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Logfile LOG9604A Part 9

April 3, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9604A" Part 9

	Fiction Writers Past and Present
	Nick's Quest
	The Other Show -- dialogue :p
	Life interfering with lists?
	THAT show
	Ratpack faction info
	Kindred Comparisons (spoilers)
	Has this happened to anyone else?
	New Email Addy
	Last eps
	Reruns and I tried...
	Gary Kramer (Screed)
	Reply to Felicia
	FK Continuity, etc.
	watching other vampires
	FK Party in Houston & Nielsen person found
	Carouches and Nick

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 00:13:36 -0600
From:         Lady Sushi <phoenix@i.......>
Subject:      Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

>ok. this may sound strange,and dont take it personal, but.....who are you?

We are Borg.  Resistance is futile.

Sorry, had to do it.  For the ObFK: We are Tracy.  Gloom is futile.  You
will be Perkulated.

Cousin "Susan" Phoenix, Camera Fanatic of the Thong Throng
A Real Maan.
*I'd be nothing if not cold.*  ~~~Nigel
I wanted a steak, not a STAKE.
Date:         Tue, 2 Apr 1996 22:26:44 -0800
From:         Abby <albrecht@s.......>
Subject:      umm

Ok, instead of watching "The Kindred" tonight (though it doesn't sound
like I missed much), I went to a PR coctail party.

After an hour and a half of schmoozing I was really ready to go, when low
and behold a name tag calls to me from the other side of the room. It
said Sony.

We chatted, exchanged cards, the whole nine yards. Then I mentioned FK...


The letters are having a positive effect. The woman I talked to said Sony
was starting to realize how strong the fans are. They are still working
on promotional stuff like cups, and they are starting to wonder if they
made the right decision. She didn't say they were planning on bringing it
back anytime soon, but...

ok, i'm sleepy... g'night.

abby -- Mercenary of the Knight
albrecht@c.......   Down the hall  lThe first Merc Knightie
eponymous2@a.......       Turn right!    lDDEB3, Duchovniks, NLEB, and more
Date:         Tue, 2 Apr 1996 23:48:16 -0800
From:         Bonnela Pardoe <bonnie@o.......>
Subject:      Fiction Writers Past and Present

Hi!  And, no this is not a request for pieces of previously posted fiction
(I know where to find those).

I am looking for the authors of Vachon stories.  Either with him as the main
character or with him just somewhere in the story.  Please mail me off-list
with your name and the *titles* of the applicable stories.

Thanks so much.

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 01:27:01 -0500
From:         Melissa Puzio <miss68@p.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Quest

Katja wrote:

>I forget the episode name, but it was the one with the psychic who was
>helping the police. A man who was the pillar of the community had his own
>wife and daughter kidnapped, and the wife killed.

If I'm not mistaken, this was "Dying to Know You" from season 1.  This is
the one with the flashback to the American Colonies, where Nick befrends a
man named Matthew who then kills himself when he finds out what Nick really
is.  But I could be wrong

Cousin Mel
*NatVampCamp*AmarigeScentedNatPacker*Founder of Valentines
miss68@p....... or Penchk68@a.......

"You shouldn't play with equipment you don't understand," Alina, "Urs' Big
Idea, Part 8"
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 02:06:51 -0500
From:         Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject:      The Other Show -- dialogue :p

I actually sat through 17 minutes of this show before leaving the room
because reading FORKNI-L digests seemed much more interesting.

"Lame dialogue" was the first thought that came to mind.  Nearly every
episode of FK includes priceless lines of dialogue -- some are hilariously
funny, some are sheer poetry, and others make you shiver.  To wit:

Forever Knight dialogue snippets:

"Stay out of the sun, keep away from sharp sticks, you'll live forever --
that is supposed to be the deal."  Nick, Fever

"How many, Nicholas?  How many lives interrupted to feed your bloodlust
through the centuries?  How much beauty lost?  What have you ever brought
to the world but pain and darkness?  How many hearts stopped cold?  How
many fates interrupted, Nicholas?  Or can you even count them?"  Hans,
Let No Man Tear Asunder

"I have revived revived the vampire's taste I have revived the vampire's
taste for death.  The goodness he has cultivated cultivated it has been
driven driven out.  I will be with him forever forever I will be with him
forever."  Nick (possessed by the demon Belial), Sons of Belial

Compare with these Kindred: The Embraced dialogue snippets:

"I'm not gonna let these mob guys get away with this macabre crap."  The
cop guy, Det. Frank Kohanek
<okay, this bit was almost funny>

"Stevie Ray was my sire.  He sired all of us."  Cash (a Gangrel [sp?])
"We were down for Stevie.  You know what I'm saying?"  Gangrel chick
"You remember, don't you?  Your loyal bodyguard?  Well, he's dead now." Cash

"You're not invisible anymore, Luna.  You're out in the open now.  I'm
gonna come after you and your business!"  Frank

I don't think these guys get it at all....

* Allison Percy, a perky Knightie               percy91@w....... *
* Founding Member, the BBQ Knighties -- "We like Nick when he's smokin'!" *
* Now contemplating starting an Aardvark faction.  Sign up now!           *
* Shrewthering info: http://assets.wharton.upenn.edu/~percy91/shrew.html  *
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 02:26:07 -0500
From:         Diane Shea <KerrRaven@a.......>
Subject:      Life interfering with lists?

As many people have pointed out, FK takes a hold of most of your conscious
thoughts during the day.  It's not uncommon, and you shouldn't feel alone.
 Perhaps you should ask yourself the real question.  Is your life interfering
with your list reading?  If so, just set your options to NO LIFE for awhile,
or at least until you can catch up on those digests.:)

--Cousin Diane
*Valentine* and Supporter of *Seducers*!
Date:         Tue, 2 Apr 1996 23:27:12 -0800
From:         Valery King <kingv@u.......>
Subject:      THAT show

Well, I watched it (since I feel one should be informed before one disses
something), and I'll probably watch the ep tomorrow night just to see
Kelly Rutherford *once*. Then I don't need to see any more.

I kept thinking (with proper Janette tone and pronunciation): "This is
soooo... Spelling!" Bad acting, poor script (subtext? what's that?),
expensive but ultimately yucky special effects (what I wouldn't give for
the strong gee-whiz feeling of a simple FK vampire take-off-and-landing!),
vampires that seem pretty much the same as everyone else except they live
longer and are the Mob. The Godfather with glowing eyes. Sex and
violence, with the wrinkle that we get blood with *both* now. Yuck.

And they seem to be trying to look as much as Interview With the Vampire as
they can.

It is NOTHING like FK. At all. No comparison. Apples and (rotten) oranges.

Can we move on now?

Thanks for listening.

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 02:28:11 -0500
From:         Diane Shea <KerrRaven@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Ratpack faction info

Now that I'm finally through appy polly loggyizing to everyone I can be

John of the leaderless Ratpack wrote;

>>So, consider yerself joined and a right malinky droog!  I've taken that to
be a basicly friendly appellation to bestow upon others; still haven't gotten
around to finding a copy of "Clockwork Orange" to be certain!<g>  (there's a
glossary in the back of the book.)<<

Yep there is a glossary and, if you'd like to know, in this version it says
that malenky (with an "e") means little or tiny, and droog, as we all
guessed, means friend.
It's one bolshy ride of a book by the way!  Offensive to everyone, but I
enjoyed it non the less.  If the world turned "Orange" as it were, and
everyone started to adopt the language, I could just see LaCroix in Hearts of
Darkness shout, "Lets get NAGOY!"
If anyone has any other words they're wondering about in Screedite or the
like, ask me and I'll see if it's in here.

--Cousin Diane
*Valentine* and Supporter of *Seducers*!
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 03:18:20 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      Kindred Comparisons (spoilers)

Argh!  I just lost a long post I wrote comparing Kindred and FK by my
server going down!  Guess that'll teach me to compose offline.  Grrr!

Anyway, as I was saying, this is a post comparing Kindred: the Embraced
(which I watched and taped tonight) and FK.  If you don't want to be
spoiled about Kindred, best stop reading now.  But I'll leave some
spoiler lines too.

*    <Spoiler space removed?

First, I have to say that I enjoyed Kindred: the Embraced enough to
want to watch some more episodes.  The actors are all very good looking,
but their acting skills do not seem to be as good as the FK cast.  But
that may be because this is just the start of the show and they haven't
been able to "feel their way" into their characters yet.  I thought
that Ben Bass and Lisa Ryder looked a bit "lost" in their early eps so
the cast of Kindred may be suffering from similar "newbie growing
pains".  I'm willing to give them a chance because there *are* some
interesting possibilities in the storyline of Kindred.

I have to say that I liked the vamp eyes in Kindred very much.  I'm not
sure if they are contacts or special effects or both.  The vamp eyes
are a silvery blue and very "otherworldly".  The FK vamp yellow/green/
red eyes always seem more like animal eyes to me.  The Kindred eyes
were reminiscent of Interview With The Vampire (although I think
IWTV eyes were green, they also seemed "otherworldly").

There were no fangs shown in Kindred that I could see.  Whether this
will be a constant feature, I don't know.  It was odd.

The show opened with an aerial "flying over" view of San Francisco,
narrowing to a view of a rooftop on which were running three men
in what appeared to be early daylight.  Now I don't know if this
was supposed to be the viewpoint of a flying vamp or not.  If so,
that vamp wasn't shown, I don't think.  In this show's universe,
only some (not all) vampires can fly (unless they decide to really
change things a lot) whereas in FK, virtually *all* vampires fly.

Kindred vamps can apparently "sip" readily.  Although second season
introduced the concept of "sipping" into FK, I'm not sure FK vamps
find it as easy to do as the Kindred apparently do.  Kindred vamps
can also have romantic and sexual relationships with mortals without
biting them (poor Nick wishes he could do that).  Both these abilities
take away a lot of tension that we get in FK.  But maybe that was due
somewhat to the acting, which I've already mentioned was not as good.

I guess I should qualify the above "sex" statement by saying that
*female* Kindred vamps can enjoy sex.  Despite seeing the lead
male vampire getting cozy with a female vampire, enough wasn't
shown to indicate whether he could actually "perform" or just was
getting satisfaction from her blood.  The female vamp with the
mortal lover was apparently able to fully indulge though.

Another interesting ability the Kindred vamp has is the ability to
lick an open wound and have it *heal*.  A female vamp sipped a woman
in a restaurant restroom, but left no marks on her.  I bet our FK
vamps wish they had this ability!

The lead vampire, Prince Julian Luna, apparently has a cordial
relationship with his sire (unlike Nick).  He brought over a female
vamp against her will (the same vamp that got involved with a mortal).
They still were apparently lovers for a while though and he still
cared for her even though she'd left him.  He even cries tears of
blood for her at one point (which we've only seen on FK *once* but
an effect I like) because of what he's been sort of forced to do
by the "conclave" (a gathering of representatives of various clans
in the area).  Because they feel she "broke the masquerade" (means
to let mortals know vampires exist), he calls a "blood hunt" on
her (any vamp in the city can kill her).  In FK we have Enforcers;
in Kindred, vamps seem to take care of their own business.

Julian, although Prince, and several of the other vamps are very
young compared to our main FK vamps.  Julian is less than two
centuries old.  I found it a bit surprising than he'd be Prince
being so young.  Of course, some of the vamps may be older.  Maybe
Julian's youth is a vulnerability that will be explored in future

The Kindred vamps have blood like FK vamps.  Their hearts only
beat if they've fed.  An autopsy on a dead Kindred revealed the
organs showed the vampire's age and some were atrophied.  Bullets
will wound but not kill them.

I have an interest in Vampire: the Masquerade (on which this show is
based), but I only own two books so don't consider myself an expert.
V:tM breaks its vamps into various "clans" that have their own
special abilities.  At first I thought Julian was a Ventrue, but
he "melds" into the earth at one point and I'm not sure that that
is a Ventrue ability.  Also the vamp he brought across (who gets
involved with the mortal) is able to change into a wolf (also an
ability I'm not sure Ventrue have).  Now it may be that for the
purposes of television that some changes have been made to what
various clans can do.  I do like the concept of different clans
with somewhat different abilities (which is not something on FK).

Speaking of different abilities, the vamps in Kindred can tolerate
being in daylight for short times *if* they have had blood first.
Our guys mostly smoke.  This looks a bit odd.  The Kindred vamps
*can* still combust in the sun under certain conditions though
(like FK vamps).  And one is staked and left in the sun, so they may
also be killed by staking like FK vamps maybe.  The Kindred vamps
also try to kill each other with phosphorus bullets (wonder if that
would work on our guys? ;) ).

There is some tension and conflict in Kindred, but a lot of it is
political (rival factions vying for power type of thing).  This
is an aspect of V:tM though.  There is also an attempt to make
more personal conflicts, but they don't seem as compelling as the
tensions and conflicts in FK.  This may be due to the acting,
which I've already said I didn't think was as good as the acting
on FK.

Overall, I wasn't *wowed* by Kindred, but I'm curious enough to
want to watch a few more episodes.  I give the movie a D, mostly
because of some exposition about "clans" and the acting.  It has
a certain amount of glitzy superficiality and pretentiousness
to it that maybe could be overcome.  Time will tell.

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie
"Like the coldest winter chill: heaven beside you, hell within."
--"Heaven Beside You" by Alice in Chains
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 03:35:39 -0500
From:         Melanie Hernandez <Gitanita@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Has this happened to anyone else?

Okay, okay...I wasn't gonna say a thing, but I couldn't resist.  I have only
been a part of this list (and the others) for 3 or so days and FK has already
taken over my life!  I graduate in May, but thank goodness my email won't be
cut...I've got AOL!  Now I've just got to get a real job to pay for it!
 Anyway, I bug my roommate about FK and gripe to her about the other show and
how bad it was (I taped it, but I couldn't make it thru 20 minutes of
it!--apparently that was much more than very many of you, maybe I have a
higher tolerance for crap :-) )  My roomie has watched FK with me only a few
times (I'm still working on her!) and she thought the other show sucked too!
 Sorry for the tangent, but I am glad to see that I am not the only one that
has been so overwhelemed by FK in such a short time!  And while I am here
taking up your time I'd like to add that I am so glad and excited to see such
a following for this show!    I thought I must only be one of a few people
who stayed up late to watch or tape the show...why? Because I am an avid fan
of vampire lore, and every vampire show or movie or book that I have liked,
has always been terribly downplayed and not given it's due.  I only stumbled
across FK one night and boy was I excited!!

Okay, enough hyper babbling for tonight!

*Knightie*Ravenette*Immotral Beloved*FoSiL*
(& possibly a Vaquera--any member of that faction wanna help me decide??)
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 03:38:57 -0500
From:         Rebecca Howle <jhhowle@e.......>
Subject:      New Email Addy

Ok, take note! New email addy for me I am no longer at AOL. I thought I
would post because I didn't give anyone any warning about the switch.

Cassie, my partner in crime and other Co-owner of the Blue Meanies feel free
to use the new addy.

Hotel Goddess for the Shrewthering, Dark Knightie-all the fun of liking Nick
without all the guilt and angst! Co-owner of Blue Meanies
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 03:44:55 -0500
From:         Pat Witham <catspaw@m.......>
Subject:      Thanks

Thanks to everybody who sent story parts for Serpent's kiss. I
got exactly what I wanted.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 03:46:05 -0500
From:         Pat Witham <catspaw@m.......>
Subject:      Last eps

I'm trying hard to keep up my morale about the last two
episodes, but it's hard. I'm thinking it might be easier
to watch with other fans. Does anyone want to get
together in the Central California area for a weekend
party. If so, E-mail me, privately please.  Thanks.
Pat Witham <catspaw@c.......>
Date:         Tue, 2 Apr 1996 01:05:50 -0800
From:         Tara Housman <amprsand@s.......>
Subject:      Re: Reruns and I tried...

Alora C. Chistiakoff" <acc0924@i.......> wrote"

>Ack! I'm taping it and will go back after it's over and fast-forward
>through it so I can see all the good shots of the city.
>They just *had* to set that *thing* in San Francisco, didn't they?

  My sentiments exactly! If they hadn't set it in this city I love so much,
I would never have cause to watch it. As it is, though, I've taped it, too.
I suspect, however, that it'll turn out to be a pseudo-San Francisco filmed
in a Century City backlot with a few stock San Francisco establishing shots
thrown in. IWTV's interview took place in a real building at 6th & Market
St., btw.

  I saw no evidence of The Kindred being filmed here. Granted, I could have
missed it, but I drive these streets for eleven hours a night, and I'm
usually pretty aware of which movies, TV shows, and commercials are being
filmed at any given time.

  Nash Bridges, for example, films entirely in San Francisco (their sound
stage is on Treasure Island), and featured my cab company's vehicles in a
chase-and-wreck scene in the debut episode. The bad guy's mansion was the
real-life home of one of my regular passengers, as well.

  I'll be REALLY shocked and pleased if they manage to work in a scene at
the Palace of Fine Arts, since that's where locals do a live-action
role-playing game of Vampire: The Masquerade. The setting is second to

  I've always thought that a neat Forever Knight sub-plot could involve
Nick and Schanke/Tracy having to investigate a homicide either nearby or in
the midst of a bunch of folks doing a live-action vampire role-playing
game. The ironic and comic possibilities are legion.

In other news, Sally Williams <scu11i@n.......> mentioned, regarding
faction names:
>*SouvLakme=B4              (Never heard the piece myself, but I hear it's
>very romantic and sensual, and I think the word "Lakme=B4" is pretty.)

  Somewhere along the line, one of the mail systems chewed sxome special
character down to its ASCII equivalent. Sally, without using any accents or
diacritical marks, what WAS the name of this faction?

                           -&&& (amprsand@s.......)

Forever Knight has been cancelled. To help, email me and/or visit:
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 04:53:27 EST
From:         MS LYNNE R ACKERMAN <GNBV32C@p.......>
Subject:      Gary Kramer (Screed)

Marg Yamanaka and I were lucky enough to get to talk to Gary Kramer
(Screed) recently.

He said he's just finished writing his latest book, called "The Couch
Warmer", and is now concentrating on getting it published.

He also said he's in an ad that's out now, for Berry Black Jell-o -
I'm assuming it's only on the air on Canadian channels.  But it seems
to be on all the time, I see it at least four or five times a day!  In
the ad a bunch of Knights are sitting at the Round Table, and the
Black Knight comes in.  A voiceover says something about the Knights
should be having fun.  The Black Knight is revealed to be a joking
Knight, and they all laugh around the Round Table while eating the new
Berry Black Jell-o (flavour of blackberries and some other berry).
Gary Kramer is the one with bright red hair - you'll recognize him as
soon as you see him in the ad.

This probably isn't a very good description of the ad.  I have to
admit that every time I see it I fall over laughing at "Screed" being
a "Knight", and can't concentrate on anything else <g>!

Gary also said he's going to be in a play, one of Shaw's (but not at
the Shaw Festival), in Toronto in the fall.  I'll keep a lookout for
any mention of it.

We also told him about the Wishing Crane Project, and he actually knew
all about the wishing crane story (not the project itself, just the
story about folding 1,000 cranes)!

He also told us where Screed's burial place was, so Marg has added
that to the locations list.

In person, I have to say he's very unlike his character.  For one
thing, although he was instantly recognizable to us as the person who
played Screed, in person his features are somehow softer and he's
actually not that bad looking.  And he's very soft-spoken, with barely
a trace of an English accent...much less even than Nigel's, in fact!
And he's very personable, very likable.  I'm really glad we got the
chance to meet him.  He was part of an authors' panel that was talking
to publishers.  It was held in the Arts & Letters Club, which
coincidentally is the building that was used as the "auction house" in
"Queen of Harps", where Nick steals the harp from.  It was also used
in "Black Buddha".  Right beside it is the alleyway where the woman
was sitting in the car at the beginning of "Sons of Belial", and where
she hits the policeman who Nick later whammies.  Across the street is
the convenience store (in actuality, a copy shop) the robber came out
of in the same episode.  At the corner of that street is where the
brother of the woman was handing out pamphlets.  So it was a rather
"interesting" place for Gary to be in <g>!  Lots of FK-related "vibes"

A message from Lynne Ackerman in Toronto (or, as we like to call it,
"Hollywood North"!)    Via Internet:  gnbv32c@p....... (preferred
address) or be028@t.......
           *** Help save Forever Knight!  Ask me how. ***
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 04:54:23 EST
From:         MS LYNNE R ACKERMAN <GNBV32C@p.......>
Subject:      Reply to Felicia

I'm answering Felicia's post because she at least signed her name to
it, yet she has so many misconceptions that I feel a reply is due her.

First of all, no one in Toronto has >ever< "advertised" any Tours
(with a capital "T"), and especially not on any newsgroups.  I can't
access them because my modem is too slow (and although I >do< have a
new, faster modem on hand, I still haven't had the time to read the
instructions and actually install it), nor has anyone else in Toronto
ever posted anything to >any< newsgroups about any "Tours".  Certainly
no ADVERTISING has ever been done...that would imply some sort of
financial recompense was expected, and/or some type of "professional"
conduct was in order.  Nor have we ever claimed to be "experts".  All
the talk about the "tour" and "tour guides" (please note the
non-capital letters) has always been done with tongue >VERY FIRMLY< in
cheek.  And the talk about a "Tour Guide Faction" has also always been
done tongue-in-cheek.  That really should have been patently obvious
to anyone who read the posts.  All we've ever stated (not
"advertised", just "said") was that we fans who live in Toronto,
realizing our good fortune at living in the same city as FK is filmed,
are offering the hand of friendship and hospitality to any other fan
who visits our city and wants to see some of the places where the show
has filmed.  We know where they are, and we're more than willing to
take you there and show them to you if you'd like.

I'll be charitable and say that because Felicia is young, and this is
obviously her first introduction to fandom, she has misunderstood a
great deal of what she read, and has taken things a lot more seriously
than they were meant to be taken.  Anyone who's been in fandom for
awhile knows that a fan-run locations tour (and I've been on many,
from many different fandoms) actually >does< consist of going from
place to place, driving up and down and sideways along endless
streets, stopping whenever the participants want to take pictures or
examine a certain filming site more closely, then continuing on to the
next site - all in endless succession.  This is especially true for
any tours done in Toronto, since most of the filming sites are so
close together.  In the same spirit of charitableness I'll say that
perhaps her youth and inexperience led Felicia to believe she would
get some sort of more "professional" Tour (and note that capital
letter again), but that just isn't what a fan-run tour (no capital
letter this time) is like.  There are no pre-printed lists of sites
that will be visited - heck, how could there be, when each "tour" is
obviously going to be tailored to the specific sites that the
participants on that particular "tour" want especially to see?  And
thus, it's up to the individual car drivers to acquaint themselves
with all the sites and "stops" ahead of time so that they know what
the people in their car will be looking at.  Perhaps, then, the driver
of the car Felicia was in should have been with Will and I when we
were mapping out the route and sites and which episodes they related
to so that she could have then passed on that information to her
fellow passengers as they drove by the sites.  Will and I had the
itinerary...that she did not is not OUR fault, but hers.  Or, to be
charitable, let's just say it was her "oversight".  So why blame Will
or I for that?

It's unfortunate that Felicia was ill that day, but I fail to see how
that's any fault of mine or Will's either.  I did notice that Felicia
looked very pale throughout that entire weekend.  Not knowing her
personally though, I assumed that must be her natural colour.  But
perhaps not.  There could be many, many reasons for her illness,
ranging all the way from pregnancy (and I'm not saying that was the
problem, I'm just throwing out possibilities here) to something she
previously ate or drank disagreeing with her, or just the change in
water and food upsetting her metabolism, or perhaps the car she was
riding in had some mechanical fault in the engine or exhaust and
irritating fumes were seeping into the passenger section.  Or perhaps
she was coming down with the flu or a cold.  These are just a few
examples of what could have caused her carsickness.  I fail to
understand why she thinks Will or I was in any way at fault.  Blaming
Will or I for her feeling nauseated is akin to going up to a total
stranger on the street and blaming them for your appendicitis!  It
makes no sense at all.

Besides which, if she was feeling so ill, why did she continue with
the tour?  Would it not have made more sense and been more prudent for
her to ask to be taken back to the hotel right away so that she could
recover?  I'm sure no one would have objected, in the circumstances.
None of us expects an ill person to carry on as if nothing were wrong.
We're all very compassionate people, and had I known at the time that
Felicia was feeling ill I would certainly have urged her to return to
the hotel at once.  Had she been in the same car as I was, and had I
seen her distress, that would have been my first thought.

Felicia states "there is no conspiracy here".  Personally I think
there is (although I'm not saying that Felicia herself is involved in
it), but anyone who attended the weekend of Deb's play heard one
person loudly, publicly and repeatedly stating that she was determined
to get Will, for no other reason that I could see except that he was a
male (and she prefers females - a fact she also loudly, publicly and
repeatedly stated) and she therefore disagreed with some of the things
he'd said on the list.  Well, the last time I looked, both Canada and
the U.S. were democracies, and freedom of speech is integral to both
countries.   That means that, whether you agree with what they say or
not, people still do have the right to say what they like without
censorship.  This isn't Nazi Germany or pre-glasnost Russia where
people are discriminated against (and tortured or punished) just
because of what they say or what they believe.  Last time I looked,
there was room in both Canada and the U.S. for many differences of
opinion and shades of beliefs.  And if you don't agree with what
someone says, either try and gently persuade them over to your point
of view, or just learn to ignore them and have as little contact with
them as possible (unless, of course, it's a >serious< case of
disagreement, such as the people who think the Holocaust and the
atrocities of Nazi Germany never happened).  But disagreeing with
something someone may have posted to the list certainly doesn't fall
into >that< kind of category.

This whole discimination of Will on her part (and I don't include
Felicia in this), just because of his gender, is one of the worst
types of discrimination as far as I'm concerned (and I hate any kind
of discrimination on principle anyway, whether it's discrimination
because of gender, sexual preference, colour, religion, membership or
not in a club, or whatever).   She's doing exactly what she may feel
males do, that is, judging people solely on their gender, and making
wild assumptions and accusations because of that.  I think there's
some "hidden agenda" on her part here, something that actually has
nothing to do with the so-called dissatisfaction of the people who
went on the tour, and that she's been, perhaps, subtly influencing
them for her own "political" reasons.  However, as I said, I'm not
including Felicia in any of my suppositions (and they >are< merely
suppositions, I have no concrete proof to back up anything I'm saying,
and could therefore be totally wrong).  I think though, that because
Felicia's young and relatively inexperienced in fandom and in the fact
that people sometimes use other people for their own selfish motives,
she may have unknowingly gotten involved in this whole situation only
because she happened to want to visit various filming sites and, as
happenstance would have it, ended up in the same car as others who had
their own reasons for being there...reasons which had nothing at all
to do with actually seeing places where FK has filmed.

To sum it all up, I don't understand why people were so upset with the
tour in February - they got to see what they wanted to see, after all
- and certainly can't see that Will or I have anything to apologize
for.  In fact I think it's Will and I who are owed the apology, for
all the innuendoes and cattiness (and maybe even a touch of jealousy?)
that have been directed towards us for absolutely no reason.

A message from Lynne Ackerman in Toronto (or, as we like to call it,
"Hollywood North"!).  Via internet:  gnbv32c@p....... (preferred
address) or be028@t........
        *** Help save Forever Knight!  Ask me how. ***
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 06:06:21 -0500
From:         Linda Pierce <lpierce@j.......>
Subject:      Re: jiijioj

Hi Raissa,
  I got the same response, that I was alone in my opinion of GWD.  Odd?
I wonder how many others listed GWD and got the "You are alone in your
opinion of GWD" response.
  Linda Pierce
  fleging Natpacker

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Raissa Devereux wrote:
> I filled out the people poll on my mom's machine. I was allowed to
> submit it this time. I don't know what the prob was before. It said that I
> was alone in my opinion of GWD.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 06:24:16 CST
From:         Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject:      Re: FK Continuity, etc.

Dr Funke wrote:

FO>     But if Screed *is* a carouche, why did they bother shrouding the
FO>carouche that brought Perry across in all this mystery?  Are there levels
FO>of carouche, depending on the animal on which one chooses to feed?

There probably are levels of Carouches, but not based on what animals
they prey upon, I think.  I mean, Screed sucks down a LOT of rats, and
though I have owned a rat as a pet and love the little rodents, I still
have to say dogs are "higher" than rats.

If my theory is correct (that carouches are those vampires made without
being given any blood), then a more bestial Carouche is easily explained
by the fact that its creator (who probably did so inadvertently)
abandoned it without any training.  Or perhaps the creator vampire chose
a severely mentally ill person (an escapee from Bedlam mayhaps?) who
couldn't live in society any better as a Carouche than he/she could have
as a mortal.

Screed, apparently, had Vachon to show him the ropes and help integrate
him into vampire society, therefore Screed is more highly functioning
than the Carouche who lived in the bushes. :)

Wicked Cousin Tippi
(WickedOne@h....... or TippiNB@a.......)
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Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 06:26:48 CST
From:         Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject:      Re: watching other vampires

Dr Funke wrote:

FO>     Or, as I'm certain you thought of, to put them where the sun shines
FO>nice and bright...

Well, yes, but I was thinking of it in a more... shall we say rude and
crude?... way. ;)  Sticking them where the sun DO shine will be harmful
to the vampires...  But if we stick them where the sun don't shine (a
geographical location on or within certain TV producer's bodies), then
it will be harmful to said producer. ;)

Wicked Cousin Tippi
(WickedOne@h....... or TippiNB@a.......)
Ask me about my chapbook, La Morte D'Amoureuse!
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 07:43:56 -0600
From:         Mary Gilbert <mcg3390@g.......>
Subject:      FK Party in Houston & Nielsen person found

Delurking to let the list know there are really people who report to the
Nielses list.  While buying a book in Waldenbooks in Kansas City last week,
the clerk saw my key chain with Uncles picture on it.  She wanted to know
where I got it because she watches Forever Knight.  She had no idea what was
happening with the show.
I then told her how to get to Cousin Jamie's web page for addresses to write
While we were talking the lady who works with her, heard us mention the Nielsen
report and said she was one of their group. To my happy suprise she watched
Forever Knight and loves it. This was also reported to the Nielsen List. So
they do know their people watch Forever Knight.

Now Cousin Cherri will be in the Houston Texas area for a short time this month.
Would anyone be interested in a FK party the 13th of April to watch Forever
Knight (rerun), meet Cousin Cherri and just have fun?  I live in Clear lake.
It's half way between Houston and Galveston.   Please e-mail me at
mcg3390@g.......  if you are interested. Time and directions will be
posted later.

     Cousin Mary G.
     Cousin to the core.
Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 06:46:02 CST
From:         Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject:      Carouches and Nick

Pat wrote:

FO>but here goes: since Nicky-boy dines exclusively on bovine blood, doesn't
FO>that make *him* a carouche?

Not according to Wicked Cousin Tippi's Theory on Carouches! :)  It's the
theory I'm sticking to until someone in-the-know tells me otherwise. ;)
To make a long theory short, Nick's not a Carouche because he was
brought across on purpose and WITH blood.  Other Carouches, I think,
have no master and were brought across by simply being drained.

Wicked Cousin Tippi, who acts as though she knows everything. ;)
(WickedOne@h....... or TippiNB@a.......)

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