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FORKNI-L Digest - 19 May 2004 to 20 May 2004 (#2004-137)

Thu, 20 May 2004

There are 8 messages totalling 178 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. gReG kRaMEr update thingee
  2. RPG (3)
  3. Judy Freundenthal
  4. Judy (3)


Date:    Wed, 19 May 2004 16:05:08 -0700
From:    Laurie of the Isles <laudon1228@y.......>
Subject: Re: gReG kRaMEr update thingee

--- Libratsie@a....... wrote:
> Greg's surgery will now be on Friday morning, but
> he's doing well! He thanks everyone for all the well
> wishes and good vibes.

God, poor Greg, to have prepared himself for surgery
today, only to be told he'd have more waiting.  That
be really rough on the morale.  I wish him well.

Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Wed, 19 May 2004 18:24:39 +0000
From:    Nicola De Brabant <lucien1228@h.......>
Subject: RPG

A while ago someone posted a link to a vampire RPG, could someone please
tell me the URL. thanks.


Date:    Wed, 19 May 2004 22:48:20 -0600
From:    Becky <beckp@i.......>
Subject: Re: RPG

Do you mean the Ravenblack Game?


Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.  (unknown)
They can, because they think they CAN." Virgil"


Date:    Wed, 19 May 2004 19:50:55 -0500
From:    Mary Lynn <wirickml@v.......>
Subject: Judy Freundenthal

I don't believe I ever met Judy. The only way I knew her
was through her stories. And wonderful stories they were.
I shall miss her perspective on Nick and Nat's relationship.
All the others as well. She was a giant among her peers.

My heart felt sympathies are with her family.

Mary Lynn


Date:    Thu, 20 May 2004 06:58:30 +0200
From:    CousinLucilla <cousinlucilla@f.......>
Subject: Re: RPG

There is a Forever Knight RPG on Yahoo:


I don't know if it's the one you were looking for, but you're welcome to
take a look.


> A while ago someone posted a link to a vampire RPG, could someone please
> tell me the URL. thanks.


Date:    Thu, 20 May 2004 06:39:56 -0700
From:    Helena Handbag <momra1@l.......>
Subject: Re: Judy

Although I'd never had the pleasure of meeting Judy, I did feel as though I
knew her. She was a special person, and I will miss her.

My love to her family,



Date:    Thu, 20 May 2004 08:14:21 -0700
From:    Amanda Berendt <debrabant_foundation@y.......>
Subject: Judy

I was feeling kind of blah yesterday, so I was reading through some
of the responses to my stories I have gotten.
I came across one that I had gotten from Judy which said that she
"loved happy endings".
I had to pause for a moment, but then I thought that after all of the
pain and suffering she must have been through with the cancer, now
she had her 'happy ending.'
Just thought I'd share.


"This thing... man... whatever it is...evil may have created it, left its mark
on it, but evil does not rule it.  So I cannot kill it."  - Gabriel Van Helsing


Date:    Thu, 20 May 2004 11:23:58 -0400
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: Judy

I'll also miss Judy. Although I don't remember for sure, I believe she was one
of the ones who suggested the N&Ners adopt me many years ago.<g> A talented
writer, and a great woman who has left behind a legacy.

Thank you, Judy, for all the gifts you gave us.



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 19 May 2004 to 20 May 2004 (#2004-137)

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