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FORKNI-L Digest - 30 Nov 2001 to 1 Dec 2001 (#2001-360)

Sat, 1 Dec 2001

There are 2 messages totalling 237 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Whoops!
  2. FK ALUMNI Alert for December


Date:    Sat, 1 Dec 2001 01:22:38 -0600
From:    Tracy Sue <tracysue@i.......>
Subject: Whoops!

I wrote:

> It's a wonderful Vachon story entitled Words and Meanings.  This story has
> been partially posted to the V-Loop, but will only be seen in it's complete
> form on my pages, and Bonnie's own fiction page.

I didn't check with Bonnie first before I posted this.  Apparently Bonnie
has let the story out to a few other sites.  WWW.screedwashere.com and the
Raven Awards page to name two.

/me thwaps myself with my own wiffle bat.

Sorry guys.

---Tracy Sue
--- tracysue@i.......
---Vachon's Sanctuary: www.geocities.com/tracysuemorris/sanctuary.html
--- The Inca's Mother Moon: www.geocities.com/tracysuemorris/mothermoo


Date:    Sat, 1 Dec 2001 00:07:46 -0800
From:    Cheryl Hoffman <dayabaygal@y.......>
Subject: FK ALUMNI Alert for December

Hope you all find something you like!!! I've got a few to add
to my collection of tapes.

As always, please check your local listings for exact dates & times,
I have been known to make typos.

This month's TOP PICK is "CUBE"  a great movie, with a whole
FK alumni group,  and HyperCube is in the making, with
Ger in the lead role.

And if you haven't seen Nigel in DIFFERENT,  don't miss this
chance.... a fantastic performance.

And it seems this may be our one chance to see
ALL SOULS -- One Step Closer to Roger --at least for those
in Canada who get SPACE.
(I sure would like a copy of this -- hint, hint to anyone
who gets this station)

I'll try to get an update for the TV series episodes posted
this weekend.

All I Wanna Do (Strike!)        StarZ           4,5,26
Between Love & Honor            WE              3,16
Chippendales Murder             USA             31
The Crossing                    A&E (2parts)    24,25
Degree of Guilt                 LifeMovie       10
Different                       LifeMovie       1,2
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct:Ice   LifeMovie       11
Invasion!                       MoMax           29
                                OuterMax        4,9,19,22,25,27
                                ThrillerMax     6,18,24
Legends of the Fall             Showtime        24
                                Show2           16,17,27,28,31
Lies He Told                    Lifetime        23
Love & Betrayal: Mia Farrow     WE              16
Madonna: Innocence Lost         LifeMovie       24,25
Sanctuary                       ThrillerMax     5,8,18,24,30
Shattered Trust:Shari Karney    LifeMovie       15
Ultimate Betrayal               LifeMovie       18,19
Friday 13th: The Butcher        SciFi           3
KungFu:TLC-May I Talk With You  TNT             3
KungFu:TLC-Banker's Hours       TNT             19
LEXX:    Season 4 eps           Space-Canada    5,12,19,26
LEXX: Fluff Daddy               SciFi           2
PsiFactor:      6 eps           TNT             4,5,6,7,17,20
All Souls:One Step Closer
                to Roger        Space-Canada    15

CATHERINE DISHER (Natalie Lambert)
Conspiracy of Silence           LifeMovie       18,19
Jerry & Tom                     Show-EX         3,11,22,26,27,30

The Breakfast Club              TNT             29,30
Class                           WE              1,22,23
Guilty as Sin                   CineMax         4,8,13,23,31
Internal Affairs                CineMax         6,12,17,22,26,30
Man Trouble                     Bravo           15,16,26
Onassis                         True            5,13
Roxanne                         USA             1
The Shadow                      SciFi           9
16 Candles                      TBS             15,16
Tootsie                         A&E             16
Young Hearts Unlimited          Disney          27

DEBORAH DUCHENE (Janette Ducharme)
Sugartime                       HBO-P           12,15,17,23

GARY FARMER (Capt Stonetree)
Blown Away                      Show-EX         6,9,19,22
Police Academy                  TBS             5,31
Powwow Highway                  IFC             3,12,13,28,31

Blind Faith                     LifeMovie       16,17
Speed                           FX              2,8,9,21,22,30

BLU MANKUMA (Capt Reese)
Blacktop                        CineMax 7,30
Mermaid                         Show-Case       5,6,14,17,23,27

BEN BASS (Javier Vachon)
Bride of Chucky                 SciFi           14,15

Alaska                          WGN             9,15
Dog Park                        StarzT          28,29,30,31
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct:Ice   LifeMovie       11

COLM FEORE (Walken - Blood Money)
The Insider                     Starz           2,18,22,28
The Lesser Evil                 MoMax           6
                                TMC             1
The Red Violin                  HBOS            30
Striking Poses                  Lifetime        8
Titus                           MoMax           17
Truman                          HBO-S           5,11,16,20,24,30

CHRISTINA COX (Joan of Arc - For I Have Sinned)
Brother's Promise: Dan Jansen Story  Lifetime   13,25

EARL PASTKO (Miklos, the bartender at the Raven)
Battlefield Earth               HBO             3,16,22,28
Dog Park                        StarzT          28,29,30,31
The Sweet Hereafter             IFC             1

SANDI ROSS (Grace Balthazar, Nat's assistant)
Guilty as Sin                   CineMax 4,8,13,23,31

DAVID HEMBLEN (Dr. Vanderwal - Sons of Belial)
Defenders: Choice of 2 Evils    Show-EX 6,10,15,19,20,23,28
The Sweet Hereafter             IFC             1
Valentine's Day                 CineMax 3

VON FLORES (Tran - Can't Run Can't Hide & Sandoval on Earth:FC)
Down Came a Blackbird           Mystery 2,6,13,19,23
Johnny 2.0                      SciFi           1
Johnny Mnemonic                 TNT             7,8
Picture Perfect                 LifeMovie       7,8

BERNARD BEHRENS (DuChamps - Blood Money)
I'll Be Home for Christmas      Lifetime        7,24

MICHAEL McMANUS (Father Rochefort - For I Have Sinned,
                        also Kai in LEXX)
Dog Park                        StarzT          28,29,30,31
Family Pictures                 Life            23

GORDON CURRIE (Sean Du Champs - Blood Money)
Dog Park                        StarzT          28,29,30,31

MARIA DEL MAR (Magda - For I Have Sinned)
Price of Glory                  StarzT          28,29,30,31
Unlikey Angel                   Lifetime        4,14,25

DAMON D'OLIVEIRA (Inca - Black Buddha)
Short Circuit 2                 MoMax           13,31

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN (Andre - Fallen Idol)
All I Wanna Do (Strike!)        StarZ           4,5,26

BRENDA BAZINET (Johanna Shea - Queen of Harps)
Bonds of Love                   Love            1,6,10,16,25

CLAIRE RANKIN: (Fluer - Be My Valentine)
Brother's Promise: Dan Jansen Story  Lifetime   13,25
Death Wish V: Face of Death     WGN             22
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct:Ice   LifeMovie       11

RICK SPRINGFIELD (Nick Knight - Nick Knight)
Change of Place                 WE              11,12

ANDREA ROTH (Lucy Sylvaine - Faithful Followers)
Change of Place                 WE              11,12

GEORDIE JOHNSON (Jerry - My Boyfriend is a Vampire)
Change of Place                 WE              11,12

NICOLE DeBOER (Jeannie - Dark Knight)
Cube                            SciFi           23
Family Pictures                 Life            23
When Innocence is Lost          TNT             11

TORI HIGGINSON (Erica - Last Act)
Family Pictures                 Life            23

MAURICE DEAN WINT (Frank - Francesca)
Cube                            SciFi           23

JULIAN RICHINGS (Dr. Paul Dana - A More Permanent Hell)
Cube                            SciFi           23

NICKY GAUDAGNI (Elizabeth Tretheway - Hunted)
Cube                            SciFi           23

ANDREW MILLER (Andrew - Stranger than Fiction)
Cube                            SciFi           23

DAVID HEWLETT (Dr Nickie Elder from Kung Fu: TLC)
Cube                            SciFi           23

TRACEY COOK (Rebecca - Dying for Fame,  also Alma)
Snake Eater III: His Law        Show2           4,16

Cheryl Hoffman, NA (& I ain't changin' it), Cousin, NBN, GWDFC,
G4, Bridging   "My, my... we are in a mood tonight.." -LaCroix
dayabaygal@y.......     AIM/Yahoo: DayaBayGal  ICQ:  30464256
now in Richland, Washington


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 30 Nov 2001 to 1 Dec 2001 (#2001-360)

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