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FORKNI-L Digest - 17 Feb 2003 to 18 Feb 2003 (#2003-47)

Tue, 18 Feb 2003

There are 7 messages totalling 192 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Where are you?
  2. Online Favorite Show Poll for DVD
  3. FK Alum
  4. YKYBOWFKW... (2)
  6. Request for a TV show to be put on DVD


Date:    Mon, 17 Feb 2003 21:29:03 -0600
From:    Lyn Palmer <wizkid2u@c.......>
Subject: Where are you?

I just read some stories that were archived on the FK Fanfic site by Vanessa
St. Dennis, dragonlady4@h...........

They knocked my socks off!  I'd email the author, but I know that the @h.......
address has to be outdated---I had the same carrier till they went out of
business last year.

Are you still out there?  Got any more?

Enquiring minds want to know ;)...........


Date:    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 09:07:56 -0600
From:    Christy Stillman <cstillma@u.......>
Subject: Online Favorite Show Poll for DVD

I followed the link the other day to the online poll for shows to be put on
DVD that someone here posted.  I took the poll (gawd, some of those were the
lamest shows ever created, too) and then e-mailed the customer service
address that was also provided in the post.  I told them I'd be ready and
waiting with my credit card if they ever put out a full set of "Forever
Knight" on DVD.  I received a response this morning:

<<Thank you for your e-mail message.

Thank you for your interest in the poll for top five
classic TV shows.

We appreciate your suggestion.  It has been forwarded
for review.

If we may be of further service, please let us know.

Ariana Pitts
Customer Service>>

I read the post about DVDs being available in the near future.  Maybe if we
all send them e-mails, they'll get them out sooner!



Date:    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 12:08:48 -0500
From:    clarkcindy <clarkcindy@m.......>
Subject: FK Alum

Thought this might interest the Colm Feore fans among us.  It is from the
2/14/03 SciFi Wire.

 Riddick Adding Dench, Feore

Judi Dench is in final talks to star opposite Vin Diesel in Universal
Pictures' Chronicles of Riddick, the sequel to David Twohy's SF hit film
Pitch Black, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Colm Feore, meanwhile, has
come aboard to play the lead villain in the film. Twohy will write and
direct for Radar Pictures and One Race Productions. Production begins in
Vancouver in April, the trade paper reported.

In the sequel, Riddick (Diesel) is now a hunted man and finds himself in the
middle of two opposing forces in a major crusade, the trade paper reported.
Feore will play Lord Marshal, a warrior priest who is the leader of a sect
that is waging the 10th and perhaps final crusade 500 years in the future.
Dench will play Aereon, an ambassador from the Elemental race. She is an
ethereal being who helps Riddick unearth his origins, the trade paper

Universal Pictures is owned by Vivendi Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.


Date:    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 09:50:44 -0800
From:    Viv <viv11374@y.......>
Subject: YKYBOWFKW...

You Know You've Become Obsessed With Forever Knight When...
--You're been reading a series of books written as the memoirs of
Queen Guienevere and you crack up every time there is a reference
to 'the month of the Raven'.
--You crack up even further at refernces to Sir Gereint.
--You now believe that Sir Gereint was six feet tall, with blond
hair, blue eyes and a devastating smile.
--When Guinevere becomes confused about how Merlin could have
returned from the dead, you feel like shouting at her 'Well, duh,
he's a vampire now!' (although you wonder when he changed his
name from Emrys to Larry)


Don't annoy the crazy person

Life's a witch and then you fly


Date:    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 12:20:42 -0600
From:    DPHEIL <dpheil@a.......>
Subject: YKYBOWFKW...

You Know You're Obsessed With Forever Knight When...

you're going through boxes & see one marked "LC"  & instantly think "Uncle"


You're going through a list of names & see one "T. Vetter" & think of a
female cop on the night shift
(It turned out the T was for Terri . . . . But we won't hold that against


Date:    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:44:29 -0800
From:    Emily <emilymhanson@y.......>

You know you've been reading about/watching too much FK when you're
playing "The Longest Journey," and one of the supporting characters
reminds you an awful lot of Vachon.  <g>

Emily M. Hanson
Homepage - http://www.starbase-eprime.us
My Web Graphics - http://www.galaxyofimages.us


Date:    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:28:06 -0800
From:    phylis sullivan <phylis_s_2000_2001@y.......>
Subject: Request for a TV show to be put on DVD

I got a response to my email to Columbia house.  Here is their answer.  Doesn't
sound as if it is any to soon.  Phylis.
 dvd <dvd@c.......> wrote:
Thank you for your e-mail message.

At present the selection specified by you
is not available in a DVD format. If in future,
it is available we will notify it to you.

If we may be of further service, please let us know.

Lewis McArthur
Customer Service

Phylis (Knightfilli) N&NPacker, Knightie, Dark Knightie
"Vampire is not a career choice."  Bart Simpson
email: phylis_s_2000_2001@y.......
 new web page  http://expage.com/phylis


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 17 Feb 2003 to 18 Feb 2003 (#2003-47)

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