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Digest - 17 Apr 1996 to 18 Apr 1996 - Special issue

Thu, 18 Apr 1996

There are 39 messages totalling 1006 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. People Poll (2)
  2. Police Captains & hamsters
  3. FK article in May Cinefantastic
  4. Nick's past; Blackwing
  5. Forever Knight schedule (fwd)
  6. Nick's chest
  7. Uncle in Baltimore..
  8. Syndicon East (3)
  9. FK Soundtrack on the Web
 10. Reply to: FEVER
 11. unsubscribe help
 12. Syndicon East?
 13. Fwd: Re: Up, Down, Flying Around
 14. John Kapelos Alert
 15. Nick a Baptist? (2)
 16. SyndiCon Information
 17. GWD's chat on Prodigy
 18. Historical error (mine)
 19. First season ep. question
 20. Nick's views
 21. Syndicon revisited
 22. LC's Roman name.
 23. God, Nick and the crux of the matter (Was Re: Nick a Baptist?)
 25. Wardrobe (2)
 26. GWD on Prodigy (2)
 27. NB Sighting: Diamonds
 28. Tracy and Vachon (was Re: Reply to: FEVER) (2)
 29. Flashback question
 30. flashback question
 31. KC
 32. Police Captains


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:08:00 EDT
From:    Maria Montalvo <maria@m.......>
Subject: People Poll

As a experiment, I decided to see how long it would take to get
someone into the top 10 of the poll.  I chose my sister, entered
her name for all 5 slots, then started submitting it.  It took
about 5 submissions (under 2 minutes) to get her listed right up
there beside Ger and Cath.

Something is _seriously_ wrong with this picture.

maria@m....... or mmontalvo@l.......


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:12:24 -0400
From:    colin paddock <Claudius@n.......>
Subject: Re: Police Captains & hamsters

>shown once or twice. Reese is also the only one of the three that I think
>I'd like as a friend or boss. Now if the poor guy could just get those two
>to Work Together! :-)

I really think getting Nick and Tracy to work together is the least of his
problems. He still has to learn how to use the Water Cooler! <G>

********The Transformers, My Bloody Valentine, Windows95, Andy Warhol,
Jawbreaker, Colin's Sanity, and Just About Everything In This Message is
Going as Far From The Intended excape Route as Fast as


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:32:39 EDT
From:    Mary Anne Espenshade <mae@a.......>
Subject: Re: FK article in May Cinefantastic

There is an FK article in Cinefantastic magazine's May issue, written by
Lawrence Tetewsky.  I finally read it last night and have a few comments...

To call this inaccurate would be a charitable understatement.  Mostly it's
seriously hurt by a long lead time when events were moving very quickly, it
can't have been written any later than last November.  But that's no excuse for
calling Ribina "Red Vino" or Screed "Screech", his name is even spelled out
in the credits!  Tetewsky does a more reasonable job of covering the show's
network history (except that he puts the long hiatus between seasons two and
three instead of one and two), but calls it a "reinterpretation" of Interview
With a Vampire.  Both Anne Rice and Jim Parriott should be insulted.

He has the description of the USA retooling mostly right, but describes USA's
deal as "stipulating that USA would premiere each new episode Monday evenings
at 10PM before any new syndicated affiliates would get them," when in fact it
was exactly the reverse, explaining why "Strangely enough, local channels
already running Forever Knight have premiered first-run episodes of season 3
before USA's regular premiere date."

The article was apparently written during one of the spates of Janette rumors,
as he leaves the impression that she would be returning as a semi-regular
in the 2nd half of the 3rd season.  Ravenettes will appreciate that he found
USA's decision to drop Janette "inexplicable".  Perkulators, Vaqueras and the
Ratpack had best avoid the article entirely.

Nice sidebar on the flight POV effects.

Don't buy the magazine just for this (I had picked it up for the article on
James and the Giant Peach myself).  There aren't even any new pictures, the
cast shot is 2nd season.

Anybody know if Cinefantastic has an email address?
Mary Anne Espenshade
"I worked late on my birthday and nobody brought ME a cute vampire!"


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 16:29:07 -0500
From:    Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject: Re: Nick's past; Blackwing

>The way I see it, Marion sort of pulled him into the spirit walk...
> As for the attraction between them<snip>

That's also how I saw it. He went to see her, hoping she could help him, and
just let her take over.  I also think that's why he didn't bite her, even
though in a normal sexual situation (normal for him, I mean), he would have.
It just wasn't a normal, vamp situation.

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 16:40:07 -0500
From:    Margie Hammet <treeleaf@i.......>
Subject: Re: Forever Knight schedule (fwd)

>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 14:33:11 -0400 (EDT)
>From: The Dominion Feedback <feedback@s.......>

>We'll be showing only season 3 of FK this year, but we will be showing
>all 3 seasons, beginning next year.  Probably starting in January.

This is getting real frustrating.  First, they sounded like they were going
to show the first two seasons right after the last eps from Season 3.  Then
it was going to be September, and now it's going to be next year, maybe
January.  Are they doing this to have more time for us to try to get our
cable stations to carry the Sci-Fi channel?  Or are they really not serious
about showing Seasons 1 and 2 at all?

Margie (treeleaf@i.......)


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:46:12 -0400
From:    Dotti Rhodes <dottir@w.......>
Subject: Re: Nick's chest

At 02:12 PM 4/17/96 -0500, Stephanie wrote:

>But back to the stunt chest. I happened to rewatch Dying to Know You.The
robe falls mostly open, and we get a pretty good look at his chest (which is
still clearly attached to his recogniziable head and arms)  At this point,
Dotti swoons (right, Dotti?).

Don't think I don't watch that bit over and over again - naw, I don't swoon
- I might miss something!! Bang my head on the tv screen? Yes...many times!!!!

And yes, I agree. It looks just the same---yum.

Dotti R
Knightie 4-Ever


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:56:04 -0400
From:    Michelle Williams <ShelleyXF@a.......>
Subject: Re: Uncle in Baltimore..

 Polly (Vaquera) wrote:

> As a Baltimoron born and bred, when and where is Uncle
> coming to Baltimore
> (Bawlmoor to us natives)?

As a non- native of Baltimore ( whew! ), I have no idea
if Uncle will ever come here. However, I wish he would
come this way. If he did, I would be the first one in line to say: Welcome to
Bawlmoor Hon!  ; )

The Consummate Cousin


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:56:10 -0400
From:    Michelle Williams <ShelleyXF@a.......>
Subject: Re: Syndicon East

Cousin Lisa wrote:

> Does anyone have information, preferrably a flyer, on Syndicon East?

As a resident of Baltimore, I still find that Syndicon East info is rather
scarce. There have been posts in the past on alt.fandom.cons, if I come
across any more info
I will be more than happy to pass it on to you.

> If I go, anyone from the list should have no trouble
> identifying me.
> I'll be the one wearing a straitjacket and a gag to
> keep me from bidding at the auction.

A straightjacket and a gag, huh?
If you wear that......it will be hard to tell you apart from some of the
natives! <EG>

The Consummate Cousin


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 18:00:33 -0400
From:    "Gaylin J. Walli" <gjwalli@m.......>
Subject: FK Soundtrack on the Web

With the permission of Mark Banning (the infamous buzbanzai@a.......),
Executive FK Album Producer for GNP Crescendo, I've scanned in the
artwork and the CD itself for the soundtrack and place everything
including a songlist and ordering information on the web at the
First Unofficial FK Home Page. To go directly there, access the
following URL:



Jasmine, Faithful Ravenette, gjwalli@m.......


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:10:50 -0500
From:    Lisa Clevenger <lcl366@a.......>
Subject: Re: People Poll

 Cousine Suk here at the new and improved email address.
I also noticed that ALL the FK people were bumped as of last night.  Lets get


Couisne/valentine Suk
Having major Vaqueara leanings


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 18:00:51 -0400
From:    Tippi NB <TippiNB@w.......>
Subject: Reply to: FEVER

>Ok, I just wanted to know if anyone noticed that Tracy looked like she was
>"repulsed" by Vachon when he first started touching her. At the very end
>she started to "get into it" a little. But when he first started touching
><snip> she had this look of total disgust on her face.

I think more than "repulsion" it was "repression".  Trace doesn't strike me as
 sensuality incarnate.  She was probably just very ... uncomfortable!

Wicked Cousin Tippi
Long Live the Thong!


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 18:22:03 -0400
From:    Lisa Clevenger <Sukhmet@a.......>
Subject: Re: unsubscribe help

Now thatmy new address is up and the list is trickling in, please help me
unsub to this loist.  Ireally don't need alll the mail and lst the
directions.  ARRGH!  My brain is a seive today.

Cousine/Valentine Suk
This address has been changed, please dial lcl36@airmail.com thank you!


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:53:03 GMT
From:    Karen Parker <horcgal@u.......>
Subject: Re: Syndicon East?

Saw that post a couple of times. What's syndicon? East or West? Probably a
stupid question, but since Balt. is about 2 hrs, less depending on driving
habits, from me, I thought Id find out if something is happening.
Has anyone else had their mail coming in doubled today? Either my computer
is stuttering or I am having a real bad case of Deja Vu!!



Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 19:06:31 EDT
From:    MARG YAMANAKA <ZEZQ01A@p.......>
Subject: Fwd: Re: Up, Down, Flying Around

> Date: Tuesday, 16-Apr-96 04:26 PM
> From: Elizabeth Ann Lewi       \ Internet:    (elewis@u.......)
> >Personally I agree, because I think Ger had a point about the first
> >season shots where you saw the characters flying in long shot. It did
> >look like a disoriented fish. :)

The only good flying shot in first season, IMHO, is the one at the end
of False Witness when Nick lands, beautifully backlit,  in front of the
killers car. The only shot, as I recall, where he's not flapping his



Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:18:33 -0230
From:    Paula Hurley <phurley@b.......>
Subject: John Kapelos Alert

Right at this moment on NTV, for those of you who get that station, is a
movie called Journey Into Darkness: The Bruce Curtis Story, that was
originally aired in 1991. Anyways JK is in it, and he appears to be a
lawyer, but I don't know how big a part he has.

Dark Knightie * Light Cousin * Valentine * Nick&NatPacker *
"It's ALWAYS about you!" - LaCroix in Can't Run, Can't Hide


Date:    Thu, 18 Apr 1996 10:04:56 +1000
From:    Shaun Owen Hately <075466@b.......>
Subject: Re: Nick a Baptist?

On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Loose Cannon wrote:

> Cousin Erik writes:
> >*If* Nick repented of his sins, whether or not he was a vampire, regardless
> of
> >how many lifetimes he has lived, regardless of everything in his past; if
> Nick
> >repented of his sins and promised his life to some God or other (God, Allah,
> >whatever), then he's redeemed. <*znip*>  That's what redemption is.
> Okay, here comes that ignorant pagan again.  Don't Catholics have a ritual
> called "the last rites"?  If you die before you have a chance to confess your
> venial sins, you end up in Purgatory, and with mortal sins (ie. murder)
> unconfessed you are damned?  Or am I clinging like lichen to a stone to a
> more medieval concept of Catholism?  Has this changed over the years?  Even
> if it has, and I'm correct in my recollection of the medieval concepts, maybe
> Nick, 13th century lad that he is, is still clinging lichen-like...

The Catholic Church does still have the sacrament of the last rites but
it has changed and it is not necessary for redemption. All that is
necessasry for slvation is that the person feel remorse for their sins.
Confessions is merely an official way of showing your remorse. In the
same way, you can confess all you like, but if you are not sorry, it
won't do any good at all.

Yours Without Wax


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 20:50:06 -0500
From:    Annmarie McKee- Fitzgerald <mickey@c.......>
Subject: SyndiCon Information

A lot of people have been asking and I have sent this to them, but for
anyone else, here is the SyndiCon information again. It does not list Nigel
as he just joined on and this is the old flyer.
I have heard rumors that both rooms and tickets are going fast...

                           (the East coast version)

               Featuring  "HIGHLANDER" the television series

                         WHEN:     May 10-12th, 1996
                        WHERE:     BALTIMORE, MARYLAND
                      THE HOTEL:   MARRIOTT INNER HARBOR
                            110 South Eutah Street
                           Baltimore, Maryland 21201
                         Reservations: (410) 962-0202
                        Room Rates:  $125.00 per night
                    flat rate for up to four people per room      =

               (You MUST mention SYNDI-CON to get this room rate)

                               CONFIRMED GUESTS:
                            Jim Byrnes, Stan Kirsch
                      Producers: Bill Panzer and Ken Gord
              From Production:  Roger Bellone (series music)
                        Gillian Horvath     Donna Lettow

                    Entertainment Guests:    TJ Glenn
                     (sword fighting re-enactments)

                Heather Alexander (Celtic singer/songwriter)

               INVITED GUESTS: Adrian Paul and Elizabeth Gracen
       *****all guest appearances subject to professional commiment******

                              Activities include:
                              Friday night mixer
             Charity Auction   Dealers Room  "HIGHLANDER" Store
                Q & A Panels with the Actors and Producers
                             Autograph Sessions
                   ....and many more surprises to come.....

                     Memberships available by sending your
           check or money order to: ( made payable to: SYNDI-Con )
                    P.O. Box 77347
                    San Francisco, California 94107

                                     MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION
                                     Saturday only or 3 Day
    October 9 thru January 15         $30.00        $50.00
    January 15 thru April 30          $35.00        $55.00

             **If you want to be a dealer, or participate in
                                an art show,
           please send a SASE to the above address for more info**

                           WHEN SENDING MEMBERSHIPS
                                Please include:
         The Names, Complete Addresses, and evening phone numbers
                        of everyone buying a membership

           If you need more information, please call us at our

                 Voicemail number:   (510) 888-2414
                 or you can E-mail us at Syndicon@a.......

           **Be on the lookout for more information regarding***
                    SYNDI-CON West, April 12 thru 14, 1996
                Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco, California

                          "...There can be only fun!"

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Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:07:18 -0400
From:    Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject: GWD's chat on Prodigy

I said I wasn't going to post anything else today, but I guess I was
wrong.  <g>

Here is some important info for those who, like myself, were surprised to
hear that Geraint Wyn Davies was scheduled to do a live chat on Prodigy
tomorrow.  Thanks to Nancy Hill <GNHG90A@p.......> for finding out
about this and letting us know.

According to the information I found, GWD's chat is on Prodigy tomorrow
(Thursday 4/18) at 8pm Eastern time in the Pseudo Chat area (Hot Seat

The date/time of GWD's Prodigy chat was given (at a web site available even
to non-Prodigy people) at the following URL:

You can download Prodigy software and get 20 free hours by going to:

Or you can do what I did and dig one of those free disks they mailed you
out of a pile of similar disks and install it.  (I'm making an informal
collection of free disks from online services -- so far AOL is winning
with 9 disks; Prodigy came in second since they have mailed me 2 disks.)

Expect to spend several hours to download, install, and set up the
software, log onto an account, and figure your way around the service.  It
took me at least 45 minutes just to figure out how to "register" for the
Pseudo Chat area and test my ability to get into the Hot Seat Auditorium
without getting lost.  I don't think I could explain to anyone else how I
did it; I think I recall choosing "Begin Pseudo Chat" and then reading a
lot of guidelines & such.  Finally I picked something called "Pseudo
Online" and got the registration screen with disclaimers about possible
adult material in the Pseudo area.  After admitting my status as an adult,
it gave me a more complete Pseudo area screen that included an option to
join the chat in the Hot Seat Auditorium.  Finally.

I think you can do it more quickly than I did by using Jump to: from the
GoTo menu and typing in PSEUDO.  But you should still leave plenty of time
before the chat starts.

I have no idea who is moderating this chat, whether we can submit
questions ahead of time, or any of that stuff.  I'm as clewless as the
next person, but I'll be lurking in there listening to it all. <g>

Hope that helps.  Like Nancy, I will *try* to make a log of the chat but
I can't promise anything since I'm obviously a Prodigy newbie and might
very well mess up the logging process.

* Allison Percy, a perky Knightie               percy91@w.......          *
* Shrewthering info: http://assets.wharton.upenn.edu/~percy91/shrew.html  *
* "To paraphrase the Hair Club for Men guy, 'I not only compose the music *
*  for the show, I'm also a fan...'"   Fred Mollin                        *


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:59:55 EDT
From:    Lisa McDavid <D020214@u.......>
Subject: Historical error (mine)

I've been reminded that I referred to Henry VIII as having 9 wives. What
caused me to add 3 to the real 6 wives, I don't know. A severe shortage
of coffee, perhaps? :)

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid


Date:    Thu, 18 Apr 1996 00:09:58 -0700
From:    Romina Campos <raven@a.......>
Subject: First season ep. question

I've have an old question from a first season ep (I think
it was Dead Issue, but I'm not sure):
In the tag, Nick and Nat are talking about how the
role of women has changed over the years, then Nick
gives Nat a small kiss (!), and Nat puts a funny face
after looking at her mug (?)
Can someone explain me this scene?
Thank you



Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 19:07:55 -0700
From:    AKR <r.......@w.......>
Subject: Re: Nick a Baptist?

> > Don't Catholics have a ritual called "the last rites"?

The sacrament that was popularly called "last rites" is now properly referred
to as "anointing of the sick," and you don't have to be fatally ill to
receive it, nor is it necessary for salvation.  As a matter of fact, I'd like
to take this opportunity to point out that the Church made clear in the
second Vatican Council that neither Catholicism, nor even Christianity, is
absolutely necessary for salvation; non-Christians of "good faith" are not
condemned (check out the new Catechism).  The Church does claim to know some
of the people who've made it to heaven (saints) but it makes *no* claims as
to who's been damned.

That's where this post becomes FK relevant.  :) Nick is Nick, not some demon
in the form of Nick, as medieval theology would have had it.  Thus, I'm
betting that modern theology would tell Nick that he is indeed still in
possession of his soul -- his *much-corrupted* soul, granted, but still a
soul capable of salvation.  If it were for some reason truly impossible for
Nick to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession), then true and
complete remorse would be enough to save him.  Penance isn't some "bargain"
for forgiveness -- God gives His grace freely.  Nick's attempt to "repay
society for his sins" is for his *own* sake -- he won't be able to forgive
*himself* until he has.

Of course, this is all merely the humble opinion of one Catholic Knightie.
*** Amy, Lady of the Knight  (AKR) r.......@w....... ***
* Be Kind to Hamsters -- Observe the Four-Line Quote Limit *


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:12:54 -0400
From:    "Melanie Moser (Red)" <moser@c.......>
Subject: Re: Syndicon East

On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, Michelle Williams wrote:

> Cousin Lisa wrote:
> > Does anyone have information, preferrably a flyer, on Syndicon East?
> As a resident of Baltimore, I still find that Syndicon East info is rather
> scarce. There have been posts in the past on alt.fandom.cons, if I come
> across any more info
> I will be more than happy to pass it on to you.

Check out the Syndicon Web page at:

Syndicon is May 10-12 at the Marriot Inner Harbor, Downtown Baltimore.
Anyone else out there planning on going? Perhaps some of us can get
together....  I think the cost is $55, $35 for just Sat.  I live in Baltimore
too (that's Bawl'more, hon!) so let me know if you need any information

Baltimore's Inner Harbor is really neat with lots to do (incase you need
to get some fresh air, like I probably will, after meeting Adrian Paul!).



Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:19:30 CST
From:    Tippi Blevins <WickedOne@h.......>
Subject: Nick's views

Tanya writes:

FO>to governmental legislation, you are correct.  However, political theorists
FO>argue that religious freedom is a recent occurence, much like slavery was

Actually, I'd still argue that there's not much religious freedom, even
today.  Most people are born into a certain religion and most never
leave that religion.  That's why I'd bet Nick was a Catholic and still
has the operational psyche of a Catholic.  If you're indoctrinated into
ANY set of beliefs, religiosus or otherwise, from a young age, that WILL
imprint your mental outlook.  Ask any developmental psychologist.

FO>outlawed in the 1800's, but one could argue it wasn't until the Watt's
FO>riots/Alabama march in the 1960's that Afro-Americans really became free.

African-Americans are really free?  Sorry, but I have to bring my
Cynicism out of my breast pocket and wave it around a bit. ;)  In an
ideal society, we'd all be free and we'd all have equal rights.  But you
know what?  We don't.  What's Nick's line in that one ep?  "It's how we
live in captivity."  A Fate Worse Than Death, is it?  Anyway, I think
it's a very true statement.

FO>I would still suggest that Nick didn't feel comfortable expressing his
FO>doubts until recently, when society has made atheism and agnosticism a
FO>permittable expression of "religion".

I grew up in the Bible Belt here in the South and was made to go to
Sunday School by my parents.  Several denominations -- I've been
everything from catholic to pentecostal.  I ended up being a spiritual
atheist in the end. ;)  But to this day if I tell people I'm an atheist,
they ask me to stay away from their suns and not to touch their babies.

Nick's been voicing his doubts for a long time I think.  Doesn't he say
as much to Joan of Arc?

Wicked Cousin Tippi
(this is my last post from this address.  New address: TippiNB@w.......)


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:28:15 EDT
From:    Lisa McDavid <D020214@u.......>
Subject: Syndicon revisited

I'm definitely crazy but I am thinking about going. Does anyone have a
room and need a fourth, non-smoking (I'm allergic to tobacco smoke, alas)
roommate? Or a third or whatever?

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:41:01 -0400
From:    Loose Cannon <LoosCanN@a.......>
Subject: LC's Roman name.

Okay, FK trivia maniacs.

Do we know what LaCroix's full Roman name was?  The first I know was Lucius,
but have we ever heard the family names?  A fanfic writer wants to know.



Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:42:48 -0400
From:    Carrie Krumtum <CKrumtum@g.......>
Subject: God, Nick and the crux of the matter (Was Re: Nick a Baptist?)

>- God gives His grace freely.

An open letter to Nick,

Dear Nick,

Do not feel totally, personally, irrevocably responsible for everything.
That's my job.


I just thought this fit well as a solution. God's grace is free. Once Nick
realizes that, things will be a lot easier for him.

Carrie, Proud Knightie


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:49:56 -0500
From:    Lady Sushi <phoenix@i.......>
Subject: YKYBRTLTMW...

YKYBRTLTMW... while walking through the parking lot of the local
Albertson's, on a trek to get raspberries for my yummy homemade chocolate
raspberry sour cream cheesecake (with handmade crust), I saw a sticker on a
car.  It was for RIBENA BIBLE COLLEGE.  I did a double take, only to realise
it was for RHEMA Bible College, five miles down the street.  Still made me

Cousin "Susan" Phoenix, Camera Fanatic of the Thong Throng, Unnamed
Tell me what that "sleep" thing is again?
**Don't repeat yourself, and stop being redundant.**
...And starring Patrick O'Brien as Satan.


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 23:09:40 -0400
From:    Props Guy <PropsGuy@a.......>
Subject: Re: Wardrobe

I had to jump into this one.  As a theatrical costumer, one of the things
that impressed me most about the show when I 1st saw it (Stranger Than
Fiction) was the way the designer dressed Nick.  The vests and collar band
shirts made him look alittle out of place, like a romantic figure from
another time.  I loved it that he's been dragging that burgundy robe around
with him from the past century and I can't say enough wonderful things about
that overly long coat he always wore.  It made him look like a bat!  He
obviously didn't wear it for warmth because he doesn't really feel
temperature (remember in The Code, Schanke keeps bugging him about his broken
car heater), but he wore it so that others wouldn't notice that he doesn't
feel cold.  And as a Vampire, he'd be naturally attracted to dark colors.
I think the 3rd season designer doesn't have a clue (or working eyes).  She's
let him go before camera looking so terrible- that peach shirt (peach is a
happy color!) in Black Budda and those jeans!  He just looks like a regular
guy.  Even in NIQ, when he finally has a long black coat again, it's just a
conventional length like your dad would wear, not a fabulous, overly long,
sweeping thing that a bat would wear while trying to fit in.
I think that Nick is always suffering from a bit of disjointedness- I don't
think he lands smack dab in the 1990's and runs to the Gap to buy jeans.  His
wardrobe is probably a combination of favorite things that he's brought from
the past few lives mixed in with some new, but not ordinary or optimistic,
stuff from the moment.
The only time he ever truely looked terrible in the 2nd season was at the
beginning of BMV (the vest cut him straight across his middle for that Baby
Huey look) and Near Death in that sheer caftan (I'll be killed for this, but
its not a good enough body to be so exposed).
Then I saw the 1st season where he's in jeans all the time and, though I
disagree with them character-statement wise, I certainly think that he looks
great in them, being younger and thinner.  And the character is played more
angry outsider, more tough, tempermental, hot head, bad boy so the jeans &
the Austrailian outback coat work ok.
But this season's been a costume disaster.  She's got this really handsome
man with a difficult, but nice body and its her job to excentuate the
positive and minimize the negative, while keeping to the character.  Most
times, she does the reverse.  Lets not even discuss how she lets Natalie
look.  Like everything else about the 3rd season, she's gotten better as time
has passed, but most times I think she's dressing them in the dark.


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:55:23 EDT
From:    NANCY A HILL <GNHG90A@p.......>
Subject: Re: GWD on Prodigy

Hi all,

I just checked to see how many people they will allow in the chat
room, and the number is set at 300.  I can't wait!  I am even getting
off work early tomorrow!  I hope to see alot of list members there.
My nickname for Prodigy chat is Arhynn.  Say hi.

Allison - You asked if there was a place to discuss FK on Prodigy.
So far the only place I have found is on the TV Bulliten Board
(JUMP: TV BB).  Where it asks you to choose a topic, choose TV A-K
and scroll down to the F's.  There might be other BB's where they
discuss the show, but I haven't found them yet.

Frederic - I will do my best to get a log and send it to you.  I have
never been mentioned on a Web page before!   :)

Nancy Hill  <GNHG90A@p.......>


Date:    Thu, 18 Apr 1996 03:16:52 GMT
From:    Karen Parker <horcgal@u.......>
Subject: Re: Syndicon East

Is anyone from New Jersey going to syndicon? Or at least "thinking" about
it??? So I don't get hollered at, please e-mail me off list. Thanks!




Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 23:27:32 -0400
From:    Susan Honig <Susankenn@a.......>
Subject: Re: GWD on Prodigy

For those on Prodigy

I knew there was a reason why I keep some free Prodigy disks around.

Could you please be so kind to give us non prodigy users instructions how to
find the Hotseat Auditoriim .

I intend to just log on for the chat and I do not want to be running around
the place looking for it.

Its hard enough to find the chats on AOL but Marci has always been great with
the instructions.

Thanks in advance



Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 23:43:35 -0400
From:    Dalton Spence <dalton.spence@f.......>
Subject: NB Sighting: Diamonds

I saw a younger and slicker NB tonight as a villainous executive of
*Bloor* Distilleries in an episode of Diamonds, an old made-in-Canada
detective series (which was supposedly *set* in Hollywood [I think; they
mentioned Speilberg's house]) about a pair of divorced actors who team
up again as real life detectives when their own detective series gets
cancelled. Nigel was his usual talented self. (BTW, Bloor St. is a major
Toronto thoroughfare.)

Which lead me to this fanfic idea: Suppose a very rich vampire fan of FK
decided not only to SAVE OUR SHOW, but to make (un)life imitate art by
bringing across some of the cast? Picture a classic haunted house story,
with the cast invited to their mysterious benefactor's isolated mansion
to celebrate the return of the series. One by one, certain cast members
disappear, then reappear CHANGED. Of course the others know they're just
fooling around, and any who suspect otherwise don't do so for long.<VEG>

Dalton S. Spence, B.Sc. <ag775@f.......>
Home Page: http://www.freenet.hamilton.on.ca/~ag775/home.html
(It's the FEVER talking. It will go away soon, I promise!)


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 20:49:31 -0700
From:    AKR <r.......@w.......>
Subject: Tracy and Vachon (was Re: Reply to: FEVER)

On Wed, Tippi wrote, replying to a claim that Tracy looked repulsed when
Vachon first touched her in the first hunger scene in "Fever":
> I think more than "repulsion" it was "repression".  Trace doesn't strike
> me as sensuality incarnate. She was probably just very... uncomfortable!

I'm not a Vaquera, but I've been known to play one as a beta reader, and
<suppressing comment about which character *really* qualifies as "sensuality
incarnate"...> :)

But, seriously, aren't Tracy and Vachon a complete and utter mismatch?  I
mean, they're what, a Virgo and a Sagittarius?  :) She alphabetizes her food
and he poses as the ultimate slacker...  They have absolutely nothing
whatsoever in common that I can discern.  In my everpresent quest for
continuity, this has led me to hypothesize that Tracy's attraction to Vachon
is due to his vampiric attraction, not his attraction as a man.  I'm not
saying that Trace likes vampires, I'm saying that, consciously or
unconsciously, Vachon attracts her *as a vampire.* Thoughts?
    (How do they do that, anyway?  Pheremones?  <g>)

*** Amy, Lady of the Knight  (AKR) r.......@w....... ***
* Be Kind to Hamsters -- Observe the Four-Line Quote Limit *


Date:    Thu, 18 Apr 1996 00:31:45 -0400
From:    Jean Graham <JeanB7@a.......>
Subject: Flashback question

Did FK ever do any flashbacks to 1453?  (Specifically, to the fall of
Constantinople?)  Could be an interesting period to see our favorite vampires
'playing' in...

Anyone know which episode USA is running this week?

     Jean Graham  (JeanB7@a.......)


Date:    Thu, 18 Apr 1996 00:40:23 -0400
From:    Jane Rossman <bonney@i.......>
Subject: Re: Tracy and Vachon (was Re: Reply to: FEVER)

*** Amy, Lady of the Knight wrote:
>Vachon and Tracy have absolutely nothing whatsoever in common
><clip, clip>  Tracy's attraction to Vachon is due to his vampiric
>attraction, not his attraction as a man...consciously or unconsciously,
>Vachon attracts her *as a vampire.* Thoughts?

Maybe it's Vachon's rougish charm which appeals to Tracy.  She is
rather the ultimate "good girl".  Being around Vachon may give her
the feeling of being wild or carefree.  Vampire or not, he's certainly
not what Daddy would expect.  I would also imagine it gives her
a sense of mystery and adventure, which we know she must enjoy to a certain
extent.  Otherwise, she wouldn't be a homicide cop.

It might be an interesting topic for one of you talented fan fic writers.
The night Tracy brings home Vachon to meet her father.  :-)

Knightie * Natpacker * Nick&Natpacker
*  Some are born to sweet delight *
*  Some are born to endless night *


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:10:25 -0700
From:    Dee Davidson <dmd@a.......>
Subject: Re: flashback question

>Anyone know which episode USA is running this week?

I believe its Outside the Lines on USA.
In Portland, OR, Thurs/Fri at 3:30am is Dead of Night on FOX and Sat. at
1am its supposed to be the same episode. I'm hoping that FOX is running the
new eps next week, so far they have almost always been a week ahead of USA,
I'll know once I see next weeks TV Host for my area (Cornelius/Forest
Grove) and I'll post it.

Dee  * Cousin  *  Valentine *
dmd@a.......    http://www.aracnet.com/~dmd/
******An angry cousin, vowing vengence is not a pretty sight *EG*


Date:    Thu, 18 Apr 1996 01:13:06 -0400
From:    Carrie Krumtum <CKrumtum@g.......>
Subject: KC

Hi everyone. Believe it or not, I did send KC Part 29 BEFORE I sent part 30
to the fkfic list. It hasn't posted yet. At least I haven't got it. It will
show up eventually (probably in Finland at the moment). Anyway. If is isn't
up by morning I'll send the part to whomever MUST have it.

Cheers, and thanks for reading.

Carrie, Proud Knightie


Date:    Thu, 18 Apr 1996 01:36:02 EDT
From:    MS IDALIA KAKESAKO <NPYF15B@p.......>
Subject: Re: Police Captains

On Tuesday, April 16, Wicked Cousin Tippi wrote:
>Cohen is still my favorite!  As an Asian babe myself (well,
>halfway anyway... French and Welsh are battling it out for my
>other half) I'm throwing my support to Amanda!  Reese is a
>close second though.

Tippi, you read my mind!  I was going to post that Cohen is my
favorite because she's Asian and female, and one rarely sees
powerful, non-stereotypical Asian females on TV.  Cohen was
tough, no nonsense.  She wasn't a laundress, a gardener, a
scientist, a mathematician, or a senseless or scheming exotic
creature of beauty.  She did not possess the wisdom of the
ages.  She was simply a police captain who happened to be
female AND Asian.  And I liked that.  (Even though they wrote
her rather one-note-ish.)

I also liked her 'cause she was a full-blooded Asian with a
totally white name--just like my 3rd generation Japanese-
American mom!  BTW, I'd always assumed Cohen must've
married a white guy & taken his last name, but I don't think
they ever showed her family, did they?  And I've always
wondered if her character was named after the Cohen guy
listed in the opening credits....

Idalia Kakesako
biracial, digest-ed Light Cousin with NatPack tendencies
(whose last name is Japanese, by choice)


Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:53:54 -0800
From:    Muldy Sculler <ffbmh@a.......>
Subject: Re: Wardrobe

Good analysis of the problems with the 3rd season.  I like Nick in the
caftan--revealing but covering.  Oh oH--better start running--the "I love
that caftan crowd" are coming for you.


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