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FORKNI-L Digest - 28 Dec 2000 to 29 Dec 2000 (#2000-396)

Fri, 29 Dec 2000

There are 24 messages totalling 772 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. It's so quiet out here (4)
  2. Question about Forward into the Past
  3. Fledglings (5)
  4. Slow lists
  5. A post-Christmas Question (3)
  6. Very warped idea
  8. My thanks to you all. (3)
  9. a new episode guide website needs FK!
 10. update from the darkness
 11. [[FORKNI-L] A post-Christmas Question]
 12. ADMIN: Announcing the 2000 Forever Knight Fanfic Awards!
 13. Farewell, Michael (was: My thanks to you all)


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 15:34:20 -0700
From:    Kyer <kyer@p.......>
Subject: Re: It's so quiet out here

> It's not just this list.  I'm on about 50 different fk or fk related lists
> that are all slow.  Things just pickup the first week of January.

The Star Wars archives are dead as well.
Only Fanfic.net seems to be getting regular posts, probably due to its sheer
We'll just have to wait til the holiday rush settles down.

Or then again...
I haven't been listening to CERK lately.  Maybe LaCroix is running behind on
his beauty sleep (hehehe..centuries behind!  [Dark! Be nice!] Oh, lay off,
Anyway, he probably whammied everybody not a resister into being quiet so's
he could nap.

: (=


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 15:44:01 -0700
From:    Kyer <kyer@p.......>
Subject: Re: Question about Forward into the Past

> I was wondering if anyone knows the year in which the episode "Forward into
> the Past"'s flashback sequence takes place?  Thanks for the info!

I have a Flashback Timeline that I got from somewhere.
It lists Forward into the Past as taking place anywhere from 1949 to  1953.

Hope that helps, David!

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 15:53:21 -0700
From:    Kyer <kyer@p.......>
Subject: Re: Fledglings

> nce.  Considering how long vampires live, and how complex the physical
changes must be for their development, they probably take quite a while to

And yet Selena seemed to be okay from night one... er...wait... strike that.
She's the vampire who hates Nick, isn't she?  I guess that just proves she's
still operating with several screws loose even after all this time. <g>
Hmm.... gee.. did we see any new vamps who didn't start a killing spree or
otherwise go nutso right off the (vampire) bat?

Kyer, kyer@p.......
who had to try three times to type in '(vampire)' without messing up, which
goes to show that her computer has more sense than she does.


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 23:06:03 -0000
From:    "David J. Duncan" <dante26@h.......>
Subject: Re: Fledglings

Hi Everyone:

How about that barmaid who still hated Nick after LC brought her across????
Wasn't she a few centuries old and still operating on her vengence streak???
  Just wondering.....




Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 17:11:00 -0600
From:    Brenda <bcammarata@h.......>
Subject: Re: It's so quiet out here

.  I'm on about 50 different fk or fk related lists

Are they all fiction lists and where can I find them?

Carpe Noctem,

UCCelebration 2000, Wolfville 2000


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 19:56:26 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Slow lists

In the US we have large areas without power as a result of winter storms and
at least one tornado. I suspect this is causing delays because it takes some
nodes of the internet offline. There's always some slowing down at the end
of the year because most academic nodes are closed for the holidays and in
some cases all or part of  their email relaying system is down.  Add in the
fact that a lot of people who are students or faculty are away from their
mail and there are fewer posters.

McLisa, lucky enough not to be in an affected area and to be using a
commercial isp
McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
"That will be trouble".
Listowner, Forkni-l and Fkfic-l


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 18:57:08 -0700
From:    KYER <KYER@p.......>
Subject: A post-Christmas Question

Silly thought for which I'll need a mathematician to answer:

If, since Divia's conversion day, Santa has had her pegged as a *very* *bad*

How many lumps of coal has she managed to accumulate from the Jolly Elf?

Divia's Coal Supply Inc.
In the black since 79 A.D.

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 21:09:46 EST
From:    DanaKnight@a.......
Subject: Very warped idea

I was looking at this book my dad got from someone he knows, as a Christmas
gift. It was about the Chicago cow exhibit.

What if Nat gave that to Nick? What if Tracy gave it to Vachon?

Or in a really odd world, one of Kyer's personalities could give it to both
of them.

Yes, I had a flashback to all the cow jokes when we learned about Vachon.

I thought about writing it, but can't do it justice. Anyone else is free to
try their hand at it.



Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 21:20:54 EST
From:    Sing to Angels <Sng2angels@a.......>
Subject: Re: A post-Christmas Question

  If she was brought across right before Vesuvius erupted (Wasn't it like a
week or a few days before that?) Any way, if you want to look at it as how
many Christmases she lived through, it would be 1,917 Christmas lumps of
coal. That is assuming that Santa doesn't waste his precious coal and only
gives one per naughty child(e).
  But, she was also incapacitated for much of that time. How many years was
it that she was kicking around until Uncle put her down for a little nap? I
believe that it was something like 2 or 3. May have even been the same year.
So she would have gotten less than a handful.
   However, if you want to look at it from a more logical approach.... She
wouldn't have gotten any because she was killing and munching several hundred
years before Saint Nicholas lived. And long before the popular legends of
coal for naughty children came about. She also wasn't around when the Church
decided to incorporate the pagan celebration of Yule <honouring the temporary
death of the sun god> into their spectrum. Substituting Jesus for the sun god
who had been the previous reason for their dancing, singing, and general
carrying on.
  What is odd is that we now have the holiday of Christmas, which is supposed
to be the birth of Jesus. And in the spring, when the old sun god of the
pagans was supposed to be reborn, we have Easter which celebrates Jesus'
death. Little bit of a switcheroo there, eh?
  So if I asked Divia how many lumps of coal she got from Santa. <Assuming of
course that she were still alive> She would more than likely say:
 "Who in Hades is Santa Claus and why would he give me something as precious
as coal in this bitter climate?" Toronto is where she would be referring to
of course. That is also assuming that she even considered talking to me. But
I guess that I amuse her and I'll certainly be a tasty snack for later.... or
now... now... well.... I had better run because she is looking awfully hung---

          Sing To Angels
 ****** A Decidedly Gray Cousin, Vaquero, Detester of Perkiness wherever it
may lay, FoSiL, N&NPacker and Forever Faithful (and just in case neither work
out, a secret valentine) *******
   "Look for more than the naked eye can see, and sing the grief you find to
the angels above."

Call me at Keen.com, Your Live Answer Community.


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 19:28:12 -0800
From:    Bonnie Kate <callalily@l.......>
Subject: Re: Fledglings

At Wed, 27 Dec 2000 21:37:15 CST, Emily wrote:
>Question for a fanfic: Exactly how long does it take the typical fledling to
>gain enough control to go outside without his/her sire's presence nearby?

Vachon and the Inca had only one night with their master to learn all the basics
before she took a walk in the early morning sunshine!

So, either they were quick studies or there wasn't too much really crucial stuff
to learn.

Afterall, they were meant to be her warriors -- those who cherish life should
live and those who don't should die.  They would have to have enough control to
be able to at least make that distinction before Angel would leave them.  I
think it would defeat her purpose if she simply left behind two homicidal
maniacs with no control and no common sense.

Bonnie Kate


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 22:11:08 -0500
From:    urtikit@m.......
Subject: Re: Fledglings

Well, don't forget Vachon and the Inca.  They had
all of a few hours with their maker before she walked
into the morning's sun.
They seemed to survive just fine without much

Well, okay, one might act the slacker a bit, and the
other blowed himself up real good (or maybe not).
But those don't seem to be particularly objectionable
personality traits, as vampires go....   ;-)



Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 20:04:15 -0800
From:    mysterie <mysterie@b.......>

    Delurking and just adding in something for the slow days on the lists.

    I went to a little theater to watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when
there was a preview for the movie Shadow of the Vampire.  It was kinda funny
and very weird, about a some people filming Nosferatu and with a leading man
who play a vampire who really is a vampire.  What caught my eye was the
credits, when it rolled by I saw De Brabant.  I thought oh didn't know Nick
was into movie making and what would La Croix think.  Anyhow the De Brabant
in the credits is one Jimmy De Brabant, the Co-Producer.
Here's a link to the credits:


Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 17:16:50 +1300
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: My thanks to you all.

With permission from McLisa.

Hi Everyone,
Unfortunately I have some sad news. Kimberlee, Michael's wife, informed me
earlier in the week, that on the 18th of December, laying in the sun and
clutched in her arms...Michael passed away.
But in a sense, he hasn't quite left us yet. Michael wrote you all a letter.

Please send this on it's way around our lists, it is for our whole Community
to share and treasure.

* * *

 As you should be, I am most certian that you will be confused by this
 message, however i shall continue non the less.  My name is Michael
 Preston and none of you have any knowledge of me.  I do of you however.

 I am dying and if you are reading this i am gone.   I became an outside
 member of your family when i started reading the wonderful works of
 fiction in this group. Some have made me laugh (no small feat i assure
 you)  Some made me cry (this i did frequently after i learned how)  One
 in particular made me shiver and fear for the authors sanity much to
the delight of beloved wife who i am most positive will still laugh when
 asked about it.  (i am uncertian if i should feel pity for sydney or
And two stories in particular almost killed me and my wife also
 before our time And  if kimberlee has kept her promise proper
grattitude will have been given or will soon be.
You may ask why am i telling you all this now after the fact?
You have all given you hearts to each other and to those who read your work,
without that i quite possibly may have never lasted the 8 months that i did.
 Even though i watched from the outside i felt the family in all of you. I
have taken a piece of all of you with me and now i need to leave the piece
of me i cannot take with me. I watched and made sure this was were i wanted
to leave my heart.
I put kimberlee on the list because i felt it was were she needed to be
and that it would be somewhere she would continue to give all the love that
she gave to me.  You gave to me your hearts and now i give to you mine, this
combined with my soul which you already have allows me to continue on the
journey that must be mine alone.  Take care of one another be gentle - or
mabe not- and love one another (oh whatever am i saying ) keep writing and
please believe that if kimberlee reads it i will hear it in my heart.
Mortal love can last an eternity and in my case started before we met, and i
am sorry for the scar on your knee but i was fate.

 My deaest k- (Kimberlee)

 you may chose to leave this on or delete it if you wish, but never
forget that one does not have to be physically connected to share a heart or
 soul. The bond is there my dear and one this strong cannot be broken
not even in death.  She is and will be there always, i know her too well
and by now you know that .as well.  I will always be watching and in your


 * * *

Before he left, Michael signed Kimberlee up with Fkfic-L, and I know you
would all agree that in doing so, with her new family.
Welcome Kimberlee to our Community, send her warm wishes and thoughts.
Virtual flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries(Michael's favourite) will
also be gratefully received!<g> jalraymond@j.......

With love,



Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 23:47:22 EST
From:    KnghtWtch@a.......
Subject: Re: It's so quiet out here

In a message dated 12/28/00 6:11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time,
bcammarata@h....... writes:

> .  I'm on about 50 different fk or fk related lists
> >
> Are they all fiction lists and where can I find them?

It would be nice if someone could start posting the subscribe list for these
various list.  Maybe if we all start subing we could pick up on the
popularity of the show.  TPTB are always effected by numbers and it would be
a number of our our.
KnightWitch :-]=
See my line of FK related shirts at www.home.clear.net.ne/pages/knightraven.
Kylie hase been kind enough to share her pages with me.  Scroll down to the
bottom of the page and click on the link.   Thanks.


Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 23:54:53 EST
From:    KnghtWtch@a.......
Subject: Re: My thanks to you all.

In a message dated 12/28/00 11:17:59 PM Eastern Standard Time,
knightraven@c....... writes:

> Before he left, Michael signed Kimberlee up with Fkfic-L, and I know you
> would all agree that in doing so, with her new family.

Welcome Kimberlee.  May Michael's and God's love be with you always.  We,
your new family will always be here if you need us.  Never fear to ask help.
We will be here for you.  God bless you and help you thru this time in your
In my prayers,
KnightWitch ;-]=


Date:    Mon, 27 Aug 1956 22:16:35 +0000
From:    Jeannie Ecklund <jecklund@l.......>
Subject: Re: My thanks to you all.

Welcome Kimberlee,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. we are very good listerners.
Please write if you need a shoulder to cry on or share memories of your
dear Michael.



Date:    Thu, 28 Dec 2000 21:39:43 -0800
From:    fkforever <fkforever@y.......>
Subject: Re: It's so quiet out here

<<fk or fk related lists...
> It would be nice if someone could start posting the subscribe list for
> these various list.  Maybe if we all start subing we could pick up on
the popularity of the show....

Check out the lists at     www.egroups.com

keyword search:  forever knight



Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 00:50:16 EST
From:    Julia Kocich <JKocich@a.......>
Subject: a new episode guide website needs FK!


A research newsletter I subscribe to recently mentioned


as a central site for complete episode guides for all sorts
of TV shows, past and present. (Yeah, the series I checked
out was "Harry O" <g>.)

I looked but didn't find FK there. I know that at
least a couple of folks have worked up ep guides, and I
hope that they, singly or jointly, might be interested in
putting an FK ep guide up on this site, to help in the
effort of spreading the word about the series.

Wishing the list a healthy and happy 2001,
UF list cobra


Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 14:00:13 -0000
From:    "David J. Duncan" <dante26@h.......>
Subject: Re: A post-Christmas Question

Hi Everyone:

Knowing Divia, her company could probably be a world power in that
regard.... :)


(who's wondering how many 'coal credits' Divia's going to chock up after
'Children of Darkness'....)


Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 09:39:03 EST
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: update from the darkness

I can't possibly e-mail everyone separately and thank you for your private
e-mails of concern for those of us in Arkansas and other areas affected by
the ice storm, so I thought I'd post an update.

I'm still without power although much of my city recovered power last night.
There's no telling when mine will be back on as there's wires and entire
electrical poles down all over the neighborhood. They've got a MESS.

Annie, the former Nunkmommy, called Supaige yesterday and told her she's also
in the cold, and was told it could be January 5th before she has power!
However, I just got an e-mail that she was turned on last night and is warm
once again.

I haven't heard from Pat L. (I'm not sure what lists she's on) who lives
about a mile from me. I'm sure she's fine, though.

My father brought over a butane lamp that provided enough light and *some*
heat so that I was more comfortable until bed time if I sat right by the
lamp. The problem is that there's no butane, propane, or lamp and heating oil
of any kind to be found. I was lucky enough to find some D batteries for my
flashlights, but they are almost impossible to find.

I assure everyone that if I get dangerously cold, I'll go to my parents.
There's no where I can take my cats (who live indoors), but they seem to be
enjoying this and are suddenly QUITE furry and playful.

I'm sure LaCroix would laugh at our mortal inability to cope with the mess.
Gives a whole new meaning to "frozen dinner."



Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 10:17:10 -0500
From:    Portia 1 <portia1@m.......>
Subject: Re: Fledglings

I think there are probably a lot of fledglings ("a lot" being relative) who
are made and abandoned and some survive fine on their own, and I don't
think they are "homicidal maniacs" exactly -- I mean, without any control
whatsoever, though some are.  However, I would imagine that those without
guidance are far less likely to survive very long -- either b/c of foolish
mistakes or b/c they draw dangerous attention of either hunters or
enforcers (or other vamps who want to "handle" the problem before the other
two forces are drawn).  And as I view the vampire community as having only
one rule, "Don't reveal our existence to the human society," I would bet
that fledlings are also likely to be preyed upon by older and more powerful

As for Vachon and the Inca, they both went through their vampire infancy
and adolescence in a relatively underpopulated environment.  Lots of room
to "make mistakes" and find their own ways to maturity.

Portia, just speculating


Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:54:31 CST
From:    Emily <emily.m.hanson@u.......>
Subject: Re: [[FORKNI-L] A post-Christmas Question]

Well, if you go by one lump of coal since 79 AD, that's a whopping 1921 pieces
of coal!  Hmm, I wonder where she has them all stored?


KYER <KYER@p.......> wrote:

> How many lumps of coal has she managed to accumulate from the Jolly Elf?
> Divia's Coal Supply Inc.
> In the black since 79 A.D.


Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 15:20:01 -0600
From:    Nancy Kaminski <nancykam@m.......>
Subject: ADMIN: Announcing the 2000 Forever Knight Fanfic Awards!

This announcement is posted with McLisa's kind permission. Please forward it to
any faction fiction lists you may belong to.

Announcing the

Starting in early February 2001 (exact date to be determined later), voter IDs
will be issued and nominations accepted for the 2000 edition of the FK Fanfic
Awards. There will be a twist this year: nominations will be limited to stories
posted in 2000 only, in the following categories:

Short Story

There will be adult and non-adult divisions in each category.

The reason the Historical category is being eliminated is because of the
daunting task of sorting through the thousands of excellent stories that have
been posted to the various fiction lists. I hope limiting the field in this way
will bring more readers into the voting.

A schedule of dates and the URL of the Awards website will be published in about
3 weeks.

Because fkfanfic.com hasn't been updated for a number of months due to RL
concerns, I encourage authors who published stories to send me a list of their
stories and their web locations to me. I will start compiling a list to publish
so voters will have easier access to them.

Please send any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the Awards to me

I hope to see you all participate in the Awards!

Nancy Kaminski

Nancy E. Kaminski
Technical Writer/Editor
Fairview Health Services | Minneapolis, MN USA
nkamins1@fairview.org | nancykam@m.......


Date:    Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:56:42 -0700
From:    KYER <KYER@p.......>
Subject: Farewell, Michael (was: My thanks to you all)

It's evening.

Above, the stars twinkle overhead through the broken glass of a skylight.
Below, a motley group gather in the main room of the loft, their hands,
paws, talons, and..uh...whatever bearing candles..

  (...except for Spike the Vampire Cactus what with his being sorta
'allergic' to flames and kinda young yet to be risking it even though Dark
Squirette offered to stick a few votives on his thorns--an idea to which
daddy Nick was not *at all* pleased--I hope you understand if he's carrying
an battery-operated version instead?)

LaCroix is already there, one hand regally dusting off the bits of skylight
glass stuck in his Armani knit, while the other holds his rebec.  Nick seats
himself at the piano, carefully laying down his candleholder on the polished
wood.  He nods his readiness to Griffin, who obliges by spreading its wings,
raising up a delicate mist shroud.  The inside of the loft transforms into a
meadow of flowers and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

  (Light Squirette squirms at the illogic of such a setting, but a quelling
look from LaCroix silences her protest  a'borning.)

This is, after all, for Michael.

At a cue from CotK, the two blonde vampires start to play, as the Personae
hum along...
   (Because we can't sing worth a lick and we're not sure if the afterlife
would provide Michael with earplugs.)

..with Spike keeping rythm via the rustling of some thorns. ..(LeMiz, leave
those strawberries alone!)

The ethereal air is soon filled with the intertwined melodies of Amazing
Graze and Forever Knight.

Wish we'd gotten to know you in person.  But til that time when we all get
to meet you in The After...

Farewell, Michael.

With deep respect,

:' )=

Kyer, the Personae, Griffin, Spike, Nicholas & LaCroix


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 28 Dec 2000 to 29 Dec 2000 (#2000-396)

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