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Digest - 20 Apr 1996 to 21 Apr 1996 - Special issue

Sun, 21 Apr 1996

There are 25 messages totalling 1015 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. Tactile Sense (2)
  2. List mail vs. e-mail, and multiple postings... suggestions
  3. More on Roman names, etc.
  4. Top Ten RL/FK (2)
  5. Off-topic help -- Babylon 5 list?
  6. Oh Captain, My Captain
  7. List discord, etc
  8. Nat's body
  9. Dark Knight and comparison topics & and recent forkni-l posts (2)
 10. Urs/ (was Tracy and Vachon)
 11. Roman names/illegitimacy, etc.
 13. Trilogy of Terror
 14. GWD's upcoming roles, etc.
 15. Knight Confessions/Nick in transition
 16. I'm back - PBS
 17. Aging, and forever knight
 18. Name That Roman General!
 19. LC's name and Tippi
 20. Life on List
 21. CD, What FK's About, & Romans
 22. Naked People!!!


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 14:08:07 -0700
From:    AKR <r.......@w.......>
Subject: Tactile Sense

I watched "The Fix" last night, for the fun of watching Nick scarf that
pasta, and the cute grins at the end.  Now, why *that* should have
inspired *this*...  But I got to thinking about what the ramifications of
vampires not feeling pain are for the sense of touch.
        All vampire senses are heightened, right?  But FK vampires almost
*never* feel pain; in "Father Figure," Nat took Nick's twinge of pain as a
good sign, and it took fire to get LC to say "that hurts!" in DK.  And we
operate on the assumption that vampires don't feel cold, right?  That came
up in the wardrobe thread.  So does this mean that the vampire tactile
sense is in fact *dulled* instead of heightened?

****** Amy, Lady of the Knight  (AKR) r.......@w....... ******
"Yet who knows not conscience is born of love?" -- W.S. Sonnet 151


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 16:21:13 -0500
From:    D Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject: List mail vs. e-mail, and multiple postings... suggestions

>It also means that each of us needs to take a moment to think before we post,

This is my fourth list-post today (I think) so you won't be hearing from me
again until tomorrow. (Stop cheering, all of you! ;)

Regarding how to tell if your posts are list-material or private e-mail:  may I
suggest (and it is *only* a suggestion) something that a friend told me, when I
was new on the lists?  Before you hit *send*, stop and ask yourself "Will *at
least* 10% of the list (100 people) *want* to read this?  Even if they have to
pay for the privilege?"   If you can't *honestly* say the answer is "yes", don't
post it.  Send it out via a private e-mail loop instead.  Or send it to
yourself. <g>

Also, if you only have a line or two of commentary on any one post, but have
several posts you want to reply to, why not consolidate them? (I realize some of
you don't have software that can do this, but most of us do.  And you can always
re-type the quotes by hand, as a last resort.)  That way, you can make your
voluntary-four-posts-a-day limit cover eight, ten, heck *20* replies... and the
people who have to scroll through all those .sig files on digest will bless you
for it! :)

Again, for the record, this is *just* a suggestion, and IMHO....

>Contribution to On-Topic Silliness:
Oh, yeah, been meaning to say this for a while now... Hey, Thong Throng! WE DID
IT FI-IRST! ;-PPPPPP  Check out War4's "Piece de Resistance" by the ever-lovin'
Dianne la Mercenaire, to see what I mean... <eg>  Classy Roman orgies, on
demand... with a certain Roman in Black Silk... but not *much* black silk. };>
Can you say "vampire on the half-shell"?

Diane E
<still giggling from War4 flashbacks...>
# D Echelbarger                        gryphon@e.......    #
#   WWW HomePage:    http://www.execpc.com/~echelbar/      #


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 17:22:33 -0400
From:    Diane Shea <KerrRaven@a.......>
Subject: More on Roman names, etc.

I hate being on digest;
OK now that I've got a few answers to my just posted questions;

Lisa wrote;
>>Selene has a name that indicates Greek origin. (Incidentally, I think I've
been told the script spelled it Seline, although Selene is correct.)<<

Well that answers the spelling problem, although it poses a new problem for
me.  *Could* it have been spelled with an "i"?  Ever?  If not I'll just take
it that their spelling was much like the Battle of Hastings mishap and change
it in my story.  Another question for the history oriented; what did
Seline/Selene's (I hate this!) name mean?  In passing, my dad once told me it
meant woman in Greek, but I can't always believe him. :)

And *right* before I could post this <g> Diane E. answered me;

>>Seline with an i in the script, but according to Lisa McD, who's the real
expert, Selene is *historically* correct... so you could call the credits a
typo... <g>  Selene (the name) is Greek, btw.  One of the moon-goddesses, I
believe (pre-Diana, very old)<<

OK I'll change it!  As I said, I did like it with an "e" better <g>.

>>...it doesn't appear that Divia is known to be Lucius's child, judging by
the way she's talked about in front of him. I doubt if Selene would have
called the child by the nomen if she and Lucius had some kind of agreement
that the girl wouldn't be openly acknowledged.<<

Despite my own opinion that it would probably be pretty obvious to many (hint
hint, wink wink) that Divia could very well have been Lucius' child, I too
think they were agreed not to acknowledge the fact.  Perhaps for a General to
openly have a daughter with the Madame of a brothel was frowned upon by the
leaders of Rome at the time.  I don't know how they would look upon actions
of that sort.

And just to make things worse, Allison Perky (just getting revenge for Uncle,
:) wrote;

>>**** Name That Roman General! ****
I'll start the ball rolling. <snip>
- Q-tip  (What's Latin for Q-tip?  Qus Tipius??)
- fuzzy eyebrows  (As in: "Yes, Sir, General Lucius Fuzzy Eyebrows, Sir")<<

(Laughing despite myself)

>>If FK comes back as a series of TV movies and he has to perform in
flashbacks as a character called Lucius Spamus or Lucius Qus Tipius,
*someone* is gonna come after me!<<

I suggest you start running now or that ball you started rolling may catch up
to you and crush you! <g>  Once I figure out how to get Lucius and Divia out
of the destruction of Pompeii, they're gonna be coming after you!

Now before I get any more mail I'm going to send this! :)
--Cousin Diane (as always, on digest :(
Co-Founder of Seducers, member of other assorted factions


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 17:22:31 -0400
From:    Lisa Anne Prince <Moonlight@g.......>
Subject: Re: Top Ten RL/FK

Hey, Hey All :)

Amy wrote:
>Unfunny as I am, here is my best attempt at a game. :)
>--The Top Ten Real Life Things That Are Never Quite the Same After
Okay, here are mine:

10. green caddies
9. white roses
8. hospital food
7. caftans
6. Alice in Wonderland
5. The King Kong movie
4. dogs named Perry
3. tv talk shows involving hosts named Jerry
2. oatmeal cereal :)
and the number one thing in real life that I'll never look at the
same way again :)
1. the stay-puf marshmellow man (He got married in THAT :))

>        Thank you. I feel much better now.  :)
You're welcome very much :)

Hugs and mushy stuff to all :)
Mercenary Cousin Lisa

I'm sorry, the Lisa you have dialed is not available at this time,
please hang up and or dial one for alternative Lisas.


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 17:31:10 -0400
From:    "Patricia M. White" <pirate52@p.......>
Subject: Off-topic help -- Babylon 5 list?

Anyone know the address of the Babylon 5 list?
Please e-mail me privately.
Sorry!  <PirATe skulks back below-decks, knowing she broke the list rules>

- PirATe                                         {Graduate of the
internationally acclaimed
  >>>>I LOVE NEW YORK<<<<           Thelma & Louise Charm School}
          ...better dead than mellow...


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 18:37:46 -0400
From:    Carrie Krumtum <CKrumtum@g.......>
Subject: Re: Oh Captain, My Captain

> So I really don't know what Forever Knight is about. Sorry!  I
>would like to know what it is about.  Can someone inform me.  I know that
>it might take a lot of time.  But I'm not to busy, so if your not please
>let me know.  Thanx

Oh Stella,

I hope you don't pay by the line!!! If you have web access I suggest you try
first going to some awesome FK Web pages prodiced by some members of this
list. I will send a URL list if you need one. There is a link page that may
be found on the web at 'Cult TV Net Directory-Horror and Fantasy', look under
Forever Knight. This mailing list is there as well, along with a newsgroup
for FK.

Welcome to the list.


Carrie, Proud Knightie


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 19:16:46 -0400
From:    Michelle Mark <Raindance2@a.......>
Subject: List discord, etc

Jami writes:
<<It also means that each of us needs to take a moment to think before we
post, whether something silly or serious, and consider how that post might
affect others. >>

Could this be the reason why we have close to a thousand people on this list,
yet only a few people post on a regular basis?  Personally, I'm not afraid to
voice my opinion, however unpopular it may be.  However, a lot of people are
easily intimidated and would rather not say anything than say something
either controversial or against whatever the popular belief may be at the
time.  I agree that people should think about what they post, before they do
it, but you can't please everyone.   I have been on this list about 6 months
(which probably makes me a newbie)and I have never personally been offended
by anything anyone has ever said.  The only thing I ever thought was totally
inappropriate and tacky was the infamous, not-supposed-to-be-mentioned V & V
post.  And that was from someone who wasnt even on this list!  I like the
silliness, the serious stuff (and thanks to Lisa M., I am actually learning
quite a bit!!)  , and even the off topic stuff.  (Maybe I would feel
different if I paid by the line, but if that were the case I wouldn't be on a
high volume list like this in the first place) But I digress.  I think you
guys are a fun and intellectually stimulating group of people and I guess I
just don't get what all the fuss is about.

Contribution to On-Topic Silliness: In regard to this "Name That Roman
General" thread... How do you say "Purple Thong" in Latin???

Cousin Michelle^v^
"This is not a black and white world. // You can't afford to believe
in your side."-Live "The Beauty of Gray"


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 16:50:38 -0700
From:    "B. Janine Morison" <morison@a.......>
Subject: Re: Nat's body

> "Nat's a bit overweight," --excuse me--over whose weight?  Ms. Disher
> looks like a healthy woman who does not buy into body-size crap designed

 Fact:  Nat is *not*, I repeat NOT overweight.  She is at an optimum weight
 for her height and build.  SHE NEVER  looks fat nor out of shape.  Heck,
 if most women could look so trim just after having a baby we would be
 very lucky!

 For all of you "she's fat" people get real, she is not underweight nor
 amaciated like the majority of actresses *and* actors.  One person I
 once worked with told me that she met Robert Redford and was shocked
 to see just how skinny he was in real life.

 So STOP judging and get realistic. Nat is great!

 cousin and knightie

 p.s. I loved Nick in his caftan!


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:19:18 -0300
From:    "l.d. steele" <aa300@f.......>
Subject: Dark Knight and comparison topics & and recent forkni-l posts

Let's set the <way>... back machine to "Dark Knight" (part I & II).

Anybody remember it? <g> (skip the middle part of the post if you're
tired of people talking <about> the list instead of talking <on> the list).

I was just sitting here, thinking about all the succinct and verbose
arguments/discussions/almost-flames that have occurred on this list since
I joined in (has it been that long?) February of... 1994!!!

Whew! No I was <not> one of the first people on the list. Don't know them
all. They probably don't know me. I have enjoyed reading the list since
that time.

Silliness. Serious stuff. Why should I <not> signoff stuff. Growing pain
extended talks (hint - read the last week's worth of topics). Top ten
lists. Faction & Fraction email.

I mostly lurk now. Some people probably think that is a <good> idea. :)
It's confessions time. I'm one of <10> children in my family. Count 'em.
I'm number 6 (numerically, not in status... <g>). I remember tons of
fights, <discussions>, and private dialogue.

It was a good training ground for the forkni-l lists, and the fkwars. All
of the fkwars that I have participated in, I have enjoyed tremendously
(#2,3,4,&5). People probably remember me as the Die-Hard who likes to
mess things up, but I hope I added some small quantity of humour (note
the Canadian spelling, <g>) to the fkwars.

Yes. I have been skimming and deleting a lot of forkni-l digests lately.
Partially due to lack of interest, and partially due to lack of time. I
finished my last exam today, and then found out that I have to totally
rewrite one of my projects. I'll likely be in the library from now till
Monday evening.

I do have faith in this this, which is why (get to the bloody point!!),
I am going to DELURK!! and re-introduce these old topics of conversation to
re-hash once more.

Topic 1:

The one who became a vampire in DKII.
The one who was never seen again.
The one who many think was dull, and others thought... (ok, not here).
The one who I'm going to write a fanfic about in approx. 2.5 weeks. <g>

-Any thoughts?
-Just what happened to her after DKII?
-Why did Natalie (the character -- I know the difference!! <g>) get all
the best lines (from "Nick Knight" -> "Dark Knight").

Topic 2:

Anybody want to step forward and re-analyze the differences between the

(slightly irreverant and non-knightie answer follows)
I like (and admire) GWD, but... you gotta admit that he (and NB) aged
between the first and second seasons.

-How does this fit into the Vampire mythos?
-Has natalie's potions been working, and Nick's starting to catch
up (and lose hair)?
-Which do you prefer: the psycotic but compelling LaCroix from first
season, or the more 'mature' and 3d 'evil' of LC in the 2nd and 3rd.

Ok. That's it. I've done my duty, and my wrists are getting tired again
(don't you just <love> modern diseases? <g>).

Ignore or enjoy these topics at will. I'll check back tomorrow night to
see what happens. If nobody wants to play... Maybe I'll just go back to

It's much easier on the wrists. :)

l.d. steele
h36a@u....... or aa300@f.......
Die-Hard (one of the more active ones -- we're a pretty nondecisive group)


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:06:20 -0400
From:    Tigon Diana Hooker <TeigrLlew@a.......>
Subject: Re: Top Ten RL/FK

Okay, I'll bite...here's my Top Ten Real Life Things That
Are Never Quite the Same After FK---

10. Knee Surgery
 9.  Nepotism ("I'm a *good* cop!")
 8.  Empty Fridges
 7.  'Adoptions'
 6.  Sunburns and Food Allergies
 5.  Trunk Space
 4.  Morgues (admit it, you wanna go hang w/ Nat)
 3.  Fully Buttoned Shirts and Turtlenecks!
 2.  The Peter Rabbit and Cat in the Hat Stories
 1.  Watching Peoples' Minds Drift (my Gawd! what are they
             flashing back on!?!)

Tigger the Bouncing Tigger


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:06:19 -0400
From:    Tigon Diana Hooker <TeigrLlew@a.......>
Subject: Re: Urs/ (was Tracy and Vachon)


well, I'm new to the list and this particular discussion, but
I have to put in my two cents worth.

First of all, I've never been into vampires...this show isn't
so much a vampire show to me as a show that deals with
the human condition and happens to use vampires to do

In Urs' case, you have a woman with a crappola life, who
didn't *want* to live. She probably had seen far too much
in her short life already...but does that mean she was su-
icidal? Quite frankly, I feel like this at times...the world can
be a nastybad place, always has and always will be (though
the ways in which it is can change). This doesn't mean that
I'm suicidal though...I've never attempted it, and never will.
Perhaps because I'm to stubborn to give up or have the
very human condition of hope.

But I don't fear death, and won't really mind it when it happens.
This, I feel, was Urs' state...yet when death happened, she
found herself in eternal unlife. As in life, suicide by suntan
would not be an option...stubborness and/or hope, remember?
She in fact, considering how 'young' she is, does seem to
be finally beginning to cope with her past...realizing her need
to be victimized. Considering that these sorts of things have
only just begun to come to light in the past decade or two, she's
doing pretty well...especially when you consider she can't go
to counselling.

Which brings me to another point in slight digression...there
seems to be two kinds of vampires (not speaking of the ones
accidentally brought across or against their will). There are
those like LaCroix, who were really vampires *before* they
were vampires. And there were those like Nick and Janette,
who were at extreme low points in their lives and in their disil-
lusionment, allowed themselves to be seduced over. Think
about it, Janette was apparently sold into prostitution by her
family (I think). As for Nick, in 'Queen of Harps' we see him
as a young knight full of life and purpose--but by the end of
the ep he's been framed for the murder of his love and sent
to the crusades for punishment. Imagine the atrocities he
saw there, and imagine the disillusionment of his purpose
and religion. He was ripe for Janette and LaCroix's pluck-
ing. As time passed, his basic humanity railed against the
darkness (thank God, or we'd have no show!). Even Jan-
ette has been shown helping prostitutes and the like. And,
no, I'm *not* going to get into the 'Human Factor' debate!

Well, I think I've rambled far too long. I hope this made

Tigon the b      c       T       e
                o   n  i  g    i   g   g
                   u    n        g        !


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 19:18:13 -0700
From:    Valery King <kingv@u.......>
Subject: Re: Roman names/illegitimacy, etc.

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Diane Shea wrote:
> Roman whorehouse basically,...."  Do you know if in the script they spell
> Selene with an "e"?  In the credits of AMPH (I just happened to notice this)
> it is spelled Seline, with an "i".  I tend to like Selene better, but I guess
> I'll go with the show's spelling.

I'm the one with the script (lucky, lucky, *further in debt* me), and it
is spelled "Seline" throughout. No, Lacroix's full Roman name is nowhere in
print, even in the stage instructions (although the Proconsul his buddy
*is*!-- go figure); he is called "Lucius" and "General". At one point,
during the eruption, he claims to be too powerful to be killed and in
fact expects to be emperor. Might this provide any clew to his possible
name, to those who know the politics of the time and place better than I?
Although I suspect that Ron Taylor wasn't more definite simply because he
didn't want to eliminate *all* of Lacroix's mystery, and he's also likely
NOT an expert in the Roman Empire in 79 AD.

BTW, in the instructions the writer gives to the actors about the
characters, he indicates that Lucius and Seline have a somewhat
mysterious history: "...this is an old lover. Something between them,"
Taylor writes when they first meet on screen, and they "hug,
respectfully...but Seline's body language is cool." When she tells him
that she'd rather he *not* see Divia: "A beat. Something painful here
between them."

I suspect a red-hot romance in the past, myself, which ended because of
his ambition. After all, if a well-born Roman took to wife a prostitute,
even the owner of her own house, it would effectively end any kind of
military or political career. Openly acknowledging her daughter as his
would have a similar effect, I would assume. Thus there could be a lot of
resentment from both Seline and her daughter.

Have I shed any light at all? Or only further confused things?



Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 20:23:43 -0600
From:    "Lashoka BirthFire (Lax)" <lashoka@h.......>

ATtn all, my web page is moving, its almost set up at the new address,
and anyone who has a link to my page shoud update the link soon. It
should be up for a while yet, but after a day or two, I will have a
pointer up to my new address, which is http://www.hemi.com/~lashoka
easier to type also...that means my e-mail has changed to lashoka@h.......
Please take note, thank you.

                              Cousin Lashoka
         lashoka@p....... | Xxxxxx Xxx 0000  |(000)-000-0000
                lashoka@o....... | Colorado College
       lashoka@g....... | Colorado SPGS, XX 00000
 http://pandora.st.hmc.edu/~lashoka | a_bittenbin@r.......


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 21:26:51 -0500
From:    Lady Sushi <phoenix@i.......>
Subject: Re: Trilogy of Terror

>Hi Guys,
>Does anybody know when Trilogy of Terror is supposed to air on Showtime?

I didn't know that Nigel&Pat's books were gonna be made into movies...;)


Cousin "Susan" Phoenix * Camera Fanatic of the Thong Throng
Charter Unnamed * Member of the Cold Shower Sisterhood * SKLed
**Faciemus ut Dewus Mountainus e Tuo Nasone Exeat!**
"Hey, Marines!  The Chicago Cubs suck!" ~~ The Chigs, S:AaB


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 23:12:54 -0400
From:    Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject: GWD's upcoming roles, etc.

I'm going to resort to one of my multiple-subject posts.  Just think,
fewer times you have to read my .sig!  (Although it has changed yet

(1) Ger in "Trilogy of Terror 2" and "Outer Limits"

To clear up any confusion, I looked back at what Ger said in the Prodigy
chat about his upcoming appearances in "Outer Limits" and "Trilogy of
Terror 2."

To summarize:
"Outer Limits" -- Ger plays a midwestern sheriff; on Showtime in June
"Trilogy of Terror 2" -- Ger plays a "real slime"; on USA next Halloween

(2) A minor contribution to the Top Ten Things in Real Life That Aren't
the Same after FK:  SPAM!  (Oh, wait, that's after the SOS-FK campaign,
not FK itself!)

(3) Factions Can Be Fun

Aw, c'mon guys, factions can be fun... don't imply that they serve only to
divide us.  I have Diane Shea and a bunch of Cousins running after me
thanks to the Lucius Spamus and Lucius Qus Tipius suggestions!! :^)  You
think that wasn't the whole idea?!?

I'm on another mailing list for another show that is so dreary I'm bored
to tears.  The only reason I stay on is to check for annoucements that
aren't available elsewhere.  I can't help thinking that they could really
use some factions to spice things up!

Susan Garrett calls them "affiliations" rather than factions to stress the
positive side of the role they play.  I think we need to keep in mind that
affiliations are for *fun*.  I can honestly say that joining the Knighties
last fall made me feel like I belonged and that I was a participant rather
than an observer.  They're not for everyone, but for many of us they're a
lot of fun!  And I've made friends with Cousins, Ravenettes, and many
others as well as the Knighties on this list.

(4) "Name That Roman General" Update:
While Lucius Crux Avunculus has a good ring to it, I think I like
Michelle Mark's suggestion.  I vote for Lucius Purplius Throngicus.
(Can you tell I never studied Latin??)

* Allius Persius, perkius Knightium            percy91@w.......          *
* Shrewthering info: http://assets.wharton.upenn.edu/~percy91/shrew.html *


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 23:16:39 -0400
From:    Lisa Wolters <MVRJasper@a.......>
Subject: Re: Knight Confessions/Nick in transition

Elaine had some reeeeally interesting questions/thoughts on Carrie's
excellent story.

I was thinking, too, that maybe Nick felt so weak after his 10 days off the
"stuff" because he wasn't eating *enough.*  I mean, a teeny bit at breakfast
and lunch isn't enough to hold anyone over, much less a recovering vampire or
even a normal human man.  I found myself thinking that if Nat were there to
run blood tests and support him, she might be able to encourage him to eat
more, or to experiment with other things he *could* eat.  As Carrie wrote,
prison fare doesn't offer much in the way of variety, and it's gotta all
taste pretty bad.

And, regarding my earlier posts, I hope I didn't just alienate myself from
the lists.  :(  Not that I'm angsting about it or anything... (she said as
she angsted)

Lisa W. * MVRJasper@a.......


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 23:18:47 -0400
From:    Susan Honig <Susankenn@a.......>
Subject: Re: Dark Knight and comparison topics & and recent forkni-l posts

Ok I will respond to the question put out.

I do believe that GWD and NB aged between the 1st and 2nd seasons - don't we
all age in 18 months.

I for one am glad that neither resorted to other methods to keep them "young"

I think GWD looks great even if there are a few more crowfeet under the eyes.

I did notice that GWD put on a few pounds between first and second season
(hence the vests) and seems to have shed them for the 3rd.

I am a "Neat Hair" lover and think GWD looked great up until Strings and then
his hair needed a good combing/styling in the last few episodes.

I am a feverent GWD fan, Knightie to the end but I am not that awed that I
cannot see peope for what they truely are -normal.

Now for some other comments= I came on this list 8 months ago so I would call
myself a semi newbie. I lurk some of the time but I do post. I have noticed
that some of the people who used to post frequently are not posting. I do not
know if they are lurking or have left the list. That is their  choice. I for
one enjoy the list and I delete those messages that I don't feel I want to
read. That is my choice - to delete or not to delete-that is the question.
Whether it is nobler to read or not to read.

I think we are all cranky because we know that the series as we know it now
is ending (I am not saying we won't get any more FK - but a long dry spell is
coming). So instead of taking the dismay out on the TPTB we are taking it out
on other list members.

We should bottle all that energy and renew the SOS campaigne which I have
noticed to be waning considerably. I think once FK starts on Scifi and we
should get those letters going again. We want movies, we want movies etc. As
more time passes the likelihood of the actors being able to come back or even
wanting to come back will dimish. We need the effort now ,not a year from

Ok now I have said my say. I can't wait to see a lot of my fellow list
members at the Shrew. It will be great to associate names to faces.

Forever Knightie


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 23:46:00 EDT
From:    Maria Montalvo <maria@m.......>
Subject: Re: I'm back - PBS

Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......> wrote:
>Subject: Re: I'm back - PBS
>So where are you in my "fair" state Cuz? Must be Providence/Cranston if
>you're working on PBS.

LOL.  She isn't working at PBS; her initials are PBS.  And she's in Warwick.

ObFK:  Has anyone checked out the People poll today, now that voting's over.
(I only have web access during working hours.)  Have they posted anything
resembling results?  How'd my sister do? :-)



Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 20:12:15 -2055
From:    "L. Katherine Queen" <lqueen@p.......>
Subject: Re: Tactile Sense

Amy, Lady of the Knight wrote;
>up in the wardrobe thread.  So does this mean that the vampire tactile
>sense is in fact *dulled* instead of heightened?

I don't think that their tacitle senses are dulled at all.  I attribute
their insensitivity to some pain a function of the fact that the wounds
inflicted by... say a gunshot wound aren't life threatening.  They could be
compared to a mortal with a minor cut.  They do seem to feel a great deal
of pain when injured by something that they can be seriously injured by.
Like the burns inflicted by a cross, holy water or fire for that matter.
LaCroix seemed to be pretty darned affected when Nicholas removed the stake
from his chest in NiQ.  Does that make sense?

BTW, this question goes to any of the old school Knighties out there.  Does
one go through any sort of initiation to formally take up the Knightie
banner, i.e. have to be Knighted <sorry couldn't resist>?  Or is it enough
to simply pronounce oneself a devout Knightie....Anyone?



Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 01:51:07 -0300
From:    "l.d. steele" <aa300@f.......>
Subject: Aging, and forever knight

I got a reply!!! <g> This is the first time I tried to start a topic
(that I remember - my memory's not good...).

> From:    "l.d. steele" <aa300@f.......> <- Me. :)
> I like (and admire) GWD, but... you gotta admit that he (and NB) aged
> between the first and second seasons.
> -How does this fit into the Vampire mythos?

I just thought of something to set out, but first I want to clarify

> From:    Susan Honig <Susankenn@a.......>
> I think GWD looks great even if there are a few more crowfeet under the eyes.
> Sue

I'm one of those people who think GWD is much more attractive than Nick.
Yes, I differentiate them. :) They've got the same body, but GWD is a
good actor, and there is a marked difference.

GWD is married, has two kids, emotionally stable (I assuming of course
- never met the man <g>) looks fantastic in pictures in the sunlight, and
has an absolutely fabulous smile that seems to brighten everything around

Nick is single, ~800 years old, a vampire, seems to careen between joy
and depression sometimes, has serious problems emotionally and with old
relationships (LC). He also can't figure out <what> he really wants and
make a solid commitment (IMHO - please don't flame: He commits but lapses).

Of the two -- I would far rather meet GWD. He sounds (from all accounts)
to be quite a nice guy. If I met Nick... (I'd promptly get myself assigned
for psychiatric evaluation, <g>) it would be <extremely> awkwark. "Excuse
me, but I know quite a bit about you from watching you arrest and munch
people on tv." <- qualifies for list humour? <eg>

Now: Onto the topic I meant to address in the first place!

GWD, and NB have aged physically since the show first started in 1992. So
have I. Of course I'm not on TV pretending to be an immortal vampire that
<can't> age.

See the problem? :)

The first season makeup was remarkably consistent (compared to 2nd and
3rd). It seemed to portray an almost 'ageless' man. I could <believe>
that Nick was immortal.

In the second and third seasons it gets fuzzy. The makeup could be good
one episode (making Nick look very young - 'Dead of Knight' flashback) to
so-so in another (making Nick look decadent but older in the 'Fever'
flashback). IMHO of course.

So what you have is a situation where Nick's apparent physical age jumps
all over the place, and LC has brown hair -- except in certain time
periods where he has white.

Solution: Nick

Natalie has been messing around with Nick's physiology for quite some
time now. Nick is starting to age, but he doesn't really notice it. I
mean, if you looked the same for 800 years would <you> look in the mirror
a lot? (You don't have to answer that). He just assumes that the way he
looks now is the way he has <always> looked.

Hence his 'flashbacks'/memories are tinged, and partially changed. I
<don't> want to get into the debate as to whether what occurs in the
flashbacks should be taken as 100% accurate.

Solution: LaCroix

LaCroix has a crewcut. He has <always> had a crewcut. Unfortunately for
us, we have to resolve the fact that for all of the 1st season it was
white, and now it's brown. :)

a) It's always been brown. We already determined that Nick's memories
<could> be not 100% accurate. Maybe he was having a bad first season. <g>

b) It changed in the fire/staking (DKII). Afterwards he found himself
with brown hair. He immediately convinced Nick&Janette through his bond
with them that he has <always> had brown hair. :)

c) LaCroix went around for brief periods of his life periodically
applying a nasty peroxide solution to his hair -- perhaps to get rid of
lice? <VEG>

Any more? <g> You guys can be creative. I KNOW you can!

>From me again - previous post.
> -Which do you prefer: the psycotic but compelling LaCroix from first
> season, or the more 'mature' and 3d 'evil' of LC in the 2nd and 3rd.

My hands are going to fall off in a minute so I have to stop. What I'd
like to explore are people's feelings for LaCroix have changed through
the series. He's definitely been the character to receive the most change
- development wise (Nick can't - it's his show). :)

l.d. steele
h36a@u....... or aa300@f.......


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 01:00:16 -0400
From:    Tigon Diana Hooker <TeigrLlew@a.......>
Subject: Re: Name That Roman General!

Okay, here's some Latin translations per request--

CROSS-well, several versions here. I'm not giving the verbs.
             1. CRUX-an instrument of punishment
             2. DIFFICILUS/MOROSUS-annoyed, bad-tempered

UNCLE- 1. PATRUUS-father's brother
             2. AVUNCULUS-mother's brother

FUZZY EYEBROWS-(I don't want to know) there doesn't seem
              to be a Latin word for 'fuzzy' or 'furry,' so I went w/
              'hairy' which has four words.
              Okay, since we want plural and 'eyebrow' is neuter,
              'fuzzy eyebrows' will be 'pilosa supercilia,' 'crinita
              supercilia,' 'capillata supercilia,' or 'comata supercilia.'

Have I put everybody to sleep yet?

Alright, now for the challenge...Q-Tip. First of all, being new to this
list, I want to know what this Q-Tip thing is about.

Q-TIP- Okay, we know these didn't exist in Rome, so I mucked
           around trying to find an approximation. Did you know
           there's no Latin word for swab?
           GOSSYPION AURIS BACILLUM- the genders may not
           properly match up on this (I do have to go) but literally
           translated this means 'cotton ear (small) stick.'

So, there it is. I'm probably going to regret mentioning I got a
kick out of this. I probably really am going to regret that besides
Latin, I have a smattering of Welsh, and an even smaller smatter-
ing of Irish.

Tigon the Bouncing Tigger


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:00:21 -0700
From:    AKR <r.......@w.......>
Subject: LC's name and Tippi

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Allison Percy wrote:
> I have Diane Shea and a bunch of Cousins running after me
> thanks to the Lucius Spamus and Lucius Qus Tipius suggestions! :-)
        Actually, I know one Wicked Cousin who ought to appreciate your
suggestion immensely. <g> Now, how did that Roman naming system work?  Which
name was modified for female descendents?  And how, exactly?  <g> I mean, you
did just suggest "Lucius Qus *Tippius*," didn't you? <g>

****** Amy, Lady of the Knight  (AKR) r.......@w....... ******
"Yet who knows not conscience is born of love?" -- W.S. Sonnet 151


Date:    Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:49:37 -0700
From:    AKR <r.......@w.......>
Subject: Life on List

Taking a cue from Allison and consolidating responses, I wanted to thank
those of the longer-subbed listmembers who've posted today on this topic.
When people have been unhappy with the lists and have gone quietly to private
mail, those of us who never knew them never got the chance to, and, like
neglected children, never learned what we were doing wrong.

> From: D Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
> We're experiencing one of the list's periodic bouts of 'growing pains'.
Yeah... :)
I still post too much, I know, but I'm better now in this "adolescence of
newbiehood" than in the infancy I subjected you all to not long ago.
However, I'm sure that being a third-season forkni-l newbie is something
indelible, like having brown eyes. <g> The remarkable thing is that I've come
far enough to contemplate with a touch of trepidation the next generation
of newbies -- the Sci-Fi Channel generation...

> From: Dianne Therese De Sha <maeve@g.......>
> And one day today's newbies will realize that they're no longer
> newbies-- and it'll probably be the day they send _their_ first private
> email knuckle-rap to a new, really clueless newbie...

And if that isn't the ultimate proof that newbies do grow up... :)
We never know what the list was like before we arrived; we only know that
once we got here, we wanted to stay.  And as late as I came in -- long after,
apparently, people felt things began going downhill -- I found these lists to
be marvelous places, inhabited by intelligent, creative, generous people.  To
be told that things were even *better* in the past... Well, it's rather like
the show, isn't it?  I was terribly impressed by third season, until I saw
second, and first... :)

****** Amy, Lady of the Knight  (AKR) r.......@w....... ******
"Yet who knows not conscience is born of love?" -- W.S. Sonnet 151


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 02:31:13 -0400
From:    Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject: CD, What FK's About, & Romans

Three topics this time and then I'm going to be quiet.  Honest.

(1) Secrets of the FK Soundtrack

Fans of the FK soundtrack CD might be interested in this tidbit from Fred:

> The sounds on the CD are 95% Kurzweil and the explosive sounds are a
> amalgalm of different percussive samples that I have in my library.

Gotta love those modern music systems -- put in some digitized samples,
add one musical genius, and you have a work of art!  <g>

(2) What's this Forever Knight Thing All About

Although I lost the original message, someone named Stella who had just
discovered the list asked what Forever Knight was about.  At first I
thought this was an impossible question to answer.  Then I came up with
two answers:

  - FK is a show about the struggle between good and evil, and one man's
search for redemption.  Or is it one vampire's struggle for redemption?
Struggle for mortality? Struggle to understand the difference between
mortality and redemption?  Well, anyway, it's a compelling morality play
that uses vampires as a means to explore the human psyche.  Kinda.
Actually, I've noticed that different people on the list feel the show is
"about" different things.  A romance?  An action/adventure show?  A
philosophical work?  A comedy hiding in the guise of a drama?  That's
probably why whenever one person puts an episode on their "Top 10" list,
someone else invariably says it's their least favorite!

  - FK is on local syndicated stations (check your local late-night
listings) and on the Sci-Fi Channel (Mondays 8pm and midnight Eastern
time).  Watch it and decide for yourself what it's about!

(3) Naming That Roman General (continued)

Those who are sick of this thread can skip the rest of this message! ;-)

Tigon... Wow... thank you for all the translations!  It looks like we
can't do the Q-Tip reference without exceeding the required number of
words (Lucius Gossypion Auris Bacillum sounds more like a bacterial
infection, anyway!).  Unless we go with Lucius Qus Tippius, which (as Amy
noted) makes up for what it lacks in Latin accuracy by making another
amusing reference to a certain Wicked Cousin! <g>

BTW, the Q-Tip reference comes about from NB's first-season hairdo --
white and fuzzy on top... <g> Looks much nicer in its natural color, hmm?

Lucius Capillata Supercilia?  OK, hilarious though this may be, I'm no
longer leaning toward a fuzzy eyebrow reference (although this one, with
the images it brings up of supercilius caterpillars, is almost too good to
ignore!).  I have great hopes that the Eyebrow Pencil from Hell was put
away by the make-up crew before they filmed the upcoming four episodes.

Now the "Cross Uncle" translations -- Lucius Difficilus Patruus?  Lucius
Crux Avunculus?  I don't know about "Avunculus" -- this has made its way
into English as "avuncular," meaning "of, pertaining to, or resembling an
uncle, especially a benevolent uncle."  Benevolent??  The vampire who
hoped that his wave of altruism would pass quickly??  Still, the Cousins
may see him as avuncular.  After all, I've heard people say quite honestly
on the list that they think Lacroix is only out for Nick's best
interests... (You *don't* want to hear me get into my reply to *that*

Skulking off to bed now... More than enough posting for a while!

* Allius Persius, perkius Knightium            percy91@w.......          *
* Shrewthering info: http://assets.wharton.upenn.edu/~percy91/shrew.html *
*   "Did you know there's no Latin word for swab?"  Tigon Diana Hooker   *


Date:    Sun, 21 Apr 1996 00:29:32 -0700
From:    Dee Davidson <dmd@a.......>
Subject: Naked People!!!

Made ya look! :)

Now that I have your attention, I will add my own $.02 in... I won't
pretend I understand all that has been going on, I do understand that if I
ever needed anything, especially a good laugh, this is the place to be. Out
of 4 email lists I feel that this is the one for me. I know I won't find
any place else thats as nice, friendly, and helpful than this one, so
unless everyone goes physco, I'm staying:)

What are we going to do about all of this?

I believe I may have a solution to all this stuff, what we need is some
stress relief:) I have heard that a good way to sort stuff out is to write
about it. So, how about a story challenge about all thats been going on?
What would our favorite characters think? Or do? Nothing serious, it has to
be silly, the sillier the better:) Anyone up for the challenge? You can't
turn this one down, its the second story challenge I've thrown out:)

If anything, its something to think about:)

Dee  * Cousin  *  Valentine *
dmd@a.......  http://www.aracnet.com/~dmd/

"If you think I tormented you in the past my little friends, wait
until you see what I do with you now!"  Q


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