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Logfile LOG9606A Part 13

June 6, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9606A" Part 13

	Slumping  -- part 1
	Slumping -- part 2
	CERK Shirts  (2)
	SOS-FK (History) LONG
	Writing to USA  (2)
	Auction prices
	IT WILL HAPPEN, if we Make it Happen!
	Parriott's New Series DARK SKIES
	<no subject>
	War Question?
	NB's views on The Relationship
	Seattle Area FK

Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 10:11:35 -0400
From:         "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject:      Slumping  -- part 1

This is about the recent past and future of our effort to save FK.
Delete now if it doesn't interest you.

John Folden says:

>I don't really have a point except to agree that the SOS-FK campaign
seems to have really stalled...>

There are a number of reasons for this--

1) Most of the people who have been involved in SOS-FK since December--and
this means everyone on the list who's written letters, folded cranes, flown
to NATPE, donated money to charity, donated blood to the Red Cross, and
eaten SPAM--are exhausted, physically and financially.  We need a little
time to regroup right now, so we're doing the best thing possible, buying
CDs and writing letters.  It's quiet, but it's THE most effective response
we can make at this time.  And it's given many people a chance to get their
lives back in order.  A lot of people spent far too much personal time on
the campaign to save the series--to the cost of their business and
health--and it was time to take care of mundane details.  Although we may be
fans, we're not fanatics, something that makes me proud of the FK group.

2) Many people, myself included, have been waiting for the bombshell of
"Last Knight" to hit.  From early mentions and drafts of the scripts, this
episode could have been a LOT worse--bad enough to have caused a rift in the
fandom similar to what happened to the third season of "Beauty & the Beast."
There were many people who weren't certain that they'd be interested in
watching FK ever again after that episode.

I don't doubt that we've lost some people because of LK.  I also don't doubt
that we're gaining a new audience through tape sharing.  We're also
experiencing a phenomenon similar to what happened with "Blake's 7"--people
who watched the series on regular run from beginning felt betrayed by the
ending, but people who came in and had to pick up the entire series in bits
and pieces or in one, fell swoop simply incorporated the last episode into
the thematic view of the series.

Not to mention the fact that for many months, SOS-FK was THE main topic on
ForKni-L.  Some people couldn't handle that.  With the spoiler list folding
in the not too distant future, more episode discussion will be back on the
list, so maybe that won't be so much of a problem.  But, frankly, I think
people got tired of it.  The brutal and honest truth is that there are a
number of people who are happy with the FK we have and don't want tapes or
merchandise or possible new FK.  Just as there are a number of people who DO
want these things, but who aren't willing to write a letter or make a
donation because they think someone else will do it for them.

Hopefully, there are also a number of people out there who watch FK and
don't know about the effort and who'll be able to take up the slack.

3) We've been waiting to see what would happen.  The sets are gone, the
staff, crew, cast and writers have moved on to other projects--continuing to
tell people that we even had a chance at a fourth season would have been
cruel and as far from the truth as it could be.  And there are several
options no longer available to us.  TriStar has refused to sell FK, which
means finding another venue for the series is a waste of time, as is
reinteresting the buyers that TriStar turned down (they can't sell right
now).  FK being syndicated on SciFi has added a whole new dimension to the
situation and we've added another front on which to fight--cable companies
that don't have SciFi in their slate.  Not to mention actually having a CD
to promote and purchase as a tangible example of the disposable income at
our command.

>It appears that 'hits' on the page have slowed quite a bit, as
well...(probably because the page hasn't been updated since April 1st) >

Actually, there's been nothing to update--see #2.  It was simply a matter of
seeing where the fallout went.  In addition to which, our hit counter hit an
all time high when the ad was published in Electronic Media at NATPE.  The
way to get the counter going again is to get the info out there.

>I've been posting a couple ideas and questions concerning future efforts
recently in an attempt to get some more juices flowing. >

That's been extremely helpful .  People are waking up again.  Now it's time
to decide exactly WHAT we want out of SOS-FK and how to go about it, as well
as applying the lessons of SOS-FK to the next stage in the process.

Some of those lessons are--

1) Slow down.  Speed is NOT of the essence the way it was in December when
we were racing the tearing down of the sets and the possible loss of the
second half of the season.  We needed to burn hot and bright and we did . .
. but we also burned out.  If we're going to be here for the duration,
people have to be willing to commit themselves for the long haul.  For
example--Lana's snail-mail contact has been essential, but underpromoted.
But if we promote it too quickly and don't give Lana adequate back up and
support, she's gonna get swamped with inquiries.  Take it slow.  Propose
ideas then carry them through to their logical conclusions, including costs
in $$$, manpower, and time.

2) A flurry of letters right now will hurt us more than help us.  We've
heard from several quarters that masses of letters arriving from a group of
fans at a given time are often discounted as being part of a 'fan club
activity' or something of that nature.  Yes, some people take notice, but
others don't.  Letters count when they're done over a course of time.  For
example, if everyone sent a letter once a week to SciFi thanking them for
showing the episode airing that week, it would make a nice pile over time.
There was a lot of discussion in the early days of SOS-FK about whether
seeming 'organized' would hurt us.  Sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't.

The most important lesson we've learned about SOS-FK is that if you love a
show, support it with letters from the first day it airs and get your
friends and family to do the same.  Support needs to be widespread (for
example, FK was considered an 'urban' show because it did well in cities but
the ratings were poor in the 'heartlands'--as opposed to something like
"Touched By An Angel," which does adequately in urban areas but goes great
guns in the heartlands) and it needs to be consistent.  When you watch the
new fall schedule, remember this.

3) Target your effort.  By hitting the syndicators we were able to put
enough pressure on TriStar to produce the rest of the third season after
USA's sudden pull-out.  By making noise at NATPE we were able to interest
several people in possibly purchasing FK.  The reason we have an FK CD is
because we helped put the project over the top by letting Crescendo know
through e-mail and phone calls and letters over a period of time that there
were people (LOTS of people) out here who wanted to purchase it.

4) There are people out there who watch FK and know nothing about SOS-FK,
but who love it enough to do something about it.  Santa and his elves,
airline reservation people, florists and store clerks . . . we've been
astonished at the number of people who watch this show . . . and are just
not being counted.  So we're not as alone as TPTB think we are.

Continued in next post--
susang@v....... -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
Faithful Ravenette, because somebody STILL has to.
"This is the Hour of Lead; Remembered, if outlived--
like Freezing persons recollects the snow--
first the chill--then stupor--and then the letting go."
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 10:11:51 -0400
From:         "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject:      Slumping -- part 2

This is about the recent past and future of our effort to save FK.
Delete now if it doesn't interest you.

Continued from previous post--

Think about what we're trying to accomplish.  What are our goals?

To get merchandising--then we target TriStar, send letters to companies who
distribute the merchandising telling them that we'd buy FK merchandise if
they sold it (what about those ads in the back of Entertainment Weekly?),
and buy as many copies of the CD as possible.

To get a TV Movie--let them know that we're out here by targeting media.
Letters to magazines (everything from Starlog to EW to TV Guide) letting
them know we want more FK and we're not going to let it end with LK.
Letters to entertainment media show highlighting events (like the auction in
October and T.Trek in August) that prove that we're not just 'fanatics' but
people interested in bucking the system that killed our series.  Letters to
the parents companies--TriStar and Sony, reminding them that we're out here.
And--God help me for saying it--letters to USA thanking them for purchasing
FK syndication for SciFi and suggesting that SciFi's cry for original
programming could be filled by an FK TV movie.

Keep current fan interest and bring in new fans--Let SciFi know that we're
watching and work with them on establishing an FK presence in their
publications (we're on their web site).  Petition Sony to keep and update
the FK web pages.  Keep traffic consistent on the professional services like
Genie, Compuserve, and AOL.  Get flyers out to comic book stores and book
stores with the snail and e-mail connections to FK.  Get small ads printed
in magazines.  Spread the word by sharing tapes, holding FK parties or
viewings at conventions or through local fan clubs.  Pressure cable
companies to carry Sci Fi on behalf of the deprived.  And, for heaven's
sake, let's get a complete Fiction website running again (at least one of
the prospective FK purchasers viewed stories Darkangel's comprehensive FK
fiction website to figure out what WE wanted from the show).  The best way
to draw people in is the show, but the fiction serves as a close second.

To make something Good come out of all this no matter what happens--let's
support the charities chosen for us on behalf of FK and the cast, crew and
staff.  Giving blood saves lives.  Let's live up to one of the major themes
of FK and use our abilities to bring some good into the world.

I'm absolutely thrilled to see so many new people with new ideas on how to
promote FK.  Part of the reason we were able to do as much as we've done is
because of the selfless efforts of a number of people.  Without the NATPE 7,
Laurie CF, Lisa P, Lana, AnneMarie, June--and never to forget the sleepless
night Jamie spent revising the web page--as well as every list member who
wrote a letter or made a phone call or sent flowers to affiliates, or got
their friends and/or family members or co-workers or complete strangers to
do the same, we would never have come this far.

susang@v....... -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
Faithful Ravenette, because somebody STILL has to.
"This is the Hour of Lead; Remembered, if outlived--
like Freezing persons recollects the snow--
first the chill--then stupor--and then the letting go."
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:30:00 -0500
From:         Mad Hatter <cli7@s.......>
Subject:      Re: CERK Shirts

At 09:38 PM 6/5/96 -0400, you wrote:
>The bumper sticker is black with the CERK logo.  Next to it, it says
>"Nightwatch with the NightCrawler".

and perhaps some patient soul could also explain in minimum
terms what CERK is!


"i shall continue to be an impossible person
so long as those who are now possible remain possible."
-michael bakunin [1814-76]
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 11:18:20 -0400
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: CERK Shirts

At 09:30 AM 6/6/96 -0500, Mad Hatter wrote:

>and perhaps some patient soul could also explain in minimum
>terms what CERK is!
The adio Station Call Letters for the NIGHTCRAWLERS station.

1 minimum explaination ordered - 1 delivered!

~Bunny~Unnamed Faction~ MOO~
~~~~~~Cousins of the Knight~~~~~~
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 08:33:11 -0700
From:         LC Fenster <lucienlc@i.......>
Subject:      Re: SOS-FK (History) LONG

John Folden wrote:

>I had been following the Save-FK page ever since it was put up back in
>late December when the first rumors spread about the cancellation but
>I didn't join FORKNI-L til a couple months after that and missed all
>the personal feelings and ideas that I'm sure everyone was displaying

For the benefit of those who came in lately (and if you weren't on
forkni-l at the time, or on AnnMarie's mailing list, or on AOL,
Compuserve and/or Prodigy, that includes you)...  I apologize for the
bandwith, and for the redundancy for those of you who were around, but
given the posts we've seen lately, I think it's important that folks
who weren't here get some of the history so they don't waste their
valuable time unnecessarily reinventing the wheel, so they know what
resources already exist and can be utilized, and so they know what
worked, what didn't, and where things stand now.

I apologize in advance if I'm left anybody out, and I'm sure I did.
So very many people were involved in this, and many of them made
enormous contributions.  Despite the detail here, this barely touches
the surface of what went on - and how amazing and wonderful it was,
for those of us who were here and had the fortune to be a part of it.

SOS-FK got underway in a BIG way back in December when Fred Mollin
warned us that the show was in a lot of trouble.  We'd received
inklings from him in November, but just before Christmas, we received
confirmation that USA had pulled out in the middle of the season
(after episode 13), leaving FK without 20% of its funding for the
final 9 episodes.  Everyone in the industry went off to celebrate the
holidays, while we here on the lists spent the two holiday weeks
getting mobilized, strategizing, and preparing to hit TPTB upon
their return on January 2 with a barrage of mail, telegrams, faxes,
etc. -- and keep up the pressure thereafter.  At the beginning, we
had two objectives:  to force TS to complete the entire third season,
and to persuade them to offer a fourth season at NATPE.  (NATPE is
the television industry convention that takes place the third week
of January every year, during which production companies offer
television shows to syndicated stations.)

Starting around December 19, and for the next six weeks, the forkni
list was devoted almost exclusively to efforts to save FK - and it
was generating double or triple the mail it currently generates,
ON A DAILY BASIS.  (And this apart from private SOS FK mail loops
that a number of us were involved with.)  Felicia Bollin created an
SOS-FK FAQ (which she is currently updating and which will be
reposted shortly).  Jamie created the wonderful SOS-FK Webpage, and
kept it constantly updated.  AnnMarie created the e-mail loop for
non-listmembers.  Lana Soward opened the Post Office Box for snail
mail fans to keep informed.  Karen Tobin created the sponsor's list,
so people would know what sponsors support FK - and where to contact
them to express appreciation.  Inspired by the SONY Christmas
postcard charity effort, during which FK fans lots for charity in
Ger's name by mailing each other electronic holiday postcards through
SONY, Lisa Ann Prince undertook to organize a charity drive in honor
of Forever Knight (which raised over $5,000 for the Pediatric Aids
Foundation in less than a month, and which has now raised close to
$10,000).  Blood drives were organized in major cities, in the name
of FK (hi, June, Lana et al.).  Maryann Jorgenson and Lana created
SOS-FK flyers that anyone could download and use;  Lana also sent
out flyers by snail mail for those who couldn't download.  All
listmembers were asked to take these flyers and distribute them
within their local community:  bulletin boards, comic stores,
university notice boards, gaming stores, etc.  Some listmembers with
industry sources scrounged for bits of info wherever we could find to
help the campaign.  Cynthia Hoffman created a press kit which was
sent to media all over the place.  Diane Echelbarger organized the
"NATPE 7," whose legend will live on for years in the industry:  the
seven volunteers who went to NATPE to promote a fourth season of FK,
handing out flyers, brochures, and Forever Knight bags containing
this information.  A leadership loop was created to coordinate
strategy off-list, and the leadership group *met* in virtual space
about once a week on AOL to see where things stood and to coordinate
and update strategy <waving: hi, Susan, Sharon, Laura, and everyone
already mentioned or inadvertently omitted>.  (To be a *leader* btw,
all you had to do was volunteer your time, effort and brainpower to
the campaign.)

Having industry experience, campaign experience and a masochistic
streak <g>, I coordinated the pre-NATPE campaign, including Forever
Knight Appreciation Week (FKAW), which was timed to occur one week
before NATPE.  I also fronted money for the effort (and was largely
repaid through the generosity of the wonderful fans of FK on the
list and elsewhere).  This money was used to purchase an
advertisement in the pre-NATPE issue of Electronic Media - ask
around, someone probably can show you a copy of it, or can direct
you to a website that has it - which Celeste Hotaling-Lyons created
with input from myself and about a half dozen other members of the
central strategy loop.  Because of the EM ad, we made contact with
the NY Bureau Chief of Electronic Media - which led to a large,
very favorable article on our efforts which appeared in the NATPE
edition of EM.  (Ask around;  people still have that as well.)

FKAW was a week of coordinated FK activities, designed to show our
support for FK - and for those who helped support FK.  There was a
day supporting AOL, because AOL had given us a large playground to
play in. There was a day to thank sponsors, when everyone went out,
bought an FK sponsor's product, then mailed the receipt along with
a thank you letter to the sponsor.  There was a day to support
TriStar for offering us FK in the first place by going to a TS movie,
then sending the ticket stubs with a thank you letter to TS.  There
was a day to thank your local syndicated station for showing FK by
sending them chocolates, flowers, etc., and ask them to ASK TriStar
at NATPE to offer a fourth season of FK.  There was the initial
handover of charitable donations in FK's name to Pediatric AIDS,
photographed by Cynthia and Dianne T. deSha, who made the actual
handover, so the photo could be used later for publicity purposes
(we couldn't get any actual press to attend, despite our efforts to
 do so).  And so on.  The FKAW's activity led into the NATPE 7's
efforts at NATPE itself, which was amazing.  Dressed very
professionally, they handed out very professionally prepared
materials to thousands of people, who were astonished and impressed
to see them.  They totally floored Kay Koplovitz of USA, who was
astonished by the efforts (this from industry sources).  The SOS-FK
website hits for the day more than DOUBLED;  we subsequently found
out that lots of folks on the convention floor were using their
laptops to dial in.  The whole effort culminated in a meeting
between the NATPE 7 and TriStar.

(If anyone wants more specifics about the NATPE side of this, there
were several long posts done at the time, and I or someone else
(Diane E. or Dianne T. deSha or Toni Holm) can probably dig them

Meanwhile, the foreign buyers of FK, together with all those
syndicated stations we kept writing to <g>, had put enough pressure on
TriStar to get the third season completed.  But, sadly, the effort
fell just short of obtaining a fourth season.  Despite the fact that
TS told the NATPE 7 that if FK achieved a "2" rating in the February
sweeps, it might revisit its decision.  In fact, it cancelled the
show long before that information was in, and despite the fact that
the "2" rating was apparently achieved.

Why didn't our effort succeed, despite the fact that the industry
had never seen anything like this before (i.e., fans trying to do
TS's work for them by selling the show)?   A number of reasons.
Despite NATPE, and our frantic efforts directly after to build on
what happened there by obtaining national media coverage (everyone
desperately used their most tenuous contacts with ABC, The New York
Times, The Wall St. Journal, USA Today, etc., etc. to find some
national source to pick up on what we'd done and run with it).  This
is where we failed, because nobody in national media wanted to
publicize another *save a show* campaign.  We'd made headlines
within the industry, but it never got into the mainstream.  Also,
we discovered that being a syndicated show was a handicap.  If we'd
been a network show, then the other networks would have carried news
of the campaign to embarrass their competitor.  Or the network itself
would have seized the opportunity to build publicity for the show.
Either way, folks in the industry have told us in no uncertain terms
that if FK had been a network show, our efforts would have won a
fourth season.

Also, there was an element of panic and CYA going on at TriStar.
When all this broke, up to three separate entities approached TS,
trying to buy FK from them.  TS refused to sell.  They had told their
parent SONY that the show was worthless, had no audience, etc.  If
they could sell it to someone, obviously that wasn't true.  Worse,
if the new owner made it work, the folks at TS would be in lots of
trouble.  Therefore, they simply refused to sell.  And still do.

>I don't really have a point except to agree that the SOS-FK campaign
>seems to have really stalled...

Those of us who were deeply involved on a daily basis in the SOS-FK
campaign for the six-seven weeks up to NATPE came out of the effort
totally TOTALLY drained.  Exhausted beyond belief.  Even now, we're
only starting to recover.  This kind of effort takes a lot out of
you, even if you're not aware of it at the time.

A decision was reached, when the cancellation was announced, that
we would lower the intensity of our efforts for awhile.  Given how
exhausting it is to run the campaign we ran early this year, and
given the fact that this decision is not going to be immediately
reversed, there is no point in exhausting ourselves now, when we're
going to need that energy down the road.  (We have also been given
to understand, from industry sources, that nothing can possibly
happen for at least 12 months, but afterwards ...)

This does NOT mean, however, that the campaign to save FK should
come to a screeching halt.  Instead, everyone should continue to
write letters to sponsors, to their local affiliates, to TriStar,
to SONY, to the SFC, expressing support for FK and asking for a
fourth season or tv movie (we're not going to get the fourth season,
but we *might* some day get the movie).  Everyone should try to write
a couple of letters every month, at a minimum.  Sending presents to
Barry Shulman, so he's well disposed toward us probably wouldn't hurt
either <g>.  Flyers are still out there if you need them;  it can't
hurt to leave Save FK flyers around your local neighborhood bulletin
board, comic stores, book stores, gaming stores, etc., to alert
non-Internet folks to the addresses they can contact.  As we
discovered during the campaign, fans of FK are everywhere, even if
TPTB don't realize it.  And Cynthia has just reminded me that she
still has press kits, if anyone needs them.

And BUY the CD!  Even if you already have a copy.  Buy one for a
friend.  We've been trying to prove to TPTB for ages that there is a
market for FK stuff:  buy the CD and help to prove it.  Possibly if
the sales are impressive enough, they might just revisit the
merchandise question.  (I still want one of those FK mugs they had at
NATPE <g>!)

In the middle of this, it has just been called to my attention that
Susan has just posted on where we go from here, and since she has
done a far more complete and detailed job of it than I have, I
would encourage all of you who are interested to read her posts.

Some time next year(?) we will get seriously geared up again.
Reinvigorated with the new fans who will have discovered FK in the
interim.  In the meantime, we must remind TPTB that we are out here,
and that we most certainly have not given up <g>.  And John, Marge,
and the others who have mentioned the campaign recently are
certainly correct to remind us all to keep up our efforts, at some
level, as we bide our time, preparing for the next great push <g>.

Yes, we lost the battle, and are now in a breathing space.  But we
have no intention of losing the war!

>I think it's important to provide normal fans with evidence that
>Something, *anything* is still going on...and that we show TPTB that
>it wasn't just a temporary surge of support, but rather it is
>continuing refusal to accept defeat.

Absolutely true.

Laurie Fenster
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 12:01:08 EDT
From:         Lisa McDavid <D020214@v.......>
Subject:      Writing to USA

I'd like to second Susan's comment about writing to USA. Aside from
the fact that they own SciFi, they're also big on producing movies
of the week, which later end up syndicated to local stations.

If they hear a steady stream of *polite* statements that we miss having
even the reruns of FK on USA and would be very interested in a tv
movie, it may help convince them that they made a mistake when they
pulled out.

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 12:32:40 -0400
From:         dotti rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Auction prices

At 09:41 AM 6/6/96 EDT, Tanya wrote:

>Can you really pay $5.00 for kisses?  So, like, if I gave Ger and
>Nigel $10.00 do I get the extra-long more-for-your-money kiss? <weg>
>How much does it cost to get the works?
WAIT!!! That's not what I meant.  I meant, once you spend a kazillion bucks
for some item, you could make the money back by offering it to people for a
price.  i.e., if they wanna kiss it they pay you $5.00, if they wanna touch
it only it's just $2.00.  Let's NOT get carried away....that's all I need, I
get into enough trouble as it is.....:)

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:30:21 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      Re: IT WILL HAPPEN, if we Make it Happen!

Angie wrote:
>3. Speaking of cards, doesn't Master Card and Visa cater to certain
>customers by putting stuff on their charge cards? I think my dad has
> a N.Y. Mets Visa.

Hmmm... FOREVER KNIGHT CREDIT CARDS? (on the cards in which YOU pick or
create the artwork for the front of card)?!!

I like it!

N&NPacker/Knightie:  An FK (Anything New; Whatever it Takes!) sort of gal
Have you sent in your FK survey? (Due 6/26/96) Email for a copy. Hand it out!
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 11:39:19 -0500
From:         James Iaccino <iac@e.......>
Subject:      Parriott's New Series DARK SKIES

To all you KNIGHT fans who appreciate Mr. Parriott's works:
This fall on NBC, a new series that Jim is developing has to do with
invaders from outer space who have been living on this planet since the
1950s.  The project is called DARK SKIES  It will premiere in September
on Saturday nights at 8pm Central, and then will air weekly.  Sounds a
lot like THE INVADERS miniseries, which Parriott also had a hand in
developing.  Spread the word.
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:51:05 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      Headlines

>Yep, (TV guide's) a good one...I'm dreaming now. I can just see the
>front cover of the August issue: A great pic of Nick, vamped out, with
>the caption "The Fans (Who) Wouldn't Die".
>hehehehe...I've truly lost it....

OK, John.  How about...
..."Today on (insert name of slimy/talk/tabloid show of your choice),
    the Vampire/Cop Show That Wouldn't Die in the Knight & the Fans
    Who Loved it... Forever"!

-or, on the cover of the New York Times...

   "Toronto Vampires Finally Find Eternal Supply of Willing Humans to
    Feed the Knight!"
    (See page 4 for "Janette Returns for Blue Plate Special"
                    "Vachon Gets Up Early for Reunion Brunch"
                    "Screed Reported Liking Appetizers Best"

OK, I feel another contest coming on...
Please tell our "panel audience" what tacky, humorous, relevant,
tabloid or other HEADLINE you would like to see for Forever Knight!
AND in what publication (if you want):

(Assume "Forever Knight Movie to be Aired on Every TV in the World
 in 1997" is already suggested...)

N&NPacker/Knightie: An FK (Anything New; Whatever it Takes!) sort of gal
Have you sent in your FK survey? (Due 6/26/96) Email for a copy. Hand it out!
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 13:01:10 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>

Tonight on Hardcopy:
They thought they had escaped, but little did they know what the heat
of the Knight would bring. Jodi Baskerville goes undercover to reveal
"Sony and the fans that wouldn't die.  An exclusive with Forever
Knighties, and it was all--caught on tape!"
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 13:07:18 -0400
From:         Kristina Mairi Buhrman <kmb19@c.......>
Subject:      War Question?

I leave for a month or two and a war starts brewing <laugh>.

If there is a Perkulator faction for the war, could the leader e-mail me
off list? Or, if not, could somebody hit me off list with the names of the
faction leaders? Thanks muchly.

-Kristina kmb19@c.......
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 12:10:01 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: NB's views on The Relationship

At 01:02 AM 6/6/96 -0400, Deborah Bender wrote:

>Isn't it weird that not only are gay actors pressured to stay in the
>closet if they want to get work, but an actor who manages to convey a
>character's queerness by body language alone would have to finesse his views
>about his __interpretation__.?

He may not be trying to finesse anything.  He may simply be trying to play
LaCroix, a very sensual vampire.  I live in a city with a lot of openly
homosexual couples and a lot of openly heterosexual couples.  The
stereotypes about body language just don't fit.

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Cousin of the Knight
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 10:49:18 -0700
From:         "Sharon A. Himmanen" <romana@i.......>
Subject:      Miklos

Jane wrote:

>Whether you believe Miklos is a vampire depends on whether you choose to
>trust Gillian Horvath, who created the character, or rely on the error made
>by the person who wrote Bad Blood.  Traditionally, we've chosen to accept
>Gillian's viewpoint because Miklos is, after all, her creation.

This is sort of the sticky point, isn't it?  I tend to go by what I see on
the screen as a finished product rather than simply based on one part of the
whole (a script, an actors word, etc).  Miklos could be a vampire as Gillian
intended.  But that's not necessarily the case based on what I consider to
be canon, which is what's up on the screen.  It's kind of like the filmed
vs. aired order for canon (I tend to go by aired order myself).


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Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 13:53:51 +0500
From:         John Folden <jtfolden@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Writing to USA

> From: "Lisa McDavid" <D020214@v.......>
> If they hear a steady stream of *polite* statements that we miss having
> even the reruns of FK on USA and would be very interested in a tv
> movie, it may help convince them that they made a mistake when they
> pulled out.

Actually, "politely bugging" USA for reruns is, IMHO, a good idea..
It's my understanding that USA is carried by many cable companies
that DO NOT currently offer the Sci-Fi Channel. If they saw enough
support for even just the *reruns* eventually this may help them
get a clue and provide us with a TV movie, etc...

Any effort of contacting USA for reruns should not overshadow or
diminish the current efforts of praising and petting Sc-Fi for
their support in airing the show, however.

Right now it seems like Sci-Fi is the best home FK could possibly
have. It's exactly the kind of show they specialize in airing
AND it's a fairly recent show. I think the fact they were able to
obtain the 3rd season so quickly is a big plus. Many "normal"
fans who were attracted when USA began airing FK totally lost
contact with the show when USA decided not to air the last half
of the season. I noticed that within the next month Sci-FI will
jump over several episodes and start airing shows from the second
half of the season. Obviously they realize what they've got in
front of them and seem to be marketing it rather well. I'd like
to see FK aired in the order intended but obviously they'll draw
bigger ratings if they air the newer *less exposed* episodes
first.(That might be something to thank them for as, well - Let
them know you didn't get to see the the last 10 or so episodes
becuase USA didn't offer them and express how thankful you are
for the chance to see them again...)

// John T. Folden, a demented victorian
// lost in the DARK SHADOWS of an endless
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 11:10:48 -0700
From:         Amy R. <akr@n.......>
Subject:      Seattle Area FK

I've been remiss.
It's understandable -- OtLines is this week's episode, after all, and
there is no episode I like as little as OtLines -- but I didn't even
notice that the local TV listings don't have FK scheduled for this
weekend.  A sporting event of some sort has pushed everything back so far
that Voyager, which usually airs at 8 pm, is airing in FK's 1 am slot.

I'm going to call the station shortly.  Anyone else in western Washington,
or maybe southern BC, who gets their FK from KIRO UPN channel 7, should do
so as well.  Just ask nicely if they plan to re-air it in another
time-slot.  I don't know if it is appropriate to post their phone number,
so I'm going to do it without the area code.  The Seattle phone book says
that their main number is 728-7777, and they have a "Programming Line-Up"
number at 728-5344.

Not everybody gets Sci-Fi, especially around here, where it's treated as
pay-cable, and even OtLines deserves to be seen.

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