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FORKNI-L Digest - 24 Aug 2004 (#2004-231)

Tue, 24 Aug 2004

There are 3 messages totalling 60 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Favorite 10 Episodes
  2. 'The Raven' (2)


Date:    Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:45:53 -0500
From:    MARY WIRICK <wirickml@v.......>
Subject: Favorite 10 Episodes

Favorite FK.
There are bits and pieces of
all episodes I like.

Here are some I truly like.

1. Night in Question
2. Valentines Day/Be My Valentine
3. Only the Lonely
4. Francesca
5. Fever
6.The Fix
7. Let No Man Tear Asunder
8. My Boyfriend is A Vampire
9. Queen of Harps
10.  Last Knight

Not necessarily in that order either.

Mary Lynn


Date:    Tue, 24 Aug 2004 16:56:32 -0400
From:    Cheryl P <fknight420@c.......>
Subject: Re: 'The Raven'

What's the problem?
Cheryl / fknight420@c.......


Date:    Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:57:57 +0000
From:    Nancy Kaminski <nancykam@c.......>
Subject: Re: 'The Raven'

Mary Wirick wrote:

> Hmmm,
> Looks like the crew needs help.
> Pity the poor darlings, I do.
They are a pathetic lot, aren't they? Something tells me that none of them go
running for exercise. <G>
Self-mutilation to please men----I think Janette would strongly disapprove.
They belong to the third season Raven, when LC proclaimed, "It's time to get
naked! and promoted amateur strip night.
Nancy Kaminski


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 24 Aug 2004 (#2004-231)

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