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FORKNI-L Digest - 21 Sep 2000 to 22 Sep 2000 (#2000-295)

Fri, 22 Sep 2000

There are 20 messages totalling 660 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Ger's new show - Robocop: Prime Directives (4)
  2. Mad Knights (3)
  3. [Re: [FORKNI-L] [[FORKNI-L] Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air]]
  4. Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air (6)
  5. DJs
  6. Alumin alert
  7. New HIGHLANDER soundtrack available
  8. LaCroix question (2)
  9. Lisa Ryder Alert!


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 09:32:25 +1200
From:    Knightraven <knightraven@c.......>
Subject: Re: Ger's new show - Robocop: Prime Directives

I believe he is playing the evil, demented bad guy....a doctor I think.<eg>


> What kind of part is he playing?  What's the premise of the show?
> Portia


Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 18:47:21 -0400
From:    Diane Harris <diharris@v.......>
Subject: Re: Mad Knights

ROTFLMAO!  Oh man... I was in tears and my choice of words wasn't even that
great :)

Diane Harris (diharris@v.......)
Proud NNPacker, Knightie, FoDs,  CoTK, and glutton for any and all feedback.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bonnie Rutledge" <br1035@i.......>
To: <FORKNI-L@l.......>
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2000 1:11 PM
Subject: Mad Knights

> Lots of us enjoy Mad Libs.
> Lots of us think 'Last Knight' could use some rewriting.


Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 18:48:07 CDT
From:    Emily <emily.m.hanson@u.......>
Subject: Re: [Re: [FORKNI-L] [[FORKNI-L] Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air]]

Shows you how much I know.  <g>
Here it's usually W or K, depending on which side of the Mississippi river (I
think) they are on.  There are a few oddballs too.


Marg Yamanaka <mytoronto@h.......> wrote:

That's not a coincidence. Most Canadian radio and TV stations start
with a C.


Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 20:30:35 -0400
From:    Pat Casey <magicpac@t.......>
Subject: Re: Ger's new show - Robocop: Prime Directives

Is this just a show or two or is he a regular with frequent appearances?


Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 17:52:04 -0700
From:    Kyer <kyer@p.......>
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air

> 1.  Would Nick make a good DJ?
Dark Jedi?  Maybe.  He could go train under his nephew Anakin aka Andre.

> 2.  Would Schanke make a good DJ?
No way.  He'd get pizza sauce and donut powder over all the controls.

> 3.  Do you believe pop-psychologists can help people?
I prefer mom-psychologists, but sure... why not.

> 4.  Do you think this was a foreshadowing of LaCroix coming back as a DJ?
I *knew* Emporor Palpatine looked familiar!

> 5.  Who is your favorite DJ and why?  (Doesn't have to be FK).
Rush Limbaugh.  The guy plays the funniest parodies.

Kyer,  kyer@p.......
who just came off of Jedi.net---what can I say?


Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 19:07:01 -0700
From:    rehatha <rehatha@p.......>
Subject: DJs

> 5.  Who is your favorite DJ and why?  (Doesn't have to be FK).
Rush Limbaugh.  The guy plays the funniest parodies.

...Happy Harry Hardon (from Pump Up the Volume)

Perhaps LaCroix would find him a bit overtly crude but I believe he
would've enjoyed the overall power the DJ had to affect his
listeners...they even blew up their kitchens after listening to his rants.



Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:20:27 -0000
From:    Barbara Vainio <bevainio@w.......>
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air

> 1.  Would Nick make a good DJ?
His voice would sound wonderful on the radio, but if I interpret "DJ" to
mean the type of pop-psychologist the show was about I don't think he would
be very good at it.  He would be too concerned about actually helping people
and not do enough "entertaining" by playing up the more sensational parts of
his callers' stories or subtly making fun of their problems.  Now if we want
to have him do straight DJ intros of love songs or classical music form
midnight to 4 AM - I'd stay up to listen anytime <WG> Although I have to
admit, if I had to choose between Nick and LaCroix, I'd choose LC - I just
really love his voice & I could get *really* annoyed at his opinions :-)

> 2.  Would Schanke make a good DJ?
Schanke, on the other hand, would make a wonderful call in DJ either
pop-psych or sports.  He has just the right attitude and would be easy for
many people to relate to.  He could talk about Jenny and how women just
don't appreciate a good poker game.  Or maybe discuss the best way to dress
to turn your man on <WEG>

> 3.  Do you believe pop-psychologists can help people?
I think they can help you think about something from a different
perspective, which is always a good thing.  But I don't think that they can
do much long term good in a 5 or 10 minute phone call.

> 4.  Do you think this was a foreshadowing of LaCroix coming back as a DJ?
Interesting question.  I think doing this ep may have given TPTB the idea
that a radio show would be a great way to set up LC's ideas and a wonderful
way to get into Nick's everyday life since he spent so much time in the



Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:22:12 -0400
From:    Marg Yamanaka <mytoronto@h.......>
Subject: Re: Ger's new show - Robocop: Prime Directives

Pat Casey wrote:
> Is this just a show or two or is he a regular with frequent appearances?

It's a four-part miniseries. Ger plays a villain named David
Kaydick. He's not in the first one, but plays a prominent part in
the others. For more info, check out:


Marg, in Toronto, the City of the Knight  <mytoronto@h.......>
Please visit the Upper Canada Connection -
A Canadian Tribute to Geraint Wyn Davies:


Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:48:41 -0400
From:    Cecilia Long <celong@m.......>
Subject: Alumin alert

I probably missed this here, but just ran across it...fopr the new show from
Rodneberry called Andromeda

Lisa Ryder stars as Beka Valentine, the commander of the salvage ship Eureka
Maru and eventual first officer of the Andromeda Ascendant...

Lady Ariadne--webmistress
ICQ# 10820105


Date:    Wed, 20 Sep 2000 13:51:48 -0400
From:    Mickey <wench@a.......>
Subject: New HIGHLANDER soundtrack available

 From Mark Banning, GNP/Crescendo records

Hi folks,

Just wanted to announce to all FK fans who may also be closet Highlander fans
that we have the soundtrack to the new movie HIGHLANDER ENDGAME available for
order at GNP/Crescendo Records. Come visit the site at www.gnpcrescendo.com
to find out more.


Mark Banning


Date:    Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:16:09 -0500
From:    "Nancy E. Kaminski" <nancykam@m.......>
Subject: Re: LaCroix question

> Cloudrider wrote:

> Anyone an idea what could be pedagogical in LC killing the
> nun who saved Nick in Capital Offense???

I think most of Lacroix's lessons are to show Nick that, while he can run, he
can't hide. Anything he tries is futile. Anyone who helps him will die. The nun
helped Nick --- she dies. Point made.

> What does he prove with framing Nick into killing the
> ballerina in LYtD???

The point there was to illustrate Nick's hypocracy in only killing the evil, the
immoral, the impure. Those judgements are often subjective -- Lacroix painted
the ballerina as immoral with circumstantial evidence. Nick jumps to the
conclusion Lacroix wants him to, and kills her. He is then shown that he was
completely wrong. I think Lacroix wanted him to then think that he was wrong in
making these judgements, that all humans were fair game, and that the
distinctions Nick was drawing to justify his actions were immaterial.
Unfortunately this plan backfired. Instead of going back to indicriminate
killing, Nick went totally the other way and ceased killing completely (okay,
there were exceptions, but that's our Nicky).

> What's the lesson in killing the archeologist woman in
> Faithful Followers, after making Nick lure her there???
> I can't figure it out.

Just the usual stuff -- "Resistance is futile. Give up your search for
mortality, and the mortals will live longer."

> Or in bringing across Daniel, the war orphan in London? Looks
> like LC mostly intends him to be a toy for Janette,
> and sees it also as a victory over Nick, who is devastated.

I think Lacroix just wanted to see how a child vampire would fare. Not well,
obviously. Making Nick upset was a byproduct.

> What's to be learned in Lacroix killing the Chinatown
> acupuncturist women in the Cherry Blossoms flashback???
> The only point he proves with that is that he will never
> allow Nick to get mortal again - is that pedagogical???
> Besides him having fun at hurting Nick.

Sure, it's a lesson that Lacroix keeps teaching and that Nick keeps ignoring.
But you never know when the lesson will sink in -- so keep trying!

> It doesn't help *Nick* in any way. He isn't happy in it, he
> hates it, the older he gets, the more. And each of Lacroix' tricks
> make him hate it yet more. Shouldn't "pedagogical" mean that
> something helps the pupil rather than the teacher???

No one said the lessons had to be beneficial in the student's eyes. Lacroix
obviously thinks these lessons are for Nick's good, even if he doesn't know it.
Lacroix *knows* that being a vampire makes a person a higher being than mortals,
that it's a desirable state. Why doesn't Nick realize that?? Where does he get
these weird ideas? Why does he want to rejoin the human cattle? Well, Lacroix
reasons, he'll pound the lesson home that Nick is wrong and Lacroix is right.
Too bad if Nick doesn't agree --- sooner or later he will see the error of his
ways and eventually be grateful to Lacroix.

Let's draw an analogy -- let's say both your parents are doctors. Being a
physician is the most wonderful, fulfilling thing in the world. They want you to
be a doctor, too, and join in their fulfillment and be happy as they are.

But you want to be a carpenter. What?? A manual laborer? Never! Not their child!
So they force you to take pre-med, refuse to let you go to trade school, send
you to science camps, the whole bit, all to show you how wonderful medicine is.
They punish you for building stuff in the garage. They throw out your Popular
Mechanics magazines. You hate it. They don't care -- eventually you'll feel the
same way they do. So eventually you become a very unhappy doctor who wants to be
a carpenter.

Okay, so it's exaggerated. But I think that's where Lacroix is coming from.

Nancy Kaminski


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 00:29:08 EDT
From:    KaAG@a.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air


<< Would Nick make a good DJ?
with his background of being an actor/ shifting lives/ etc... yes, I think he

 2.  Would Schanke make a good DJ?
not as  good as Nick... too much polka music and had to be convinced to call
in. I just don't see him having the sponteneity to be an entertaining DJ

 3.  Do you believe pop-psychologists can help people?
 partially. Some problems can be helped by simply admitting the problem and
talking about it to an uninvolved person. That is not the same as diagnosing
and treating a real psychoses.

 4.  Do you think this was a foreshadowing of LaCroix coming back as a DJ?
no, but it was a fun parallel

 5.  Who is your favorite DJ and why?  (Doesn't have to be FK).
th NIGHTCRAWLER (of course........ love those monologues!!!) short of that,
would have to be Ernie Harwell's broadcasts of the Detroit Tigers baseball
games  >>



Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 01:23:48 EDT
From:    BJDFKFan@a.......
Subject: Re: Mad Knights

Okay, I'm pathetic...I'll admit my first thought upon skimming this post was
"Why is Libs mad and why would the rest of us be happy about that?"  Very
very sad...been here too long. <G>

But the FK mad lib is great!  A couple of mine even made sense...sort of...in
a weird way.

<<<<<  NICK: 'She had faith in me...in what's beyond...that we could have a
house together...that this would be a tree, not a fence. I have that faith,
too.'  >>>>>
LOL!  I love it!  A tree, not a fence!

and  <<<<<  Nick hands the large pillow to LaCroix. He then kneels over
Natalie and takes her hand in his.  < snip > As LaCroix raises the large
pillow over Nicholas, the scene changes to the outside of the loft ....  >>>>>
Now *this* I can picture!  Nick and LC having a pillow fight!  But then I
always have had UFish tendencies. <G>

Becky -- DFKS, DK, IB, DT, UF, Ravenette, Cousin, FOD
http://members.aol.com/BJDFKFan, http://members.aol.com/DKfanfic
We're cut adrift, but still floating.  I'm only hanging on to watch you go
down...my love.  (Bono, U2)
The world was bankrupted of ten million fine actions the night she passed on.
 (paraphrased from Ray Bradbury's F. 451, in memory of Libby M.)


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 03:07:22 -0400
From:    Quinn <quinn@g.......>
Subject: Re: Ger's new show - Robocop: Prime Directives

>What kind of part is he playing?  What's the premise of the show?

Robocop: Prime Directives is actually four made-for-TV movies (Dark Justice,
Meltdown, Resurrection, Crash & Burn). Each segment could stand on its own
but together they tell a "big picture". The main story deals with the
original Robocop - now 10 years old and battle worn.  Robo is played by Page
Fletcher who appeared in Baby, Baby (and also GWD's series Black Harbour).

Introduced in this series is a new Robo "Robo Cable" played by Maurice Dean
Wint who appeared in FK's Francesca. Also in R:PD is Leslie Hope who
appeared with Ger in Conspiracy of Fear.

Ger's character David Kaydick appears in the last two segments. Kaydick is
fun to watch!

R:PD is supposed to air in the US on cable but as yet no word on what
channel or when. SciFi and HBO have been cited as possibles. Airdates, when
announced, will be posted on the GWDFC site at http://www.gwdfc.org  as well
as the official Robocop: Prime Directives site at http://www.robocop-pd.ca/

I saw R:PD and, frankly, didn't really expect to enjoy it. However, it was a
blast! It's much closer (thank goodness) to the original Robocop. In fact,
Julian Grant and the writers ignore the follow-up movies and TV series
completely! There is a lot of humor -  jokes,  puns and social commentary -
built into the dialogue and it is obvious that the cast had fun with their
roles. The music is very "spaghetti western" in style and, according to
Julian, will be available from Crescendo (http://www.gnpcrescendo.com/)
sometime soon.

Pictures taken at an 8 hr screening of R:PD (in August) can be viewed on the
GWDFC site. These include shots of Maurice & Page, producer/director Julian
Grant, writer Joe O'Brien and others from the production. Go to
http://www.gwdfc.org , click on "latest news".  There are links to Kaydick
pictures and screen captures as well to the screening.

Visit the Robocop:Prime Directives website (http://www.robocop-pd.ca/) for
lots of pictures and information. A "bio" of Kaydick can be found at
http://www.robocop-pd.ca/characters/index.html . Non-spoiling synopses for
each segment can be found at http://www.robocop-pd.ca/trailers/index.html .
There are also several trailers that can be downloaded (including one
mammoth one at 26.1 MB!).

GWDFC officer              quinn@g.......
GWD Fan Club page--> http://www.gwdfc.org/ , http://www.gwdfc.com/
Like Robson Green?   e-mail   RobsonGreenFans-subscribe@o.......


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 06:10:07 -0400
From:    Tiff Petherbridge <gugenhoffen@c.......>
Subject: Lisa Ryder Alert!

So I was in Barnes & Noble this evening, and who do I see staring at me in the
magazine section? Lisa Ryder!!!
She, along with the rest of her co-stars of "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" grace
the cover of this month's STARLOG.

Oh, and just a reminder that Andromeda will be premering October 2nd, in

Evil Cousin Tiff :)

"I bet you'd stand at the pearly gates and kick St.
Peter right in the teeth before you'd let somebody
play you."
- Michael McCann (Thomas Crown Affair)


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 04:17:49 PDT
From:    Gladys Bears <rockiebears@n.......>
Subject: Re: LaCroix question

Thanks to Siri for all the scenes enumerated in her post. Let me first react
only to the Undue Process flashback. IIRC it was intented to be a lesson like
"Don't be too trustful, it can be dangereus". I also first had the impression
that it's a too twisted and exaggerated way to illustrate this moral but what
happened in the present? Nick was duped, the girl lied to him and used him in
order to attend her goal. It almost cost Schanke's life, didn't it? Was it not
exactly what LaCroix tried to defend him from?

Two other question about the events in this flashbacks.
1. I remember that the window had the form of a cross. Didn't it bother our
vampires? And what cured Nick's injuries, had he some blood in his coat?
2. I often read in fictions that LaCroix always keeps his promises. But my
recollections suggest me that just the opposite happened here: he sad Nick not
to worry about the little nun because he would not be hungry, and than... we
all know what happened.

I very much liked the question if "it's pedagogical to force Nick back
into the fold"? I think it depends if we accept the possibility of a cure for
him or not. (I didn't forget about Janette's cure but I also remember that it
didn't work for Nick in a way he needed it.) If there is no cure, Nick only
torments and weakens himself with all his asceticism and experiments. If there
is a cure, than LaCroix's attempts to make him impossible to use it are in the
way of Nick's happiness, so we can blame him for them. But I think that it is
a fundamental question in our approach of the show and there is no way that
the one party can convince the other (and there is no need of it, either).


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 07:44:30 -0500
From:    Emma Lighton <elighton@b.......>
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air

>LaCroix and Janette pestering the man again; Janette says the man looks like
>LaCroix' s father. (Although, how would she know?)  Nick: "You sicken me,

My guess is, either she saw an image of Lacroix's father in his blood at
some point, or they've done this before and she knows her lines.

>1.  Would Nick make a good DJ?


>2.  Would Schanke make a good DJ?


>3.  Do you believe pop-psychologists can help people?

Only those with fairly simple problems.

>4.  Do you think this was a foreshadowing of LaCroix coming back as a DJ?

Not really, he was one before he died.

>5.  Who is your favorite DJ and why?  (Doesn't have to be FK).

Personally, I *hate* all the radio DJ's around here (NYC area), especially
morning ones. All they do is blather on (sort of like the Nightcrawler, but
less funny) and waste airtime that they could have used to play music.

Emma (elighton@b.......)
Vaquera * DPheretic * T+Vpack * FKMac-er Head Mouse Clicker
Survivor of Wars 9 and 10
"Pulvis et umbra sumus." -Horace


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 07:55:59 -0400
From:    Portia 1 <portia1@m.......>
Subject: Re: Mad Knights

Forever Knight TV show <FORKNI-L@l.......> wrote:
> Lots of us enjoy Mad Libs.
> Lots of us think 'Last Knight' could use some rewriting.

LOL!  Some of it was just strange but some of it...HA!

LACROIX: 'Don't be introspective , Nicholas.
                Life is a sippy cup

LACROIX: 'And so, in your eyes , I'm the shirt collar .'
NICK: 'No, not the shirt collar .'
LACROIX: 'What then?'
NICK: 'You are [in tears] my verbose flea .'

Okay, the shirt collar thing doesn't work, but *verbose flea*???  I Love
It!!!! "g"

Portia (who had to resist sharing all of LaCroix's very weird little speech)


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:21:35 GMT
From:    Lorelei Sieja <lorisieja@h.......>
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air

1.  Would Nick make a good DJ? A: Absolutely.  I could list to his voice any
time, any where... he'd make the classifieds sound like erotic fiction...

2.  Would Schanke make a good DJ? A:  No.  He's a cop, and good as what he
does, but he doesn't seem versatile.  Also, he doesn't have much warmth or
compassion... and I don't care for the cold, antagonistic type talk-shows.

3.  Do you believe pop-psychologists can help people? A: No.  I think that
troubled people may turn to them instead of seeking the professional help
they need.

4.  Do you think this was a foreshadowing of LaCroix coming back as a DJ?
A: could be...

5.  Who is your favorite DJ and why?  A: Elmer Fudd, "he, he, he, That's
all, folks!"


Date:    Fri, 22 Sep 2000 09:46:23 -0500
From:    Nancy Kaminski <nancykam@m.......>
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep110 - Dead Air

> 1.  Would Nick make a good DJ?

No. However, I'd tune into his talk show, "The Mood Swing Hour." <g> They'd
alternate -- happy talk one hour, depression the next.

> 2.  Would Schanke make a good DJ?

DJ, no. However, I bet he'd be a great auto talk or home repair talk show host.

> 3.  Do you believe pop-psychologists can help people?

Nope. I believe pop psychology has done more harm than good in our society. It's
useless, feel-good pap. (Tell them what you really think, Nancy... <g>)

> 4.  Do you think this was a foreshadowing of LaCroix coming back as a DJ?

Nope. LC was a DJ, and then a talk-show host, before this ep. I'd listen to his
talk show, though, just for the thrill of hearing that voice.

> 5.  Who is your favorite DJ and why?

I don't listen to music on the radio (I'm completely out of touch with popular
music). I do, however, listen to talk radio and NPR. I like Juan Williams on NPR
(a great interviewer/moderator) and  local guy, Joe Soucheray, who has a very
popular afternoon show called "Garage Logic." He also has a sports talk show on
Saturdays that is about the funniest thing you'll ever hear.

Nancy Kaminski


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 21 Sep 2000 to 22 Sep 2000 (#2000-295)

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