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Logfile LOG9606A Part 12

June 6, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9606A" Part 12

	NB's views on The Relationship  (2)
	Jon Cassar and directing  (2)
	Miklos  (2)
	ALERT: "Francesca" on CFPL NOW!!!
	<no subject>
	NOMAIL Question
	what is a wrap party
	John K.  (3)
	German episodes; SOS-FK
	Bridging the Knight
	FK Taping Offer
	The SOS-FK PO Box (was Re: IT WILL HAPPEN, if we Make it Happen!)  (2)
	Auction prices  (3)
	Canadian Versions of FK
	Nick and Nat in StF

Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 01:02:01 -0400
From:         Deborah Bender <DBendr@a.......>
Subject:      NB's views on The Relationship

Cousin Tippi posted,
<<someone forwarded me an excerpt of an interview with NB in a zine (I forget
now) where, although he never comes right andsays yay or nay or the sex
issue, he does leave it more open.>>

     You might be referring to a interview NB did for one of the fan club
zines, some time before second season,  in which he said that in his own
conception, LaCroix was so old and experienced that he no longer has any
interest in the physical act with anybody. That is a plausible idea, and
jibes with the voyeurism that we have seen LaCroix display on several
      However, the Fleur episode (BMV) establishes as canon that LaCroix had
conventional heterosexual interests around the time that Nick was brought
over. At least, there is no suggestion from Nick that LC only wants to bring
his sister across in order to preserve her intelligence and beauty. One can
only retroactively square this with NB's take on LC by saying that LC lost
interest in sexual intercourse some years later. Since the Fleur episode
occurs shortly after Nick was brought across, the notion that LC had a
physical passion for Nick in the early years of their companionship cannot be
ruled out by canon.
       I absolutely reject the Fleur FB from my __personal__ canon. IMHO,
LC's behavior throughout BMV is out of character and the whole script was a
flatfooted attempt to straighten LC out because TPTB were nervous about
having a (IMHO) bisexual lead character. Can't blame them much; it would have
been a first for commercial TV. In the first season, after DK,  LC appeared
only in brief flashbacks in two thirds of the episodes, so his unstated
sexual orientation wasn't such a major issue. I forgive TPTB, because the
sparks between Nat and LaCroix in the restaurant made BMV worthwhile. But in
my universe, the thing with Fleur never happened.
      Isn't it weird that not only are gay actors pressured to stay in the
closet if they want to get work, but an actor who manages to convey a
character's queerness by body language alone would have to finesse his views
about his __interpretation__.? That's the way it looks to me, anyway; I know
that many people on the list, including perhaps Mr. Bennett himself, don't
see it that way.
      BTW, the revival of this topic inspired me to write a short piece of
slash with S/M overtones. I posted it to JADFE, but I can also email a copy
to anyone else who wants it.

Deborah Bender   DBendr@a.......
The Witches Trine: quarterly of the NROOGD Craft tradition. Email me for
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 05:02:44 GMT
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Jon Cassar and directing

On Jun 05, 1996 22:45:13, 'Carrie Krumtum <carriek@e.......>' wrote:

>I'm wondering if this is a 'normal' occurance in the biz... it seems
>like an unlikely sequence of events. One doesn't just say... I think
>I'll be a nurse tomorrow, if they have been working in the laundry. I
>guess I always assumed that it worked pretty much the same way in tv.

No, actually that's reasonably typical of the entertainment industry in
general.  You start anywhere you can get your foot in the door, and move in
any direction you can from there.

I know that sounds strange, but that *is* how it works.  Remember, Carrie,
the nurse is a hampster (sic).

Jamie M.R. -- immajer@p.......
"Paramedic #1", MWC Natpack Touring Company
"Natalie" in the Paterson debut performance
of That Which We Do In Fact Officially Have <vbeg>
E-mail <moonlight@g.......> or <lucienlc@i.......> for details...
Date:         Wed, 5 Jun 1996 22:17:36 -0700
From:         Cynthia Hoffman <choff@v.......>
Subject:      Miklos

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Tammy Stephanie Davis wrote:

> > Cynthia pointed out that Gillian Horvath wrote him as a vampire. Maybe he
> > was a Star of David sort of vampire?

I rather doubt Miklos was Jewish.  And as someone who is, I rather doubt a
star of david would repel anyone...ask me about mezuzahs though, and I'll
give you an earful.

> Or maybe it was simply that he was human in Bad Blood and was brought
> across since then.

Nope.  A Fate Worse Than Death was aired second and filmed second.  In any
case, it's earlier than Bad Blood no matter what episode timeline you
subscribe to.

Gillian said the Bad Blood scene was a screw up.

Some of us believe Bad Blood was a screw up too.

But I digress.

And I've posted too much today so I'll shut up now.

Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 01:23:58 -0400
From:         Dalton Spence <dalton.spence@f.......>
Subject:      Re: alert: "francesca" on cfpl now!!!

On Tue, 4 Jun 1996 10:31:31 Will Steeves wrote:

> Now, now, Dalton, if you'd come out to the Toronto Contingent's Post
> Shrewthering / Last Knight Party, you'd have have seen the _whole_ episode,
> courtesy of Brenda, our Very Special Guest from Syracuse.  :-)

I thought about it, (REALLY I did) but I decided that I had better stay
home and tape LK myself. (Besides, the emotional voltage of the party
would have probably blown my fuses.) Anyway, I now have all of the last
four episodes on tape (T180 at SP) in sequence of broadcast.

> We probably could have worked _something_ out, to pick you up from Hamilton!
> Besides, we even had two Very Special Guests from London.  (Now who am I
> kidding here?  ALL of the guests were Very Special Guests!)

<Sob!> Please stop, you're making feel SO guilty! <Yeah, I know, that's
the idea.> I STILL haven't recovered from the cancellation of the PotK
con in March. Now if I can just scrape up enough money to preregister
for the "Search for Blood" minicon at Toronto Trek 10 <it's a real b*tch
being unemployed - but if a recent job interview pans out, I'll be
working with a Luc LaCroix! Please, let it be a sign!).

> And yes, we'd all have gotten to meet you, one our area's relatively new
> "newbies"  (we're _assuming_ that you're a newbie, that is...although some of
> your fan fiction ideas almost sound like Don Bassingthwaite's ....
> Coincidence?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....).

Don who? <innocent expression> Sounds familiar. Didn't I see that name
in an FK zine somewhere? If by some weird cosmic coincidence our ideas
appear to be VAGUELY similar, it can only be a case of great minds
thinking alike! Speaking of fanfic ideas, here is a new one that I call
"2020 Visions."
One of the principles of reincarnation is the idea that groups of people
tend to reincarnate together in order to resolve "unfinished business"
between them. Since many of the main characters die within a year of
each other, it is easily conceivable that they would all be reincarnated
within the same period. And maybe in the same place.

"Nicodemus Kramer has been having a series disturbing dreams for the
last few months.  And he is not alone; ever since he went to this new
night club with his friends, they all have all had nightmares of another
life, in another place, as other people.  Lucas Cross, one of the owners
of the club, claims to have the answers - answers that he will provide,
but only at a price..."

The CHALLENGE: Reincarnate ALL the regular cast casualties of season 3 as
young adults in the year 2020. Survivors and/or their children may also
appear, but remember the story is about the reincarnates.

Dalton S. Spence, B.Sc., P.Prog <ag775@f.......>
Home Page: http://www.freenet.hamilton.on.ca/~ag775/home.html
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 00:49:44 -0500
From:         Julie Satzik <ujsatzik@u.......>

How can I get off the general line and still keep receivng the fiction?

Date:         Wed, 5 Jun 1996 23:58:17 -0700
From:         Joseph Dornbierer <jdornbie@a.......>
Subject:      NOMAIL Question

I will be going on vacation next week.  Will the NOMAIL command stop the
Digests from piling up while I'm gone?  I don't want tons of Digests
queueing up on my company's computer when I'm gone!

Do I use NOMAIL or do I need to unsubscribe from the list?

Thanx in advance.

Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 02:52:27 -0400
From:         Mary Davis <Spirit3679@a.......>
Subject:      Re: what is a wrap party

That's where we wrap up all the cast members as mummies so they will have a
chance for a new season as Forever MUMMY

<giggle giggle>

Wrap party is basically a theatrical term for the get together at the end of
a run.  You call it a wrap, you strike the sets and you party hardy.

Mary Davis
Date:         Wed, 5 Jun 1996 22:55:37 -2055
From:         "L. Katherine Queen" <lqueen@p.......>
Subject:      Re: John K.

Toni writes:
>  I've seen GWD and NB in other venues, but has JK done anything

Just saw JK in the recently released movie The Craft two weeks ago.  He
plays the step-father of one of the very confused teenage girls who
establish their own coven.

Katherine, devoted to the Knight
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 02:49:07 +0500
From:         John Folden <jtfolden@e.......>
Subject:      Re: German episodes; SOS-FK

> From: "Allison Percy" <percy91@w.......>

> BTW, the fact that newbies on the list are *suggesting* that we *start* a
> campaign to bring back Forever Knight is an indication of the sorry state
> of the SOS-FK campaign right now.  Newbies may have no idea what

Hmmmm, I have noticed this to a minor degree myself...Of course, I had
been following the Save-FK page ever since it was put up back in late
December when the first rumors spread about the cancellation but I
didn't join FORKNI-L til a couple months after that and missed all
the personal feelings and ideas that I'm sure everyone was displaying.
I suppose I could be considered a newbie(I believe a couple people think
of me as that) but don't really feel like one anymore.

I don't really have a point except to agree that the SOS-FK campaign
seems to have really stalled...It appears that 'hits' on the page have
slowed quite a bit, as well...(probably because the page hasn't been
updated since April 1st) I've been posting a couple ideas and questions
concerning future efforts recently in an attempt to get some more
juices flowing. I believe what we need is a way to reach the normal "viewer"
as well as the advertisers, media, etc... Even if "we" as a group here
are working on ideas to bring back the show(in whatever form we're given)
I think it's important to provide normal fans with evidence that
Something, *anything* is still going on...and that we show TPTB that
it wasn't just a temporary surge of support, but rather it is
continuing refusal to accept defeat. Amazing things have happened from
our support so far...Surely even more amazing things are to come...

Oh, well....It's way too late to be dwelling on this right now as I'm
getting incredibly tired and I'm probably rambling too much anyway.  :)

// John T. Folden, a demented victorian
// lost in the DARK SHADOWS of an endless
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 00:40:31 -0700
From:         Wendy Marie Christensen <wendy@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Bridging the Knight

I *want* to go to San Fran in Oct. and am making plans for it. I have a
question for some folks. I live in Fresno (central valley right off 99)
and am wondering if anyone is driving through here and could give me a
ride I am willing to help pay for gas. I am also looking for a roommate.

-Wendy Marie-   \|/              Unnamed Faction*Cousin
               |o o|             "We *are* each other.  You will always
     -------ooO~(_)~Ooo------    be mine, eternally." LC to Nick
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 07:02:19 -0400
From:         dotti rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: FK Taping Offer

At 09:08 PM 6/5/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all--
>  I offered to record some 3rd season eps (commercial-free) from the Sci-Fi
>channel, but have had no response.
Toni.....how cool of you. Hey, I'll take advantage of your altruistic
attitude.  I'm missing several of the third season so, I would appreciate
your making a complete set for me.  Shall I send you tapes or money?

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 04:17:24 -0700
From:         LG Soward <lgs@i.......>
Subject:      The SOS-FK PO Box (was Re: IT WILL HAPPEN, if we Make it Happen!)

At 10:03 PM 6/5/96 -0500, Margie Hammet wrote:
>I think it's a great idea.  I think a lot of the time we get so used to
>having computer access, that we forget that most people _don't_ have it.
>About that P.O. box - Do people who write to it get info on what's going
>on with the campaign?  How about a biweekly or monthly newsletter for people
>who don't have computer access?

The SOS-FK PO Box sents information to anyone who writes in.  It goes out
monthly.  (Biweekly is just a little bit too much).  June's edition is
currently in the works.

>Besides updates on what the campaign is doing, it could list available
>By the way, folks, bumper stickers are great free advertising.
>Isn't there one available with the Forever Knight logo?

The only bumper stickers that are available are fan made.  (Someone correct
me if I'm wrong)   There is no merchandise (that the general public has been
allowed to buy.) that has the Tri-Star stamp of approval.  THIS IS WHY YOU
NEED TO WRITE TO TRI-STAR.  No matter which other companies, sponsors, etc.
you write to, TriStar is the one that has FK tucked in it's pocket.

Make sure that your letters are polite and carry a return address.  I have
received some letters from people thinking that the SOS-FK po box was
TriStar's ear and they were saying that they were never going to watch the
show again, etc.  THIS IS THE WRONG TACK TO TAKE.    BE POLITE.  (Other
letters I have forwarded on to TriStar.  Letters like these head straight
for the trash bin.)

And for those people who don't have spell checkers or are hand writing:
CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND YOUR GRAMMAR.   If you have a hard time with those
things, GET SOMEONE TO PROOFREAD YOUR LETTER.  You are writing to
professionals and you want to appear professional, as well.

Everytime you write to someone else, write to TriStar also.   Let them know
that you are still here, wanting more Forever Knight, wanting Forever Knight
Merchandise, wanting Forever Knight on video.

When the Forever Knight CD arrives at record stores, make sure you go to the
store and buy one or more.  If your record store doesn't carry it, ask for
it.   Special order it.

For those people who have information about the Save Forever Knight on their
Web pages:  Please update your page to remove references to SONY'S POSTCARD
Charity Effort.  I'm still getting queries at my other address about a list
of email addresses where people can send postcards.  Thank you.

LG Soward
SOS-FK/Friends of Forever Knight
P.O. Box 00000
Alexandria, VA  00000-0000
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 07:58:08 -0400
From:         Jane Credland <janes@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Miklos

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Tammy Stephanie Davis wrote:

> Cynthia pointed out that Gillian Horvath wrote him as a vampire. Maybe he
> was a Star of David sort of vampire?

No.  Miklos is definitely not Jewish.  Gillian Horvath wrote to me after I
posted my Miklos story "Revenge" and told me that Miklos was definitely
intended to be a classic Hungarian/Transylvanian vampire.

Whether you believe Miklos is a vampire depends on whether you choose to
trust Gillian Horvath, who created the character, or rely on the error made
by the person who wrote Bad Blood.  Traditionally, we've chosen to accept
Gillian's viewpoint because Miklos is, after all, her creation.

Jane   (janes@i.......)
Raven ** Immortal Beloved ** M.B.D.T.K
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
[W.B. Yeats}
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 07:13:18 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <carriek@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Jon Cassar and directing

Jamie Melody Randell wrote:

> I know that sounds strange, but that *is* how it works.  Remember,
>Carrie, the nurse is a hampster (sic).

Thank you mommy. I needed that little reminder. Now, I know writers are
crazy, personally intimate with this affliction like I am. And, I am a
nurse. Now I guess I am a hampter as well. <g>

Learn sompun' new every day.

Carrie, Proud Knightie
The Nurse is a hampster
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 05:22:04 -0700
From:         Sharon Himmanen <romana@i.......>
Subject:      SOS-FK

I rushed over to the psychology graduation party yesterday (free food and
all, ya know) only to find that I had missed it.

But this one woman was sitting, hanging out, talking with a friend when she
spotted my Forever Knight Crew pin.  Dropped the conversation with her
friend immediately and followed me up as I went to see what dregs I could
scrounge up from the food table while they were cleaning it up.

She is a *huge* fan (a huge Vachon fan I might add).  Wasn't happy with
"Ashes to Ashes" and "Last Knight" at all (no spoilers, please) and seemed
to think the show and the characters were a lost cause.  I soon disabused
her of that notion and send her on her merry way with tons of flyers and info.

As for myself, I wrote a slew of letters the other day to Sony, Sci-Fi, and
TriStar about Forever Knight.  I figure this week I'll visit Karen's web
page and send out a few letters to sponsors.  At the start of the year we
made an incredible effort and it took a lot of energy.  People needed a
break very badly, but it seems like people are getting in the mood again.
What's going to save us are letters and spreading the word that the campaign
is still ongoing.  Write a letter a month to USA/SFC.

I'm on the "Highlander" catalog list.  Hate the show, but I send every
catalog I get from them to Sony/TriStar and ask them why we can't have
something even remotely similar for "Forever Knight."

There *are* people out there who have no idea what we've done to save the
show, or even that we're still doing it.  Get flyers out.  Wear something
with the FK logo on it--I find more people that way than anything else,
particularly people who are not online.


Sharon A. Himmanen * romana@i....... * romana@a.......
NatPack ** BotCoS ** Keeper of the GopherGame
Nat's B&B     http://members.aol.com/romana/natpage_stuff/natpack.htm
SOS-FK        http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 07:42:20 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: NB's views on The Relationship

Deborah wrote:

>     You might be referring to a interview NB did for one of the fan club
>zines, some time before second season,  in which he said that in his own
>conception, LaCroix was so old and experienced that he no longer has any
>interest in the physical act with anybody.

Nope, I don't think that's the one...  In the excerpt *I* have, at least,
there's no mention of giving up sex out of boredom...  In fact, quite the

What actors and directors and the writers say is interesting to me
personally and might convince me of these people's motives and lives for my
own personal sake.  But I don't use what they say as canon, even if it
*supports* what I'm saying.  Trust me, it's *very* tempting sometimes! ;)
It's the difference between talking about the *characters* of LC and NK and
the *people* LC and NK.  I'm trying to keep real life and TV life seperate,
ie. seperating characters (RL) from the entities (TV) they represent.

If we look at the *people* LC and NK, they are not characters, not
performers in a TV show, but an actual pair of vampires traipsing through
actual times in history.  (Which is tough for me at times because I don't
really believe in vampires.)  We have to look at *their* actions and *their*
words.  I said on the spoiler list something to the effect: "It's like
asking F. Scott Fitzgerald if Gatsby really loved Daisy, when the person we
*should* be asking is Gatsby." ;)

However, I personally get tickled over such interviews and comments like
"Lick face?"  I just don't use them in my arguments.  It's *so* tempting...

It *is* a good way to see things in a new light, though.  The actors and
directors and writers provide inights we might not be privy to.

> That is a plausible idea, and
>jibes with the voyeurism that we have seen LaCroix display on several

He is quite the little voyeur, isn't he?

> One can
>only retroactively square this with NB's take on LC by saying that LC lost
>interest in sexual intercourse some years later.

Or one could square it by saying perhaps NB was still learning about LaCroix
at the time he made those comments. :)  I know *I* didn't have a handle on
him (LC, that is) at that time.

Wicked Cousin Tippi, Dollar Bill Wrangler of the Thong Throng!
*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*Founding Member: Unnamed Faction*
"What a Twinkie humanity is, rich in its complexity, soft in its cake-like
exterior.  Creamy of spirit, and most of all... delicious."
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 08:43:55 EDT
From:         Lisa McDavid <D020214@v.......>
Subject:      Auction prices

It isn't necessary to be rich or in a syndicate to buy FK items. I've
heard of scripts going for as little as $35 or as much as over a $1000.
I've known of props going for under $100. I was shocked at Syndicon
East at the low prices.

The reason seemed to be that it was primarily a Highlander Con, so there
were fewer bidders on FK items. So there's one hint. Try an auction
at a con where there the emphasis is another show.

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 06:08:43 -0700
From:         Roxanne Piccen <CHIRMP@a.......>
Subject:      Re: John K.

L. Katherine Queen writes:
>>I've seen GWD and NB in other venues, but has JK done
>>anything recently?
>Just saw JK in the recently released movie The Craft two
>weeks ago.

Last month he was in the Wiseguy T.V. movie.  Had a fairly
decent sized role too.  BTW, you get to see him in bed
(one woman videotaping, another participating) with no

He also has a role in the upcoming movie "The Relic", which
I believe is being released this summer.  I had posted an
article about the movie with quotes from John a few weeks
ago, but I don't have any info with me here at work.

Roxanne  --- too many factions to choose from ---
RoxanneP@a....... (Home) // CHIRMP@a....... (Work)
Save Forever Knight! // Save American Gothic!  Check out:
http://www.best.com/~owls for The Trinity Guardian
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:34:59 -0400
From:         dotti rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Auction prices

At 08:43 AM 6/6/96 EDT, you wrote:

>The reason seemed to be that it was primarily a Highlander Con, so there
>were fewer bidders on FK items. So there's one hint. Try an auction
>at a con where there the emphasis is another show.
This is true, and by the same rule, everything is going to go sky high in
October as the emphasis is going to be FK. So, either you kiss you credit
limit good-bye (vbg) or wipe out your life savings!!  I'd settle for a
touchy feely if it's a prop I can recognize. There's a way of making your
money back, offer $2.00 a rub (like the black buddah), $5.00 if they wanna
kiss it, $10.00 if it's a wearable item and the person wants to wear it
(like for a picture, ya know, I think I'd drop ten bucks to wear Nick's silk
pajamas, or one of his robes for a picture). :)

I think any further discussion on that idea has to go the MSKL list....

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:41:12 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      Re: Auction prices

Can you really pay $5.00 for kisses?  So, like, if I gave Ger and
Nigel $10.00 do I get the extra-long more-for-your-money kiss? <weg>
How much does it cost to get the works?
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:38:57 -0400
From:         Lisa Prince <Moonlight@g.......>
Subject:      Re: The SOS-FK PO Box (was Re: IT WILL HAPPEN,
              if we Make it Happen!)

Hey, Hey All :)

Just another little thing about how we've been getting the word out
beyond the Internet.  There have been and still are flyers about
the show.  The ones on the web may need to be updated with new
addresses, but we've been dumping those at book stores and other
places as well since January.  If someone wants to check out those
flyers and update them to make them available for everyone, go for
it.  It's a great way of getting information out to other fans.

Regarding newspapers and such, there have been four different news
releases that were written up by Cynthia with the help of a few
others and those have been sent to every major newspaper and
magazine that any of us could think of.  As a matter of fact, that
news release was titled "The Show That Would Not Die."  We had
started a list of newspapers, but since there are so many
newspapers and so many people sending stuff, I think that got
outdated rather quickly -- Tammy, you were doing that weren't you?
Anyway, we've had mentions in the New York Daily News; we've had
member letters printed in various SciFi magazines; we've had
interviews in numerous smaller papers around the country; we have
media kits that we've sent out.  We've hit the TV Guide and should
hit them again and each and every time they even mention shows that
have gone off the air and forget to mention FK.  We've hit Hard
Copy and other tv magazine type shows.  Believe me when I say, if
you weren't here in January, you missed a frenzy of manic activity
as we tried to get the rest of third season.

I think all this renewed enthusiasm is wonderful, but the one thing
that needs to be stressed is the one thing that set us apart from
all the other fan efforts and got us the most notice -- our
professionalism and organization.  We brainstormed and planned, but
above all, we stayed organized and tried to do the things that were
most feasible and disgarded those that were not.  At this point in
the game, as Susan and so many others have said, we need to be in
this for the long haul.  That means writing letters and letters and
more letters to advertisers, to Sony, to Tri-Star, to anyone we
think will look favorably on making a tv movie or whatever.

Now, I hate to be a downer and if I need to be flamed or no-mailed
for this, so be it, but above all, if you're planning on doing
anything with the news media or anyone else of importance, you need
to make sure you are totally familiar with everything that's been
done already.  Check out Jamie's webpage, ask for the SOS-FK FAQ,
talk to some of the people who've been in this since the beginning.
This is not the point in time of us to run around in disarray with
the right hand having no idea what the left hand is doing.  That,
IMHO, will hurt our campaign and the image that we've created more
than anything else.

Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 06:47:22 -0700
From:         Ann-Lu Blewett <ann-lu@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Canadian Versions of FK

Hello Canadians,

>I'm curious, are there different versions of FK, for US and Canada?
>Are the Canadian versions worth tracking down?
>Joy,   >Cousin of the Night~~~Unnamed Faction

I've been wondering the same thing since there has been so many posts
mentioning the mysterious 6 minutes.  I think they will add insight to
the FK universe.
Would some kind Canadian soul be willing to make copies of the 1st
season (The only one with extra minutes, right?) I know this is a huge
request so I am more than willing to trade, barter, or bribe (and/or
all of the above)with anyone willing to make the offer.

Please E-Mail me in private to work out payment for tapes, and P&H to
Ohio. The land of the never ending road construction, second to none.
(Not even Pa.!!!) ;)  YIKES, I better get to the get-a-way car now! OH
NO!!!  All the roads out of town are "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".  What do I
do?  What do I *BANG/crunch/SPlat*!!!  ~Finis~

 Ann-Lu   <ann-lu@i.......>
Cousinly McGregor of the UF
"They're so noisy, but I love the free food!"
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 08:39:56 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick and Nat in StF

At 11:54 PM 6/5/96 -0400, dotti rhodes wrote:

>But I can't help but think that he feels if he does decide he's
>tired of trying, he might be content to continue as he is now, that she
>would walk out on him at that point, that she would not be willing to stay
>with him, that she would only be there as long as he wants to change.

Natalie is romantically interested in him, and that romance can't happen
as long as Nick is a vampire.  If he decided he really didn't want to
change, she'd either have to decide she was content just being friends, or,
if she couldn't handle that, she'd have to leave.
Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Cousin of the Knight
Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 08:11:59 -0600
From:         Gay Eckes <raven@r.......>
Subject:      Re: John K.

 Toni writes:
> I've seen GWD and NB in other venues, but has JK done anything
 Katerine answers:
>Just saw JK in the recently released movie The Craft two weeks ago.

And JK had a pretty respectable part in the "Wiseguy" made-for-TV-movie last
month. (I have it on tape if anyone is interested)

Gay Eckes   raven@r.......    gdeckes@i.......    gdeckes@c.......
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Date:         Thu, 6 Jun 1996 10:13:00 -0400
From:         Linda Simon <lsimon@h.......>

Newbie trouble: I was obliged to clean out my mailbox (nearly FIVE THOUSAND
messages--it took all day to mark and sort them, and overnight to delete
them! Never again!) and I am ashamed to say I lost some addresses, among
them LYNNE ACKERMAN'S ***Lynne, please check in! I want to order two copies
of "Littlest Hobo: Once Upon a Time" from the World's Biggest Bookstore so I
need their mailing address and telephone-order number, and I think you have
them. Thank you.***
ObFK:  YKYBWTMFK: When you see Braveheart for the first time (video) and
expect to see LaCroix stalking the after-battle scene (also expected to see
Duncan MacLeod); you see a man with a face so similar to Nigel's you have to
force yourself not to run to him; you're walking behind a young man with
shaggy brown hair and, though you know it can't be Vachon, you follow him
longer than you have to until you can check out his face. Whew!
Linda Simon - NatPacker, subliminal Cousin
"There is prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits." Rebecca Nurse,
THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller

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