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FORKNI-L Digest - 22 Mar 2003 to 23 Mar 2003 (#2003-87)

Sun, 23 Mar 2003

There are 5 messages totalling 216 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. FK moment
  2. FK dreams (2)
  3. FK Moment
  4. Admin: List Rules -- Why do I bother?


Date:    Sat, 22 Mar 2003 14:49:15 -0800
From:    FKMel <sgt_buck_frobisher@y.......>
Subject: FK moment

My mom was watching the movie King of Kings, about the
life of Christ, and in the theatrical trailer before
the movie, there was a mention of a Roman solder-not
sure of his rank-named Lucius. I think the clip was
set around 33 AD. My first thought was 'I thought he
would've still been a baby then' LOL.

While I'm at it, how old do you think our vamps were
when they were turned? I'd say for Nick-early 30's,
LC-early 40s-ish maybe and Janette-maybe late 20s or
very early 30s. Am I right?

Hasta la bye bye

"I'm outta here. Not only has the fat lady sung, but she's left the theatre with
Elvis"-Don Schanke, FK ep "Crazy Love"
FK:NickNatPacker, Knight of the Cross /Highlander: Duncan Flag-Waver/Due South
fan/Tracker Fan/Angel Fan/Port Charles Fan
Forever Knight-the show may be over, but the Knight is Forever


Date:    Sat, 22 Mar 2003 16:17:58 -0800
From:    Megan Hull <mistrydder@y.......>
Subject: FK dreams

You know you've been watching/reading WAY, WAY too much Forever Knight when...
you start having dreams like this one!   Honest Elvis, guys, I woke up and wrote
this one down as fast as I could.  I thought you might enjoy it.

I was a vampire, child of LaCroix I guess, and me, Nick, LaCroix and Janette
were at this school (it was one of those little tiny towns where the school is
also the community center) and the townspeople were holding some sort of
kangaroo court, with LaCroix and Janette specifically on trial, and me and Nick
by extention.  I don't remember the charge; it was probably true (and, to the
self-rightous townspeople, serious enough to warrent action), but minor enough
on the whole and paltry compared to some of the things a vampire *could* get
charged with.  I didn't even care enough to feel indignant: I was too busy being
excited and wondering when the fun would start.  So there were some 'judges' at
the teacher's desk, and people behind the student tables behind LaCroix and
Jenette, who were standing together at the front with Nick guarding one of the
doors.  Me, I was supposed to by guarding the other door, but I couldn't stand
still, so I ended up looking over LaCroix's shoulder !
and fidgiting.  I really though LaCroix or Nick was going to jump someone when
one of the 'judges' slapped Janette, but they seemed inclined to wait it out.
It wasn't too long after that, anyway.  The 'court' ended (guilty verdict,
naturally), and LaCroix said something that sounded pleasent enough (in that way
of his), but ended menacingly meaningful, and grabbed someone to drain.  I
didn't even wait for the general pandimonium to start, I started in on the first
person I could grab.  Then people were screaming and some got away once Nick
moved away from the door to join in, but it didn't seem to matter.  I let this
one girl that I recognised from my church get away.  I grabbed her like I was
going to kill her, then changed my mind and told her to run.  But then I came
across Guyo (a good friend from Guatemala) and I killed him.  I didn't really
want to, and I felt a little bad for his kids, but I didn't think LaCroix would
be happy if I deliberatly let two people get away in one night.  The really
annoying thing is, after all that, the blood didn't even taste particularly
good!  Something like warm, flat pop: drinkable, but with a weird aftertaste.

I've had dreams before that had bits and peices of FK in them, but nothing like
this!  I mean, this was really graphic, carnage and dead bodies everywhere!  I'm
sorry, McLisa, if this should have gone on the fiction list, but I wasn't sure
if dreams count!


"Eternal nights too short,
How quickly melt away,
With all the love we shared once,
Forever in a Day."


Date:    Sat, 22 Mar 2003 19:30:07 -0800
From:    Paffoman <paffoman@c.......>
Subject: Re: FK dreams

Very intense.  You should write a mini story on it.  It may be a good one.
Stay safe.
Cheryl Pillsbury


Date:    Sat, 22 Mar 2003 19:17:39 -0800
From:    Amanda Berendt <debrabant_foundation@y.......>
Subject: FK Moment

First, thank you to everyone for their lovely birthday wishes.

Today (of all things to do on my birthday) I was in New York City
with my brother participating in the peace march and since we were
walking VERY slowly down the street, I was able to really look
around. Something which I usually never do in the city.  Anyhoo, on
Broadway, down in the village - somewhere between 15th - 20th Street,
we passed this resteraunt called Nicola.  And I thought 'Gee, I
wonder if that is still in business from when Nick was in the Village
in the 60s"  (Ie from the Driver's License in Close Call)

Ok time to go to sleep.  Walking 40 blocks can really zap your

"Give me your soul and your heart will take flight
Forevermore in the night, Forever MINE in the night"


Date:    Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:12:16 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Admin: List Rules -- Why do I bother?

Because I care about the list and the list people. These rules aren't all
mine, but they were all made either for the smooth running of the list or to
protect the FK cast and staff. Please read them and keep a copy. Check your
sig lengths against rule 3. Remember rule 4. If you're just answering
someone personally instead of comenting for the whole list, don't send the
reply to the list on purpose.  (I know about accidents. I've had plenty of
them <g>).

And since I know you all try, just sometimes reminders are needed, thank


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>  3. Limit sigs to 6 lines. Your sig starts with the first thing you write
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> you have one of those providers that insists on putting an ad after that,
> don't worry. The ad doesn't count.
> 4. Please don't send to the whole list when you are only talking to  the
> person who wrote the post you are answering.
>  5. Advertising on list is on a case by case basis. Please consult the
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>  6. This list is for the discussion of Forever Knight and related topics.
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> private lives.  Announcments by authorized spokespersons about events in
> those lives are ok.  List members' fannish activities are ok, as are sharing
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> 7. No off-topic posts are without permission from a listowner.  This
> includes virus warnings.
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> ------------------------------
> Date:    Sun, 16 Feb 2003 10:37:13 -0500
> From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
> Subject: ADMIN: I just sent out a new version of the rules
> It's a snowbound morning in Indianapolis, so McLisa sat down at her computer
> with her coffee cup and her cats and rewrote the rules. Knowing me when I'm
> newly up and partly caffeinated, there will be questions and clarification
> will be needed.
> For Fkfic-l, please address questions or comments to mclisa@m........
> For Forkni-l either the list or my address is ok.
> McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
> "That will be trouble".
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End of FORKNI-L Digest - 22 Mar 2003 to 23 Mar 2003 (#2003-87)

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