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FORKNI-L Digest - 8 Oct 2002 to 9 Oct 2002 (#2002-298)

Wed, 9 Oct 2002

There are 6 messages totalling 161 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. ratsie soap
  2. A Song for Nick or YKYW.....
  3. Kiss-dodging Nat in LNMTA
  4. Today's Birthday:  October 9
  5. Nick's charitys (2)


Date:    Tue, 8 Oct 2002 15:59:15 -0500
From:    katrinka <katrinka@f.......>
Subject: Re: ratsie soap

You know, on Fawlty Towers there was mention of a ratotui with real
(sorry about the spelling. I'm sick) wonder if Screed would like that?


Date:    Tue, 8 Oct 2002 17:39:41 -0400
From:    Amanda Berendt <debrabant@h.......>
Subject: A Song for Nick or YKYW.....

There is a new musical opening on broadway - "Dance of the Vampires" It is
starrig Michael Crawford (aka the Phantom)  It is based on Roman Polanki's
"The Fearless Vampire Killers"
Anyhoo, since I am a fan of Michael Crawford, I have been following this
(yes I have tickets already) The website has mp3s of the demos and one of
the songs "Confessions of a Vampire" reminds me of Nick.
There is a bit of angsting.  I plan to put the lyrics up on my site with the
mp3, but here is a sampling
  "She was such a beautiful and innocent child
   She never knew my soul was cursed for good
   I fought to overcome my thirst, I thought I could
   But when I kissed her lips, then I had no control
   And the furies all ran wild."
Makes me think of Alyssa and the wedding night and when he finally kissed
Nat in LK

The music and most of the lyrics are my Jim Steinman (aka the guy who wrote
a lot of Meat Loaf's songs - so it is that kind of music - Rock!)
Check out the official site www.danceofthevampires.com

The music and the sets are amazing.  Hopefully it will stick around.



Date:    Wed, 9 Oct 2002 03:09:39 +0000
From:    Sue Clark <sclark@s.......>
Subject: Re: Kiss-dodging Nat in LNMTA

Mary Combs wrote:
> Sue Clark wrote a piece about what many Nick and Natpackers like to
> imagine... that he caught up with her and gave her a proper kiss (and vice
> versa).

Ya know, I think I did. I wonder what I called it.



Date:    Wed, 9 Oct 2002 05:55:21 -0500
From:    eowyn3@j.......
Subject: Today's Birthday:  October 9

Hi Y'all!

Today is the birthday of:   Patty Constantino   psmoot43@h.......

You can send birthday greetings to Patty at the above e-mail address.
Please NOT to the list!

People who share this birthday include:
Scott Bakula, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Singer
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright
John Lennon, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Sean Lennon,  Rock & Roll Singer, John and Yoko's son
Charles R. Walgreen, Businessperson, drugstore chain founder

Significant events on this date:
1855, the Sewing Machine Motor was patented by Isaac M. Singer.
1872, Aaron Montgomery began the mail-order business.
1877, The American Humane Association is founded.
1949, Harvard Law School begins admitting women.

I hope you have a VERY Happy Birthday, Patty!

If you would like to be added to the birthday announcements, please send
your name, birthdate (no year needed), and e-mail address to me PRIVATELY
at eowyn3@j....... and I'll be glad to add you.

eowyn3@j......., eowyn@w.......
GWDFC, G-IV & V Attendee, Knighties Listowner, TKD, FK X-Stitcher,
Proud Survivor of Fk-fic  Wars 8-11, Keeper of the FK Birthday List


Date:    Wed, 9 Oct 2002 11:52:22 -0600
From:    Stefanie <SlySpy@p.......>
Subject: Nick's charitys

Hi everyone, just a guick question.  We know that Nick manages his
own foundation but what charities does he donate to?  I'll like
answers from cannon and fiction and if you know of a charity that
you think Nick would be involved with throw that in too.

STEF who thinks that somewhere in the world, there is a theatre
troop being sponserd by a certain brick

How was my weekend?  Well, my best friend convinced her ex-
boyfriend's current girlfriend's little brother that she was cool
by eating a live cricket.  It went down hill from there.


Date:    Wed, 9 Oct 2002 11:19:42 -0700
From:    Victor Roscetti <dragonslair_08060@y.......>
Subject: Re: Nick's charitys

I think I have the BEST one :

  Xeroderma Pigmentosum

If you've ever seen the movie "The Others" you'll know
what it is. The DVD has a whole documentary on it.
It's a skin condition that forces children into total
darkness, no sunlight. If they are exposed to light
that is brighter than candlelight they begin to break
out in painful blisters, it could even kill them.
Sound familiar Nick?

    I've had an idea about writing a story involving
Nick being a councilor at one of the "night" camps
that are actually hosted. It's covered in the
documentary. I thought it would be a perfect job for Nick.


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 8 Oct 2002 to 9 Oct 2002 (#2002-298)

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