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FORKNI-L Digest - 17 Feb 2004 to 18 Feb 2004 (#2004-49)

Wed, 18 Feb 2004

There are 7 messages totalling 212 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Slightly OT
  2. Another FK Moment
  3. Rae and 24
  4. King Lear
  5. Admin: WARNING -- I'm about to start enforcing (2)
  6. Thanks from Deborah A. Hymon


Date:    Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:31:39 -0600
From:    Roman Gheesling <moonmage@s.......>
Subject: Re: Slightly OT

on 2/17/04 3:45 PM, Laura Davies at brightfeather1.geo@y....... wrote:
> Actually, KC, soulvaki is Greek.  <bg>  It falls in
> the same category as gyros... both come smothered in
> vampire-repellant yummy tzascki sauce.  According to
> my brother, who lived in Greece for two years,
> soulvaki is a gyro without the bread around it... it's
> kinda like a shishkabob.
> Laura

According to AthensGuide.com, authentic souvlaki is a wrap sandwich and
skewered "souvlaki" is what they sell to tourists. Souvlaki is usually lamb
but you can substitute beef, chicken, or pork. You can read a bit about the
background of souvlaki at


From what I understand, Toronto has enough of a Greek community that
souvlaki is sold on street corners like hot dogs. (Can any Torontonians
corroborate this ?)

You can find recipes for souvlaki at



When making the tzaziki sauce, my sister recommends cutting the cucumber in
half length-wise and scooping out the center and seed with a melon-baller;
Keeping the center with the seeds will make your sauce too runny.  If, after
scooping the cucumber, you find that your sauce is still too runny, strain
it by squeezing it in cheese cloth and letting the water run through it.

Working The Knight Shift,
Roman G.


Date:    Tue, 17 Feb 2004 19:30:57 -0800
From:    Helena Handbag <momra1@l.......>
Subject: Re: Another FK Moment

>The main feature for that issue was a photo essay by a
>photographer by the name of Nick Knight.
Weird! The other day, I was thumbing through an old, old copy of "W" and saw a
layout called "Auto Erotica" photographed by Nick Knight, featuring clothes by
Lacroix.(not LaCroix) The photos were of models in sports cars, btw.

Hmmmm ... First a moving company, and now high fashion. My, but those boys *do*
get around.

"Those who mind don't matter. Those who matter don't mind." Dr. Suess


Date:    Tue, 17 Feb 2004 20:19:34 -0800
From:    "jerezfino@y......." <jerezfino@y.......>
Subject: Rae and 24

Way to go Rae!  Glad to see you (oops, I mean hear you
<g>) on tonight's episode of 24.

Not only do FK and 24 have Jon Cassar in common, now
they also have you!

:) Boomer


Date:    Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:13:18 -0500
From:    vespyr <vespyr@e.......>
Subject: King Lear

  I just wanted to let everyone planning to see "King Lear" know that
they will absolutely LOVE IT!!  I saw the performance Sunday night and I
think I now have a smile on my face that will last forever. Ger was
terrific as Edmund and onstage possibly more than any other character.
Granted I may be a little biased. ;) And Christopher Plummer was amazing
as King Lear. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house so everyone
should get a great view of the play.

Judy :)


Date:    Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:04:30 -0500
From:    Lisa McDavid <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Admin: WARNING -- I'm about to start enforcing

We're still getting the whole post quoted in replies, or more than four lines
quoted.  I sent a note about this last Friday. The rules, which include the four
line quote limit, were posted on Sunday.

As Stonetree said, "these are not suggestions."  As of tomorrow morning, Feb.
19th, posters who quote the whole previous post, or quote more than 4 lines, may
be set to review. That means the next post that person writes will be sent to
Don for review, to ensure that it doesn't overquote.  Since Don has his regular
job and real life to contend with, that means a delay in getting the review
posts onto the list.  If there is an overquote, they won't make the list at all.

So do be careful to quote only four lines. That includes headers and the other
poster's sig.  If you've had an accident and a private reply with the whole
thing went to the list, write to me or Don (mclisa@m.......).  I don't
penalize accidents and mistakes if I know or suspect that's what they are.  It's
only when there's a persistent violation that I have to do something.

McLisa, who has had her share of accidents and mistakes and really, really
hopes she won't have to set anyone to review because I hate having to do the
unpleasant side of listowning,


Date:    Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:38:26 -0500
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: Admin: WARNING -- I'm about to start enforcing

In a message dated 2/18/2004 9:04:30 AM Eastern Standard Time,
mclisa@m....... writes:

> really hopes she won't have to set anyone to review because
> I hate having to do the unpleasant side of listowning,

Loik sendin' ol' Screedypoo wot to give the Screedy spooches; turnin' violators
o'er to the Ratpackers for a "Ratpacker Eye for the Cousinly Fan" type o'
evenin', complete wit' a "new" wardrobe; an' 'aving yar "Posed wit' Screed n'
Repose" picture posted h'all o'er the 'Net...



Date:    Wed, 18 Feb 2004 13:31:05 -0500
From:    Deborah Hymon <debh@e.......>
Subject: Thanks from Deborah A. Hymon

I'm posting this, because I've been overwhelmed with emails, and find it
impossible to respond to all of them individually.  We're picking up new FK
fans, and it might surprise you how they're finding about Forever Knight.

You guys are the greatest.  Also, I wanted to share with you that since
February 1, 2004, my site has had 1548 hits; I'm so excited!!!  I want to
thank Kristen, from Knight Visions, for all the hard work she does to
provide a fix for our lust for the Knight, and for providing the images that
make illustrating my work easier. KRISTEN, YOU'RE THE BEST!

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful posts and emails concerning
Emotional Concert's, Chapter Nine. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I'm
happy to be back writing and entertaining you guys. I've missed all of you.
I was surprised at the amount of feedback due to the Yahoo lists being
rather quiet. I'm thrilled to know the FK family has survived, and we're
still growing.

I was happy to hear from readers that I haven't heard from before. I'm
amazed at how many are reading Emotional Concert and Second Chance, who
never heard of Forever Knight. I always inform the new people about the TV
series, and let them know they can still watch the show on DVD's. Some of my
new readers are buying the DVD's, and becoming new fans. I smile each time
one of them asks, how could they have missed such a wonderful show when it
was first aired in the 90s. <BG>

The power of the internet never seizes to amaze me. I was curious, so asked
the new people how they were finding my work without knowing about Forever
Knight; they're searching the internet for Paranormal Romance, and finding
it through my Midnight Passions Web Site.<LOL>  I'm sure there are other
sources providing new fans, but this excited me.

I belong to several writing and reading groups on the internet, and find
them very informative. Paranormal Romance has been around for some time, but
the demand and interest in the genre is definitely on the upswing. I'm
thrilled to see how many new vampire romance books are being published.
There's actually publishing companies that only publish the paranormal
romance genre. Too bad this interest wasn't true when Forever Knight was on
TV, maybe that would have made a difference.

Again, thank you for your continued encouragement and support. I'm very
thankful for each and every email I receive and look forward to your future
letters.  Your feedback really does fuel the flame to write more; I'm
currently working on Second Chance's, Chapter Four.

Deborah A. Hymon --aka Forever Knights Lady


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 17 Feb 2004 to 18 Feb 2004 (#2004-49)

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