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Logfile LOG9605D Part 5

May 23, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605D" Part 5

	Unnamed Faction
	Excerpt from new Top Ten List  (2)
	Nick's Personality  (4)
	San Francisco/Oakland forkni-l-ers
	Factions  (5)
	Media West
	Affiliation pins
	The publication of "Keeper of the King"
	other cons?
	Teasing the Lurkers, just because...
	Keeper of the King
	Absolutely Everthing I ever needed to know in life...
	Unnamed Faction etc.
	Story Wanted
	Sci-Fi Channel Address
	Last Knight Pictures
	Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Nigel Bennett (1/2)

Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 06:59:22 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Unnamed Faction

Kristine wrote:

>Hi gang,
>I'm glad to see that everybody is recovering from the LK.  I just wanted to
>comment that the more I read about UF the more I think that the
>Nick/LaCroix faction should be called sons and lovers, ala D.H. Lawrence.

This was one of the names that was suggested several months back.  In fact,
I think I was the one to suggest it. ;)  But it got outvoted on the grounds
of being too incestuous.  And I agree, really.  Because the relationship is
much more complex than just father and son.  Besides, when you abbreviate
it, it comes out "S&L" -- savings and loan.;)

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
*Founding Member of the Unnamed Faction*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*
"TV shows, like vampires, have a way of coming back from the dead."
"I'm not in denial.  I'm in a state of creative readjustment!"
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 05:12:02 -0700
From:         Ann-Lu Blewett <ann-lu@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Help...please!

Hi All'

WHAT BLOOPER VIDEO, oh please someone post info!
I just love bloobers.

I am also having trouble finding the CD.  I read on the web it came out
on March 15th(?) and then later read it was due in June (?).  Are there
two CDs or just one. I also tried to E-mail the company and it wouldn't
go through.

Cousin Ann-Lu
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 07:31:16 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Excerpt from new Top Ten List

I posted this on the SKL loop.  There are no actual spoilers here.  I've
edited out the ones that might contain spoilers.

(Excerpt of) The Top Ten Other Stories That Were Considered For the Last
Episode of FK:

10.  Nick and LaCroix change their names to Jake and Elwood Blues and start
a rhythm and blues band.  To complete the band, Nat changes her name to
"Aretha" and the three of them perform gigs while "on a mission from God."

9.  June Cleaver wakes up in a sweat in 1959, rolls over in bed and informs
her husband Ward: "Honey, I just had the strangest dream about the Beaver.
See, he was a vampire cop in Toronto..."

8.  Toronto is revealed to exist inside a huge alien spacecraft and that
vampires are the galactic equivalent of lab rats.  Nick and LaCroix are
horrified to discover they have been the subject of an advances species'
experiment on the effect of licking hallucinogenic toads.

7.  La Cage LaCroix: LaCroix owns a cabaret where vampires pretend to be
humans pretending to be vampires.

6.  Nick wakes up aboard the Millenium Falcon, heads to the cockpit, and
tells Janette and Vachon: "I had the strangest dream.  Janette, you were my
sister.  Vachon, you were a slacker.  And I had this wicked father who kept
wanting me to come over to the 'Dark Side'..."

5.  [Spoiler]

4.  [Doesn't make sense without #5]

3.  Reese finally gets the watercooler to work, and finds out that it wasn't
a watercooler at all, but really a portal to the space time continuum, and
out pops Schanke, Cohen, [Spoiler names], and a very startled Elvis Presley.

2.  Nat changes her name to Dorothy, Sidney changes his name to Toto, and
Nick changes his name to the Tin Vampire, but LaCroix refuses to change his
name to the Wizard for fear of people calling him "Wiz."

And the number one other story was:

1.  C'mon.  You know who wrote this top ten.  You can guess what kind of
story it was. ;)

Wicked Cousin Tippi, dollar bill wrangler of the Thong Throng!
*Founding Member of the Unnamed Faction*Voyeur of the Menage LaCroix*
"TV shows, like vampires, have a way of coming back from the dead."
"I'm not in denial.  I'm in a state of creative readjustment!"
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 07:49:52 -0500
From:         Joni Latham <jlatham@g.......>
Subject:      Nick's Personality

        Look, I know that Nick is very popular and that there are many
women out there who have major crushes on him.  I am wondering if there is
anyone else that finds him wishy washy and would like to tell him to "get a
life".  Stop worrying and fretting about what he is not and use what he is
to its full potential.
        I find LaCroix much more interesting.  He pretty much is what he
is.  Except that neither him nor Nick will admit just how much they really
mean to each other.

Joni Latham
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 08:50:30 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      Excerpt from new Top Ten List

That was so funny, Tippi!  I've mad that connection to Star Wars
How about this:
Natalie is a member of the Capulet family.  Nick is the son in the
Montegue family.  Lacroix is Nick's father and hates the relationship
between the two of them.
In order for them to be together, Natalie pretends to die, so that
after her death she can elope with Nick.  Nick, believing that
Nat is dead, kills himself.
Lacroix stands looking over the dead bodies, saying
"There was never a tale of greater distress than that of
Natalie and her Nicholas."
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 08:51:13 +0000
From:         Karen Tobin <ktobin@t.......>
Subject:      San Francisco/Oakland forkni-l-ers


I'm going to be in Oakland this weekend to be in a wedding. I
wondered if there were any listmembers who would like to get together
on Sunday or Monday for lunch or something. Please e-mail me and
we'll talk!

Karen, Knightie/Heartbreaker (ktobin@t.......,
Reference Librarian, Save Forever Knight Campaign/Almighty Address Goddess
Forever Knight has been cancelled. To help, email me
and/or visit: http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 08:52:16 +0100
From:         "Kennedy, Jean" <jkennedy@m.......>
Subject:      Re: Factions

Allison wrote:

>What about those of us who are most intrigued by the *tormenting* aspect
>of Nick and Lacroix's relationship?  <g>  You know, the fact that Lacroix
>hounds Nick across continents and centuries insisting that he "give in to
>what he is" and all that.

We're called Cousins. ; )

Cousin Jean <jkennedy@t.......>
"You are a sick, depraved little girl!" - LaCroix
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 03:46:47 -1000
From:         Kevin Matsumoto <kevinm@p.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Personality

>        I am wondering if there is anyone else that finds him wishy washy
>and would like to tell him to "get a life".  Stop worrying and fretting
>about what he is not and use what he is to its full potential.
Amen!.  I like the character but he does have that annoying tendency to see
only the dark part of his gift.
>        I find LaCroix much more interesting.  He pretty much is what he
>is.  Except that neither him nor Nick will admit just how much they really
>mean to each other.

I like the LaCroix for much the same reason.  Although I do think that he
does admit how he feels about Nick.  Nick is the prodigal. The wayward son
that must be brought back by any means neccessary.  That is the reason he
follows Nick around as he does.

"Remember, You're the Brain, I'm the Brawn"   :Detective Bobbie Mann
   "Technically, I'm the Brain and the Brawn" :And Eve Edison
"So what does that make me?"                  :MANN & MACHINE
   "The one that can be killed."              :
Kevinm@p.......   A Nick&NatPacker with Cousinly tendencies :=)
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 09:54:23 -0500
From:         Annmarie McKee- Fitzgerald <mickey@c.......>
Subject:      Media West

June is at work and asked me to post this for her.

She has a ticket for Media West that she cannot use, if you're interested,
please E-mail her at Cousin@w.......


The guy in front of you has one of those license plate frames that says
"I've given 60 gallons of blood...and all you can think of is that this guy
is a vampire's dream come true!


FOREVER KNIGHT: Now showing on the SciFi Channel Mondays, 8pm, 12am EST
FOREVER KNIGHT SOS/FK: http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
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Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 07:10:06 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Affiliation pins

Thx! for the pin info.  Will send envelope.  Am helping Laura with
the Mortal Love (N&NPack) logo (for these? or another task, don't know)

Have fun in Media West!  Break a leg!

Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 10:13:59 -0400
From:         Illinois Jules <ILCzJules@a.......>
Subject:      The publication of "Keeper of the King"

I could use some assistance,if you please.       According to my Bridging The
Knight Update: There seems to be a book, "Keeper of the King". Co-authored by
P.N.Elrod ( The Vampire Detective )and ( The ever lurking, multi-talented )
Nigel Bennett. Does anyone know when it will be released? And will you tell?
Walden's only has a new publications listing through August. Am I to assume
around October? Thank you.        As ever,  Illinois Jules
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 09:18:57 -0500
From:         Joni Latham <jlatham@g.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Personality

>Amen!.  I like the character but he does have that annoying tendency to see
>only the dark part of his gift.
>I like the LaCroix for much the same reason.  Although I do think that he
>does admit how
>he feels about Nick.  Nick is the prodigal. The wayward son that must be
>brought back by any
>means neccessary.  That is the reason he follows Nick around as he does.

Thank you I was beginning to think that I was the only one.

I work in a company of thousands of people and no one that works around me
knows what Forever Knight is or who Nigel Bennett or Geraint Wyn Davies are?
No one to discuss anything with.

Joni Latham
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 07:36:06 PDT
From:         "Leslie I.Plummer" <lplummer@i.......>
Subject:      other cons?

Storm (Vaquera, Scrapper, Gangrel) wrote...
>I'm gonna miss the chance to meet a lot of you (at MediaWest con)!
>When is the next Midwest/Upper Great Lakes Con that FK people attend???

Missing out on meeting other FK people & finding what conventions they
frequent (for all the reasons, stars, fanzines, etc.)?  Anyone willing
to respond w/cons THEY know about in the US & Canada.  I know about the
two listed on the website (the wrap party in October an another in
September).  Any others in which either FK is featured (in any capacity)
or FK people are a subgrouping at another con?

We gotta find each other & not lose touch!

N&NPacker/eternal Knightie... Wildly Romantic & Fiercely Optimistic
An FK Movie(s) sort of gal
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 10:41:02 -0400
From:         Illinois Jules <ILCzJules@a.......>
Subject:      Teasing the Lurkers, just because...

----With no real harm intended. I'm just feeling...playful. It is spring
after all. Besides it's a Cousinly thing to do.         Some observations on
Lurking- My brother joyfully donates this self describing line, to all who
like to watch the fun 'til the moment of attack is right. "To Lurk, perchance
to Skulk." ( with respect to W.S. ) I'm curious then, are Lurkers who might
be fearful of jumping into the fray....Slinkies? Or how about, Stealth
Bombers, Lurking types who sneak in when it's least expected? I DEFINITELY
have too much time to myself !              As ever, Illinois Jules
          IL CzJules@a.......           A cousin with N&NPack tendencies of
the Unnamed Faction, never to be misconstrued as a Lurker
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 10:10:30 -0700
From:         Todd Larsen <tlarsen@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Personality

Well, this finally has gotten me to get over my fears and delurk.  In
response to the posts about Nick being wishy washy and needing to get a
life:  This is what I think.  I'll use an analogy.

Nick is like a really fat man who wants to be a really skinny guy.  This
may not even be possible (build, genetic factors, etc.) but he really
wants to be thin, so he puts himself on a very strict diet (knowing diet
success rates are very low.)  He deals constantly with hunger, fatigue,
headaches, depression (no more twinkies to drown your sorrows in).
Sometimes he must wonder if the struggle is worth it.  Sometimes he must
decide it's not.  Sometimes Mrs. Smith's pie wins out over the carrot
stick.  Like any real struggle, he makes headway, then falls back a bit.
 He'll only lose if he gives up.

I don't think Nick is wishy washy--on the contrary, he must have
admirable fortitude to undertake this struggle for so long and do as well
as he does.  It's this conflict (and all his other ones) that make him so
fascinating and *real* to me.

Also, I feel that sometimes Nick is kind of walking around in a fog.  My
theory is that when Lacroix brought him across some of those blood
vessels in his neck never healed properly and he sometimes has trouble
getting oxygen to his brain.  I also use this theory to explain why
sometimes Nick just has to go to sleep--whether he's on a stakeout in a
church or in the middle of an argument.

Also, YKYBWTMFKW . . . we had a financial advisor at our house the other
night and every time he would bring up the cost of taxes he would use the
phrase *Uncle will ding you*.  And I couldn't help smiling and thinking
*yes, he certainly would*.

Also (Sorry this is soooo long), if Victoria Meredith is out there, would
she email me and tell me what happened to the season 1 and 2 transcripts?

Annette Larsen, a Knightie who would like Nick to keep his shirt on!
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 11:15:00 EDT
From:         Lisa McDavid <D020214@u.......>
Subject:      Keeper of the King

According to Nigel and Pat at Syndi-Con East, the book was originally
scheduled for October. It is now projected for January of 1997.

This is not surpising, somehow, to any librarian who has ever done
acquisitions or cataloging. :)

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 11:20:33 -0400
From:         Jill Gillham <jilkey@g.......>
Subject:      Absolutely Everthing I ever needed to know in life...

(I had all these archived from before, and finally got around to
compiling today)

All I Really Needed to Know, I learned from Forever Knight

If you cling like lichen to a stone, you get run over
When you're a homicide cop and trying to be Daddy's little girl, you end
up an accountant
The best revenge is revenge
If you know your going to implode, ride in the trunk
Pay attention your partner is not what he seems
Stay on good terms with Dad, eternity is a long time, for him to make
your life hell
There's a past and then there's a "past"
Being a coroner does have its benefits
Red wine is not supposed to be refrigerated
Blood can be used as a paint thickener
An apple a day keeps the coroner away
"Alice in Wonderland" is *not* good bedtime reading
Never interfere with your sister and her boyfriend
Cars are sexier with fins
The 1967 (?) Cadillac has more trunk space than any car built in the last
30 years
500 grams of Symtex will destroy one city block
Respect your elders.  Question authority  (Or is it the other way round?)
The Battle of Hastings was *before* 1228
That hospital food'll kill you  (Right, Screed?)
Net aliases often sound more innocent that they should (eh, Rosebud?).
Wear black.  It doesn't show all those stains
Fred Mollin's music is addictive
Water coolers are the work of evil
No one can always understand why other people do things
Beware your own dark side
Even in the mortal world, perjury is still a crime
Don't leave your newborn 'child' alone for too long
Talk radio attracts weirdos
Go with your instincts - more often than not they're correct
Before taking on a child, consider the consequences
Go to the ballet sometimes
No one is pure
If you can't go in the sun, try a sunbed
Don't call a woman 'honey'
Take time out to read... even if it's a melodramatic vampire novel
Sometimes the line between fantasy and reality blurs... be on your guard
Even when they're trying to kill you, they're still your family
Don't mess around with dangerous equipment - especially equipment that
can kill you
No one is above the law - even if it's a different law to the rest of the
If you don't want someone to know your secrets, don't give them clews as to
what your secrets are!
Tell the person you love how you feel
Roses are always a nice touch
Skylights are not for crashing through
Be careful what you wish for, you may get it
Material wealth can be a burden
Occasionally, a train is safer than an aeroplane
Don't go on talk shows
Question your surgeon if you don't like what they're about to do
Try not to get shot in the head
Always pay your debts
Knowing Biblical quotes sometimes helps
Sometimes you have to be your own person
No one should think they have the right to decide someone else's fate
Don't go into houses purported to be haunted
Sometimes love and a little restrain conquers all - well, maybe not
Don't keep snacks in the basement
Forgiveness must often be earned
Don't speak in metaphors - if someone misunderstands you, there could be
grave consequences
Some drugs should not be taken
If you haven't been in the sun for a while, don't overdo it. Sunburn
really hurts
Try not to have flashbacks during delusions
Don't go into houses purported to be haunted
Don't keep snacks in the basement
Never eat strange rats
Never let a serial killer change your flat tire
One bullet in the chamber does the job
Dogs are for breakfast( but only in the worst of times)
Hockey players need to be blanched before dinner
When you're going to have surgery, consult with a second physician
It's okay to add a little variety to your diet
Make sure medical waste is properly disposed of
Some people have an internal compass that just won't let them get lost no
matter if they're flying or driving
Late night radio is a strange and wonderful thing
Be careful of what you bargain for, it can come back to haunt you in a
big way
It's okay to get too caught up in the world of computers if it helps you
solve other problems
Dogs are not entirely safe to be around
When creating a false identity, be thorough.  Otherwise you'll have some
messy details to deal with later
Don't take strange gifts from men you meet in coffeehouses
Make sure you inspect your work that it's done correctly before you leave
Be skeptical - people will lie to you from time to time
When the going gets tough, the tough go flying.
The best way to deal with LaCroixs is to avoid them.
The best way to deal with Nicks is to confuse them
The best way to deal with Vachons is to kiss them (ok, wishful
When you have an opening, go for the throat.
When all else fails, try the whammy.  (This never happened.  I never
got a "D" in Organic Chem.  You will now talk like a chipmunk.)
Color is irrelevant.  It's what's inside that counts.  (ie, at least
the Caddy has a big trunk.)
When you have a good answering machine message, stick with it, no
matter what
If you have a dream and a goal, then you have a reason to get up each
Daddy doesn't always know best
Always floss.  You never know who might notice
Have a healthy respect for your boyfriend's father
Pay attention if someone is giving too much attention to your neck
Keep track of your dog
Having a flashback in the middle of a conversation isn't polite
Be picky about what you eat
Don't unleash a deadly disease on a race of killers.  They might get angry
If you want to kill your father, make sure you do it right
When running through dark flowershops beware of the garden hose
If the solution makes no sense go see a good play written by an old
friend to find the answer
A little cow blood once and a while is better than homocide
Living forever is the best revenge
If you kill someone, make sure they're really dead -- they may come back
to torture you.
Scottsdale,AZ is *much* better than Pheonix,AZ.
Know the Code ! !
An arcsecond can ruin your day.
A dog is not ALWAYS man's best friend
Keep your pet on a leash at all times
It is wise to believe in spooks, demons, ghoulies, ghosties, etc.,
and take precautions to avoid them
Posession can be more than 9/10 of a vampire
Always double check the math before predicting the end of the world
Forever is a long time to run
Don't keep mortal pets unless you have friends prepared to babysit them
Make friends with your local ME - they're much cheaper than regular
Buzz cuts don't date - they're suitable for any century
Sex is back - hold a strip on Friday nights
When you say it with flowers, don't buy expensive ones
Basic black is suitable for all occasions
Garlic is good for you - especially if your partner happens to be a
Pizza is nature's perfect food
If you MUST have flashbacks, don't have them while you're driving
Immortality is no excuse for not flossing
 Never try to show your inner self by getting naked
Walk softly and carry a big, pointy stick
Having an excellent memory isn't always a good thing
Some people never go away no matter how much you want them to
Who needs to learn how to drive when you can fly
Wine and blood do mix
Do not flashback and drive
Speak softly and carry a big stake
Watch what you eat; they may come back to get you
If you're ever lucky enough to host a radio talk show, use an airname so
the weirdos won't show up at your house later
Characters with pale skin and yellow eyes are not restricted to "Star
Trek: the Next Generation."
Blood is thicker than (holy) water
When suffering from amnesia, always check with your coroner before
venturing into the daylight
If you smell like formaldehyde, you won't get very many dates
If you smell like formaldehyde, and you do get a date, it will probably
be with a serial killer
And most importantly:  Never stop reaching for your goal, no matter how many
obstacles get put in your path.

Contributed by Val Wirth,  L'Phantom,  Cousin Susan, Marina Bailey, Lisa
Clever, Jill Gillham, Beth Brown,  Jerimi Paul, Sharon Bhandari, Vickie
Adams, Trisha Morris, Laura MacMillan,  Ty Parker, Christine Hawkins ,
Nancy McCaskey , and Valery King

Jill Marie
jilkey@g....... jilkey@u.......
"I don't require that my patrons be human, just that they be polite"-Mike
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 10:07:35 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Unnamed Faction etc.

>>> How about the closeup of the hands from the Sistine
>>> Chapel.  You know, the one between God and man.

This idea really does bother for several reasons.

1)Probably mostly because I'm not religious, and I wouldn't be comfortable
  wearing something with such clear religious connotations.

2)(I know this might seem contradictory.)
  Even though I'm not religious, I respect people who are.  I know I
  shouldn't speak for them, but casting LaCroix as God really does seem
  like too much to me.

3)I do want something that denotes the strong bond between LaCroix and
  Nick.  However the different ways we see the relationship, surely we all
  see it as a very strong bond?  I think the two hands clasping forearms
  shows that much more clearly than the God and man picture.

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
The Unnamed Faction
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 11:05:05 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Factions

>Margie (i.e. - me) wrote:

>The Unnamed Faction ... doesn't hold to one particular thing.

Tippi wrote:

>Just to clarify:  The UF started out specifically as a *couples faction*,

I came up with the name The Unnamed Faction specifically to accomodate
all the different ways people see the LaCroix/Nick relationship.  I see
it as a very loving friendship and a parent/child relationship, but not
as an erotic relationship.  I have no problem being in a faction with
people who do see an erotic relationship, as long as they're comfortable
with me being in the faction.  I don't want people to feel that the
faction is exclusively for people who see an erotic aspect to the
relationship, and to feel uncomfortable joining the faction for that reason.
I don't think this is what Tippi meant, based on the e-mail that she sent
to people interested in her e-mail mini-loop, but maybe some more
clarification is in order?

BTW, I sent this to Meredith, who is working on the Affiliations FAQ, as
a suggestion for the description of The Unnamed Faction, and she indicated
she would use it.  Does this explain it more, and is this ok with people:

     "The Unnamed Faction is for people who like the relationship
      between Nick and LaCroix.  Members see the relationship in a
      number of different ways, as a parent-child relationship, as
      as a friendship, as an erotic relationship, as a loving
      relationship, although not an erotic one, etc.  Some members
      see the relationship in a combination of different ways.  All
      points of view are welcome."

Tippi also wrote, in another post:

>maybe someone wants to make a differentiation and start
>a new f(r)action?  That'd be interesting, too!

I hope we don't have do this, because the LC/Nick relationship is so complex,
that we could endlessly fractionate ourselves.  I think it's going to be
a lot more fun if we can manage to stay in the same faction.

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
The Unnamed Faction
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 12:55:57 -0400
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      Re: Factions

"Kennedy, Jean" <jkennedy@m.......> wrote:
> Allison wrote:
> >What about those of us who are most intrigued by the *tormenting* aspect
> > of Nick and Lacroix's relationship?  <g>  [snip]
> We're called Cousins. ; )

Nooooooo!  Cousins (hey, Cousins, support me on this) are people who
believe that Nick *should* "give in to who he is."  They are followers of
Lacroix, the tormentor, not Nick, the tormentee.  <g>  (Although I think
some Cousins think it's Nick who is yanking Lacroix's chain by refusing to
be a good son.)

I just enjoy the drama caused by the tension between Nick and Lacroix.  I
*don't* want Lacroix to win.  I'm not even a Dark Knightie!  (No, Nick,
*don't* become a happy vampire!  Keep trying!  Keep brooding & angsting!)

OK, I'll admit I'm a sick puppy.  I love Nick, but I also love the fact
that Lacroix keeps tormenting him.  I really do need therapy.  ;^)  And
I'm beginning to really worry about having to explain all of this to Nick
in the next War.  <g>

-- Allison Percy  (percy91@w....... -or- AlliePercy@a.......) --
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Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 13:26:57 -0400
From:         Judith Freudenthal <JudithF955@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Story Wanted

I received the story I needed ("The Christmas Wish") and want to thank those
who responded so quickly!

Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 13:43:58 -0400
From:         Siona <siona@n.......>
Subject:      Re: Factions

At 12:55 PM 5/23/96 -0400, you wrote:
>"Kennedy, Jean" <jkennedy@m.......> wrote:

>Nooooooo!  Cousins (hey, Cousins, support me on this) are people who
>believe that Nick *should* "give in to who he is."  They are followers of

Aren't those who believe that Nick should "give in" the Dark Knighties?

>I just enjoy the drama caused by the tension between Nick and Lacroix.  I
>*don't* want Lacroix to win.  I'm not even a Dark Knightie!  (No, Nick,
>*don't* become a happy vampire!  Keep trying!  Keep brooding & angsting!)

Did you just contradict yourself?

Dark Knightie!
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Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 06:00:00 MDT
From:         Mirror <HEWEPAME@l.......>
Subject:      Re: Factions

Jean didn't contradict herself, she merely stated that there are SOME
PEOPLE which believe that Nick should give in.  She wants him to keep
fighting for his humanity.
Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 13:55:22 -0400
From:         Hilary Doda <Hilary_Doda@t.......>
Subject:      Sci-Fi Channel Address

Hey gang! I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but I've got
a pile of digests still to wade through.  What is the snail-mail address for
the sci-fi channel HQ? I've sent e-mail thank-yous to them, but I'd love to
send snail mail as well.
Thanks hugely!

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Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 12:57:58 -0700
From:         Dee Davidson <dmd@a.......>
Subject:      Last Knight Pictures

Hi all!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finished putting up screen captures
of Last Knight, all 81 of them, don't worry tho there is a zip file
included (649kb) so if you want them all at once get the zip or if you just
want to pick through them one by one you can still do that too.
I included a link to the Winzip homepage wish has information and stuff for
those who don't know anything about .zip files.
I won't be adding more pictures for awhile, after this last batch I'm
tired:) I'll include other episode pictures later.
If you have any problems, comments, questions, Diet Coke or Suzy Q's let me
know, email is in the sig. Enjoy! :)


Dee  * Cousin * Valentine * Diviant * TEDT *
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Date:         Thu, 23 May 1996 16:27:14 +0100
From:         "Kennedy, Jean" <jkennedy@m.......>
Subject:      Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Nigel Bennett (1/2)

Or: How FK Saved My A**

I received a great compliment the other day, and since I owe it partly to Mr.
Bennett, I thought I'd share it with y'all because I wantcha to be happy with
me. It's amazing the little ways FK affects your life, really. (This is sort
of a long set-up for a short punch line, so I'm going to divide this into two

What you need to know about me is that I tend to be Invisible. You know what I
mean: easy to overlook, easy to ignore, good at blending into the woodwork.
It's an old survival skill. Sometimes it's still helpful. But when I want to
be noticed, being invisible is really irritating. My family and friends have
all heard me complain that I have no charisma and no presence and I don't know
how to get any. (My brother got it all: he walks into a room, and even if you
don't see him, you know *somebody* has entered the room.)

What you need to know about the context is this: I'm working on an M.A. My
program requires a "business practices" course. So I ended up by some cosmic
default in a graduate-level business course, the goal of which is to analyze
"live" (read: real, in-development) laboratory technologies for possible
commercialization. It's a 3-credit course; should be 6. Reports were due every
week, big final report due at the end of the semester. But the major
grade-buster (50% of the final) was a presentation to the students, the
faculty, and all the researchers and technology transfer people and government
and venture capitalists and other Big Guns involved in this program.

Two of the six people on my team were experienced in this kind of
presentation. I was not one of them. I am a language person. I was willing to
research, write, rewrite, edit, compile, and publish any or all of the group
reports, but I absolutely, positively, did not want to be the presenter.
(Please don't throw me in that briar patch, B'rer Bear!) I wanted to be

Well, real life intervened, and guess who got stuck giving the final
presentation? Ya. There were a few rehearsals in small classrooms with the
team, the team's instructor, at least one other instructor, and whoever else
happened to show up. A standard overhead projector was supplied. I lived
through the rehearsals but gained no confidence.


Cousin Jean <jkennedy@t.......>

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