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Logfile LOG9606C Part 19

June 20, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9606C" Part 19

	Question!!! Tia
	FORKNI-L Digest - 20 Jun 1996
	Nick and cures
	SPOILERS: Fallen Idol
	Ger and a new series
	Ger's Outer Limits Ep...
	The Fix and mortality
	Blackwing pictures
	SPOILERS: Francesca
	Sony, TV_ShowStuff and FK Merchandise  (2)
	WAR: Permission Rules
	New fan found
	The Fix and mortality (was: Spolers: Blackwing)  (2)
	German fans' needs
	1st or 2nd season eps
	Slow servers and tired hamsters...
	Saving FK
	Ger & Orson

Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 16:38:53 -0400
From:         Ekaterina Baliasinskaya <ebaliasi@l.......>
Subject:      Question!!! Tia

You asked if Nick would go to Heaven? Definitely. God loves everyone, no
matter who he is. The one who has faith is saved. Remember, first person
to enter the paradise was the thief, a murderer, crusified for his
crimes. I spent a lot of time trying to understand the idea of
christianity, and one thing  I am now certain about is that when you
realise the mistakes you've made, and in the same time believe that God
loves you and nothing is impossible for him, you are saved. Nick said he
has faith. This is all that matters.
Am I making sense?
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 18:15:02 -0400
From:         Claudette Koehler <Hunnysme@a.......>
Subject:      Re: FORKNI-L Digest - 20 Jun 1996

Please cancel my subscription....Thanks
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 19:24:48 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      *Nick and cures*

Sharon Himmanen writes:
>I've always been left with the impression that Nick wants to *be
>cured* rather than actually work for it.

I am continually confused by this idea that Nick should have to "work"
for a cure.  Why should this necessarily be so?  Is it impossible for
there to be some "instant" type of cure out there for him to take?

This might not be a good analogy, but if someone is diagnosed with
breast cancer, isn't surgery of some sort an "instant" cure?  It's
true that a period of follow up watching for a reoccurrence of the
breast cancer is necessary before one is pronounced totally "cured",
but if breast cancer is caught early enough, surgery certainly is an
"instant" cure.  It sounds almost to me as if you'd be advocating
that a woman with breast cancer try radiation therapy or other
treatments first or something.

LC took the Abarat away from Nick so we *don't know* if whatever
mystical cure was in it might have actually *cured* Nick of his
vampirism.  Similar thing with the jade cups--the second one was
broken before the "cure" could be attempted.  Someone mentioned that
if Nick were to find a more trained "healer" than Marian Blackwing
that he could possibly be cured.  Why do some people seem to think
there's something *wrong* with an "instant cure"?  I have to wonder
if it is more due to a fixation that Nick's cure *must* come from

>Nothing that takes real effort or dedication...he balks and hedges
>and backslides like crazy.

Again, do we have any evidence that something that "takes real effort
or dedication" is going to prove to *be* a cure.  Nat may be a smart
woman, but I doubt whether curing someone of vampirism was part of
her training.  I'm sure she's using whatever scientific methods she
can think of, but we really don't know if she will have the ability
to find an actual scientific cure or not.

But as far as effort or dedication, Nick seemed to be willing to
follow the dictates of the other two "scientists" who offered to
cure him (even if one wasn't sincere).  I won't say he hasn't balked
or backslid in the present day, but I think some consideration should
be given to the physical difficulties that might be entailed in
following Nat's treatments (not to mention emotional ones).  He has
not totally given up on *trying*.

>I think Nick would rather have his quest than a solution.

I think there could be that element in his thinking.  After all, he's
been a vampire for almost 800 years so actually *being* mortal again
may scare him some.  He might not think about it on a conscious level,
but it could certainly be a subconscious fear.  But he still pursues
a cure.

>Also, the fact that he works much harder at atonement and redemption,
>and that he's willing to give up mortality for what he thinks will be
>redemption ("Near Death") is very telling as to what Nick really wants.

Yes, he feels guilty for all his murders.  It is more important to
him to be redeemed.  I think he thinks he really can't achieve that
as a vampire though (remember he was "left in limbo" in Near Death
when he didn't go through the door).  I think he thinks he has to be
mortal to have his best shot at redemption.

>Nick is overjoyed until she drops the other shoe and tells him he
>has to drink it every day for five years.

:)  Yeah, I don't think Nick would be thrilled with that.  But I do
think he'd try to do it.

Catherine Boone writes:
>Rarely does he show long term commitment to his cause, other than
>switching to cow blood.

Switching to cow blood is a *major* commitment.  Also, as I believe
Amy mentioned, he hasn't been shown *enjoying* feeding on humans that
much (and if so, it's usually temporary, followed by guilt over the
action).  If he was comfortable being a vampire, why spend three
centuries before LYTD trying to choose only the "guilty" as victims?
The level of his commitment has progressed over the centuries in
stages to the level it is now (rejection of killing or feeding on

>And he has had lapses even from that over the past century.

Yes, he has.  Some current "dieting" theories recognize that a person
can experience temporary falling off from a diet and recommend that
it be accepted and then go on with the diet.  I know killing a human
is different, but in a lot of respects, Nick's trying to stay on a
diet.  Humans slip up, why should Nick be any different?

>He cannot be convinced that he's anything other than a monster.
>Now, whether this was brought on by coming across or just a
>personality trait, I don't know.

Well, I can see your first statement making sense.  We didn't see a
lot of what Nick was like as a mortal.  However, let's look at what
we have been shown.  In Queen of Harps, Nick is apparently comfortable
enough or respected enough or well-placed enough to talk on fairly
equal terms with his "lord".  He questions the correctness of their
mission.  Despite being brought up Catholic, he doesn't outwardly
condemn Gwynneth's religion and is, in fact, curious about it.  He
seems uncomfortable with the idea of surpressing her people.  Are all
these attitudes simply a result of him being in love?  He seems a bit
on the naieve side, but seems open in his relationships with others
(although maybe too trusting).  He doesn't appear to me to consider
himself a "monster".

When he returns to see his family one last time in Be My Valentine,
his mother and sister are very glad to see him, hardly the reaction
you'd expect if he was a "monster" at home.  In the flashback of
Dance By the Light of the Moon, he is having good times with friends,
although he does appear to be more world weary (hardly surprising
since he was railroaded into serving in the Crusades and I imagine
had a lot of "reality" impinged on his psyche by the fighting).  Does
he consider himself a monster there?  If so, why not just take charge
with Janette when she seduces him in the back room?  Instead, he lets
her choose when she is ready to do things.  Would a "monster" act this

I think his attitude that he's a monster has been shaped by his
experiences as a vampire.

>But he's always going to have something to beat himself up over,
>he'll *find* something, if he has to.

Yes, he could very well do this.  But when you've spent 800 years
beating up on yourself for vampire attacks, it's not surprising.

>And vampirism is a Catholic martyr's dream come true...

I think you do Nick an injustice with this remark.  I don't think
Nick wants to be a martyr.  And what Amy said. :)

>I've never really pegged him as one for hard-core self-inspection.

Nope.  But I wonder whether that's because he's seen with his own
actions just how depraved he can be.  Maybe he doesn't want to look
because he'd rather focus on being something better.  Curiouser and
Curiouser shows that he is capable of seeing his faults even now

>He always has been and always will be too afraid of what he might
>find in himself.

Nope, I think he knows what he's capable of.  We see it in his
flashback memories.  I think he just wants to try to move beyond the
bad things he's done.

>He probably never even considered the idea that he might find
>something he liked.

That's probably true.  But I think that's in part due to LC's influence
over him, trying to make him feel unworthy so that he would be grateful
and stay dependent on LC.  And Nick feels unworthy of human feeling
as a vampire.

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 19:36:54 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      *SPOILERS: Fallen Idol*

I think Fallen Idol is still spoiler protected; if not, somebody say
(and if not, sorry about the spoiler space).

Stephanie B. writes:
>Perhaps the first sipping renders the victim comatose, and therefore
>isn't practical to use on persons the vampire wishes to keep alive
>*and* sentient (eg., Nat).

This could be possible.  We didn't see the *first* visit of Nick to
Amalia in Crazy Love.  But what would make a vampire want to stop if
someone has gone unconscious?  Seems to me that would be totally the
vampire's choice and could be hard to do.  In Fallen Idol, Nick could
have been motivated by a need to keep a low profile with his feeding
since he needed to take care of Andre (and not let Andre know his
secret).  His motivation with Amalia (or Nat) would have to be more
with wanting to keep them around longer.

Would Nat react like Amalia did from Nick sipping?  If so, that could
be a strange kink in their relationship.  And would Nick want to
"possess" Nat?

>As usual, GWD played this depraved behavior with a sensuality that
>made it almost appealing.  But it really was scary as hell.

Agreed.  It was alluring and repulsive at the same time.  Ger's
acting talents are truly amazing.

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:02:41 -0400
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Ger and a new series

Carrie said:

> Ger in a new series.... Speculation runs rampant. What kind of series,
> comedy? Drama?

Here's my guess:

GWD will be the star of a new television show about a part-time small
plane pilot (cameos for his brother, who's a real pilot I'm told),
part-time preacher (cameos for his father, the minister), and part-time
musician (cameos for Fred Mollin as his sunglass-wearing buddy & fellow
band member).

He will have all kinds of amusing adventures with his friends Loretta (a
sultry cross-dresser played by David Ferry) and Bob (a ladies' man with a
wickedly funny sense of humor played by Nigel Bennett).  Sexual tension
will arise when GWD's character, named... um... let's see... *Chuck*,
interacts with either his back-up singer Daisy (played by Lisa Ryder, who
will get her hair dyed purple for the job) or his boss Lola (played by
Catherine Disher, who will either be his boss in the plane business or
the preacher business, depending on how she feels about flying and
preaching, respectively).

The big catch:  he'll live in a small town in northern Alaska (hi,
Katherine Q!).  In every episode he will be dressed in several
turtlenecks, sweaters, jackets, earmuffs, ski cap (toque to you
Canadians), mittens, scarf, goggles, etc.  Once per season the viewers
will have a chance to view a small section of his actual skin -- say, the
area right below his left ear -- and every female fan will swoon.  Writers
like Gillian Horvath will write incredibly beautiful episodes in which he
is supposed to appear naked in bed, but he will actually show up in bed
with a parka on, plus covered by a wool blanket or a comforter. ;^)

You can all blame Gail Zaccari for the inspiration for that last
paragraph.  After seeing Ger in "The Outer Limits", she asked:
"How long before we see Ger in a love scene wearing a parka and
ear muffs?"

Allison Percy, perky Knightie & Chief Bunny   percy91@w.......
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Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 17:05:39 -0700
From:         Antonia Spadafina <asginger@i.......>
Subject:      Ger's Outer Limits Ep...

Hi all--

    As you may have feared, there were many requests for the copy.  But I have
a winner.  If you have not heard from me privately, it's not you.

    I'm sorry I only had one copy.  Maybe if/when it reruns.

*Toni S.  /  asginger@i.......  _OR_   antonia_spadafina@s....... *
*new Vaquera, old Knightie from NYC                                   *
*DUM SPIRO SPERO!!                                                    *
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:13:41 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      *Re: The Fix and mortality*

Tippi writes in reference to Stranger Than Fiction:
>Nick daydreams about Emily.  Nat daydreams about Nick.

And Schanke daydreams about Nick. ;)  Schanke also puts Emily in
the vampire's mortal love's part (darn, can't think of her name).

Now do you suppose Schanke found similar personality traits in
Emily's vampire to Nick?  The fact that he saw Emily as the female
story lead is interesting.  He doesn't see Nat in that part.

So does Nat see herself as the female lead for fantasy reasons or
does she secretly want to be more like the female lead?

It's a hoot that Schanke puts himself in the LC character though. :)

Emily starts with her own conception of her vampire, which gets
replaced with Nick in the later reading she gives.

*Everyone* sees Nick as the lead male vampire eventually.  (Well,
except maybe for Cohen--we never got a peek into her casting as she
was reading. :) )

BUT, if Emily wrote her vampire as dark haired, why then does
Schanke not visualize some dark male of his acquaintance?  Of course
the real reason is probably a casting decision, but it's interesting
to speculate on the story reasons.

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 17:19:27 -0700
From:         Dee Davidson <dmd@a.......>
Subject:      Blackwing pictures

Its that time again :) I just put up the pictures from Blackwing, 40 this time.


Black Buddah pics are stillup in case anyone missed them, they are linked from
 the main picture page.

Enjoy!! Any problems, comments, or anything else let me know, I'm on digest so
 email me privately.

Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:32:51 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      *SPOILERS: Francesca*

Eileen Salmas writes:
>I was rewatching "Last Act" and when Nick and his lover share blood
>they even talk about what they learned about each other from the

But it's a lot different from what we're shown in Francesca.  First,
it was *two vampires* sharing blood.  I can see some psychic contact
between vampires.  Second, they appeared to only get brief images
from other (at least that was *my* impression).

Contrast this with Francesca where you just about get the *life* of
someone in their blood (memories, abilities, Francesca said Nick
would be able to *play* like the violinist she killed), but it lasts
only two hours.  And on top of *that*, the *mortal* attacked gets
memories from the *vampire* attacking them?  That's a *big*
expansion on what we were shown in Last Act.

Someone not long back mentioned Vachon's comment about his master
seeming to "flow into him".  Well, perhaps that could be taken as a
"prequel" to what we saw in Francesca.  But why wait until third
season if this was how blood drinking was supposed to be perceived?
Also, I took Vachon's comment as being what he felt as she was
making him into a vampire (i.e., Vachon's initial vampire bringing
across reaction, which I would think would be different from just
an attack to feed).

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie
I still think it sucks.
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 19:39:56 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <carriek@e.......>
Subject:      HELP!

Okay guys,

I need help. Did anyone get a copy of part 7 of Breaking Dawn? I sent
this some time ago and it has not dropped into my box. If you all are
getting it fine, if not, I'll need to do something else.

Please let me know.

Carrie, Proud Knightie
The Nurse is a hampster
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Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:00:42 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Sony, TV_ShowStuff and FK Merchandise

Leslie wrote:

>a nice chat & I sent her a long note about my consumer interests and
>the types of things asked about in the Merchandise survey) and she
>(remember Anne?) was thrilled that I had included some personal
>demographics.  THEY NEED THAT INFO TOO to show to Sony!

Yes, this is a good idea!  Just take the time to jot down a few words about
who you are and what kind of FK stuff you want.  Excellent idea.

>Anne really wants as many personal emails to her, to forward to SONY in
>her pitch as possible.  THIS WILL NOT TURN INTO SPAM!  In this case, the
>more letters right now, the better.  Anne specifically is counting on us
>to show ourselves!

Get your non-FK friends to send her mail too!  If your friends want to know
what to get you for your birthday tell them FK STUFF!  Then get them to
write to Anne and say "I'd like to buy FK gifts for my pals!"

>BTW: Anne says that SONY's last response was that it would be too much
>trouble to draw up the legal papers, etc. for merchandise licencing, etc.

This is what she said to me on our phone convo too.  Sony wanted a very
large amount of money.  However, it seems Sony has had a streak of
benevolence and will hold off on the absolute final decision for a bit
longer.  That's why it's imperative we send our emails to Anne NOW!  Put her
address in your sig.  Make links to her webpage.  Sony MUST understand that

>Cause WE *ARE* SPENDING, right now!  We WILL spend more to see eps we
>haven't seen, and to purchase ANYTHING related to FK. (I also
>suggested she contact Crescendo.)

Did you pass along Crescendo's email address?  I couldn't find it.

Thanks to everyone who's sent email already!

****Wicked Cousin Tippi****
HEY!  Want FK stuff?  Sony needs to know that you want it! Contact
Anne at TV_ShowStuff@p....... and TELL her NOW! :)
"Poetry can be so deceiving." - LC in Baby, Baby
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:58:02 -0400
From:         War Mistress <WarMstrss@a.......>
Subject:      WAR: Permission Rules

Hello, all.

I've been getting a lot of questions about the "permission of players"
rule, so I thought I'd make a public announcement, just so we all start
off with the same idea.

For the overall war permission slips: faction members, send your
permission slips to your faction leader.  Faction leaders, forward your
slips to me.  The deadline for turning in permission slips is July 10th,
midnight EST, so don't start sweating yet, you've still got lots of time
to decide if you want to be in the war.  Anyone who wants to play in the
war who has not turned in a permission slip by this time will be denied.
If you want to use off-list people in the war: they are required to get
online long enough to send me a permission slip themselves, and be
available for use by other players, should one ask.  See next section.

For player permission in a post: Anyone writing a post doing something
with or something to another player is required to get that person's
permission.  The poster is not required to tell the player anything at
all about the content of the post except the time frame in which the
player will be used.  If the player gives the poster permission, no one
is allowed to write the story with the player but the poster
(i.e. no "passing off" of permissions).  If another wishes to continue
the story with the player (even if it is still within the original
poster's time frame), s/he must ask the player's permission separately.

Are we all confused now?  Good. <g>  Questions go to the address below.

Oh, and while I'm here... only the members of a character's faction are
allowed to bring that character back from the dead.  Therefore, using the
example cited before, unless the Diviants speak up, Divia stays dead.

With love,
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 21:17:09 -0400
From:         Roxanne Piccen <RoxanneP@a.......>
Subject:      Re: YKYB...

On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Margie wrote:
>notice a *big* bumpersticker on the car in front of you that reads
>"DENIAL  isn't a river in Egypt"

So that's what happened to the sticker that used to be on the side
of our ferryboat.  :-)

Roxanne   **** Captain of the Cleopatra, Isle of Denial Ferryboat ****
"Even if you fall off the boat in choppy waters, Nobody Dies!"
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Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 21:25:26 -0400
From:         Judith Freudenthal <DanaKnight@a.......>
Subject:      New fan found

I found another fan of Forever Knight.  He was thrilled to learn that there
was a CD soundtrack.  I also gave him the address for the SOS campaign.
 Another stunned person upon learning the show had been cancelled.  He had
not seen Last Knight.

Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 21:26:59 -0400
From:         Jane Credland <janes@i.......>
Subject:      Re: The Fix and mortality (was: Spolers: Blackwing)

At 08:41 AM 6/20/96 -0400, Mei Wa Kwong wrote in response to Felicia
Bollin's challenge to find somewhere in The Fix where Nick's even thinking
of wanting to do *it* properly with Nat:

>When he first walks out into the sun and grabs Nat.  He holds her away
>from him for a moment and just looks at her.  Granted one might interept
>it as gratefulness, but I think there is a valid argument there that
>there is a lot more emotion behind that look than just gratefulness.

But if Nick really had more than just gratefulness on his mind, wouldn't he
have kissed her on the lips, rather than the cheek?  I kiss my lover on the
lips, my friends on the cheek.

>there that he went to Janette not because he loves her, but he wanted to
>test the drug on her.  In Janette's own words, she is not a lab rat.

So, why was he so devastated when Janette "rained on his parade"?  IMNSHO,
he wanted her to join him in mortality because she would not be able to
associate with him if she remained a vampire.  A mortal Nick would have to
remain in hiding from the Enforcers and those of the vampire community who
would regard the cure as a threat to their existence.

>Errr, nothing between them?  I don't think sooooooooo.

Still, all of the examples you quoted are one-sided.  There is no
"traditional courtship scene" where both Nick and Nat are on the same

As far as I know, none of the IB's have ever said that there was nothing
between Nick and Nat.  Most IB's believe that the only thing between them is
a very close friendship on Nick's part.  Natalie may have feelings for him
beyond this, but it is purely one-sided.

Jane   (janes@i.......)
Raven ** Immortal Beloved ** M.B.D.T.K
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
[W.B. Yeats}
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 21:42:03 -0400
From:         Mei Wa Kwong <kwongm@g.......>
Subject:      Re: The Fix and mortality (was: Spolers: Blackwing)

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Jane Credland wrote:

> But if Nick really had more than just gratefulness on his mind, wouldn't he
> have kissed her on the lips, rather than the cheek?  I kiss my lover on the
> lips, my friends on the cheek.

She wasn't his lover just yet, remember?  Perhaps he didn't want to take
liberties with her just then.  Remember the age he comes from.

> So, why was he so devastated when Janette "rained on his parade"?  IMNSHO,
> he wanted her to join him in mortality because she would not be able to
> associate with him if she remained a vampire.  A mortal Nick would have to
> remain in hiding from the Enforcers and those of the vampire community who
> would regard the cure as a threat to their existence.

Devastated because she didn't want to help him, not that she didn't want
to be mortal.  Oh, I'm not saying he wasn't upset about that, naturally
he would be because I do believe he cares deeply for her and would hate
to be separated from her, but that doesn't necessarily mean she is the
ONE for him.  Its an ambiguous episode, I admit it and it can go both ways.

> Still, all of the examples you quoted are one-sided.  There is no
> "traditional courtship scene" where both Nick and Nat are on the same
> wavelength.

Must disagree again and point to "Be My Valentine".  I think they were
pretty much on the same wavelength in Nat's apartment and in the rest of
the scenes thereafter (until the LaCroix incident).
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 21:52:59 -0400
From:         Mary Davis <Spirit3679@a.......>
Subject:      Re: German fans' needs

In a message dated 96-06-20 17:55:24 EDT, Robbi  wrote:

>before stepping up to say, yes--I will send copies of FK to German
>folks, make sure one has the correct vcr format.  and Europe use a
>different vcr system then North America.
>I have found this to be true in Australia,
> when I wanted to send a friendsome tapes.
The US and Canada use the NTSC system whereas Europe uses Pal/Secam.
There are vcr's and tv's available which are multi-system.  They are readily
available in NYC which has such a diverse multi-cultural population. But many
mail order companies would also have them.  The difference is not in the tape,
the difference is in the broadcast system. There are also 'transfer services'
which will copy a tape from one system to another.

Mary Davis
Forever Knight is not cancelled, it is just NCIP- Not Currently In Production
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:52:35 -0500
From:         "J.S.Levin/Stormsinger" <wabbit@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Sony, TV_ShowStuff and FK Merchandise

Leslie Plummer noted in her latest report:

>BTW: Anne says that SONY's last response was that it would be too much
>trouble to draw up the legal papers, etc. for merchandise licencing, etc.

Boy, I hope Anne laughed in their faces.  This is B******t!  I used to work
in a corporate legal department -- all that stuff is boilerplate,
pre-written except for filling in some specifics and maybe a couple of
paragraphs.  It's probably in a file labeled "Merchandise Licensing Forms".
Let me go look -- *I'll* do their bloody forms for them!!

I have never heard a company fight *so* hard to keep from making money!

>Anne's take is that SHOWSTUFF would be doing all the work in getting
>manufacture, promotion, distribution, order fullfillment, etc done.
>All SONY would have to do is deposit checks! (ahh, to have THAT job!)

Damn right!  You know, it all comes back to the concept that the only thing
Sony can lose on this deal is *face* (a very important concept to the
Japanese, of course, but are we climbing *that* high up the ladder?).  If
somebody has made a career-breaking decision about this show, then either it
fails or they do.

Then we come along....<EG>

Too bad.  And we're not going away, either...

Storm (Vaquera, Scrapper, Gangrel)
wabbit@e....... (J.S.Levin/Stormsinger)
Their canon met my imagination and was outgunned.
If you practice being fictional, you discover that
"characters" are as real as people with bodies and heartbeats...
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 19:51:09 -0700
From:         Rick Bleyle <papaya@i.......>
Subject:      1st or 2nd season eps

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if any one out there had the 1st or 2nd season eps.
I really wanna see them And I'd be willing to pay for shipping &
handling or the tapes or what-ever it is you want me to pay for?!?!?!?

            Thanking you in advance,
                Kelley Bleyle

Kelley Bleyle
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Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 21:54:52 -0500
From:         Sarah Elizabeth Priebe <sep9779@t.......>
Subject:      Re: YKYB...


You are busy typing scientific articles and you come across one written
by a doctor with the first name of Urs...on the subject of blood
transfussions, most of which are required because of massive hemorrhage.;)
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 00:03:27 -0700
From:         Romina Campos <raven@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Slow servers and tired hamsters...

Carrie wrote:
>I guess the posts are dropping a bit slow lately. I sent part 7 of
>Breaking Dawn to the fkfic-l list LAST NIGHT and as of 9 am today it
>still hasn't dropped. It's probably stuck in Uruguay....

OK, so I've been discovered. Yes, it's me! (I am the official Uruguayan
contact for the list). I'm the one to blame if your mailbox crashes,
if the list gets stuck, or if your messages get lost! Bwahahaha!!!
Well, not really :), but if you got problems with snail mail, then it's
our fault. There's a big black hole in Uruguay that sucks all the snail
mail, believe me, I know.

>I will send copies of FK to German folks, make sure one has the correct vcr
> GB and Europe use a different vcr system then North America.  Yes, this is a
>bummer--there are many GB tapes I want and can not run.
>I have found this to be true in Australia, when I wanted to send a friend
>some tapes.

Don't know about GB or Australia, but most VCR here are binorm, that is, you
can switch from PAL N (or B, can't remember) to NTSC, which is the TV system in
North America. Just check if your/her VCR can do that.

Romina-----------Nick&Natpacker--------ForgottenRealms DM------
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there's one called brightness but it doesn't work!"
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 23:03:59 -0400
From:         esalmas <esalmas@g.......>
Subject:      Saving FK

While this may be a moot point if GWD is indeed on the brink of signing to
do a new series, I wanted to share some information with all of you. I just
got back from Promax, the entertianment industry convention for people in
creative services and promotion. I was interviewing Richard Mann of All
American TV for one of the show dailies and we got to talking about FK.
Actually, I directed the conversation in order to pick his brains. All
American TV is the distributor and production partner for Baywatch, and a
new syndicated series The Adventures of Sinbad.

I asked him if, historically, a show dropped by one syndicator was ever
picked up by another. Here's the quick course in TV production and
distribution. He used Baywatch as an example. Originally it was on network
with a budget of $1.2 million per episode. It was able to go into
syndication, because the production company cut the budget to $800,000 per
episode -- so a monitary incentive was there. He said that since FK was
already a synidcated program, saving money was a non-issue.

That presents a few other possibilities. He said it could be picked up by
cable (well, we saw how well THAT worked). He also chuckled about USA taking
a series and changing it around. Here's irony for you -- he said Kay
Koplivitz is looking for good original series to buy or create. Someone get
that woman -- I don't know, get her something!

Anyway, back on track. Richard said the only way to get another syndicator
interested is to prove that the audience is out there in terms of local ad
dollars. Most shows are sold on a barter basis, whereby the local station
gets several minutes with which to sell local ads. We would need to be able
to find out what the station's ad revenues were for FK's time slot -- not
the kind of information shared with the general public -- but certainly it
would be shared intra industry. He said that more than the content of the
show -- ad revenue is what drives the renewal of a series.

He was familiar with the show and praised its production values. In fact, he
said that the relaunch of Baywatch Nights was going to have a darker, more
mysterious look with production values more like X-Files and FK.

I don't kmow if this is any help -- but it's as close as I could get to an
answer without browbeating the Columbia TriStar people. Unfortunately,
someone else was assigned to cover their press conference. Maybe they knew I
had a hidden agenda.

One final note -- to add insult to injury. The LA Times on Moday had a big
article about fans of a Japanese animee series banding together to save it
-- talked about online support rallying fans etc. ARGH!!!!

Eileen Salmas
Unnamed Faction and Dark Knightie
"The truth is out there. It's just not in my jurisdiction."
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:32:43 -0700
From:         Raissa Devereux <1595@e.......>
Subject:      Ger & Orson

Something occured to me while I was watching Jane Eyre, yesterday. I
thought that Ger looks a bit like a young Orson Welles. The same brand of
boyish energy. Their facial structures are also somewhat similar.

Until next time,
Raissa Devereux
I've got places to go, people to dissect. - Natalie Lambert
Date:         Thu, 20 Jun 1996 23:50:14 -0400
From:         "Tammy Pond  [Digest]" <nightmist@g.......>
Subject:      INFO ON TORONTO??

Sorry to repeat this... Please respond VIA E-MAIL

I'm waiting to hear about places for blues music/dancing, swing
dancing, ballroom dancing and such for Toronto. I need at least
names, if not places.

My mother's trip is this weekend, so I need it by Fri if at all

Thank you!


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