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Logfile LOG9606D Part 17

June 25, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9606D" Part 17

	GWD's accent  (2)
	Lyrics--Help  (5)
	Good, evil AND holy objects
	Spoiler: Night in question
	Spoilers: Night in Question
	help with computer stuff?
	where to find pictures?
	the E-word, the G-word, the R-word
	Joining the War
	LAST CALL for CERK shirts!
	Translation for Madhat
	Calling all Mid-Atlantic FK fans!
	Games Vampires Play
	The Fix & other stuff
	Games Vampires Pla
	Sony's snail mail
	Nick, Nat and Janette; brief LK SPOILERS
	Flyer Run
	Idea:  Toronto by Knight MUSH?
	FK at DragonCon '96

Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 12:37:56 -0400
From:         Linda Simon <lsimon@h.......>
Subject:      GWD's accent

Klew. Very Welsh pronunciation.
If you hear a Welsh speaker pronounce Lloyd or Llewellyn, you'll get it.
The first L becomes sort of Kh--a Bostonian of Welsh descent I know spells
his name Cloyd.
I'll bet libraries have Welsh lullabies or language tapes or something.

Linda Simon
NatPacker, subliminal Cousin
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:14:38 -0400
From:         Carla Pickering <carla@e.......>
Subject:      Lyrics--Help

I was so happy to get *the* lyrics to the 3 Fred Mollin songs--then, in
what can only be described as a *fit* of cleaning this weekend--I threw them

Will some kind soul please email me privately with the lyrics :-)))  I
*really, really* wanted them.  Thank you.

Carla at Crowhawwk in Exeter, RI with
Joanna Darkwind, Wolfish Wonderpup
Vaquera, Apricot Sympathizer, Light Cousin and
Blackberry Gatherer Emeritus of the McGregors
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 10:18:23 -0700
From:         "Nina A. Smith" <snsa@i.......>
Subject:      Good, evil AND holy objects

>On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Margie Hammet wrote:
>> At 09:50 AM 6/22/96 -0500, TippiNB wrote:
>> >Amy wrote:
>> >>.... yes, we can say that someone is wrong, and even evil. ....
>> >>ripping the living hearts out of unwilling victims?  That would be wrong,
>> >>and evil, and it would be just fine to say so.
>> >So the Aztecs were wrong and evil, too?  Whatever they were doing socially
>> >allowed them to become one of the most advanced and largest civilizations in
>> >history.  Their religion worked for *them*.
What people are forgetting is that while the Aztec priesthood also engaged
in personal bloodletting sacrifice (self-mutilation) and the occasional
ritual suicide, for the most part the people who died on those altars (and
BTW, were subsequently eaten by the priesthood and aristocracy) were
captives taken in wars waged for the purpose. Cortez and the Spaniards could
never have conquered the Aztecs without the enthusiastic backing of the
Aztec Empire's subject peoples. The Aztecs' religion worked for them exactly
the same way antebellum slavery worked for the Southern planter class.
(Somehow I don't expect anyone to defend THAT little social arrangement.)

>> So if murder appears to "work" for a society it's okay?  The only criterion
>> is whether it "works"?
>Just a minute, please.
>At least in the Aztec religion, it was NOT NOT NOT murder, it was
>ceremonial sacrifice which is, IMO, an entirely different thing...

Uh ... not when you're on the receiving end of it, and you didn't volunteer.
Here's a thought experiment for those who, "taking the long view," regard
the Aztecs as just another culture: imagine a revival of their religion in a
powerful, modern nation, fully equipped with the latest in
nuclear/chemical/biological armaments, with a well-trained fanatical army
AND the total Aztec dedication to war as the gods' cafeteria ... looking
hungrily at us.

As you can tell, the Aztecs have been much on my mind this week, thanks to
research for a fanfic (not FK, though, nor the above scenario). To sew this
thread to the "holy objects' effect on vampires" debate: Would the holy
objects of Aztec worship, or the fearsome Thuggee, made holy as they are
through their use in the killing of unwilling victims, repel vampires -- or
(for those of you who think vampires are evil by definition) energize them?
Or have no effect at all? What effect would they have on repentant Nick, or
self-accepting, nonviolent Janette? And what about the "unholy" objects of a
devil-worship cult? (Ah, what would horror fiction be without THOSE?) I
haven't seen "Blackwing," so I'm not sure about those knives that have been
discussed here.

"Hillel said: Be of the students of Aaron; love peace and pursue peace..."
Pirke Avot 1:12
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:24:54 -0400
From:         Chaya-Baila Adler <cbailaa@t.......>
Subject:      Re: Spoiler: Night in question

At 08:00 AM 6/25/96 EDT, Lisa wrote:
>I can't remember whether or not this one is spoiler-protected, so I'm
>erring on the side of caution.
>Now, then. Actually, Alyssa in Night in Question didn't say that Nick

Ummm, wasn't she in Dead of Night, not NIQ?
<scratching my head in confusion>
And here I thought I *finally* got the names of the episodes down pat

have a day :-|
chaya-baila <cbailaa@tact.touro.edu>
keeper and SKLer: taking lurkdom to new heights
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 10:41:18 -0700
From:         Idalia Kakesako <idaliak@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Lyrics--Help

Carla wrote:
>I was so happy to get *the* lyrics to the 3 Fred Mollin songs--then, in
>what can only be described as a *fit* of cleaning this weekend--I threw them
>out!!!! >Will some kind soul please email me privately with the lyrics :-))) I
>*really, really* wanted them.  Thank you.

        I've sent them to her.

        ObListQuestion:  Did Jamie leave us a list babysitter since she's
going to the Gethering?

Idalia Kakesako  <idaliak@i.......>
Light Cousin, NatPacker, N&N Packer
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:53:58 EDT
From:         Lisa McDavid <D020214@v.......>
Subject:      Correction

Linda Simon (thanks, Linda) pointed out to me that in my post on Lacroix
and Divia's having been brought over in 79 c.e., which is after the
birth of Christ, I confused Night in Question with Dead of Night.

Sorry the inaccuracy.

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Chief Watcher for Cats, McGregor
Lisa McDavid
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 12:08:00 PT
From:         Tami Lafrank <tamilyn.lafrank@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Spoilers: Night in Question

Chaya you are correct.

Night in Question - Nick gets shot in the head
Dead of Night     - Haunted house

Tami LaFrank                      : TCL58@a....... or TCL20@a.......
Ravenette, IB, MBDtK, McGregor (I am *NOT* a Bunny.),
  Mai Tai Mistress, BFP-QB        : Owner: Sacred Raven Health Spa
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 14:21:40 -0600
From:         Lisa Luksis <LLUKSIS@a.......>
Subject:      help with computer stuff?

Is anybody else out there with a Netcom
account having trouble getting Netcom to
share information with Eudora lately?  I'm
running the latest & greatest 16-bit version
of Eudora Pro with my Windows95 system.  It
worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago.
Now it won't let me send any outgoing mail
through Eudora...I have to use Netcom's
mailer (ACK!).  Has Netcom done anything or
changed anything lately that would fubar me?
I remember not long back they did something
that required me changing 'ix.netcom.com' to
'popd.ix.netcom.com' in all my Eudora
settings.  This is making me nuts, and y'all
know there's nothing more dangerous than a
Cousin gone nuts!  :-)  Please answer
through private e-mail. Sometimes it takes
me weeks to catch up on all my digests.

ObFK:  I just ordered the FK soundtrack,
finally.  I tried to get it thru Blockbuster
Music.  They took my order and then five
days later told me it was unavailable.  Like
they couldn't have figured that out with
their little computer?  The guy at Coconuts
figured that out in less than 2 minutes, and
all he had to look at was some little
catalogue listing.  Anyway, I'm looking
forward to getting my hands on the CD that
everyone's been saying such great things

Cousin Tok
and the cats:  Cousin Merlin & Willow, the
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 12:21:35 -0700
From:         Rick Bleyle <papaya@i.......>
Subject:      where to find pictures?

    After I loaded my picture to disk I couldn't find it can anyone

                Kelley Bleyle
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 15:34:40 -0400
From:         Mary Davis <Spirit3679@a.......>
Subject:      Re: the E-word, the G-word, the R-word

In a message dated 96-06-25 14:48:00 EDT, Madhatter  wrote:

>please translate the following:
>"indeed he knows not how to know who knows not also
>how to un-know." -sir richard francis burton

This is a truth one learns upon leaving school and entering the real world.
You come to realize that you have to drop a lot of things you were taught in
order to learn what you need to know to survive.

In FK terms, Nick, the brick, does not know how to know about being human,
because he hasn't figured out how to forget his vampire experience.  Whereas
LaCroix, fine tunes his personal wisdom by dropping the old and picking up on
the new.  Nick is still a crusader, but LaCroix has given up being a general
and moved on to other things.

Or in everyday terms, if I tried to program my new vcr like I had to program
my old vcr I would never have anything I want on videotape.

Mary Davis
Let's all have fun, fun, fun and let LaCroix take care of daddy if he tries
to take the t-bird away.
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 15:34:41 -0400
From:         Mary Davis <Spirit3679@a.......>
Subject:      Re: "Evil"

In a message dated 96-06-25 14:51:28 EDT,  Toni wrote:

> regarding Nick and Nat - I echo Felicia's question -- How many
>of us would consider it a special "romantic" or "loving" (beyond friendship)
>relationship if the man in question treated you as Nick has Nat?

When you look at the statistics on domestic violence, you would see how many
people (men are abused too) consider their relationships to be special,
romantic or loving when they in fact are not.

Mary Davis
Earth mother and earthy muther
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 16:29:20 -0400
From:         "Gail E. Ingalls" <newcat@c.......>
Subject:      Re: Lyrics--Help

At 01:14 PM 6/25/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I was so happy to get *the* lyrics to the 3 Fred Mollin songs--then, in
>what can only be described as a *fit* of cleaning this weekend--I threw them
>out!!!! Will some kind soul please email me privately with the lyrics :-)))

I sent this to her.
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:31:40 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      Re: GWD's accent

Linda Simon wrote:
>If you hear a Welsh speaker pronounce Lloyd or Llewellyn, you'll get it.
>The first L becomes sort of Kh--a Bostonian of Welsh descent I know spells
>his name Cloyd.

Thanks Linda!  It makes better sense now.  In my all TOO BRIEF stint in
Wales (for college) I remember going to Llandidno (very poor sp!), a
famous tourist town off the North Sea.  It took me all Summer to get the
pronunciation right.  And, as I recite it from memory, I hear:

--a slight "c",
--"th"s out BOTH(!) sides of my mouth, & then
--the "l" sound start.

Welsh & Wales ARE beautiful, but that is no romance language.  Never knew
I could produce such sounds.  I'm impressed Geraint pronounced "clue"
in English SO well!  How lyrical!
My, this IS all a lot of fun!

* -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- *
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 16:49:32 -0400
From:         Beth Washington <Beth_Washington@a.......>
Subject:      Joining the War

Hi everyone....

I have been so overwhelmed with email that I am still catching up on
digests dating back to June 12.

I was reading about some war.  I am a Cousin and am wondering if it is
too late to join, and if someone could forward me the rules and what I
have to do, I would be most appreciated.


That is so unfair!  You know I can't fly!             Beth A. Washington
  -Lois from Lois & Clark                       Beth_Washington@a.......
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 17:00:04 -0400
From:         "Lisa J. Patnaude" <KnightKeep@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Lyrics--Help

I sent her these.


Only one thing is truly permanent...Forever Knight
Cousinly Knightie w/NatPacker tendencies  <I do so hate to limit myself>
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 16:55:58 -0400
From:         "Lisa J. Patnaude" <KnightKeep@a.......>
Subject:      LAST CALL for CERK shirts!

Hi Everyone,

This is the LAST CALL for CERK shirts.  After today, June 25 (hey, 6 months
to Christmas!!), Ron will no longer add on to this order.  If people are
still interested in ordering shirts/sweatshirts, your request will go on the
next order.  Remember, there is a 25 piece minimum per order.  Here is the
list of what was ordered and is still available:

    Total ordered:   4 Med  (2 sold)
                         12 Large  (some available)
                         15 XL   (6 or so left)
                           5 2XL  (2/3 of these sold)
                           3 3XL  (1/2 of these sold)
                           2 XL sweats (both of these are taken!!)

Also, Ron has said that she could (next time) order Nightshirts (sleep
shirts!!).  They'd sell for $25 post paid because they cost a bit to get
(they are a special order item).
  -- Guess who her first customer is going to be???   :)

So put in your orders today - first come, first serve.

And I want to personally thank everyone who has ordered so far -
approximately 35 people!  And some of you (and you know who you are) ordered
more than one.  One very good samaritan ordered four!

Last, but not least, I want to thank Ron Katz (Ron the Enforcer).  Without
you we would not be waiting with impatient glee for our mail carriers.
 Thanks Ron!

Waiting for the next round of orders to begin...   :)

Lisa Patnaude

Only one thing is truly permanent...Forever Knight
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 16:10:38 +0500
From:         "J.S.Levin/Stormsinger" <wabbit@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Translation for Madhat

erieshkigal, the mad hatter begged:

>can we talk about something civil? such as
>please translate the following:
>"indeed he knows not how to know who knows not also
>how to un-know." -sir richard francis burton

Translation:  a person cannot learn until they can accept that some of what
they "know" will be contradicted by new knowledge.  Only when you can accept
that "old truths" may be disproved can you move ahead in learning.

There will be a short quiz on Thursday.  Please read through Chapter 37 by
that time.

Storm -- wabbit@e....... (J.S.Levin/Stormsinger)
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 14:15:52 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      Calling all Mid-Atlantic FK fans!

Lynne Levine sent out a post about SHORE LEAVE (the Star Trek con in
July, at the Hunt Valley Marriott) & wondered if FK fen would like to

If you live in Northern VA, DC, Surburban MD, Baltimore area, Phily, etc.:

        Would YOU be interested in meeting other FK fans on the
        weekend of 7/12-14?

Lynne & others (local & long distance) are going to be at this con & wonder
if we "more local types" would like to get together.  (Just exploring the
possibilities & interest at this point.)

I'm getting the particulars together, so RSVP me (off list) if you're
curious or interested.  Shore Leave is a big con for the Mid-Atlantic
area and sounds like a great opportunity to do a little work (and play!)
to save our favorite show!

We can:
--Post flyers and surveys
--Staff a table and get signatures for a petition to SOS-FK (what better
  way to tell SONY just how many of us are out here?!!)

        **Babylon 5 folks did this at Syndicon-East & they got alot
        of names from folks going to a Highlander(& a little FK) con!**

--Reach non-FORKNI folks in a concentrated group
--Show "our colors," badges, buttons, CERK t-shirts, etc!  Be seen,
  be asked about, be talked about (FK show-wise that is!)
--Meet each other at PERHAPS an FK Room Party during the weekend.
  (With VCR?  Anyone want to see eps w/other fen?  Try out Ger's
  Chocolate pizza? etc.)

Let me know if you're interested.  Lynne is officially on vacation for
this trip; but I'm already here & volunteered to check on interest and
availability of folks.

Let us (FK fen) not be the bloom that blossoms at night for no one to
see (ask SONY alleges!).  Let's BE SEEN, in the daylight (at a con), and
shown for the 10,00000000s we are!

What do you think?

* -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- *
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 16:02:48 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Games Vampires Play

At 11:45 AM 6/24/96 -0700, Sharon A. Himmanen wrote:

>AnnMarie wrote:
><< Did it bother anyone else that Nat referred to "it" as killing and not
>feeding as Nick did? >>

>Actually it *was* killing. .... The hunting/killing angle should have
>been played up a lot more than it was, IMO.

I think the killing angle _was_ played up well.  I'd been wondering if
Nick's desire was only for possessing the person's life (as in Crazy Love)
or if killing itself was pleasurable to him.  After thinking about GVP,
and especially after seeing it for the second time, I think Nick does want
to kill, even though he doesn't want to want it.

"Feeding" might have seemed to be a nicer word for it, and that's what Nick
wanted to call it, but I think Nat was right in calling it "killing."

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Cousin of the Knight
Save FK - http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:56:51 -0800
From:         John Soo-Hoo <galahad!jsoohoo@n.......>
Subject:      Re: The Fix & other stuff

Melissa Puzio wrote:

>Jane wrote:

>>Adult human beings may no longer be child human beings, but they are still
>>members of homo sapiens.  IMNSHO, vampires are no longer physiologically
>>homo sapien.  They are a separate species.  They are predators whose prey is

>Aren't they considered Homo Superior?  I remember reading the X-men or
>something of the Ilk a long time ago and the mutants are considered Homo
>Superiors.  If you don't belong to the vampirism as magic thing, you could
>say that they are also mutants.  Just a little something to think about?

Actually I think the term "Homo Superior" was coined by Magneto and I've
never heard it used by anyone else.  I've always thought the term was
kind of pompus.  As for whether or not vampires are homo sapiens,
physiologically all the organs are present.  If you put a vampire onto
the table side by side with a regular human, I don't think a medical
examiner can tell the difference between them.

Vegans are predators whose prey are vegetables!  :)

Now on a side note... how many of you are old enough to remember the
Vegetable Vampire?  If you do recall this, can you name the actor who
played the role?  If you can remember post it and if you are correct,
you will have my undying respect.  (Yeah, like that really means a lot!).

>And if I'm wrong, don't shoot me, I'm not a scientist :)

No shots fired here.
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 17:42:42 -0500
From:         Annmarie McKee- Fitzgerald <mickey@c.......>
Subject:      Re: Games Vampires Pla

At 11:45 AM 6/24/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Spoiler space
>lean into the room
>Actually it *was* killing.  That episode always bothered me because there's
>*no* way a VR feeding could even come close to the real thing and so Nick
>should never have become so addicted. The hunting/killing angle should have
>been played up a lot more than it was, IMO.

Ahhh! Thank you! I'm glad I asked, I hadn't made that clarification and
thought that she was referring to his "real" life, not the virtual one!
Thanks! I agree too, they should have done more with that angle, it would
have been interesting to see how it developed.

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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 14:49:17 -0700
From:         Peggy Wiltz <pwiltz@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Schanke

I was recently re-watching my first and second season eps, and I was very
glad to see someone bring up old Don.  I'm not really a FoD either, but I
like Don a lot, and I think he contributed so much that was fun to first and
second season, the *much needed* comic relief.

Stephanie mentioned Stranger than Fiction, also one of my favorite eps,
mostly because the actors seemed to be having so much fun with it.  The
scene where Schanke imagines himself as LaSalle/LaCroix is of course
classic.  Another great Schanke scene in that ep goes (I'm quoting from
memory here):

Don: (who's been reading Emily Weiss' book) And they could hypnotize their
victims, too, did you know that?  Can you imagine hypnotizing a woman to get
her to do anything you wanted?

Nick:  Yeah, but that would be cheating.

Don:  Oh, yeah, like you wouldn't.

The comedy was really pretty well done.  I liked that the show didn't take
itself too seriously, and you can also tell that a cast really likes each
other when they are able to make fun of themselves a little bit like this,
while still staying in character.  It's pretty rare when a mostly-serious
show is able to take off and be a little silly without ruining the chemistry
that makes it great.  Classic Star Trek could do this.

Third season was way too serious, IMO.  The only brief bits of comic relief
were provided by Screed (when you could understand him) and an occasional
look on Vachon's face when Tracy got too close to finding out the truth
about Nick.  I really miss Don!

Unnamed Knightie
Thank God for commercials or I'd never get anything done.
Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 19:08:42 -0400
From:         Judith Freudenthal <DanaKnight@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Lyrics--Help

Can I too please have the lyrics to the Raven songs?


Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 19:28:05 -0400
From:         "Cyrille V. Neuman" <neumanc@r.......>
Subject:      Sony's snail mail

Yikes!  Who else here has won stuff from Sony's FK page before?  It's me
here: Cyrille, the first winner of an FK mug when they had that survey as
to whether Nick should regain his mortality.  How long does it take for
them to send their stuff out to those who've won?  They contacted me about
the mug March 22, according to my records.  I've sent them email, but no
response.  Tommarrow I'm calling the number that was on the email they
sent me for "You've won a Forever Knight mug" (I'm sure you all can hear
the groan of a very unhappy college student at the thought of more long
distance bills)

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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 18:44:41 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick, Nat and Janette; brief LK SPOILERS

Jojo wrote:

>Reading the discussions about the subject, I am suprised that it is not
>obvious to everyone how much they both love each other but neither can be
>the first to break down and confess fully to each other.

Hey I started *out* as a N&Npacker!  This was back during the 2nd season.
But rather quickly, by the end of the 2nd season, I became convinced that
though Nick might love Nat on some level he just don't love her as much as
she loves him.  I like Nat too much to put her through an eternity of
longing for a man who can't return her love to the fullest! ;)

****Wicked Cousin Tippi****
HEY!  Want FK stuff?  Sony needs to know that you want it! Contact
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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 20:08:26 -0400
From:         "Lisa P." <LadysAVamp@a.......>
Subject:      Flyer Run

First, someone mentioned that the hampsters were at it again.  I know for a
fact that they are well fed and now I know what they are being fed - my
posts!!  I have yet to see any of my posts drop.  Ranting over.

Secondly, and the real reason I'm sending this, is the fact that I had to set
some priorities regarding the time needed in sending out flyers and doing my
job (at work).  After much soul searching (all but 2 seconds, one of those
seconds being why was I even wasting one second on this) I decided there was
only one answer.  A little hooky is good for the soul.  So I took a half day
from work and went on a flyer run.  I went to four stores (Strawberries,
Newbury Comics, Sam Goody, and The Wall).  All four stores still don't have
the CD and are not able to special order it because it's not in their books.
 Isn't the CD supposed to be in stores by June?  Or has the date been pushed
back?  And all four of the stores had no idea that there was a FK CD or what
FK was.  Three of the four stores allowed me to post my flyers (Sam Goody has
a no flyer policy, but I got the guy to keep a flyer anyways  :) )

I was feeling alone in the FK universe, so I eased my pain the only way I
could in a very large mall (Natick Mall) - I bought!  I bought the two newest
books relating to X-Files and Star Trek.  I can't wait until I can purchase
FK books!!

If anyone goes to The Wall in the Natick Mall (Mass.) or visits Newbury
Comics or Strawberries on Rte 9 in Framingham/Natick, let me know if you see
the flyers.  Hopefully, they won't be torn down any time soon.

I've begun sending flyers in with my bills.  I just bought a new color
printer which I used to print out the flyers.  The flyer I did for the FK CD
uses the CD front cover.  I sent this and the SOS flyer along with my new
printers registration card.  Well, at least HP can see the good job their
printer did in printing out color graphics.

I think that's all for now.

Lisa Patnaude

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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 18:15:21 -0600
From:         Raven <ab950@s.......>
Subject:      Idea:  Toronto by Knight MUSH?

Well, here I was mourning Forever Knight, and explaining to several
people on Dark Gift MUSH what it was, etc, etc.  Dark Gift is a MUSH
using the World of Darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade system by White Wolf...

Then it hit me... Toronto by Knight!  A virtual Toronto...but, a Toronto
with vampires, Forever Knight vampires!  Half the insperation from this was
seeing Babylon 5 MUSH acctually go up.  If they can do it, why can't we?
We'll have even more room to play in, seeing as we don't have such a tightly
constricted plot.  Of course, not everyone could be one of the main
characters, but I think there are enough people who like Forever Knight not
only because of the characters(although that's a huge reason) but because
of it's paticular mood, and it's very special brand of vampires. =)  There
are tons of Vampire MUSHes out there, but they all use the Storyteller
system.  Maybe it's time for a new breed of vampires on the 'net... ;)

        Hey, you never know, seeing as some of the actors from the series
DO stop by the net once in awhile, it might even be possible to bait them
into coming on to such a MUSH every once in awhile to play their own
characters. ;)

        Oh, if anyone feels the need to respond to this, punch it over to
me via e-mail as well as over the list.  I've had trouble keeping up with
the lists lately... =(

        In case anyone is wondering(and I'm sure there are those who are):

A Mush is a 'Multi-User Shared Hullicination'.  Basiclly, sorta like a
chat network set up on the internet.  It's more complex, as you have
virtual objects, rooms, etc, and you can move around in the textual
enviroment.  A LOT like the old text adventure games. =)  Another element
of many of them is you don't just 'chat', your virtual persona becomes a
entirly new character, and you play that character out in a virtual
'world'.  A lot like acting, 'cept your typing and you don't have a
script. ;)

Vampire: The Masquerade is a role-playing game by White Wolf game
studios.  It's a game about vampires.  Basiclly, each player takes the
role of one of the undead in 'The World of Darkness'(our world, but
Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, etc, exist), and one other player, the
Storyteller, presents the world to them by describing it to them.  The
players interact with the characters created and presented by the
Storyteller, and it's acctually a lot like...well, interactive
storytelling. =)

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Date:         Tue, 25 Jun 1996 20:47:06 -0400
From:         Virginia Foster <vfoster@m.......>
Subject:      Re: FK at DragonCon '96

Greetings to all!!  She says as she climbs out of lurkerdom..

And to those who attended DragonCon.. WAHH!!! I wish I had known you
were going to be here.  I was there all four days.  Someone I talked to
(from the HIGHLA-L list I think) mentioned seeing Ron the Enforcer, but
I missed seeing you all.  sigh...

Ron said:
>     FK merchandise was at the Con!  They had a lot of stills (photos) from
>     all 3 seasons and some merchants had T shirts (bought one!) and BUMPER
>     STICKERS!  Scott from Pegasus publishing had the BEST fandom bumper
>     stickers and he had the best selection of FK related stuff.   Spend
>     serious $ at his booth.
I found some wonderful buttons, my favorite being, "Lacroix for President, this
time let's put a real bloodd sucker in charge"  Yes, there were photos galore,
and buttons and bumper stickers.  I have the addresses for the button places
somewhere in this mess.  And as soon as I find them, I'll post them.

Ron said of Atlanta:
>     Atlanta is amazing.  If anyone is going down for the Olympics, the
>     city has really be designed around getting visitors to where they want
>     to be as easily and hassle free as possible.  The MARTA ran well
>     (which says alot because I was on it at off-peak hours on a weekend!)
>     and the roadways were really nice too...
Thank you for the wonderful compliments!!  I am a native of Atlanta, and
we are trying bery hard to be ready in July.  If anyone is coming for the
Olympics, **please** send me private email.  Maybe we can get together
sometime while you are here.  Or come by the art exhibit at the Woodruff
Library, that's where I am working.

Rosie Rigg commented on the CD:
>I also attended Dragon Con '96.  One of the booths was selling the
>Forever Knight CD.  When I couldn't find one in his rack, he said
>that this was the 6th time he'd had to refill it.  Evidently the FKCD
>was VERY hot property!
I saw a couple of booths with the CD.  Sadly I couldn't get it, due to
purchasing a Highlander Quickening card at the Charity Auction.
And I also noted it was selling fast. (the CD, not the card <grin>)

I'd like to suggest that we also write the organizers of DragonCon
and see if we can encourage more Forever Knight and Highlander
programming next year.  I was disappointed by the total lack of
FK and HL programming (okay so Bill Panzer was there, but that was it)

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