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Logfile LOG9606A Part 3

June 2-June 3, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9606A" Part 3

	Cousin Pins (was: Light Cousin Symbol
	Exams  (2)
	Songs	not on FK CD?
	%@*&%Cable  (3)
	That Voodoo Black Magic
	FORKNI-L Digest - 1 Jun 1996 to 2 Jun 1996 - Special i  (2)
	LK Blooper Script
	Devil's advocate
	pushing the NK/LC faction?  (2)
	Putting out the Word
	Vampires, religion and incest (was FORKNI digest,etc)
	Vampires & incest
	Off-list fan phoned  (2)
	Last Act and DoN
	Tell it to TPTB
	gifs where? & Urs fanfic
	Fan Fic
	Sunset Stories
	LaCroix's Personality  (2)
	To Light Cousin, or not to LC
	NK/LC Stories
	Bad Blood - a question...
	total confusion
	San Francisco in October?
	Voodoo Black Magic
	Bye Bye.....

Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 16:00:33 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Cousin Pins (was: Light Cousin Symbol)

At 12:19 PM 6/2/96 -0500, J.S. Levin/Stormsinger wrote:

>As an alternative, how about LaCroix's *sword pin*

I keep reading about LaCroix's sword pin.  What is it?

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 07:37:15 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      Exams

Hi i am about to go into an anatomy exam
could any natpackers or Carrie Krumtum please email me off list to help
also I dont think boiled blood is such a good idea
Blown up blood cells would loose their flavour
Janettes very stressed Fangs
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 08:06:29 +1000
From:         MARY YOUNG <md.young@s.......>
Subject:      YKYBWTMFK

Im sorry but i have to do another one
YKYBWTMFK when.....

You are looking round a bookstore and you see about 50 books written by
"Janette" the surname was wrong but who knows it could have been her.


when You see a persons name coe up on the news as Nichola Knight
i am not kidding I really saw it!!!
any how i am to stressed to write any more
but email me off list if you want
Wish me luck!!
Janettes Stressed Fangs
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 15:55:21 -0700
From:         James Smith <jsmith@i.......>
Subject:      Songs not on FK CD?

I was just watching "For I Have Sinned" and it reminded me that when I
got my FK CD I began to wonder what happened to the pulsing, dark music
that was played in the Raven in that episode.  There seem to be at
least two songs played in the Raven in that episode that did not show
up on the CD!  Does anyone know if these were Fred Mollin's creations
and they just didn't feel like putting them on the CD?  Any comments?

James Smith
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 15:56:59 -0700
From:         Abby <albrecht@s.......>
Subject:      Re: %@*&%Cable

Ok, LA Continental Cablevision people... remember, if you sweettalk the
operators you can get Sci-Fi for $2. On the other hand, if you are rude or
if they are idiots (more likely ;) they will claim you can't do that.

I've had it for over a year, with cancellation breaks for vacation... It's
funny to be paying bills only to come up with a $2 charge. <g>

obfk, I still miss Schanke!

abby -- Mercenary of the Knight
albrecht@c.......   Down the hall  lThe first Merc Knightie
eponymous2@a.......       Turn right!    lDDEB3, Duchovniks, NLEB, and more
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 17:44:51 -0700
From:         Denise Underwood <ithildin@m.......>
Subject:      That Voodoo Black Magic

This question came up on #foreverknight last night. No one knew the answer, so
I'm throwing it out to the list in hopes that one of you knowledgeable folks
might know.

Who performed the song "That Voodoo Black Magic" and when was the song
originally released? Inquiring minds want to know!


BTW, this is a new mail program, so hope this comes out OK.  Maybe this will be
the one that will let me participate in loopdom!

Denise  ~The Cousinly Ravenette~  ~TEDT~  ~Killer Bunny of the Clan McGregor~
"That Rabbit has a viscous streak a mile wide!It's a killer!" Tim,Enchanter
        ** Ask me about Forever Knight chat every evening on IRC EFNet!! **
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 20:48:03 -0400
From:         "Donna G. Albrecht" <WriterDGA@a.......>
Subject:      Re: FORKNI-L Digest - 1 Jun 1996 to 2 Jun 1996 - Special i

In a message dated 96-06-02 13:21:30 EDT, you write:
Tippi said:
> But, for some odd reason, people seem to have less of a problem with the
> Nick and Nat couples faction than the Nick and LaCroix couples faction.
> Does including an erotic aspect to the Nick and Nat relationship somehow
> undermine the friendship/colleague aspect?

Of course people have less of a problem with Nick and Nat as a couple.  They
are over the age  of consent and have expressed outwardly an interest in a
more romantic relationship in many episodes including NiQ.  They also fit the
traditional romantic model of a male/female bonding.  In this case the erotic
aspect does not undermine the friendship/colleague aspect.  Just ask anyone
who has been involved in an office romance.

>Of course not.  So why should including an erotic aspect to the
>NK/LC relationship undermine the parent/child aspect?  It doesn't.

There are some (including me) who are not comfortable with the incestuous
aspect of what you are promoting.  In the show, I have seen a strong
father/son and friend/friend bond between Nick and LC, but I think that
encouraging people to see an "erotic aspect" to the parent/child relationship
is a bit much.  OTOH, if Nick had shown a romantic interest in Vachon, that
would have been different because incest would not have been implied.

Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:03:32 -0400
From:         Lisa Prince <Moonlight@g.......>
Subject:      LK Blooper Script

Hey, Hey All :)

Just sending out a little reminder that the Last Knight Blooper
Script, specially signed for us (FORKNI-L) by Mr. Nigel Bennett
himself, is available for a $5.00 donation to one of the following

        Casey House
        Pediatric AIDS Foundation
        Children's Hospital Foundation

If you'd like to get a copy of the blooper script, send a check for
at least $5.00 made out to one of the charities listed above.

You should also include the cost of return postage.  In the U.S.,
return postage is $1.01.  You can either send a check for that
amount made out to Lisa Prince or send 4 postage stamps.  If at all
possible, please send the stamps.  Thanks :)

International note on postage:
Postage to Germany is $2.16;
Postage to Australia is $2.65; and
Postage to Canada is $1.11.

If you live in a country other than those listed above and would
like to get a copy of the blooper script, please contact me via
private e-mail and I'll get the postage rate for your country.

The address to send your charity donation and stamps is:
        Lisa Prince
        000 Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000
        Xxxxxxx, XX  00000-0000

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me via
private e-mail :)

The Emoticon Addict ;)
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:44:20 -0400
From:         esalmas <esalmas@g.......>
Subject:      Re: %@*&%Cable

I just wanted to give everyone some insight into the situation with cable
companies and how the decison is made to add channels. A corporate contract
is signed with the network often based on surveys of customers (or feed back
in the form of letters and phone calls) in all the systems in an MSO
(Multiple System Operator) such as Continental, TCI, Time Warner, etc. There
is a lot of politics involved -- as well as an individual system's channel

For instance, since Sci-Fi channel is part of USA Networks -- a cable
company that is carrying USA may be able to cut a better deal (per
subscriber fee to be paid to the network) than one that doesn't. Also, if
USA is carried on a tier (you have to pay extra, even though it is a basic
channel) the network may use that as leverage with the system that wants
Sci-Fi to get them to move USA back to the basic lineup. You may, end up
with Sci-Fi on a tier or as part of an a la carte menu for which you pay
extra since many deem it a specialty channel.

Also, there is the problem of channel capacity in many areas. My system was
almost 30 years old and had only 36 channels while the areas around me were
newer builds, have more channels, were addressable, etc. Century just
finished the rebuild and as of a few months ago I finally have Sci-Fi. Other
Century systems were already carrying it because there was a contract to do
so as soon as channel space was available.

All I can advise is to continue doing what you're all doing -- write and
call the local company and drop a note to the corporate office as well to
find out if they have a contract with Sci-Fi. It's not up  to the local
system if corporate doesn't have an agreement with USA Networks.

Hope this helps clarify some of the issues. I have about 15 years experience
in the industry as both a journalist and on the operator side.

Eileen Salmas
"The truth is out there. It's just not in my jurisdiction."
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:44:44 -0400
From:         esalmas <esalmas@g.......>
Subject:      Re: Devil's advocate

> Why should we- who have no corporate power- continue to fight for a cancelled
> show

Two words -- STAR TREK

Eileen Salmas
"The truth is out there. It's just not in my jurisdiction."
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:07:10 -0500
From:         Lori <lori19@h.......>
Subject:      ykibwtfkutlw

You know I've been watching the FK universe too long when...

I am at a Major League Soccer game and just a few seats away from me is a
gentleman that looks an awful lot like Geraint Wyn Davies. (he really
did-what was he doing in Kansas City?)  As the game goes on and my favorite
player has not been put in yet, I wonder if Nick will whammy the coach into
substituting him in for me.
Lori, still thinking I should've asked him....

Danger: Vampire in Trunk
Forever Knight http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
St. Louis Ambush and Kansas City Wiz fanatic
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 22:33:03 -0400
From:         Serena Osinski <sosinski@i.......>
Subject:      Re: pushing the NK/LC faction?

 Joy Davis wrote:
>I've found the idea of a homo-erotic relationship much less alarming when
>compared to murder and drinking blood.

Right on! There have been, let's face it, lots of things going on in the
scripts which have been, let us say, less than kosher. Not necessarily even
moral things - I mean just plain old unlikely medical- or police-procedural
goings on. But what I have to end up saying to myself is "What, I'll buy the
idea that downtown Toronto is positively CRAWLING with vampires, and I'm
okay with that, but not that, say, somebody wrote a virtual reality game
which can produce tactile sensation in areas not actually wired up or
connected to the game in any way?"

This is not to belittle the scriptwriters or cast a patronizing eye on the
program in any way. I think it's a sign of the real strength of the writing
that a show with such a fantastic basic premise can so thoroghly instill in
us that willing suspension of disbelief, that when confronted with a
potential conundrum in areas not directly related to the vampire aspects of
the plot, *that's* what is seen as jolting, not the fact that the main
characters are centuries-old serial killers.

And yes, I do think there is a strong homoerotic undercurrent in the
relationship between Nick and LaCroix. And it doesn't bother me in the

Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 22:36:37 -0400
From:         Joy Davis <Rjoi@a.......>
Subject:      Re: FORKNI-L Digest - 1 Jun 1996 to 2 Jun 1996 - Special i

Hi all!
On 6/2 Donna Albrecht wrote that the idea of an erotic relationship between
Nick & LaCroix is incestuous.

I strongly disagree, on the premise that these are VAMPIRES!!  This is not a
mortal, human father/son relationship. If so, I, too, would have moral
Nick & LC are in no way related by human blood ties!!

By the way, with that kind of logic, Jannette and Nick would also be taboo.
But, what about the murder & drinking blood aspects?  If incest is wrong,
which I think it is, than to hold true to our judeo-christian values here
(where that taboo comes from), drinking blood is an abomination and thou
shalt not kill  is one of the Ten Commandments.

Given a choice, I think murder is alot worse than two vampires expressing
love, when they are not related by human blood.  I think LC with Divia would
be wrong, because she was his mortal daughter.

That's my two cents worth..

enJOYing the sun! (spring is finally here in Oregon!)
Cousin of the Knight~~Unnamed Faction
& all around crazy for FK!
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 22:44:30 -0400
From:         "Lisa P." <LadysAVamp@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Putting out the Word

The cousin in me is coming to the surface when I think about the reaction of
nuns to vampires.  <wicked grin>  It must be some leftover residual from my
catholic school days.

Lisa P.

Only one thing is truly permanent...Forever Knight
Cousinly Knightie w/NatPacker tendencies  <I do so hate to limit myself>
LadysAVamp@a.......  -- "Hey, who you calling a lady!?!"
oboyyme@t.......  -- <Lacroix's unheard thoughts at end of LK>
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:47:08 -0500
From:         D Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Vampires, religion and incest (was FORKNI digest,etc)

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Joy Davis <Rjoi@a.......> wrote:
> If incest is wrong, which I think it is, than to hold true to our
>judeo-christian values here (where that taboo comes from)

Sorry, Joy, but a lot of religious/ethical systems *besides* the Judeo-Christian
one abhor incest.  It's one of the few near-universal taboos-- because there
are sound *biological* reasons (for mortals) why it's a BAD idea!

Now, whether it's a bad idea for *vampires* is another whole topic.

IMHO, though, Nick is far too obviously still a product of his 13th century
Catholic upbringing, and because of that it's very unlikely he'd view the
possibility of a homosexual relationship with *anyone* as anything but

But that's just my $.02 on *Nick's* viewpoint, and in no way reflects my own
views on same-sex relationships. :)

Diane E
# D Echelbarger                        gryphon@e.......  #
#   WWW HomePage:    http://www.execpc.com/~echelbar/      #
# "Death cannot stop True Love"  Wesley, _Princess Bride_  #
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 22:56:11 -0400
From:         Joy Davis <Rjoi@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Vampires & incest

Ok, I'll concede other religions have taboos against incest.
The main point I was trying to make is that there are no straight right or
wrong answers for the sexual relationships between vampires, unless one can
tell me what religion they are and where the code of rules are.  But, I want
authenticity from a real vampire.

Cousin of the Knight
Member of the UF
(and proud of it!)
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:36:49 PDT
From:         Sherri Lynn Godsey <us011164@p.......>
Subject:      Off-list fan phoned

Hi guys.  Haven't posted in a while; traveling, and when time permits I've
been reading the inundation of messages on Forkn-L and the spoiler list.
Some good stuff!  I've been off-line so long, I posted this message to
listserv instead of the list!  So I'll try again...

I had a really interesting phone call a little while ago from an off-line fan
who lives in Elmhearst, Illinois.  Her name is Carole Foncani.  Since she
didn't have computer access, she didn't know the state of the show, and when
she watched Last Knight and realized they were ending the show, she was
really upset.  She called Paragon and Tri-Star asking what's going on.  I
don't remember which one she said she actually got to talk to, but the guy
who answered knew she was calling about Forever Knight before she even said
what she was calling for.  He said they had received a *lot* of calls
protesting the cancellation.  Sounds to me like fans who didn't have our
access to information are finally coming into the knowledge, and they don't
like it!  There must be a whole new swell of folks just finding out, and
they're calling!  The fellow made a comment about some kind of fan picketing
that occurred in Europe (Germany?) asking to have the show back.  Has anyone
else heard of such a thing?  He didn't give Carole any details, just
mentioned it in passing.  Certainly perked *my* ears up.

Carole also said that when she asked why the show had been cancelled,
Tri-Star said it wasn't their fault, and that she should call her local
syndicator.  Tut, Tut Tri-Star!  Liar, liar, pants on fire!  The more I hear
about those people, the more I have to shake my head in wonder at the river
of audacity they float in!

Carole would like to link up with some on-line folks in her area so she can
"get involved".  I've downloaded info from Jami's webpage and will send that
on so she'll have the write-to info.  If Chicago area folks would e-mail me
off-list, I'll supply her address and phone number (have her permission to do
so) and some of you can contact her.  Its cool to know we're continuing to
pick up off-line support.  She does get the Sci-Fi channel and is grateful to
know the reruns will show there.

How did she find *me*?  Picked up my name and city from the letter I wrote
that was printed in the Sci-Fi magazine (I don't even remember which one, I
didn't get a copy), then she called information and voila-- got me.  Good
thing I'm not unlisted (in more ways than one).

Hearing that Tri-Star and Paragon are getting some recent calls made my day.
Nice to know the fight continues and the ranks swell...

**Sherri Lynn Godsey, Founding Member SFKS. "Think where man's glory most
begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends" in Forever Knight.
"Independence lies as much in not being led as in not being driven..."
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 20:23:08 -0700
From:         Amy R. <akr@n.......>
Subject:      Last Act and DoN

I just saw "Last Act" for the first time.  Lucky are we, the newbie
hordes who still have such marvelous episodes in front of us!

The use of Erica's ghost fascinated me, and I kept wondering why LA had
not been cited more during the discussion of DoN.  With DoN, many people
questioned the reality of the ghosts, and some remarked on them as an
addition to the FK universe.  Wasn't the reality of ghosts (in FK)
established with LA, or has that also been taken as a projection of
Nick's guilt-ridden subconscious?

It seemed to me that Nick, at least, absolutely accepted the presence of
Erica's ghost.  And the way his physical movements in response to
the ghost remained after her disappearance also seemed indicative of her

And Nick and Erica's relationship made me wonder how many vampire couples
we've seen.  Have there been any, other than Nick and Janette in PotM, who
really committed to each other over a long period?

LA was truly a joy to watch.  Nick is so dynamic, the cop plot was a
legitimate mystery, the correct moral is triumphantly reached, and there
is such a sense of fun in so many of the interactions!
What happened to that?   (anyone who answers this question with the fact
that LC was not in the episode will be turned over to the tender mercies
of the True Cousins....<g>)

*** Amy, Lady of the Knight  (akr@n.......) ***
** Knightie *** Light Cousin *** Fleur-Booster **
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 23:44:01 -0400
From:         Stephanie Way <Biancaswan@a.......>
Subject:      Tell it to TPTB

Well I'm glad there was some reaction to my post about Fk and a futile
effort. (it's not , so calm down) . That was the intention of my message.

HOWEVER don't tell me or anyone else on this list. Write to SONY, Tri-Star,
USA Network and tell THEM that you are a viable consumer etc. Everytime a
newbie comes on the board e-mail them the appropriate addresses and let them
tell TPTB who they are and theat they love FK and will watch any further
production of it etc.

Get the media involved. They are a bit cynical but keep at it.
Offer an information package( e-mail or otherwise) to anyone who has an
interest in the show and send it to the media. Especially the print media
(they hate TV and vice versa). The survey is a good start but the THEY must
never forget the force of FK watchers.

Carry on.

SW  " Kill your TV or teach it a new trick"
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 01:07:41 -0300
From:         "l.d. steele" <aa300@f.......>
Subject:      gifs where? & Urs fanfic

Hello everyone!

I using/abusing my power as the newletter editor of the local SF&F club
to do up a "memorial" issue that's mostly FK, and I NEED PICTURES!!! <g>

I've scoured the following sites:

http://www.aracnet.com/~dmd/fkpics.html <- Thanks for starting that. :)

I've managed to get "decent" pics of Nick, LC, Janette and Vachon. A
Semi-decent one of Natalie (w. Nick).

What I <need> are good pictures of Tracy, Schanke and (if possible) Urs.

I know Tracy and Urs aren't loved by all fans, but <I> like them, and I'd
like to include them in my little picture page.

Any help, pointers, or attached files would be greatly appreciated. If
you want to send me <large> attached files, warn me first. I don't have
unlimited disk space. :)

Re: Urs fanfic

There's been a very interesting (and ongoing) discussion going on the
fkspoilr list about Urs and LaCroix. Someone asked if anyone's writing
serious Urs fanfic.

Yes. It's in the works. I've always liked the character, and was
disappointed when they didn't do anything after HofD. I know a couple
other people are also writing something up, and I look forward to seeing
it. :)

I'd mention more, but then I'd have to take it to the fkspoilr list. <g>

h36a@u.......  <- <please!> send all picture email/attachments here. :)
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 00:40:56 -0400
From:         Mei Wa Kwong <kwongm@g.......>
Subject:      Fan Fic

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.  Does anyone know if there
are more stories written by Christine Hunt?  I've found four:
Consequences, The Bargain, One Day in the Sun, and The Other side of
Evil.  It was my impression that there is at least one other story out
there that's a follow-up to One Day in the Sun.  Last time I looked in
the FTP site, there weren't any other ones besides these four so if
anyone has other stories, please e-mail me privately.

Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 22:01:47 -0600
From:         Lisa Marvin <wyllow@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Off-list fan phoned

Sherri Lynn Godsey wrote:
>> she watched Last Knight and realized they were ending the show, she >was
 really upset.  She called Paragon and Tri-Star asking what's >going on.   The
 guy who answered knew she was calling about Forever >Knight before she even
 said what she was calling for.  He said they >had received a *lot* of calls
 protesting the cancellation.   Carole >also said that when she asked why the
 show had been cancelled, >Tri-Star said it wasn't their fault,

Here's another thing that kills me.  I obtained a copy of the August
1996 Starlog Yearbook, which has interviews with many actors from
various SciFi/action-type shows, including:  The X-Files, Hercules,
Xena:Warrior Princess, Babylon 5, Timecop, as well as several action
movies that have been released recently.  Among these are 2 interviews
from Forever Knight, one with Ger and the other with Catherine Disher.
(Neither interview article mentions anything about the show's
cancellation.)  It was great to have the FK interviews right in there
with the rest of them, but it bugged me that FK is good enough to be
included in a magazine with the rest of them, but not good enough to
continue into a 4th season.  What's wrong with this picture?

Just my $.02 worth.

Lisa Marvin
I wish there were a knob on the T.V. to turn up the intelligence.
There's a knob called "brightness", but that doesn't work.
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:46:23 -2055
From:         "L. Katherine Queen" <lqueen@p.......>
Subject:      Re: Sunset Stories

Marcia Tucker writes:
>Er, how about a Nick and Janette walking into the sunset together story?  ;D
>:::runniing madly from N&Npackers:::

Sorry, Janette had her chance and blew it.  Yes, she actually threw him
away.  Hard to believe.  What was her excuse.  Oh yes, she couldn't handle
the depth of his affection for her.  That does sound rough.  <vbg!>  Sorry
you immortal beloveds out there, just my humble 2 cents worth.

Katherine, devoted to the Knight

Katherine Queen
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 02:45:13 -0400
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      Re: %@*&%Cable

>Ok, LA Continental Cablevision people... remember, if you sweettalk the
>operators you can get Sci-Fi for $2. On the other hand, if you are rude or
>if they are idiots (more likely ;) they will claim you can't do that.

Is that the same Continental Cable in Hollywood???

~Bunny~Unnamed Faction~ MOO~
~~~~~~Cousins of the Knight~~~~~~
Date:         Sun, 2 Jun 1996 23:53:17 -0700
From:         Torrey <neva@i.......>
Subject:      Re: LaCroix's Personality

Cousin J writes:

>I would  appreciate any
>input from anyone out there as to what they think are some things that LC
>would never, ever do

1. Wear Pink

2. Get a Tan

3. Pull a cork out of a bottle with his teeth and spit it across the room.

4. Lap dance

5. Drink grape Cool-Aid

6. Eat Oatmeal

7. Laugh until milk spurted from his nose

8. collect lint

9. Call 1-800-collect

10. Get a flu shot { in a thong}

"Dona" Torrey     <neva@i.......>
"Freedom rings where opinions clash" Adlai Stevenson
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 01:51:55 -0600
From:         Elizabeth R Milford <emilford@u.......>
Subject:      Re: LaCroix's Personality

Cousin J asked:
> >I would  appreciate any
> input from anyone out there as to what they think are some things that LC
> >would never, ever do

To which Torrey replied with a wonderful list that included:
> 4. Lap dance

Not even on amateur night?  <darn!> :>  (Hey, he was the one who brought
stripping back to the Raven, wasn't he?)

Okay, this could be fun, so... more things Uncle would never do:

11. Wear plaid.

12. Stutter.

13. Square dance, Break dance or do the bunny hop.

14. Chew bubble gum.

15. Attend a Holloween Party dressed as Larry, Moe or Curley.

Now, what about a list of things he does do, but would never admit to and
would *kill* anyone who actually caught him doing them, like:

1. Dress up like a clown and visit the childrens ward of local hospitals.
   <Hey, I never said why he did it - could be guilt, could be a taste
    for veal...>

2. Join the John Wayne fan club.

Ok, now that the Cousin's are after me with flaming crosses I guess I
better run...

Elizabeth - Newly of a cousinly persusion, but probably out on her fanny now.
Elizabeth R. Milford            emilford@u.......                GADDAB
   When the goddess was handing out spelling genes I was getting seconds in
the "Bugs are Cool" line, thus the sorry state of affairs you had to
witness above.  Don't even ask where I was when she handed out grammar genes!
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 04:24:47 -0400
From:         Diane Shea <KerrRaven@a.......>
Subject:      To Light Cousin, or not to LC

Sifting through the digests...

Lady Amy writes;
>>We don't like the "let's get naked" LC any more than anyone else.  We
loathe him, too.<<

I'm one of those truly strange Cousins who just happens to like the "...by
getting NAKED!" LC.  And yes, those are the actual words he spoke, although I
might have liked it even better had it been "Let's get naked!"  But poor
Uncle never does like to get *really* involved in anything.  Too bad.
 Anyway, as a third season newbie and obsessive Cousin, I accept LaCroix in
ALL forms.  After nearly 2000 years of life I think he should be allowed a
little diversity of attitude.  It makes him complex beyond compare.

>>Fever strays onto Light Cousinly ground<<

Not to actually argue with you (because I rather like the Light Cousins,) but
I think LC's actions at the end of Fever kind of nullify any embracing of
humanity type feelings he might have shown.  No one who feels the urge to
redeem himself in the eyes of a kind higher power is going to ruthlessly
confront, terrorize, condemn, and viciously kill someone who he's never met,
even if the guy *inadvertently* caused his race some major problems.

And if there is any more discussion of this, I won't be around to read it, or
at least not for two weeks.  As of this morning my modem is off, and in a few
days I'll be thinking of you all from one of the Greek islands.  But if my
mailbox does it's duty, I will have much to read when I get back.  Keep
posting, keep thinking, it's more than I'll be doing.

--Cousin Diane
Eternal Seducer/Closet Unnamed
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 07:49:09 EDT
From:         Michael J Park <73773.3032@c.......>
Subject:      NK/LC Stories

Hi all!

Could you please email to me any stories you might have that have a good NK/LC
relationship.  Stories like--James Kythe Walkswithwind's Good Knight, Nicholas
or One Pretty Moment.  I would also be interested in any NK/LC slash stories
that some of you might have written.  I do not care how old or new the stories
are.  If you do not want to email them to me and they are avail. at your web
site, please let me know what that web site it.  Also, if you are not sure if I
already have your story (as I made this request once before--but it was on the
JADFE list and did get a few respones), please email me the name of your
story(ies) and I will let you know if I already have it.

Thanks in advance everyone.

Debbie Park / 73773.3032@c.......
Unnamed / Dark Knightie / Cousin / Cousin of the Knight
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 07:00:33 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <carriek@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Exams

Hi Mary,

What's up?
Carrie, Proud Knightie
The Nurse is a hampster
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 07:05:26 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <carriek@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Bad Blood - a question...

Kathy L wrote:

> Could somebody who has seen 'Bad Blood'tell me the name of the English
> inspector that was going after Jack the Ripper in this episode?

He's Irish, not English and his name is Liam O'Neal.

Carrie, Proud Knightie
The Nurse is a hampster
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 08:44:45 -0400
From:         Tammy Stephanie Davis <tsd@u.......>
Subject:      Re: pushing the NK/LC faction?

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Serena Osinski wrote:

>  Joy Davis wrote:
> >I've found the idea of a homo-erotic relationship much less alarming when
> >compared to murder and drinking blood.

How true.  Let's face it, several of the main characters of Forever
Knight are mass murders.  It's Nick's struggle to rise above that
that makes the show worthwhile and very watchable
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 08:17:56 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      total confusion

Okay now I'm totally confused...

Donna wrote:

>There are some (including me) who are not comfortable with the incestuous
>aspect of what you are promoting.

First off, I am not *promoting* anything.  A person can have a point of view
without proselytizing.

Second, if incest is really the problem then why doesn't anyone seem to have
a problem with Nick and Janette's relationship?  They're brother and sister,
if you think about it in the same way.

It's unfortunate that some people are uncomfortable with one tiny aspect of
the Unnamed Faction.  That will not, however, stop me or anyone from
discussing it until Listmommy says otherwise.  I am uncomfortable with a lot
of things discussed on this list but you will *never* see me suggest that it
not be discussed.  Unless, of course, it is directly harmful or personally
derogatory to the actors or listmembers.

See my sig.  It's something I've believed all my life.

Wicked Cousin Tippi (Tippinb@i.......)
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to
say it." - Voltaire
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 09:42:16 EST
From:         Ronni Katz <ronnik@c.......>
Subject:      San Francisco in October?

     Forgive my ignorance for this one guys...

     Is there an FK Con in San Francisco in October????

     If so, when and where???

     If I can scrape up the $,  I'd *love* to go!
     I have friends I could visit while I'm there (they live in Fremont)

     Ron the Enforcer
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 10:10:36 EDT
From:         Lisa McDavid <D020214@v.......>
Subject:      Voodoo Black Magic

I asked Fred Mollin about the song when BB first aired. He said it
was written by someone else whose name escapes me, apparently a
escapes me, to lyrics which JP already had in the script.

Fred, are you out there? Would you like to tell us more?

Afflicted with the system changes from hell and beginning to think
carrier pigeons would be more reliable :),

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid
Date:         Mon, 3 Jun 1996 10:38:42 CDT
From:         Bruce Rawitch <brucer@i.......>
Subject:      Bye Bye.....

To all my fellow online FK'ers

Well, all good things must come to an end, and so must my subscription to this
list.  Y'all should consider yourself fortunate to be part of such an articulate
and interesting and diverse group of people-this is probably one of the most
polite, charming and fun lists I have ever had the good fortune to be on.
However, even on digest, I still don't have the time to keep up with FORK-NI,
FK-SPOILR and FKFIC-L...you folks sure do have a lot to say ;)

I will stay on the FKFIC-L/Some of the best fanfic I've seen is coming out there
and even though I'm 50 digests behind, I won't give up the fanfic, I won't I
won't I won't!!!!

Hoping for real season of FK.....Keep writing those letters folks.

Bruce Rawitch

\ I've always felt that you can get more    \           _         ______ |
 \ with a kind word and a 2x4 than you can   \        /   \___-=O`/|O`/__|
  \ with just a kind word.....                \_______\          / | /    )
  /                                           /        `/-==__ _/__|/__=-|
 / Marcus the Ranger/ Babylon 5              /         *             \ | |
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