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FORKNI-L Digest - 23 Jun 2001 to 24 Jun 2001 (#2001-197)

Sun, 24 Jun 2001

There are 9 messages totalling 281 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Looking for locations!
  2. Cousin Will, not quite the world's perfect Toronto tour guide today, hangs
     his head in shame!!!!! (2)
  3. Cousin Will... (2)
  4. LaCroix and Natalie
  5. Admin:  FORKNI-L Rules  & characters
  6. Survey of what you watch on TV - put FK on the board
  7. reminder: GWD on this week


Date:    Sat, 23 Jun 2001 19:06:16 -0700
From:    Bonnie Kate <callalily@l.......>
Subject: Re: Looking for locations!

At 05:00 PM 6/23/01 -0400, Will Steeves <goid@i.......> wrote:
>OH!  You want the ACTUAL locations as discussed on the show?  Oh geez,
>except for the Coroner's Office and the CN Tower, there weren't any actual
>locations that were explained as being actual positions, if that makes any

Actually, I just thought of one.  In Black Buddha, when Tracy and Vachon are in
her car, she tells Vachon to drive the car downtown to the station at "Queen and
Spadina" -- I know there's no police station there!  There're a couple of banks
and a little market, if I remember right.  But nothing that could pass for a
police station.

Bonnie Kate


Date:    Sat, 23 Jun 2001 22:21:20 -0400
From:    Will Steeves <goid@i.......>
Subject: Cousin Will, not quite the world's perfect Toronto tour guide today,
         hangs his head in shame!!!!!

Yesterday, I "corrected" the person who said that the Fluid Lounge (aka
"We'd prefer it to be the Raven") is at the corner of Duncan and Richmond,
by saying that it's actually on "McCaul" rather than Duncan.

Well, today a very good friend of mine (you know who you are! :-) ) took
pity on me and wrote me _privately_ (rather than humiliating me in public
:-) ) to say that it IS Duncan, not McCaul.  Well, let me be the first to
embarrass myself in public then, before anyone else does!  :-)

So, please allow me to humbly apologise to anyone who took my words for
gospel there, and to Kim, whom I incorrectly "corrected".  Next time, I'll
be more careful!!!

The error that I made was in forgetting that Duncan is what McCaul is called
when it's south of Queen St. (Technically they're not _exactly_ the same
street, because they meet at Queen Street at one of those "jagged
intersections", but it's "roughly" the same street, only a different name).

It's a dark day for me when, after doing site tours at least once a month
for over three years, I forget the difference between McCaul and Duncan.
Geez!!!  Someone smack me with a brick already, geez!!!



Date:    Sat, 23 Jun 2001 19:53:38 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Re: Cousin Will...

--- Will Steeves <goid@i.......> wrote:
> It's a dark day for me when, after doing site tours at least once a month
> for over three years, I forget the difference between McCaul and Duncan.
> Geez!!!  Someone smack me with a brick already, geez!!!
> W.

Hey, you do site tours? Does that mean if God blesses us with enough money
and little RL to be able to attend LCA4, we're going to get one from you?
(if you actually meant FK site tours that is)


Countess -- Twilight Knightie, Immortal Beloved, Dark Trinity, with UF and
Enforcement tendencies


Date:    Sun, 24 Jun 2001 13:01:29 +0200
From:    Lorin <vachesang@1.......>
Subject: LaCroix and Natalie

I can't watch my taped eps right now, so I'm relying on my rather
inconsistent memory!  In which episodes did Natalie actually meet
LaCroix face-to-face?  And when did she *first* meet him?

IIRC, their first meeting was in Be My Valentine, and they also met
during Nick's exorcism in Sons of Belial, in Nat's office in Fever, and
both in Nick's loft and briefly in the hospital in Night in Question.



Date:    Sun, 24 Jun 2001 13:13:54 -0000
From:    Susan Mutton <susan_mutton@h.......>
Subject: Re: Cousin Will,
         not quite the world's perfect Toronto tour guide today,
         hangs his head in shame!!!!!

Is it difficult when your a local doing tours.  Is their much remodeling in
Toronto.  Here I have to think hard before giving directions in case they
have torn the area down lately. Sue.


Date:    Sun, 24 Jun 2001 13:17:26 -0000
From:    Susan Mutton <susan_mutton@h.......>
Subject: Re: Cousin Will...

Sunny if you play this right you could set his punishment as doing FK tours.
  You have to get your priorities straight.  Sue.


Date:    Sun, 24 Jun 2001 11:40:07 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Admin:  FORKNI-L Rules  & characters

Here are the rules. Nick would angst over getting them right. LaCroix would
say that rules are broken, does it matter when (and find that the listowners
take the view that it does). Janette would keep them while wearing a
wonderful black wardrobe.  Natalie would test them.  Schanke would talk big
about breaking them and then follow all rules to the letter.  Stonetree
would   say that where he used to live, the old people said you should never
break a rule. If you do, enraged listowners will come from all over. --
McLisa, who mostly prefers the first season.

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past are ok. So are list members' FK- fannish activities and
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11. Each subscriber is limited to five posts per day on Forkni-l.

McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
"That will be trouble".
Listowner, Forkni-l and Fkfic-l


Date:    Sun, 24 Jun 2001 10:56:08 -0700
From:    June Williams <mssivan@y.......>
Subject: Re: Survey of what you watch on TV - put FK on the board

Thanks for the url. It's certainly nice to have a
survey that allows you to express your own opnion
rather than just picking between those that the survey
team picked out.

Ad Astra,

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
Cousin,Valentine,Closet Knightie


Date:    Sun, 24 Jun 2001 15:21:58 -0400
From:    Quinn <quinn@g.......>
Subject: reminder: GWD on this week

Just want to remind everyone that Ger appears in "One of the Hollywood Ten"
which premieres tonight at 8PM on STARZ (next showing is tomorrow at

On June 29th "One of the Hollywood Ten" is on again (10:15 AM) and Ger's
Outer Limits episode "Worlds Within" written by Michael Sadowski (FK
writer) is on at 10PM on SciFI.

You can download Quicktime previews for both productions at the GWDFC
website at www.gwdfc.org. Click on "Ger on TV" on the left then on the
links to both downloads in the TV schedule.

GWDFC officer              quinn@g.......
Send a GWD e-card at http://www.gwdfc.org/


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 23 Jun 2001 to 24 Jun 2001 (#2001-197)

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