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FORKNI-L Digest - 21 Aug 2002 to 22 Aug 2002 (#2002-249)

Thu, 22 Aug 2002

There are 4 messages totalling 92 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. FK Association
  2. challenges
  3. FK parody of Highlander?
  4. Another GWD guestbook!


Date:    Wed, 21 Aug 2002 15:44:07 -0600
From:    "Bryant, Heather" <Heather.Bryant@m.......>
Subject: FK Association

I have been watching Shadow of the Vampire over the last couple of nights
(it's been a busy week!) and I noticed in the opening credits that Jimmy de
Brabant was a co-producer.  I must say, I grinned when I saw that,
especially since it's another vampire show.  Of course, because I choose to
believe that Forever Knight is real, I think it's just Nick in his latest
identity. ;)

Cousin Heather
(with Knightie tendencies)


Date:    Wed, 21 Aug 2002 17:37:55 -0700
From:    Megan Hull <mistrydder@y.......>
Subject: Re: challenges

I have ideas for a few more
challenges, but I'm not sure if I should post them. So tell me,
will it be worth it?

Go ahead and make them-- I always enjoy the thought-process they invoke, even if
I don't actually end up writing anything.

"Eternal nights too short,
How quickly melt away,
With all the love we shared once,
Forever in a Day."


Date:    Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:25:43 -0500
From:    Nancy Kaminski <nancykam@a.......>
Subject: Re: FK parody of Highlander?

> B. Stone wrote:

> Highlander mid-air, sword-in-hand forward roll that began every episode--the
> one that was
> an out-take from "Turnabout" in which Wyn Davies guest-starred.  It is my
> belief that somebody was having fun here.  What do you think?

I honestly don't see it. There are only so many ways you can fall over a
railing---and the forward dive-and-roll is the most dramatic, especially if you
don't want your hero to look like he's been overcome by the baddy. The forward
dive looks deliberate, thus making the hero look like he *wanted* to do it.

Now if they had had a sword fight...<g>

Nancy Kaminski


Date:    Thu, 22 Aug 2002 08:23:44 -0400
From:    Quinn <quinn@g.......>
Subject: Another GWD guestbook!

If you haven't left a message for Ger in our "Do Not Go Gentle" guest
book you have one last chance!!! We'll print any new messages tonight
so head on over to
http://pub40.bravenet.com/guestbook/show.php?usernum=3430695448  and
add your message. You can access the guestbook from our web site
(www.gwdfc.org - click on the link on the left).

GWDFC officer              quinn at gwdfc.org
GWD in "My Fair Lady" pictures at the
Official GWD Fan Club site - http://www.gwdfc.org/


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 21 Aug 2002 to 22 Aug 2002 (#2002-249)

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