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FORKNI-L Digest - 16 Aug 2000 (#2000-254)

Wed, 16 Aug 2000

There are 4 messages totalling 116 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. FK & Law and Order
  2. While we're penning down fans...
  3. While we're penning down fans (2)


Date:    Wed, 16 Aug 2000 15:02:19 -0400
From:    mclisa@m.......
Subject: FK & Law and Order

Nancy Kaminski writes:
>All of a sudden I have the vision of Nick on the stand on an ep of "Law and
>Order" (why hasn't anyone done a crossover with that show?!? I think Schanke
>and Lenny Brisco would

Yes, and LaCroix as the slick, smilingly villainous defense attorney who
will do anything which won't actually get him arrested or leave evidence for
disbarrment. :) Janette as a key witness who may not be telling the precise
truth, but does so very stylishly and for what she considers the end's
justification of the means.

Alma as the accused. Stonetree as the judge.  Note: In first season fanfic,
Alma made a lot of appearances as a not-very-bright assistant to Janette.
This is the Alma I have in mind, not just her one canonical appearance as
the vampire who tried to put Schanke permanently on the night shift. There
was a later reference to her as having redecorated the Raven for Janette.
This was to explain why the shot the Raven scenes in the last episode at a
different nightclub. Personally, considering how unsuitable the new look
was, I always figured Janette was bombed out of her mind when she approved
the plans. :) You know Janette. She's like a cat  -- or LaCroix -- never,
ever admit to a mistake.

McLisa, now exposed as a Law & Order fan to the point of staying up late to
watch reruns.
Listowner Forkni-l, Fkfic-l, Fkv4s-l


Date:    Wed, 16 Aug 2000 22:30:06 CEST
From:    Simone Nicole Dornecker <moonwing@h.......>
Subject: Re: While we're penning down fans...

I'm one of the few German fans (and there are only that few because the
stupid !"%&%!! sender brought it to the most impossible times)
I'm from [xxxxxxxxxx] (the real [xxxxxxxxxx]... and there are at least 40 different

And then something else: Vampires appear to be very very pale, correct?
But what about a black vampire? Would he bleach out or remain the same? And
if he remains the same, isn't he (through more intact pigments in his skin)
better protected against the sun than a non-black vampire?

the very sleepy [xxxxxxxxxx] Girl


Date:    Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:39:59 -0400
From:    Bonnie Rutledge <br1035@i.......>
Subject: Re: While we're penning down fans

Karen G wrote:
<snip>> I'm in [xxxxxxxxxx], North Carolina (that's the eastern part.... think floods
> and hurricanes)<snip>

Wow! I had no idea there were so many FK fans in NC!

Most people know I'm in [xxxxxxxxxx], NC, but I was raised in the RTP (Cary,
actually - forgive me - they didn't have the color police back then and you were
allowed to water your lawn WHENEVER YOU WANTED *gasp!*).

Yes, [xxxxxxxxxx] - home of the 'El Vaquero' store (at the shops near Harris at
Albemarle - they sell shoes, among other things), the 'Thirsty Camel' martini
bar, and the Calvary 'Jesus! That's a PINK' Church. Our baseball team's called
the [xxxxxxxxxx] Knights.

Oh, and most people in [xxxxxxxxxx] drive like they're having flashbacks.

It's a very FK-friendly city!


 Bonnie Rutledge.......<br1035@i.......>.......Single and Fabulous!
  "No one here is interested in that information." - 'Sex and the City'
     "I'm damaged...just like a grocery store can." - Cousin Jules


Date:    Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:52:18 EDT
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: While we're penning down fans

In a message dated Wed, 16 Aug 2000  4:38:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Bonnie
Rutledge <br1035@i.......> writes:

<<Wow! I had no idea there were so many FK fans in NC!>>

I don't think he's on this list and I know he wouldn't mind me saying this for
the shock factor alone, but the Ratpacks h'on Johnsie The Leader o' the Ratpack
h'iz currently re-zidin' h'in NC.

Be afeared, be very VERY afeared.



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 16 Aug 2000 (#2000-254)

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