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FORKNI-L Digest - 14 Apr 2002 to 15 Apr 2002 (#2002-114)

Mon, 15 Apr 2002

There are 11 messages totalling 507 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. KtK auction (2)
  2. Tracker
  3. Full Season Tapes my 2 bits
  4. amazing feats of strength
  5. FK Loop
  6. Tracker  and Q: FK actors in bad parts...
  7. =?ISO-8859-1?B?UmU6IFJlOiBUcmFja2VyIKBhbmQgUTogRksgYWN0b3JzIGluIGJhZCBwYXJ
  8. FK actors in bad parts... (2)
  9. Sh*t happens--FK style


Date:    Sun, 14 Apr 2002 19:46:31 -0400
From:    Emily Lacey <laceye@a.......>
Subject: Re: KtK auction

>I hope you all understand.I will do my best to work with you all as far as
>times/dates/etc for the next auction,and even see if we can work out other
>details to give those without computer acess on certain days to leave bids
>with others, but I think that its best that we leave the way the auctions
>have been to date, advertised as is.
>all my very best to you all,

Ya know, I got to thinking. (Duck and run...)

Susan has been doing these auctions on her own time, trying to
schedule things around the time slots of people quite literally
around the world AND keep track of the money and get it to the right
place at the right time--all for one reason...to get Forever Knight
back. Not to mention getting all the goodies that were auctioned off
into the mail, to the correct people, in a timely manner.

Even though I am one of the folks who complained. If the times/dates,
etc aren't to my personal convenience, well, I'm an adult. I can
figure some way around it, or I can look for other ways to get a copy
of what is up for auction that I want, and send Susan some money as a
donation to the cause. If I complain that midnight is too late for me
to stay up, well, duh, set the alarm clock for 5 til and take a nap!

I did let her know, and want to state it again publicly, that I am
grateful that she would take on this responsibility FOR FREE and do
it so very well. And we have reruns back. I consider this a major
accomplishment on everyone's part.

Thank you Susan. I may sound ungrateful, but I'm actually VERY happy
that you have taken the auctions on and making the comeback of
Forever Knight one step closer. I DO appreciate it.

Now back to lurking while watching my tapes...
Emily Lacey


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:35:29 +0800
From:    Elliza Rahim <relliza@h.......>
Subject: Re: Tracker

<snip> We are working on renewing the show.
We're looking potentially for new homes for the show, but we still have the
option to bring the show back. At worst, the future of the show is

My $0.02. What Tracker needs is scripts with some depth and more villainy
from Zin. We all know FK wouldn't have been the same with the Nick-Lacroix
interaction. From the few clips I've seen, GWD plays villain very well.



Date:    Sun, 14 Apr 2002 22:11:32 -0400
From:    Brenda Bell <webwarren@e.......>
Subject: Re: Full Season Tapes my 2 bits

At 07:39 AM 4/13/2002 -0700, Emily Hanson wrote:

>At the current height of Hollywood's copyright paranoia, (and I say it's
>paranoia because our fair use rights are being eroded just because there
>are some bad apples in the barrel)...

It's a lot more fundamental than that. We -- content originators, license
holders, licensees, repackagers, and potential users and retransmitters --
are in the middle of a sea change, or at least a fundamental debate, over
what constitutes intellectual property, what the rights are of the
intellectual property owner, and how those rights extend into new media
(the Web, databases, DVDs, etc.) and as-yet-undeveloped media. The primary
publishers of intellectual property and the legal systems of the world's
nations have at this point agreed that the rights of the intellectual
property owner extend much further than we are used to considering them. As
a result, many authors and composers are required to cede all rights to
their creations to a publishing house just to be able to publish new works,
both in entertainment and academic milieux; publishers -- now the owners of
the intellectual property, or at the very least, the owners of the
exclusive rights to publish and distribute that property -- are bearing
down and exerting more control on all repackagers, republishers, and
passers-on of that information/intellectual property; the ability of a
reviewer or an academic to cite existing intellectual property -- whether
obliquely, or by bibliographic citation, or by brief quotation -- has been
(in its least intrusive state) curtailed, if not outright forbidden to
consider without express permission from the publisher/intellectual
property owner.

In short, the laws and courtesies have progressed f(or regressed, depending
upon your point of view) to where just to quote two of the lines from the
FK opening credits (or even to refer to those credits obliquely as I am
doing right now) technically requires permission from the
intellectual-property owner (i.e., Sony/Tristar).

I'm not a lawyer; I don't play a lawyer on TV -- but I do work in the field
of secondary publishing for an academic/industrial audience and know that
this is a routine process which is legally sanctionable if not followed.

Brenda F. Bell, Information Analyst
CSA/Aerospace Access



Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 01:52:20 EDT
From:    Julia Kocich <JKocich@a.......>
Subject: amazing feats of strength

> As long as we're grilling the cheese, I want to know -- how was the
> old, frail acupuncturist in Cherry Blossoms able to lug Nick up
> the stairs to his apartment after he immobilized him with the needle?

However it was accomplished, it must have been the same trick that made it
possible for Tracy to single-handedly transport Vachon's body and bury him,
without breaking a fingernail or being late for work <g>.

AIM: jkocich
MSN: jkocich@y.......


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 04:46:30 -0400
From:    Mickey <wenchs@c.......>
Subject: Re: FK Loop

At 04:36 AM 4/10/02 -0400, you wrote:
>"War 6(?): This time, it's personal."  You bet I remember it. I remember
>folding tiny origami cranes to bombard Sony with, and sending care packages
>to the FK cast and crew, and the NATPE Seven...

Omigosh! I forgot all about the cranes! What a wonderful job you guys did
on that!

>Interestingly enough, Jamie Melody Randell, who taught herself HTML

And a terrific job she did too, her work was amazing!

>Okay, I feel old now. :-)

Don't :) Thanks!

Annmarie aka Mickey
LCAMickey@c.......          ~        Join us for Lights, Camera, Auction 5!


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 07:20:35 -0700
From:    Carla Martinek <copper6500@y.......>
Subject: Re: Tracker  and Q: FK actors in bad parts...

> He's in 10 episodes, but mostly just for a scene or
> two. There are only
> a couple of eps that i've seen so far where he has a
> significant role.
> Ger plays Zin, the leader of the evil aliens.

I agree with whomever posted that they really need to
add a little depth to the script by upping the
interaction between Cole and Zin.  (To keep FK
related, of *course* I want to see more Ger!)

I've only seen two episodes, and those in the last
week - one set at an art exhibit and the other at a
"couples relationships" seminar weekend.  I only got
to see Ger as Zin very briefly, but he does play a
good "bad guy."  (Must be a little Nigel/LC rubbing
off on him. :-)

The weekly bad guys aren't enough to tie the show
together.  Cole/Adrian is the good guy, and Zin/Ger is
the driving force behind the bad guys, and yet he's
almost never seen.  The character of Cole just seems a
little thin.... sort of floating through.  I almost
get the impression that Adrian really hates this role,
and would rather be anywhere else.  A viewer needs to
develop an emotional attachment of some sort
(love/hate/fear/whatever) to a character in order to
bring him/her to life in our imagination.  We all
certainly have done that with Nick, Nat, LC, and crew,
but in two episodes I haven't managed to do that with
Tracker yet.  I've got the residual emotions that are
tied up with Ger and Adrian because of their past
work, but it's just not enough -- I'm not "hooked"
into it.

Maybe I missed the key confrontation between Ger's and
Adrian's characters in the first couple of episodes,
which is why I'm ambiguous.

OK, here's a question to help direct this back to FK:

of all of our favorite FK actors/actresses, have you
ever seen them in a part where you felt they were
really uncomfortable, and it seemed as if they wished
they were anywhere else?  OR, is there a part where
you felt they got a really crummy character/bad



Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 10:29:19 -0400
From:    Libratsie@a.......

In a message dated Mon, 15 Apr 2002 10:20:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Carla
Martinek <copper6500@y.......> writes:

>of all of our favorite FK actors/actresses, have you
>ever seen them in a part where you felt they were
>really uncomfortable, and it seemed as if they wished
>they were anywhere else? >>
If I did, I'd be thoroughly disappointed in their skills as a good actor does
his or her job in making the audience believe he or she IS the character. (I'm
getting an ever increasing amount of stage experience myself so am not saying
this lightly) The only exception would be an "off night" or if I knew the actor
was sick - both happens.

I have seen some horrible example of our FK actors in works suffering from bad
script writing, but the FK actor always did a remarkably good job despite that.
Fortunately, I've never seen an FK actor ruin a good script with a bad

I'm most familiar, of course, with Greg Karmer, and he's always been great both
on screen and on stage. Lots of energy. I've seen Lisa Ryder on stage in a
really bizarre, wonderful play called INSOMNIA, and she's remarkably full of
energy! I was extremely impressed.

I think the skill of the actors and the writers of FK have blended together to
give us a show that keep the fans so devoted after all these years.



Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 10:37:25 EDT
From:    SField8067@a.......
Subject: Re: KtK auction

Lisa, sorry if i use an email to the list for a personal response...
I just would like to thank Emily for her kind words.
  I am more than happy to do whatever i can to help the cause .. in the past,
now and as long as we can keep things going <G>
I can never tell you how happy it makes me to know we all can enjoy the show
now that its back on the schedule.And we wont stop until we get everything we
all want!!
okay, gotta go get a tape inthe machine <G>
love to you all! and oh, please everyone, keep those emails going in as often
as you can to Sci-fi to let them know that you are there watching and
love and hugs to all,


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:49:45 -0700
From:    Helena Handbag <momra1@l.......>
Subject: Re: FK actors in bad parts...

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002 07:20:35
 Carla Martinek wrote:

>of all of our favorite FK actors/actresses, have you
>ever seen them in a part where you felt they were
>really uncomfortable <snip> OR, they got a really
>crummy character/badwriting?

*Yes* NB's character 'Prince' on Lexx went from being wonderfully wicked(on
Planet Fire) to smarmy (as the Presiden's guru) as the season progressed.
I feel it was the writing, and not the character. Witness Prince's nasty
comeback on last Friday's ep.
My two cents.


visit Mom-Ra's Night Slash


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 11:02:33 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Re: FK actors in bad parts...

> of all of our favorite FK actors/actresses, have you
> ever seen them in a part where you felt they were
> really uncomfortable, and it seemed as if they wished
> they were anywhere else?

Yes, Ger in Trudeau. He had this big pipe in his mouth
all the time and I could tell he was really uncomfortable
and didn't know what to do with it:) It was so awkward at
times that I can swear, in some of his brief shots, I saw
him giggling behind it.


Countess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk

"Trudging through enternity, hauling my homemade horrors, do you think THAT was
my dream when I was young and evil?"

                           -Mommy Fortuna, The last Unicorn


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 2002 13:00:56 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Sh*t happens--FK style

In celebration of Fk's return to SciFi channel (which was
weeks ago, yes, I know) I decided to post one of my
earliest FK jokes to this list. This was first posted to
the SciFi channel's bboard a long time ago, when I still
wasn't on forkni-l. Some of you who are on that list
might remember it (waves to patty, Darkstranger and
Phylis). I changed some parts (very minor) and tried
really hard to keep it clean. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

Let me know if you want to archive this or any of my
other FK jokes anywhere. Feedback, too, is of course,
highly appreciated.


Sh*t happens
FK style

LaCroix - Sh*t happens when *I* say it happens.

Nat - If sh*t happens there’s got to be a scientific
explanation for it.

Nick - Sh*t happens because I’m a vampire; it’s my fault,
all of it. I’m the only one to be blamed.

Urs - Sh*t happens but I keep coming back. I don’t know
why, I just wanted to die.

Vachon - When this sh*t happened first it was very pure.
It had a beautiful essence in it.

Cpt. Stonetree - This sh*t had been there for a long
time. I know its history, used to go to the academy

Cpt. Amanda Cohen - Detective, I would appreciate it if
you left your bodily functions out of this.

Cpt. Joe Reese - Man, I’m tellin ya, he might not be
guilty of this sh*t but he sure is guilty of somethin’.

Janette1 – filthy habits.

Janette2 - You can’t deny this sh*t Nicola! You have to
accept that it is happening.

Schanke - Man o man! How am I going to explain this sh*t
to Myra! Knight, why didn’t you tell me it happened? I
thought we were partners, Huh? Buddy?

Screed - “Yoi net gouna put ‘tis sh*ton me fault now, ha
mate?” (Translation: You’re not gonna understand it
anyway, so why bother with translation?)

Alma - “…” (just looks at it miffed)

Miklos – Can I get you something to drink my brown
friend, or are you just happening?

Tracy1 - Sh*t happened? Big deal! I can take care of it,
I’ma big girl.

Tracy2 (on the phone) - Dad! I know that…fecal matters
happened here, but that’s no reason for transferring me
to forensic accounting.

Fleur – Look at this sh*t happening Lucien! Isn’t it
beautiful? (Romantic nonsense playing in the background)

Serena – Sh*t should not have happened, *baby* should
have happened.

Aristotle – Nicholas! Is it time yet? Let me log into
my…oh, strange, where did that sh*t come from?

Gwyneth – I see in the stars that you will go down narrow
watery roads towards an end in oblivion.

The Inca - She went to Father Sun. I will go to Mother
Moon. This sh*t will go down the drain.

Feliks Twist - If I put this sh*t in the greenhouse under
the sun lamps will it flourish, like my lovely little
leafy lasses?

Erica - I look at this sh*t and I see eternity. This is
how mortals live forever; this is their immortality.

Dr. Alyce Hunter – I wonder what historical era that sh*t
belongs to.

Francesca – I’m back for revenge! But I don’t know how I
ended up in this sh*t’s body. Must have taken the wrong
loophole somewhere along the way.

Richard – Lets correct all the sh*t that’s happening in
the world. I’ll kick Nick’s a** later.

Father Rochefort (from FIHS) – I know nothing about sh*t
happening. Things said in confessional are for God's ears

Jeanne d'Arc – Sh*t. Pure, simple sh*t. (don’t kill me
for this I’m actually one of her admirers. But I couldn’t

Divia1 – A really big sh*t is going to happen to all of
you very soon. (evil laughter).

Divia2 – Let go of your mortal bonds, General. Let sh*t
happen at least this once.

Don Constantine - There is no harder day in a father's
life than the day he has to take care of his family’s

David Constantine – I’ve got to get away. I don’t want
this sh*t to happen to my son.

The Chinese guy in Cherry Blossoms – You bastard! You
kill my mother! Big sh*t will happen to you now!

and finally…

Diehard FK fan – Sh*t! Forgot to set up my VCR.

Countess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk

"Trudging through enternity, hauling my homemade horrors, do you think THAT was
my dream when I was young and evil?"

                           -Mommy Fortuna, The last Unicorn


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 14 Apr 2002 to 15 Apr 2002 (#2002-114)

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