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FORKNI-L Digest - 4 Jun 2003 to 5 Jun 2003 (#2003-162)

Thu, 5 Jun 2003

There are 8 messages totalling 218 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Shrinks in FK--fanfic
  2. FORKNI-L Digest - 3 Jun 2003 to 4 Jun 2003 (#2003-161)
  3. TVShowsOnDVD letter? (5)
  4. participants wanted


Date:    Wed, 4 Jun 2003 19:59:15 -0400
From:    Emily Lacey <laceye@e.......>
Subject: Shrinks in FK--fanfic

There were two stories written about Nick and Lacroix going to see a
psychiatrist. They were really funny. I remember the psychiatrist
canceling all his appointments for the day and Lacroix being highly
indignant that he was there, until he figured out how much fun this
could be...

Then there's the priest in Lorelei's Dance series, who was quite
invaluable, especially at the end of 'Moon Dance'. And Nick was made
ship's counsellor in Lorelei's Voyager series.

There's another one I've been looking for--I thought it was in the
Nicky series but I haven't found it yet. For a royal fight that Nick
and Lacroix had in which they just about destroyed a cafe, they were
thrown in jail--in adjoining cells. One of the elders came and pulled
up a chair outside of the cells and told them that they weren't
getting out until they started talking. Which began a rather humorous
scence with Nick and Lacroix back to back sitting on the beds in
their cells, neither wanting to talk. They finally did start talking,
as they realized that the Elder (Samuel?) meant business.
That one scene of them literally back to back in sideways to the
elder both angry at the other and the world, and refusing to talk was
so much like two little boys, best friends, angry at each other, was

There have also been various child psychiatrists in stories: Nancy
Taylor's Laurene series and Kylie's Nicky series come to mind,
although I am probably forgetting some.

Were there any psychiatrists in the actual series that were "good
guys"--or actually acted as a counsellor to Nick, et.al.? I know
there were at least two shows where they were the 'bad guys'.

Emily Lacey


Date:    Wed, 4 Jun 2003 18:35:49 -0700
From:    Emily <emilymhanson@y.......>
Subject: Re: FORKNI-L Digest - 3 Jun 2003 to 4 Jun 2003 (#2003-161)


Cheryl wrote:

> Hello, I've been reading all the e-mails and I hope I understand
> correctly.  I voted for Forever Knight on Spike tv but only once with
> my real name and e-mail address.  I always thought it was impossible
> to get more than one.  If I'm wrong soooooooooo sorry.

Actually, it's fairly easy for computer savvy people to figure out how
to get around stuff like that.  There are lots of tricks you can learn.
 Unfortunately, some people use their skills dishonestly and take no
responsibility for their actions.  It's unfortunate when one person's
actions reflect badly on the entire fandom.

Someone else mentioned something about IP addresses being
permanent...that only applies to permanent high speed connections like
DSL and TS-1 lines, not regular dial up, to the best of my knowledge.
That's why I can't host my fan fiction site on my personal computer & I
have to use Geocities -- you need a permanent IP addy for hosting a web

Emily M. Hanson


Date:    Wed, 4 Jun 2003 21:04:23 -0700
From:    Megan Hull <mistrydder@y.......>
Subject: Re: TVShowsOnDVD letter?

Then could someone please send me the guy's addy, so I can set the record
straight, at least for our votes?


Laurie of the Isles <laudon1228@y.......> wrote:
That's exactly how, regardless of the email account
used, if it's the same computer, accessing the net
on the same ISP, it's still going to have the same
IP address.

"Eternal nights too short,
How quickly melt away,
With all the love we shared once,
Forever in a Day."


Date:    Thu, 5 Jun 2003 05:14:03 -0400
From:    Cecilia Long <celong@m.......>
Subject: Re: TVShowsOnDVD letter?

Sigh. My new mailwasher program is excellent for SPAM but, it happenend to
catch this thread because of the title about DVDs and TV and such before I
cuaght the error so I dont know what started it all.. Can someone let me
know offlist just what the heck happenend?  thanks


Date:    Thu, 5 Jun 2003 02:51:40 -0700
From:    E McCann <salems.human@c.......>
Subject: Re: participants wanted

At 03:21 PM 6/4/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I am posting this with Don's permission:
>Some guys on the German FK list have come up with a
>role play in diary form.

Misreading things can be fun - I could've sworn this (quite appropriately,
in Nick's case) said "in dairy form."

*sigh* I need to go to bed...



Date:    Thu, 5 Jun 2003 06:45:53 -0700
From:    "jerezfino@y......." <jerezfino@y.......>
Subject: Re: TVShowsOnDVD letter?

FYI. I sent a copy of the letter to Cecilia offlist.

:) Boomer

--- Cecilia Long <celong@m.......> wrote:
> Can someone let me
> know offlist just what the heck happenend?  thanks


Date:    Thu, 5 Jun 2003 14:38:55 -0500
From:    eowyn3@j.......
Subject: Re: TVShowsOnDVD letter?

Hi Y'all!

Just a quick thought:  Does anyone have any evidence that the person who
perpetrated the multiple votes is on this list?  I realize that there are
many, many fans who have found us but I'm also sure that not every FK fan
is on this list!  I'd like to think that the fans here ARE honest and
wouldn't do such a thing.  Perhaps that's something that someone could
politely point out to the website owner.  I'm thinking positive and
hoping this was some misguided fan who hasn't had the benefit of learning
voting netiquette because they're not on this list.  It was just a

eowyn3@j......., eowyn@w.......
GWDFC, G-IV & V Attendee, Knighties Listowner, TKD, FK X-Stitcher,
Proud Survivor of Fk-fic  Wars 8-11, Keeper of the FK Birthday List
She can be taught!  But only in little bytes!


Date:    Thu, 5 Jun 2003 15:26:04 -0500
From:    Christy Stillman <cstillma@u.......>
Subject: Re: TVShowsOnDVD letter?

<<Just a quick thought:  Does anyone have any evidence that the person who
perpetrated the multiple votes is on this list?>>

The owner of the site didn't even know there *was* a list, according to his
reply to me.  I think he was just sending the e-mail to anyone who voted for
FK.  As far as I know, nobody knows whether "the perp," as Nick would say
<G>, is a member of our list or not.

Hmmm...kinda makes you wonder if LaCroix isn't really out there somewhere
playing with our heads, ya know?  <BG>



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 4 Jun 2003 to 5 Jun 2003 (#2003-162)

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