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FORKNI-L Digest - 6 Jul 2001 to 7 Jul 2001 (#2001-210)

Sat, 7 Jul 2001

There are 9 messages totalling 348 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  2. Question. (2)
  3. Apology.
  4. WAR: Faction Coordination
  5. War:  CotK:  Preparing for Mischief  or  Mission Semi-Impossible (2)
  6. WAR: ADMIN: Unbridled Enthusiasm


Date:    Fri, 6 Jul 2001 14:45:24 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>

Once I opened one of my abandoned Yahoo mailboxes that I had not checked
in a year, just to look and see how much junk mail I've got over the year,
and I saw that the inbox number of messages was 1227 with one message in
the bulk mail box.


Countess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk
"What time is it, what day is it, what century is it?"


Date:    Fri, 6 Jul 2001 19:21:22 EDT
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: Question.

In a message dated 7/6/01 4:51:49 PM Central Daylight Time,
phylis_s_2000_2001@y....... writes:

>  Does any one know if that ever came to pass
>  and if so, is it available?
I remember a long time ago hearing that it fell through.



Date:    Fri, 6 Jul 2001 16:51:42 -0700
From:    phylis sullivan <phylis_s_2000_2001@y.......>
Subject: Re: Question.

--- Libratsie@a....... wrote:
> > I remember a long time ago hearing that it fell through.
> Libs

Bummer, Thank you!  Phylis


Date:    Fri, 6 Jul 2001 18:53:47 -0700
From:    phylis sullivan <phylis_s_2000_2001@y.......>
Subject: Apology.

I wrote an inquirey about something and posted it to
the FKFIC list instead of this one.  I apologise for
that.  Phylis.


Date:    Sat, 7 Jul 2001 12:24:30 +0000
From:    jennii35 <jennii35@i.......>

    Hi all,

<  I saw a movie the other night, The big sign on top was cut short
all that read was :

  So now we know what he does in his
  spare time  (g)

Dark Knightie and UFer


Date:    Sat, 7 Jul 2001 14:59:11 EDT
From:    FK Warmistress <FKWarmistress@a.......>
Subject: WAR: Faction Coordination

All requests to borrow characters, objects, etc. from other factions MUST BE
coordinated through faction leaders. Please do not make individual requests
to other faction leaders without first going through your faction leader.
This goes for ALL war players.



Date:    Sat, 7 Jul 2001 12:06:12 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: War:  CotK:  Preparing for Mischief  or  Mission Semi-Impossible

War:  CotK:  Preparing for Mischief  or  Mission Semi-Impossible
Place:  Comfy Cottage
Time:  After "Bargains and Beatings"
Written by: Kyer


Upstairs in the Comfy Cottage, Kyer checked herself over in her door mirror.
Black Ecuadorian shirt, black jeans, black hicking boots black Bolivian vest
and poncho, Black Peruvian cap.  And the five foot long scarf she had gotten
from a Dr. Who fan lent a nice jaunty touch as it hid her lower face.

Yep, she was outfitted for climbing okay.
And decently warm too.  (Sigh... she was missing all the good monsoon weather
back home..)

Spotting Mr. Spitz sitting forlornly on her bed, Kyer crossed over and gave her
polyester furred 'best friend' a sympathetic pat on the head.  "I know you want
to come, Mr. Spitz, but this is going to be dangerous and I don't want to risk
your getting hurt."

The llama gave her a blank, yet accusing stare.

"Aw..."  The Knightie wilted under the brown eyed gaze.  "Okay... you can come
along with me."  Going back into her closet, she returned with a black doggie
sweater and put it on the toy.  "There.  Now you look just like that guy in
Mission Semi-Impossible!  But promise me you'll stay out of trouble? G(a)WD
knows that there is enough to go around what with Dark being so strong in my
mind of late."

Kyer sighed as she sat down on the bed and hugged her puppet pal.  "No, I don't
know why she's been taking over lately.  Maybe its the proximity to Toronto.
Or this weirdness in the air  I've been hearing rumors of."  Her eyes widened
slightly as she recalled listening in on  the NightCrawler's monologue as she
had made her way to Toronto.  "You heard LaCroix the other night, Mr. Spitz.
Now that was WEIRD!  I don't like it.  We're going to have to keep on our toes
and hoofs, Mr. Spitz."

Kyer heaved another sigh as the clock struck the hour.  It was time to go
downstairs and meet her faction mates for the trip over to the Loft.  "I hope
that ladder fits in Jenieve's car okay," she mumbled to herself as she picked
up her llama and went down to the main floor.

Her minio---mates---were gathered there, waiting for her.  The sight of a all
of them decked out and ready to go on this mission brought Dark to the fore.
She grinned as she greeted them all.  Are we all ready?  Everything packed in
our vehicles?"

"I brought travel-sized bottles of Listerine<tm> if anybody's interested,"
Desiree  patted her jacket which showed lots of little bulges pressing against
the fabric.

"Instruments of torture, polished and shining, oh Fractured One," LaCountess
smartly saluted her.

"Banner ready," Andrea added.  Then looked woefully at her bespeckled clothing
and hands.  "Paint's still a might wet, though."

"I'm sending my upholstery bill to you, you know that don't you?" Jenieve
whined from the couch.  "You want the odds on our pulling this off without
starting a war with the Knghties?"

"No!" everyone said before the teenager could elaborate.

"And any equine psychology ones incurred are going to you as well," Diane gave
her two cents as she addressed the Andean wannabe.  "Was dying Uppity pitch
black  and making him where that Incan war headress really necessary?  I can't
believe I'm putting my friend's horse in possible danger for this stupid stu--"

"Oh yes, we are so ready," Dark Squirette cackled as she looked out the window
to where the thoroughbred was waiting.

"You know, Kyer," Lisa frowned as she accepted one of the mouthwash bottles.
"Why can't you just nicely ask Nick for a copy of his---"

"Where would be the fun in that?" Dark Squirette asked with a sincerely puzzled
look at her fellow war veteran.

She reached for the phone and dialed the Loft.  After the fourth ring, a
Knightie flunkie answered.

"Hello, Knight residence."

"Hello, this is.. Canadian Loan.  May I speak with your leader?"


Katrinka's voice came on the line.


"Hello, this is Canadian Loan.  We are calling to let you know that your
payment is due soon.  Goodbye."  She hung up the phone.

Countess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk
"What time is it, what day is it, what century is it?"


Date:    Sat, 7 Jul 2001 15:07:28 EDT
From:    FK Warmistress <FKWarmistress@a.......>
Subject: WAR: ADMIN: Unbridled Enthusiasm

Hey everyone, it is great to see such enthusiasm for the war premise. But
some factions are getting overwhelmed already, and it's only Day Three!

After consultation with the faction leaders, we're making some adjustments to
the rules. These concern:

1) Too many switches being scheduled too close together.
2) Switches not being long enough for other factions to use the switched
3) Factions that schedule characters being overwhelmed with requests

Please remember, not every character has to switch with every other
character over the course of the war. Factions limit themselves to two or
three switches throughout the war if they so choose. And also, that while it
is fun to switch the characters, we are trying to solve a problem, namely
searching for the cause of the swiitches.

So here's the adjusted plan of action:

* All switches planned through this weekend, Sunday night, will go ahead as

* A temporary moratorium on scheduling switches beyond Sunday. This shouldn't
last long, just long enough for us to iron out these problems.

* The 24 hour rule for characters having to remain in their own bodies is no
longer applicable. Characters *will* need to return to their original bodies
between switches, but there is not longer a maximum as to how long this period

* Putting a specific time frame on switches, with a minimum of three and a
maximum of five days. This will give other factions a chance to use the
switched characters, and at the same time, give those factions ovewhelmed a
break. For example, say Nick and Schanke switch for three days. The UF wants to
develop a storyline using the switched Nick and Schanke, or one part thereof.
The UF can borrow that character and write the story, then send the character
on its way. This would also allow yet another faction time to react to the UF
post, and write additional material involving the Nick/Schanke switch.

Longer switches will also give an opportunity to develop a bit of a
storyline, hopefully one that is premise related, for the switched characters.

Switches can be rejected. Part of this adjustment in the rules for switches
also gives faction leaders who control characters, more leeway in turning
down switches if they  feel pressed for time or writers. You can reject
switch requests if they overburden your schedule. While everyone certainly
wants a fair opportunity to create and equal chance to pursue ideas, it's
also important to reduce unneccesary stress and maintain the sanity of all
faction leaders and players.

Again, the response to the premise thus far has been fantastic! All the
factions have put forth a tremendous effort. Hopefully, with some adjusments,
everyone can maintain fighting fit for the entire two weeks! Feel free to air
your present and future concerns, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have
a private issue at


Date:    Sat, 7 Jul 2001 12:10:31 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Re: War:  CotK:  Preparing for Mischief  or  Mission Semi-Impossible

Sorry all! That went to the wrong list. I'm a little under stress now, I
did send it to the correct list a second time.

Apologize again


Countess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk
"What time is it, what day is it, what century is it?"


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 6 Jul 2001 to 7 Jul 2001 (#2001-210)

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