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Logfile LOG9605D Part 6

May 23, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605D" Part 6

	Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Nigel Bennett (2/2)
	Nick's Personality  (3)
	Reruns on Fox/NC
	Debbie Parks?
	Unnamed Faction etc.
	Looking for Sally Williams
	new member
	Peter Rabbit pics
	more unnamed faction members ;)
	Nick&Nat Packers
	FK Screensaver?
	JP?? where is he?
	Mag story about SOS FK
	A Call to Dottie
	more unnamed faction members ;)
	FK killer stats (long)
	GWD in Outer Limits
	Redeeming Nick
	FK Merchandise

Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:29:44 +0100
From:         "Kennedy, Jean" <jkennedy@m.......>
Subject:      Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Nigel Bennett (2/2)

Or: How FK Saved My A** (Continued)

The presentation was not in a small classroom, but in a large auditorium we'd
had no opportunity to practice in, using a different kind of overhead
projector (for which I'd have designed the slides differently). On entering we
handed a list of rules for the videotaping (the WHAT? and me with no makeup!)
-- rules like, Stand fairly still (or let the camera operator know where
you're going before you move) and speak into the microphone. Hell, I'd never
even used a microphone. There were 8 (count `em) of the 16 instructors seated
like a little Supreme Court, each with their little evaluation form and their
little pencils poised. There was a roomful of heavy hitters. And there was I
with 50% of the group grade riding on me.

By now I've gone from nervous to shaking in my tastefully neutral pumps, so
that when I try to talk to my teammates, my voice quavers. I hate that, I hate
terror. My team tried to be supportive. They were full of "picture-them-in
their-underwear" advice, which has never worked for me in any circumstance.

I got to thinking about how LaCroix would approach the situation.

When it was our turn, I was a short, dumpy woman on the outside, and a
six-foot-one-inch tall male master vampire on the inside. I actually looked at
my audience (I mean, I took my time looking at the audience!) I stepped up to
the microphone. I said, "Can everybody hear me?" And when I got nods from the
back, this lovely, easy, "Goood" came sliding out of my throat. After that, it
was fun.

Afterwards, the director of the program, who had always overlooked me, told me
he didn't know how the group grade would turn out, but he'd enjoyed the
presentation. Later, as my team was leaving the bar to which we'd retreated,
the instructor who'd videotaped the thing found me. He said, "Great
presentation! You really have presence!"

Wow. Presence. I felt like CD in That Which Does Not Exist: "Captain, she
called me Captain."

Mr. Bennett, wherever you are, my deepest gratitude!

(We got highest marks.)

Cousin (and proud!) Jean
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:38:23 -0400
From:         Dranetz <environ@x.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Personality


I find that for a 700 year old guy, Nick suffers from immaturity.
If Nat and Nick were really in love, could they not have been a couple
with out sex? And how do vampires have sex with each other?  Nick and
Francesca, Vachon and Urs, Nick and Janette?  Nick brought Nat's brother
across oin the first season, what's the big deal?  Why is Nick having
trouble bringing people across when a dog can do it?

From:   Joni Latham[SMTP:jlatham@g.......]
Sent:   Thursday, May 23, 1996 8:49 AM
To:     Multiple recipients of list FORKNI-L
Subject:        Nick's Personality

        Look, I know that Nick is very popular and that there are many
women out there who have major crushes on him.  I am wondering if there is
anyone else that finds him wishy washy and would like to tell him to "get a
Joni Latham
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:32:46 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      Reruns on Fox/NC

For those of you in the NC area, or nearby.
Sunday morning at 1:00AM channel 3 will host Forever Knight.
On Monday morning Fox (Channel 8 )will air Forever Knight at 12:30AM
and then again at 3:00AM.  Whether this will be regular or not remains
to be seen.
Double-check your T.V. guide for confirmation of times.
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:09:09 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Debbie Parks?

I normally wouldn't try to get in contact with someone via the main list,
but I tried the Review option thru the listserv already, and the address I
got off there keeps bouncing.  Sorry to waste bandwith.  Debbie, please get
in touch.

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
*Founding Member of the Unnamed Faction*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*
"TV shows, like vampires, have a way of coming back from the dead."
"I'm not in denial.  I'm in a state of creative readjustment!"
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:29:31 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Unnamed Faction etc.

Margie wrote:

>3)I do want something that denotes the strong bond between LaCroix and
>  Nick.  However the different ways we see the relationship, surely we all
>  see it as a very strong bond?  I think the two hands clasping forearms
>  shows that much more clearly than the God and man picture.

I'm not casting LaCroix as God.  I think he's doing a pretty good job of
that on his own.  LaCroix=Creator, Nick=Created.  LaCroix=God complex,
Nick=Desire to be mortal.

I'm not particularly religious either.  I just don't think two hands
clasping is enough.  I mean, Nick and LaCroix aren't always clasping --
quite often they are *at odds* with one another.  Man and their gods haven't
always had an easy time of it either.

Besides, if Stephen Spielberg can use it in ET, why can't we in the UF? ;)

Anyway, I shall forwrad all this to the UF loop.  The main list is probably
losing interest in our discussion by now. ;)

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
*Founding Member of the Unnamed Faction*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*
"TV shows, like vampires, have a way of coming back from the dead."
"I'm not in denial.  I'm in a state of creative readjustment!"
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 14:57:38 -0500
From:         Robbi Egersdorf <egersdor@m.......>
Subject:      Looking for Sally Williams

Lisa Sutherland-Fraser wants to hear from you.
Sorry to use up the bandwidth.
Long Live the Knight
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:44:55 -0500
From:         Joni Latham <jlatham@g.......>
Subject:      new member

Well, I did not know that such lists existed until I read that a certain
star frequented a certain list and I had no idea what they were talking
Thanks to Mr. Happy, I now know what they are and I must say that I have
enjoyed being on this list and reading your things.  It is also nice to
find several like minded people.
I am in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and I cannot find anyone among my
co-workers or family and friends that know anything about FORKNI or its

Joni Latham
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 17:55:01 -0400
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      Peter Rabbit pics

Thanks to Lana Soward, we have some interesting pictures from Syndicon
East to share.  I believe most of you heard that Nigel Bennett read some
selections from Peter Rabbit for us.  :^)  If you want to see some
pictures, go to:


I don't know if we'll ever get a sound file of this, but the pictures are
priceless.  :^)

And don't forget, if you want to join the affiliation that hopes to hear
Nigel (or would that be the Nightcrawler?) read all of Beatrix Potter's
stories as an audiobook, sign up to be one of the Bunnies of the McGregors
now!  :^)

Sheesh, how many affiliations can I collect?  Knightie, Perkulator,
McGregor, possible member of the Unnamed Faction (if I can figure this
affiliation out), and now Ravenettes are trying to recruit me
off-list...  Still, there are listmembers out there with at least half a
dozen affiliations who have me beat by a long shot! :^)

-- Allison Percy  (percy91@w....... -or- AlliePercy@a.......) --
-- Perky Knightie & Chief Bunny of the McGregors, Among Other Things ---
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Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 15:32:01 -0700
From:         Marg Rothschild <margr@a.......>
Subject:      Re: more unnamed faction members ;)

Hi all!

On Wed, 22 May 1996, TippiNB wrote:

> Actually I think it's closer to a dozen.  Quite a few of the UF members are
> lurkers (you know who you are!), but they *are* in the UF.  And there are
> probably even more than a dozen -- I ain't the only one writing NK/LC slash,
> ya know! ;)

I guess you'd have to count me in as a part of the Unknown Faction as well.
I've only had to lurk during these past few months because I had gotten
so busy. I've been with LC/NK since I started watching.

Jackie wrote:
> >On a different subject...anyone going to MediaWest?  E-mail me off list,
> >maybe we'll see each other.  I'll be wearing a sword pin...

I won't be going but, hey, where'd you get your pin?

Marg Rothschild, Cousin/Dark Knightie/FFFROGie: margr@i.......
AZ Crusaders of the Knight -
It's a private club, for VIPS and denizens of the night. - Nick Knight
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 15:01:40 -0700
From:         Angie <alasher@e.......>
Subject:      YKYHBWTMFK

When your daughter is Listening to Mariah Carey's latest CD and you hear the

*Oh no your never gonna stake me, ooo darling cause you'll always be my baby...
        And our angst goes on...*

: )

Unnamed Faction
Unknown Faction
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:00:25 -0700
From:         Laura MacMillan <soulseek@s.......>
Subject:      Nick&Nat Packers

This is a message for all Nick&Nat Packers who are either lurking or have not
declared themselves a N&N packers. If you are not listed on the N&N packers
homepage, Mortal Love, and would like to be let me know. As well if you would
like to be involved in or informed of Nick&Nat Packer activities please let me
know ASAP. There is some major N&N packer announcements and activities that
will be happening in the next few days.

Dedicated Nick&Nat Packer and Keeper of Mortal Love.
'I'm not evil, just misunderstood'
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 15:24:24 PST
From:         "P. L. Montgomery" <plcm@j.......>
Subject:      FK Screensaver?

Sorry to have to post this to the entire list, but I can't remember who
gave me the URL for the Sony webpage for theForever Knight
Windows screensaver.  As I only have email access to the Internet
I asked a friend to try to get it for me:

> From:        Tom Bowerman <bowerman@q.......>
> I got a screen saver from sony but not in the location you said -
> it said it was either wrong or changed or we decided not to let
> you go there. So I backed up to sony.com and clicked on television
> and found a Jumbo All Shows screensaver and got it. It is named
> install.exe.  Is it  what you want? Apparently has something from
> each of many  soap  operas.

Does anyone think that maybe Sony may have removed the
screensaver since technically Forever Knight is no longer in

And if so, can someone who got the Windows version of the
screensaver _please_ send a copy of it to my friend at the above
address?   (He is sysop of a local bbs and I could then download
it from his board.)

P.L. Montgomery           "Forever Knight...  Forever!"
    plcm@j.......               (for messages, etc.)
    plcm@t.......        (for encoded files, etc.)
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:15:33 -0700
From:         Raissa Devereux <1595@e.......>
Subject:      Questions

I've got a couple of questions. Will the cast get residuals while FK is
running on Sci-Fi? Also, I remember reading somewhere that Deb Duchene was
thinking of leaving the business. Does anyone know what her plans are?

Raissa Devereux
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 15:25:40 -0800
From:         John Soo-Hoo <galahad!jsoohoo@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Personality

>   I find that for a 700 year old guy, Nick suffers from immaturity.
>   If Nat and Nick were really in love, could they not have been a couple
>   with out sex?

Good question!  In this day and age, it appears that folks seem to bundle
sex and love up into a package deal.  My only answer to possibly why Nick
hadn't considered love w/o sex is perhaps he didn't trust himself.  Of course,
the question that also needs to be asked as well, is why hadn't Nat,
suggested a relationship without sex?  She's a smart woman...
I wonder why?

>   And how do vampires have sex with each other?  Nick and
>   Francesca, Vachon and Urs, Nick and Janette?  Nick brought Nat's brother
>   across oin the first season, what's the big deal?  Why is Nick having
>   trouble bringing people across when a dog can do it?

Yes, they do (have sex, but with them it is not a problem - vampire to
Nick has no problems bringing one across, if he chooses to .  The only
case was Alyssa (his first attempt).  With Nat it was different.
The choices he had were to bring her across or to let her die.  <Remember
what LaCroix said?  "...the only thing left to do is to turn out the lights
and leave or to bring her across" please forgive me, I am paraphrasing>.
Basically he "took too much" so he was left with a dilema of bringing her
across or to let her die.

<sniff, sob>
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 17:24:39 PST
From:         "P. L. Montgomery" <plcm@j.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Personality

 Joni Latham <jlatham@g.......> writes:
>Look, I know that Nick is very popular and that there are many
>women out there who have major crushes on him.  I am wondering if
>there is anyone else that finds him wishy washy and would like to tell
>him to "get a life".  Stop worrying and fretting about what he is not
and >use what he is to its full potential.

But he's sooooooo pretty.  *g*  And any woman worth her salt would surely
be able to bring him around, eh?
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 20:20:39 -0400
From:         A McLaughlin <Iremi@a.......>
Subject:      JP?? where is he?

With all this talk of LK and the demsie of the show I can't help wondering
where James Parriot is and why haven't we heard from him? Surely he must have
some opinion about our feelings on the show....What am I saying??

 This is the same man that whenever some crisis occurred with the show was
incommunicado. A man, as far as I know of, who didn't even tender a thank you
to the NAPTE seven, the organizers of the SOS campaign or the charity drive
for Pediatric AIDS foundation. At least we got thank yous from Fred Mollin
and Nigel Bennett.

Your welcome Mr. Parriott, really.
But I don't want to sound bitter or anything.

Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 18:11:52 -0500
From:         Robbi Egersdorf <egersdor@m.......>
Subject:      YKYB...

You know you've been listening to the FK CD too long:

When you see a bumper sticker that says "When you love something, set it
free.  If it doesn't return, hunt it down and kill it."  and you begin to
wonder if Lucien Laxroix is selling printing bumper stickers now.

Long Live the Knight
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 18:51:25 -0700
From:         Lisa Marvin <wyllow@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Mag story about SOS FK

Ann-Lu Blewett wrote:
> This is my first time posting so excuse mistakes if any.
> The magazine "Internet Underground" May 1996-issue #6 has an story on
> page 47, that tells how fans use the internet to try and save their
> favorite shows.

This article refers directly to Forever Knight and Mystery Science
Theater 3000, discussing their similarities as shows that have
acquired "a groundswell of support" for attempting to save them.
Jamie Randell is quoted several times, as is Jamie Plummer, who is the
Webmaster for SAVE MST3K.
The article mentions the various things that have occurred on the SAVE
FK front, such as the paper crane mobiles, newsgroups, chatrooms,
websites, the Ped. AIDS Foundation, and our many letter/email
It appears that the production company for MST3K is now "actively
looking" for a new home for its show, including some talks with the
SciFi channel.  The internet/fan/media pressure helped them to decide
to reopen their negotiations.  Whether this same thing will occur for
FK isn't clear from the article, but it does discuss the fact that
having SciFi pick up FK as reruns is seen as a small "victory in the
uphill battle to save (the show)."
If you can pick up a copy of this magazine, the article in its
entirety is interesting and worth reading, if only because it shows
that someone is noticing the efforts of the FK fans.  (Its only faux
pas is a statement about Nick and Natalie being "a pair of vampires".)
Oh well!

As the article declares in BIG LETTERS:  "THIS LEGACY CANNOT DIE!"

Happy reading!

Lisa Marvin
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 17:59:54 -0700
From:         Antonia Spadafina <asginger@i.......>
Subject:      A Call to Dottie

Hi all--

   Sorry to waste public bandwidth on a private concern, but I'm trying
to contact Dottie Rhodes.

  If you're out there, sweetie, please email me at either:

           asginger@i.......  _OR_  antonia_spadafina@s.......

Or if anyone can contact Dottie, please pass along my email addy's.
Her's is not responding.

Thanks very much,
Toni S.
Knightie from NYC
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 20:00:45 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Alternatives?


After reading some of the stuff from Tippi's mini-loop, I am re-evaluating
my feelings about not breaking into a separate faction.  Tippi really did
want the faction to be a couples faction in the same way that Immortal
Beloveds or some of the others are couples factions.  That's what she had
in mind when she suggested the faction.  I didn't understand that, and
thought she just meant a couples faction in the sense that there were two
people involved.

The idea that there might be some erotic feeling in the Nick/LaCroix
relationship doesn't bother me; I just don't think it necessarily is
there, and I don't think it needs to be there to explain the strength
of the relationship between Nick and LC.  More important though, I don't
think it's particularly relevant.  I don't see that Forever Knight is
exploring an erotic relationship between Nick and LaCroix.  I think it
is mostly exploring a parent/child relationship.  It's also a friendship.

What I mostly wanted out of having a faction name was something to put
in my signature that would give people a sense of where I was coming from
in some of my posts.  Unfortunately, I don't think using The Unnamed Faction
will do that, given the erotic emphasis that is now being given to that
name.  So, I am amenable to the idea of having a separate faction, but I don't
have an idea for a name, and at this point, I don't really want it to be a
subfaction of the Unnamed Faction.  I'm afraid I don't have any ideas right
now, and part of that is because the relationship is so complex, even if you
leave out the erotic part.  Hmm, maybe we should just call it Complexities.
What I really want though, is something that indicates the way these two are
bound together.  Have you gotten other responses?

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 18:16:28 -0700
From:         Denise Underwood <ithildin@m.......>
Subject:      Re: more unnamed faction members ;)

> Jackie wrote:
> > > >maybe we'll see each other.  I'll be wearing a sword pin...
> Marg wrote:
> I won't be going but, hey, where'd you get your pin?

You can always find sword pins at any Scottish type store, they are used
primarily as lapel or kilt pins (the first kilt pin I bought 10 years
ago was a sword, I didn't know then it would come in so handy now!)

If you don't have access to a Scottish shop, you may want to try
Hamilton House, I found them at SyndiCon west and the lady who owns it
had several plus she will special order for you. Their Email is

Hope this helps!

Denise  ~The Cousinly Ravenette~  ~TEDT~  ~IRC #Foreverknight Recruiter~
   ** Ask me about Forever Knight chat every evening on IRC EFNet!! **
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 22:28:37 -0300
From:         "l.d. steele" <aa300@f.......>
Subject:      FK killer stats (long)

This is an update of a post I made up a month ago. I've included results
for episodes including "Last Knight". I <know> it's technically a
spoiler, but it really doesn't give any information about the plots so
I'm risking the wrath of the list-babysitter. :)

************** explanation mode on *********************

Okay... I was rewatching "Let No Man Tear Asunder", and it occurred to
me, "has anyone compiled any "killer" stats? (Pun sort-of intended)

So I figured out who was the murderer in all of the FK episodes aired. It
was pretty confusing because some episodes have 2+ killers in them, and
sometimes I couldn't figure out if the killer was after money, or just
crazy. :) Since I didn't want to duplicate things...

I was actually rather surprised by the results -- I hope you are too.

Be warned. You may not agree with these, but I <do> welcome
corrections and comments. Especially about the main characters.

You might be even more confused because in some cases... the murderer
didn't kill, and I act as judge and jury and assign murders
that they didn't personally commit (e.g. The married couple in - AMPH). I
also consider suicide a murder of "oneself", so that counts too.

Note: I <only> counted those taking place in the "present-day" storylines.
Otherwise Nick and LaCroix would have <much> higher numbers. :)

********************* explanation mode off *****************

I'd appreciate some feedback as to whether this was worthwhile or not. I
was thinking of going through the episode and getting all the names for
"who-killed-who" straight.

I'm hoping that someone will want to put it on their web site, so that
fanfic writers will have it for reference when I have it finished.

So w/o further ado,....

******<Male killers>******

Crazy (18/70)
     1.1  Dark Knight I
     1.2  Dark Knight II
     1.3  For I Have Sinned
     1.10 Dead Air
     1.11 Hunters
     1.15 Dying For Fame
     1.16 Only the Lonely
     1.22 Love You to Death
     2.1  Killer Instinct
     2.3  Stranger Than Fiction
     2.4  Bad Blood (vampire)
     2.9  Undue Process
     2.16 The Fire Inside
     2.23 Be My Valentine
     3.1  Black Bhudda I
     3.2  Black Bhudda II
     3.8  Trophy Girl
     3.19 Jane Doe

Drugs&Senseless Violence (13/70)
     1.7  False Witness
     1.8  Cherry Blossoms
     1.9  I Will Repay
     1.17 Unreality TV
     1.20 Fatal Mistake
     2.10 Father's Day
     2.14 Baby, Baby
     2.17 Amateur Night
     2.20 Beyond the Law
     2.21 Queen of Harps
     2.22 Close Call
     3.3  Outside the Lines
     3.22 Last Knight

Money/Power (11/70)
     1.6  Dying to Know You
     1.13 Father Figure
     2.19 Curiouser&Curiouser
     2.24 The Code
     2.25 A More Permanent Hell
     2.26 Blood Money
     3.4  Blackwing
     3.9  Let No Man Tear Asunder
     3.12 Strings
     3.13 Fever
     3.16 The Human Factor

Revenge (5/70)
     1.4  Last Act
     1.12 Dead Issue
     2.5  Forward Into the Past
     |2.11 Can't Run, Can't Hide (vampire)
     3.10 Night in Question

Vampire Hunter (1/70)
     2.4  Bad Blood

Suicides (3/70)
     2.12 Near Death
     2.18 The Fix
     3.19 Jane Doe

Nick (9/70)
     1.9  I Will Repay
     1.10 Dead Air
     2.6  Capital Offense *
     2.26 Blood Money *
     2.10 Night in Question
     3.15 The Games Vampires Play (sort-of, <g>)
     3.16 The Human Factor (conversion)
     3.20 Francesca
     3.21 Ashes to Ashes
     3.22 Last Knight (yes + ?)

Schanke (2/70)
     1.11 Hunters
     1.19 If Looks Could Kill

LaCroix (6/70)
     1.1  Dark Knight I
     1.2  Dark Knight II (conversion)
     1.22 Love You to Death
     2.3  Stranger Than Fiction
     2.10 Father's Day (conversion)
     3.22 Last Knight (?)

Vachon (1/70)
     3.2  Black Bhudda II

Demons/Caroushes/Possessions (1/70)
     3.20 Francesca **

******<Female Killers>*****

Crazy (10/70)
     1.14 Spin Control
     1.15 Dying for Fame
     1.18 Feeding the Beast
     2.6  Capitol Offense
     2.8  Faithful Followers
     2.13 Crazy Love
     3.6  My Boyfriend is a Vampire
     3.7  Hearts of Darkness (vampire)
     3.12 Strings
     3.14 Dead of Night

Drugs&Senseless Violence (2/70)
     1.19 If Looks Could Kill
     2.14 Baby, Baby (vampire)

Money/Power (6/70)
     1.5  Dance by the Light of the Moon
     2.2  A Fate Worse Than Death
     2.12 Near Death
     2.15 Partners of the Month
     2.25 A More Permanent Hell
     3.15 The Games Vampires Play

Revenge (2/70)
     3.17 Avenging Angel
     3.21 Ashes to Ashes (vampire)

Suicide (2/70)
     2.25 A More Permanent Hell
     3.22 Last Knight

Tracy (1/70)
     3.8  Trophy Girl

Janette (1/70)
     3.16 The Human Factor

Demons/Possession/Caroushes (3/70)
     3.4  Blackwing
     3.5  Blind Faith
     3.11 Sons of Belial

<Episodes where no one was actually killed.> (1/70)
     1.21 1966  ***

* I'm still not sure whether it was Nick or Schanke who "killed" in
Capitol Offense and Blood Money, but it <looks> as if Nick shot first.

** I can't talk about this (it's still under spoiler protection), but
it's defininitely one where the placement is... confused. :)

*** I <can> include the death that occurred before the ep started, but I
didn't because we never saw the body and it was a throwaway line.

Synopsis: Male (70/70)
          Female (27/70)
          Other (2/70)


As you can tell... There's some overlap. :)

It's interesting to note the male-female differences and similarities.
Who knows... I <might> put in a psychiatrists section. <g>

l.d. steele
h36a@u....... or aa300@f.......

*** sig quote deleted because it's <definitely> a spoiler and I don't
want to get in <too> much trouble! <EG>
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 21:34:09 -0400
From:         "M. Vrzoc" <vrzoc@s.......>
Subject:      GWD in Outer Limits

Could someone give me an idea of what the title of Ger's Outer Limits
episode is. The June schedule came out but of course I couldn't find Ger's
name in any of the brief credits given. I don't know if that's simply
because his role is not SUPPOSED to be a starring one or if I should wait
for the July schedule.

By the way, Colm Feore's episode is scheduled for June 4.

M. Vrzoc (vrzoc@u.......)           | Just a little off the top!
                                       | -- A. Boleyn
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 17:56:07 -0700
From:         [Name removed by request]
Subject:      Re: Factions

On Thu, 23 May 1996, Allison Percy wrote:

> Nooooooo!  Cousins (hey, Cousins, support me on this) are people who
> believe that Nick *should* "give in to who he is."  They are followers of
> Lacroix, the tormentor, not Nick, the tormentee.  <g>  (Although I think
> some Cousins think it's Nick who is yanking Lacroix's chain by refusing to

Just as some Cousins think Nick is a-yanking, some Cousins might prefer
Nick to stay on his quest (keeps that tension up, feeds the fire of
antagonism between him and LC). Some Cousins probably do want Nick to
come back to the Daawk Side. Some of us could care less, we just want to
have more of Mr B's body parts featured (Hello, sir. Nothing to see here.
Nope. You, um, might want to keep scrolling your digest down, yes, thank

Factions may have been more unified once but just look at how many
of us belong to multiple groups, to fractions, to spreadable
imitation cheese. i can never presume to say what a faction generally
thinks because i just believe that (apart from whose butt we like best)
we're going to be as individual in our view about how we would've liked
to have seen Nick and LC's relationship progress as we have been about
religion and the nature of evil. It really bothers me when, in those
Heated Spoiler List Discussions, a member of one faction makes grand
generalizations about the beliefs of another faction. Labels are pretty

Um, and i'm not picking on you, Allie, hon, or trying to rip up your
post, never, never would i do such a thing. i dearly love all of you; you
guys should know that :) But in an itchy and bothersome
reaction to not having been able to be as involved in the lists as i'd
like 'cause of school and inferior computers, i just sort of got off on
a tangent. This whole "the Cousins [or insert another faction] would
disagree with me here but..." thing has been on my mind ever since i
finally cleared out my backlog of Ashes to Ashes spoilers. i like
politics and separatism for fun and Wartime profit, not serious
discussion on eps.

And, no, it's not my time of the month (not that it would matter) and, yes,
i've had my chocolate ration for the day :) Just wanted to take this
opportunity to say my piece.

Okay, you wanna know what it is?! i have "James Parriott's Peter Pan" under
the works, almost ready to go over to Bonnie for a preview with some unnamed
true-life people in key roles - actually a whole *lot* of real-life
people - and then somebody had to go and actually *read* what we write
about them. Hmph. i'm going to go stamp around with my arms crossed now.

[Name removed by request]

All I have is what I might have been - Gavin Friday
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 21:46:53 -0400
From:         Janette Z <Janette92@a.......>
Subject:      Redeeming Nick

  I REALLY don't think I spelt that right.  I have been spelling EVERYTHING
wrong all day!  But that's besides the point.  The point is this -- I made a
terrible mistake!!!  I've been doing just about everything I can to get my
roommate to watch FK and after ATA (That's not spoiling anything, just
mentioning it right, everyone knows the title?  Well, I abbrevaited it
anyway, so it doesn't matter :-)  I thought I'd be able to actually make her
enjoy it.  And so far it's been going great.  Until... she saw Bad Blood.
 Now she's convinced that Nick's a pompous a*s, who thinks that his
definition of good is the ONLY definition of good.  She won't shut up about
   She never really liked Nick before, in her opinion Nick's a dufus, (I
never thought of him that way but....) however now she is convinced that he's
a jerk too.  She's making me fast-forward all the Nick scenes!!!  And then
she wants me to explain what's going on and she just WON'T WATCH THE SCENES
WITH NICK!!!  I need to find an episode, QUICKLY, that will redeem Nick in
her eyes.  ATA didn't work (just so ya know, still no spoilers I hope!)
Nothing from the 3rd season has worked, and I'm missing most of the 1st
season and about 5 eps from the 2nd.  If you have any ideas please, please,

Seducer, Cousin, Ravenette,
Immortal Beloved (ish) CO-
CFW for Evil MacLeod and
Evil Tessa, Unnamed Faction,
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 21:53:03 -0400
From:         "Lisa P." <LadysAVamp@a.......>
Subject:      FK Merchandise

After kicking myself <sitting on a pillow> for deleting the e-mail address
for TV Show Stuff, could someone please e-mail me with it.  I'm really not
into self-inflicted pain.  I'll leave that to Nick ;)

I've already sent one message to them but haven't heard back...

One of Many Lisas
(Thank God "There Can Be Only One" doesn't apply here!)  :)

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