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FORKNI-L Digest - 8 Mar 2005 to 9 Mar 2005 (#2005-67)

Wed, 9 Mar 2005

There are 4 messages totalling 125 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Today's Birthday:  March 9
  2. Lost Rogers websites (2)
  3. A msg from Don Cheeseman re Marci's stories


Date:    Tue, 8 Mar 2005 20:21:08 -0600
From:    eowyn23@j.......
Subject: Today's Birthday:  March 9

Hi Y'all!

I'm sending this out tonight because it's already tomorrow in New

Today is the birthday of:   Nancy Taylor    nat1228@c.......
and                         Tracey Rayner   trayner@p.......

You may send birthday greetings to Nancy and Tracey at the above email
addresses.  Please NOT to the list!

Others who share this birthday:
Mickey Gilley, Country Singer
Mark Lindsay, Rock & Roll Singer
Mickey Spillane, Novelist
Yuri Alexseyevich Gagarin, Cosmonaut
Gustav Stickley, Furniture Designer

Significant events on this date:
1822, Charles M. Graham of N.Y. was granted a patent for his invention of
artificial teeth.
1831, The French Foreign Legion was founded by King Louis Philippe with
its headquarters in Algeria.
1832, Abraham Lincoln of New Salem, IL, announced that he would run for
political office for the first time.
1964, the first Ford Mustang was produced.

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, Nancy and Tracey!

If you would like to be added to the birthday announcements, please send
your name, birthdate (no year needed) and email address to me,
eowyn23@j......., privately, and I'll be glad to add you.

eowyn23@j....... or eowyn@w.......
GWDFC, FK X-Stitcher, Proud Survivor of FK Fic Wars 8-12, Texas Knight
Dreamers, Knighties List Owner, Keeper of the FK Birthday List


Date:    Wed, 9 Mar 2005 12:09:36 -0500
From:    Mary Combs <combsm@e.......>
Subject: Re: Lost Rogers websites

Greer wrote
> Trouble is:  I just tried doing the same thing for the "gwdnetwork"
> site -- and it doesn't work.  That could mean the site is down
> permanently.  <snip>     Does anyone know whose site it was?

I just sent a message to Carol Brady asking about this...
I *think* that site is the one that succeeded the "Upper Canada Connection"
Ger fan site.
I don't know if Carol is still on Forkni.



Date:    Wed, 9 Mar 2005 13:04:24 -0700
From:    Micki <mickilyn@i.......>
Subject: A msg from Don Cheeseman re Marci's stories

I received the following from Don.  I think Marci was also on DNN list, and
others that I'm not on.  If anyone wants to forward this info to other lists
she might have been on, please do so.  I've only sent it to NNP & Forkni-L.

Back to lurking now.


= = = = =

Micki:  Over the past several months, I've received a number of emails from
people asking where they might get a copy of one or more of Marci's fanfic
stories.  Since her Crosswinds site was taken off-line (by the Crosswinds
folks), I haven't really done much about it.  However, I've just put her PG
and Adult stories back online, as a part of the commercial web site that I
use.  At least, they share the same web host.  At any rate, I've put her
stuff back online at the following URL:


I haven't re-established the picture links (yet) for the Gertherings that
she attended, but I'll do that pretty soon.  I don't know exactly how to
put out this information for anyone who may be interested.  Thought I might
enlist your help. ??



Date:    Wed, 9 Mar 2005 16:48:54 -0500
From:    Mary Combs <combsm@e.......>
Subject: Re: Lost Rogers websites

 I wrote:
> I just sent a message to Carol Brady asking about this...

I heard back from Carol, who has not been on Forkni for some time.
Real Life challenges have filled her life and the lives of Karen and Liz,
so they won't be reviving the gwdnetwork (aka the unofficial fan club) any
time soon.

Mary Combs NNpack


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 8 Mar 2005 to 9 Mar 2005 (#2005-67)

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