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FORKNI-L Digest - 30 Oct 2000 to 31 Oct 2000 (#2000-336)

Tue, 31 Oct 2000

There are 8 messages totalling 306 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. background music. (2)
  2. Greg Kramer article (2)
  3. How Badly Do You Want FK?
  4. Knight School - Ep108 - Cherry Blossoms
  5. FK merchandise!
  6. Natalie and Nick (The Early Year)


Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 2000 20:38:12 -0500
From:    Mary Denhart <m.denhart@w.......>
Subject: Re: background music.

>And on the side, if anyone knows a page where I could find songs from
>movie/tv commercials, that be cool too.

Check out this site: http://soundamerica.com/
There are lots of sound files from movies, TV shows, sound effects, dialogue
clips, etc.  Under THEMES, there are theme songs from TV, movies, cartoons,
commercials, including Forever Knight.

Mary D.


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2000 00:03:04 -0500
From:    Luc D <lacroix@e.......>
Subject: Re: background music.

Hey thanks!!! :0)

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From: "Mary Denhart" <m.denhart@w.......>
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Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 8:38 PM
Subject: Re: background music.

> >And on the side, if anyone knows a page where I could find songs from
> >movie/tv commercials, that be cool too.
> >
> >Luc
> Check out this site: http://soundamerica.com/
> There are lots of sound files from movies, TV shows, sound effects, dialogue
> clips, etc.  Under THEMES, there are theme songs from TV, movies, cartoons,
> commercials, including Forever Knight.
> Mary D.
> http://home.att.net/~m.denhart/


Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:21:28 -0500
From:    Lindy Cooksey <lindy@w.......>
Subject: Greg Kramer article

Haven't seen this on the list.  Apologies if it's already been posted.
 From the TO Sun online site.

Monday, October 30, 2000
Greg's got a ...
An interview with actor Greg Kramer reveals some curious facts.

For starters, he's a fire eater, he types 125 words per minute, he can't
drive, he won't reveal his real name, he ran away from the circus, and he's
ugly -- when he dons his scary costume and terrifies the living daylights
out of an audience.

But quirks are almost presumed in the creative essence of multi-dimensional
artists like Kramer, 39, who's playing Gollum in The Hobbit at the Young
People's Theatre.

His is also the booming voice of Smaug the dragon in the show, which runs
until Dec. 21.

The depth of Kramer's talent pool is truly incredible. His acting/directing
credits in stage, film and TV total more than 100. One of his most popular
roles was "Screed" on the TV show Forever Knight, which ran three seasons
and is now in syndication. Devotees from across North America follow his
career through the show's fan club Web site.

Aside from acting, he's the award-winning author of three books ("adventure
stories for degenerate grown-ups"), an illustrator, pianist and a graphic
designer of posters, flyers and theatre programs.

Kramer pursued a love of magic and circus acts early in life, and learned
to eat fire.

"I was a ringmaster in Barnum," says the Montreal resident. "I've used
magic in a lot of stuff -- it's a good skill to have."

The British-born actor attributes his artistic diversity to his mother, an
art teacher, who died when Kramer was 12.

Shattered by the loss, the fourth of seven children ran away from home and
lived on the streets of London.

Eventually, he found himself at Mountview Theatre School, where, upon
graduation, he joined a government-funded theatre company whose funding was
cut. That prompted a move to Vancouver in 1981.

"I've been lucky," he says. "I've had some really good roles here."

For a guy who can't drive, Greg Kramer sure gets around.


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2000 01:50:22 EST
From:    BJDFKFan@a.......
Subject: How Badly Do You Want FK?

To paraphrase Janette...How badly do you want FK?  Kickstart the Knight is
still collecting contributions toward our first FULL PAGE ad in support of FK
merchandise, new FK TV-movie(s), and the return of the original series to SFC
or anywhere else.  Thanks to some *extremely* generous contributions from
some wonderful folks (:::waves:::), we now only need $735 to make the full
page ad a reality.  By way of example, this is only:  147 $5 contributions,
OR 74 $10 contributions, OR 49 $15 contributions.  *We CAN do this!*  Any
amount will help!  Don't let fans of other shows like Lexx (whose fans raised
$3,700 for a full page ad) show up all of us wonderful FK fans!  Our ad will
again be a beautiful *original artwork* created by KtK's staff artist
(:::waves to JL::::) and will be placed in Hollywood Reporter so it will
directly reach TPTP.  To contribute via credit card using PayPal, please
visit our website at http://www.ktk.op.nu
or to contribute via cashier's check or money order (no personal checks
please), please send the CC/MO made payable to HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (not to
KtK) to us at:  Kickstart the Knight, P.O. Box 1914, Racine, WI 53401-1914.
Thanks for your help!

Becky -- DFKS, DK, IB, DT, UF, Ravenette, Cousin, FOD
http://members.aol.com/BJDFKFan, http://members.aol.com/DKfanfic
We're cut adrift, but still floating.  I'm only hanging on to watch you go
down...my love.  (Bono, U2)
The world was bankrupted of ten million fine actions the night she passed on.
 (paraphrased from Ray Bradbury's F. 451, in memory of Libby M.)


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2000 02:56:53 -0500
From:    "Jan J." <jonesjan@g.......>
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep108 - Cherry Blossoms

-----Original Message-----
From: Raven Breena <raven@n.......>

>Knight School - Ep108 - Cherry Blossoms

Thank you Cousin Raven for another fine summary.

>1.  Do you think if Nick had done his thing with Janette (this time) it
>would have changed the future episodes at all?

Definitely, I could see a stronger angst tug of war.  Does Nick
want to have fun with  - the good girl (Nat) or the bad girl (Janette).

>2.  Do you think Nat was jealous when she walked in and caught Nick with

No, it was embarrassment.  Consider how earily it is in the first season,
we haven't as yet been delt the Nick/Nat love angle.

>3.  Do you think the acupuncture needle paralyzed Nick because he is somehow
>more 'human' than the other vampires due to his search for redemption?

I'll have to go with McLisa's answer on this one.

<quote>in a vampire lore source that there is some sort
of paper spell or amulet which can be used against the Chinese equivalent of
vampires. </quote>

>4. Do you think the old man actually saw LaCroix, or that Janette helped him

I'm of the opinion that Janette helped.  He was 5 years old (I think?) the shock
of seeing his mother die and who did it was buried in his subconscious.  I think
he attached the deed to Nick because it is implied that nick had been there
for several treatments and was well known to the boy along with the condition
he came to cure.

>5.  Do you think Schanke enjoyed being in charge of the investigation,
>despite the fact that he didn't turn up anything useful?

He (Schanke) seemed to enjoy it.  I'm sure John had a blast trying to ad-lib
around the dialogue.  Kind of reminds me of the ep. C & C when he got to
be the tough guy - man in charge.

Jan (a.k.a. Dark Knightie Jan, Jan1228)

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Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2000 21:15:00 +1300
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: FK merchandise!

Feel free to pass on...

Hi Everyone, Happy Halloween!

This is just a reminder that all FK merchandise available from me is reduced
by 15% through November and December.

Beware the Xmas posting delays and order ASAP! I would highly recommend
ordering before December so I can post your order by early December...or it
could be Valentine's before you get it!<g>

Also, I have had a few requests for jackets to be on the menu. I have made
inquires and have a place that can make to order denim, quilt lined stadium
jackets. I do not have a price yet, but we do need a minimum order of 50.
Remember they make to order so large and small sizes will be available! Let
me know if you are interested so I can either go ahead with inquires or not.
Many thanks!

FK clothing available here! Look what's NEW...Winter/Summer Apparel!!


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2000 07:10:16 EST
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: Greg Kramer article

Thanks for posting this as I hadn't seen it yet!

To congratulate Greg on the article and the fact today is Halloween, his fav
holiday, why not pop over to:


and leave him a message???

Also, unless tickets are sold out for the Nov. 11 performance (I have NO idea
whether or not they are), it is not too late to attend Mission GK 2000! We'll
all go together to see Greg in THE HOBBIT during the 7 p.m. performance. Of
course it is up to you to buy your ticket. The theatre's contact info is at:


We're having a room/pizza party before the performance, then will go to see
the play together, and meet afterwards for a late night
snack/mean/drink/whatever! NO PROMISES that Greg will join us, but he is

Just PLEASE let me know off-list BEFORE next Monday you'd like to attend.
After that, I'll be out of touch.

that droog wot ruins the greg kramer fan klub


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2000 07:44:44 -0500
From:    Tim Phillips <Timp@d.......>
Subject: Natalie and Nick (The Early Year)

To the recent bubble of conversation about Natalie's feelings toward
Nicholas in the first season should be added this:
    In Dark Knight, there is a scene where Natalie comes to the loft
searching for Nicholas.  He is in the dark drinking blood and rather
crabby.  Natalie asks what is going on and Nick - after a little
coaxing - tells her that he kissed Alyce Hunter and then nearly
killed her.
        Nick isn't looking at Natalie and for a moment the look on
Catherine Disher's face is clearly one of
disappointment/loss/rejection... that Nick kissed Alyce.
        After this unguarded moment, they did seem to step back from
the idea of Nick and Natalie as a couple during much of the
season, but here we do have Natalie obviously feeling something
deeper than mere friendship for Nicholas in the show's effective

 Tim Phillips


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 30 Oct 2000 to 31 Oct 2000 (#2000-336)

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