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FORKNI-L Digest - 24 Apr 2002 to 25 Apr 2002 (#2002-125)

Thu, 25 Apr 2002

There are 8 messages totalling 231 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Nick's "Strategic Retreat"
  2. Yahoo must have been down today! (was Knight Ranger - Debbie)
  3. Update: 2001 FK Fan Fiction Awards
  4. FK-ish moment
  5. "Feeding the Beast" (2)
  6. Continuity error? (2)


Date:    Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:14:35 -0000
From:    Barbara Vainio <bevainio@w.......>
Subject: Nick's "Strategic Retreat"

In the "Unreality TV" flashback, why does Nick, who was no fledgling and was
shown to usually jump in with both feet, beat a hasty retreat when he sees
the enforcers?  It seems to me that LaCroix expects to get some pretty rough
treatment from them since he took full responsibility (protecting Nick,
IMHO) for the photographs.  Even at their most alienated (e.g when LaCroix
was staked in the Crimea) Nick always came to help.  I find it hard to
believe that even the very menacing enforcers would keep Nick from
impulsively going to LC's aid.  After all, he was obviously pretty
intimidated by them when they came after Tawny, but he still found a way to
protect her.



Date:    Wed, 24 Apr 2002 20:39:47 -0700
From:    Victor Roscetti <dragonslair_08060@y.......>
Subject: Yahoo must have been down today! (was Knight Ranger - Debbie)

--- "Susan M. Garrett" <susanmgarrett@e.......>
> Debbie - problem with your Yahoo email (it's telling
> me you're either
> cancelled or discontinued).  Please contact me with
> a good email re: your
> Ebay win.

I had the same problem today! I think there's a
problem with Yahoo, I couldn't reach another person.
Granny Mary.

         Vic Roscetti


Date:    Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:37:04 -0500
From:    Nancy Kaminski <nancykam@a.......>
Subject: Update: 2001 FK Fan Fiction Awards



The FK Fanfic Awards are perking along nicely, but there's still plenty of time
for people to register for a voter ID number and then nominate their favorite
fics published in 2001. So if you haven't, request a voter ID now, and start

If you don't know how the awards work, consult the FAQ on the Awards website.
It's located at http://www.nancykam.com/2001awards/faq.htm.

Nominations close April 30, and that date is sneaking up on us fast. Send those
nominations in!!

Don't forget that the fictions listed on the awards website is definitely not
complete. Those are only the stories I've been told about, or collected myself
over the last year. If you know of a fiction that was published on the Internet
and is archived somewhere where readers can get at it, please consider it for an

Thanks to everyone who's participating in the Awards. It's people like you who
keep our fandom alive! I do hope as many people as possible vote. This would be
a great gesture of support to our hard-working authors, and will make the final
ballot all the more representative of the opinions of our reading public.

Nominate! Nominate! Nominate! Rah, rah, RAH!!!

I'm going back to tallying nominations. I sure hope I receive an avalanche more
real soon!!!

Nancy Kaminski

Nancy Kaminski
Participate in the 2001 Forever Knight
Fan Fiction Awards: www.nancykam.com


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 2002 00:49:17 -0400
From:    "S. Babbitt" <sbabbitt@b.......>
Subject: Re: FK-ish moment

Molly wrote:
>Surprisingly enough, 'Nigel Bennett' is a fairly common name--just do a
>Google search for it and see how many Nigel Bennetts you come up with who
>aren't 'our' Nigel.

Is that "our" Nigel's real name, or is it a stage name? That could make it
even more complex.

Stephanie B.


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:43:15 -0700
From:    "B. Stone" <STONEB@g.......>
Subject: "Feeding the Beast"

Was that *sunlight* showing through the glass block window at which
Nick threw his bottle containing the last dregs of blood?

If you've seen "Last Knight", the following line from "Feeding the Beast"
takes on a tragic poignancy:

Nick:  What secrets are *you* hiding, Natalie?  What kind of betrayal?

        B. Stone


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 2002 11:42:56 -0700
From:    Viv <viv11374@y.......>
Subject: Re: "Feeding the Beast"

--- "B. Stone" <STONEB@g.......> wrote:

> If you've seen "Last Knight", the following line from "Feeding
> the Beast" takes on a tragic poignancy:
> Nick:  What secrets are *you* hiding, Natalie?  What kind of
> betrayal?
I'm actually writing a story based on that line. It's called "Out
of the Broomcloset" (yeah, I know that tells you some of what the
secret is, but I'm trying to make it so reading *Nick* finding
out will be fun. Besides, I haven't said what the 'betrayal' part
is). Does this sound interesting to anyone (besides me)?


Don't annoy the crazy person

Life's a witch and then you fly


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 2002 12:49:03 -0700
From:    Kelly C Smith <tigrlady2u@j.......>
Subject: Continuity error?

Okay, if I remember correctly, Janette tells Nick in 'I Will Repay' that
she hasn't ever chosen to bring anyone across.  But in today's episode,
'If Looks Could Kill', it hints at the fact that Janette is the one that
brought the Baronness(sp?) across!
Is this a continuity error, or did I miss something?

KC Smith
Nick/Natpacker with Dark tendencies.


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:33:53 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Re: Continuity error?

--- Kelly C Smith <tigrlady2u@j.......> wrote:
> Is this a continuity error, or did I miss something?
Yes, and one that is masterfully solved in Amy R.ís
beautiful short story "Not the Mothering Type". You can
find it at this link:


She's also done lots of other great stories fixing
discontinuities in the canon. If I were the producer of
the show I would have hired her as a scriptwriter.

Countess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk

"Trudging through enternity, hauling my homemade horrors, do you think THAT was
my dream when I was young and evil?"

                           -Mommy Fortuna, The last Unicorn


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 24 Apr 2002 to 25 Apr 2002 (#2002-125)

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