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FORKNI-L Digest - 26 Feb 2001 to 27 Feb 2001 (#2001-66)

Tue, 27 Feb 2001

There are 9 messages totalling 226 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. V4S: The Next Episode is About to Air! (2)
  3. New Virtual 4th Season
  4. Kristin Lehman ALERT
  5. Skin and Textiles (3)
  6. Looking for Beta readers


Date:    Mon, 26 Feb 2001 17:33:56 -0500
From:    Gwenn Musicante <gwennm@h.......>
Subject: Re: V4S: The Next Episode is About to Air!

Thank you Beth for supplying us with such good news!  And thank you for the
introduction into the story.  It helped me to remember that Nick's partner
in the fourth season was Adam.  It sounds great, and so soon too!
Can't wait!!!!!!!!

Gwenn Musicante


Date:    Mon, 26 Feb 2001 19:18:47 -0500
From:    Marg Yamanaka <mytoronto@h.......>
Subject: Re: YKYBWTMFKW....

Muldy Sculler wrote:
> Gee, just what does the (Toronto Police) vampire squad do?

Canada has a national DNA databank for serious crimes (murder, rape,
etc). The newspaper article noted that the Toronto Police unit known
as the Vampire Squad are responsible for providing the majority of
the blood samples that are currently in the database.

Marg Yamanaka  <mytoronto@h.......>


Date:    Mon, 26 Feb 2001 18:26:48 -0700
From:    Kyer <kyer@p.......>
Subject: New Virtual 4th Season

I suggest anyone who wants to get the story hot off the press check their
listserv settings.
I thought I was already set, but an inquiry said 'not'.
Whew!  Almost would have missed out!

Now I have hope that maybe the other archives will eventually get updated

And whatever happened to that FK Fandom book that was supposed to be
published last year?  (Been so long ago have forgotten the premise other
than a plea for faction info was requested.)

Kyer, kyer@p.......
who got on the main list just after the *last* update was posted!


Date:    Mon, 26 Feb 2001 21:32:42 -0500
From:    Emily Lacey <laceye@a.......>
Subject: Re: V4S: The Next Episode is About to Air!

>"By the Book" will be posted on FKFIC-L starting...
>               TOMORROW, Tuesday, February 27, 2001!
>You need to be subscribed to FKFIC-L and your topics need to include V4S: in
>order to receive the episode via email.

For directions how to do this, check out:

(Thanks, Kyer)
Emily Lacey


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 2001 09:02:42 -0500
From:    Doņa Angel <donaangel@h.......>
Subject: Kristin Lehman ALERT

TODAY - Tuesday 2-27-01 - on "X-Files" on the FX Channel at 6:00 pm EST
episode "Kill Switch" with KRISTIN LEHMAN -[who played Urs, the beautiful,
gentle, blond vampiress in Javier Vachon's UnLife]- Ms. Lehman plays
'Esther' -- but, I gotta warn ya'll, that you MIGHT not recognize her! She
looks EXTREMELY different from her FK season 3 character 'Urs', even from
her 'Poltergeist: The Legacy' season 3 character 'Kristin' -- IMHO, if I did
not KNOW that KL was in this 'X-Files' ep, I very possibly would not have
recognized her! :)

Angel a.k.a. Doņa Angel
Devoted VaqDreaming Vaquera/Willing Slave of THE Glorious Spaniard/Proud
VaqBrat/INCArnate/#2 Defender of Brown-Eyed Vamps/with Urchin,Dark Hearts &
Immortal Beloveds Tendencies
Check out BBFC Web site: http://www.benbassfanclub.com


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 2001 09:41:48 -0500
From:    Valerie Kessler <valerie@w.......>
Subject: Re: Skin and Textiles

I haven't been paying close attention, and I'm not exactly sure how this
discussion started, but this is the point at which it caught my eye.

Quoth Molly:

> what I mean.  Sure, his chemise is thin and fine, but his tunic is definitely
> heavy and coarse.

Which is one reason (keeping the tunic clean being the other) the
chemise/sherte/shift/whatever-you-want-to-call-it was worn *under* the
heavier garments.  :-)

Even more than wool, this was important for the rich brocaded and
embroidered garments favored by the upper classes for several
centuries--they'd better hope none of those metallic threads (basically
just extremely fine wire) had any loose ends, or no undergarment would
protect you from the poking!

As for linen being scratchy...Molly mentions machine
carding/spinning/weaving; I'd put fine quality hand-produced linens (or
woolens, for that matter) up against modern machine-made ones any day.
The modern yarn might or might not be spun more evenly, but I'd venture
that really well-made linen of the period would probably have *less*
seed-husks and other inclusions than modern.  It does have longer,
tougher fibers than (e.g.) cotton, but that mostly just makes it more
durable.  Once it's been worn and laundered a few times, it does get
extremely soft and comfortable, even much heavier weaves than Nick's
shirt.  We tend to think of it as a stiff fabric because pretty much
anything it gets used for in modern clothing gets starched and pressed
within an inch of its life at the dry cleaners.  It's not an innate
quality of the fabric.

Homespun linens might be scratchier, because they wouldn't be carded and
spun by professionals and would have more inclusions in them.  That's
more or less aside from the point, tho--Nick was an aristo, and unlikely
to have ever worn such a thing.

</end geekbabble>

~:O  Valerie Meachum Kessler
valerie@w....... ~ www.wiliqueen.com
"Of course, I also think Mabel has rocks in her
head, since I would have taken the Pirate King
over Frederic any day of the *week*!" -- Perri


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:59:05 -0500
From:    Judith Cataldo <judycat@p.......>
Subject: Re: Skin and Textiles

>As for linen being scratchy...Molly mentions machine
>carding/spinning/weaving; I'd put fine quality hand-produced
>linens (or woolens, for that matter) up against modern machine-
>made ones any day.

As a spinner I have to agree.  Modern processing uses a lot of harsh chemicals
to quickly remove dirt, lanolin and vegetatble matter from the fiber.  When
fiber preparation is done by hand it is a much gentler and careful process.  It
has been found that people who are allergic to wool are in fact not allergic
when the wool has been hand processed is tolerated.
Also, with handspinning the fiber can be spun quite fine as there is better
control.  It is said that Egyptian textiles have yet to reproduced.  Lumpy bumpy
yarn is produced by new spinners not people who have been spinning since
childhood like those in Nick's time.
Judy C


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:37:32 -0700
From:    Molly Schneider <smolly4@q.......>
Subject: Re: Skin and Textiles

Aha, I stand corrected--thanks, Judy and Valerie, for setting me straight. :)
The Middle Ages are *not*, as McLisa and several others will attest, my area of
expertise.  (BTW, the discussion started as a joking response to Kyer. <waves>)

Cousin, Ravenette, Dark Trinity, FK Pagan, Forum Fanatic
Abnormally fond of dead guys


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 2001 19:54:00 +0200
From:    dce <dce@d.......>
Subject: Looking for Beta readers


I need someone to beta read two short stories for me. One of
the stories is a Vachon piece and the other is a LC point of
view thingy. If you volunteer, please let me know which story
you'd rather read for, or if you'd like to tackle them both.

Thanks :)



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 26 Feb 2001 to 27 Feb 2001 (#2001-66)

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