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Digest - 14 Jan 1996 to 15 Jan 1996 - Special issue

Mon, 15 Jan 1996

There are 26 messages totalling 1005 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. forkni-l comment
  2. List Party Thank You! :-)
  3. Fk good deed
  4. What do we want?
  5. Coming to America:-)
  6. AStrings (no real spoilers)
  7. More on Hauntings/Tangled Web
  8. Flyers, flyers everywhere! (2)
  9. Vampirology help needed (4)
 10. One more thing about Ger's note (2)
 11. Fwd: Ger speaks out re Cancellation
 12. <No subject given>
 13. Women & TV, YKYB...
 14. Possible Screed Sighting (2)
 15. on being careful what you ask for
 16. WNYW & Strings (No Spoilers)
 17. Voodoo Offering, Flyers Distributed
 18. LOCATIONS List Distribution Test
 19. Custard Party Quote List.
 20. Timing (Grr!)


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 14:55:58 -0800
From:    Bonnie Pardoe <bonnie@o.......>
Subject: forkni-l comment

Based on what the President of the Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club said, I think
that if we are to continue the SOS-FK movement, then WE should look finding
some company to replace USA financial support.  Ger is right that a poorly
funded show would not give us the quality that we are seeking to save and
that the actors would not be happy in such a situation.

Someone mentioned Steven Speilberg's Dreamworks company.  Has anyone
contacted them?  Any other bright ideas?

Bonnie  <:-[


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 14:31:02 -0800
From:    Dianne Therese DeSha <desha@b.......>
Subject: List Party Thank You! :-)

A big thank you to Cherri Munoz for her great party last night.
She made up Raven-labeled wine bottles for each guest and had
lots of good food, plenty of sock ammo, and all the best eps on
tape for her big-screen tv... what more could you ask for? :-)

Highlights included:

Seeing the original "Nick Knight" movie... Alyce with a brain!  What
a concept!  For the very first time I wasn't yelling at the screen:
"The cup or the girl?  Is this a _trick question_?  The *cup*, the *CUP*
you idiot!!!" :-)

Catherine seeing "Uncle's" hair lit up green in the control booth
one too many times in an evening and starting to make snide little
"*Chia Pet*" comments... <vbg>

Angela's attempt at pushing the envelope in terms of FK-party
recipies by creating and serving *Chocolate-Covered Spam Cubes*...
(I jest not.  I even ate one-- really o.k.... until you make the
terrible mistake of _thinking_ about what you're doing mid-bite!
[of course _Catherine_ asked for *seconds*! <ewwwwww!<wg>])

Tasting ribena for the first time-- I had barely a sip and I think
I'm *still* on a sugar high...

"Sock"ing the *&^% out of the USA logo at the end of Strings
   (*My* that felt good! :-)

(And you gotta love any hostess who bribes the attending Merc
with chocolate just on general principle! :-)))

*Thanks Cherri!*  It was fun! :-)

The Mad Digester :-)   -*-   NATPE Carpool Coordinator
Dianne la Mercenaire...   -*-   <moonlight@c.......>
"I hope you'll pardon us if we continue to crusade. :)" -- Jaye
*Web info: http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
*Daily digest/list-summary email loop:  moonlight@c.......


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 18:10:32 -0500
From:    Lisa Clevenger <Sukhmet@a.......>
Subject: Re: Fk good deed

Okay guys I did it.

I did my Fk spread the word good deed for the day.  I was changing my Long
distance service at the Wal-Mart( don't laugh)  When we were talking, FK came
up( as usual)  She siad she had just started watching. I told her if she
contacted me I could bring her up to speed and tape 3rd season episodes for
her( email if you want it for yourself)  I mentioned the cancellation, and
she freaked.  I gave her the pertaint info and she promised to write.

(cousin) Lisa C


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 18:19:24 -0500
From:    Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject: What do we want?

Hmm, I've been pondering the message relayed from Ger's fan club
president, Rosemary Shad.  I guess it's hard to communicate things
through several intermediaries, but I hope the "Save Our Show" campaign
is both doing what it should do (I think so) and being perceived
accurately (I hope so).

What do we want out of this campaign?  Here's *my* personal list:

1.  No matter what happens, to let the cast and crew of the show know that
we love their work & are eternally grateful for the thought-provoking and
enthralling show they've given us over the past few years.

2.  To convince TriStar and the other Powers That Be that FK is a good
investment worth renewing with an adequate budget to do a bang-up job on
a 4th season.

Forever Knight has introduced me to the fine acting skills of the entire
cast, and I will continue to follow their work for years no matter what
happens to FK.  And no matter what happens, the funds raised in the
charity drive will stand as a testament to the fans' love of the show.

* Allison Percy, a perky Knightie            percy91@w.......          *
*    __o     Pedal for Forever Knight & the Pediatric AIDS Foundation! *
*  _`\<,_    Contact me at percy91@w....... to find out       *
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Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 00:38:54 +0100
From:    Daniela Kappes und Thomas Wibbeling <daniela.kappes@b.......>
Subject: Coming to America:-)


I hope I'm not violating any listrules by posting this but if so I hope the
GREAT LISTOWNER will pardon me:-)

I've been on the list for six months now and very much enjoyed my 'stay'
here and thus would really like to meet some of you -  so here comes my request:
wondering if there's anybody out there who would like to meet with me.
I'll be coming through San Fransico, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and
lot of other cities on that route.
As I'll be having a car at my disposal, transportation will not be a problem
- and I would enjoy spending an evening in the company of a fan as crazy
about FK as myself!

If you like I could bring my set of German episodes - including the original
pilot *Nick Knight*...

Please, e-mail me for the details,

                                        Hoping to get a lot of responses, Dana

   *****************************   E-mail: daniela.kappes@b.......
   *  Daniela Kappes           *
   *  Heinrich-Kaempchen-Str.2 *   NICK KNIGHT HOMEPAGE:
   *  46242 Bottrop            *   www.dortmund.netsurf.de/~lkoch/thomas.html



Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 16:00:17 -0800
From:    "Andrew E. Nystrom" <wo991@f.......>
Subject: AStrings (no real spoilers)

 I found the main plot so-so (the basic idea had been doine before in
fresher ways),. and I had a probelem with the police men's lack of security
 preacautions during one secene (if you've seen the episode you know whatg I'm
referring to).
 However, for once I actually liike Tracey. She seemed smarter and more
assertive tyhan in previous episodes, and they actually gave her something
 useful to do.



Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 18:56:16 EST
From:    Karen Tobin <ktobin@t.......>
Subject: More on Hauntings/Tangled Web

Heard form TangledWeb Audio again....twice! They really seem nice AND

First, regarding the status of Tangled Wena dn the rumours of their
imminent demise:

 On 13 Jan 96 at 7:56, tangled web audio wrote:

> Karen,
> Thank you for the information. I will follow it up. I have just
> called the 800 number now and it is disconnected (it was supposed to
> be transferred to our lines!) I appreciate your assistance and
> thanks for spreading the word. Best wishes, Linda J

I also received this. Nothing new to us, but I thought it was nice
that she took an interest (and read my sig!)

>Just wanted to mention --

>Forever Knight was up in the air last week but they have decided to go
>ahead and make more episodes -- I don't know if that will be enough
>for reruns or not. Anyway, they will be shooting for the next 6 weeks.
>Geraint is apparently moving to California when it is done, so maybe
>we will be seeing him in more stuff -- no word on that.

Karen, Knightie/Heartbreaker/FFFROG ktobin@t......., KarenT1228@a.......)
Reference Librarian of the Save Forever Knight Campaign
Forever Knight has been cancelled. To help,  email me
and/or visit: http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 20:03:08 PST
From:    Sherri Lynn Godsey <us011164@p.......>
Subject: Flyers, flyers everywhere!

Well, I didn't have a "stack" of flyers with me on my trip to Seattle, but I
took a handful of "text" only flyers (with a nice header) that explained the
situation (succinctly), gave Feltheimer's address and FAX, and our SOS
webpage for anyone interested in helping.  I gave one to the reservationist
at DFW airport, left one by a phone, one in the ladies room, several in the
waiting lounge, one on a magazine rack in the gift shop, two in the seat
pockets on the airplane, and gave one to the stewardess as I got off the
plane.  In Seattle I left one on a coffee shop window sill laden with trendy,
area newspapers, and seven in the University of Washington library (xerox
room, ladies room, reading desks, one by the research monitor, and even stuck
one on the wall of a prominent stairwell leading to the main floor).  At the
hotel I left a couple for housekeeping, with a note thanking them for a
nicely kept room, gave one to the clerk as I checked out, and left one by
their telephones.  Left a couple of more at the Seattle airport, one in the
pocket on the return flight, and several in the Supershuttle that brought me
home.  Not many, and oddly placed, so I have no idea if this will garner a
single letter -- but if even one person writes, it was worth it.
Unfortunately, the Seattle airing time is something like 1:00 a.m., so it
was difficult to find anyone who actually watches.  But then, isn't that the
problem to begin with?  Well -- now I'm going to generate a stack of flyers
and do them locally.

I *still* think airports are a great concept for hitting the masses.  Several
people armed with scotch tape and a mass of flyers (carry in a book bag, no
one will notice) could hit all those nooks and crannies in one fell swoop.
There are plenty of waiting lounges with lots of bored people sitting around.
If nothing else, a sudden pelt of anonymous flyers directing people to the
webpage and Feltheimer might make news somewhere.  Wouldn't hurt anything,
and a few people might pick up on it.  Comments?

As I've told the other Dallas area listers, coffee-houses, libraries, and
community colleges are another prospect.

While on the flight, I wrote brightly colored postcards (thanks for the
cards, Lisa!) to about 12 sponsors, 2 to Jeff Jarvis (TV Guide), one to
Toronto Star, several to other folks at TriStar besides Feltheimer (asking
them to encourage him to change his mind), one to Sony, one to AOL, and even
a couple to stations in Ohio and Kentucky which someone posted (didn't
address them, let them think I was a local fan on a business trip out of
town).  No one liners -- all written in tiny script with details as to why I
was requesting FK be requested or picked up or aired or whatever the specific
addressee needed to hear.  Drops added to the bucket.....

Just a word to those who were waiting for "Hauntings" by Ger -- mine came
while I was gone.  I'm listening to that wonderful voice even as I type!
Susan Jones (I've been e-mailing her with info re: the situation, and I've
been constantly calling her Linda!  Is there more than one Jones there?)
included a business card:   Susan E. Jones, Director of Administration, 000
Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx XXX XXX, Tel. (000) 000-0000,
FAX (000) 000-0000, e-mail: tangled@n.......

So if anyone else wants to order this marvelous tape by Ger, Susan will be
more than happy to take your orders.  I trust those who had a problem in
communications have gotten it taken care of?

I seem to have missed the list regarding FK appreciation week -- exactly what
does it entail?  Also, does anyone have a list of call numbers and addresses
for the various syndications around the country that have shown support for
FK and indicated they will ask for it?  I'd like to send them thank you
cards; even if I'm not in their viewing area, it might not hurt to let them
see that there is support for the show "all over".

Sorry for such a lengthy post; this is catch up.  I now need to digest the
digest in more details and see if I have further questions...


**Sherri Lynn Godsey, Founding Member SFKS. us011164@p....... --
"Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had
such friends" in Forever Knight. SAVE FK! Write for info re SOS webpage**


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 20:53:51 -0500
From:    Sally Williams <scu11i@n.......>
Subject: Vampirology help needed

Hi all!  I'm writing a story (FKfic) and I am sadly undereducated about
some of the details of vampire biology.  (I missed the first and second
seasons altogether.) It would be a great help if anyone could answer these
questions for me:

1)  How does cold affect vampires, if at all?  Can they freeze?
2)  Do they have heartbeats?  I assume the heart is important b/c of that
stake business, but what does it do, exactly, if it doesn't beat?
3)  How important is the quality of the blood a vampire drinks?  For
instance, if a human has been sick, or starved, will the blood be "not good
enough" or poison the vampire?  What happens to the vampire if she or he
drinks bad blood? Can it kill them?
4)   Can a vampire starve? What happens to them if they do? (i.e. dry up,
get weak, can't fly, etc.)  If another vampire was around, could they avoid
starvation by drinking from each other, or would they eventually run dry
without any humans around
5)  Can a vampire bite someone and drink their blood and not kill them?
How often can they do that with the same person?  What sort of "psychic"
connection, if any,  would this create between the vampire and the human?
Would it be a permanent connection or would it wear off if the vamp stopped
biting them?
6)  Why can't vampires have sex with humans?
7)  Why coffins?  Does there have to be dirt inside?  Or do they sleep at
all?   Do they just have to stay out of the sun, or do they have to crash
like Bram Stoker's vampires, and don't wake up easily?

Any help with these questions will be greatly appreciated -- as will any
other details of vampire biology, or just directions to a site that might
have info like this.  Thanks *very* much in advance!  Sally =)=


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 21:53:24 -0500
From:    "Sharon A. Himmanen" <romana@p.......>
Subject: One more thing about Ger's note

I forgot to add the most important thing to Ger's note.

At this point, I don't think we could or should stop our efforts.  We've
come too far, done too much, and spent too much money to stop now.  Nor do
I think Ger's note was a call for us to stop.

Even if everyone on this list stopped, there are hundreds, possibly
thousands of people who are just getting the word about the cancellation
now.  I don't think we *can* stop this at this point.

Sharon Himmanen * romana@p........  Forever Knight has been cancelled.
To help save it, check out
http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html or send me email


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 21:50:26 -0500
From:    "Sharon A. Himmanen" <romana@p.......>
Subject: Re: Fwd: Ger speaks out re Cancellation

OK, here's my take on what Ger said about FK and a 4th season.

I have to admit I was slightly encouraged by his note.  First of all,
nowhere in there did he say he *wasn't* interested in a 4th season, only
that he had some reservation, and they are legitimate reservations.
However, i think that if TriStar is going to do this, they can't
conceivably do this for less than they're doing it now.  There's no way the
syndicates would stand for it, particularly if we put a little pressure on
them (should we get a 4th season, of course).

The most encouraging thing to me, however, was that bit about the contracts
being held over until June.  Ger seemed to indicate that this was due to
us.  It seems to me, and please, someone with more knowledge about
contracts please correct me if I'm wrong, that *if* TriStar were absolutely
dead set against a 4th season, and there was no changing their minds, the
actors would know for certain that they were cut loose as of the end of
filming.  The fact that TriStar hasn't given them a definitive answer
suggests to me that TriStar hasn't made up it's mind yet.  It might also be
that we're having some effect, and they're waiting to see what happens at
NATPE (which makes what happens there doubly important).

The last thing I would ever want to do is screw over the actors with this.
If they were to come out and say they weren't interested in a 4th season
I'd drop this whole thing like a hot potato.  IMO that hasn't been said-Ger
just clued us in to a very legitimate concern regarding the budget.

One thing I would strongly urge people about:  If you, after consideration,
think that we shouldn't pursue a 4th season, PLEASE continue trying to get
people to donate to charity and/or participate in blood drives.  Regardless
of how this turns out, those two aspects of this are the best things we've
done and we shouldn't stop those at least.

Just my $0.02.


Sharon Himmanen * romana@p........  Forever Knight has been cancelled.
To help save it, check out
http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html or send me email


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 19:29:43 -0800
From:    Dianne Therese De Sha <maeve@m.......>
Subject: <No subject given>

>From Nalemo@a....... Sun Jan 14 19:15 PST 1996
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 22:15:39 -0500
From: Nalemo@a.......
To: maeve@d.......
Subject: Re: loop 0
Sender: maeve

You may have already seen these, but here goes (excuse the typos):

The Boston Herald, Jan. 14, 1996

Vampire "Knight" Isn't Immortal - by Gayle Fee & Laura Raposa

Not even a massive mobilization on the Internet (headquartered in Boston)
will save the syndicated cult TV show "Forever Knight."

But don't tell the 2,000-plus on-line Knight-fever sufferers who have
accessed the SaveForeverKnight web page to bemoan the demise of the
Fox-TV-USA Network sci-fi show.

"We're hoping to find the show another home," said SaveForeverKnight-ite Cal
Montgomery who called to tell us about a letter-writing campaign to TriStar
Television, the "Forever Knight" "Appreciation Week," a Knight fund raiser
for the Pediatric Aids Foundation and the Knight table at the Arisia sci-fi
convention at the Park Plaza this weekend.

All to save a show that's doomed.

"Only a small miracle and a huge change of heart from the people at TriStar
would save the show," said "Forever Knight" executive producer Jim Parriott.
 "But since the USA Network cancelled the show, TriStar would be on the hook
for an additional $250,000 per episode and they're not willing to pay."

Parriott says he surfs the 'net and has seen the mobilization of the troops
who want the drama about the vampire police detective in Toronto back for
another season.

"It's flattering, " he said, "but I doubt it's going to help."

Daily News (New York) - January 12, 1996

Not 'Forever'

The vampire drama "Forever Knight" didn't scare up big ratings, so cable's
USA Network is dropping the show.

USA had been airing original episodes of the program, which revolves around a
vampire detective working in a modern-day NYC, on Mondays at 10 pm, with a
repeat Tuesday night at 9.

USA dropped the Monday night telecast as of theis week.  Two remaining
original episodes, and then only repeats will air in the Tuesday slot for the
"forseeable" future, said a network spokesman.

In addition to the cancellation of the Monday telecast, USA has decided
against exercising an option for another six original episodes.

The spokesman attributed the change to the program's low ratings...
USA's original episodes of the series averaged a 1.3 rating (percentage of
the 66 million homes receiving the network), representing an audience of
about 842,000 homes.  For comparison, repeats of "Silk Stalkings," which
aired in the same Monday night slot prior to "Forever Knight," averaged a 2.5
rating, or 1.6 million homes.

No surprise, USA is returning "Silk Stalkings" to the Monday schedule,


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 23:48:43 +0300
From:    Antonia Mandry <MA97AD14@a.......>
Subject: Re: One more thing about Ger's note

um, i just started watching FK, just got on the list and just found out
abou the cancellation so can someone tell me what is going on?


Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 15:53:10 +22303754
From:    Christine Hawkins <chawkins@n.......>
Subject: Women & TV, YKYB...

For those fed-up with USA: I found the following paragraphs in an article
on women in television in my local newspaper (the Canberra Times).  The
two women being interviewed are Patricia Green, the producer of "Chicago
Hope" and Robin Schiff, producer of "Almost Perfect".

**"Advertisers and networks are beginning to appreciate the female market
again," Green said.  "Young males were the flavour of the month before."

Schiff agreed: "Television is advertising driven.  Advertisers desire
women.  The female audience is really key to shows' working.  That means
wome like to watch themselves - and watch themselves be strong and

It's a shame that no one has told USA about this!

And now for the YKYB...

You Know You've Been -

- reading too much FORKNI-L  when you come across the sentence "The
Diehards were finished" in a life of Churchill, and you wondered when *he*
entered the FK Wars...

- watching too much Forever Knight when you're watching "Heartbeat" (a
show set in a country police station in Yorkshire in the '60s) and you get
a sense of deja vu when a police sergeant character says "Bellamy.  In my
office.  NOW!"

- watching too much Forever Knight AND reading too much FORKNI-L when you
come across a reproduction of a 13th century minature of a knight trying
to climb into a lady's bathtub, and find yourself muttering: "Take the
armour off FIRST, Nick.  It's going to get rusty that way!"

Christine Hawkins.

*           Christine Hawkins  ~  c.hawkins@n.......                   *
*   "Life's a salad bar, and most poor suckers don't go back for second  *
*        helpings!" - Don Schanke in "Partners of the Month".            *


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 23:07:02 -0500
From:    Anime House <marg@g.......>
Subject: Possible Screed Sighting

>Hey, did anybody happen to catch that episode of Due South last night?
>I could've sworn that the tattoo artist with the long, scraggly hair and
>cockney accent was the King of the Ratpack himself.
The actor playing the tattoo artist is Julian Richings (he's listed
among the guest stars in the opening credits even though it's a tiny cameo
role.) Richings used to play Ardix, one of the Morthren scientists on the
second season of War of the Worlds. He does have an indirect tie-in to
Forever Knight, though, since his "boss" in WotW was Mana, played by
Catherine Disher. He appeared in Forever Knight once in second season, as
one of the minor astronomers in "A More Permanent Hell". (I think he
was only in one scene--outside the observatory at the beginning, with
much shorter hair.)

Marg B.


Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 00:15:39 +0300
From:    Antonia Mandry <MA97AD14@a.......>
Subject: Re: Vampirology help needed

>5)  Can a vampire bite someone and drink their blood and not kill them?
>How often can they do that with the same person?  What sort of "psychic"
>connection, if any,  would this create between the vampire and the human?
>Would it be a permanent connection or would it wear off if the vamp stopped
>biting them?
ok. i'd assume so, like maybe they can lick a wound or something. according
to vampire gaming, however, to have a psychihc bond with a vampire there
must be the drinking of the vampire's blood on 3 diff. occasions.

>6)  Why can't vampires have sex with humans?
technically, they can. however, nick doesn't want to have sex with nat
because it is virtually impossible for a vampire to control both their
sexual and blood lust while making love. they're not THAT supernatural.
what would probably happen if N&N made love would be that he'd lose control
and kill her. oh, boy that;'s a night after. Anybody jump into to correct
me if i'm wrong. Anytime.

>7)  Why coffins?  Does there have to be dirt inside?  Or do they sleep at
>all?   Do they just have to stay out of the sun, or do they have to crash
>like Bram Stoker's vampires, and don't wake up easily?
technically B.S.'s vamp's could go out in the day, they just could not
change forms.



Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 21:21:17 -0800
From:    "Lana G. Soward" <lgs@i.......>
Subject: Re: Flyers, flyers everywhere!

At 08:03 PM 1/14/96 PST, you wrote:

>I *still* think airports are a great concept for hitting the masses.  Several
>people armed with scotch tape and a mass of flyers (carry in a book bag, no
>one will notice) could hit all those nooks and crannies in one fell swoop.

Not to throw a damper on the flyer frenzy, but I would like to caution
people to post their flyers in places where they're sure that they'll be
welcome.  Some places have policies against posting things that don't relate
to their business.  (I work in one such place, so I know.)    What could
happen would be that all your hard work posting flyers could be stripped
away the next time cleaners come through.  It could also create a bad
impression.  Which is the last thing we want to do.



Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 00:22:56 -0500
From:    Deborah Bender <DBendr@a.......>
Subject: on being careful what you ask for

      One or two people on the AOL board commented that JP and GWD's posted
comments that they don't want a fourth season if it is underfunded is rather
discouraging to our efforts. (Indeed, JP's initial response to us in December
was, "Pull the plug, and let it die with dignity.")
      This is something I posted in reply:
      My guess is that our current efforts (to get the syndicated stations
that are currently showing FK to go to NATPE and request another season) have
a chance of influencing TriStar to change its mind about dropping the show.
      It seems unlikely to me that this swell of support will persuade
TriStar to increase their funding over what they provided for the third
(current) season. Tristar reduced its investment this year from what they had
been putting in the previous season, which is why USA had to be invited in,
with mixed results.
      If Tristar agrees to stay in for a fourth round, our next priority
 (IMHO) will be to take an active role in soliciting another funding source
that is more sympathetic to the premise and artistic standards of the show
than USA was. We made some attempts to do that between seasons two and three,
but they were late, unfocused and disorganized, and there weren't as many of
us then.
      Perhaps JP, GWD and other insiders are discouraging us from trying
because they don't believe that organized fans could accomplish this (find
another big investor). Certainly there is no precedent for doing it. But no
one has seriously tried before, and no one before this year has had the
networking resources and capacity for rapid communication that the Internet
now provides.

    I would add to the above that if we could pull that off (finding a
principal source of funds for production), it would be a new chapter in
broadcast history, because it would mean that in the future, fans can have a
direct influence on what shows get made. I will have more to say about this
later if we can get into the playoffs.

Deborah Bender   dbendr@a.......     don't spell it dbender, please
I have a sister/Her name is Amanda
The more she denies them/The more they demand 'a
But she'd just rather stay at home/Reading Raymond Chandluh
Jim Carroll  "Sisters"


Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 00:41:49 +0300
From:    Antonia Mandry <MA97AD14@a.......>
Subject: Re: Possible Screed Sighting

>>Hey, did anybody happen to catch that episode of Due South last night?
>>I could've sworn that the tattoo artist with the long, scraggly hair and
>>cockney accent was the King of the Ratpack himself.

yes yes yes!!!!

my god, i was chortling throughout b/c i thought it really WAS!!!
too bad

CFW for Methos' sword
Vaquero's Cousin
i've got a really bad headache, have not been sleeping or eating for the
last 3 days and seem to be dancing involuntarily with a wall excuse my
babblings if im not too incoherent (um, meant coherent)
good night, goode knights


Date:    Thu, 3 Jan 1980 00:21:58 +0000
From:    Jade <jade@b.......>
Subject: Re: Vampirology help needed

Dear Sally,

I'm new on the list but I have friends who have talked with GWD on
the set of Forever Knight.  I think you'll find that the vampire
biology in Forever Knight is simillar (Note:  I said "Similar" not
"The Same") as the Vampire Biology from the White Wolf Masqurade Role
Playing game.  There has been a long debate going in my group of
friends on what type of clan Nick is.  I think he is a Toreador.  My
reason being the fact that he is an artist and has been known to get
hooked on "pretty" things, like the dancer he was stuck on in the
1820's.  Plus the fact that his father vampire is just too artistic.
I hope the others on the list don't disagree too much.  remember it
is just an opinion.

"If all the world's a stage, I want better lines."


Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 01:30:40 -0500
From:    Lane Lombardia <longpath@d.......>
Subject: WNYW & Strings (No Spoilers)

I was all set to enjoy Strings. I set my alarm clock to wake me up 20
minutes beforehand, so I wouldn't be completely useless at work, figuring
I'd go back to sleep afterward. Unfortunately, they were showing Siskel
and Ebert!

I checked the schedule to see what was going on, and eventually realized
that some worthless football game that ended at 8:10pm on Sunday (it was
supposed to end at 7pm) was causing their programming on _Monday_
_morning_ to be an hour and ten minutes behind schedule! I have to wait
until MASH gets over with, and then there's All in the Family. The
pain... the pain....

Why am I putting myself to so much frustration and *lack* *of* *sleep*?
So I can call Hillary Hendler later today and tell her how much I enjoy
watching Forever Knight on WNYW. Then, I can finally read Dianne's story!


Lane Lombardia

The Walker of the Long Path * Vivent les Mercenaires!
longpath@d....... * longpath@a....... * longpath@e.......


Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 01:52:40 -0500
From:    Kayla Clark <katygale@g.......>
Subject: Voodoo Offering, Flyers Distributed

Cousin Lisa wrote:
>***FK voodoo***
>Anybody in New Orleans want to try what I've done
>twice now on trips to New Orleans? Go into the
>Voodoo Museum in the French Quarter, which is an
>interesting place in its own right, and leave a
>small offering -- a quarter will do -- on the
>altar of that Brazilian spirit whose name I can't
>remember but who is supposed to be rather
>childlike and playful.  He sounded as though he
>might enjoy interfering in favor of a tv show.
>All I know is, I've done it twice now when we
>needed a new season and we did get it.
>And I'm only half kidding now.    --Cousin Lisa

Well Cousin, it's been done again.  <VBG>  Although I've lived in
Louisiana practically my entire life, I've never been to this
particular (fascinating) "museum."  I was so tickled to read this
since I knew I was going to be in New Orleans today (Sunday, 01/14)
for a Sci-Fi convention.  I talked my ride and the rest of the
group to go with me into the French Quarter (after the convention,
when it was getting dark - a bit spooky and more than a little
dangerous).  But, we found the place and I gave Eshu a quarter and
then, I felt a need to give something more personal, so I put my
"Diehard" pin on the "altar" (I had written SOS on it in red - so
Susan, I need your address so I can get another).  I also gave a
small offering to a statue of a "spirit" which is supposed to ward
off evil.  All of us had a very spiritually uplifting experience
there.  Really.  It was cool.  Not weird at all.

The convention was supposed to star Brent Spiner (Data from
ST:TNG), but he was ill and Terry Farrell (Dax from ST:DS9)
replaced him (BTW, she's great).  There were about 300 fans there
and I passed out at least 150 flyers. I even gave a flyer to each
of the dealers and asked them to display it - which many of them
did.  One woman knew nothing about the show and one refused to
support it, but at least 15 people were concerned enough to stop
and talk with me about the particulars.

Cousin Kayla, KatyGale@a......., KatyGale@g.......
**PLEASE WRITE NOW to save "Forever Knight"  For details, see
Duncan Flag Waver's International:
Head Flag Waver for (Duncan's) DDG's Posterior
E2 fans do it in gear!
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Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 02:30:41 -0500
From:    zillah <zillah@i.......>
Subject: LOCATIONS List Distribution Test

I just sent out a distribution test to everyone who sent to me a request to
be on the LOCATIONS distribution.

If you received it at the proper e-mail address, then you can delete this
post... you are set up properly.

If you didn't receive it, or you received it at the wrong e-mail address,
please send a message to me at <zillah@i.......>. Please remember to put
the one word LOCATIONS in the subject line, all capital letters, to
separate it from the rest of my mail. I am signed on to six different lists
now and I don't want your request to get lost.

CompuServe's Internet/CompuServe gateway has not been functioning properly
lately. I received at least one error message from the CompuServe
postmaster and it may well be that you didn't get your copy of the test. I
have been aware of this problem for the last week. Hopefully CompuServe
will correct this very shortly. If the problem persists, let me know and I
will arrange for a special distribution for CompuServe customers.

The test post is reproduced at the bottom for your convenience.


This is a test of the LOCATIONS List Distribution system. If this had been
an actual copy of the LOCATIONS List, your mailer would have choked on it
in seven hundred different ways and annoyed the holy bejeezus out of you.

This distribution list was constructed on Microsoft Mail Exchange for
Windows95 with the Plus package. Each name was entered in twice; first the
e-mail address was inserted, then the actual name of the recipient was
associated with the appropriate e-mail address to make changes later easier
to make. (All I see on my end is the words LOCATIONS Distribution... I'm
assuming that all the names will be visible on your end of this.)

If you see a '~' in front of your name, it only means that you do not
appear on the LOCATIONS List and nothing else.

If you receive this test post, and you would rather receive later posts at
another e-mail address, please send the changes to <zillah@i.......>.
Remember to put the one word LOCATIONS in the subject box to separate it
 from the rest of my mail. I am currently signed on to six lists and get
quite a bit of mail.

The geographic breakdown continues. It will be sent out very shortly.

=== Thanks ===


.Cousin Zillah.
"I was just thinking about the immortal words of Socrates when he said: 'I
just drank what?' "


Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 02:51:45 -0500
From:    Jaye <jap8@c.......>
Subject: Custard Party Quote List.

Okay, it was a decently warm and not-so-stormy day in Milwaukee, home of
the Brewers, the Packers, and Laverne and Shirley.  A quartet of crazy
people met under a clock, and the city shuddered in fear.

Yes, Forever Knight fans invaded Brew-town.

Well, okay, three FK fans and one's host.  Still, in the tradition of
creating quote lists when more than two FK fans meet RL, we started the
Cheesehead Party Quote List.

Particpants were myself, my host Turtyl, Jenni, and Dianne
(jenni25H@a....... and gryphon@e.......)

Without further ado...

"Okay, I'm flexible."

"So, are we going to be tiptoeing through the shadows all day?"

"Murder scene!  Murder scene!"

"Where's Jean Grey?  In my pocket."  Jaye whips out her Fleer card.

"He remembers his first time as the best."

"Hey!  They sell souvlaki here!"

"It's an FK food, Turtyl.  There is a character that... never mind."

"We should see how big they are."

"It's a Cheesehead thing, isn't it?"

"Etch-A-Sketch! Etch-A-Sketch!"
"We know how to make Jaye happy."
(But they didn't buy me the Etch-A-Sketch on a keychain.  *sniff*)

"It's a Cheese Brick!"

"This is gonna be like 'Debbie Does Dallas', isn't it... 'Jaye Does

"Give blood, play hockey!"

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever." -- This is /so/ LaCroix.

"The listowner had an accident when she burst into song on the second
floor of an open space in the mall, and we threw her over the railing."

"Oh, Nick could have a field day with these windows."

"He doesn't buzz chandeliers, does he?"
"I don't think he does anything with chandeliers."
"What if he was drunk?"

"She's writing dialogue for us."

Jaye says, "CoffeeCoffeeCoffee!"
Dianne does a spittake and gets espresso up her nose.


Tomorrow's headline:  Listowner drowns listmember in espresso.

"It won't go in!"
"You know, you have a dirty mind."
"It's hereditary.  It's my mom's fault."

"Speed bump, speed bump!"
"It's a crosswalk."
"Watch the pedestrian."
"Speed bump, speed bump!"

A siren wails in the distance, coming closer.
"They're coming for me!"
"Of course. You tried to drown her in espresso."

"Jaye got introduced to the bubbler."

"So, you know any FoSSiLs?"
"Does my history professor count?"

"We don't wanna know about your chafing."

"My teeth are freezing." (There's a picture for this one.)

"I saw Prince Charles in the flesh."
"All of it?"

We hit a really nasty pothole at the Southgate Mall.
"Did you import that from Pennsylvania?"

"The day we tried to freeze the listowner."
"The day the listowner came in from the cold."

"It's a Wisconsin thing, you wouldn't understand."

"It's an endless series of loops."
"Hey, that sounds like the list!"

"You all think we're drunk, don't you?" Jaye asks of the staff of Kopp's
"Yes," the counter-bloke replies succinctly.

"The NatPackers should adopt the Green Bay Packers.  It's a Packer
thing.  And they both wear green."
"I just flashed on fans in the stadium wearing scrubs and football helmets."

"Awww, I wanted to steal a car again."

Jaye, Red, whatever the heck I'm calling myself now.


Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 03:03:31 -0500
From:    Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject: Timing (Grr!)

KYW-TV 3 in Philadelphia is messing with their schedule!

I turned on the TV *five minutes* before the scheduled start time of this
week's new episode to find the show already underway.  Missed the teaser
& opening credits.  Grr!  Suddenly I find myself wondering, do I *have*
to be nice to these people on Syndicator Appreciation Day?!?

Well, better be nice just in case....  The syndicators are the only ones
who can convince TriStar to invest the big bucks in a new season!

* Allison Percy, a perky Knightie            percy91@w.......          *
*    __o     Pedal for Forever Knight & the Pediatric AIDS Foundation! *
*  _`\<,_    Contact me at percy91@w....... to find out       *
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Date:    Mon, 15 Jan 1996 00:55:47 -0800
From:    "Andrew E. Nystrom" <wo991@f.......>
Subject: Re: Vampirology help needed

 Hee's an admittedly incomplete repky to your questions (2 of them anyway).
 Sex is possible but dangerous becasuse the vampire might get enthusiastic
and bite the lover during the sedxual act (in contrast, when Nick forgopt
he was a vampire, there was little risk of that, so he and Nathalie
were safely able to have sex.
 Al;so, especially when he thinks he's prgogressing in being cured, will
expose himself to minute trtaces of the subn. So dx he'ds defintley not



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