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Logfile LOG9605A Part 1

May 1, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9605A" Part 1

	Why half the cast left
	Jane Doe Tapes (No Spoiler)
	Quotelist - "Taming of the Shrew" (short version)
	If not at Syndicon W, Ignore (Long)
	Ger's Upcoming Roles
	Fan Q awards
	If not at Syndicon W- In Sympathy
	People Poll
	Fiction Sites  (2)
	j_ (Lacroix pronunciation)
	John Kapelos in Wiseguy t.v. movie?
	Please help
	Jane Doe --the new off topic  (2)
	your mail
	Real Life Blood Money
	People Poll Picture Pox  (2)
	name challenge!
	New piece on website
	Last Knight party--Atlanta!
	Contribs to NATPE bags  (2)
	TV Guide poll

Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 00:10:14 -0400
From:         Nathanial Cook <NatRobin@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Why half the cast left

It's . . . it's so sad to find all this stuff out.  It seems to me like the
producers sort of shot themselves in the foot.

NAT!!!  (One Sad Raven)
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 00:10:20 -0400
From:         Nathanial Cook <NatRobin@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Jane Doe Tapes (No Spoiler)

>I'd be glad to copy them for you, but I have to borrow another VCR to do it.

I do have a fairly portable VCR that might work.  I also have access to my
parents' VCR. Let me think about this one for a while.

By the way, what's "Nth" generation (like gazillionth generation?)?


NAT!!!  (Generational Raven)
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 01:44:27 -0400
From:         "Carolyn P. McLelan" <cmclelan@f.......>
Subject:      ATV & FK

Just for one bright note, I talked to "Tracey" in Programming at ATV, she
said Forever Knight would be on, any time that it wasn't pre-empted by a
sports event.  Apparently they got too much flak when they showed part

However, they have bought into all three years (they just finished showing
year 1 and are starting year 2), and that it has very good ratings and
they are expecting very good things from it.

Please show our appreciation to Tracey, (who doesn't have direct e-mail
access) through mail addressed through the ATV web site to:  c/o Tracey
at Programming
at http://www.atcon.com/media/atv/

It may only be a smaller station in relation to some of the bigger
American stations, but, a station serving the 4 Atlantic Canadian
provinces should throw a little weight around.

Let's make sure they know we are there!!

Carolyn P. McLelan

Check out the campaign to save Forever Knight at:
The Mother of Invention *had* to be a Single Mother!
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 00:37:38 -0400
From:         Jennie Hayes <Finabair@a.......>
Subject:      Quotelist - "Taming of the Shrew" (short version)

OK, only 100 lines of quote!  I'm not sure how I did it, I started out
with something like 300 lines.  If you'd like *all* of the quotes,
e-me at jmhaye@s....... and I'll send 'em along when I have
time!  (last I heard, quotelists were supposed to be no more than 100
lines long.  I've kinda been out of it for awhile, tho, so if that's
changed, mea culpa!)  Without further ado:

~ "Taming of the Shrew" Quotelist ~ unattributed, of course!

I'm not here to have fun.  I'm here to see Ger.
It's not how big it is, it's how clean you get your teeth.
What are you writing?  A book?  --No, a quotelist.
Oh, Vicky's got a great seat! --Oh, Vicky's got an
  interesting seat! --Oh, Vicky's in the play!
Oh, I could eat a Vachon.  Ewww.  I'm not hungry anymore.
Oh, someone's getting flowers.  I wonder what he did wrong.
I'll share your concern and raise you a worry. --I'll see your
  worry and raise you an angst.  --Why are we angsting?
They've gotta get up at the crack of dawn...and whip themselves
  with beads.  --Jamie was doing that this morning.
It was like a live blooper reel.
She seems to think that wrinkles can be taken off and eaten.
I mean, you guys are attracted to tin foil.
I'm in a macaque sandwich.
People who decompose help the environment.
Ooh, look!  Elephant butts.  --Don't change the subject.
That's a herd reaction. They must've seen someone as a threat.
   --Wonder who?
Quick, catch up to Susan - there might be quotes happening!
Natpackers play and help the environment at the same time.
We need Ger here.  He could talk the stripes off them and we'd have
  naked zebras!
Dust in the wind - Where's Adrian Paul?
Yes, by all means, let's sing to the lemurs.  What kind of song do you
  serenade them with?   --Lemuricks...
It says 'bock'.  It's either a deer or a beer...
Vanishing animals.  That's why we can't find them.
The view from the top - is this like having a mirrored ceiling?
Oh, and an aroma differential as well.
Mandrills discover fire.  They're starting to evolve before our eyes.
Look, an exotic African mop.  And, an exotic African bucket.
Backed into a corner by a screaming hug!
I started grabbing your feet at 8:00 then I engaged you in a conversation.
Natpack Navigation:  Let's go this way - we've never been there before.
I had a beer, The Guy got down on his knees, and I had chicken.
It's not the size, it's what you do with it. --We wrote 'Natpack' on it.
Sudden onset of raindrops...or bugs. --Waterbugs.
Jamie, why are you wearing turtlenecks? Afraid of vampires?
  -- No, just my faction.
Aargh!...It's okay, I'm fine. --Must be Natpack.
It's not British Columbia, it's a Volkswagon. --Silly me.
Let us in or you get the Natpack for the ride home.  Boy, will you be
We've got rubbing, handholding, and now we've got moaning. --Sounds
  like JADFE. --Now she's whimpering. --Definitely JADFE.
His hair is as unruly as his personality.
I think the ambience police just cracked down on someone in back.
Though we're all here, we're not all there. That's like the anthem
  for this weekend.
It's clean Canadian trash, you don't need gloves.
Cowabungee!  --Mooo. Whee! Mooo. Whee!
Can't you just see Janette driving and Natalie navigating?
I can't handle all this conversation.  I just saw Skinner in bed!
We're getting harmonizing moans over there?
Scream on.  Scream off.
Skinner's Lips of Death.
It's not the huddle of pain, this is the chorus line of pain.
None of this is even slightly affected by the fact that we've all had
Dignity left with sweetness and light. --They went out for beer.
  --We've just had major sinus cleaning.
The Natpack leading the Natpack.  It'll cost millions of dollars &
 thousands of lives, but they'll have a good quotelist when they get
I'll blow dry my hair again.  I'll stand in a wind tunnel.
Bad brows!  Go home!  No cookie.
Ooooh, Nick vision.  It's been awhile.
Somebody just shoot the makeup people, please?
I'll just hide here in the blue light...
I had a line tonight.  They're gonna have to start paying me!
Yes!  I knew we had a bigger something.
Betsy, I'm watching angel-action here.   Thank you.
See, if it had been Sharon your flesh would have been forcefully
  ripped from your body by the beams from her eyes.
She wants to make her mark on Toronto.  SPLAT!
We need a dead body to get inside.
Tag team Tranio.
I'm not a good girl, I'm wearing a wonder bra.
Don't say, "I can get him to sign this" and then open your coat!
Where else do you get to lift a skirt over a girl's head and get paid?
Oh, Vachons!  Oh my, they're big!
You know there's gonna be angel shit when there's glowing light.
Oh good, our graffiti is still here.  Except that it's a little gone.
I see nodding heads, OK.  --Oh, come on, it's the Natpack.  That could
  mean anything.  --It could just be a group bounce.
We're like Landru.  We just absorb.  --I thought that was Pepto Bismol.
You're supposed to follow from behind, not from the side.
Come back so you can tell them where to go.  God knows they're ready
  to tell me where to go.
A Vachon is like a big ding-dong.
I like it here in Toronto 'cuz all the young men smile atthe old women.
It's a religion with an open-bar policy.
Any bat within a 40-mile radius was hittin' glass like crazy.
I commit quote, I commit fiction, I should just be committed.
I'm a cheap drunk, it's just that I don't show it.  It never affects
  the brain.   --No, it's just that you can't tell the difference.
That's the Natpack.  Always clinging to dumb animals.
Wow, you can make this elevator eat your friends! --As opposed to
  just watching...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oO0Oo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jennie Hayes -  finabair@a.......  -  jmhaye@s.......
**** Natpack ****  MCotCoS  ****  Game of Gopher, anyone?  ****
***Which way did they go?  I must find them, for I am their leader.***
Date:         Tue, 30 Apr 1996 23:53:07 -0500
From:         Jewels <jbaldwin@f.......>
Subject:      If not at Syndicon W, Ignore (Long)

Please allow me to preface with this: I painfully regret sending a
message out to more than one list. However, as I was not at Syndicon
West, I do not know to whom I should directly address this, or to which
list(s) they might subscribe. I willingly accept whatever consequences
are appropriate. Rest assured, I will not do it again.

This message is for all listmembers who were present at the con and met
my baby twin, Christian. Feel free to hit delete at any time, I will
probably be a bit emotional.

Hello gorgeous.
I wanted to apologize as necessary for my sister's coarse behavior and
to thank you for your kindness. She told me that she was a complete
a**hole to almost everyone, almost all of the time. She said that if the
family were present, we would never live down the shame.  Immediately, I
knew what she meant, and hoped to offer an explanation.

She probably seemed aloof. In truth, she was painfully shy. She said
that while in the presence of Mr. B., she could hardly stand to look at
him. That his presence devoured the room more fully than any
Valiere or Moore (Baton Rouge old society).  Which astonished me,
actually, as she was not unused to the company of local performing
artists. In any case, she said that she dragged a con photographer from
the party to escape unscathed.

Everyone, save the President of Mr. B's fan club, was in her perception,
an angel. She quickly chimed in with Mama's old saying, "only the
fragile among us are cruel. It takes great strength to be beautiful to
everyone." (Mama equates beauty with warmth and generosity of spirit,
not the physical.) I asked her if perhaps "cruel" was too strong a word
to describe the woman she encountered. She said, "yes, distracted

She said that she was unable to spend much time getting to know any of
you, as the hotel only allowed her to smoke outdoors, in the bar, and in
her room.

She was afraid that she was perceived as an alcoholic, because she was
the only woman at the party drinking.  I asked her how much she had.   I
was stiffly informed that she had a beer, and some champagne from the
bottle at the party. I laughed and told her that unless she was tripping
over feet, not to worry. (In the Coonass tradition, we were sipping J.D.
and cokes before the training wheels were off.)

She also admitted that she was accused of being an Australian, as her
accent ebbed and flowed. I said, "Darling, (pron. Darlin'), unless they
were from this part of the world, they probably don't hear many
Louisiana-altered-by-many-years-in-Metro Houston accents."

She said that when Tara asked, before the party, for suggestions on what
to write on Mr. B's card, she replied, "I'd like to thank your mother
for a butt like that. Love, Tara." I reminded her that she had never
seen Mr. B or his butt in her entire. Nevertheless, at the time she felt
it was appropriate.

I am sorry that this thank you note is late in coming, but, you see, on
the night of her return, my baby twin took her own life. The
conversation I've recounted was our last.  In light of this, and her
just-completed time with you, I wanted you to understand her.  I never
want her to be remembered, not even vaguely, as less than she was.  She
was my twin, and I loved her.  She is the third sister that I have lost
since November. (There were six of us.)  She was the gentlest, the
softest of us. She mourned the loss of the South of her birth to the
present one. She loved peonies and the sea. She was an afficionado,
no, an artist of snail mail. She liked you all very much.

Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 00:53:40 -0400
From:         Eileen Salmas <ESalmas@a.......>
Subject:      Ger's Upcoming Roles

Could some kind soul please post me the names of the Showtime and (I think it
was) USA movies/episodes that Ger will be appearing in? I may be able to get
screener tapes on them if I can remember the titles. Thanks?

Eileen Salmas
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 01:18:38 EDT
From:         "Nigel M. Bennett" <102371.674@c.......>
Subject:      Fan Q awards

        It is extremely flattering to hear that I have been nominated for an
award. However, I don't for the life of me know what for. I have never
collaborated with Denyse Bridger on any project in the past, and do not intend
to in the future.
        Just to make sure that everyone knows the real situation.
Date:         Tue, 30 Apr 1996 23:30:04 -0700
From:         Denise Underwood <ithildin@m.......>
Subject:      Re: If not at Syndicon W- In Sympathy

> Jewel wrote
> This message is for all listmembers who were present at the con and
> met my baby twin, Christian.
> the night of her return, my baby twin took her own life.  She
> was my twin, and I loved her.  She is the third sister that I have lost
> since November. (There were six of us.)  She was the gentlest

I truly don't know what to say at this moment, I'm still stunned by the
news. I will try to share some of my memories of Christian...

I met Christian at the FK party Tara and I held at SyndiCon, I found her
charming and funny. I admired her spirit in attending a convention for
the first time at the behest of her sister, not knowing what to expect.
She was the perfect guest, I liked her a great deal in the short time I
had with her. She was not drunk nor was she aloof, and she certainly was
not the only one who felt too shy to interact with Mr. Bennett. The only
thing that kept me from running for the closet was Tara prodding me
along thru the night, if only I had known how she felt I would have
tried to be moral support for her. I remember looking for Christian over
the weekend but never seeing her. I truly regret that I never had, and
now never will get the chance to know her a little better. I only wish I
had known how troubled she was, I would have tried to help. That night,
for me, was a highlight in my life, I shall now never be able to look
back on it without sadness. I am so sorry for your loss Jewel, I wish I
was able to express my sorrow more eloquently, but I am unable. I will
leave that for others, only know that my prayers are with you and your

Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 05:11:59 -0500
From:         "[Heather Poinsett]" <HEP2708@a.......>
Subject:      ykybfhb...

you know your boyfriend has been watching too much fk when you tell him about
your green drink (it's something my alternative medicine friend told me about
you take about 2 quarts of water and a handful of parsley leaves.   You blend
it together and you have a chlorophyll water drink.  My friend Elaine called
it plant blood--because it's supposed to build up your own blood.  It's pretty
tasty stuff too).

Anyway Chris and I were watching Dead of Night and I was trying to get him to
try the green drink.  He accused me of being a plant vampire and trying to
bring him across ... :)

Also one of the waitpersons at outback steakhouse called me that and the green
drink girl after seeing me with it there.  Three bartenders kept stopping by
to ask what it was....

Sorry I'll stop rambling now... :0

Heather *Misty-Eyed Adventuress*  and the Green-Drink Girl
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 06:59:35 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Date: 1 May 1996, 06:57:21 EDT
Subject: People Poll
I just picked up People Magazine.  None of our people are listed
in the 50 most beautiful people section.
Today, we mourn.
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 06:52:21 -0400
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@p.......>
Subject:      Re: Fiction Sites

On Apr 30, 1996 19:08:50, '"Cynthia J. Hoffman"
<choff@v.......>' wrote:

>(ftp.cac.psu.edu/pub/people/lms5), though the last time I was there, it
>>was not as inclusive as the web site.

>I maintain and update the ftp fiction site, and while there are
>gaps and it's not as sexy as the web page because it's not "linked"
>using html, it's MORE current than the web page ...

Some people are easily intimidated and/or don't know what to do with an
address that doesn't begin with "http://"...

Using Netscape, at least, you can browse your way into ftp.  Try:


Put this URL into your browser as if it were a "regular" http:// address.

You'll find yourself with a screen listing all sorts of subdirectories,
each with the name of an author or challenge.  Click on the folder to get
in, or click on "Back to Higher Directory" to go back to whence you came.

(These directions presume you're using a mouse, naturally)

Hope this helps.

        - Jamie M.R. <immajer@p.......> -
          - Assistant Listowner, FORKNI-L -
      - NatPack, ConvCos, Ace-ist in RoadMode -
 - Illustrated Webgoddess & Keeper of Warm Fuzzies -
List Rules - http://cac.psu.edu/~jap8/FK/FKRules.html
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 06:17:46 -0500
From:         "[Heather Poinsett]" <HEP2708@a.......>
Subject:      Re: j_ (Lacroix pronunciation)

It took me about forever to figure out how to correctly prounounce LaCroix.
I used to work for an oil company and most of it was based in Lousiana so
for five or six years I always prounonced french names in a cajun slur.

I still want to say -- La Croy.

Heather *Green drink Girl*
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 05:08:54 -0700
From:         Roxanne Piccen <CHIRMP@a.......>
Subject:      John Kapelos in Wiseguy t.v. movie?

Did anyone watching N.Y.P.D. Blue last night happen to
catch the previews for the Wiseguy movie on ABC this
Thursday?  I could swear that I saw John Kapelos in two
different shots, but it was so fast I could be mistaken.
Is his name listed in the credits in T.V. Guide?


RoxanneP@a....... (Home) // CHIRMP@a....... (Work)
Save Forever Knight! // Save American Gothic!  Check out:
http://www.best.com/~owls for The Trinity Guardian
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 11:09:05 -0500
From:         Annmarie McKee- Fitzgerald <mickey@c.......>
Subject:      Please help


   Over the weekend I posted a note asking if you would all please forward
anything of interest to me so that it would be included in the loop. I
realize that a lot of you were away, enjoying Ger's play (I'm jealous!) and
may not have seen it, so I am asking again, no, in truth, I'm begging
you....*please* just CC anything of interest to me, I would greatly
appreciate it.

Out of the digest for 4-30 (Special Issue) I took 5 posts that would be of
interest to the loop.
I am still missing the actual thread on the TCI (?) campaign and would
appreciate it if someone would forward this information on who should be
contacted as far as helping you guys out.

There are over 500 willing and able viewers on this loop, just as there many
dedicated viewers on the snail mail loop. These people are just as dedicated
to the FK fight as we are and just as willing to help,please let them! But,
they also want to enjoy too and I like to pass things along to them, such as
the picture of Ger at the people site etc.

Thanks very much!


FOREVER KNIGHT: Now showing on the SciFi Channel Mondays, 8pm, 12am EST
FOREVER KNIGHT SOS/FK: http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
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***The Mother of Invention *had* to have been a single mother!***
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 11:08:30 EDT
From:         Tanya Smith <bodybldr@v.......>
Subject:      Jane Doe --the new off topic

Date: 1 May 1996, 10:57:55 EDT
To:   fkpoilr at psuvm.psu.edu
Subject: Jane Doe--and the new off topic
I think LC's question is valid but belongs on the forkni list.  IMHO,
though, Lacroix is bisexual and is also attracted to a complementary
personality.  Nick fits this description.  I also think that Lacroix
*REALLY* doesn't want Nick to do his bidding, for then he would cease
to be a challenge.
I think Lacroix has the guy mentality of "I want what I can't have, and
if I can have it, I really don't want it anymore".  If Nick were to
succumb to Lacroix' temptations, he wouldn't amuse Lacroix anymore.
Lacroix loves Nicholas' goodness, generosity and angst.  It's the fuel
that stokes the fire, so to speak.
Just my controversial opinion though.
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 07:25:57 -2055
From:         "L. Katherine Queen" <lqueen@p.......>
Subject:      Re: Feeding

The Mad Hatter wrote at 9:58 PM on 4/30/96:
>but how's that, if the stomach has no direct connection to the heart?
>[yes, i've taken too much human anatomy; it's gone to my head!]
>it would make more sense if the fangs were hollow......

If you want to play with semantics, how in the world to vampires completely
drain their victims in 2 seconds or less?  Thoughts anyone?

Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 11:48:13 -0400
From:         Katja Stokley <cstokley@c.......>
Subject:      Re: your mail

On Wed, 1 May 1996, Tanya Smith wrote:
> Subject: People Poll
> I just picked up People Magazine.  None of our people are listed
> in the 50 most beautiful people section.
> Today, we mourn.

That's because the regular beautiful people thing and the online poll
were two different things. If you check the web site, you'll see that GWD
is seventh on the online poll.

                 Katja Stokley    -*-    cstokley@c.......
            -*- Enter any 12 digit prime number to continue -*-
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 11:55:13 +30000
From:         Valerie Meachum <valerie@l.......>
Subject:      Real Life Blood Money

Just ran across a slightly disturbing blurb in this week's _Chronicl of
Philanthropy_ (yes, I make my living getting people to give money to the
ballet): Oxford University has agreed to return a substantial gift to a
German donor because they found out the donor's grandfather made his
fortune in Nazi-related activities.

At first glance, the emotional reaction makes sense.  But it immediately
brought to mind "Blood Money"--can you imagine how Nick would feel if by
some (obviously unlikely) circumstance people found out where the seed
money for the De Brabant Foundation came from and refused to accept
grants from it?  A 400-year-old highway robbery is obviously a bit
different from Nazi crimes, but the principle is similar enough that I
had a YKYBWTMFKW reading the article.  This poor guy probably is in a
worse position than Nick--he's not responsible for the taint on his
family's money, and in fact probably wasn't even *born* when his
grandfather made it.  Yet when he tries to give back to the world, the
world slaps him in the face.  It's a dreadful issue--like I said, my own
instinct was "ewwww, don't touch it, it's dirty."  Gives a bit more
timeliness to BM than I thought it had when watching it last season, and
a bit more insight into Nick's dilemma in dealing with his mistake.  How
long must a stain like that last before people consider the money fit to
be put to work for a good purpose?  How many generations must suffer the
stigma of that stain?  (More complex in NIck's case obviously, since he's
the same person--or is he?--but no one would know that and might or might
not be able to connect him at all.)  There are no easy answers--but it
seems to me a bit vindictive to deny the criminal or his heirs the
opportuinty to give back.

It's kind of ironic that people don't want to accept such "tainted" gifts
because they feel that the criminal or his heir is trying to wipe the
slate clean for his own (undeserved?) benefit, and then to look at Nick's
conviction that no matter how much good is done through his foundation it
can *never* be enough.  I admit there's a bit too much Candide in me for
some people's taste, but I suspect this real-life guy in Germany feels
much the same way, and about crimes that are not even his own.  Sad.

BTW, the same issue had a *huge* spread about the various charities
activities of Elvis fans.  It mentioned that "many celebrities' fan clubs
give to charities, but not to the extent of these groups."  HELLO!
That's because there aren't as many of us!  There's an Elvis Presley
Memorial Trauma Center that puts up plaques for $1000+ donors, and it's
kind of a mark of prestige among the smaller fan clubs to earn one.
In reading the article, I bet what we've done for Pediatric AIDS between
GWDFC and the Save FK campaign is proportionally comparable.  Big pat on
the back, everybody--let's keep it up!  Let's keep proving that fandom
*does* exist to make the world a better place in multiple ways!  :-)

Valerie Lynn Meachum    <valerie@l.......>
"Gabrielle, stay right here. Have I made myself clear?" -- "Ahhh, no.  You're
still a little fuzzy about the edges. But keep working on it, you'll get
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 11:18:51 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: People Poll Picture Pox

Sorry, I meant to put this with my other post.
I know there's a lot of people out there with good pics of Ger.  If we had
a snail mail address, maybe some people wouldn't mind getting copies made
and sending them to People Mag?  Maybe we need to prove to these folks
that Ger really is a good-looking guy if the only picture they bothered
to get ahold of is the one they showed!

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 11:14:35 -0500
From:         Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject:      Re: People Poll Picture Pox

>Okay, folks, let's see if we can get 21,000 LOCs (letters of comment) to
>them about it!!!  Or at least, a few thousand email posts!!

We can probably do as well if *every* one of us sends a letter or email
post, so every letter has a different name.  Usually, when an organization
gets a letter, they assume there's several hundred more people who feel
the same way, but didn't bother to write.

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 13:08:16 -0400
From:         sylvie <quinn@m.......>
Subject:      name challenge!

What a challenge Mad Hat since Geraint is not french but I think Welsh..any
way here goes nothing.
Try this for GER put a G before the pronoun HER, for the last part AINT, put
an R before the noun ant.Which should give you the right pronounciation,as
for the rest of his name WYN is like the verb win and Davies well...no
problem there!!
Hope this help, most interviews that I have with him on video, they just
about all mess up his name...he has to repeat it every time.
Love reading all those letters,

Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 10:46:31 +0000
From:         Rachel Fulton <rfulton@d.......>
Subject:      Re: Writing

Hi! I am a newbie, but a very dedicated fan of FK.  I would love to
write a LOC but need to know where too..... If any of you can inform
me I would appreciate it... My address is rfulton@d........
Rachel Fulton
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 13:52:08 -0400
From:         "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject:      New piece on website

I apologize for not having changed the fiction on my website, but I've now
remedied that.  I've posted something that has never been posted or printed
anywhere before.

URL in the sig.

susang@v....... -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
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Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 10:36:41 +0000
From:         Rachel Fulton <rfulton@d.......>
Subject:      Re: Jane Doe --the new off topic

I agree about the challenge Nick is for LaCroix, but I don't think it is a
sexual thing.  I think it is more of  a father/son conflict.

Rachel Fulton
This is my fist posting, so tell me if my manners are correct =)
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 11:21:40 -0700
From:         Elizabeth Ann Lewis <elewis@u.......>
Subject:      Re: Fiction Sites

At 3:52 AM 5/01/96, Jamie Melody Randell wrote:
>Some people are easily intimidated and/or don't know what to do with an
>address that doesn't begin with "http://"...

Intimidated?  Us?  Naaah...  :)

>You'll find yourself with a screen listing all sorts of subdirectories,
>each with the name of an author or challenge.

Yes, except not all authors are listed there.  (At least they weren't all
on Sunday when I checked...)

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Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 16:20:20 -0500
From:         Stephanie Babbitt <stephanie.babbitt@g.......>
Subject:      Last Knight party--Atlanta!

All listmembers are cordially invited to join Atlanta, Georgia area FK fans
for a Last Knight party. Anyone is welcome from out of town; sleepover
arrangements can be made if needed. The show will air at 2:30 am on the
morning of Saturday 18 May; the party will begin the night before. If you
would like to attend, e-mail me privately for details so we don't clog the
list. Let's see this season out with a bang and make plans for another
party at the beginning of next season! We got the Centennial Olympics
against all odds; surely we can get another season of FK?

Refusing to let the dream die,
Stephanie Babbitt (stephanie.babbitt@g.......)
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 14:42:06 -0700
From:         Cousin Cherri <cdmunoz@e.......>
Subject:      Contribs to NATPE bags

Friends of Forever Knight
P.O. Box 30596
Alexandria, VA 22310-8596

Don't forget to make the check out to Laurie C. Fenster.

Is this still the information for sending money for the FK NATPE bag and
pamphlet contribution fund?

Thank you,

      Cousin Cherri                             <cdmunoz@e.......>
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Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 18:14:48 EDT
From:         Lynne Levine <llevine@m.......>
Subject:      TV Guide poll

I just got my TV guide for next week and noticed a readers' poll.
It's all multiple choice questions, mostly about stupid shows I'd
never watch.  But one question is: "which departing show will you
miss the most?"  Of course Forever Knight isn't listed as one of
the choices.  So, I suggest we write it in!!!!  It can't hurt our
cause and maybe someone at TV Guide will sit up and notice.

By the way, one of my other favorite shows, Babylon-5, is also in
trouble now.  And the TV Guide poll completely ignores that show
too, of course.  So, I suggest writing that one in too, wherever
possible (if you like B-5, or want to be nice to me <g>)!!!

Lynne Levine
Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 17:38:14 -0500
From:         D Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Contribs to NATPE bags

On Wed, 1 May 1996, Cousin Cherri <cdmunoz@e.......> wrote:
>Friends of Forever Knight       make the check out to Laurie C. Fenster.
>P.O. Box 30596
>Alexandria, VA 22310-8596

Yes, this is where you mail a check to help pay off the debt for the NATPE ad
and the NATPE bags.  Please be sure to make the check out to LAURIE!

Last I heard, we still had about $1000 to cover.... :(

Diane E
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Date:         Wed, 1 May 1996 12:18:00 -0800
From:         Linda Edwards <Linda.Edwards@r.......>
Subject:      FK SCHEDULE

Hi Heather,

 -=>On 04-30-96, Heather Thornburg was heard saying this to Linda Edwards <=-

 ADP> From:    Heather Thornburg <penni@t.......>

 ADP> Well, if you have the Scifi channel.  It's on tonight.

DRAT!!!@@! A day late & a dollar short. ;) Yes, I get the SCI-FI
channel, but wasn't aware it was showing it. I'll have to keep a
better eye out. [SHHSH!] I go off the list for a few weeks and now I'm
so behind. :)

Back into the darkness I shall go!
Linda {a Forever Knightie}

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