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Logfile LOG9604A Part 4

April 1, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9604A" Part 4

	That Other Show... (3)
	Nick giving up drinking blood (2)
	Help with changing Windows Logo to FK
	Yahoo Review
	FK Continuity, etc. (2)
	Searching for Christine Hunt
	Characters and Computers
	watching other vampires (2)
	SFK Web Page Update
	That Other Show
	The Gerthering
	Guys on the List
	BMV and whammy
	That Other SHow
	Is Aaron Spelling THAT smart? (2)
	FK on SciFi
	Lots of things
	FK in Philly?
	My new addy and Shirts
	The Nanette FAQ
	Names for LC/Janette faction vote
	Wishing Crane Project Update
	Nick's Quest
	N&N insights: Major SoB spoilers!

Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:01:15 -0500
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@p.......>
Subject:      YKYB...

You Know You've Been Wholly Consumed By The Forkni-L Lifestyle When:

1) You receive a package in the mail, tear it open, and discover that it
contains a bottle of Ribena.

2) You consider this to be an utterly delightful surprise, but otherwise a
normal occurrence.

3) You don't even realize that the whole situation is a YKYB until you find
yourself explaining to someone else a) what Ribena is, b) what it has to do
with FK, c) why someone would send it to you, d) when your answer to item
'c'  is, "Because I'm the Webgoddess and she's my Merc Mommy!" and e) when
it actually takes you a while to understand why the person you're
explaining this to is looking at you verrrrrrry strangely.

Thanks, Dianne!  Now I can walk around the house swigging straight from the
bottle and snarling at things, just like a *real* FK vampire! <g>

I promise: when the next War comes around, I'll bring you more kitties.

Jamie M.R. -- Asst. Listowner/Mommy/Nag, FORKNI-L etc.
Illustrated Webgoddess & Keeper of Warm Fuzzies
"I may do what I have done.  I may smash the hollow rock
without breaking stride and splinter the glitter inside
all over a midnight street." -- L.F.
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:01:41 EST
From:         Ian Curtis <102425.1537@c.......>
Subject:      Re: That Other Show...

they kick off  forever knight for...melrose place with fangs....yeeegh
the apocalypse is here...
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:06:25 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick giving up drinking blood

Connie writes:
>if he does become human his body would begin to age rapidaly until
>it reached his true age.

This is not intended as a flame, but I think FK vampirism has to be
looked at in the context of its own universe.  The show may draw from
several different sources for inspiration and some of the things that
happen on the show may be similar to things we've read in another
source.  But because the show probably doesn't draw from just one
source of mythos, then I don't think that blanket statments like the
above necessarily can be said to apply.  We haven't seen what would
be the result should Nick *truly* regain his mortality; therefore,
the above result is only a *possibility*.  In second season's The
Fix, Nat injected Nick with a bovine growth hormone that Nick thought
had cured him (it hadn't, but he *was* able to go in the sun, eat,
etc.).  Nick didn't appear to age any when he had this "temporary fix"
so it's possible that Nick would just pick up with normal agining if
he was truly made human.

And as for the comments you made about needing live blood, I hold
an opinion that Nick is probably a weaker vampire in his universe
than one that feeds on live humans.  But Nick proves with his diet
that he *can* survive on other than human blood.  As far as vampires
drinking from children, LC brought over a boy in the first season
episode Father Figure (I would think he drank some of Daniel's blood
before bringing him over).  LC's master was his own early teenage
daughter Divia (A More Permanent Hell).  Children were being fed on
by LC and companions in Vietnam in Can't Run, Can't Hide.  The show
shows them attacking more adults than children as a general rule
though (my opinion on that is that it's the hormonal changes in an
adult that makes adult blood more desirable).

FK ignores some standard *movie* conventions such as vampires having
no reflection (for the most part anyway) and changing into bats,
wolves, or mist.  It also ignores Bram Stoker's literary Dracula
assertion that vampires can go out in the daytime (FK's vampires
can't tolerate the sun for long).  Old original European mythology
had claims that male vampires could father children by mortals.
Some old legends describe vampires as more like walking corpses that
are drawn to kill those they cared for in life first.

Didn't mean to run on. :)  But my point is that we have to look at FK
as its own universe and consider whether things that we have embraced
as standard vampire ideas really are part of the show.  Expressing
a statement such as the one I quoted is fine if it's expressed as an
opinion.  But, if it hasn't been shown to us on the show, I don't
think it can be expressed as a fact.

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:09:33 -0500
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@p.......>
Subject:      Re: That Other Show...

On Apr 01, 1996 19:26:21, 'Jason Ryan <ibe0018@i.......>'

JMR>> I'm not.  An' you can't make me.
>       It is a shame if you can't open your mind to new things, I know,
>loosing our show will hurt but the world does not stop and like it or not

>we/you must move on, saying goodbye is such a hard thing to do.

You've got a point.  'Tis true.

But the thing is, I don't watch that much television.  PBS, The Discovery
Channel, kiddie cartoons -- educational stuff, and things that make me
laugh.  I don't bother with network television, by and large; there's not
that much there to interest me.

That Other Show does not interest me.  Even if I didn't resent the very
fact of its existence, I see nothing in its promos or premise that
intrigues or excites me.  And I'm not going to watch it simply out of
curiosity, just because it's there -- I didn't watch the OJ trials either,
for the same reason.  (Which makes me that rarest of oddities out here in

In any case, I see no reason to "move on", because the story of Forever
Knight is not over.


Whether or not we see a fourth season, or TV movies, the fact is that the
STORY continues; there are enough people daydreaming and writing to keep
Forever Knight alive indefinitely, if only in our hearts and minds and

Move on?  As in, go away?  Other people can, if that's what they want to
do.  But  I'm not going anywhere.  :-)

Jamie M.R. -- Asst. Listowner/Mommy/Nag, FORKNI-L etc.
Illustrated Webgoddess & Keeper of Warm Fuzzies
"I may do what I have done.  I may smash the hollow rock
without breaking stride and splinter the glitter inside
all over a midnight street." -- L.F.
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 17:19:16 CST
From:         L'Phantom <jrarmstr@p.......>
Subject:      Help with changing Windows Logo to FK

Could the person who originally posted directions on how to change the Windows
Startup Logo to Forever Knight please privately email me with those directions?

I've lost the original post I had saved until I had the capabilities to actually
do it, and now that I do have those capabilites, I can't find the post.

Straying from your mind into your left shoulder, just coz I can,
The "New and Improved" L'Phantom
Now a Cousin in full standing!
Help Save Forever Knight!  Ask me how!  jrarmstr@b.......
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 15:18:01 -0800
From:         LG Soward <lgs@i.......>
Subject:      Yahoo Review

Yahoo - REVIEW/TV: Spelling Debuts ``Kindred'' Vampire TV Series
      Kindred: The Embraced (Tues. (2), 8-9:30 p.m., Fox)
         By Todd Everett
         HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - San Francisco is overrun by vampires,
operating so secretly that police detective Frank Kohanek (C.
Thomas Howell) doesn't even realize he's sleeping with one and closely
associated with another.
         Thus begins ``Kindred: the Embraced,'' Spelling Television's newest
series of the season and Fox's latest foray into the fantasy genre. The
series resembles a cross between the oldie soap ``Dark Shadows'' and the
syndicated show ``Nick Knight'' in its balance of action and romance.
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:30:06 EST
From:         Ian Curtis <102425.1537@c.......>
Subject:      Re: FK Continuity, etc.

> Anyone else have a different idea?

Well, for those of you who have played "The Masquerade" my almost imediate
reaction to a carouche was something like the Nosferatu clan of the camarilla.
the similarity is that they are both looked down upon by the rest of the
kindred, but also tend to be excelent informants/spies.  not to mention they
both seem to like dark and reasonably unpleasant places like sewers.  Or maybe
its just Screed, he does kinda look like a Nosferatu, though not quite as ugly.
Any way, there's my $0.02...

        -Ian Curtis
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:41:06 EST
From:         Ian Curtis <102425.1537@c.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick giving up drinking blood

>  A vampire has to drink live blood from a victim.

    This depends on who you listen to.if we are going to follow the stuff in
"The Masquerade" then Nick and ESPECIALLY LaCroix should not be even the
slightest bit fazed by a cross unless it is held by one with true faith.  in
fact, the ability for a vampire to eat food is quite sought after.  its an
excellent way to fool a vampire hunter.  I think that FK has its own rules
regarding Vampires, and if Nick wanted to give up drinking blood, they'd
probably find a way for him to do so.  after all, it IS a TV show...

        - Ian Curtis
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 15:49:42 -0800
From:         Dianne Therese DeSha <desha@b.......>
Subject:      Re: Searching for Christine Hunt

Lynn asked:
> I was wondering if anybody's heard from Christine Hunt recently. I'm
> asking this because sometime early summer last year she began a story
> called "Immortal Past" up to part 4, but wasn't continued.

I spoke to her on the phone about a week ago... at which point
Baby Hunt was already four days overdue. :-)

She does plan to finish IP, but has been forbidden to sit up (i.e. at
the computer) for the last few months, and is due to be *very* busy
soon! ;-)))

So hang in there; I'm sure she'll be back as soon as she can!

Dianne la Mercenaire...   -*-   <Goddess@m.......>
-*-"We must be powerful, beautiful, and without regret."-*-
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 17:50:14 CST
From:         Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject:      Re: FK Continuity, etc.

Dr Funke wrote:
FO>     My personal take (and $0.02) is that a carouche is a vampire who has
FO>lost his sentience and has just become a raving beast.  How does this

Screed's not lacking in sentience!  He's not a raving beast!  He might
not be awarded the Nobel prize anytime soon, and his table manners might
not be Emily Post's ideal, but he's fairly intelligent, has feelings,
and seems to care about his friends' and his own fate.  I think the
basic defintion of sentience is self-awareness, is it not?  No one can
watch Fever and say he is not self-aware.  I *love* Screed!  If he just
looked better in a Mandarin-collar wool crepe suit, I'd be a Rat-packer!

My own feelings on carouches were explained in an earlier post.  I won't
bore everyone by stating them again. ;)

Wicked Cousin Tippi
(WickedOne@h....... or TippiNB@a.......)
Join the Thong Throng!  It's fun, it's easy, and it's spandex!
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 15:20:32 -0800
From:         Dianne Therese DeSha <desha@b.......>
Subject:      Re: Characters and Computers

Amy wrote:
> Now, there was a lovely piece called "Vice Versa," written, I think, by
> Dianne DeShea LaMerc (I just know I have the wrong "diane"), which had

No, actually, you've got her/me right! ;-)

> the characters posting to a list about a show called "Real Life," which
> starred *us*.  She had marvelous addresses and sigs and such (I think
> Janette was "style@raven.com", and Vachon was a clueless newbie) and I

indeed she was <looks wistful>... and Vachon kept sending his unsub
messages to the list <g>

> think that the story is something Tippi should see (I know she hasn't)
> Unfortunately, my file disaster the other day has deprived me of my copy,
> as well as the author's name.  Could she, whoever she is, contact Tippi?

I'll send copies to you, Tippi, and April (who I see has asked)
It's also on the fic site under "Vice Versa" or "Dianne DeSha"

> (And maybe take a public bow for that neat piece?)

Why thank you! :-)

(Is now the time to mention that the WebGoddess Jamie [among others]
 has finally beaten me into starting work on VV2??? <sigh>... I *used*
 to have a life... _really_ I did! ;-)

Dianne la Mercenaire...   -*-   <Goddess@m.......>
-*-"We must be powerful, beautiful, and without regret."-*-
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:02:44 CST
From:         Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject:      watching other vampires

Why watch other vampire shows or movies?  Well, I don't know about other
people's reasons, but mine are business-oriented.  I will watch The
Kindred a few times.  I watched Interview With The Vampire.  I will
watch or read any vampire incarnation?  Why?  Because it's my business.
I write and sell vampire fiction.  It's how I pay my bills.  Therefore,
I have to know what the competition is doing.  I have to know I'm not
inadvertently ripping someone off.  The first ep of FK I saw was
Stranger Than Fiction, which I watched because I wanted to make sure I
wasn't out there doing the same thing.  Lo and behold, I got hooked.

But even if people don't make a living from vampires, I still think it's
valuable to watch, read, or listen to new and/or old vampire
incarnations.  It gives us intellectual ammunition.  When we talk to
TPTB about trying to revive FK because not only is it coincidentally a
great show, but vampires are also really popular, we'd better have the
research to back it up!

Besides, you never know when Vampires will be a category on Jeopardy. ;)

Just because we watch it does not mean we are somehow betraying FK.  I
say watch it once or twice -- hell, I'm not a Nielson family, they won't
be able to count me anyway -- so that we can tell Mr. Spelling, in an
informed and intelligent way, that he can put his vampires where THE SUN

Wicked Cousin Tippi
(WickedOne@h....... or TippiNB@a.......)
Keeper of the grape-flavored thong.
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:21:21 -0500
From:         Jamie Melody Randell <immajer@p.......>
Subject:      SFK Web Page Update

The Webgoddess Speaketh:

I just put up a new update of the SFK page: the only new info there is the
SciFi information, but I've done some reformatting that should hopefully
work out just fine for both Netscape 2.0 and other types of browsers.


I would muchly appreciate it if people could surf over to the site --
especially if you're running the AOL WebBrowser, or the Compuserve Mosaic
browser, or the Microsoft Explorer, or a text-only browser -- and tell me
if they find anything that looks funky or doesn't work.

Those of you running Netscape 2.0 oughta have fun with it.  And there's
some neat new html coding for people to 'borrow'.

So go check it out.   ...What?  You mean you DON'T have the URL etched upon
your brain?


Jamie M.R. -- Asst. Listowner/Mommy/Nag, FORKNI-L etc.
Illustrated Webgoddess & Keeper of Warm Fuzzies
"I may do what I have done.  I may smash the hollow rock
without breaking stride and splinter the glitter inside
all over a midnight street." -- L.F.
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 19:14:02 -0500
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: That Other Show

>Dotti, could you give us the address for this TV guide?   I'm sure a few
>of us could write a "few" letters to them to "enlighten" them to thier
Sure, John. It's called "TV Week, c/o of the Newport Daily News, 101 Malbone
Road, Newport, RI 02840.  I've got a couple going out today myself!!

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 19:14:25 -0500
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      The Gerthering

At 10:04 AM 4/1/96 -0800, John wrote:

>Please post details, I too must have missed this post.  I would be interested
>in attending particularly if it is in Southern CA... San Diego on up to
>Los Angeles.
Unfortunately, John it is presented by the GWD Fan Club and because they put
it on only members can attend.  And, as a matter of fact, those that went to
the last one can't go to this one, and only 100 people can attend so Ger
isn't so overwhelmed and can't spend the personal time he likes to.
Unfortunately, since I'm going to Canada to see him in Taming of the Shrew I
can't afford to go to California too.  Drat, drat, drat!!

Dotti R
Knightie 4
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 19:19:20 -0500
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Guys on the List

Hey, you know, reading these posts lately, that there seem to be a good
amount of guys on this list now.  Hey guys...Nice to see ya!! I just didn't
want ya to think we didn't notice!

You just have to ignore the occasional drools and pants that go on around
here...ya know women...

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever

Ofcourse, you're free to drool and pant on your own as well....
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 19:18:59 -0500
From:         "Sharon A. Himmanen" <romana@p.......>
Subject:      BMV and whammy

AKR writes:

>I don't know what CD's opinions are, and, yes, I am also disturbed by the
>fact that Nat was behaving oddly *before* she drank the champagne,

What I absolutely *love* about the scene is that there's no question that
LaCroix gets her under his spell at first.  I don't think there's any way
to dispute this.  However, I suspect from subsequent events that his hold
on her was not all that strong which is why she slipped out of that when he
opened the bottle.  After that, he never really gets her again, and it's
obvious to me that he's ticked about it.  It's also obvious to me that she
*learned*.  She walked into a situation where the deck was totally stacked
against her, and she relied too much on the idea that Nick couldn't whammy
her in OtL.  She got out of it largely by luck I think.  *After* that,
however, her guard is up until the drug takes effect and though he tries he
never quite manages to catch her again, and all the while she's gathering
information.  He is too, of course.

Lovely scene--that little bit of psychological warfare that goes on between
them is easily the best thing the series has ever done.  Too bad it has to
be in one of the episode I loathe the most.

I think the way both Nigel and Catherine played the scene (and I think CD's
comments about playing it drugged refer to the way she's reacting *after*
he initially catches her and she gets out of it) extremely well.  I also
tend to think that the fact that he had a "plan B," that he *didn't* rely
totally on his own abilities makes LaCroix all the more interesting and
dangerous.  I think the whole "well he's old and powerful and can whammy
*anyone* without any effort at all" makes him boring and predictable and
uninteresting, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even LaCroix.


Sharon Himmanen * romana@p.......
NatPack * BotCoS * Keeper of the GopherGame
Natalie's B&B     http://members.aol.com/romana/natpage_stuff/natpack.htm
SOS-FK            http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 20:11:30 -0500
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      Re: That Other Show...

At 07:26 PM 4/1/96 -0330, Jason wrote:
>        It is a shame if you can't open your mind to new things, I know,
>loosing our show will hurt but the world does not stop and like it or not
>we/you must move on, saying goodbye is such a hard thing to do.
No, it's not that we can't open our minds to new things.  Under any other
circumstances I probably would try this show -but I can't help but think
that somehow the demise of a really good show is partly due to this show
coming on the air and the fact that we lost our show is because our show
didn't have the money or the clout that Aaron Spelling has.  Don't make it
sound as if we're lost little children who can't get over a disappointment
in life. It's not that simple.  It's the fact that we feel we've been lied,
to used and totally abused - in favor of a bunch of crap like this.

Now, we're not going to go on a witch hunt and throw people off the list
because they watch and may like Kindred.  We obviously got into FK because
we have a love for vampires and I would expect that people would at least
give the show a try.  However, simply because the show is about vampires is
not enough.  If it's a lousy show, it's a lousy show and Aaron Spelling is
not known for his deep, meaningful plots. Simply because it's about vampires
doesn't mean we're all going to jump up and down and go "Yippee another
vampire show!"  We all know we love FK because it was deeper than just a
vampire show. I don't feel this one will reach any depth beyond biting,
sucking and sex but that's just what Ive seen from the ads, and it just
offends me that a show like that gets major push and FK doesn't.

If I'm coming on too strong I'm sorry, but I sort of took that little
paragraph as a very condescending remark to those of us who are not
interested in this show. Now, I'm done being grown up and offended...

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 20:21:28 -0500
From:         Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject:      That Other SHow

Now that I've made such a stink on my other message, I wanted to say that
Susan Garrett has a point in that if the show gets a decent following,
perhaps this could be the next wave that everyone jumps on and every network
will want their own vampire show and perhaps we could get FK back that way
(you know, ER and Chicago Hope kind of thing).  It could also backfire in
that they'll say, okay they've got their vampire show we don't need another
one. It's just one of those situations.

I do know one thing, this stupid show is not worth getting everyone
aggravated or divided on this list.  Some folks will watch and enjoy it,
some will not. It really should not have any bearing on this list whatsoever.

The next time you're in an elevator - as people get on, slap yourself in the
head and say "Shut up, shut up--they just won't leave me alone!!" and then
run out - then try to be on the next floor the elevator is supposed to stop
on - and walk back on smiling.
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 21:15:28 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <Carrie400@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Is Aaron Spelling THAT smart?

In a message dated 96-04-01 18:38:37 EST, >Brutal Cousin Karies writes:

>I detest fluff, I loathe fluff.  I don't want a new one, I like *That* one!
>I repell all ancestral fluff, Begone Demons!


Proud Knightie
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:33:37 PST
From:         June Russell <Kat@g.......>
Subject:      Re: FK on SciFi

:Monday thereafter same time.  The first show is Dead of Night followed by
:Jane Doe.   That's all they have listed.  Looks like it will be awhile
:before they get to any new episodes.  Maybe if we watch and write enought
:they'll bring it back.

But Jane Doe *is* a new one!


Kat ( June Russell )
pacifier.com!grendal!kat    kat@g.......
Heu! Tintinnuntius meus Sonat!
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:06:26 -0500
From:         colin paddock <Claudius@n.......>
Subject:      Lots of things

        First of all, who is the leader of the Ratpack?? I want to join it.
Whoever it is, can you e-mail me privetly?
        Now, about that other show, I'm not going to watch it. Not because
it's a rip off of FK (which it is!)but because it looks cheaply made and not
that good. And if I watch it, I won't be able to watch it without comparing
it to FK.
        Also, I saw Friday the 13th Part 8, sacared the crap outta me, but
cool music!
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:09:51 EST
From:         LAURA B WASKEY <KHHK71A@p.......>
Subject:      FK in Philly?

 Could someone please post or Email me when FK is shown in
Philadelphia? I have to go there in a couple of weeks for a
job and don't want to miss the new episodes. I'll need the
time, day, and channel. Thanks in advance.

Cousin Laura I
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 19:01:32 0800
From:         Dann Lunsford <dann@g.......>
Subject:      Re: watching other vampires

In <199604020138.RAA02127@n.......>, on 04/01/96 at 06:02 PM,
   Wicked One <WickedOne@h.......> said:

>Just because we watch it does not mean we are somehow betraying FK.  I
>say watch it once or twice -- hell, I'm not a Nielson family, they won't
>be able to count me anyway -- so that we can tell Mr. Spelling, in an
>informed and intelligent way, that he can put his vampires where THE SUN

>Wicked Cousin Tippi
>(WickedOne@h....... or TippiNB@a.......)
>Keeper of the grape-flavored thong.

Actually, I'd much prefer that he put them where the sun *DOES* shine.

I'll watch the first episode, but I am not expecting much.  Spelling (sp?)
has never impressed me, except as being another contributor to the
vast wasteland.  Forever Knight has everything normally missing in a
Spelling special:  intelligence, drama, a sense of genuine love, and a
quest with some meaning behind it.  I will be *very* surprised if there
is anything in KtE to match it.

What I *AM* expecting is 90210 with Fangs.  Yuck.

* Dann Lunsford    * The only thing necessary for the triunph of evil *
* dann@g....... * is that men of good will do nothing.  --  Cicero *
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:18:10 -0500
From:         "Alora C. Chistiakoff" <acc0924@i.......>
Subject:      My new addy and Shirts

Kira (who is suffering at the hands of AOL at the moment) wanted me to
post two things:

1) She has just added Sweathshirts to the regular list of merchandise.
XL (unless otherwise requested) for $15. With the same color schemes as
the t-shirts. If you missed the original post or want more info, ask and
ye shall recieve.

2) We've recieved one order for a child's size shirt. Unfortuneately the
stencil to make the shirt is *a lot* of work, and since we would like to
be able to fill that order, Kira wants to know if anyone *else* would
also be interested in a child's size. If you are please let me/us know ASAP.


Just want everyone to know, NYU moved me to a new and improved host.

So my new address is:


They will be forwarding my mail for a while, but I'm not sure how long.
So the people who usually write me, or those people who are interested in
shirts/jackets/sweatshirts please take note.

Re: Orders for merchandise....

You might also want to cc order info to my sister at:


But *definately* still send it to me too. I'm on e-mail much more that
she is and AOL keeps giving her grief.

Ok that's it. Back to your regularlly scheduled list...

Natpacker: who is *both* a Nick&NatPacker & Valentine
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:49:33 -0500
From:         patrick kortner aiex <paiex@i.......>
Subject:      The Nanette FAQ

        The Nanette FAQ has been written. Any persons who want it may e-mail
me at my private address. I will compile a list, and send it to all at the
same time.

        Pat -- Lone Nanette, B-Negative FoD,
        Web Page Designer-In-Training
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:59:48 -0500
From:         Diane Shea <KerrRaven@a.......>
Subject:      Names for LC/Janette faction vote

Sandra Gray wrote in response to my plea;
>>Name suggestions for a Janette/LaCroix faction:


Seducers, hmm?  How simple, and true.  I *like* it!  What can ya say?  It
just kind of fits.  If Janette and LC weren't so well suited to the art of
seduction, we'd never have Nick.

I suppose I can vote on it.  Everyone in favor of *Seducers* for the
LC/Janette faction that is currently composed of me, myself, and I, raise
your hand.  <raises hand>.  All opposed <not a movement in the whole room>.
 I hereby declare Seducers the new faction name, UNLESS anyone else has any
bright ideas.

I'll probably regret this, as you'll see it pop up in my sig everytime I post
something, but here goes.
--Cousin Diane
*Valentine* and Chief Supporter of the Janette/LC faction, aka *Seducers*!
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:08:45 -0600
From:         D Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject:      Wishing Crane Project Update

I know, I'm not doing this often enough. :)

The Wishing Crane Project, for all you new folk (My, there *are* a lot of you!
:> ), is an invocation of an old Japanese tradition-- that folding 1000 origami
cranes, wishing the same wish as you fold each one, will cause your wish to be
granted.  We have been folding cranes and wishing for a fourth season of
Forever Knight since February 18.

Thanks to all you wonderful people who mailed in cranes, we have *two* mobiles
of 1000 cranes each ready to ship out to Sony USA. <G>

They will be mailed Monday, April 8.  Bonnie, our Western Coordinator, will be
mailing one to Ms. H. Onoyama, Vice President of Sony USA, and Viper, our
Eastern Coordinator, will be mailing the other to Norio Ogha, Chairman, Sony
Pictures Entertainment & Music.  We'll be including a letter, explaining who we
are and why we're doing this, and all the notes you clever-fingered people
included with your cranes, in each box.

Now, if you're reading this and muttering, "Darn! I never got my cranes
mailed", don't despair!  You don't *have* to go through life angsting about not
participating. (Of course, if you *want* to.... ;>)

You see, we're putting together a THIRD mobile, to be mailed to Barry Schulman,
Vice President of Programming at the SciFi Channel.  So check out the Wishing
Crane Project Website (http://www.execpc.com/~echelbarger/fkcranes.html).  It
has links to two websites with folding instructions, an e-mail address to send
off for text instructions, and all the details you need on how, who, and why.

And when you've folded your cranes (or if you've already got cranes folded, but
not mailed), send them to:

FK Wishing Crane Project
0000 Xxxxxxx Xx.
Alameda, CA  00000

and we'll incorporate them into Mr. Schulman's little surprise. :)

If enough of you fold, we *may* even mail one to our good friend, Mr.
Feltheimer.... just so he doesn't forget us, of course! ;)

Happy folding and Long Live the Knight!

Diane E
General Coordinator, FK Wishing Crane Project
# D Echelbarger                        gryphon@e.......  #
#   WWW HomePage:    http://www.execpc.com/~echelbar/      #
Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 23:10:28 -0500
From:         Eileen Salmas <ESalmas@a.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick's Quest

In a message dated 96-03-31 23:40:42 EST, you write:
Katja writes

>He killed the guy who kidnapped his own wife and daughter.

What wife and daughter?  Someone please enlighten (no pun) me.

Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 23:14:09 -0500
From:         Pam Maine <mstangel@u.......>
Subject:      Re: N&N insights: Major SoB spoilers!

Stephanie B. pondered:

>When I rewatched SoB, I had an interesting thought. N&Npackers, what do you
>think of this? Is it possible that Nick's love for Natalie (and her love
>for him) is what saved him from the demon, perhaps even more than the

Is this where I admit I called up my aunt (an anti-Nat Ravenette) and said
"What saved Nick from the demon?  Not the exorcism...not poor old
Lu..._Nat_!!" 0:P  More seriously, I think NIck usually gets over his
"backsliding" by clinging to Nat (like lichen...).  Sometimes I fear it's
only the _idea_ of Nat, a mortal who sees the good/humanity in him and
tries to "save" him without thinking of what she'll get out of it (well,
OK, there's _one_ thing she's looking to get out of it, but she's only
human) that he holds onto, but then I just watch a few Disney movies and
get back into "happily ever after" mode. <vbg>

***Angel 0:)***mstangel@a.......***Pam in the "real world"***
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Date:         Mon, 1 Apr 1996 23:13:01 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      Re: Is Aaron Spelling THAT smart?

Cousin Karies writes:
>And HOW DARE THEY advertise during FK?

Well, I can remember seeing advertisements for the movie Interview
With the Vampire shown during FK.  I didn't mind.  After all, where
better to advertise a new vampire product than on a show about

--Sandra Gray, forever Knightie

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