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FORKNI-L Digest - 1 Sep 2002 to 2 Sep 2002 (#2002-260)

Mon, 2 Sep 2002

There are 5 messages totalling 237 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Admin:  FORKNI-L Rules]
  2. "The Lust" - An Immortal Beloved Fanlisting
  3. War Question (2)
  4. Wars


Date:    Sun, 1 Sep 2002 16:10:32 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Admin:  FORKNI-L Rules]

To those of us in North America, have a happy Labor Day. To those of us
elsewhere, I hope Monday is a good day.


>>>>> If you need a hand or have any questions please don't hesitate to
>>>>> contact Don Fasig <Argent@e.......> or Lisa McDavid
>>>>> <mclisa@m.......>.
>>>>> For tips on managing your Forever Knight  subscriptions please visit Don's
>>>> help page at: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/7139/fk-lists.htm
>>>>> List digests are archived at:
>>>>> http://members.theglobe.com/KnightWind3/forkni.htm
>>>>> 1. No flames on list. FLAMERS MAY BE SET NOPOST. THE NOPOST
>>>>> 2. Please don't quote more than four lines of a previous post in replying.
>>>>> If you have more than one point to answer, then you may quote the
>>>>> relevant four lines for that point also.
>>>>> 3. Limit sigs to 6 lines.  This includes all information, decoration
>>>>> quotations and blank lines.  Your name and address count as part of
>>>>> the six. If you sign your name on a separate line above the body of text,
>>>>> your name and the blank line or lines between count as part of the six
>>>>> line limit. If you have one of those services that insists on putting an
>>>>> advertising tag on the end of posts, don't worry. We realize you can't
>>>>> control that and it doesn't count as part of your sig.
>>>>> 4. Please don't send to the whole list when you are only talking to the
>>>>> person who  wrote  the post you are answering.
>>>>> 5. Advertising on list is on a case by case basis. Please consult the
>>>>> listowners, Lisa McDavid,  <mclisa@m.......> or Don Fasig,
>>>>> <Argent@e.......> for permission.
>>>>> 6. This list is for the discussion of Forever Knight. Cast, crew, staff
>>>> and producers in connection with what they're doing now or have done in
>>> the
>>>>> past are ok. So are list members' FK- fannish activities and
>>> arrangements to meet. Cons should only be announced on Forkni-l if someone
>>> from the show is appearing, or if you're going to be there. Non-FK vampires,
>>> or vampires in general, are _NOT_ ok.  Vampyres@t....... does that.
>>> McLisa can tell you how to subscribe.
>>>   .
>>>>> 7. Off-topic posts are _NOT_ allowed, no matter what they are about or
>>> how
>>>>> urgent the warning may appear. If you have an off-topic post which you
>>>>> think should appear on the list, ask one of the owners for permission.
>>>>> 8. The private lives of the cast are not a discussion topic. Occasionally
>>>>> one of the fan club presidents will make an announcement, but other
>>>>> than that, we leave the cast their privacy.
>>>>> 9. Only fan club presidents or other designated spokespeople may
>>>>> make announcements of future projects for FK cast, crew and staff,
>>>>> before said projects have been released or written about in the media.
>>>>> 10. No role-playing on Forkni-l. This includes no character names as
>>>>> pseudonyms or posing as a character.
>>>>> 11. Each subscriber is limited to five posts per day on Forkni-l.
>>>> McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
>>>> "That will be trouble".
>>>> Listowner, Forkni-l and Fkfic-l
>>>> mclisa@m.......


Date:    Sun, 1 Sep 2002 16:56:09 -0500
From:    Kristin <kris1228@e.......>
Subject: "The Lust" - An Immortal Beloved Fanlisting


My friend, Anja, just created a brand-new fanlisting for Nick and Janette
called, "The Lust." Check it out by clicking the button I made for it on the
"Passion Burns" site or by the "Links" section.

Thanks to Anja for making this awesome new fanlisting for the most gorgeous
vampire couple ever! Be a part of this new and very cool fanlisting, by
directly visiting here:


More "Forever Knight" fanlistings can be found on both my site and Anja's.
Taste depends on which ones you take a bite out of... :)

Good Knight and Good Bite,
"When you only have eyes for the Knight..."


Date:    Sun, 1 Sep 2002 21:47:10 -0400
From:    allison <smilewithviolets@n.......>
Subject: War Question

Okay... i've read some of the fics from the wars.  But, i don't really get
what they're all about or if they're suppose to accomplish something.  What
starts and ends a war?  What are the different factions trying to do?  The
wars were pre-internet for me... so, i missed the gist of it all.  Thanx.

Cousin extraordinaire
dwelling in a UF Universe


Date:    Sun, 1 Sep 2002 21:59:24 EDT
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: War Question

In a message dated 9/1/02 8:47:16 PM Central Daylight Time,
smilewithviolets@n....... writes:

<< Okay... i've read some of the fics from the wars.  But, i don't really get
 what they're all about or if they're suppose to accomplish something.  What
 starts and ends a war? >>
I think of wars as a giant on-line role playing game where we basically play
parodies of ourselves. There really are no winners in most Wars, though there
might be a goal that is accomplished by one faction or another.

What they are suppose to accomplish is friendship and mayhem ;-) People who
may never have "met" even on-line find themselves plotting together or
against each other for fun and virtual profit (and cheese, if you are a

The plots, starts and ending of the wars are arranged by the person chosen by
McLisa to be the Warmaster or Warmistress (the person submits her or his
plays to McLisa in advance). There's normally a plot like every FK
character's personality has shifted so they aren't themselves (or are
themselves in each other's bodies), there's something important missing,
there's alternate versions of the characters EVERYWHERE or something like
that. The War ends at a pre-given time.

As for what the factions are trying to do, it just depends. Normally they are
just trying to playfully "attack" other factions themselves or by hiring the
Mercs/Ratpackers to do the same. Some attacks I remember are pink rats being
set loose in CERK, me being charged with treason and put on trial by the
Mercs with Screed as my attorney and being saved by Greg Kramer (the only
time I think one of the actors has actually appeared in a War - it was a fun
cameo), Merc headquarters being collapsed (that was an accident!), someone
being glued into a cow suit ... the list goes on. Sometimes the "attacks"
(especially in the case of the Ratpackers) are accidents. In the last war,
everyone was using our tunnels without permission when permission is always
suppose to be sought before using a faction's space, so we "accidently"
collapsed our own tunnels. <wRPg> heheheheh

Some newbies try to approach Wars as a serious role playing game. But it
doesn't work that way. There are a few basic "always there" rules like you
can't use anyone without their permission (I had to get Greg's permission to
have him appear, for example, and the same goes for fans or whomever), you
can't be a superhero type persona (unless you can fly unassisted in real
life, you can't in the war - and no one but the characters are vampires), and
so on.  But other rules may be set by the Warleader or McLisa. Otherwise, it
is suppose to be FUN and not taken seriously.

Before anyone gets too excited, McLisa has already said there won't be a War
this year. ;-)



Date:    Mon, 2 Sep 2002 09:18:11 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Wars

Libby's done a fine job of explaining. The only thing I'd add is that Don
and I choose the war master or mistress from possible plot submissions.

The reason there won't be a war this year is simply that although the wm
does most of the work, the listowners do quite a bit of the advance stuff.
Last year I got so swamped I had to stop playing. As I'm on a temporary job,
I can't risk that again right now. We'll see about some time next year.



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 1 Sep 2002 to 2 Sep 2002 (#2002-260)

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