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Logfile LOG9606C Part 14

June 18, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9606C" Part 14

	FK Viewers' Poll
	FK Merchandise Survey
	FI SPOILER: Sipping
	Blackwing: Did they?
	Killing, sipping, blood volume  (4)
	Nick and cures
	Sorry and  Thanks
	You never know who has heard of FK.  (3)
	GWD on Outer Limits
	Blackwing script
	Sony does not believe??!!  (2)
	*Blackwing, etc.*
	Help--blood terminology
	FK Merchandise/ Sony Doubts we Exist!!
	Coroner terminology
	this is IMPORTANT!!! really!
	Spoiler Space
	On vampires, blood and scripts
	Killing - sipping - blood volume

Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 10:12:37 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      FK Viewers' Poll

FOREVER KNIGHT VIEWERS POLL                               5/24/96
===========================                               =======
Please take a moment to answer these questions. The more responses,
the more compelling our case becomes!  LURKERS, I'm counting on you
to participate, too!  International responses GREATLY welcomed!
In consideration of "striking while the iron is hot", please
send your response to me privately (lplummer@i.......).

1)  On what (non-SciFi) TV station(s)/channels do you/did you view
    Forever Knight?  Please include:
      --station name & channel/frequency
      --city/state/country from which station originates
      --owner, company name, contact
      --station address & telephone number (if you can look it up)
      --what type of station (independent, network (which?),
        cable, etc.)

2)  On what day/time do/did you watch FK on these stations?
3)  Have you ever contacted your station about FK? Any other show?
4)  Do you know if the stations will continue to run FK?  How long?
5)  Do you know if the stations have email or a website?  If so,
    what are they?
6)  Is Cable TV service provided in your area?  Pls provide company
    name/address info, as above.
7)  Does your area Cable TV company provide SciFi Channel?
    When will it?
8)  Do you have cable service?
9)  Do you pick up FK via satellite?  Please provide info.

10)  In what city/state/country do you live & how far is it to the
     station/provider on which you view FK?
11)  How long have you been viewing Forever Knight (what season)?
12)  Do you currently swap tapes w/other viewers (indicates desire
     to see other seasons, etc.)?
13)  How old are you?  What gender?  What occupation (generally)?

NEW SHOW (i.e. movie, etc.) QUERIES:
14) Would you be satisfied for a new FK show/movie to have the same
    characters, but different actors portraying them?
15) If not, which first 5+ actors would you ABSOLUTELY have to have
    back for you to view/support the new season? (pls list in order,
    1=most 5=least)
16) Would you view/support a new FK (movie, etc) if same characters
    were set in another city?

THANKS! Please send this to me ASAP, either by email:
        Subject= FK TV Survey
or snail mail:
        11980-J Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044.

Please gather your station's info from the phone book, etc. if you
can.  This will greatly aid the compilation of data. I plan to have early
returns compiled for inclusion on the FK homepage (web god/des(ses)
permitting) by July 1, though I will continue to compile them through 1996!

Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 10:13:05 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      FK Merchandise Survey

Forever Knight is VASTLY under promoted & not merchandise-"exploited"
in any means.  PTW (powers that were) didn't see this one, & it is
our RIGHT, RESPONSIBILIY, and OPPORTUNITY to indicate what we want
in the way of Forever Knight merchandise (for the 1st three seasons
& any FK shows/movies which come along).

FOREVER KNIGHT MERCHANDISE SURVEY                              5/19/96
=================================                              =======
Please take a moment to answer these questions.  WHEN FK reincarnates
into another movie, etc., the backer(s) will want to know there are
accompanying income resources (i.e. merchandising).  This is your
chance to indicate what you want & don't want!  LURKERS, pls come out
for this survey, too.  Please copy this survey & hand out to
non-Internet FK friends & to newbies!  As always, the more responses,
the more compelling an argument to get what we want!

PLS print this & give copies to your non-Internet FK friends. They can
snailmail theirs to the address below. Pls send NOW!

1)  Would you purchase the following? How much would you pay (US$)?
     -- coffee mug? (black w/FK logo? another design? another color?)
     -- comic books? (would they have to be in the FK "universe"?)
     -- novels? (would they have to be in the FK "universe"?)
     -- fanzines?
     -- filkbooks?
     -- original music books/sheets?
     -- The Raven/club stuff? (what?)
     -- more music by Fred? (FK only?  other Fred stuff?)
     -- trading cards w/characters photos & info
     -- technical books from the sets? scripts?
     -- FK fantasy art?  (what media?) (mail order?)
     -- FK t-shirts (what on it?  what colors?)
     -- FK halloween costuming? masks? (what? who?)
     -- posters?  (what shots? what groupings?)
     -- Ribena?
     -- FK vamp stuff? (what?)

2)  Would you want to see "action figures" or is that too juvenile? Is
    this too adult a market?  If you like the idea, pls specify what
    "attributes" you'd like your favorite to have (i.e. costume,
    color, hair(!!!), carrying what, etc.)?

3)  Do you know where you can get Ribena locally?  Pls indicate where
    & if you'd like to get it (retail or mail order).

4)  How about FK chocolate?
        -- what shape?
        -- what type of choclate? (milk, dark, semi, Belgian, etc.)
        -- would you pay extra for it to be a good quality chocolate?
        -- how much/pound would you pay (in US$)

5)  Would you buy different factions' FK chocolate?  If so, please
    indicate what flavor or filling would be most appropriate for
    each group (i.e. what filling for cousins, perkolators, etc.)
6)  Have you found Fred's CD in local music stores?  Have you asked
    for it by name?  What stores/what cities?  Will they get it
    for you?
7)  What else can we market?

8)  How old are you?  What gender?  What profession (general)?
9)  In what city/state/country do you live?
10) Do you belive in purchasing by way of credit cards?
11) Do you order items through the mail?  Internet?
12) Pls indicate name/alias/email preference for tabulation only.

Pls send responses to me off-list (in consideration of list
traffic levels) by either email:
        lplummer@i....... (subject: FK Merch Survey)
or snailmail:
        11980-J Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044 USA

I will compile all responses & see if website can/wants to
post analysis.  Hope to post early return compilations by July 1;
then will add new submissions to survey again, later.  Please
contact me off-list if you have any questions about this survey.
I am happy to answer.

Please RSVP soonest.  Thanks for your interest in Forever Knight!
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:20:40 -0500
From:         Stephanie Babbitt <stephanie.babbitt@g.......>
Subject:      FI SPOILER: Sipping



Margie wrote:
>In Crazy Love, I believe LaCroix made it clear to Nick that he would either
>end up killing Amalia or bringing her across.  "Sipping" and leaving her
>alive and mortal just wasn't an option.

Nobody's mentioned yet that Nick in his very early vampire days (as seen in
Fallen Idol) kept "the Dungeon of Condemned Bimbos" which held women he was
draining over time. One victim had at least three sets of puncture marks.
He told one unconscious woman, "I've been saving the last of your life for
tonight. I have thought of nothing else." So apparently, even very early on
in his vampirehood (certainly in the first 25 years, since Fleur's son was
just a boy) Nick was capable of sipping without killing--at least not right
away--though the victim's ultimate death was a foregone conclusion.

Perhaps the first sipping renders the victim comatose, and therefore isn't
practical to use on persons the vampire wishes to keep alive *and* sentient
(e.g., Nat). But from the vampire perspective, it makes sense. Even when
comatose, the body produces more blood to replace what is lost. The vampire
ends up with a greater supply of blood than would have otherwise been
available from a single mortal. Animal husbandry, taken to sick lengths.

As usual, GWD played this depraved behavior with a sensuality that made it
almost appealing. But it really was scary as hell.

Stephanie B.
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:27:49 -0400
From:         Tammy Stephanie Davis <tsd@u.......>
Subject:      Re: Blackwing: Did they?

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Judith Freudenthal wrote:

> I still think that they did it only on the spirit plane.  Nick was only
> rebuttoning the buttons Marion unbuttoned when she was taking the killer out
> of him.

Ummmm.  I don't think Marion unbuttoned his shirt at all.  At least it
wasn't shown that she did.
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:40:15 -0400
From:         "Margaret L. Carter" <MLCVamp@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Killing, sipping, blood volume

Well, okay, I can see possibilities for the vampire's killing his victim
"efficiently" (i.e., quickly) by biting into a large vein or artery.  But
that would be straight death by blood loss, not through drinking -- a lot
would be wasted, because he couldn't keep up with the flow.  So I stand by my
scenario of pools of blood around the death scene.  And why would a mature
vampire do something so conspicuous, not to mention wasting food?

I'm glad to learn that my original estimate of 6 quarts wasn't so dumb after
all.  (Maybe I should have overcome my inertia and looked it up. <g>)
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:40:04 -0400
From:         "Margaret L. Carter" <MLCVamp@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Killing, sipping, blood volume

Suction on blood vessels, plus shock from what blood loss does occur -- yes,
those are plausible reasons for the victim to die.  But instantly?  I dunno,
I'm not a doctor, nurse, or paramedic.  From TV and novels, I get the idea
that in situations of shock from blood loss, the patient lingers on long
enough to be saved if treated with a transfusion, glucose IV, etc.

But it's really that "completely drained" thing that bugs me.

Sorry for belaboring the topic.
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 12:52:54 -0500
From:         michael wayne jackson <mjay@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Killing, sipping, blood volume

I'd like to throw my hat into this ring.

We know very little about the FK vampire's physical makeup.  We know that
Nick seems to feel pain, but not consistently.  Does he bleed from all those
bullet holes?  I've not seen him do it.  We don't know how his internal
organs are now functioning, if he actually has internals any more.  He could
have undergone such a complete physical metamorphosis that he could have
multiple stomachs similar to a cow (had to get that in there! hee!).

Since he lives only on blood, and the occasional french fry, his body could
be a huge sponge, able to take in and process vast quantities of blood
instantly, without having it go through the digestive process you and I are
used to.

I want to get him into a lab with an MRI & a PET machine so bad my hands

michael wayne jackson -- mjay@n.......
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 11:00:22 -0700
From:         Swordsister <catheboo@c.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick and cures

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Sharon A. Himmanen wrote:

> Dotti wrote in response to someone saying Nick wants a quick fix:
> >That's not fair. He's been working for CENTURIES to find a cure and has
> >tried everything from spiritual herbs to quack doctors.

Well, the centuries part is debatable.  I know there are those who think
that Nick was unhappy with vampirism since the day (night, sorry ;)) he
became one.  I personally think Nick actually *liked* being a vampire
until maybe two centuries ago, if you stretch it.  And he's only been
working for a cure for one century.  Although the "working" part is
debatable, too, as Sharon is quick to point out.

> I don't know if that's unfair.  I've always been left with the impression
> that Nick wants to *be cured* rather than actually work for it.  He hasn't

To bring it one step further than that, I often think that Nick feels
the need to *want* to be cured, more than anything else.  Sometimes it
seems that his actual attempts at cures are haphazard, and
spur-of-the-moment.  Rarely does he show long-term commitment to his
cause, other than switching to cow blood.  And he has had lapses even from
that over the past century.  I see more of a need to be unhappy with his
present state, some sort of moral requirement that he reject his "evil",
regardless of whether or not he can actually purge himself of it.

Nick has always seemed to me to be someone with a tremendously low
opinion of himself.  He cannot be convinced that he's anything other than
a monster.  Now, whether this was brought on by coming across or just a
personality trait, I don't know.  I'm not sure Nick knows.  But he's
always going to have something to beat himself up over, he'll *find*
something, if he has to.  And vampirism is a Catholic martyr's dream come
true... eternal, self-inflicted misery caused by something you'll never
be able to rid yourself of, no matter how hard you try.

Perhaps I'm just cynical <g>, but I really don't think it's out of the
question for Nick to be this self-delusional, I've never really pegged
him as one for hard-core self-inspection.  That's his fatal flaw,
actually.  He always has been and always will be too afraid of what he
might find in himself.  He probably never even considered the idea that
he might find something he liked.

Catherine Boone   Knightie    HBTS    catheboo@c.......
"Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with
 themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - H. L. Mencken
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:14:25 -0700
From:         Oppenheimer's <mjopp@x.......>
Subject:      Sorry and  Thanks

Hi. I just want to apologize to everyone on fkfic for the incorrect post.
Most people were quite helpful and polite about pointing out my error.
And thanks to all of you who sent or offered to send the fiction I was
missing. I am new and trying to learn. Again, both thanks and sorry!
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 14:06:05 -0400
From:         Catherine Foster <CFoster425@a.......>
Subject:      You never know who has heard of FK.

Hi all,

This just goes to prove (at least to me anyway) that you never
know where you ll run into someone who has heard of FK.
Sometimes they're right under your nose.

A few days ago a friend at work, who is leaving to go to another job,
came to say good-bye.  Even though we work on the same farm, we
work in different areas and never seem to be able to get together.
As a result, we hadn t talked in quite a while.  He asked me what
I d been up to lately and I mentioned that I m trying to do a little
writing.  He thought that that was pretty neat and asked me what I
was writing about.  I told him and he surprised the heck out of me by
saying that he used to watch FK when he nightwatched back in 1992!!
I couldn t believe it!  You have to know Tom.  FK just doesn t seem like
the kind of show that he would watch.  He is the <only> person I ve
mentioned FK to who knew what I was talking about.  It floored me.

While we talked about FK, he said something to me that I found kind of
funny.  He said that he would watch the beginning of an ep and if it
didn t look too scary, he would watch it.  And even then, when he got into
the truck to make his rounds, he would make sure that the passengers side
door was locked. (Not that that would stop a vampire :) :))  I ve
nightwatched and it <can> be a little spooky driving around a dark farm and
going into dark barns.  But, I ve <never> thought of FK as scary.  Does

See ya,

Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 11:31:26 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: GWD on Outer Limits

At 05:44 AM 6/18/96 -0400, Lisa Reeves wrote:
>michael wayne jackson wrote:
>> Okay.  How far do you want Ger to go?
>> 1.A buns shot a la NYPD Blue?
>> 2.Shadowy frontal nudity, a la late-night Showtime?
>> 3.Well lit frontal nudity in an R-rated theatrical release?
>> 4.Totally x-rated?

You forgot option #5....

Totally naked and ready standing at the foot of my bed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lasher ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~ The Dust    =>:o}    Bunny       *       "Les Cousins du Chevaliert  ~~
~ Unnamed Faction ~ Moo Member ~ http://home.earthlink.net/~alasher
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 14:43:30 -0400
From:         Beth Brown <BKBVA@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Blackwing script

In a message dated 96-06-18 07:53:11 EDT, Sharon wrote:

>So Gillian may have *intended* for Nick and Marian to
>have done the wild thing, as evidenced by the script, but that's not what
>necessarily comes across on the screen, and it certainly isn't the only

After reading Susan's post, I went back to the tape to check it (at 1:30 am
no less).  I get this way after reading that kind of post.  Anyway, the only
thing missing from that scene is the "naked tangle".  The rest of the scene
appears pretty much as written.

So, like it or not, I don't think it's ambiguous.

Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:21:06 -0500
From:         John & Donna Spert <jjs@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Sony does not believe??!!

 Is Sony purposely being dense or is this their natural state?

Patricia Bozis

I just read in the July issue of Premiere that Tristar is finally
releasing the 1981 film Heavy Metal to LD (yaaay!) and video.  They claim
"It was due to the legal matter of acquiring the music rights..."  Kevin
Eastman says "because of costs they weren't interested" when he first
contacted them.  Yet Premiere reports it took Eastman just eighteen months
to contant all music rights holders, determine costs, and show fan
interest.  Tristar said yes at that point.  See Patricia's quote above.  I
want to know too!

I hope persistance pays off with this.  The more I think about this the
less I understand.  Off to respond to TV stuff.

Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 14:02:16 -0600
From:         Sharon Joy <SJoy@u.......>
Subject:      Digest?

Hi Jamie!

Can you tell me how to go *on digest?*



--------Sharon Joy -  A Forever Knightie -  SJoy@u.......----------
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Go here:  http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:04:31 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      *Blackwing, etc.*

Whoohoo, Susan!  Thanks for posting that excerpt from the Blackwing
script.  Too bad we didn't get to see the scene as written! ;)

Didn't Gillian Horvath say that she intended for them to have done
the deed?  Not that there was any doubt in *my* mind that they did it
in the *real* world even before reading that script excerpt.  Sigh...
One of the best parts of Blackwing, imo. ;)

Gillian was going to try to get Nick's shirt off in another episode,
but that didn't happen either.  Sigh.

I don't have Showtime, but have been reading some of the comments
about Ger's Outer Limits episode.  So we don't see skin there either?
Bummer.  Someone mentioned his wife was played by Melanie Mayron?
Well, shucks, then, what was the problem.  He got shirtless and cozy
with Melanie in Other Women's Children where she was a pediatric
doctor (although admittedly you don't see much of his chest).

In my fantasies, Ger could appear in X-rated stuff, but in real life,
I'd just like to see a bit more skin (tasteful R). :)

However, Ger does *just fine* portraying passion while clothed though.
;)  Sigh....

Anybody willing to tape me a copy of Ger's Outer Limits episode,
please respond by private email.

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 12:19:10 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Killing, sipping, blood volume

At 12:52 PM 6/18/96 -0500, michael wayne jackson wrote:
>have undergone such a complete physical metamorphosis that he could have
>multiple stomachs similar to a cow (had to get that in there! hee!).
>Since he lives only on blood, and the occasional french fry, his body could
>be a huge sponge

this being said, we all know how the power in a vampire is vastly
enhanced also. When I get back from a ride on my bike or a work
out at the gym, I can down a quart of Pepsi or water with no problem
in a short period of time. Therefore, I would think that a vampire who
pierces the skin of his victim with his teeth, would have no problem
sucking the full 6-7 pints of blood out of them in short order. That
is just MHO, I could be wrong....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lasher ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~ The Dust    =>:o}    Bunny       *       "Les Cousins du Chevaliert  ~~
~ Unnamed Faction ~ Moo Member ~ http://home.earthlink.net/~alasher
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:29:15 -0400
From:         Linda Simon <lsimon@h.......>
Subject:      Help--blood terminology

For a story I'm writing:
If Nat gives Nick an emergency transfusion of blood at the scene of an
accident, what will she need if she calls a colleague from the morgue and he
brings----what? I don't know any of the lingo.
--A cooler with a couple of bags of blood? What type?
--a tube? What's it called?
--a needle? What size?
What else?
And if there is an ambulance at the scene, will it have all of the above?
Thanks, diehards. Love ya!

Linda Simon
NatPacker, subliminal Cousin
"I like not the smell of this authority!" John Proctor, The Crucible by
Arthur Miller
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 11:31:06 -0800
From:         Muldy Sculler <ffbmh@a.......>
Subject:      Re: FK Merchandise/ Sony Doubts we Exist!!

Hey Sony,
Whatever type of merchandise it is, if it FK related, I buy it.  Clear
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:51:01 E
From:         Debra Ann Fiorini <fiorini@m.......>
Subject:      Re: You never know who has heard of FK.

Cathy asked:
>But, I've <never> thought of FK as scary. Does anyone?

The first time I put FK on (having no idea what the show was
about other than a vampire cop), I thought, "As soon as this
gets gory or scary, it's going off."  Of course, it never did
either and I became hooked on all the great things it had
to offer: writing, acting, search for redemption, etc.

I can understand someone saying, "A vampire show - if that
is typical horror, it's scary and I don't want to watch."
But once someone sees a whole ep or two, I find it hard
to picture them thinking it's a scary show.
FK is not typical horror, in fact there's nothing typical
about it. :)

Although if someone only saw the opening of "Dark Knight" in
season 1 with the nightwatchman being attacked from above,
it could give them different ideas about the show.
Hey! That must be the scene that sticks in your friend's mind!
A nightwatchman patroling alone in the dark suddenly attacked
by a vampire. That's what got him!

Debra Ann
Dark Knightie * N&NPacker
Guenvier@a....... *or* fiorini@a.......
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:30:26 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      Re: stories

Kelley Bleyle wrote:
> I.was.wondering.if.anyone.had.any.*good*.ideas.for.a.story.plot
>because I've got what they call writers block

Sorry, no story ideas, but here's the best cure I've heard of for
Writers Block:

1) Find an example of the WORST case of writing in your chosen genre
2) I DARE you read one whole chapter
3) You'll be so disgusted w/the tacky writing that your brain will overflow
   with "Hmmmph!  Even I can do better than THAT #*^@$%@!"
4) Start writing immediately, don't think.  The first little bit of what
   you write may not/will not be wonderful, but the flow WILL be flowing
   & soon you'll be back in writer's heaven... pages at a time!

Learned from a panel discussion at Balticon (Baltimore SciFi/Fantasy
convention) in 1985, back when I was writing (tech writing).  Works for
ANY writing form!  (But, it needs to be the WORST example you can find!)

Good luck!

* -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- *
| Leslie  (lplummer@i.......)   ***FOREVER MEANS...FOREVER!!!*** |
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Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 16:02:45 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Sony does not believe??!!

Patricia wrote:

>I just read the mail about the FK merchandise. Sony does not believe that
>there are as many fans as the ShowStuff people stated??? Is Sony purposely
>being dense or is this their natural state?

I don't think that's the whole of it.  Sony's main concern seems to be that
there isn't enough interest in FK merchandise to make in financially worth
their while to sell licensing rights.  That's why we need to show them there
ARE enough of us out there who want to buy FK stuff.

The problem is that Anne at TV ShowStuff doesn't have any idea how many fans
there are.  She knows about those of us out on the Internet, but there are
thousands of fans who aren't online.

The key to getting future FK TV movies is to show that there is interest,
and the best way to show interest is to SPEND MONEY!  Sony is in business to
make money and we need to make money for them.

So if you know other fans who are out there, please get them to write to
Anne AND to Sony!  Contact me for Snail mail address for Anne.

We can do this!

****Wicked Cousin Tippi****
HEY!  Want FK stuff?  Sony needs to know that you want it! Contact
Anne at TV-ShowStuff@p....... and TELL her NOW! :)
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 17:16:46 -0400
From:         Linda Simon <lsimon@h.......>
Subject:      Coroner terminology

For a story I'm writing:
If someone is dead at the scene of an accident, does an ambulance pick him
up or another vehicle?
And deliver the body to ---where?
Hospital?  Straight to the morgue?
Linda Simon
NatPacker, subliminal Cousin
"I like not the smell of this authority!" John Proctor, The Crucible by
Arthur Miller
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 16:23:03 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: this is IMPORTANT!!! really!

Kartaan wrote:

>>>Could someone PLEASE post this on the newsgroups out there?  I haven't
>>>figured out how to find newsgroups from Netcom yet!
>Didn't see it on the newsgroup yet.... so I posted it!

Bless you my child! :)

****Wicked Cousin Tippi****
HEY!  Want FK stuff?  Sony needs to know that you want it! Contact
Anne at TV-ShowStuff@p....... and TELL her NOW! :)
Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:57:22 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Spoiler Space

At 09:28 AM 6/18/96 -0700, Amy R. wrote:

>....my all-encompassing N&Nerism.  I now maintain that Nick was falling in
>love with her throughout third season, but that it was a process, not an end,
>and that though the foundation was laid in the earlier seasons, he was
>never able to accept it before MBIAV.

But falling in love _is_ a process.  It's hard to pinpoint when it starts, and
it never has to end.  Oooh, I'm sorry, I'm getting sooo romantic!

Ob unromantic question - What is N&Nerism?

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
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Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 14:26:03 -0700
From:         Cousin Cherri <cdmunoz@e.......>
Subject:      Re: You never know who has heard of FK.

Cathy Foster wrote:
>I've nightwatched and it <can> be a little spooky driving around a dark
>farm and
>going into dark barns.  But, I've <never> thought of FK as scary.  Does

Not me!!! Vampires never scare me.  Intrigue me, tantalize me, but never
scare me.
Of course, if I met one who was willing to bring me across, I'd say, "YES!!!!"

<giggle>  <waves>  Hi Cathy!

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Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 17:34:05 -0400
From:         "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject:      On vampires, blood and scripts

I've always thought FK should be taken on its own merits.  I'd be very much
dismayed if Nick became a character like St. Germaine because, let's face
it, St. Germaine has a corner on that market aleady.  I'll admit to being
rather fond of Nick because he's such a contradiction in terms (and I'm
talking about in current day)--he's selfish, petty, egotistic (at times),
snarky, has more than a bit of an eye for the ladies, self-indulgent,
faithless, self-absorbed, quick to condemn . . . but he can also be kind and
understanding, gentle beyond belief, compassionate and caring.  Let's face
it, the guy is more than a little bit of a screw-up and no small part of
that is his inability to accept the consequences of his nature, the fruits
of which he seems to enjoy and abuse at every opportunity (hoodooing,
flying, throwing small sherman tanks around, etc.).

To allow Nick to accept his nature would make him . . . well, no longer
Nick.  It would be a completely different series with a completely different
set of rules.  LaCroix would cease from being seen as a moral ambiguity
resulting from a code of self-determination and would have to become 'evil'
to counter Nick as the 'good' vampire.  The dynamics would change.

Not that I'm saying that I'd mind Nick taking a dive off the wagon now and
again, trying on the shoes, seeing they really don't fit, and discarding
them.  Sometimes we have to fall back into what we dislike just to remind
ourselves of why we really DO dislike it.  It's my life-long relationship
with liver and onions or Amy's with the fish sandwich at MacDonalds

As to blood--without getting into the whys and wherefore and all that other
stuff (as someone said, if you took all of the speculative and factually
scientific posts we've had on blood and FK and put them end to end . . .
you'd waste a hell of a lot of time and end up getting a massive fine for
littering), I've always thought that being 'brought across' constitutes a
change in physiology that enables vampires to metabolize blood internally
and externally--although the fastest way would be internally.  For example,
when Nick's body was on the gurney in OTL, the pool of blood was sucked back
into the body.  Yes, that could be the body simply reclaiming material to
allow regeneration, but it also explains those bits and pieces where Nick
has blood on his, turns, and then doesn't have the blood on him anymore
(other than the fact that continuity didn't catch it).  I'm assuming that a
vampire body, if in desperate enough condition, could probably metabolize
blood through the skin.

From a logical perspective--the vampire is meant to be one of the most
functionally efficient predators around.  Which would means that blood would
enter the body and rather than going through a human 'enzyme' type of
digestion, would be absorbed through the tissues and broken down into
nutriative components almost immediately.  This would explain why we never
see a vampire taking a break to visit the euphemism (except, perhaps, to
comb hair, fix make-up, and practice a winning 'look, Ma, no fangs'
smile)--there is no waste product from the blood, ever part of it is used
completely.  This would also explain why vampires could drink as much or as
little blood as they wished and why if their tissues became saturated, they
might get 'high' or attain a 'drunk' quality.  We know vampires have a blood
stream and it moves, just far more slowly than human blood (one beat every
eleven minutes).  Which may mean that vampires require blood intake to
reoxygenate their bloodstream (oh . . . ick . . . I just moved into lab
blood theory.  Wait, let me wade out of here--).

It doesn't, of course, address the issue of alcohol or the alcohol-laced
blood vampires have been seen to drink on the series.  Anyone with a bio
degree wanna explain exactly WHAT alcohol does directly to blood (and what
waste products from alcohol a vampire wouldn't be able to metabolize)?

And there's that lovely line in what scripts about vampires not having any
blood of their own (continuity can only limit the creative scope of a series
. . . r-i-g-h-t . . . .).

Oh, and scripts.  I agree with Sharon--canon is what we're shown and told on
screen.  It's our job to make it work from there.  Something that was left
out may have been left out intentionally or for lack of time, but it HAS
been left out or changed.  Scripts just give us an insight into other
possibilities (and what certain writers may have had on their devious little
minds--God knows Gillian tried valiantly to get Ger to take his shirt off a
number of times).

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Date:         Tue, 18 Jun 1996 16:18:48 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Killing - sipping - blood volume

At 12:10 PM 6/18/96 -0400, Margaret L. Carter wrote:

>I think the possibility of "sipping" gives the vampire more of a moral
>dilemma in that he has a choice.  If he "has" to kill, eventually he will
>"snap" and do so ...  If he has a choice ... those who choose to kill
>their victims are truly evil, not just overcome by an irresistible compulsion.

If Nick could just sip and not kill his victim, there would be no moral
dilemma at all.  He would make love, he would sip a little, and the lover
would not be a victim, just someone indulging in a little unusual sex.
Nick's only choice is to not start.  Once he bites the victim, the victim
is going to die.  When Nick gets sexually aroused, at some point, he will
bite.  So the only thing to do there is also not to start.  He said it in
Dark Knight when he said, "Can't die, can't fall in love."

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
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