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Digest - 29 Apr 1996

Mon, 29 Apr 1996

There are 6 messages totalling 390 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Vachon query and Re: New Eps?
  2. Best FK-related Songs
  3. Jane Doe---not a spoiler
  4. Shrew Review
  5. AZ Crusaders Party Quote list (lng)
  6. Why french fries and not tea


Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 1996 15:50:13 -0400
From:    "M. Vrzoc" <vrzoc@s.......>
Subject: Re: Vachon query and Re: New Eps?

I'm still groggy from getting up at 5:00am to drive home from Toronto (4
hrs at top speed) for a doctor's appointment that I forgot all about.
However, there were a couple of things I wanted to say before I crash.

The play was wonderful and the view from the front pew incredible. Many
thanks to Lynne Ackerman from the three of us. There wasn't any scenery.
The theatre is an actual church so nothing could be dragged up onto the
altar area.

If you want to read vampire books, try Laurell K. Hamilton's series of 4
Anita Blake:Vampire Hunter novels (Guilty Pleasures, The Laughing Corpse,
Circus of the Damned, and Lunatic Cafe. They're terrific.

And now, off to bed.

M. Vrzoc (vrzoc@u.......)              | Just a little off the top!
                                       | -- A. Boleyn


Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 1996 14:59:41 -0600
From:    Kathryn Johnston <johnstka@c.......>
Subject: Re: Best FK-related Songs

For additional songs, how about

The Vampire (as performed by Claudia Schimidt)
I Lie on Your Grave (Dead Can Dance)

"Dark of the moon is the time for flying
Far below the world is lying unaware--
But soon you'll know the vampire--and it won't be long...."
Vampire, performed by Schmidt (sorry-I cannot recall the lyricist)

Kathryn A. Johnston
Purdue University-Calumet
Xxxxxxx, XX  00000-0000
(000) 000-0000     FAX (000) 000-0000



Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 1996 16:14:06 -0400
From:    MSS <MSS@m.......>
Subject: Jane Doe---not a spoiler

I could kill myself.  I forgot to tape Jane Doe off of Orlando's Fox ch 35
during the 1 a.m. broadcast on 4/29/96.  Can anyone from the
Orlando-Melbourne area loan, copy, send me the tape.  On my knees, begging
and groveling.....

  Lauri Stieber in Melbourne


Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 1996 16:24:13 EST
From:    Ronni Katz <ronnik@c.......>
Subject: Shrew Review


     I am back from TO and I already miss everyone!

     I have to say a bunch of thanks to people who made the Shrewthering
     a success IMHO.  Dotti deserves a huge THANK YOU for being such a
     gracious hostess and allowing all of us to descend upon her suite
     in the Casa Loma.  She should be commended for duty above and beyond
     the call!

     Another BIG thanks to Will Steeves our intrepid FK tourguide who
     led us to many of the locations used to film as well as the studio
     itself.  Yeah, the studio as closed but the signs for FK are still
     there and I have the photos to prove it!  It was really eerie seeing
     all the places that were used as exteriors.  They look really
     different by daylight....

     I also got to see the CN Tower Friday night.  This was cool.  A MUST!
     It was too windy to go to the outside observation area but even from
     inside the view was spectacular!

     The gang I was with on Friday ate at the restaurant from The Fix.
     It's a huge family style joint called The Spagetti Factory and the
     place was mobbed!  Food was good but it didn't look like a bustling
     hometown eatery in the episode.  Ah, the wonders of televison!

     IMHO, the two highlights of the weekend were meeting all the wonderful
     List people and seeing Ger in Shrew TWICE! I went Friday & Saturday
     to the play and both shows were different!  Ger was a riot.  I laughed
     so hard I was almost crying.  It was just too much.  After the show
     Friday he came out and said hi to people and signed a few autographs.
     I snapped a few photos before the security people dragged Ger off <g>
     On Saturday though he came out on stage after everyone else left and
     answered fan questions from the audience and we were allowed to take
     as many photos as we wanted. He didn't sign autographs but he did
     field questions and mug alot for the cameras.

     On Sunday I went with Cousin Jackie, Cousin Candice and Susan (Sue
     I forgot your Affiliation! Sorry!) and Siona on a shopping spree of
     Queen St.  It was a lot of fun and the shops there reminded me of
     the nifty little stores they have in Greenwich Village in NYC.  It
     was a nice way to spend a Sunday...

     The only downer was my flight home.  I was late because the free
     shuttle to the airport my hotel supposedly had was really a free
     shuttle to a BUS to the airport.  Said bus was late getting there
     and traffic on the Gardinier <sp?> Expressway was a zoo and the
     hour and a half I left for the trip to the airport (it took me only a
     half hour to get FROM the airport to my hotel on Friday) was not
     enough and Iliterally was the last person on the plane before it
     pushed off from the terminal!!   One or two more minutes on that
     *&&^%%$ bus and I would have missed my plane!

     Anyway - next time I'll take a cab to the airport and will ignore
     these "free shuttles" there.  I learned my lesson.

     Anyway - it was great seeing all the List people and I enjoyed
     meeting everyone!  I MUST get a JPEG reader so I can download
     the photos Siona took of our weekend that she intends to put
     on her Website (or will they be on the FK Webpage??)  I am
     not sure where they will be but I know I MUST get them!

     I must get back to Toronto!  It was a blast and a weekend just
     isn't long enough to enjoy the city.  Anyone going to TTrek????


     Ron the Enforcer


Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 1996 11:19:59 -0700
From:    Marg Rothschild <margr@a.......>
Subject: AZ Crusaders Party Quote list (lng)

Bonsoir, mes amis. Once again, we had a great party on Friday April 26 in
Tucson. First, we had dinner at The Good Earth. We were even honored
to have a listmember join us from out of state. :)  Although Kathy forgot to
bring her umbrella, it was actually Beth who could have benefited.
Fortunately, the waiter only spilt some of the iced tea on the table,
missing Beth  completely :)  While we awaited for the bill, we were
discussing Halloween and Christmas costumes. Noelle explained about how her
husband teased her about the ears she wore as an elf for Christmas,
saying that she looked like a Vulcan  or a Romulan. She says here's what to
tell a plastic surgeon "forget the butt implants, forget the breast
implants, dock the ears!"
Then we talked about whether we needed to stop off at the store for some
wine. Laurie told Noelle that she brought 2 bottles of cabernet
souvergnion (sp?) and 2 boxes of <french name> Noelle misunderstood and
asked "How many bottles of wine did you bring?"
Laurie said "No, no, they're cookies!" The cookies were quite apropos -
"Dark Knight" cookies.
We all made it to Bridget's clubhouse which she got reserved for us.
<Thanks Bridget!!!!!!> There was a nice big screen tv. and Kathy brought
her vcr <Thanks Kathy!!!> Beth brought her tapes <Thanks Beth!!!>
We decided to watch the Blooper tape first and had a good laugh while
Noelle served us Ribena mixed with whatever we wanted - vernors, seltzer,
wine, or straight.
We had decided that we should all have some paper to write down party
quotes so the following is a compilation of those quotes:

Dark Knight

-This is better than the one of Rick Springfield


-Good puppy!

-What's with the hat?

-E wus! That's not Ribena, it doesn't do that!

-It looks like he's got a Dracula thing on!

(Nick putting empty bottles in can)
-He's an environmentally conscious vampire

"Trunk space" - all LOL

(Nick looking into room with hostage)
-NiteVision without goggles!

(Nick holding Alysse)
-Do it Nick, Do it Nick, do it, yes,  yes, yes, all right!

-You can tell it's Canadian. Hold me?!?

-Is that holes in his coat?
-Bullet holes in his coat?

(Nick's line "I am what I am")
-He's Popeye!

-He should have big lips

(side talk about recent auction)
-How many cars did they sell?
-A stunt caddie!

(LC with cup)
-Uh hahahaha - ze cup

-Why didn't he dive for the cup on the way up?
-'Cause he's a brick!

-I just want to know how he got down from there.

-It's his smoking jacket!

-Why isn't he dead yet?
-He smokes pretty good.

-Boy this is a smart woman?

(inside hospital)
-Lunch is served!

-They always transport blood in open styrofoam containers.

-Why's he wearing shades inside?
-'Cuz he's Joe Cool!

(Alysse waking up)
-Don't you hate when you fall asleep at your desk & your hair still
looks  terrific?

-How'd his sweater get so clean?
-Vamps R Us!

(in Nick's loft)

-Hold me!

(Alysse tells Jeanie she won't leave her)
-She's leaving her!

"Take me. .  .!" - all LoL

(Nick needing to feed to fight)
-Why doesn't he just go to the refrigerator?

-So you turn around & look back? Right.
-She's not very bright.


-It's on mute!
-I'll be mute, I'll be mute
-We can only hope!

Close Call

-Adrenalin is a marvelous thing!

-Wow, he's good

-Oh sh@$t!

-How many coroners have a skeleton?

(scene from DK Knight - apt hostage)
-Deja Vu'!!!!

-You can see the lightbulb going on over his head

(Nick Forrester's driver's license)
-Looks like someone took a picture and drew it <mustache/beard> in

(LC sitting in CERK before Schanke leaves)
-He looks like a floating head.

(Jay Leno & Newt Gingrich on tv with a donkey while rewinding)
-Hey, there's an ass on tv . . .& a donkey!

Only the Lonely

-They won't show his face. That means he's going to kill her.

"Happy Birthday . . . " - 63!!!

(Nat opens present)

(Nick forgot Nat's birthday)
-Typical brick!

(Nick & Nat in her office)
-Someone needs to smack him upside the head. . .
-. . .yeah with a brick!
-After 800 years and he doesn't know anything about women

-It's T-1000

-That's the bad guy

-H B with affection?
-Give me a break!

(Nick and Nat in her apt)
-He's not taking it very well, is he?

-Those 12th Century men - they're just *so* possessive!

(Nat & date at nursery)
-He took her to a nursery?

-She drives an old ladie's car!

-Awww . . sh*&t

(Nick flying to the rescue)
-How's he know where she is?
-Psychic power

(Nat & date sitting together)
-They look like one of those commercials for '70's music

(Nick flying)
-Holding pattern over Toronto

-How cliche!

(Nick flying in)
-Look! Landing lights!
-Landing lights!


So ends another fun party. Looking forward to the next, although it'll be
a support party to view "Last Knight."  Thanks to everyone who came.
To all on the list, if you're ever heading to AZ, let us know so we can
include you in on the fun.

Send comments, warm fuzzies, etc. to :
Marg Rothschild, Cousin/Dark Knightie/FFFROGie: margr@i.......
AZ Crusaders of the Knight -
It's a private club, for VIPS and denizens of the night. - Nick Knight


Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 1996 14:53:23 -0500
From:    Mad Hatter <cli7@s.......>
Subject: Re: Why french fries and not tea

At 01:36 PM 4/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
>What has always bothered me are the choices Nick makes when he freely
>chooses what he's going to eat. French fries with lots of ketchup?  Pasta
>with red sauce?  Is he choosing red as his theme?  You would think he
>would choose foods that he was familiar with in his mortal life!
>Potatoes and tomatoes were not brought to Europe for more than 2
>centuries after he was brought across and Marco Polo had not arrived with
>pasta either.  Their flavors and textures would be completely foreign to him.
>Incidently, I also found it interesting that Nick could twirl his
>spaghetti, having never used a fork before (forks came to France in I
>believe the 15th cen. from Italy and were an affectation of the nobility.)
>Nancy Fralic

oh come now; Nick's been around long enough and to many different
places~probably familiar with more culinary dishes and idiosyncrasies
than we ever could be. and he's probably watched people eat with forks
enough times to figure out how to use it; not too complicated a piece
of technology. ;)  just because Nick was brought across before the advent
of such utilitarian delights doesn't mean his ability to observe and learn
is vanquished forever....   :)  at least i hope not!

*       *       *
"life is like the gene pool; discombobulation is inevitable,
some chaos is necessary." -mad hat <cli7@s.......>
*       *       *


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 29 Apr 1996

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