndicon East in Baltimore, May
10-12.  I watched him making travel arrangements with the Con people so I
know this for sure.  Pat Elrod will be there with him for some panels and
if he does any more readings from their book, I want tapes!



Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 11:34:04 -0700
From:    LC Fenster <lucienlc@i.......>
Subject: Re: LaCroix, Now and Then

Christine wrote:

>*Long Post Alert! Character Dissection! Read at your own risk!*

Great!  Haven't had one in a long time!  Missed 'em!

>Lacroix.        I came in, as I've mentioned before, during the first

As I've said, often, when you came in strongly affects your view of LC.
There are almost no first season Cousins, except Cousin Lisa, and she
became a Cousin more because she liked Nigel than because of LC. Most
Cousins became fans during second or third season.  (Mostly second.)

Me, I'm another one of the Father's Day Cousins;  I got hooked on FK
during the episode Father's Day.  I'm not into the show for Nick's
quest for mortality;  it was the dysfunctional family thing that
grabbed me.

>with LC buying it in the second half of Dark Knight, with no >hint
>that he would ever return.  He wasn't a likeable guy during that
>episode, but he wasn't the irredeemable nasty he was later painted to

One reason why I've always maintained that the LC we see in flashbacks
is Nick's perception and therefore not to be trusted (no, I'm not
getting into that argument again).

>And then there was LOVE YOU TO DEATH.

>        Mean, mean, mean. That's all that needs to be said.

I think there's a great deal more to be said.  Nick killed Sylvaine.
NICK.  NOT LaCroix.  Yes, LC manipulated him, made him doubt her
"purity"  -- but so what?  Regardless of whether what LC said about her
was true, did that make it all right for Nick to kill her?

Furthermore, when Nick walks into the room, he hasn't decided one way
or the other what he's going to do.  He doesn't decide to kill her
until she makes a pass at him.   In fact, he starts to leave the room,
and it is Sylvaine who stops him.  Ultimately, Nick kills her, NOT
because of what LC said, but because she was foolish enough to tell him
she found him attractive.  Because Nick hates himself so much that he
assumed that anyone who could find something in him to like, much less
love, must be evil themselves and hence deserving of death.  *Purity
cannot stand evil, unless -- it's not really purity* (paraphrasing
roughly).  Yes, he blames LC, and LC takes the credit/blame, but the
fault is really Nick's.

And it's a good thing for Natalie that he changed his attitude before
he met her! <g>

>        I missed Killer Instinct, and Father's Day, for a long
>time---the next ep I got to see was FATE WORSE THAN DEATH. The last
>scene, with Janette & Nick talking about living in captivity,
>simultaneously wrenches your heart and makes you hate Lacroix even

Why?  He saved Janette from a horrible existence.  She's never found
her *captivity* so onerous.  I didn't have any such reaction to it.

>        He's still a rotten psychopathic vampire.

Why?  What makes him a psychopathic vampire?  He'd be a psychopathic
human being perhaps, but he's NOT human.  Different standards apply.
Imv, he's a pretty psychologically healthy vampire, except for that
one, *teeny* blind spot:  Nick.  Whenever Nick threatens to leave him,
LC becomes totally irrational because of his obsessive love and fear of
abandonment, and then all bets are off.  The rest of the time, he leads
a pretty ordinary vampiric life, from all indications.

Marina said:

>I think whatever LaCroix does is motivated by what he considers to
>be the best thing for Nick (or Janette, or whomever).

Precisely!   His son is trying to commit suicide; he's trying to stop

>When LaCroix let his army have its way with the women
>of Gaul, it seems kind of shocking, but later he points out to Divia
>the strategy he employed when he did that.

Which brings up an important point:  we have to look at actions in the
context of their time.  There was nothing wrong with what General
Lucius did, according to the morays of that time frame.  (Heck, the
Serbian Chetniks just did the same to the Bosnian women in this decade,
and for much the same reasons.  Difference is, now we're sickened and
appalled by it, whereas in the first century, it was unexceptional.)

Human life was regarded as cheap for most of its existence.  And it
wasn't until this century that realistic alternatives existed for
vampire feeding apart from killing mortals.  LaCroix was killing for
over a thousand years before he even created Nick.  Imagine what it
would do the psyche to suddenly decide that all that killing had been
*wrong*.  It wouldn't be possible to live with the guilt involved.
Look at all the trouble Nick has, in a far shorter time frame.  LaCroix
can't *afford* psychologically, to second-guess himself.

>> I personally think that LaCroix's worldview is *different* from
>Nick's. And just because it's different doesn't make it wrong, or make
>uncle evil.

I totally agree.

Catherine wrote:

>So when I got the opportunity to watch the first and second seasons,
>I'd already kind of had a picture in my mind, and therefore gave
>Lacroix oodles and oodles of slack, always.

Again, I think everyone who saw second season first did.

>And 90% of the time, his cruel
>gestures are just him taking any and all measures he can to make sure
>Nick doesn't become mortal, and to try to convince him that it's a bad
>idea.  Because above all else, LC wants Nick to live.  He can grow out
>of this mortal phase, he can love LC or hate him as he chooses, but
>he'd better darn well be alive to do it!

Well, I think sometimes it's not that deliberately thought out.  I
think it's an emotional panic - I _won't_ let him (Nick) leave me!
It's that fear, imo, which has provoked virtually all of the acts
committed by LC that we, as mortals, find most despicable.

>Yes, he's manipulative.  He doesn't even try to hide it.  Yes, he's a
>control freak.  I think I would be too, if I had a child who liked to
>play in the middle of the street every time he was left alone. ;)

Yes.  I think sometimes LC is trying to protect Nick from himself;
sometimes he is trying to teach him;  and sometimes it's just jealous
rage/panic that provokes his actions.  I find him a very complicated
character, and one driven by a number of different forces.

>Oh, and as far as BMV and romantic natures go...: One more hopeless,
>hapless, helpless romantic present and accounted for! :)

Add me to the list! <g>

Christine wrote:
>> character for him in FEVER, but showing Nat the body and trying to
>>lay a  guilt trip on her was out of line.

Catherine wrote:
>Well, I think he blamed Nat, being the paragon of Modern Science, for

I think (really), it was a convenient plot device <g> to get the body
there, so they'd find the cure.  But, if we have to assign logical
meaning to it, I kind of think he was trying to shock Nat, and punish
her, and by extension, modern science and technology, which she
represents to Nick and LC.  After all, it was modern science which had
created this first real threat to the vampire race.  And remember,
LaCroix was bitter, and with every right to be:  he was dying (as far
as he knew), and watching his entire family and race die.  And
Christine is complaining because he was mean to Nat?  Cut the man a
little slack!  Sure, Nat wasn't personally responsible, but it was
people like her, with the same attitude toward science, who were.

>and Janette have had such bad records creating children: Lacroix may
>be subtly making sure (however he can, I don't pretend to know if it's
>all mental or physical or what) that they aren't able to, or not very

I like it!  Never thought of it that way, but maybe it's possible.

>Ah, but that's the beauty of FK!  As much as the characters want to
>believe it, there is no good, and there is no evil.  (There is only
>Zool?  No.)  There are only people.  (Ah.  Much better.)

Precisely.  No "heros"; no "villains";  just a bunch of complicated,
three dimensional characters with a host of problems.

Lisa wrote:
>I've always felt that LaCroix, at the heart of it all, is very
>lonely.  His constant attempts to get Nick to accept him and stay
>with him are, to me, the actions of someone who is very much afraid
>of being left alone.

Totally agree.  Which is one reason why I think their relationship has
been more amicable of late.  Nick isn't trying to leave, and he's
allowing LC to be a part of his life. Hence, LC doesn't feel

As always, my two cents.

Cousin LaurieCF


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 11:54:31 -0700
From:    Jackie <ejdjd@i.......>
Subject: Re: The V-loop

At 01:49 PM 4/21/96 -0400, Laura wrote:
The Natpack has done the same thing, and I've heard there's a Knightie loop
or list.

        Is there a Ravenette loop?

Support your local Attorney....Send your kid to Medical School!


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 15:38:02 -0400
From:    Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@p.......>
Subject: Re: factions are fun

On Apr 21, 1996 13:07:37, 'Starsk13@a.......' wrote:

>Stil floundering around tryign to get the hang of this e-mail stuff.

Trust me... it gets easier with time.

>But it
>DID say I had no mail when I DID have mail I hadn't read or known about...

Bad AOL!  No biscuit...

I don't know how you can be having trouble w/the GNN access and not the AOL
access when it's the same number.  Gotta be a problem with GNN.  If I think
of it, I'll see if I can't find a couple GNN people on the list and ask 'em
what the deal is.

Meanwhile... t minus 48 hours to Toronto, and I suddenly have no place to
stay.  Problems w/fire codes and such.  Now I'm scrambling to find someone
else's floor to sleep on... prompting the following maxim:  Thou Shalt Not
Worry About What One Shalt Wear To The Play Until One Is Certain One Has A
Place To Sleep Afterwards.

Another one I've discovered:  That Which Is Cut Too Short Shall Be Bleached
Blonde For Contrast.  Yeah, I shredded my bangs.  But I figure, if I
lighten 'em, they'll be harder to see...  I opted for braids instead of
that perm.  And a good thing, too, since with the Room Thing, I will need
every single penny I have...

Such is Jamie's life.  Argh.

HEY!  Lissen, on that same tape that you're taping FK for me next week
on... can you tape X-Files for me, too?  Assuming that you're not taping it
for yourself...  It's the Skinner ep, y'see. :-)

Don't forget to keep an eye out for tix on sale for the Garden... remember,
I won't even be home next week... not that it'll do either of us any good;
who's gonna have the extra cash to spring for 'em? :-)   I haven't been to
AOL lately.  Any word on how fast the Detroit show went?  Or any more on
the tour?

E-mailed KISSNATION yet?   :-)  Tell 'im the Tattooed Wonder says hi. :-)

More later.  Well, what did you expect from the e-mail master of the

------- Jamie M.R. <immajer@p.......> -------
--------- Assistant Listowner, FORKNI-L ---------
-Illustrated Webgoddess & Keeper of Warm Fuzzies-
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Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 15:53:48 -0400
From:    Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@p.......>
Subject: Re: factions are fun

Top Ten Ways In Which The Asst. Listowner Is A Moron:

(#10 - #2 left blank for reader input)

#1:  Knowing that she has a mailer that glitches with amazing regularity,
and NOT triple-checking the header before hitting 'send'.

That previous post was obviously and totally not meant for this (or any!)
list.  Sorrysorrysorry.

If I commit fiction tonight, will you forgive me?

Jamie M.R., who is off to wash the bleach out of her hair and curse at her
mail software.


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 15:20:46 CST
From:    Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject: Re: Tactile Sense

FO>I don't think that their tacitle senses are dulled at all.  I attribute
FO>their insensitivity to some pain a function of the fact that the wounds
FO>inflicted by... say a gunshot wound aren't life threatening.  They could be
FO>compared to a mortal with a minor cut.  They do seem to feel a great deal

There was some ep where Nick got shot... I think it's FATHER FIGURE... I
think.  Anyway, Nat takes the bullet out and he winces.  She's so proud
of him for being able to feel pain!  I was completely baffled, as I only
saw this first season ep recently.  Has there been any other mention of
whether or not they feel pain?

Wicked Cousin Tippi
Join the Thong Throng!


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 15:24:34 CST
From:    Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject: LC's name and Tippi

You know, that caught my eye too!

FO>        Actually, I know one Wicked Cousin who ought to appreciate your
FO>suggestion immensely. <g> Now, how did that Roman naming system work?  Which
FO>name was modified for female descendents?  And how, exactly?  <g> I mean, yo
FO>did just suggest "Lucius Qus *Tippius*," didn't you? <g>

I *like* it!  Cousin Phoenix recently did a translation thing for my
middle name, and I forgot what it was, but at least now I don't have to
wonder where the hell "TIPPI" came from!

Wicked Cousin Tippi
Join the Thong Throng!


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 15:38:54 CST
From:    Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject: The Unnamed Faction - Affiliation Pin

5 Lines.  Pfft!  Hmm.  Good question Margie!  Most of my suggestions are
too lewd so I guess I'll go post em on the SKL loop!

Wicked Cousin Tippi
The Thong loves you!


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 13:43:19 -0700
From:    Denise Underwood <ithildin@m.......>
Subject: Re: Random Thoughts on Syndicon West (LONG)

> I headed down to the mixer with Tara, and he was coming out the door with
> his weekend keeper.  I said something like "figures, just as I get here
> the person I want to meet is leaving"

I was at the mixer, then just after I arrived, he left. Someone next to
me said "Oh, he's going to some FK party upstairs" Clewless as I am, it
never occured he was going to my party. Someone had to tell me "your
party, shouldn't you be going?" at which point I ran for the room!

 The first panel
> was his alone.  He took questions (which felt like they were finally
> mostly asked by me)

But Cynthia, they were great questions, you asked everything I would
have asked! The only other things I remember was a question about him
playing Richard if "Keeper of the King" is made into a movie, he said
he thought he was to old for the part, to which Pat Elrod in the
audience shouted "We can rewrite!" Also that he will be the model for
the bookcover. He also mentioned how much all the gifts received at the
set in the last days meant to everyone, especially the crew.

> He went golfing out at Half Moon Bay and gleefully got a sunburn

I have never seen anyone so happy to have sunburn, he even took his
watch off so we could see just how sunburned he was!

> gave me the impression that perhaps their vampire is going to have
> been Lancelot ... not sure about this ... Denise?

Yes, Richard is/was Lancelot

  Denise Underwood apparently decided once the bidding started
> that it (the vest) was hers

Actually, it's the first time I have ever been the high bidder at an
auction. Usually, the prices for this sort of thing never go below
$500, and I figured this would be way up there, did not stand a chance.
I was pleasantly shocked that I got it, truly never expected to. It's
got nice big embroidery on the back with Forever Knight and a Raven,
and Nigel was kind enough to sign it for me. I shall wear it this
winter at work, our warehouse is always sooo cold! I also have promised
various Cousins that they can wear it to, and not just because they
have threatened me with bodily harm! (sound familiar Cousin Dee?)

Thats all I remember, need to watch the videotape.... looking forward
to "Bridge the Knight" in October

Denise, The Cousinly Ravenette
~Control, control, You must learn control!~ Yoda


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 21 Apr 1996

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